Carlton V North Melbourne NAB Challenge fantasy review

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Fantastic arvo catching up with old mates from Ballarat at the footy. Bloody great day.

And plenty of fantasy relevance.


(click here for my completed Melbourne v Richmond sheet from last night)

Here’s some of the bigger Supercoach & AFL Fantasy stories out of the afternoon:

  • Lukey McDonald surprised me community. Has a bit more under the hood than when I last ran an eye over him. Had Menzel who had a bit of it early – but beat him for mine and ran off him. 20 odd disposals, clean and looks to have some real potential as a damaging type who could push up the ground. I’ll look at him again but this kid can play folks.ย 
  • Dan Currie ($123,900) relieved Goldy in the ruck and went FWD. They looked for him up FWD as a target. Speaking to Andy Swallow round the boundary.. they DO want to go with a 2nd ruck this year to give Goldy a chop out and Currie is first in line. Didn’t do a great deal but I’m more convinced he’s in Scott’s plans as the #2 ruck
  • Ex dog and swan Andrejs Everitย (CARL DEF $342K)ย was very good. Kicked 3 and played both FWD and back. Versatile… but a neither here nor there selection for me at this price.
  • Nick Dal Santo’s been in my team all preseason and is more firmly wedged in there after today. Looks as fit and hungry as I’ve seen him since his second season in the game. Plenty of it – played mid.. no half back business.
  • Tommy Bell (CARL $311K) had plenty of it and will get a bit of hype about him after this game. But one – his disposal was not clean enough to lay claim for any significant midfield time in the season proper – and remember Thomas, Carrazzo, Simpson, eventually Judd and even Garlett didn’t play and are ahead of him.
  • Young Cripps (CARL $157,300)ย can play the game. Didn’t have a great deal of game time but did some good things and is still on my watch list
  • I’m telling you Shaun Atley ($394,200) should be avoided. Will not get enough time in the guts in this North Melbourne midfield and played half back.
  • Jack bloody Ziebell. Fantastic. Should be more seriously considered as a MID option this season if today is any guide. Basted Chicken and Cuninglingus also good

What caught your eye?



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McVeigh, Jarrad (MID) $572,500
Mitchell, Sam (MID) $562,000
Enright, Corey $506,800
Suckling, Matt $312,200
Kolodjashnij, Kade $197,300
McDonald, Luke (MID) $182,300
Cutler, Tom $117,300
Fuller, Matthew $117,300

Ablett, Gary $695,000
Selwood, Joel $638,700
Watson, Jobe $601,300
Beams, Dayne $497,200
Thomas, Dale $341,800
Martin, Jack $222,300
Michie, Viv $172,600
Sheed, Dom $167,300
Dunstan, Luke $132,300
Crouch, Matt $117,300

Minson, Will $616,600
Sandilands, Aaron $310,700
Thurlow, Fraser (FWD) $118,400
Nankervis, Toby $117,300

Dangerfield, Patrick (MID) $609,000
Dixon, Charlie (RUC) $487,900
Gunston, Jack $447,400
Zorko, Dayne (MID) $447,200
Caddy, Josh (MID) $325,300
Kennedy-Harris, Jay $117,300
Garlett, Dayle (MID) $117,300
Taylor, Lewis (MID) $117,300

Any Thoughts?


get rid of enright

mark o'donnell

to risky on enright and dixon and possibly gunston you have a risky team so i would make some changes and im not giving you bad advice i was top 20 overall last season just saying cheers mark ๐Ÿ™‚


Can you explain why you rate Enright as a risky proposition?
Reading his SC stats since 2006 shows a picture of consistency:
2006 22games 91SCpts, 2007/21/92, 2009/21/98, 2010/21/98, 2011/20/96, 2012/21/94, 2013/21/94.


I think Enright is a consistent player. Dixon and Gunston is worth a try i guess. Have to take risks to win. I finished top 200 last year.


G'day Jordan,

This page is about the discussing the Carlton – North Melbourne trial game. There is another page for posting your team.

Cheers mate


ron ya girl

phil fraser

would get rid of gunston for a start then minson and enright for some better players the your team would be very very nice but honestly those three get rid of em right now!

patrick nimmo

enright will not be as consistent as old age departure of senior players especially the senior players from the backline and the new game style chris scott wants to bring in i can't really see the role be as effective as previous years and on the back of not having a full preason there are some good reasons to go some one like pearce hanley or hibberd or someone like more expensive or a breakout player even and that injury cloud could be a concern

kyle fish

jack gunston would not lock to inconsistent will get more defenders and attention now that buddy is gone stear clear jordan

kaleb thompson

seeing as everyone is getting into it and saying that minson enright and gunston are bad picks i must say they are risky and i would not be getting them i would not go them and i was ranked 26th over all last year

nik biazos

these guys are right jordan minson had one good year and the will be playing more tall this year the dogs like they use to which means that minson will not score as good and enright old age injury game plans and etc. will effect him also the point someone before made about gunston absolutely spot on get rid of all three if you want to win!

dylan butterworth

sandilands he will average 110

connor kell

josh caddy absolute lock mate more midfield time keep him mate same with sandilands has been a good scorer over the years and to cheap to pass up on and zorko and dixon keep em in son

casey bird

yer legend bro flappy birds casey hahaha i make no sense hahah yer man kick boots bailey yer cameron legend bro


Bit of a bummer that Daisy is sitting this one out as he recovers from a chest infection.

Was looking forward to seeing him have a run around out there but we'll have to wait for NAB 2 now.

Still plenty of fantasy relevant players to get a good look at today as per Higgo's research sheet.


I think I'm most interested to see what majak does…….


Its a bit overcast but he might still get his gear off and hit the beach




Can someone tell me what a $220k player’s BE will be. If they score 3x 80 pts what would there price rise be? Assuming they continue to score 80 pts, how many weeks until they hit a BE of 80, ie max out


Not to pump up another rivals websites but too serious dot net has this covered in spades. If Jack Martin scores 80, 80, 80 then he will rise from 222,300 to 269,524. If he scores exactly 80 every week he will level out at roughly 400K. Check out the stat tab and then the salary calculator.


which kangaroo midfielder is the best option for 2014??


Too hard to tell. It's a one in 5 chance of picking the big improver even if there is one. Dal Santo, Zeiball, Cunnington plus a few others. Personally think it's worth splashing more cash to get Cotchin, Fyfe or Rockcliff or saving some and getting murph and beams.


That might be the problem, they could share the SC points too much. Not like swannie the ball hog


Agree with McClunge. Roos mids are like WCE mids. Attractive because you get the feeling they'll be SC gold this year YET more reliable options above and below.

If I were to pick one, I'd go Cunnington or Ziebell. Love Dal Santo but will cop #1 tag and pricer.


Ziebell has been on the rise last 3 years. I reckon this year will be his best season to date & he will be prolific, seems more hoggish than the other 2 also. Dal santo is a known good thing, and cunnington has the potential to rise and be a POD, but could also, as has been stated, share alot of the SC points and range 85 – 105, with the odd 120+


More interested in Bell than Daisy so not too disappointed that he is not playing. Think Bell could gain more mid time and play a stepping stone role in my midfield.


Yeah he looked pretty good today.

Hard at the contest and was able to do some nice things when he got the footy and put some great pressure on when he didn't.


Hi Higgo – love your work.
I understand Jock is not sold on his JS, but I see Carlton as needing his size and aggression in the midfield. Even with Daisy's arrival I believe he is a regular this year. Played well at the end of the VFL season and if not for some niggling injuries would have played more senior footy. I reckon he will get his chances even after Judd returns in 8 weeks. The only question marks are his price compared to other options and his SC scoring efficiency. But he is still on my watch list and has been since the end of last year. Today I will be watching M.Wright closely as a sneaky forward option (if he gets the midfield time I think he might – hopefully not as a tagger). Could be the poor man's Zorko or Gray.


Can I ask to to the community how they intend to use Dale Thomas if at all in their supercoach team?
ie.) a keeper or a Cashcow
And also what is the minimum output you need from him to keep a spot in your team?
Ie.)95 ave, 100 ave, 105ave

I'd personally would not really want anyone in my mid by the end of the year averaging less than 105 but am planing to use him as a keeper even if he only averages 100 as a minimum.


Depends how well he goes and whether that body holds up but more than likely he will be an upgrade path to a Pendles, Swan or Selwood by Rd9.


Won't be a keeper as i require 110 + from my mids but id be happy with a 95-105 ave cash cow.


He is in my side. I will use him as either a keeper if he is playing well enough or i'll use him as a trade up point to bring in a pendlebury type after rnd 8. I have no doubt at all he will be well worth it at that price. The rookies this year just arent strong enough to go full premium/ rookies.


Back and forth on Daisy, McClunge. Right now can't see reason to have him and J. Martin in there. Giving up spot to underpricers Beams or Smurph. Or someone looking like ready for a breakout season, like Ziebell.

But at his price, it's a bit like Suckling. May see how they do R1-2 then slot in as a corrective. With the severity of their injuries, getting back to game speed and form will take at least a couple rounds.


I've pretty much wiped Suckling off my radar. Think it will be a POD not having him. I doubt he will average much more than 80 which means he is not going to be a keeper and will only make 100k at best.
Much rather spend a 150k more on someone who has a chance to be a keeper or 150k less on a rookie who will being me more money.


I'm pretty much guns and rooks, with the excepts being underpriced guns, Sandi and 1-2 $400-$450K mid pricers. Same logic. If you're going for cash generation, go with a strong rook. If you want the points, pay a little more and get someone who is underpriced.


Was curnow tagging Ziebell tonight?

neil the nail

no, gibbs was the only tagger for the night


Currie: mature recruit. plays forward predominantly but goes to ruck to give Goldstein a break (interchange cap). Good contested marking option which kanga's players kicked to time an time again.
Tippet: mature recruit .calm under pressure. Nice kick, was on casbolt and Waite who were quiet. Does the little things well
McDonald: looks good racks up lots of possies, lots of handball receives, his opponent in Menzel kicked a couple but didn't do much else. Slotted into line up nicely, will be a lock if he does it again especially now k kol didn't get a gig.


Spot on, MCM. Those three definite strong final position or bench considerations. Think Currie will be worth a punt if Roos do go 2 ruck? Thurlow may get more time in short run but Currie probably more PT over the season.


I really liked the look of buckley ? any chance of him getting a start off half back?


Oh cmon Jock, "renew RedTube subscription"? Expected better hahahahhahahahahhahaha


I thought buckley was great. keeping a close eye on him.


im thinking everyone has basically generic teams so POD's are crucial cause if everyone has basically the same team than the majority could be in trouble early if things dont go according to plan!!!!!


Where was Kade Simpson today?


World Beard and Mustache championships.


How do you get a beard that looks that lush……… mine tough as little hairs, just looks like a bunch a pubes on me face!

Give It A Go

Hi Community

Scooter or Cotchin??


Looking at the numbers, Cotch in a runaway, GIAG.

YET, I've been considering Scooter, given WCE's draw and seems ready to do some damage under Simpson.

What keeps me going to Cotch is that he starts strong…last year was #7 SC average Rd1-8. (117/game). Brain says Cotch but gut is pulling me towards Scooter.


Richmond have a pretty easy draw too, it's just spread out more over the course if the year. Play St. Kilda and GWS twice but also Sydney and essendon.

Give It A Go

Thanks TF

Same here,
I'll have to check out the rest of the NAB games, that should give me a conclusion on who to pick, whats your thought on Watson?



I think Currie will struggle to get a game. Didn’t impress yesterday, Scotty loves Magic and with Goldstein a proven workhorse, Scott will play muscles as the third tall, pitch hitting in the ruck. Dropping Tarrant as he is over rated. This is is more my hope/wish than fact.


I was impressed with Ziebell, I know it's Nab cup but his effort and hunting of the footy was excellent. I was thinking on going with him rather than Murphy. What does the community think?


Tank concerns. Looked strong yet like to see another game.


Murphy a worry on that form ? Ziebell could be a smart alternative !


Lots of players around Zeiball were cruising meaning it was easier for him to get the ball. However his tackle count was what impressed me most.


He did look good late in the game, but yes another NAB game would be a good indicator. Hopefully the altitude training has done him some good. The only worry is that North have the round 8 bye. My strategy is to upgrade Martin by round 8 to premium by then. Thanks for the feedback.


Murphy turned up at the family today with his knee in a brace!


Dunno Jock. A mate took his Daughter to the 'Pre-family day meet & greet' ($50 and limited to 300 persons for an hour) This Bloke is Murphy big fan and he texted me to tell me that Murphmellow turned up in a knee brace. Reckons it "wasn't a Big Chunky Reco brace" but definately a brace. He did seem to be a bit stand-offish against the Roos in second half so there might be something in it.


If it's true I'll be seriously considering Carrazzo for a spot in the middle. With Daisy's ankle infection progressing to his chest, no Judd and a tentative Murphy I reckon the VC will be given a more offensive role in the middle. When I consider that he racked up regular 100's and 90's as a tagger I wonder how good he good be if his primary focus was getting the ball rather than stopping his opponent.


I was juggling between Murphy or Ziebell as my M4. If that is true? Then Ziebell it is.



Jack Ziebell 149

Andrejs Everitt 122

David Ellard 118

Nick Dal Santo 106

Ryan Bastinac 105

Drew Petrie 98

Ben Cunnington 97

Mitch Robinson 95

Jaryd Cachia 93

Brent Harvey 89

Todd Goldstein 89

Tom Bell 87

Dylan Buckley 86

Ed Curnow 85

Scott Thompson 85

Cameron Wood 83

Daniel Wells 81

Brock McLean 81

Lindsay Thomas 78

Matthew Watson 69

Jamie Macmillan 66

Aaron Black 64

Luke McDonald 61

Sam Wright 59

Marc Murphy 59

Bryce Gibbs 59

Troy Menzel 57

Sam Gibson 57

Joel Tippett 56

Andrew McInnes 56

Chris Yarran 53

Sam Rowe 51

Robert Warnock 51

Zach Tuohy 50

Andrew Walker 49

Lachlan Hansen 47

Patrick Cripps 47

Daniel Currie 41

Shaun Atley 40

Robin Nahas 39

Kane Lucas 37

Scott McMahon 37

Joshua Bootsma 34

Levi Casboult 33

Michael Firrito 32

Jarrad Waite 30

Mason Wood 29

Nicholas Graham 26

Bradley McKenzie 25

Ben Jacobs 24

Dennis Armfield 17

Taylor Hine 17


Thanks McMagnet.
I hope Malthouse likes Jimmy Buckleys boy, cos I reckon he could go a long way towards filling the gap left by eddie


Jock the issue with the north mids is they have the round 8 bye. I would love to include them but will have to many mids out in round 8 ๐Ÿ™


I know it is a long way to go, but NORTH have a very nice run during the Supercoach Finals.



Hey fellas
Is lachie hansen worth a look at for a POD or am I going to get burnt?


Every ones team looks the bloody same now that we have a new pricing system on the rookies. POD are bloody crucial this year!


Jock dont forget to renew your Redtube subscription


Superb homework Jock!

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