Richmond v Collingwood NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the Richmond v Collingwood game:

Cotchin the Trent showed us all why he needs to be very high on our list of options this season.

  • He was Ablett like. That’s what sprung to mind. Ablett like. If given a clean injury free run at things this year we could see anything from him in terms of point output this season.
  • Brodie Grundy was very ordinary. Sooked. Carried on. Showed his age and this performance should finally sow a considerable seed of doubt around his ability to carry rucking duties through a full season.
  • Anthony Miles is becoming significant. Just 40% game time but cranked out 18 touches. Word is he’s very likely to be lifted off the rookie list and as a $246K MID could have claims on a spot in the guts with Dusty drifting back.
  • You can’t read too much into Ben Reid’s performance (5 goals and 94 Supercoach points). Won’t deliver this consistently and you can’t select him.
  • Young Matty McDonough showed some. 21 touches. FWD at just $155. I look forward to asking Crouching about him on tonight’s podcast.
  • Dusty was a filthy ball gathering slurry in his new half back/pinch hitting mid role. 119 Supercoach points. I’m worried about him attracting the DEF tag in the real thing though.

How did you see the game community?

 Jock Reynolds

Download Jock Reynolds completed RICH v COLL NAB School Worksheet

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  1. taylorwoof says:

    Superb Jock!

    The bloody Round 8 Bye!….becoming a conundrum! Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Cotchin…….

    I was planning on passing up on Martin, as didn't want to pay top dollar for him. I'm starting to reconsider him now.

  2. throttlefinger says:

    Tits job again, Jock!

    Cotch and Lids looked in 2012 form. Hope it continues when the R1 tagging begins.

    Right Twoof. Going to be almost impossible to keep to the Mad Irishman's 3-3-4 bye round strategy. Looking more like 4-3-3. Siiigh.

  3. Neilsy says:

    Thoughts on Jamie Elliott anyone?comes in at good price didnt get to watch game yesterday so hope he wasn’t wearing the orange boots.Could it be a breakout year for him?

    • Kev says:

      Thinking along similar lines there, neilsy. I didn't catch the game either but is turning in some okay numbers (17dp, 9 tackles, 5 marks, 79sc v cats. 18dp, 3 tackles, 7 marks, 87sc v tigers). His 390k price tag is probably a touch expensive for me, he's on my watch list though

    • SCannonymous says:

      Neilsy – I saw the game and he was in the orange boots and he did spend more time on the ball, he's been working towards that this pre-season. I suspect he will spend a bit of time there (perhaps a quarter or so per game) as part of the solution to the new rotation cap this year. He is one you should expect an improvement from, but $390K could become 410 or 480, who knows. He is at his best when he is putting on relentless forward tackle pressure. He was okay on Saturday. He is one I've considered, but at that price I can't bring myself to take him…?

  4. rgchawks says:

    would love to add Cotchin to my side but with Ablett, Pendles, Beams and Danger in the forward line, hard to add another premium for the round 8 bye………… 🙁

    • McClungeMagnet says:

      If you don t care about your overall ranking I'd go for it.
      Cop a loss in round 8 and dominate the rest of the season.

    • Brett says:


      While Cotch might be good value, I think Beams is better value.

  5. McClungeMagnet says:

    Reckon Martin could start the year on fire suck people in who pay top dollar but then attract more attention and drop in price. Could be the Birchall of last year

    • throttlefinger says:

      Take it Dusty won't be seeing a place in your team for this season, McClunge?

      Could be truth to that yet I think he's more dynamic and versatile than Birch. If the engine is there, he'll push past tags. Know this is coming from a Tigers fan but believe only one who can stop Dusty is Dusty. Just has that much talent.

      • McClungeMagnet says:

        Yeah good point throttlefinger, just worried by that 125 or so he got against Carlton at the end of the year. Talented yes, inconsistent yes. Will be in my team by the end of the year no doubt, would just prefer to spend 100k less on someone of more value like Mitchell or Zorko as I expect I could pick Martin up at or below the 500k mark. However picking him straight up would eliminate a lot of risk.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Thought the same yet where I get tripped up is if the risk of having Mitch and Zorko is that much less?

          Tigers have a very easy draw. Lions have the hardest. Swans have a host of other scorers than Mitchell, including Parker who possibly could be the better pick (who knows?). Plus, I'm not going Danger (price, R8 guy, starts slow…the usual reasons) so I need 1 prem DPP. to start. Will make my fwd upgrading a little easier.

          Plus, of the $500K bunch, he seems the best. He'll get tagged yet O seems to run through him. Cotch and Lids, if keeping with NAB form, will get a heavier tag.

          So that's my thinking. May not start with Dusty but those and his strong NAB play in the half back are why I'm leaning towards slotting him in, McC.

          • Dools says:

            Hi trottle and McLungeMag.
            Insipid prefromances are all over the place in this NAB. I would love to have Dangermouse or Dusty but was anyone really thinking (Community) Ablett , Dependelberry, Beams and Cotchin with Rnd 8 byes looming this could be Team you require ..along with Danger and Dusty??
            The reason I say this is everyone IMO is way to concerned re Byes. They put up a score they stay in your team they put up a score onsistantly You want them in your team they don’t score for you you need them out of your team…..Hmmmm..Keyboard and Next G are haressing the bejeez outofme Next G wants Danger and Keyborard wants both to start the season, I want to stay clear but my faith in Zorko is evapourating fast not for him but for the support required from his team to make him SCGold. A GAJ he is not. So maybe one or the other/or both…At least I think thats what I want ah well off to fridge to contemplate!!!!

            • throttlefinger says:

              Hey Dools –

              You and Keyboard have a good point. Lot of focus on it. For me, Mad Irishman's article made some strong points why not having your team loaded with R8 players is a good thing BUT ALSO it can help build your full team with the 3 trade rounds. Lot of choices yet having so many players out with be like drinking lite beer. Thin and unsatisfying scores. Can't have that.

              I'm going back and forth with Danger or Dusty or neither with heavy undervalues. Leaning towards not having either as their price is way too high. Feel they will drop and make for easy upgrades.

              Zorko…urrrrgh. Confidence waning. With Lions extra heavy schedule, not sure. Keyboard still keen on him? Hope Keyboard is getting properly treated. Going to need his wisdom after NAB ends, Dools.

          • SCaddict says:

            Without a doubt my forward structure keeps changing the most out of all the lines, some weeks completely unrecognisable from the next.

            Buddy has been the one constant throughout but feeling fairly comfortable with Dusty as my F1 now and Buddy F2. He's going to have his off weeks for sure but can see him belting out just too many hefty tonnes to overlook.

            His biggest knock hasn't been so much the tag but the tank and those second half fade outs that have been all too common in the past. But with Dimma seemingly playing him a fair portion in the back half this season that will no doubt help with that.

            • Grufflez says:

              Not so sure Danger will start slow this year,how many other Forwards can go 173 or 187,im leaving Martin out at this stage and tbh if i could find the money id take Drew Petrie over Martin as well..big call i know but i reckon Petrie is in for a good year.

              Hope you spend that 50k wisely because how are you going to feel when your F1 Dusty comes up against my F1 Danger…its not a prospect i am willing to face.

              • SCaddict says:

                Yes I really like the Crows draw in Rd4-7 and Danger could really go to town in these games.

                If you don't start with Danger he will be very tricky to bring in before the byes but these are the sorts of tough choices all coaches face.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Like to see how Buddy goes NAB2 before slotting him in. Low price and GWS start are encouraging yet weight of expectation may take time to shake. Plus, will he do as well when Tippett comes in? These are the things that give me pause and favor Parker/Titch over him.

              Agree, SCaddict. Liking the back half play of Dusty, plus that the Tiges offense will filter through him. Feel he's strong and talented enough to do the job well.

              • Grufflez says:

                Need to remember that buddy just had his worst SC year out of the last 4 and still averaged 90
                Mitchell and Parker are both trying to work their way past buddies worst SC average in years…
                food for thought.

          • Dools says:

            I have taken the advice of Keyboard and Next G
            Mids GAJ, Dependleberry, Son of Tim, Cotchin (Why can’t yo u be Fyfe), Beams, Happy Chappy, Ellis. X, Dunstun with a side of splash and dash rookie(W) hahah
            Fwds are changing every game but I may have it locked (It changes daily mate)Parker, Zorko???(Hmmm)Tommhawk, Caddy,Kennedy-harris (he is a player) and me spruk from the start Lennon (Thanks Jock) side dish of Impey and Honeychurch……..Had Kirsten in there before but he got the elbow LOL, So I’m in my own world of pain I can afford Dusty and Danger but do I want to???? Yep I think so…My delima is do I rid team of potential Gold to make coal or do I sit on coal to make Diamonds???? Aggh Beer helps but Keyboard and Next G are killing me with what if’s???

            • throttlefinger says:

              Love the coal to diamonds. Danger and Dusty are awfully expensive. Might have to do a bit of both, Dools.

              Forwards giving me migraines as well. Parker and Hale are the only fairly locked players. Hunter and Pav considering. Caddy I'm hot/cold on. Second NAB may change my mind. Rohan and JKH are favs but like to see ho whey do NAB2. Impey and Honey are benchers for now. Like you wanted to get Kersten in there. Taylor, too. Bring in later. Need the downgrades. Obviously I was wildly off about Lennon.

              Like the mids. Very similar. Going back and forth between SOT and Griffen. Favoring Lids but may go Boak if I can find the cash. If can't, Shuey is in heavy consideration. Like Ellis and Dunstan, too.

              Can't wait for Jock's cheat sheets to come out. Will definitely help form the final team going into R1. And of course, anything Keyboard says will be helpful as well.

  6. Brett says:

    I didnt see the game – I want to ask about Miles. looked like he performed well and was similar in the 1st NAB. Is he the inside grunt, bottom of the pack type, the tiges don't really have ( thinking Luke Ball, Libba type game etc)

    • SCannonymous says:

      Yeah – Miles was good again. Played half a game and did some good things. A bit Luke Ball like, won the ball in tight bounced off opponents. He's showed enough to warrant promotion and pushing for early games I feel.

  7. SCaddict says:

    Dusty has been a 50/50 for me but I think you'll be kicking yourself if you don't start the season with him just trying to save a few bucks, so he's a near lock now. Probably means I will have to pass on Danger though.

    Cotch is my Pendles replacement and has been settled in my side for a while and obviously yesterday did nothing to change my thinking there.

    • Billy says:

      Hey SCaddict what players are you considering lock this year?
      Thanks, Billy

      • SCaddict says:

        9 dead set locks right now being McVeigh, S.Mitchell, Suckers, GAJ, Cotch, JPK, D.Beams, Sandi & Buddy. These players have never left my team in the hundreds of revisions I've made in the past fortnight,

        A number of near locks which includes players like Daisy and Dusty along with a few of those rookies who have impressed us in the NAB but until I actually see them named in Rd1 I can't lock away just yet.

        • Billy says:


        • Billy says:

          I have all of them except JPK. Can't seem to find away to fit him in. Is he really worth putting in?

          • SCaddict says:

            No no these are just my own PERSONAL locks Billy. I'm by no means saying everyone must have all these guys. In fact I'm a little loathe to say what should be locks for everyone else as there are a lot of different legit strategies in Supercoach.

            JPK is just my own POD elite. Plenty of worthy others to pick for similar money. I also really like Scooter, Teen Wolf and Jobe but hey you can't have them all with this friggin salary cap.

            Pendles is also as rock solid as they come and understandably will be a super popular selection but you do need PODs if you are serious about differentiating yourself from the peloton and NOT starting with Pendles is one of mine.

            Sandi is also an undeniable risk so won't be everyone's cup of tea. Plenty think Buddy is not suited to the SCG etc. So just pick the players you feel most comfortable with and think will have great years. That's the best part of fantasy footy I reckon, owning your own team.

            The only two players who I truly believe should be on everyone's team is D.Beams and S.Mitchell. I could even understand some coaches not starting with GAJ though I won't be one of them.

            • Billy says:

              Ok thanks was able to some juggling around and fit him in anyway!

            • Grufflez says:

              IF JPK stops hand balling he will turn out to be a great pick SCA…here's to hoping those groin issues are long gone

        • dannyboy says:

          g'day sc how are ya mate, i really like ya lock choices, nothing wrong with any of em. i have GAJ, and Beams myself but im only gonna roll with 4 elites, daisy and 3 rookies in my mids. id love to lock cotch in too but im a bit worried about that round 8 with those three all to miss, there goes the engine room. have you put any thought into it yourself? im aiming to finish as high as possible again this year so im really trying to structure around those byes

          • dannyboy says:

            i currently also have jobe and JPK for this reason, i figure its a good idea to have a good balance with the players you are planning to keep, if anything leaning slightly towards more players playing in round 8, and have your upgrade players targeted for rd 9 + 10. just my thoughts

            • SCaddict says:

              Yes I like your line of thinking dannyboy. If the byes weren't until Rd10 like last year it would give us much more breathing room. However at Rd8 we are really only just beginning our first wave of upgrades so I'm giving the byes a bit more weight in my planning than I did last season.

              Really feel Jobe is going to come out flying like he did last season so well within my midfield calculations still. JPK is perhaps showing my Swans bias a little but he's apparently on top of those groin issues that dogged his 2013 and has had an uninterrupted and impressive pre-season. Also like the Swans draw and their handy Rd10 bye.

        • Jono says:

          Nice choice of LOCKs addict.
          My choice of LOCKs
          Def – Mitchells
          Mid – The Magician-Pendle-Cotchy-Beams
          Ruc – Lobbe-Sandi
          Fwd- Dusty (seen enough for him to be lock)-Roughie

          • SCaddict says:

            All good Jono. My thinking on an R1 changes hourly so doubt I will lock in anyone there until March 14. Have at least half a dozen players right now who could win that position in my team.

            • dannyyboyy says:

              im thinkin lobbe/sandilands for my starting rucks. waiting to see if lobbe lines up for port on tues night

    • Jono says:

      R8 bye approach
      Def – Enright-Swallow-McD
      Mid – Ablett-Pendle-Cotchy-Beams
      Ruc- None (will pick Goldy after R8)
      Fwd – Martin-Dixon-Wright (Dixon is my cover if Sandi gets injured or makes enough cash for upgrade to Minson, while downgrading Dixon with a playing rookie.)

      My team consists of 13 rookies

      • SCaddict says:

        Yeah Dixon is high on my consideration list too for similar reasons but he will also have to justify his selection as a forward in isolation by showing me some form in the next fortnight.

        There are just too many other excellent alternatives at his price point, or a bit cheaper, if he doesn't find some footy and slot some sausage rolls. We should get another good look at him today.

  8. Jono says:

    I honestly don’t know why everyone was rating Grundy so highly as an R2 just a waste of money and time, there are so many better options out there under $400K.

    • Grufflez says:

      Maybe in mids there are better options under 400k, but thats where the rookies lie..the playing rookies dictate team structure which is why its hard to fit more than 1 Daisy type player in to the midfield this year….most people will be starting 3 on field mid rookies, i suspect some are going for 4!.
      Stacked back/forward lines will be plentiful these season,cheap rucks is a way to save money because most are unsure who the top few rucks will be come seasons end..and if your going to be spending 525k-615k on a had better nail it, so some are going for the cheap ruck/small cash generation/wait and see approach in the rucks, that way you can make some money while getting a look at who the top rucks will be…atm can only see Minson/Nic Nat if fit up there, Goldy as well if he doesn't have a 2nd ruck take to much time of off him…If you take a look at SCS and read Rowus's Share Trading Theory-Rucks article you can actually see that statistically it's actually very hard to find a top ruck in the past 5/6 years who has backed up a solid performance the following year (with the exception of D.Cox).
      This is my take on the whole cheap ruck situation anyway. 🙂

      • Jono says:

        You ain’t wrong there Guff about the Mids. Season after season Ruck had always been a headache for me specially there some players lost their DPP this year the likes of Cox and Roughead would’ve be handy.

      • Jono says:

        I think Currie will get a gig this season. But he’ll play more up forward and sometimes do some Ruck work to give Goldy a rest. I don’t see Majak playing more games as he did last season, I think he was an overrated player (a show pony I must say) he’ll never be like Nic Nat.

    • Matt says:

      not to mention there are players under 400k who have a much less floggy nature about them

    • SCaddict says:

      It's never good to show the opposition you can easily have your feathers ruffled. He's definitely devalued in my books but haven't put a line through him entirely, although as you say there are probably better options out there. Currently favouring a Jacobs Sandi starting duo but that could change up yet again.

      Terrible news for Vardy yesterday who looked set for a good year at the Cattery. Hopefully his recovery goes well. What this now means for Hmac's, Simpson's and Blicav's roles we'll just have to see.

      • Jono says:

        I would rather take a punt on Blicavs over Grundy, I rated him highly last season. I heard this season he will be spending more time in the guts and occasionally do some Ruck work. But in saying that I have picked Lobbe and Sandi combo with Dixon up forward as a back up. I know its still risky but more safer than what i saw people posting their Ruck combo Lobbe + Grundy or Grundy + Sandi or Hmac + Grundy. And some don’t even have a back up all.

        • Grufflez says:

          Agree Jono it's a brave man who selects Sandilands with no back up plan and at 300k you would most likely have to trade him to another cheap ruck who would also not be a keeper…wasted trades.

      • Cezza93 says:

        Walker will most likely take Vardy's place Scaddit. Similiar stature and role.

  9. The Mullet says:

    I know this has come up before but, similar priced players from each of these teams…. which one would you have?

    BRL Aish or Beams
    MEL Michie or Tyson
    WCE Sheed or Ellis
    SYD Nankervis or Derickx or Naismith

    • Brett says:

      Mullet, I usually go for the ones with previous AFL experience, then those that played WAFL, SANFL, VFL etc – they have had experience against men.
      this means
      Tyson and Michie very similar ( Im leaning to Michie with less AFL exp. but coming from Freo rather than GWS)
      Derickx or Naismith ( have been in the system for a few years) rather than Nankervis

  10. Dee says:

    Is Sam Lloyd SUPERCOACH relevant this year in the forward line? Liked how he played yesterday….. Thought please.

    • SCaddict says:

      He's certainly on the radar but the Tiges do have a fair few quality players to come back, plus only 22 players take to the park in the real deal not 26 obviously.

      Really tough for new blood to break into sides like the Tiges, Swans, Hawks and Freo unless they have plenty of injuries like the Swans did last year.

      • The Mullet says:

        Difficulty breaking into those sides is a very good point SC. For that reason, my rookies are heavily slanted to St Kilda, Melbourne and Brisbane because I think they will get game time early, allowing upgrades. This is my 3rd year in supercoach and last year I waited a long time (or felt like it) for Mitchell to get a run at Sydney. A good player for sure, but you can wait a fair while before even the best rookies get a run in teams that are in their premiership window. That reason alone makes me draw a line through Garlett until he comes on the bubble.

        • SCaddict says:

          Yes that's just the way it is. Plenty more opportunities for new faces in the "rebuilding" teams obviously.

  11. Harrison says:

    Dixon is my cover if Sandi gets injured or makes enough cash for upgrade to ???, while downgrading Dixon with a playing rookie. All suggestions are welcome. Been playing supercoach for 3 years now. Hoping to win school league.

    My team consists of 14 rookies, 10 Premiums, 5 Midpricers.

    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hibbererd, Suckling, McDonald. L, Fuller. M, Clurey. T, Georgiou. A,

    Pendlebury, S, Liberatore, T, Cotchin, T, Kennedy, J, Dal Santo, N, Beams, D, Aish, J, Crouch, M,. Sheed, D, Dunstan, L

    Lobbe, M, Sandilands, A, Thurlow, F, Nankervis, T

    Martin, D, Dixon, C, Franklin, L, Zorko, D, Taylor, L, Kennedy-Harris, J, Apeness, M, Kersten, S

    • Jono says:

      Concerns about Suckling how will it affect him when all the Hawks players comes back e.g. Birchall, Gibson, Lake and Hawks Mids are very pack at the moment I don’t know The Rookies will get run.
      L Taylor – J Apeness & Kersten I don’t know if any of these 3 will be named in for Rd1
      Mids ok. I’m concern you picked Pendle over Ablett. Pendle is consistent getting you over 100+ point but the Magician can get you those 100+++++ points. 😉
      Deal Santo is an interesting on could be good POD for you.

      Apart from those, Nice looking line up

    • Grufflez says:

      This is the year to stack your Forward/Back line with premos Harrison..because all the best money making rookies are in the midfield, between
      C.Beams,J.Aish,DomTyson,V.Michie,J.Polec,D.Sheed,X.Ellis,L.Dunstan,M.Crouch,N.Robertson,M.Hallahan,D.Tyson, you can probably afford to play 3 on field rookies pretty safely (provided you pick to right ones),maybe drop 1 mid Premo other than that you have a nice team 7/10.

    • SCannonymous says:

      I too like the chances of Clurey getting run at Port.

      • Harrison says:

        will bring Pendles in after R8 by upgrading 2 rooks to him + rookie

        Stacked my DEF/FWD with Prems/Midpricers
        Rucks Lobbe Sandi 80% sure it will work
        MIDS BLAH

        To look at after nab cub games
        Dal Santo???

        My team consists of 13 rookies, 9 Premiums, 8 Midpricers.

        DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hibbererd, Enright, C, Suckling, McDonald. L, Fuller. T, Georgiou. A,

        Ablett, G, T, Cotchin, T, Kennedy, J, Beams, D, Aish, Polec,J , Crouch, M,. Sheed, D, Dunstan, L, Ellis, X

        Lobbe, M, Sandilands, A, Thurlow, F, Currie, D

        Martin, D, Dixon, C, Franklin, L, Mitchell, T, Zorko, D, Kennedy-Harris, J, Kersten, S, O'Brien, T

        • Grufflez says:

          IMO that's a much better looking team mate,if u want a stepping stone in mids u could always drop one of Mitchell or McVeigh to a 500k ish premo backman and enright to a 430-480k if that allowed you to upgarde 1 mid rookie to daisy thomas or savage ect..just an option.

          But i gota say i reckon that team looks great the way it is 9/10 congrats
          Just be sure to keep tabs on those rookies and make sure they are named R1 and you're set i reckon.

  12. Matthew Ferguson says:

    Give me an aggressive ruck man like Grundy any day of the week. Plenty of people will be burning a trade bringing him in early. Is by far the best ruck option around his price level.

    • Jono says:

      There’s a fine line between aggressive and talent. Sandi injury prone maybe, but a talented player if fit. Blicavs raw talent will out smart and run Grundy. Grundy play 6 games and gave 12 frees, not so smart. He’s still young, still have plenty learn and only 20y.o not for me this season.

    • Cezza93 says:

      With 2 established ruckman like Sandi and HMac? No way. Those 2 hold there injuries and they will belt Grundy round the park. To young the bodies not big enough yet, no doubt he will be a force in 3 years.

    • darcythorn says:

      grundy is collingwood s no.1 ruck he will play the majority of there games
      young,fresh and aggresive he is gonna be a force to be reckoned with

  13. Cameron says:

    Ryder, Lobbe or Jacobs?

  14. James says:

    Who should I pick, Marc Murphy or Jack Zieball?

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon Smurph gets the nod from most coaches with the past elite production and a Rd9 bye. Also helped that Ziebell proponents copped bit of a reality check in NAB 2.

      That said I have Shuey in my own team over these two guys right now but that could change if Smurph stamps his authority in tomorrow's game and doesn't mail it in again like last weekend.

  15. Harrison says:

    I'm looking for fwd players atm mine looks crap, Any suggestions for fwd/def/mid/ruc please reply gr8 community

    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hibberd, Suckling, McDonald. L, Fuller. M, Clurey. T, Georgiou. A,

    Pendlebury, S, Liberatore, T, Cotchin, T, Kennedy, J, Dal Santo, N, Beams, D, Aish, J, Crouch, M,. Sheed, D, Dunstan, L

    Lobbe, M, Sandilands, A, Thurlow, F, Nankervis, T

    Martin, D, Dixon, C, Franklin, L, Zorko, D, Taylor, L, Kennedy-Harris, J, Apeness, M, Kersten, S

    DEF: Stays as it stands until NAB CUB is over
    MID: Looking ok want to slot in GAJ, PODS in Dal Santo and JPK Hopefully, Want to change my mid when NAB CUB is over
    RUC: Hopefully it pulls off with Lobbe and Sandi. I have Dixon in the fwds so if Sandi goes down i can have coverage
    FWD:Going to change Apeness, Taylor, Maybe Franklin/Martin

    Any Suggestions?

    • Harrison says:

      Markworth and Honeychurch two options for Apeness and Taylor, Any suggestions?
      Want both Pendles and GAJ but don't think I cant fit both in. Or could I? ^^^^^^ Have a look at my team above ^^^^^^
      Please reply gr8 community

  16. SCannonymous says:

    COLL v RICH (The following is prefaced with an apology for the length an understanding that it was only a NAB challenge game).
    2014 forecast:
    Rich strengths – midfield depth and settled small to medium backline mix.
    Rich weakness – Rucks (Maric fitness?) Back up ruck who can demand a good defender when playing forward.
    Coll strength – Tall fwds (Cloke, Reid and White). Developing small forward / midfield depth.
    Coll weakness – Tough, clean users of ball in back six who can develop the chemistry essential for a flag.

    It suited to travel up for the game so I was able to observe it live. Rich hungrier and ran harder. Were quick and clean by hand for much of the game. Vickery was a solid target up forward, Cotchin was himself, Dustin got quite a bit of the ball in his new role. Richmond played well – their disposal and retention of the footy has improved markedly over the last 3 years. They seemed to go wide too often when going forward though. Collingwood guns looked like they were just rolling the legs over. At times the Pies moved through middle with purpose. The small to medium backs look like their weakness.

    Rich- Really taking shape! Vlastuin was very good (Hardwick reincarnation). Morris is a classic trustworthy small back. Martin got plenty of it and Houli adds polish to disposal off the half back, he was good again. Chaplin and Rance both do a reasonable job, but probably need Griffiths or someone of his height and athleticism to move with a third tall like Reid or White.

    Coll- Probably have the reverse situation to Rich. Have plenty of tall options for the back half including Reid. Keefe is disciplined and developing well. Brown is experienced, if somewhat limited to bigger less mobile type forwards. Jack Frost is a terrific defender, good closing speed disciplined and timely fist (not a SC scorer). His form and ability should see him elevated from the rookie list if a tall is injured. A definite starter post Maxwell or 2015. The small to medium backs look far less settled and cohesive. Lots of questions! Williams (did not play and has off field issues to deal with) – Sinclair did not play but might be the obvious replacement in that role. Toovey didn't play and will need VFL time I suspect. Seedsman recovering from injury. Goldsack had a hit out probably gets a run there in some capacity. Marty Clarke on fringe of best 22. Ramsay still developing. Langdon did his job (but is a first year). Armstrong didn't do enough to warrant a start but might get one by default. McAffer and Young may have to go back? It's hard to find a settled back six that assures the Pies of a top 8 finish??

    Rich: One of Hampson / Griffiths must stand up as a back up ruck. Hampson got his hand to the tap often enough but wasn't inspiring while Griffiths is taking his time delivering on his athletic potential. (Maric did not play and may have minor surgery before round 1!!! Clearly still hampered by injury).

    Coll: Grundy played half a game and competed. Jesse White looked okay at the centre bounce a couple of times (if Quentin Lynch gets a game at all I'd be surprised).

    Rich – Miles did nothing to damage his chances of rookie elevation. The usual Tiger suspects accumulated without fuss. There is finally some depth at Richmond with a number competing for game time in the middle – Cotchin, Deledio (both rotated forward at times), Grigg, Foley, Thomas, Conca, Miles, Ellis (Martin looks set for defence).

    Coll- Swan floated in and out of the game as he pleased. Ball's endeavour was good as usual. Lumumba was quiet on a wing for much of his game time. Sidebottom was quiet, didn't notice McAffer much. C.Young is definitely an outside player, rather reactive in tight, a team can only carry so many of this type. If not for his long left boot he'd struggle on current form. Elliot spent some time in the midfield, he harassed okay – his body language was poor on a couple of occasions after kicks didn't fall his way 'one out' when forward. Fasolo looks a few VFL games shy of R1 or starting without a vest of some colour.

    Rich- Vickery was the main target and they moved it to him pretty well. Hampson disappointing.
    Cotchin chimed in with 4. Edwards looked quick!! Aaron Edwards presented well. King played 2nd half and

    Coll- When the Pies moved the ball fluently and were able to get Cloke and Reid one out they looked very good! Reid kicked 5. White played high forward and did some good things. The Pies have done well securing his services. Marsh is a big boy for 18 years and quick (presented and chased hard in the short time he had on the ground!) SC smokey?

  17. Cozza says:

    Does anyone think it is too much of a risk to leave Ablett out for the first few rounds and bring him in as an upgrade, possibly after Rd8 bye? I'm thinking that, given his high price tag, he is a good chance of decreasing in value over the first few rounds – particularly if he spends less time in the mids.

    That would then enable me to bring in more mids who I think are underpriced to start with – guys like Cotchin, JPK, Beams, Murphy, Shuey, etc and save $150k on Ablett for the starting rounds.

    • Derek says:

      depending on the day, I have Pendlebury in and out of my team. I much prefer to leave him out than Gazza. Collingwood have a tough start.

  18. David says:

    Need some help with my team

    Currently happy with this:

    DEF. Mitchell, Hibberd, Enright, Suckling, Langford, Cutler (Fuller, Gorgiou)
    MID. Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Dal Santo, Beams, Shuey, McDonald, Ellis (Crouch, Honeychurch)
    RCK. Lobbe, Sandilands (Thurlow, Nankervis)
    FWD. Dangerfield, Franklin, Rioli, Zorko, Rohan, JK Harris ( Taylor, Impey)

    Don't care if I receive thumbs down
    Just want some feed back guys, cheers 🙂

    • favalinko says:

      you have to many bye round 8 mids

      • David says:

        Cheers mate was thinking of Libba or JPK to replace Pendles but it's tough
        Have 43k to spare

    • Derek says:

      I would have McDonald in DEF, not sure if 3 of your 4 DEF rookies will get a RD1 start. Put McDonald there and look for a MID rookie

      I like Rioli in FWD line, even though he will miss RD1. I was going to leave him out and look at upgrading to him later.