Carlton v Adelaide NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the Carlton v Adelaide game:

Here is the review for Carlton v Adelaide and a couple of points for the summary:

  • Daisy a lock at $341k. Very good hit-out, looks to be playing high HF/wing role
  • Bryce Gibbs following on from final v Richmond, playing in the guts. Consider?
  • Patrick Dangerfield spends most of game forward. Goes into mid late, dominates. Get on!
  • Given injuries to van Berlo, Henderson and Vince gone – reckon Matt Crouch plays round 1
  • Marc Murphy puts hand up for selection. Same price as Beams. Consider both? (Beams for me)
  • Matthew Wright becomes interesting MID/FWD option. Still not keen, unsure and risky.
  • Sam Shaw as a potential POD? Could play as loose defender w/ Rutten & Taila down back.

Mr. Crimmins

Download Mr Crimmin’s completed CARL v ADEL NAB School Worksheet

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Lovely stuff Crimmo. Never been a fan of Daisy but I agree his price will rise. Him or Shiels at 10k cheaper?


I'm taking Shiels to start, see how Daisy goes first two rounds, then buy him before price goes up (If he stays on the park).


You do have to be bit careful with that though. You only have 4 trades before prices go up and all of those could be used to get on red hot rookies, deal with injuries or fix up other problems in your team.

So if you like a guy you really need to get on him from the start as realistically you will probably have other priorities to attend to once the season gets under way.


Great advice…listen to SCA..trades are gold.


Thanks Crimmo but for the life of me I can't understand your interest in wood. every bit of good he does in a ruck contest is negated by his inability to outrun a glacier or out jump Uluru. Both Warnock & Kruezer are 2-3 classes above him and with nobody else looking like going on the LTIR in the near future he can't be upgraded. (Scotland took the spot opened by Duigan).

Where do I find the SC scores for NAB?
Liked Scotty Thompson, Murph, Gibbs, Crouch and Buckley but don't know how their performances translated to SC scores.
Can you post the scores from all the NAB games along with the other tools please.


The Nab supercoach scores are available on the herald sun and foxsports websites, every night after the matches.


Minson cant run or jump either – he was #1 last year


does anybody have the supercoach scores?


Matthew Wright 113

Jason Porplyzia 111

Marc Murphy 107

Rory Sloane 104

Scott Thompson 89

Matthew Watson 87

Shaun McKernan 86

Matthew Jaensch 85

Sam Jacobs 84

Richard Douglas 83

Patrick Dangerfield 82

Brodie Smith 81

Andrejs Everitt 81

Cameron Wood 80

David Ellard 79

Bryce Gibbs 76

Dale Thomas 74

Ed Curnow 74

Michael Jamison 72

David Mackay 72

Jeff Garlett 71

Heath Scotland 70

Mitchell Grigg 66

Ben Rutten 65

Kade Simpson 65

Sam Shaw 60

Patrick Cripps 60

Andy Otten 58

Luke Brown 58

Mitch Robinson 57

Chris Yarran 54

Jaryd Cachia 54

Tom Bell 53

Josh Jenkins 52

Matthew Crouch 52

Brock McLean 52

Andrew McInnes 51

Jared Petrenko 50

Brodie Martin 49

Dylan Buckley 47

Jarryd Lyons 44

Matthew Kreuzer 43

Joshua Bootsma 42

Cam Ellis-Yolmen 41

Daniel Talia 41

Troy Menzel 41

Levi Casboult 40

Sam Kerridge 38

Kyle Hartigan 32

James Podsiadly 31

Jarrad Waite 29

Sam Rowe 14


M. Wright anyone? Really considering him. 136 SC NAB average.


Definitely a lock for me


Looks the goods doesn't he. I did some further research on previous years. It seems he has always had the SC scoring ability. Has has about a dozen 100+ scores over the past 3 years including a 170 against Freo in 2012. Been sub a bit too.


I had him last year and he started getting the sub and then was dropped from the team. burnt once is enough.


VERY tempted.
Also liked the look of Sam Shaw. Has played a lot of minutes both NAB games. Sando loves him. Averaged 70 in his first season but was injured for much of last year. Should be a third tall position there with Henderson going down…


I'm warming to Shaw as well. I think at this stage it will be a POD not to go with suckling. Coming back from a knee reco along with the return of birch and it's justifiable not to pick him. Shaw being 60 cheaper added bonus. Decisions, decisions…


Oh suckling will get played always hashe will take guerra a spot


I also had him last year, he was used as a run with player and as a defensive small forward as well as being subbed.

To me he is a bit like Liam Shiels, if they are going to be let loose in the mid get on. Worries me with both that they might go back to their run with roles.


Do not be fooled, last year when Van Berlo wasn't there, he was the tagger, big risk in my view. Wait a couple games first before his price goes up


Did this on him last night. Just some food for thought.
Beware: sando said Wright will play a variety of role this year.
Matthew Wright at $384,900.
Was the crows second most improved player in terms of disposals in 2012 going from 14 to 20. Last year he was plagued with injury, lack of certainty in his role and copped the sub vest 5 times and as a result his consistency suffered averaging 71 for the year. He was pushed out of the midfield at times by crouch and even played a few matches as a tagging role.
Ave Supercoach score without sub: 82.6
Ave score removing games he tagged in according to footywire: 95.3

With the absence of Vince he now has an opportunity to push up into the mids and is doing everything in his ability to prove he can play there scoring 157 in a full Adelaide mid (Danger and Thomson were cruising) but a depleted Port lineup. Scored 117 against a stronger calrton outfit but this danger cruising and douglas out by 3Q time.

With Melbourne, GWS, Western Bulldogs, and Saint Kilda before their round out bye I reckon he could ride this wave of form ave around 90-100 and make some serious cash or even push for the idea of a keeper (because remember there is no Johnson, Rockcliff, Walker or Bartell in our forward lines now). Couple this with the lack of forward rookies I am giving this guy a serious look.
Or is this Karnesis 2.0…


It seems as though David Ellard is slowly working his way back, 2 very decent games and is certainly in the best 22 at this stage.. $220k is slightly awkward, but he’s more than capable of a 70+ average.


Agree. Have liked both games by Ellard. Not sure he will get the same game time in the H&A season. Could be a sub player.


Crouch wont play round 1. We havent seen his brother hit the track yet and he would be taking that spot over his brother, crows dont have a history of playing first year draft picks straight up. Think they have been saving him for the season as it is not noted he has an injury.

I hat Matty Wright as a POD last year and he did bugger all to the point he was dropped mid year, had he burnt out? did he have a niggle? or was this the thing he needed to light the fire in his belly? who knows, He is a man who can go missing but what i do know is that when he is on he is on! hopefully this season he can pull out his best footy consistantly off the back of a solid pre season and NAB hitout!


Wright was like a lot of players at Adelaide, went missing last year!
If Adelaide play well and start winning games, I believe that players like Wright will score well, if they start losing, they will score crap.


Daisy looked pretty darn good out there for a guy who has played bugger all footy the past few years. Was a near lock before but agree that he's almost a mandatory addition for all sides now. Should earn you at least $150K and generate premium or near premium output whilst he does it.

Smurph got plenty of it and used it wisely as he always does but like you probably can't fit him in. Still have those nagging doubts about how he will handle being the No.1 banana in town as well as the opposition rough house tactics that will probably come his way once the real stuff starts.

For me the thing that caught my eye the most was Sauce Jacobs. I knew he had slimmed down in the offseason but definitely looks like a man who wants to right the wrongs of 2013. After two very solid NAB games he's now at the top of my list for an R1 at just $460K.

Matty Wright has also forced his way into my team as an F4 though no lock just yet. Just too many indicators saying that he's likely to have a great year to probably overlook for the money. Has promised before and not delivered which is the only concern.


Agree Caddict, Jacobs stood out the most to me also. Hitouts were solid and got round the ground well also pushing upfront. I had Pyke and Sandi as R1 and 2 but am now seriously considering Jacobs, just have to see how pyke goes as I cant crunch the $$ to get both Pyke and Jacobs both in.


Hi SCaddict,
Who do you recommend for starting rucks this year, I got burnt by Sauce last year so going lobe and Sandi.


I too got burnt by Jacobs last year but he does look a different player at this stage. He's fitter and has come out in the media and said he was embarrassed with last year's performance and that he will be better.

In saying that I won't be selecting him. Even in his best year he only averaged just over 100 and hardly got over 105. In the 3 games he did they were all against lower teams.

Lobbe looks a good selection as the sole ruckman for Port after a good finish to last season. Sandi should make good money early then look to upgrade.

I also like Ryder early with no Bellchambers.


I can understand your reluctance with Sauce as its always hard to return to a previous burnman so don't blame you there.

We are blessed by so many good choices for an R1, some would say cursed as it makes it hard to decide. Yes Lobbe is flavour of the month around here and don't think you can go too far wrong with that pick. Really like Pyke with the Swans draw and Mummy squeezed out through the Buddy acquisition.

I also think Big Boy McEvoy is in for a great year. Paddy Ryder is an interesting one. Has dominated in the past when played in the ruck and with the Bellchambers injury could make the most of that opportunity early. Perhaps a bit too up and down for my own liking though.

Big Will and Goldy are the blue chips but I think many feel are a tad over priced and plan to upgrade to them during the course of the season when they will probably be a bit cheaper.

NicNat is the elephant in the room. If fully fit and over the groin we all know what he's capable of and the Eagles have a ripper draw.

A lot of folk including me plan to run with Sandi as R2. He doesn't really need to impress in the NAB and only needs to get through to Rd1 healthy to be a lock in my team.

But if you don't want to take the punt on him staying healthy Hickey, Blicavs and Hampson (now that Maric is having surgery) all look to be decent R2s. Hmac is another to look at there assuming he's named for Rd1 which looks likely now that Vardy has gone down with the ACL.

Grundy shouldn't be completely discounted either, even if Jock has written him off already. It was only one mare of a glorified practice game after all. No doubt Bucks would've had some quiet or not so quiet words to say to him after that game. But he's the Pies only legitimate main ruckman now that the Jolly Giant is goneskies so he will accumulate stats whether the Grundy critics like it or not.


Nice SCaddict. Good preview of all Ruck selections that are being considered.


I've got Ryder and Lobbe at the moment. Think Ryder could have a very good year, but he also has the tendency to get rubbed out. This worries me a bit. I've got him as a POD at the moment though. If he fulfills potential he could be huge. Risk/reward situation I guess.


Can't get any real perspective of rookies at this stage still. Tweaking, changing, swapping etc, does'nt mean much until we know the r1 starting rookies and the potential mid season rookies then you can build around that. This year is a f***k tease


I'm hearing ya David! It's really annoying. I have got to the point of not touching rookies until the week of Rd1. No point wasting time on them now when we don't know who will play Rd1.

The Rd1 split will be a pain as well. We will have to select our first week rookies without knowing if the likes of Fuller, Honeychurch, Sheed, Dunstan, Cutler, Aish, Gartlett etc. all play.


does that mean the Rolling lockout doesn't apply the first Round? our teams will be locked before game 1?


Nah Derek, still rolling lockout but all first week game players will be locked while you can still select your second game week players. So say you want Fuller but not sure if he is going to play you will have to lock in Langdon before the first Friday night. This can be a pain if Langdon gets 40 points then the next week Fuller ends up playing, you may not be able to get Fuller as Langdon its locked in.


Yes the split round will be quite a determining factor for rookie selection I reckon.

More important than ever that as many of your rookies play Rd1 as possible which increases the appeal of any rookies who play in the first week such as for Port, Tiges, GWS and the Suns.


This is going to do my head in. The byes are hard enough to negotiate, but the importance of getting the right rookies is equally important, or even more. Why don't they think about Supercoaches when they design these fixtures!!!!


Haha. We should get on to the AFL and get them to make the fixture more Supercoach friendly. No byes. No split rounds. No Subs.


we usually wouldn't have to worry about the rookies. The good ones (Martin, Macdonald, Aish etc) would have picked themselves in everyone's teams to start and it would have been a matter of when to cash them in. The new price structure has changed the way we play the game.

Hopefully in 3 weeks time they will be obvious.


100% agree Derek. The new pricing structure this year as thrown out all strategies from previous years.

I can't handle paying $150k+ for so many rookies. It doesn't sit right.


Jeez forgot about that πŸ™


Yes you will be able to trade out Fuller for free up until the WC v WB first bounce but only for a player in that game as that is the last game of the round. As soon as a player's game starts they are locked in/out


Defence! I’m struggling with the overpriced guns, the lack of DPP talent and the relative absence of clear rookies ( outside of possibly the Golden Arches (Luke McDonald) and maybe Son of Superman ( Will Langford). Fuller? Georgiou? Tippet? I could probably just pick eight hawks defenders and be done with it! What does the community think about the defence issues?


Think we have to wait till near round 1


I think so but the guns are just tough.mcveigh and Bartel too dear and injured. Mitchell and Hanley are a lock for me. But apart from Suckling, who else is there to provide real relyability and/ or mid price value?


i'm starting to like the look of Birchell in DEF


It's definitely a problem area which is why these midprice alternatives like Suckers, Rhyce and Sam Shaw, Yeo and others need to be seriously looked at to fill either those D3, D4 or maybe even D5 positions.

But ultimately we will just have to wait and see how many of these rookie defenders actually get named for Rd1 so everyone is in limbo here not just yourself.

Until a rookie actually gets named in Rd1 I will not consider them a lock even though players like McDonald, Dunstan and JKH are all extremely likely to play.

There were some who considered Fuller and Kolo locks in our defence but they haven't been sighted in the first two rounds of the NAB.


Imo, at the moment the defense rookies sit as:

Luke McDonald starting, Bench options: Clurey, Langford & Georgiou. To me, those four appear the most likely right now.

Of the guns, Mitchell is a lock for me. Hasn't moved from my D1 for weeks. I have Jack Grimes as D2, though my structures aren't finalised yet…..he may end up being D3…not sure yet. Depends how many rookies put their hands up in other areas.


Just noticed Clancee Pearce has been named for Fremantle tomorrow night.

Very keen to get a glimpse of him. Has the ability to Ave 90-95.


Jacobs significant, dominated, jock your a legend he really is out to make amends. Good thing too because most of us will be torn between Lobbe and Jacabs but i say why not have both? if they can hit 95+ each for the season you don't have to worry about your rucks at all.


if Adelaide plays well and wins games, Jacobs will score well. If Adelaide are as bad as last year….i'll feel sorry for anyone how has him.


dangerfield attended a game-high 20 centre bounces…..hmmm


NEWS !!!

Hibberd pulled a hamstring in the 2nd quarter subbed off don't know how serious yet but if its a month out he aint in my team anymore for R1 action.


Just read this on

(Bomber) Thompson said Michael Hibberd, who was substituted before half-time, had a minor hamstring strain and would be fit ahead of round one "pretty easily".

Hopefully he is alright


Polec 23 possies lock!!


+1 lock

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