The Elephant in the Room – Part 2

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Supercoach strategy with Mick

Good day community.

A little while back I posted an article about an Elephant in the room that nobody wants to address. What are we going to do about the vast majority of elite and super elite midfielders having the round 8 bye?

If you haven’t already had a read then it’s probably wise that you go back and do so before you get any deeper into this article.



I concluded in that article that if you are a serious player who is looking for a high ranking, over league wins, then you really can’t afford to go into this season with more than three or four round 8 bye players. We left that article asking ourselves who are these three or four players we should be selecting or more importantly who are the players we should leave out?

For the purpose of this article and in the fairness of comparison of the below options I’m going to make a couple of rules.

  1. Each midfield comprises of the ideal 3-3-4 format (three round 8 bye players, three round 9 bye players and four round 10 bye players)
  2. Each midfield will have an approximate value of 4 million.

Option 1 – Go Elite

Mick image 1

Sometimes we might over think problems or look past the most obvious answer, dismissing it as too simplistic to be the right solution. This just might be one of those cases. You can only select three players that share the round 8 bye, so why not just pick the best three players in the competition.

Ablett, Pendlebury and Selwood were the top three averaging players in last year’s competition. It would take a brave man to predict that all three won’t at least feature in the top five averaging players in 2014, and in essence by picking those three players you will save yourself any heartache or stress by trying to bring them in later. Selwood has had an injury concern this preseason so if you are going elite and you’re not sold on Selwood, you also have Dane Swan and Steve Johnson available in that elite bracket.

This strategy is the most expensive approach and means you don’t have the as much cash to spend on the rest of your midfield bunch. I have found enough cash to get in one more elite player (Watson), and have had to look for value elsewhere to bulk out the midfield group (Murphy and Thomas). Finally I rounded off the midfield group with four rookies, three of which have the round 10 bye and will allow you to further maximise your trading strategy through the byes.


  • You have the best two (possibly three) players in the competition. Not only will you be availing of their scores every week but when this comes to setting your Captains and Vice Captains it will really make those decisions so much easier too.
  • You won’t have to stress or make any elaborate plans to bring these guys in later. Any player worth over $600k is very hard to bring in and tends to take 2 down grades and 1 upgrade to do.


  • You have spent a good portion of your budget on just three players which could lead you to taking unnecessary risks on value players that might not otherwise be your first choice picks. You will also have to run with a few more rookies on the field.
  • There is an abundance of picks with the round 8 bye that offer so much value for money. The best example is most likely Dayne Beams, but there are so many more. By not picking them at the start, it is most probable that they will be far more expensive as you look to bring them in through the byes as upgrade your rookies to premiums.

Final Word: If you’re looking to keep an already complicated scenario as simple as you can then this is probably the right strategy for you. It will definitely have some strong advantages, the biggest for me being not having to try bring in a Pendlebury or Ablett through the year. However I love getting the most out of my squad from the start and I feel there is just too much value in the group of players that share the round 8 bye, not to pick at least one or two of them. It is for that reason I won’t be adopting the “Go Elite” approach to my team.

Option 2 – Go Value

Mick image 2
As stated above there is an abundance of players with the round 8 bye that offer so much value for money. In the example above I choose Cotchin, Beams and Duncan. For me Cotchin and Beams are must have players in 2014. I know everybody will agree with the Beams part of that statement but the Cotchin element might turn a few heads. That’s another debate altogether, one for another day perhaps. I rounded out my value round 8 bye pick with Mitch Duncan but could have picked any of a long list including Cunnington, Ziebell, Prestia, Bennell, Christensen or Adams.
This strategy frees up a little more cash than its predecessor and allows you to fill out your midfield group with a bit more depth. I have picked an elite midfielder with the round 9 bye (Griffen), and another elite with the round 10 bye (Rockliff). Still went for a couple of value picks (Murphy and Savage) and rounded off my midfield with only 3 rookies this time, again with two having the round 10 bye to maximise your trading strategy through the byes.


  • You’ll have a lot more cash to spend on the rest of your squad. This in turn will most likely mean you are running with at least one less rookie on your field.
  • You’re taking full advantage of value picks that are available to you. When other coaches are looking to bring them in after round 8 they’ll have gone up in price while the elites that you haven’t selected will most likely have gone down in price. This will give you the advantage of getting to full premium before the chasing pack if you can snag those elites at cheaper prices than they started with, while other coaches struggle to get the players in you did start with.


  • Where is your Captain? I look at the example above and I see a very strong team with one major exception, who do you make captain in that bunch? Sure we have two bites at the cherry with the vice-captain loophole but not having an Ablett or Pendlebury is likely to see you get burnt at least once on the captain front.
  • How do you get those two players into your team? As I said above any player worth over $600k is very hard to bring in and tends to take 2 down grades and 1 upgrade to do. It will take a very good trading strategy to get them in after they have had their bye. Sometimes all the planning in the world can be undone by an injury, or a red vest going the way of one of your rookies and before you know it, its round 12 and you still don’t have Ablett in your team.

Final Word: Sometimes having a POD is a good thing, sometimes it’s not. One thing for certain is that this strategy will ensure your team will be a POD to the rest. I have to be honest this is probably my favourite of all the strategies I will discuss with you today. That’s not saying that I think it’s the best strategy but more the fact that I love being a little different to the rest and I tend to get drawn to an approach or a player that is a little left field. That’s not to say that Mad Mick’s Mayhem will go down this route but it is one I am strongly considering. The captain issue would be my biggest concern but I feel I could pick players in different lines that might be able to cover me over the first 8 rounds. I always say go with your gut feeling, and the “Go Value” approach has an unusual draw for me.

Option 3 – Mix and Match

Mick image 3

This strategy aims to take the best from both the previous two strategies by selecting the only two super elite players alongside one value player. In the example above I choose Beams as the value player as he is probably going to be the most selected player in Supercaoch 2014 and it’s so hard not to pick him.

The one value picks frees up a little cash so you’re not too stretched when picking your remainder midfield group, however you will have to revert back to two on field rookies. In this example I’ve got one elite (Boak) and one value (Shiel) with the round 9 bye, and one elite (Barlow) with the round 10 bye. As always I have rounded out the rest of my midfield with three rookies with the round 10 bye and one with the round 9 bye.


  • You have the best two players in the competition and setting your Captains and Vice Captains becomes an automatic reflex instead of a complicated and stressful decision each week.
  • You won’t have to stress or make any elaborate plans to bring these guys in later.
  • You still have the most selected and best value player in the competition and won’t have to pay extra to get him in at a later date.


  • You still have spent a good portion of your budget on two players and will need to find at least one more value selection from the other bye rounds to bulk out your midfield. You will also have to run with at least two rookies on the field.
  • There is still no room for the abundance of value players with the round 8 bye such as Cotchin, Cunnington, Ziebell, Prestia, Bennell, Duncan, Christensen or Adams.

Final Word: If you are going to run with just three midfielders with the round 8 bye then this strategy will probably be the most popular and for very good reason. It has the least risk with the most reward. It really is a best from both worlds scenario. You’ve got your best two players and you’ve got your best value player. Lock them in and go and concentrate on rounding out your midfield with the best talent from the other two bye rounds. Yes you maybe missing out on some potential value picks but then again you may also be missing out on some horrendous flops too. If you’re a gambling man or woman then the safe bet is on the “Mix and Match” strategy.

Now there is one last variation on the above “Mix and Match” strategy that is worth another discussion. Instead of taking the two super elites in Ablett and Pendlebury, take one of those and two of the value picks. This is something I am likely to do, but the question remains, who do drop from those two?

Stay tuned…

Mick the Mad Irishman

27th in Supercoach 2013


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I'm dropping both this year. There are far too many options this year at much better value. Why spend 700k on someone that has ave of 120 in past. When you can spend approx 400k on proven players in the past that have had a rough year due to injury. I'll be adopting mix and match. But my elites won't consist of abs or pendles.
What I am stuck on though, is Dahlhaus or wright up forward? Both potential break out years. I'm willing to forgive wright for last year, but I'm running out of room,,


Because Gary can be a set and forget captain


Yes as much as I might dream about starting without GAJ and Pendles the reality of double points for captains makes this very difficult to entertain in reality. Think you have to pick at least one of them.

Though that said I reckon both Cotch and Jobe could be very good captain choices this season and I would definitely include these two guys as pseudo substitutes if I was going to save $200K by not picking the two most expensive players in the competition.


Tried to do Gazza and Pendles later last season. Wasn't easy to do, both from monitoring their value and watching 120+ scores being lost. And picking a captain/VC, as Bailey said, is a set and forget it, where before it was a headache in a half.

This season because of the glut of R8 talent, I'm going with 4 midfielders. Think adding a Jobe, Griff or KJack as well as making sure my other positions are stocked with reliable scorers with R9-10 byes will help mitigate everything as well. Rather the headache of filling those positions than wondering who my 3 Rd8 mids will be. Choosing 4 will be hard enough.


I think everyone is placing too much stock on one round!! Yes a lot of stars will be out, but at the end of the day it is one round. By potentially leaving out Cotchin, or Selwood, or Pendlebury you're missing out on their scores for 7 games all because of them missing one round of footy! Instead of round 8 being the hard week, I think a lot of people are shifting that to either round 9 or 10. In the end I think I'm going to stop worrying about it and pick the players I want from the start.
Anyway, those are my thoughts.


Hear what you're saying, Sarah. But the reason more importance is being place is because it's coming 3 rounds earlier and most the most potent SC scorers are in the first bye. Both these wrinkles make things decidedly different.

So if you want Bartel, Danger, Dusty, Gazza, Pendles, Cotchin, Beams and Caddy fine. But for round 8, that's a heap of donuts and your score will reflect it. If you're good with that, then you do indeed have nothing to worry about.


Yeah I get that Throttle. I guess I'm just a little frustrated I can't have Gaz, Pendles, Cotch, Beams, Danger and Martin in my starting line up!!


Beyond frustrated as well! Hair being pulled out daily. Throws another monkey wrench into something that's doesn't need one.

That the Mad Irishman is going forward without both Gazza and Pendles is amazing. Can't wait to read his rationale.


Drop Cotch prob solved

Revesby Rogue

I'm with you Clinnywinny. For the cost of Ablett, for example, you can get Beams and a rookie priced at under 200k. If Ablett is captain and averages the same as last year, that's 256 pts. If beams averages same as last year and is captain that's 204 pts. You rookie needs to average 52 for you to break even in terms of points per dollar spent. I think that's entirely possible and you have the added advantage of more up scale in terms of price rises.


Only theory you've missed here is that anyone with Ablett will still have a rookie player as well to fill there sides number of required players. (Their rookie could also score 52pts leaving your option short on pts).

More relevant theory to help make your point better is that for the price of Ablett and Rookie, you could have a Beams and Daisy.

In the end its a GnR vs Midpricer debate. Both have their merits and will depend entirely on who you pick 😉


I think my three will be
Ablett, Cotchin(?), Beams
I want to have only 1 super premium because I don't want my 2 best players missing out on the same round but I'm not sold on Cotchin just yet but Beams is looking lockish at the moment.
Any thoughts Community?


If I have enough balls ill go in rnd 1 with Cotchin over pendles- saving over 100k and upgrading my f4 from caddy (rnd 8 bye) to a Parker or Mayne type player (rnd 10 bye) 🙂


I think you should do that. Cotchin will earn you more than Pendles


no beams u crazy


Great article Mick my fellow Irishman (ok I'm only half Irish but still), was an absolute ripper to read and has provided the community with a fantastic wealth of information (also nice to compare it to the first part and see the progression in ideas)
However, I'm inclined to maybe pick 4 guns, along a rookie or two that will be out during the bye in the midfield, it will hurt in points but as long as I don't cop a donut and can sort of cover those missing players then I'm sure its a better idea than leaving out players who you will struggle to bring in later, or ones that will force you to miss out on cash. Because even though you may lose between 100-200 points in that round by having rookies or others attempting to cover the output of guys like Ablett and Pendlebury, there is a possibility that you could make that up and even more in the rounds leading up to and after the dreaded round 8 bye. I think the main goal is to not cop a donut, and that's easier said than done considering the possibility of injuries and even the opportunity to pick up that must have player. However I only say this as I believe with some guys you just can't leave them out i.e Ablett, Pendles, Beams and even Cotchin, but then again I guess I just don't have the Kahunas to go down a different strategy in the midfield hehe. Thanks again Mick.


GAJ, Cotch, Fyfe, Beams, Thomas, priddis, Polec,M Crouch, X ellis, dunstan. Thoughts?


Spend Priddis money in other lines


Hi all,
just started my league up for supercoach. I am looking for players to join who can average over 2200pts. if you are interested the league code is 396166


My Midfield Is Looking
Ablett Watson Rockliff Cotchin Beams Shuey Plus Rookies


his mind far exceeds that of us mere mortals.


Where my SC knowledge peaks, Mick's just starts.


Running with the mix and Match will be the best option


Hibberd done a hamstring f**k this defense this year!

MIDS Ablett, Cotchin, Fyfe, Redden, Beams, shuey then Rookies


Bomber seems to think he'll be fine by R1


Still makes me wary. Prone to this sort of injury.


Cotchin or Murphy? any advice would be good.


As Mick has suggested Cotch is close to a must have.

Whilst Smurph will no doubt earn you some cash and score well I do not put him in the same category.


Cotchin I reckon, Murphy, as proven as he is will cop the tag heavily this year with guys out like Judd and Carrazzo whilst I believe Cotchin is only gonna keep improving. Still, Murphy is cheaper by around 80k so it obviously depends on how it will affect you in other areas. But if I had to choose one, Cotchin definitely.


Think there may be a little overexcitement about Cotchin. He will have a better form than 2012, no doubt. But looking at his and Smurph's SC averages, would show that historically Smurph has better numbers. Both had an off year.

Biggest difference is Cotchin has a better supporting cast. Seeing him do well in NAB was very encouraging (especially to me a Tigers fan), yet think a bit of tempering be in order until we see him cop a heavy tag against nemesis Blues.

In other words, would say those who go Murph over Cotchin would not be taking a big risk. In my humble opinion.


Very astute analysis Throttle. I forgot that he seems to puff rather than pump against the blues.
But he's still a kid and last years early injury stuffs up that average. Curnow will tag him this year, he's an elite runner but he isn't as smothering at the contest as Carrazzo and he can't jump so, Cotch will still get plenty of the ball and take marks that end up in goals. I expect him to ave 10 higher than smurph who gets more 'physical attention' than any other non-antagonist in the comp. They say he's soft and I even call him Murphmellow, but when you consider that every team puts extra effort into smashing him at every opportunity I have to admire his courage in continually hitting contests.
Take em both


Leaning towards doing the same, Wombats.

I thought he was soft, until he played through a busted jaw for most of the season and didn't shirk from action. Believe you're right that if I were to bet, Cotchin's average will be better. But at the price, Murph is on par with Beams. In fact, Beams at $50K more and everyone would be talking about Smurph as a lock. Guy can't catch a break, can he?


I can't see any valid reason for not having smurph, beams and daisy they'll all be better cashcows that most rookies over the 8 weeks before bye rounds and a hell of a lot easier to upgrade to Pendle, gaz etc than a caddy or zorko will be


I welded Polec to M10 before 1/2 time he can play


Ha. Yeah, Aish was looks a lot less attractive now. No doubt from his two NAB games, Polec will be in Power's starting 22 come R1.


Also, lot of latitude given to prems in NAB. If not a big output, they're coasting. If a grand SC total, it's going to be a big year.

Obviously that's been earned. But should also come with the same grain of salt we apply to others.


I agree Throttle, you could do a lot worse than picking Murphy this year and he should average at around 100-105 at least (hopefully) or at worst possible worst maintain his price, he is proven premium. However, I believe that Cotchin will be a step above him this season but it all comes down to is he 80k more of a player or not, and this will be more of personal perception I believe as it is too difficult to tell (as evidenced by this little chat haha). However all things being equal and you had to choose one my gut goes with the man from Tigerland.


Agree with you there, AutoF.

Man getting lost in the discussion is Lids. Think if you look back at Cotchin's breakout year where he averaged 116.3, Lids average an equally impressive 116.6.

With Dusty gaining attention and a year of being dealt the heavy tag, I think Lids may be in for a big year as well.


Yeah I am surprised Lids hasn't been spoken about much (infact I haven't even seen someone whisper his name yet). He is an unbelievably damaging player and has a fantastic ceiling, I guess the fact that he struggles with the tag is off putting to most, but represents a scary POD right there


Flirting back and forth with that. Not sure. With the uncertainty of rooks making R1 selects (as well as the split round), planning will be especially strenuous this season. Think we all need to take risks. Just how much is ballsy and how much is foolish?


Zaharakis looking good in the two NAB challenge games, a good pick perhaps?


Zaka got towelled by Polec


Yeah, was quiet against Port, as were most of the team after the first 10 mins. Zaka would be a lock for me if he still was still a fwd/mid DPP, but he has a tendency to float in and out of games and go missing for a couple of weeks at a time – reckon there are better bets around the same price. Being a Bomber supporter, I'm hoping that he steps up. Big risk POD.


I have no fear of wasting a trade or two during the bye rounds if it lets me start with gaz,pendle,rocky,cotch,beams,smurph & daisy in the middle.

Before round 8 I'll just trade 2 out then trade them back in for round 9 it aint rocket science its common sense. Statistics and projections don't take into account things like injury & suspension so why bother.


I call it the 'Bring-it-on-Bitch' strategy


Trade out 2 prems? Seems a tad drastic. Maybe 1 just to give you 3 round 8 mids.

Then again, you be a wild man, Wombatty.


I like your midfield Wombats but wouldn't burn trades swapping blokes out and then back in again just to avoid a bye. The byes are important but trades are too valuable to burn 4 of them just to do that.

Think you'll be fine with that line-up anyway.


I banking on not needing any more than 2 'Correctional trades' over first 4 weeks


Problem is all the decent rookies are in the midfield this be blunt i don't think anyone can afford to stack their midfield this year….you won't be able to generate cash


Heap of rookie fwds that will play game 1 and a few backs as well. Polec & ellis on the bench will generate enough cash and beams, murph, daisy will all generate as much as any other rook/wook and are a lot easier to upgrade than a bloke who peaks at 320k


Problem is if you pick Daisy for example instead of a rookie, you lose out on 200k somewhere else that you also have to upgrade, it may mean taking Hickey instead of NikNat so it costs you points and an extra trade somewhere else


Not sure he cares too much as it's the BIOB strategy after all.

But your point is taken.


My mids set up

Ablett, Pendlebury, Liberatore Murphy, Beams, Martin, Aish, Sheed, Morabito, Dunstan

Not 100% on Liberatore thinking cotchin could be a better option

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated


Hey Mitch I've been mulling over the Cotchin Libba option for weeks. Can you offload Jack Martin and someone else and get em both?


One of the first players i chose was j Kennedy. Round 10 bye, proven premium, bargin price, great start to the year. Locked.

Kenny Powers

Kennedy's scores dropped off last year because he started hand-balling all the time. His output remained high (he regularly got around 30 possies) but with a high ratio of hand-balls to kicks, his scores dropped accordingly. Haven't checked Higgo's differential (is it a 9 incher Higgo??) checker but I'd say JK is one of the most consistent scorers – great pick if he starts kicking the pill a bit more.


paul seedsman anyone?


I think he's on the injury list isn't he?


After tonites game I might swap hibberd for Pittard and use the 170k to grab another premium fwd


Waiting to hear about Hibberd. Didn't look that severe. Something he'll have plenty time to get over.

If it has to happen at any time, better to happen now than during R1 play.


He looked very uncomfortable and dejected and with his hammy history and team role even a slight twinge could keep him out for 3 weeks


That is true. Hope he can recover. Regardless, adds a con to his list. Need to find new D2.


Thomo has said this morning it's not serious and he'll be right for round 1.


Good news for sure, Sarah.

Hammy problems has been an issue with him. That along with him definitely getting tagged is making me second guess. May go to Houli. Not sure.


There is only one chance to win the 50K but 22 chances to win $1,000. Bye rounds can be the easiest to win the $1k


I have to be honest, I'm not a Smurf Fan.
But Micks article and similarly the Rd 8 Bye structure will probably mean that I start with Smurf instead of Cotchin, and then trade Smurf to Cotchin in Rd 9 with the aim of Cotchin being the keeper. The fact that I am also starting with GAJ and Pendles (which I simply will not compromise on) pretty much makes the decision for itself.


I like Smurf, but grudgingly. Won me a bit over last season.

With Blues draw similar to Tigers in the early stages, that seems like a pretty good strategy. I'm still leaning toward 4 R8 mids. Just need to make sure M3-4 are strong non-R8 players.


I've gone Teen Wolf and JPK as M3 and M4 Throttle.
Works with the Byes and I don't think you can really go wrong with these 2. I expect both to improve their average this year and as such keepers, thus not requiring sideways trades later down the track ( Injuries aside of course).


Yeah, I have Jobe and JPK, Rocksta. But have been flirting with throwing in Fyfe as well. For the reasons you mentioned. Think he's gonna have a very good year.


Changed my mind……………………….Cotchin out, Teen Wolf in ( as still works with the Byes), with the aim of upgrading Daisy to Cotchin in Rd 9.
I tell you what, if Teen Wolf has improved his DE even Marginally he should average 112+ this year, and thus happy to consider him a keeper.


Alternatively, Daisy to Jelwood in Rd 9( as Cats also have the rd 8 bye, whilst Blues have Rd 9 Bye).
I have to say though, this Bye thing really does your head in. It's a very fine line between planning for the Byes and not compromising your team structure and SC strategy.


I don't think you can go wrong either way


To all the regulars here (WombatsFC, throttlefinger, Rocksta, taylorwoof, SCaddict) and all those who make this such a great site (Jock, Mick, Peter, Crouching One, Wayno and anyone else I failed to mention), I can't for the life of me find that link to join the Jock Reynolds Supercoach Group.

Been searching through all the comments on all the podcasts for ages now and its doing my bloody head in. Can someone please copy and paste it in a reply to this? That would be very handy, thanks in advance. Would love to join one of your Leagues Jock, but I reckon I'd have to put in a solid season of comments here to get a gig.


Hi Bender

The only group I'm part of is the Jock Reynolds Donor Group for those who have made a small donation to the running of the site over the past 12 months.

I thought there was talk of a wider qualifier group that anyone could enter but not aware if that ever happened or if so what that code may be.


Hey Bender!

Under my Leagues page, there is a tab labelled 'Groups'.

Jock Reynolds Qualifiers – 230015

Is the group i'm in mate. I hope this is what you're after.

(Once logged in, simply confirm your invitation and you'll be automatically added. Private Groups are a separate feature to the five head-to head leagues of 18, in which you may continue to participate as usual).


last look there was 573 people entered.


Thanks twoof, much appreciated!


I'm in the same one as taylorwoof Bender.

Team name Pies4eva


Just joined.

Team name: The Bender Rovers

575 people have entered already. That's huge!


No worries mate! Plenty of participants, so it should be really good fun.


What's everyone's thoughts on Bernie Vince at 420k scored pretty well in the first nab game (130 i think) and with Melbourne's new possession hogs tactic, do you think he could be a good POD this year?


He certainly had an impressive first game so off to a nice start at his new club.

However he's never been a huge SC scorer (only averaged over 90 for a season just once way back in 2009) and it's tough to know how this new look midfield of the Dees will work itself out.

He could be a really great pick or he could be just a February Flyer. I already have too many risky midpricers as it is to seriously entertain him myself, unless he goes bananas in NAB 2 and 3, in which case I'll be forced to look at him.


I've never understood the reason why people want POD's. Is it just to be different? To me POD's are POD's for a reason, because most in the Supercoach community don't rate that player. Should I go with Bartel, Houli and Goodes in my back line just because nobody else has them? Hell no. Should I leave Dayne Beams and Sam Mitchell out of my mids and backs respectively because I want to be different. Not if I want to do well. I just don't get it.


in relation to what your saying here's a simple example

Cotchin has been talked about so much now that proven premiums like Fyfe, JPK and Deledio who are around the same price and have proven premium output have been less talked about thus making them an unpopular option/POD compared to Cotchin.


Really good point David. JPK has been a guy i have had in my mids for a while and nobody has mentioned him at all. Proven scorer and real value at his starting price this year.
Same goes for Fyfe


Deledio may have only fallen out of favour (if at all) due to losing DPP ?


You have put PODs out of context.
Having a POD doesnt mean having a totally different players to everyone else. Example; while majority of coaches will be picking Ablett Pendle Rocky Cotchin Beams/Smurfet Daisy. And you yourself picked Ablett Pendle Rocky Delidio (POD) Beams/Smurfet Daisy, as you can see Delidio will the POD while almost everbody else has Cotchin. I find a lot of people seems to be going with players thats being metioned often in here, im sure Jock and co. have mentioned many times to do your own research as well. A POD is to make or break, picking the right POD can get you ahead than everybody else but if you pick the wrong one, then you'll be left behind. So do your research and pick the one who you think that will win you games and points.


I understand what a POD is and the importance of them, but the point I'm trying to make is that picking a POD is very risky. The example which you use above is perfect. If I had the choice between Lids and Cotch I know which one I'd choose in a heartbeat – Cotch. Now just because I hear that 200,000 other super coaches have chosen the same option, I'm not going to change that, as I still believe Cotch will have a bigger year than Lids. As you say picking a POD is make or break, more break than make I'd say though. The reason that I'm considering players such as Cotch, Fyfe, Rocky, Watson, Beams and Smurph is because of the value I think they represent and ability to become a keeper in my mids, not because other people do or do not have them. If you want POD's play then the Supercoach Draft game 😉 But if you want to win, make sure you have all the highest scoring players in your team, even if others have them too.


Agree, you can't simply ignore value picks due to their popularity.

We shouldn't be picking players solely because we 'want' a POD.

You should select a player because of reasons you value (value for $$, scoring ability, cash cow etc), and if that player happens to be a POD then so be it. Select the players you want, not what everyone else has or hasn't. You may do the latter there, if it's late in the season and you're lucky enough to be in contention for the grand prize…but that's about it.

We're all going to start with a similar base of common players – Ablett, Pendles, S.Mitchell, Dangerfield, Franklin etc…. But it's how we use them during the season that separates us all! (Trades, Captains, VC Loopholes etc)


The choice Lids at the above comment was just an example not my choice of POD.
The point im getting at is do some of your own research than following everything what everyone is saying here. How many of us here season after season got burnt, cause there have been so much hype about a player or two. I for one got burnt last season with some of the players that was highly rated and most talked about, just to name a few Cloke, Franklin, Watts, Shuey, Zorko, Jacobs and so on. I had a couple of PODs that hardly got a mention in the community last season Jack Steven Luke Parker and Blicavs. I picked those players cause I have read so much about them from their coaches and their teams and how highly they rated these players.


It's not about me copying the masses here and putting up at team of the most selected players. I've been doing Supercoach since 2006 and know exactly what type of research is required and I dare say I reckon I've put in more hours of research than you have in the preseason of 2014.

taylorwoof makes a good point above that we're all going to start with a base of common players this year, but in saying that, I believe this is the year that we'll start to see some more unique teams around with the introduction of the premium priced rookies. This has forced many to think outside the box and pick a few more mid-priced options, which make up roughly 80% of players, instead of everyone picking from the same 10% of premiums and 10% of rookies.


lol well its clear you have no chance of winning the $50k mate.

if you want to get the exact same score as your opponent, select the same team as them…

if you want to win, do some research and find that player who will breakout that your opponents are going to ignore….you may save $50k on a common pick and be scoring an extra 50 points per round – who knows !!

it may not come off and you may lose…but bloody oath its better than a draw because you're as unimaginative as the sod you're playing…

"i've never understood why people want PODs"…..stupidest comment i've read on this forum Bender


Hey Throttle, Wombat, SCAddict Can you Share some of your Supercoach Wisdom With me

Ireally can't Decide on my Mids at the Moment I know GAJ Is locked M1
But I can't really find M2-M4
Players I am Considering are Watson Rockliff Cotchin JPK And Fyfe
I can't find I case to Lock anyone of them In

I think after that M5-M6 Will be Beams and Shuey/ Murphy.

My Next Question is. Is it Bad to Have 6 Good Mids Because I am thinking with only 4 Rookies I won't be able to make enough To Upgrade to a full Premo Team.


They are all nice selections. My own personal preference is Cotch, Jobe and JPK but that's all that it is…a preference. Think these 3 blokes are a little under-priced and thus represent good value. Others will have a different opinion obviously.

With regards your other query it really depends on the rookie situation come Rd1. If we end up with 3 or 4 decent playing rookies at either end then yes it will be possible to enter with a reasonably stacked midfield.

But if we don't then we will probably need at least 2 or 3 onfield rookies in the middle and bolster our defence and/or forwards with a few more premos or midpricers.


Thanks SCaddict It is going to A very Hard Selection Process
Think they all could go big 120+ This year but just which 1's will.
We have JKH, Mcdonald, Geourgiou and Even Langford that have put their hand up and said Pick me.
Just Gotta Hope Fuller and Kersten get early Game Time. Just hope some other Rookies play round 1.


Great article Mick (as usual), though on reading things before I thought the 3-3-4 strategy applied to the whole ground (meaning 3 premos out in Round 8, 3 in 9 and 4 in 10). So I was sort of panicking a bit as my current team has 5 premos in total out Round 8, 3 in Round 9 and 2 in Round 10. But on actually reading your article properly I get it. PHEW …. currently my side is already in the "mix and match" category which I am happy with. Thanks again mate!


Interesting article, my midfield looks like Ablett, Liberatore, Deledio, D.Beams, Shuey, D.Thomas, Michie, X.Ellis (Dunstan, M.Crouch). Thoughts? Also who out of Deledio and Cotchin? Both had great NAB cups.


Maybe try Trade Dunstan to Polec if you have the cash


I'm throwing this one out there. The 3-3-4 strategy according to my understanding of it would mean you have 7 mids playing bye rounds 8 and 9 and 6 mids playing bye round 10. A total of 20 out of 24 playing those bye rounds correct? Now if you have 5 premiums not playing round 8 and play 2 from round 9 bye and 3 from round 10 bye you would only have 5 on the ground in the midfield but you have 5 premium mids that you actually want ready for rounds 9 and 10. Add the 3 bye players from round 10 and you have 8 in the midfield for round 9. Then 1 trade come round 10 and you again have 8 on ground in the midfield. So in theory you have 21 out of 24 midfielders playing during the bye rounds. Could mean an overall 100+ SC points. Confused? I am LOL


Hey Sleepy, the extra 1 you have is because of the trade. The 20 out of 24, you are assuming there are no trades.


Thanks Wattsie I betta go back to the study books. I see what you are saying cheers


my current MID structure, feel free to critique:

GAJ / Jobe / Jack / Fyfe / Murph / Beams / MacDonald / Ellis (Polec / Honeychurch)

Byes sit at 3/4/3.

Plan to get Pendles & Danger in R9 or R10, hoping some cows are nice n fat by then!


Same idea with Pendles I have Danger already fitted in there though

My team:

Apeness is my cover if Sandi gets injured or makes enough cash for upgrade to ???,.

Zorko, Dahlhaus, and Darling could go either Mitchell/Parker?Franklin/Gunston?Bruest who knows

Will bring Pendles in after R8 by upgrading 2 rooks to him + rookie

My main goal would be to bring in Pendle, GAJ, Minson and Martin in around the byes

Stacked my DEF/FWD with Prems/Midpricers
Rucks Lobbe Sandi 80% sure it will work
MIDS 4 rookies means 6 cash generators in the mid, also GAJ Fyfe Cotchin Murphy Thomas and Beams are all locks

To look at after nab cub games
Dal Santo???
T. Mitchell???
P. Ryder???

How could I manage picking up players like: PENDLES, Minson, Franklin, Ryder, Libba, Dal Santo, DELEDIO throughout the season??

Hope they drop in price: Pendlebury, Deledio, Minson, ]McVeigh and Libba

My team consists of 13 rookies, 9 Premiums, 8 Midpricers.

DEF: Hanley Mitchell, Grimes Enright, C, Suckling, McDonald. L, Langford, Georgiou. A, Clurey

Ablett, G, T, Cotchin, Murphy M, Beams,Thomas Polec,J , Crouch, M,. Fyfe Dunstan, L, Ellis, X

Hickey, Sandi, Thurlow, F, Derickx

Dangerfield, Parker J,Dahlhaus. L, Darling, J, Zorko, D, Kennedy-Harris, J, Kersten, S,Apeness


Morabito is an absolute waste as your bench midfielder though. He wont start the season and Lyon will certainly ease him into the season.


The way I am doing my super coach team for this year. It may not be the most effective way of building a team but it has done well for me in the past and is a very simple way to make a team.

For both defence and forward I am going 3 premiums 1 mid price and 4 rookies. I am not sure if if it is the best way of doing things but it means that I can spend more on my midfield.

For midfield I am going with 3 premiums 2 mid-premium priced players 1 mid priced player and 4 rookies.

For my ruck I have gone 1 premium and 1 mid priced and 2 rookies.

The only hard and risky bits are deciding which mid price players to choose because your not sure if they will have a breakout year and average 100+ or flop and and average -70.

The advantages though can be great if you mid price player has a break out year. Also choosing the right rookies is hard to and I guess that we will never know who to choose as rookies until near round 1.

Any thoughts of my game style are greatly appreciated.


Love your style Billy – I think its very important to have a strategy when picking a team and this is a very good base.

I would say to keep it flexible however. For example if there are 5 really good rookies down back then pick them and turn one of the weaker rookies in the forward line into a mid price or premium

Good luck this year


First time playing this year and I've been reading up everywhere I can and found loads of great stuff on here. Some cracking articles and reviews. Hope to stick about and learn a thing or two!


Great to have you on board Chris – will be lots more to look at on this site over the next couple of weeks and make sure you listen to the number 1 sports podcast in the country on a Sunday night as well


Thanks, I am just waiting to see who the best rookies are. This strategy is just a good basis to work a team on. I may or may not follow it exactly depending who is the best value.


To be honest,I couldn't give a rats fat ass about the byes at this point.Worry about 'em when they get here people.You might live longer.

Mickey c

Is Jed lamb worthy of cash cow status?


Hey Mick, I've noticed you have only 2 playing mid rookies in all 3 options. With the lack of rookies in defense and forward line, what is your thought process? Do you have a fair few mid prices on those other lines? Because at the moment I have 3 playing mid rookies and of course 2 on bench. My mid structure is 4-1-5.


Hey Mick,

I have a dilemma after following your article. If I try to do 3/3/4 bye structure I miss out on potentially the best cheap rookie option mid in Crouch. What do you see as the challenges with going 4/3/3 with a view that you will have cashed crouch in prior to round 8?




Hey there guys been tweaking for a few weeks now would value some feedback

Mcveigh mitchell Hanley suckling McDonald laidler
Emerg georgiou Langford

Gaz watto libba beams t.Mitchell daisy aish polec
Emerg crouch Cunningham

Leuy sandi
Emerg thrulow currie

Danger Martin gunston zorko Rohan kenn-harris
Emerg merret Lloyd


he great site,love the articles,very indepth ideas(bit over my head some of it)I think most front running teams are going to be similarish agreed? it's picking thoses all important rookies that play and give you heaps of options later in the year.and the couple of break out up and mick the mad irishman's articles.


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