GCS v Lions NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the Gold Coast Suns v Brisbane Lions game:

Gold Coast decided to rest so many of their best 22 that it makes it really hard to gauge what Brisbane’s best 22 are capable of.

  • Addock and Hanley looked good rebounding off half back but there was no forward pressure and no tags.
  • Rockliff, Redden and Maloney had it all their own way from the centre bounce and dominated. Got the feeling Rockliff never got out of second gear and could really dominate this year without getting messed about by Vossy playing him forward
  • Jack Martin is overrated in fantasy terms. Will not be a consistent scorer.
  • Beams will be better for the run but didn’t show much in terms of being a must have midfielder.
  • Aish was the best rookie on field and one we should all consider.
  • Bennel is a class act and will only get better with better players around him. Consider him.

Tell me your thoughts community.

Mick the Mad Irishman

Download Mad Irishman’s completed GCS v BRIS NAB School Worksheet

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The font of this article is a shocker..


Agree. Hard to read.


I cant read it either, How did Dixon play, Zorko, Rockliff, and Aish


Dixon – lacked service but looked fit. Interestingly, Nicholls did a lot of the ruck work (dixon only registered 1 hitout) Key position forward.
Zorko – played up forward until the last 1/4 – I'm not entertaining him as an option anymore
Rockliff – read top of the page – dominated. Suns didn't put up much of a show though
Aish – solid – 19 touches for 63 SC. DE of 63% is a worry though for 187k


Just zoom the page in a bit that is what I did


Mick you've nailed it bud!

Aish is very close to a lock for mine.


Aish or Sheed you reckon? Or both?


Right this minute i'd go with Aish. But we need to see Dom Sheed again. Fremantle were very lackluster against West Coast. We'll get a better line on him and X.Ellis after NAB2 v Sydney.


Im still keen on beams over Aish


Yeah he's a gun. Still cant believe we snagged him in the draft. Should have gone much earlier


bit concerned that KK didnt play again.

Is he carrying an injury or is he maybe not in the plans for round 1?


Think we almost have to pass on Kolo now. Pretty pricey for a rookie we've never seen perform at senior level so I've made alternative plans already.


KK has the injury icon on him when he is selected in your SC team. When you hover the mouse over it, it reads…'Hamstring. Subject to fitness test'


that probably makes KK a no from me then. Must admit I was finding it hard to fit McDonald and KK into D6 and D7. This may have made the choice for me.

Now just have to find a cheap D8 to bench with Fuller….is Cutler the answer? Langford, Langdon?


Agree. I have taken KK out and gone with McDonald the only rookie on ground and have R. Shaw currently at D5.

Think with the bench options, they will not be great scorer's so just want to look for players who will play regularly. Lions are re-building so Cutler looks likely. I also have Langdon currently but think that D8 position will be a last minute one.


I found this very difficult to read with that font


Another one of those lopsided NAB games I'd place a sizeable asterisk alongside. The Suns were missing virtually their entire premium midfield (sans Bennell) which allowed the Lions to look like world beaters out there and do pretty much as they pleased.

But you have to ask yourself how often this will be the case when the real stuff starts. They didn't look too flash when the shoe was on the other foot just a week before.

Brisbane have a truly horrific draw for a developing team. If you look at their games up to the bye it's a pretty diabolical affair. Even their 2 seemingly "easier" games in the Saints and Suns are not at the Gabba so it's conceivable they could start 2 and 7 or maybe even worse.

Their last 4 games during the Supercoach finals are also far from ideal either with the Crows, Pies, Freo and Cats.

Just makes me hesitate a little when pulling the trigger on Lions players even on their pricier rookies. There may just be better options out there.

Admittedly the draw is only one component amongst many factors influencing fantasy selections but it can be these sorts of subtleties and nuances that just might separate the good Supercoaches from the great ones in the final analysis.


Agree we have a terrible draw, which I am at a loss to explain, but I don't think Brisbane are as bad as many people are making out. The game against Hawthorn was totally irrelevant in my opinion. We weren't just missing a few midfielders like GC, we basically fielded every rookie and developing player in one game. Would have been lucky to have 6 regulars in that game. I would expect Brisbane to probably finish just outside the 8 like last year.

Having said that, I can understand people being hesitant to pick Lions players due to their draw. Myself, I will probably have 2 or 3. Rockliff looks really good. I reckon Aish will get plenty of it, just too many other blokes to tag before him. Hanley and Big Burger would be the only other two I will be considering. Dont think Zorko will play enough mid to justify selection.


You have to wonder what coaches really get out of these beltings when they choose to rest so many stars at once but I guess it's all about player management nowadays.

Does make it really tough for us Supercoaches to assess when one team is so severely undermanned. So both games were largely irrelevant in my mind.

Think you could be in for a really rough year my man but every season throws up its surprise packets and perhaps your Lions will be one of them.


Aish looks to be the best high price midfield rookie this year. Much better than Martin
Bennel looks super impressive. Seriously considering
Rockliff could go off this year. Looks really good
Zorko still really hard to get a read on.
Hanley should go well, but again he's super pricey
KK. Disappointed we haven't seen him. Makes defence choices even harder this year.


Aish looks good, but tempted to go for C. Beams ahead of him due to being more experienced. Also with the likes of Ellis over Sheed and Michie / Tyson over Salem



They are both good options. Just think Aish will be better. Very hard only seeing Beams for one game. Has the potential, just needs to stay fit


Hey what do people think Watson or Rodcliff?


I like Rocky a lot but Jobe would be the one I pick between the two.

Still concerns me a little that there will be that ongoing temptation to perhaps play Rocky up forward during the course of a season as the Lions look so deficient there and he's such a versatile player.

Not convinced just yet that McGuane is going to solve all their problems up there.

Jobe is one of the very elite players in the comp and I believe he and his Bombers will play with a real chip on their shoulders to start this season.




Watson?Rocky? or JPK Can manage to afford any of them


rocky for me


Watson IMO will be the highest av at season end, but comes with a heftier price tag


Either watson or Kennedy, mainly because they play for good teams. Worried Brisbane will get a few beatings this year. Kennedy has a nice start to year plus is a little cheaper


I'm going with Murphy instead guys 4 good mids then the rest are rookies that will play and make cash.

DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hibberd, Enright, C, Suckling, McDonald. L, Fuller. T, Georgiou. A,

Ablett, G, T, Cotchin, Murphy M, Beams, D, Aish, Polec,J , Crouch, M,. Honeychurch, Dunstan, L, Ellis, X

Lobbe, Jacobs A, Thurlow, F, Wood, C

Martin, Roughead, J,Dahlhaus. L, Darling, J, Zorko, D, Kennedy-Harris, J, Kersten, S,Apeness


would have been harder to read if the Mick wrote it by hand trust me lol


Just saw an article saying Clay Cameron from gold coast could be a chance round 1. Maybe a better option than K.Kolodjashnij and is only priced at 123,900. MUST WATCH


Worst font ever


Hi Community,

I'm giving serious thought to Dion Prestia, i reckon GCS will improve again, he's the prime age for a breakout, he's on the right side of every SC stat – more kicks than HB, he tackles, gets more frees than gives, has a decent ceiling, punched out a 150+ last season, has a low standard deviation, had 9 x 100+ scores last season and only 2 under 70 (lowest 67), 2nd in B&F, appointed VC……. list goes on

I know he had a minor calf strain a couple of weeks ago but that just puts him off everyones NAB radar, prior to that all reports were he was chewing up the running in PS and spitting it out!!

He's my POD at the moment unless you guys can talk me out of it!!

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