GWS Giants v Sydney Swans NAB School worksheet

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Analysis of the GWS Giants v Sydney Swans game:

Hey guys,

Another derby, so we now get 3 a year instead of 2, like the concept wasn’t overused already! Giants looked solid though, it’s good to see some improvement from their young group. Some quick notes:

  • Heath Shaw – Had 83% TOG – Could only manage 13 possessions and 48 Supercoach Points – Not a good sign to start, but GWS still have another game against Jock’s Sainters and a trial game against the Barron’s mighty Crows for us to evaluate how Shaw will go.
  • Lachie Whitfield – Showed why he was the #1 pick last year. 25 possessions, 3 goals and 126 Supercoach points
  • Gary Rohan looked solid – Should be over any lingering injury issues – 66 Supercoach points, can’t expect much more than that in the real stuff, but will be enough to earn some cash
  • Toby Greene was a ball magnet, but kicking is still questionable. Still on my mid price consider list with 99 Supercoach Points tonight
  • Buntine – Only had 16% TOG – Disappointing, but hard to judge him based on this game
  • Good to see Sammy Reid back out there – 93 Supercoach Points but will he score that well once Tippett/Franklin/Goodes return?
  • Jeremy Laidler – Played 85% TOG, could only manage 8 possessions and 43 Supercoach Points – Enough to earn a Round 1 birth?
  • Mitchell VS Parker – Flip a coin! Both awesome, Mitchell with 156 Supercoach Points, Parker with 107. Both played about the same TOG too.

What’d you all think of the game out there Community?

Barron Von Crow

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Was at this game sitting right behind the Sydney Interchange box and JPK and Jack were just getting some K's in their legs- they should really explode come rnd 1..

Rohan was very solid and worthy of a F5 position.

Will have to wait and see who Sydney consider their #2 ruck..



Been tossing up between Mitchell and Parker for a couple of weeks. See how they both go next game. Both DPP. On the derby side of things I'm sure Lions would have liked a first up crack at the Suns instead of the Hawks.


Mitchell and Parker looked like they might repeat their efforts of last year BUT don't get too excited this was round 1 of the NAB. Mitchell & Parker are both only '$generators' so whitfield would be a far better option as he's much cheaper so he'll increase more in price.
Rohan should be a lock for F8.

Marley Williams has been found guilty of grievous bodily harm for his cowards punch in WA. He will be sentenced in April and could face up to 10 years jail, probably not a good idea to put him in your SC team. I'm sure this conviction will only endear him further to the gap-toothed wannabes in the pies cheer-squad. They love marley at collingwood because his jumper number is the same as the combined iQ of the entire Collingwood membership.


Glad to see your back, Wombats. Breaking the story again.


🙂 Nah just like bagging the pies.


Newsflash – Marley is a star, thats what endears him to the black n white army. I think youre overstating our IQ, err shit, i mean collectively we'd never fit in that jumper….uhhm…dang….you know what i mean. GO PIES


Why Mitchell and Parker only cash generators? They could both be in the top 6 scoring forwards this year!


ha….everyone knows bird is the word…havent you heard?

instantly flash backs to a family guy episode there. funny stuff


was tossing up between Mitchell or Zorko….

titch has just jumped 2 lengths ahead rounding the bend, zorko will need to come home strong over the last 200 yards…




That's going to be a tough decision Jimbo. Thought Zorko competed really hard in NAB 1 but just didn't have any mates to help him out in that thumping at the hands of the Premiers.

If he gets played mainly in the midfield in NAB 2 and 3 and performs well he will be very difficult to leave out at that pricing.

But agree that it was hard not to be impressed by Titch last night. He's a pill magnet and a tackling machine wherever he plays on the ground, just like his pal Parker. My Swannies have two real gems there.


Have to agree with SCaddict, Zorko was shouldering the midfield weight of a side that fielded about half a dozen regulars, whilst Mitchell was playing in a fairly strong Sydney side that was missing a few gun midfielders.

Having said that, Mitchell did look really impressive last night, and I still believe Zorko's SC output will be greatly affected by his onfield role this season. If he rotates through the mid, then he could go big, but if he plays a forward tag typ role then his scores will suffer as they did last season. Problem is we may not know what his role is until the season proper. If he still plays mid in NAB 2 then I will be considering him, otherwise Mitchell is almost definately a lock.

Finally, not sure the return of Sydney mid regulars will affect his scoring as much as people might think, they all played last season and he scored well then. He looks bigger and fitter so I'm sure he will continue to score well.


Don't know about Buntine, Barron. Didn't play with a lot of swagger. Wobbly hands. Lukewarm decision making. Could turn it around yet at that price needs to inspire more confidence for a D4 slot.


Come round 1 Mitchell and Parker won't get as much midfield time. JPK, Jack and Hannebery are just warming up.


Yes I think you're probably right PJ8. Horse is really emphasising an improvement in the side's flexibility during the NAB so we will likely see some odd SC scores in the next few weeks for the Swans.

Still I reckon both Titch and Parks are set for excellent seasons so there's a strong chance that at least one of them makes a start in my forward line in 2014.


See my comment above. I reckon they will both still score well. Sydney side has not changed that much from last season, except for the Buddy factor. They just use the ball really well and I'm sure they will both get plenty of it


Had Mitchell in my team for a while. Reckon he'll stay there if he can replicate that performance next game.

PJ8, even though they might not get as much mid time, they'll still score well I reckon. Mitchell was pretty consistent throughout last year.


VERY consistent first 10 rounds zimmer………. he got exactly the same score……….


The thing with Mitchell is he's an accumulator. Throughout his junior days, his reserves time at Sydney, his senior games last year, he's always gotten a stupid number of possessions.

He handballs a lot, he butchers some of his kicks, but the sheer volume of ball he gets and his talent at finding targets by hand should see him continue to score well (tackles and scoring also make nice kickers). Disregard the end of last year, he was tiring and possibly injured.


Here is a bit of analysis of. Luke Parker's natural progression. Would love to hear your thoughts.

I will illustrate his improvement in a number of key categories from 2011-2012 seasons and 2012-2013 seasons and then Explain why I think they are misleading.
2011-2012. 2012-2013. Net improvement in two years
Kicks: +1.9. +3.2. + 5.1.
HB: +2.4. +1.8. +4.2.
Dis: +4.4. +5. +9.4.
Marks: +.6. +.2. +.8
Tackles: +1.5. +2.2. +3.7
Total G: +1. +11. + 12
Sc points: +19. +20.2. + 39.2

This are som amazing stats of consistant improvement and following that you could easily expect an improvement in Sc by 10 bringing him up to 86 considering he has improved by 20 in the last two years. Wrong!! (Well at least I think).
Firstly improving gets much harder as you reach a higher level
Secondly and most importantly Parker saw a dramatic increase in game time (of 35%) in 2013 from 2011 by avoiding the vest which will not occur next year.
2012. 2013
TOG%: 57.4. 77.6.

Overall Parker decreased his average points per game per game time played. By dividing ave points by ave TOG the multiplying by 100 we find the score Parker would reach with 100% game time.
2012. 2013.
Adjusted Sc: 1.24. 1.12.

By taking into his TOG increase of 35%, I multiply his stats by 1.35 to find what he would average if his scoring output per minute (if you will) did not change from 2011-2012.

Net improvement 2012-2013
Kicks: +.7
HB: -1.2
Dis: -.6
Marks: -.75
Tackles: +1.25
Total goals: +8.85
Sc points: -8.85

From this I conclude that Parker's improvement was simply due to the fact that he avoided the vest rather than a dramatic increase in performance or skill. This does not mean not to pick him, his performance last night was impressive but it's just some food for thought or am it just speaking gobidgook and my logic is flawed. Would love to hear your thoughts.


That's some great research mate,thanks for the hard work.
Makes me look at Parker in a different light.


Nice reaearch McM. Not sure if I agree that improving gets harder as you reach a higher level though. Increasing you SC value definately gets harder after a good 1st or 2nd season, but 3rd, 4th, & 5th seasons are where players either find their straps and increase exponentially, or they become work horse players who become great team players, but lousy SC players.

Bit of a generalisation, but I reckon it's a little hard to read into Parkers future output purely on stats from his first two seasons. I will probably go with Titch as I reckon he looks really solid and will outscore Parker, but Parker could surprise us and go big. who knows!


Parker is in the 'breakout' year zone for age/games played etc. 2014 should be his year. Choosing the breakout player is the key to winning SC.


Winner last year did only choose 1 breakout player, karnesis which was his worst bring in from day dot. Admittedly this year is different with increase rookie pricing. Not saying at all Parker is a bad option and that he won't improve, I just can't see him reaching that 95ave mark which is what you'd be looking for.


Agree it's also hard to put Mitchell or Parker in front of Buddy since there is only 20k separating them



Nathan Vardy has done his ACL


Thoughts of Jed Lamb??