Hawthorn v North Melbourne NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the Hawthorn v North Melbourne game:

North’s midfield is shaping as a very important factor in fantasy 2014 community.

  •  As good as Ziebell was in NAB 1 he was rubbish against Hawthorn last night. Rubbish. So was BastedChicken. This has been typical of these lads in the past and I feel we need to seriously consider the very real reality that this will continue. Yes only NAB. But I feel they came to play last night.
  • I mentioned Liam Shiels in last week’s podcast and he’ll not find the top of everyones watch list after last night. 30 possies and 135 Supercoach points from 60% game time and looks ready to roll in the guts. Hawks played a pretty full midfield as well which is important.
  • Lukey McDonald. I’ve seen more then enough – stuff him in your teams
  • The Suckling Pig didn’t come on till late but looked very bloody lively. Remember though Hawthorn were missing Stratton, Birchall, Lake, Shoenmakers, Birchall… so difficult to say how significant this performance was.
  • McEvoy, Currie. As my grandkids would say. Meh.

How did you see the game community?

Jock Reynolds

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Liam Shiels was a very high scoring mid before Clarkson assigned him tagging duties over the past year or two. If he's been relieved of being a run with player could be one to look at.


Yes Rosco that's the only concern with Shiels. Will he return to being a stopper come the season proper!


Thoughts on will Langford?


Langford had the tagging role on Ziebell last night. Not only stopped him but worked pretty well the other way also. Shiels has played this role in the past. Maybe as a evolution of the hawks midfield – Mitch, Hodge, Burgoyne to spend more time on the flanks with Langford as the run with and Shiels as a ball winner??


He not only completely shut down ziebell, but managed to bag three goals as well. The question is, is there any room for him? And if so does he take on Shiels tagging roll? Which would mean Shiels becomes very attractive at 331k


That's the question, Ash.

Think giving he played major minutes and contributed well on both games that at worst he's has as vest destiny. Considering him for the def bench right now.


Langford is in my def bench…. I think Clarko know he's earned he's spot in the team and should play R1, at $123K you can't go wrong. Should make me some much needed cash early in the rounds then a quick downgrade! Boom… Easy $200K by R4. I took Cutler out from Brisbane, hasn't shown enough but we shall see how he goes tomorrow night against Gold Coast if selected.


Bastinac and Atley burnt me big time last year. Won't be making the same mistake this time around. Jock dead right about North Melbourne's midfield inconsistency. It's the reason they had the season they did last year – inconsistent within and between games.


Yeah, reckon I'll stear clear of most Nth blokes especially with the round 8 bye. The only definate inclusion will be McDonald, and maybe boomer up fwd, but other than that there are too many better options in the guts that don't have the round 8 bye


Roos midfield will beat up the weaker teams, but will work out how good they are against the top teams.

McDonald will be my only Roo


Stellar notes Jock. Sharp as a pirate's dagger.

Not much to take away from Hawks' NAB games other than they are taking no prisoners and are as formidable without Buddy.


Think Hawthorn will be the team to beat again this year. Nth fielded a pretty strong side, and the Hawks absolutely rolled them with half their backline missing. They didn't even look like they got out of third gear all night. Makes my boys effort against them in NAB one not seem so bad seeing as we only fielded a hand full of regulars. Beinterested to see how the Lions go in their NAB 2 game, quite a few blokes I a want to take a look at.


lol how can you write off Ziebell after one NAB CHALLENGE game, meh.. suit yourselves i guess 😛


He's just too bloody inconsistent mate…. Year after year he's proven it. Would rather pick Fyfe, Sloane, Dal Santo or even Zaharakis over him and maybe even N. Jones. If you pick him good luck but like Jock said he is rubbish, absolutely rubbish!


Rubbish is a bit harsh. He's definately inconsistent, and that's his main problem. Too many other good options for similar money that don't have the round 8 bye.


zeibell locked and loaded seen enough in the first game massive breakout chance i am backing zeibell in


Looking at masten ahead of ziebell and the nth midfield brigade, round 9 bye and a MASSIVE tank will blossom in an emerging west coast midfield


Thoughts on M. Suckling after he's NAB 2 performance? Is he still in your teams backline? I feel it's out of him and Langford, I've got S. Mitchell in my team already. Is it possible to have 3 Hawthorn players in your backline? For some reason I don't think this is good…. Thoughts community?


It's probably come down to whether Langford can squeeze into that backline. You may not have to make the decision.


Suckling started as sub, still finished with 12 disposals, on the three hawthorn players in your backline, i think thats fine to start the season, but once there bye round comes along you must have made sure you have either upgraded suckling or downgraded langford or both.


With dixon currently unsighted, is hale an option up forward community? (I've got the swing set open for when sandi goes down) He's got a few more runs on the board that dixon, about 40k cheaper and can take a grab. Decent enough kick, durable (missed 2 games in two years). A solid 70-80 player that can occasionally kick a bag and score big. Thoughts?


Dixon's potential and ceiling far exceed that of Hale who will play even more time Fwd now that McEvoy is there..but what a pick up hale has proven to be for the hawks these last few years..way to recycle Clarko !


I definitely agree, grufflez. Hope to get a look at Dixon nab2. Hale is not keeper material and I don't see him making much coin. Just wary of starting Dixon if he doesn't get a preseason run


Yeah, i share the same concerns.


Another lopsided NAB game and another one hard to assess so would be cautious on making too many snap judgements on this one.

Though does reinforce my belief that it's very tough to pick a North mid this year given the overall Rd8 bye situation. Someone would really have to stand up and say "pick me" and that doesn't look too likely now.

Certainly if Shuey has another good game against my Swans next week he will be hard to knock back at that $500K mark alongside Beamsy of course, who everyone has locked away already.

Will be curious to see how Smurph goes in NAB 2 who is another to consider obviously but had a run around to forget against the Kangas. Good to see Daisy has been named for that game so hopefully no late withdrawl shenanigans again he he.


Agreed on all of what you just said SC…..


Spot on SCA. Shuey burnt me a bit last season, but I'm super keen on him this year if he has another good one in NAB 2. WC look better as a unit and I think he will benefit. Almost put a line through Murphy though. As someone mentioned a few days ago, other teams have figured out if they rough him up a bit he goes to water, and with him likely to cop the tag over Judd, I cant see him having that good a year.


That would've been me. I do have a few concerns about Smurph returning to 115 plus production again but want to be clear that I DO NOT equate him to a burnman.

He's a proven premium and a super classy player who should average at least 100 this season. So he's still a chance for my team but will need to show me something in the next few weeks, so hopefully he goes bang against the Crows on Monday.

Shuey has his own question marks too but we'll probably never see him this low in pricing to start a season for quite some time.

The Eagles also look hell bent on starting the season with a flurry and as we know have a very favourable draw for a top 8 contending team which increases the appeal of a lot of their players.


Other than a McDonald, don't think I'll go near North – not until they show they've turned the corner. Everyone's talking them up – which seems to happen every year – but I don't see much different from last year about the way they're playing. I know it's only NAB cup, but they've been rolled in a close one, just as they did every second week last year, and they've been smashed by an undermanned Hawks. They'll win some games this year, but I'm not at all sold on their consistency. All this adds up to avoiding them.


What zimmer said!


Another turn off for me with the Kangas is their early draw where they play 5 of their first 6 games against top 8 sides from last year (if you include the Dons in that category). Bit of a tough pill to swallow given they finished outside the 8 themselves, along with the problematic Rd8 bye considerations for us fantasy coaches.

But on the flip side they have an outstanding final 4 rounds for the Supercoach finals so it may well be worth bringing in a few of their troops who are flying post bye.


i just think after his brilliant pre season and losing 6kg that he is definately worth a consideration, no Swallow as well should help him out, i think he is really going to have a good year






Will any of these guys end up with a senior spot or will they be back ups?


I think Nahas will be given his very own Green Vest to bring along to each game this year.


ROFL….hands up who put Ziebell in their team based on the first NAB CUP performance and have now taken him out after this. Ahahaha I reckon quite a few.


Gotta admit though Gruff, 12 touches from 72% game time is pretty ordinary. Hot last week, cold the next. Sign of things to come?


True that haha


As a Roos member, I am hoping Scott is holding back on the changes to our gameplan that he has made. We were smashed all over the ground last night with a difference of +12 marks inside 50 to the Hawks = 72pts! We looked soft, slow, couldnt kick straight or hold any marks. The coach doesn't even know how he wants the fwd line set up?!?!?

SC wise – McDonald for me. I'd love to see Ziebell, Cunners or The Basted One really step up, but agree with concerns over consistency.


Hawks have two Birchall's?


i believe Clarkson will relieve Shiels from his run with position after seeing how damaging he can be when given the right to do so. Thoughts?


Love for it to be the case, fantastic to watch. Just can't fit him in!


i wouldn't be surprised to see Lewis and Sewell given the tagging roles this year at Hawthorn. They are nearing the end of their careers and this might become their roles as Clarkson starts to introduce the fast & young players into the team. the hawks have recited alot of speed the last few years.
Shiels maybe off the leash.


Agree Kev, with the midfield looking like the place to stack playing rookies this season its going to be bloody hard to fit any of these D.Thomas/L.Shiels/S.Savage/B.Ellis like playes in there!


Funny how many people will drop Ziebell from their teams after this game. Proves how we read way too much into NAB cup


Question for community:

At this stage, both being very similar priced, who would you pick in your team:

Sheils or Daisy Thomas.

We only have room for one really.


Right now………..thomas I’m considering. Shiel isn’t even on my watch list


I haven't got over excited about anyone based on NAB form yet but i must say if i hear Clarko say the Shiels will be permanently relieved of his run-with duties i will be extremely keen on him, will the hawks trust Langford with that roll come season proper…hmmm


The Hawks look like they are ready to fire this season. North, can put the NAB plaster on, but I think may struggle and for that havent included any names in my current SC squad. One name im sticking in is Gunston. With Buddy gone, they arent accommodating anyone and both he and Roughy will be massive this season up top.

Any selection thoughts on Gartlett? Not enough game time to suggest hes in the immediate selection plans.


Agree with the Gunston pick but it may come down to him vs Pav, have had Gunston in from the start.


The Hawks look like they are ready to fire this season. North, can put the NAB plaster on, but I think may struggle and for that havent included any names in my current SC squad. One name im sticking in is Gunston. With Buddy gone, they arent accommodating anyone and both he and Roughy will be massive this season up top.

The Mullet

A lot don't like picking players around this price level, it doesn't bother me too much, but you can only have a few of them. I thought about Gunston as a POD for a while……in the end……. I decided that for similar $$$ I could have T.Mitchell or Zorko who will both get time around/through the midfield……. but I have a feeling that Gunston is going to turn up in one of my opponents teams this year and light it up.


I think in the end a lot of people who have been considering Gunston will end up going a Parker/Mitchell/Zorko for the reasons you have mentioned…people dont like picking KPP's and i understand why…reckon Gunny will get less and less popular the closer R1 gets..POD


I’ve got all 3 of Titch, Parker and Zorko and No KPP’s.

The way I see it, all 3 will definitely go up ( can’t see any of them being under $500 K come seasons end), and I will wait until at least Rd 3 to see which KPP’s are lighting it up before bringing any in.


Anyone looked at Wanganeen?? has he taken garletts spot?


He is on my bench, like Langford been doing time quietly and the hawks seem to do this. Perhaps in a year Garlett will emerge again for a NAB 101sc points!


Hawks fans saying Hallahan and langford will see games this year for sure but not Wanganeen..thats what i hearing anyway


Thanks Gruffelz, it’s tough to pick young hawks; look how well Savage and Smith did in year 1 with 100+ scores, and then they given a tough task to learn and the scores plummet. The cursed vest comes out too. I am wondering how to trade off between lesser players in crappier teams that might score lower but with more game time. It’s a tough balance and a real rookie gamble. First three rounds I will be banging out trades to fix any rookie trends or cue jump onto the shining lights.


wondering if i should pick currie as a ruck bench option


Brad Hill @ $320k seems a good option