Geelong v Melbourne NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the Geelong v Melbourne game:

Good Day Community,

The quality of these NAB Challenge games appears to be dropping off.. let’s hope for a spirited St. Kilda v GWS clash later today. Fantasy significance gleaned from the Melbourne v Geelong clash:

  • Roos new, high disposal game-plan has seen Dees collect 400+ touches in first 2 games at helm. Do we factor this in when considering Melbourne players?
  • Wait and see on Selwood injury. Still think, given price of Gaz and Pendles, it’s worth holding off getting Joel Selwood in.
  • How will the injuries to key HFF/MIDs affect the role of Jimmy Bartel? Spent a bit of time in the forward half tonight. Potential forward, with stints in midfield to cover Christensen/Stokes?
  • Bernie Vince getting a lot of it. Albeit uncontested. Beneficiary of new Roos gameplan of holding possession.
  • Jack Watts will suck a few in. When he played mid, got plenty of it. But also had time down back. Reckon Roos will play him in number of roles. Not for mine, not worth the risk.

Interested in your thoughts around the game my friends

Mr. Crimmins

Download Mr Crimmin’s completed GEEL v MELB NAB School Worksheet

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Think i'll settle with Caddy as F4.

Need peoples advice on C. Beams vs Mitchie!


I'd go with Viv only for the fact that beams is coming back from injury. I think they'll have a fairly similar output though


I think we're all praying that georgiou gets upgraded of the rookie list or we're all F*&*^d

Dale Turner

True, I’ve got him pencilled in

neil the nail

cant decide either caddy or wright?


i am seriously considering Matera. about same price. What do people think?


Ill be selecting Michie over Beams. Similar types but Michie isnt coming off missed seasons due to injury… should probably average about the same i would think


You would have too on recent form. Beams has the ability and could really break out this year. Could end up being one of those corrective trades we make before R3


Bartel is playing as the Cats CHF leaving the two tall's deep forward, could see him getting 30-35 goals this year


He may, but he might also get 10 disposals less a game playing forward. Bit risky for me. Plenty of other Premium options in defence


"No JKH. Annoying." HAHAHA. Completely agree, Mr C! Do you like him or not Roos? Stop the teasing!

Georgiou is a surefire bench player. His play could inspire D6 status for hurting teams…other than McD haven't seen any rook capable of better scores. And with the Dees, he should see a lot of action.

Liking Dunn. Between him and Hurn. Showed great form. And as you said, the disposal explosion should only help his game.

Tyson or Mitchie? Yep. Comes down to ducats. Willing to pay more for who might be the biggest scoring rook this season or go with the easier to swallow cash cow.

And Nathan Jones. For that price, every week he's gonna make you feel like you're getting your money's worth.

Looking at 4 Dees making the lineup.


Yeah plenty of headaches in the back line atm, quite a lot of good top end midpricers, but really thin on Rookies

Tyson/Mitchie also a huge dilemna. Plenty of solid mid rookie options this year. Already have Polec and Ellis onfield, and I'm considering having another midfield rookie on the park and using the extra cash in Backline.

What are your thoughts Throttle?


Hey SFreak.

Not any great answers out there as rook choices are, as you stated, slim pickings. Safest trek is having McD at D6 and suckling, Webster or Watson at D5. Means you probably can’t load up on $500K defs. Riskier tack would be Clurey at D6.

Georgiou not only played a lot of minutes in NAB but also played well. While Dees backline is robust don’t think the tolerance for poor play will be less with Roos. Meaning Roos is already favoring Georgiou so he won’t hesitate to put him in and keep him in. New regime so loyalty goes to those who have proven they work in his system. And he definitely has. But that’s my humble take.

Will say Super Freak trying to get decent final two players in def, mid and fwd has really stretched the budget. Wasn’t even considering not having both Gaz and Pendles in. Now I am just to make those spots decent.

Urgh. Definitely we were spoiled last season.


That's one sacrifice I won't make. Gaz and pendles were the first blokes I selected and I'm keeping them at any cost.

I still reckon there are enough good rookies to have 3 onfield in the mids. I know I'll probably miss out on the extra output from another proven Mid, but then you have to sacrifice someone in another line and there isn't much choice.

One of my ex Lions, Docherty, is someone I'm still keen on. Everyone was talking him up a few weeks ago until he went in for minor suregery on his knee. He should be back R1 or 2. He's about $280K, so awkwardly priced, but he's gonna be a gun. His average last year was hurt by the vest, and I reckon he'll be a good mid priced cash cow this season. I'm even considering benching him for a week if he's expected back R2.


Not sure about all the hype around Georgiou. Melbourne's backline has been the strongest link in the team the past few years. Add in Grimes who will be back in the defence this year, means someone has to come out!

Frawley, Garland, T.McDonald, Grimes, Dunn, Terlich will be their back 6.

J.Watts will float spare man back sometimes. Clisby looks to take the absence of a running defender. There's also Pederson who is probably abit ahead of him. If anything, Georgiou will play the 1st game and suck you all in as Garland might miss round 1 due to injury. I wouldn't be considering him.

Just trying to help. From a dees supporter!


Thanks for the insight HK. I think everyone is just desperate to find some def rookies they think will play. A few have shown promise in NAB, but may not play R1.


No that's fair enough so a thumbs up for your comment. Just how many of these rookie defenders will be permanent fixtures in the h&a season and thus be safe steady cash cows??

At this stage perhaps only young Lukey McDonald may be the only one to lock up a spot down back. Will just have to see on the rest.


Yeh exactly right! There's bugger all rookie defenders to look at. Im going 4 prems, Suckling and Luke McDonald. That way, your not risking anyone that might not play in D6. Now I just have to find 2 rookie defenders for my bench.
So far Langford looks to have the best job security in my opinion. Could be their new lock down player to free up Sheils. I think he and Hallahan might get a lot of games this year after being on the list for quite a while, and Hawthorn having a few fringe players leave the club. They need to find those replacements. I think Langford is ahead of Hallahan at the moment with the fact of more game time in the nab cup, and also had his debut last year and Hallahan didn't!
With D8, I think we'll have to wait til round 1. For me, its out of Cutler, T.Clurey, Laidler.


Just on Langford will he get much game time, especially in defence? Birchall, Lake and Stratton haven't had a hit out yet and I can't see him taking the place of any of these premiership players.


Like your thinking. Im also going 4 premiums (McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley and Enright) with Suckling at D5 and L McDonald at D6.

Got Cutler and Langdon on the bench atm but also considering Georgiou and Clurey based on rd 1 selections.

I think you can afford to load up on premiums in defence (seeing as though there arent many obvious cash cow rookie defenders) because it looks like there will be enough rookie mids to play 3 of them on the field in rd 1. Im going 3 of Aish, Polec, Michie, Dunstan and Ellis on the field in rd 1.


Langford is named as a defender in supercoach but he's more of a midfielder. I think he'll be their tagger this year to free up Sheils. Langford did an awesome job on Zeibell I think it was. Zeibell got only 12 possies and Langford got 19. All the rookies are up in the air at the moment, but all we can do is gather as much info on them as possible in the pre season and make calculated guesses.


who should i pick tyson or ellis


Both, or one of them and Polec. All about the same


I would go Ellis over Tyson. just…


Don't get sucked in. It is MELB and it is NAB challenge.


Just had a 2013 flashback to Jack Watts!


How do you register and sign into SuperCoach without news+. I managed to sign in with news+ lite don't know how to sign in. I have already registered with a team and the email and password I use doesn't let me sign in. But when I go to re-register it says you already have an account


also this happens with my dad aswell


Mate that must be frustrating. Your best option is probably to follow the 'Lost Password' link if there is one or you could try contacting the administrators


I had a bit of trouble at the start too setting up the news account, but now it's fine. Try the forgotten password option to reset it.


hey mate had same problem get a mate to link it to you and it avoids that news+ crap


What's the General feeling in the community about the Possum as a low cost defender?


I must have missed that one. Who's the Possum?




Not really for me. Suckling a better option for similar price. Docherty also a bit cheaper, but may not play till R2


cats have said bartel will be playing forward more this season, they wanna run smedts off half back so they gotta push someone forward.

i don't think he will score as high up front, might be worth picking up post bye if he drops below 500k


Good thinking. I can see him dropping to 460-480K

Give It A Go

Out of the two teams, who would you put down as a F4? Or would you go another player from a different team?


Perhaps Tomahawk or Caddy.


Apologies for being off topic but I’m wanting to know how to include a celebrity like Shane Crawford or Jay Ckark into our private league just to mix the banter n regular psych outing within my league? Saw a invite link the other day but can’t find it now….grrrr. Appreciate any guidance supercoachers.


Hi Mac I have been playing this game 4 yrs this year. Every year I have just entered a public league and there has been up to 3 celebrities automatically put into that league. Have had Crawford, Joey Montagna and Nick Maxwell in the past so there might be hope yet.


Justin removed my 2 Essendon players from my team


if anybody is interested you are welcome to join my league, 707569


Has anyone noticed a problem with working on your team on more than one computer. Changes made during night on home computer do not show up on work computer which still has side from previous changes made at work days ago!


That happened to me as well. Just be sure to reload before you make changes on the current device