PODCAST: Right in the guts of the NAB Challenge

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Absolute mountain to get through this week.

We are smack bang in the guts of the NAB Challenge now and we are being served a daily dose of fantasy research material. This is what we’ve trained all Summer for. This is what we’ve risked our interpersonal relationships for. This is what we live. This is what we breathe.

Lets rip right in.

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Remember – NAB School is still cranking away:

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great way to end the weekend and not think about work tomorrow, looking forward to this cheers boys


Streaming the cricket, watching the ice hockey final and listening to the boys… what an age we live in!


"I have tattoo on neck… I eat your baby"


"Looks like he tripped over and fell into his dad's belt-sander", was up there too.


funniest thing i have ever heard…heard


sorry that was meant to be ever…ever


What are peoples' thoughts on Trav Cloke and Tom Hawkins? Considering having both in my team at the moment


Dangerous mate, Key forwards generally aren't good scorers.
I have been entertaining the thought of Hawkins though. Very cheap, if he can stay fit he might be a good pickup.
Personally wouldn't recommend having both.


Very dangerous I reckon….


Feeling a lot more supercoach relevance from the Dees this year. Yes, it may be a bit of bias creeping in, but anyway. What are people's thoughts on the following mid-pricers:

Nathan Jones: Finally has some help in the guts, and will be freed up a bit as a result, leading to not only more disposals, but more effective disposals also.

Jack Grimes: Personally, he has been locked in my back 6 since Supercoach re-opened. Returning to the half-back flank where he belongs. Potential injuries the only dampener on a guy who can comfortably average 95+ this year in my opinion.

Jack Trengove: Finally fit and firing, fits the age and games played profile of a breakout player, relieved of the captaincy, and is only 400k. Surely worth a look?

Jack Watts: Ok, burn man in years past. But this move to the midfield could finally be his gig. Looked absolutely fantastic as a 'designated kicker' of sorts in the intraclub game the other day.

Obviously, you cant fit all these guys in a team, and the likelihood of them all having a big year is slim, but if you were to pick one Demon to really break into Supercoach relevance in 2014, who would it be?



Agree with you Jezza re Grimes!

Have had him in my team for a few weeks now. Loving the half back role under Rooszy!

Grimes along with Sam Mitchell & Luke McDonald are the only defenders i've locked in so far.

One Dee i have my eye on is James Strauss. Thought he looked really good in NAB1. Crisp skills, appeared a more confident player than what i've seen in the past. He could benefit from the new possession heavy game style. Eager to get another look at him, and the other dees on Friday against Geelong.


They should be far more competitive and therefore get a greater share of SC points. I reckon Trengrove could have a much better year. Toumpas could have a good year, but I don't have any Dees in my team at this point.


Will be keeping a close eye on Nathan Jones. With so many going for Murphy, reckon he could be a good POD around the same price. Just a question if an improved team (assuming it is improved) will improve or hinder his scoring output.


If we cant have Suckling then who do we turn to?
And what do we do downgrade him to rookie and upgrade say a Zorko or Hawkins? to a Roughead


Don't sweat it too much David. All I think Jock is saying is he's not a lock for him just yet but that's only just one view, even if it's from the esteemed Father of Fantasy. Reckon he will end up in plenty of teams for as you say it's very slim pickings at that price point in defence.

He's pretty much a lock for me already fwiw. Another to consider is Rhyce Shaw for similar coin. I don't expect either to go gangbusters but if they can generate just $75-100K you may even be able to do a direct swap mid season for a fallen premium such as a Hanley or Heater who put in a couple of quiet ones and temporarily drop to the $400K mark.

Sure it will cost you a trade but you've effectively made up $200K which is pretty reasonable consideration for one of your 30 trades. That's the idea anyway. Of course plans don't always turn out how you expect they will unfortunately. πŸ™‚

Also these guys have much more assured output and JS than a typical unproven rookie.and are unlikely green vest material. Really the only downside at this discounted pricing is the risk they may re-injure themselves.


Spot on SCaddict, totally agree with you those are my thoughts at this time.



Allot of people have Suckling as D4 position if we downgrade Suckling its a very lean back line.


Great podcast boys looking forward to the real stuff


Mountain indeed! Monte Cristo of info. Well done, Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and Wayno.

Was hoping Swallow would play today. Had as a maybe. Now a no. Thanks for putting a period on him, Jocko. He's a NAB tease for sure.

Off Jeremy's point above, considering Grimes. Think with Roos system (and loving embrace) will allow him to flourish. Like to see Watts as a consideration as well.

Defender rooks are going to be a headache, I can tell. Was hoping Cutler showed more. Hope Georgiou shows same form Nab2. Fuller? Agree that Langford would be a solid bench choice.

Bravo on great show. As always, will listen to a couple more times for missed gold.


Yes a number of Dees have their appeal this season. May get brought back to earth a bit against the Cats this week or will the Roos honeymoon period continue?

Still very much interested in Tyson, Michie, Georgiou, Clark (unlikely Rd1) and even Jack "I'm on fire coz I'm a burnman!" Watts. JKH is of course already locked away on all of our benches.


We'll see against the Cats. Focus will be on Grimes, JKH, Michie and Georgiou.

Watts can't see him doing that much in one game to warrant initial team selection. At best a corrective trade option for me, SCaddict.


Watts remains an unknown in the Roos system so hopefully he fronts up for NAB 2. Another one of these supposed shift to the midfield "pick teases" perhaps.


Ha! Yeah, probably join Swallow and Darling as part of the pre-season "midfield mirages".


I really like the idea of having MELB players in Defence. They will see a lot of the ball this year. Terlich from Last year! But I don't want to pay very much for them either. $436k for Grimes seems a lot.


I like a couple of the Melbourne players. One that isn't getting any coverage and I think will do alright this year is Bernie Vince. Love to hear others thoughts!


For a DPP who is playing more up the field, he could easily average 80+. $436K would be a good value for that, in my opinion.


I think Grimes is decent value. Has the ability to hit 90+ Average.

Nice work getting a mention in the podcast as well Throttle!!!


Haha. Thanks Twoof! Just hope it rings true. Basically forced me into locking in Dusty!

Eyeing Grimes, although considering Geary. Capable of big scores and Saints have easy early draw. Use for R10 upgrade to Thompson/Bartel. Lot of risk. Whadda think?


Geary, i couldn't select him. Not a player i've ever rated sorry.

Noticed he was on Dahlhaus in NAB1, interesting whether he gets another tagging/run with role in NAB2. Couple new defenders in the St Kilda side in Bruce & Delaney, interesting exactly what role Geary takes with them in and under a new coach. Too much uncertainty for mine.


Very, very true. His penchant for 130+ scores are luring me in. That and the early easy draw. Fools gold probably. But your words threw cold water on the thought. For good reason. Thanks for the insights, Twoof!


Hey Throttle is there an analysis sheet for tonight's game?
Bench and POD intrest for me as I've locked smurph and Daisy.
In alphabetical order the players that everybody should consider are at half time Buckley, Cripps, Crouch, Daisy, Gibbs, Murphy.
Gibbs!!! Yes mate watch this game and tell me he can't ave 120 easily.
PS my posts are being moderated?


Hey Wombats!

Yes, there is a sheet on the NAB school page.

Am keeping my eye on the Buckley kid per your recco. Gibbs, hmmmm. We'll see. Murph needs to show me more than last time. There's coasting, then there's playing like you don't want to be out there.

Interested in Daisy. Unless he goes 130+, he's going to be a wait and see player. Even at his price.

Everyone is moderated. I've had many of my posts stricken because of the unsavory word or two. Part of the program's coding, I assume.


Yeah I've stated a few times that Wood can't be upgraded from rookie list for Duigan because Scotland was resigned as a rookie and was upgraded the day Duigan went on the LTIL but every mention is missing?


Beam me up Scotty massive POD difference in the Mids for a forgotten legend!


My lord, Womby! Smurph has a new coat of paint, doesn't he?


Or are you talkin bout Daisy? If yes, still not on board.


Nope, Scotty Thompson after half time


No worries at all. I hope i didn't sound too harsh! Hahahaha…….I do recall a couple players in my league got sucked into him last year after he averaged well early doors. Burnt them hard in the long run.

Great discussion! Always good to look through all options….Looks like you have been sifting through all those sub 450K Defenders. I've been doing plenty of it as well. Suckling looked much better the other night. But doesn't appear as though we will get a glimpse of him in the same side as Birchall before Round 1.


No, no. Like the no varnish replies, Twoof. Wakes me up. If I were going to do Geary (which looks very unlikely), would upgrade him before r10. Hope being he would do his usual couple big games, increase $500+ then make for easy trade.

Dreaming, I know.

Suckling…hmmmm. The point you make is the reason I'm not slotting him in. Without seeing him working with Birch, not worth it. If he is the truth, then it's an easy downgrade option…especially if Geary is tanking πŸ™‚


Watts worries me. If memory serves me correctly, he smashed it in NAB last year and sucked many of us into selecting him, myself included. Then in season proper he was a spud, and we had to waste a trade getting rid of him. Select with Caution!!


Agree SF. He would have to have a stellar N2 game for even heavy consideration. Wait and see.


Well done throttle for getting a mention, well deserved mate. P.S. Dusty has been a lock for me from day one, let's hope he proves us right! Good on ya mate…..


Thanks Dee! And yes, I think in the end he'll prove us right. With the Tigers 2nd easiest schedule and Cotch and Lids looking sharp, think it will translate into a nice 110+ average.


Superb podcast lads!!

A plethora of players discussed, loved it!


It's always nice to hear a player your thinking of mentioned and to hear the boys thoughts!


I agree mate! The lads have a wealth of knowledge to share with the community.


I wouldn't get too seduced by the siren song of the Big Mummy. Sure he can bust out impressive scores when he's on the park but getting on there is precisely the issue.

Huge risk of both suspension and injury (past dodgy back and ankles) with the ferocious way he attacks the footy and sometimes the man. Only played 17, 14 and 19 games in the past 3 years which isn't quite enough to justify a premium R1 outlay in my view.

No question he will be a POD for those with the plums to pick him but would just keep a spare trade up your sleeve as you may need to rage quit on him at some point.

Really like Higgo's call on Darling. Though I agree with Jock that the whole midfield thingo is likely just a ruse but reckon he still deserves strong consideration as an outright forward at just a pip over $400K, especially with Eagles ripsnorter of a draw early.


Forgot to mention last night….Jock's reaction to Higg mentioning Darling receiving 'more midfield time' was gold!!!


Why is Nic Nat called "Dog Dog'?


Wondering the same!


A word play upon, Nick Knack Paddy Whack, Give a Dog a Bone. Nic Nat = Dog Dog.

As good as I can manage.


This relates back to a podcast story from two years back! Crouching had a dog, named Dog-Dog, that kept escaping by jumping the back fence. Dog-Dog's extraordinary leap reminded him of Nic Nat. I do recall that the story ended with Dog-Dog's head being, "squish like grape"…. he names all of his dog's Dog Dog.
I will try and find this story and play the clip back in next week's podcast. Does anyone know the episode?
Peter Higginbotham


Thanks Boys, another great podcast.

A question for you. After a bit of a debacle for Crackers 1st XVIII in 2013 with my rucks (great overall, I finished 509), I'm keen to square away a set and forget ruck strategy. Having said that I just can't go past Sandi at $310K even given his injury history.

So what I'm looking at is R1 Goldstein, R2 Sandi with R3 Apeness (FWD DPP and back-up to Sandi) and R4 Currie (back-up to Goldy). I also have Thurlow (FWD DPP) as a rookie in the FWDS as I think will see game time with Bellchambers out and Ryder not really a sole ruck and this also gives me flexibility when Sandi goes down with injury or up in price and I cash in.

Do you have any thoughts on my thoughts? Thanks in advance for all the community's thoughts!


Nth Melbourne are looking to play a 2nd ruck this year to ease the work load off Goldie so i don't think he will avg even close to what he did last year. Everyone is Going Lobbe with Sandilands but you could go Jacobs as well but believe people are off him this year after his low output last year.
I agree with Jock that Mumford is too risky for that price tag and he will only end up sharing the pts with Giles. Minson maybe?

Lobbe for me but almost everyone will have him as ruck 1


Hi David,

Funnily enough I've had Lobbe or Nic Nat most of the year and only recent switched to Goldy. Not sold on Minson what so ever, plus he's now down with the ankle injury.

Might jump on the Lobbe bandwagon although I reckon Pike at his price could be alright too.

A lot of footy to go before final teams are in so there's a fair chance it'll change another 3,4 or 50 times!!


Hahaha true mate true


Just had a look on Supercoach Gold and less than 6% of coaches have Lobbe! So everyone of them must be on this site!


He's flavour of the month here for sure but Sauce Jacobs tickles my own fancy more.


I had Sauce Jacobs last year and got burnt!! Dare I go back for 2 in a row??


Never picked him before so don't have that burning sensation to deal with I suppose. Just looks like a man on a mission to me.

Nothing wrong picking Lobbe though. Should be set for a great year too.


G'day lads,

Got a double loaded question here,

First, Matty luenburger looks super fit and after a good year last year and a full pre season whats your thoughts on him as a R1 – bit of a POD as havent heard too much about him.

secondly, The collingwood tri, pendles,swan,beams. At the moment ive got all 3 in my midfield and im aware of the round 8 bye with gazza in my side aswell but i just cant part with any of them. beams price is to hard to good and pendles and swanny are ultra premiums and can both quite easily average 120+. Too risky having all 3?

cheers, Mitch


Just my opinion Mitch but I think it depends on what you're trying to achieve.

League wins, I reckon go with what you've got. If overall is the name of the game then a Round 8 score that sits in the bottom 25% of scores will kill your ranking and potentially ruin your season.


Don't know about Swan mate, reckon he is gonna be one of those midfielders to drop out of the 115+ this year.


Q1) B.ebert, Hanners or k.jack.

2) Bruest, Zorko or Dixon

3) Suckling, R shaw or Docherty

4) Malceski, Mitchell, K. simpson


jack, zorko, suckling, mitchell


Sammy Mitchell you just have to select as boring as it may seem for every bastard and their dog will have him after his scintillating NAB display already. Btw Simpson and Malceski are no scrubs either and worthy inclusions as either a D2 or D3.

Zorko v Dixon I'm yet to make my mind up on completely. Zorko is probably the safer selection as it's hard to imagine him dropping in price much further and has shown plenty of intensity in the preseason, even if some of the polish isn't quite there just yet.

Dixon on the other hand is looking very rough around the edges no doubt a product of a restricted preseason program. However he did show me some glimpses yesterday with very limited opportunities that he's going to have a huge impact for the Suns in 2014.

When that premium midfield returns and feeds him the pill on a more regular and quality basis I can see him really grabbing the competition by the scruff of the neck in some games. Just the sort of player that could have a fairly indifferent preseason only to go bang in Rd1 and bust out a big score.

But in short if you are not that interested in Dixon as potential ruck cover I would pick Zorko right now notwithstanding what I've said about the Lions draw in other posts.


Thanks! I was always set on dixon and this preseason is what has made me think different?

Mitchell is a must, I agree. I think its the boringness of everyone man and his dog having him in there team which is naking me consid err other options. Cheers.




Exactly my thinking on Dixon at the moment SCA…as you have said, Zorko probably can't lose you money at his price but could Dixon drop much in your opinion if he starts poorly?

PS. I am starting the season without Mitchell,Bartel,Walker,McVeigh…


Look its certainly possible he could drop $50K or more as KPPs are notoriously volatile in their fantasy scoring. Still has a few cobwebs to blow out too. But then again he could go bang and kick a bag in Rd1.

But I would feel a heck of a lot better picking him if he could at least dominate a half in one of these NAB games so lets see what happens in NAB 3 against the Pies.

Anyway I've downgraded him from a near lock a month ago to just seriously considered now. No question there is a fair degree of risk selecting him but it could pay off big if you back him in.

Wow brave call leaving all those blokes out of your backline but no doubt the savings there allow you to really splurge on your forward line.


The only 4 defenders to have topped 100 last year in averages. Going for POD are we? Tactics lost on me with your call. Too much to not have any of them in my opinion. Good luck with that strategy…Balllsy

The Drama Llama

Jack, Zorko, Shaw, Mitchell.


Cheers. Thats wat im on currently. Thinking that shaw is great value!


Yes just don't expect Rhyce to produce premium scoring on a regular basis as that's probably no longer his caper any more. Hopefully the LARS holds up and he can generate $100K in which case mission accomplished in my books.

He did look in ripping nick rebounding out of defence last week racking up 94 SC pts and is a likely starter in my team alongside Suckers, now that Kolo looks a no go.


Jock great show again mate!!!

Can I hear your thoughts on LeCras? Barring injury looks like a reasonable choice

Thanks mate, James


Hibberd or Hanly?


Wow that a tough one Hibberd for mine mate

edge goes to Hibberd for consistency 70-130 scores

Huge scores to Hanley 50-150 will have those games where cant find space because of the tag.


Really depends on what you are looking for in a DEF Billy.

Hibberd will be a consistant scorer mainly between 85-105. you know what you will get everyweek.

Hanley will be more up and down depending on who he is playing against and if he gets tagged. He has the ability to pump out 140 but can stink it up with 60 and everything in between.

In a DEF I like a consistant scorer so I would go Hibberd. You get a lot of up and down scorer's in the FWD anyway.


Dal Santo, Redden, or Murphy?

Already got Ablett, Watson, Cotchin, Beams and Shuey


I'd go Murphy



Handi Quaks

playing afl fantasy (not the supercoach one)

Mitchell, Enright, Guthrie
k.kolodjashni, R.shaw, Fuller (Langford, Curran)

Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Cotchin,
Beams, M.murphy, D.thamas, j.aish (x.ellis, L.dunstan)

Ryder, Sandi (b.longer, T nankervis)

Zorko, Franklin, Rioli
Merrett, m.clark, J.lennedy-harris (n.bock, G.rohan)

I have 421,500 ITB… should i save that on upgrades for the first couple rounds once i see which of my rookies are starting.. or should i just upgrade my forward line now? Thanks in advance lads.


Can't have that much money in the bank starting R1 if you're going for overall win,if however you are only interested in league wins that could work..But i reckon back yourself in a pick a player,always nice to have a little something in the back 50-100k at most i reckon


Yeah what Grufflez said!

That's just waaaaaaay too much cash in the bank there. One way to look at it is that for every $100K you have in the bank you are essentially giving up 20 SC pts to a fully spent opponent. So $400K in the bank translates to roughly a 80pt head start per round you are giving to the rest of the competition which is massive….and not in a good way!

Don't worry you'll make enough cash for upgrades through the usual process of ditching under-performing premiums and midpricers in favour of must have rookies that bob up early in the season. So spend most of that bank improving your starting team.


Wanting to know people's thoughts on the BYE'S.

Will having too many player's with the bye in Rd 8 really affect your overall ranking by much?

If you choose other players with Rd 9 or 10 byes instead of the one's you want with the Rd 8 bye you will perhaps miss out on points every other week equalling more points than points lost in Rd 8.

Would it seem wise to just suck it up and pick the players I want which will be 7 premiums in the Rd 8 bye and cop that I will score poorly for 1 week but hopefully score really well every other week?

I know people say don't take into account the byes if your only going for league wins but it may not make much of a difference overall.


Personally i dont think it wont matter if you have plan for the bye R8. If you can save 2 or 3 rounds without trade before R7 and then use 3 trades for R8 and 3 trades for R9 for those who you traded from R8. Then it might work, but if you dont have that extra trade, then you're stuff trying to catch up and might not have enough trades for the finals.


I'm sure we can all find R9/R10 players who can match the R8 guys in SC output…they may not be our favourites but guys like Griffen and Watson will get the job done…just make a few R8 guys you want your first upgrade targets…and yes for overall win, balancing the byes without compromising too much is the key to winning.


Any thoughts on Eliot Yeo as an defensive option. Was thinking of a strong defensive line up with him at D4 and suckling at D5


Yes I'm looking at him closely too. Has plenty of talent but perhaps still a bit raw to take a step to the next level just yet, only turning 20 late last year.

Still I'm a massive fan of the Eagles draw and Simmo rates him highly so will be keen to see how he fares in NAB 2 against the Swans.


Thoughts on Chad Wingard? Will he improve over last season and will he get more midfield time?


Nah,he is a gun mate..but last year he wasn't paid enough respect from the opposition teams, that will change this year.
He will still score well but 530k is his top price and he should struggle to maintain his price/average with more attention this year…im watching him as a possible upgrade target.


Could do worse, reckon he will still produce 90+ but not into the 100's


chasing dog dog he gone πŸ™‚


Okay i have been told to go Murphy instead of Redden or Dal Santo.
Tonight i think is important, everyones rating Murphy over all 480k-540k options in the midfield except for Beams of course.

Adelaide will play full strength side tonight, so Murphy were watching you! Show us you still have it


Hear, hear!

No more sleepwalking through another game please. Give us a tonne son!


I'm going Redden.
He's not soft and was carrying an injury at various stages last year.


yeah but, yeah but umm, yeah but hmmmm, yeah, nah, but ummm, if he only gets back to 105 ish he will be in that no-mans land bracket…i am still so 50/50 on Murphy tbh and i just don't rate Carlton all that much πŸ™


Smurfett looks great tonight…………………….without Company.
His disposal is fantastic and because of that ( and the fact that he is soft) means he will get tagged every week.
I think he'll appreciate at least $50k through the season , but a keeper he is not.


Yeah I will always try to pay a fella his due and Smurph was much better tonight.

Not sure he's done enough to make with my own team with all the other options out there such as Shuey and Beams. Plus those nagging doubts I still have about his toughness that won't get answered until the regular season gets underway, once those hard tags come his way.

But those of his true believers like Jock should be happy enough tonight.

Though story of the night is Matty Wright and Jacobs for me. Now moved to the top of my list for a R1.


Had Sauce at R1, and now locked and loaded.


Yeah have to say I'm kinda surprised how well he did dominated every facet of the game!


This is a good thing too because now most of us will be torn between Lobbe and Jacabs but i say why not have both? if they can hit 95+ each for the season you dont have to worry about your rucks at all.


I was thinking along the same lines David, the rucks were my biggest headache last year. Looking at a set and forget line-up, but bloody Sanid is ssooooo cheap!


Is Tex Walker playing Rd 1? Worth a look?


Highly unlikely Remy. Has admitted publicly that he will probably return through the SANFL first which doesn't kick off until early April.

No doubt he will be an excellent inclusion for the money whenever he's on the bubble maybe around the byes if not sooner.


Not sure either mate if he is i would still wait on him for round 3 if he say averages in the high 70's or 80's for a corrective trade.


just add that he wont be the main focal point of Adelaide's forward options this year now so cant see him reaching the 90's even if he is fit and injury free all year. Good stepping stone though and do believe he is an 80+ player


Driving me nuts of should i pick for M5 N Jones – L Shuey or Smurfet.
Also no matter how many times i have changed my back line i seem to keep going back to Swallow and Watts combo. Funny i only seen swallow play one game in the NAB challenge and Watts not to be seen anywhere.


Go with Smurfet.
Hopefully he will come back to a 100-110+ average, he will be an elite mid * L Shuey will be good but not a keeper u will probably have to trade him out rnd 3-8


Stay away from N.jones. WE should all require 110+ from our premium mids and he will not average that all year.


Enjoyed the podcast again thanks guys. crouching should spend less time at the casino and a bit more researching, Wood can't come off the rookie list forDuigan, because Scotland was re-signed as a rookie and came off the list when Duigan retired.

How about you put up a page with all of the NAB supercoach scores


call me mad but im thinking about swapping PENDLEBURY with the great TRENT COTCHIN and using the extra $111k to upgrade my fwd4 from caddy to LUKE PARKER? I know it sounds crazy but its strategies like this which will set my team apart from everyone else.

Think about it- Pendles +Caddy rnd 8 bye, tougher draws as opposed to cotchin + parker, EASY draws and parker has the non rnd 8 bye… thoughts? please tell me if ive gone mad!


I've got Pendles, Cotchin and Parker ( as well as Ablett), so I say re- jig your team .


Its not crazy at all, as long as you already have Gazza..Pendles could easily became an upgrade target in favour on starting an under priced gun like Cotchin or Watson.


It does sound a bit crazy but you have made a plan and you should with it. If it suits your team go for it!

Jock would be proud


Depends is you've got Ablett already I think. Can't go in without them both, will cost many down trades to get enough cash to get them both but I like the idea.

cyril is the man

Is Kolodjashnij going to play NAB cup or play early games?

What do people think of Thulow from ESS as a forward bench player?


I think he is suffering from a minor hamstring issue.

Good option, however think he is more valuable as a an R3 or R4at this stage.


Preferring Thurlow as ruck bench. Other better players for forward bench (Merritt being one of them).


Or Lloyd, JKH


As for KK playing. He is not listed on the Gold Coast's injury list, but watch out for him in the Suns final praccy match against the Pies on Sunday. Teams should get announced by Friday. If he plays then, he's in my team till Round One selections


Going to throw a curveball and ask what you guys think of Matthew Wright at $348,900.
Was the crows second most improved player in terms of disposals in 2012 going from 14 to 20. Last year he was plagued with injury, lack of certainty in his role and copped the sub vest 5 times and as a result his consistency suffered averaging 71 for the year. He was pushed out of the midfield at times by crouch and even played a few matches as a tagging role.
Ave Supercoach score without sub: 82.6
Ave score removing games he tagged in according to footywire: 95.3

With the absence of Vince he now has an opportunity to push up into the mids and is doing everything in his ability to prove he can play there scoring 157 in a full Adelaide mid (Danger and Thomson were cruising) but a depleted Port lineup. As I'm writing this he's on 9 disposals against a full Carlton midfeild at Q time.

With Melbourne, GWS, Western Bulldogs, and Saint Kilda before their round out bye I reckon he could ride this wave of form ave around 90-100 and make some serious cash or even push for the idea of a keeper (because remember there is no Johnson, Rockcliff, Walker or Bartell in our forward lines now). Couple this with the lack of forward rookies I am giving this guy a serious look.
Or is this Karnesis 2.0…


Yes had another stellar game tonight so has to be high on a lot of coaches lists now. As you have argued well this could be the breakout year for Matty Wright.

Btw you made a transposition error up there as he's actually $384K but looking worth every cent of that anyway.


Some food for thought there McClunge….. Nicely dissected mate, you could be on to something here. Definite POD…..


Hey can anyone help I can't decide between Ben McEvoy or Charlie Dixon

cyril is the man

I'm going with Mcevoy.

He's at the right age to really step up as a ruck. Will get more support at the hawks and hawks are great at developing the guys they recruit


McEvoy over Dixon


Mcevoy will be a red vest candidate. The hawks used it well last year and subbed bailey out and still had hale to ruck the last quarter. Just a thought

cyril is the man

this is true, but they were also trying to nurse the injury prone Bailey through as well


Struggling with all these round 8 top quality mids. Currently have Ablett, Pendles, Cotchin and Beams all from rd 8 bye and I'm thinking of getting rid of one of them for Murphy, probably tossing up between Pendles (wait for a drop in price and pick him up after round 8) and Cotchin. Thoughts community?


I’m thinking the same. Leave pendlbury out because of tough draw and get him cheaper after the bye


Pendles only scored less than 100 twice last year.
It doesn't matter whom he plays against. You can't tag somebody whom makes time stand still ( The Matrix).
Leave him out at your peril!


The thing is, Pendles is least likely to drop in price, as Rocksta said, it doesn't matter who he plays. Read this great informative article by MJ over at Supercoach Talk


Gday guys,

Significant podcast Jock, Crouching, Higgo and Wayno. You blokes are dead set legends and make my tarp flap on a regular basis on Sunday nights. Nobody makes me laugh out loud like you guys do.

Im after some feedback on my team as below. Ive gone with a fairly premium heavy defence, and the 4 premiums are set and forgets for the whole year. Reason for this is im really struggling with identifying playing rookies in defence and the players chosen are the more consistent defenders of recent years. Defence seemed to be an area where inconsistency by several players really cost a few of us last year so ive selected the players I think can average 90-100 with a low standard 'derivation' as Jock would say.

My forward line is a bit of a worry, but once again, a lack of reliable premiums and playing rookies here.

All feedback and areas for improvement appreciated.

DEF: J McVeigh, S Mitchell, M Hibberd, C Enright, M Suckling, L McDonald (T Langdon, T Cutler)
MID: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, K Jack, D Beams, D Thomas, C Beams, X Ellis, V Michie, (L Dunstan, M Crouch)
RUC: P Ryder, A Sandilands (B Brown, M King)
FWD: P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Parker, J Caddy, G Rohan, J Kennedy-Harris, (F Thurlow, M Honeychurch)

B Brown can swing into the FWD with F Thurlow (only reason for selecting A Sandilands is that there is that backup plan)

Players I have considered but removed from my team:

M Fuller (seems he wont get a game???)
P Hanley (thinking he may struggle to break a tag off half back and will throw in a few 40's)
C Dixon (far from convincing in NAB to warrant a spot at F3)
L Franklin (supercoach premium days over?)
J Roughead (not sure he will have a great year again?)
D Zorko (unsure of role he will play under Leppa)
T Cotchin (casualty of Rd 8 bye)
M Murphy (as above)

Cheers guys


M Murphy (as above) – I'm confused there Jai, not sure what you're referring to, as Cotch and Smurph do not share the same bye.

I'm also not so sure your backup ruck plan will work either if Sandilands, Brown, Thurlow and King are not playing during the same round (I can see that happening).

Otherwise great team with some sound logic in your selection criteria


Nothing much wrong with this and good to see someone go for a diff ruck 1.
like the idea of not worrying about defenders too much, if it works you only have to fill 2 spots.


Jacobs significant, dominated, jock your a legend he really is out to make amends. Good thing too because most of us will be torn between Lobbe and Jacabs but i say why not have both? if they can hit 95+ each for the season you don't have to worry about your rucks at all.


What are the communities thoughts on Fasolo at F5/6?
When fit, he averages around 75-80's, and given he played NAB2 surely can't be all that far away from a Round 1 birth.


Expensive and not sure to make R1 22. Did well. Enough to win a spot or a vest?

Good thing is that Pies play first Friday game. Can swap out with ease.


Dare i say it……………..Higgins?
I just can't ignore him at that price, and the rookie forwards are very risky I feel.


Risk all around, my friend. Defenders the same (save LMcD). Jay KH looks the best bet at F6. Looking for Rohan at F5 at the moment. See how he does in N2.


I've got JKH at F7, and Rohan at F6, with Fasolo at F5. I have Merret at F8 but will he get a Game?

As you said, worse for DEF, for which I have 2 on field Rookies. Safe with LMac but D6 could be anybody at this stage.
It's literally going to come down to Rd 1 team selections as just too much uncertainty surrounding the FWD and DEF Rookies.
We are all in the same boat I guess.


Yep. And the split R1 doesn't make things easier. Adapt and soldier through…

Think Merrit will get, at worst, the vest R1. As Jock said, Bombers have a bunch of missing parts up front. If he shows up again N2, he'll get some play time.

Yeah, I'm going Rohan F5 and JKH or other promising rook at F6. Resisting restructuring so Rohan is F6. McDonough looked good for the Tigers, but may not get R1 select. We'll see.


Titch and Zorko, or Danger and Caddy?

I must admit, not a Caddy Fan ( Disposal is ordinary). The Cats supporters have big raps on him though


Sorry, meant Titch and Zorko, or Dusty and Caddy!


Everyone has Danger locked in, including myself, but him NAB scores are a tad underwhelming for his price tag. Thoughts?


Irrelevant. Can't win without him?
The Beauty is that you can swing him into the guts later in the year and he will be a Genuine Top 10 Mid


Can't fit him in myself so will have to pick him up post bye and pray to the fantasy footy gods that I don't regret it!

I'm one in the Dusty camp instead. No doubt we'll be debating this one right up to Rd1. No right answers in my view just different approaches. Both are guns.


I see people have ruck combos like kreuzer/sandi/dixon (swing) and that is 1.3 million + a rookie…. why not just go minson/goldy + 2 rookies for 1.4 million? It saves 2 trades and dont have to worry about Sandi.



1. Hanley, P

2. Hibberd, M

3. Mitchell, S

4. Suckling, M

5. McDonald, L

6. Swallow, D

23. Langdon, T

24. Fuller, M


7. Murphy, M

8. Selwood, J

9. Ziebell, J

10. Beams, D

11. Thomas, D

12. Mitchell, T

13. Ellis, X

14. Taylor, L


25. Crouch, M

26. Wanganeen, D


15. Sandilands, A

16. Lobbe, M

27. Nankervis, T

28. Thurlow, F


17. Dixon, C

18. Martin, D

19. Wingard, C

20. Watts, J

21. Kennedy-Harris, J

22. Zorko, D

29. Lloyd, S

30. Honeychurch, M

Is it worth wasting time having a team with majority POD's? My main goal would be to bring in Pendle, GAJ, Minson and Danger in around the byes. Any suggestions on strategy would be good please.


having POD is good as long as they are Guns.


Gday community thoughts on my current team.

B Bartel Mitchell McVeigh Suckling Kolodjashnij Fuller Cutler A Pearce
C Ablett Watson Fyfe Murphy Beams Thomas X Ellis DUnstan Crouch Gartlett
R Lobbe Grundy Thurlow Nankervis
F Danger Martin Buddy Roughy MArkworth Taylor Cameron Honeychurch


Hi Dave.

KK, Garlett and Taylor haven't played yet and as such I doubt they will get games early in the season.

The rest looks pretty good. Same problem as the rest of us………………Picking the right Rookies.
Will have to wait until Rd 1 selections


Also, I don't think Cutler will get Games early either. He looked more of a KP forward the other day but with a lot of development still required.


i was thinking of going a gun and rookie for ruck this year i am going lobbe r1 but i dont know which rookie for r2 that will play round 1 and on


I don't think there really is any Ruck Rookies who you can rely on to play.


Go with Wood/Thurlow/Currie/or Apeness even going with Longer/Hickey or even risk Sandi with backup


I'm going with Murphy instead guys 4 good mids then the rest are rookies that will play and make cash.

DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hibberd, Enright, C, Suckling, McDonald. L, Fuller. T, Georgiou. A,

Ablett, G, T, Cotchin, Murphy M, Beams, D, Aish, Polec,J , Crouch, M,. Honeychurch, Dunstan, L, Ellis, X

Lobbe, Jacobs A, Thurlow, F, Wood, C

Martin, Roughead, J,Dahlhaus. L, Darling, J, Zorko, D, Kennedy-Harris, J, Kersten, S,Apeness


Just on the second year blues topic; Chad Wingard will be in his third, and according to higgo's chart this is prime time break out point. What are your thoughts on that fellas?


He broke out last year. Blows Jock's second year blues theory right out of the water. He should be solid, but you're paying a lot for a young player with only one year of good form


fyyyyyfeeeeeeeee???? or Cotchin….. I Have a very good feeling that Nat Fyfe would be a valuable point of difference, If he had DPP. I don't think a lot of people will go with him just on his sheer lack of disposal efficiency, Although he is one kid that racks up the points despite sometimes his woeful efficiency rates, What are the community's thoughts?


I would pick Fyfe over Cotchin. Had a look at his scores from last season and they were surprisingly consistent. As a 22 year old, I would think Fyfe's disposal eff. and output will only go up from an ave. of 106. Can see him averaging 110-115 this season… Cotchin still struggles with the tag imo and throws in too many dirty 60's.


Both Great Players, but I would go Cotchin.
Teen Wolf is in to his 5 th year. If it had have been his second or third, I would agree with your improving Disposal Efficiency Philosophy as young players struggle with the pace of the game in their first couple of years.The fact is, his DE isn’t good because if it was, he would probably be third behind Ablett and Pendles in SC average.
Cotchin was clearly playing injured for a portion of last year and is flying this preSeason.
I predict Teen Wolf will maintain his 105-110 SC average this year, whilst I think Cotchin will be 112-118.
Besides, Lids will get tagged more than Cotchin IMO.


Hello Community,

I am posting this message again….i have created the league, i was ranked 595 overall last year….would love to play with some of the great SC'ers this year as well…….in saying that anybody who has got a spare league to join please join……have 8 more places left in the league……good luck…..

League Name: JR COMMUNITY F.L.
League Code: 628751




Hi Raj,

I'm in, Cracker's 1st XVIII ranked 509 in 2013. Looking to go at least 9 better!




nooo its full


hey mate im already in, i finished about 3800 last year hopin to crack 2k this year.

Jayke Nicholson

Thoughts on Sam Lloyd Jock? Played well in the NAB 2 against Collingwood. Would you consider him as a Forward Rookie?


lennon injured for 4 weeks loyld will be a great chance for rnd 1. he is in my team at the momet. consider

Daniel S

Hey Community,
i was just wondering if i could pose this question to you guys??
Cam Guthrie is just worth $317,900 and judging by the NAB challenge games and from all reports, Geelong is going to play him through the midfield a bit more or play that sweeping role on the half back line. This makes me think about him alot, but how much time will he get in the midfield with the likes of Selwood, Johnson, Enright, Bartel, Corey and Kelly all in there?
Who else do you guys think for that D5 worth around the $300-400 grand mark?



I ve tried mid price players in past years, it never ends well.

I will consider suckling in DEF and thomas in MID at that price. Can’t see anyone else at this stage, sticking with premiums and rookie/wookies


Sandi in the Rucks


Hey JR Community?

Just wandering if anyone here has set up a Jock Reynolds Group that we can all join and compare ourselves in?


who is apeness??


A 200cm ruck/forward taken by Fremantle at pick 17 in the 2013 National Draft. They desperately need another KPF to replace Pavlich and were apparently seething after GWS took the second-best tall from the draft in Cameron McCarthy, ahead of them at pick 14.


What is everyones thoughts about L. Dahlhaus? He's slotting in at F4 in my forward lineup at the moment, just not sure.

Dangerfield, Roughead, Zorko, Dahlhaus, Caddy, Kennedy-Harris.

Thoughts? I think I'm in need of an upgrade somewhere in there..


Dahl to Parker


Thanks πŸ™‚
what are your thoughts on the mid rookies from around 170k down


Who are the best 3 rookies for each position jock? need help with my rookies!


boys cotchin or fyfe