Hawks v Lions NAB Challenge Review

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Interested in your thoughts about this contest community.

Hawks V Lions NAB completed NAB School Homework sheet

Hawks V Lions NAB completed NAB School Homework sheet

Young Wayno Reynold’s (Jock’s beloved nephew) excitedly forwarded me his homework this morning.

Click here to view Wayno’s Hawthorn V Brisbane game analysis in detail

A few of my thoughts;

– Suckling is back and should be high on everyone’s radar.

– Gunston may have kicked a bag but it was in a very one-sided game. Don’t jump on too quickly.

– At his price, he jury is still out on Aish

– Trent West’s game makes me think Luenberger could be an excellent choice.

– Mitchell becoming lockish.

– McEvoy …. need to see more.

– Roughead looks very fit


What was your take on this game Community?

Here is a lovely contribution from Taylor Wood – Great Work!

 Hawks V Lions Taylor Wood


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I will be very interested to see McEvoy, B at a new club. I wonder if he will be able to average over 100 this year like he has in previous years.


Wonder that too, Billy. His HOs are his weak area. See how he'll fair next game against Goldy.


Geez Higgo I see you're not a fan of the lions captain only just squeezing him onto the bench in the best 22


Think Higgo put him on the bench when he couldn't remember the word "flexibility".

Crouching's Cousin

Garlett is not playing in this one so not sure why he's listed in the pre-game notes.

Also why does everyone call him Gartlett?? It's GARLETT folks!


Crouching's Cousin, Good onya it has been annoying the crap out of me too. GARLETT.



Lewis Taylor is listed as well. Doubt he’s playing


Ummm isn’t Docherty at Carlton now? Or has he got brother plays for the lions.


Loops my bad… Lol I thought it was the bench


Hey fellas anybody else got partial lock out?


Gee hard to glean much from tonight's belting from a SC point of view.

Lions were missing so many established players that it was hard to assess either the Brisbane or Hawthorn players who actually played.

Got a lot more out of yesterday's much more competitive game.


What a sad game for the Lions but we have to realize that they are in rebuild mode, The only thing I can take out of it is that Lepitch is trying out all the young blokes for a position in the team for round 1.
Brisbane totally undermanned and the result is no surprise.
Didn't watch but listened on radio, I will watch replay tomorrow. Sounded like Robertson and Aish tried hard and there could be a couple to put on the radar as far as rookies are concerned.
Like leading lambs to the slaughter, I can only hope the young blokes don't get too demoralized by the result for their effort as far as Brisbane are concerned. It did sound like they kept trying though.
Obviously Hawthorn were missing players as well but have great depth and trying young players too.
Disappointing game to try and pick those elusive mid priced players.


PS: Talk about muddy the waters:


In games like that I look at the effort / contribution of the young blokes. The game plan for the Lions especially was out the window. Hawks looked solid


Agree with Wayno's review. Training game for Hawks. Liked Hartung, Aish and Robertson as far as the rooks. Hope all three get in next NAB. Could be a R1er in two of them.


Bit hard to get much outta the killing of the lions (which was expected)
I have locked in roughy for the past 2 years and although he has lost DPP im gonna stick with him to start off


Nice work Wayno, a B+ grade. Now that you are in with a better crowd I hope to see your work consistently reach this standard.


All I got from the game was NOT to pick any Brisbane forwards this year, I don't think they will see much of the ball. The backs on the other hand…….


So can Brissy afford to play Zorko through the middle more? or will they need all the goal kickers they can get up fwd?

Loyal Roughnuts

Hallahan looked seasoned and at his price might be a decent POD re: Rookies. Question is can he squeeze into the hawks line up. Nick Robertson looks another likely type come rd1 selection.

Don't buy into the nonesense Rolls will play of a back flank. With the likes of Dureya, Suckling, Birchall, Burgersn & Hodge why would you waste Rolls down back.

Hopefully tonight's game may shed some light on some of the Dees rookies.


Docherty is out for 4-5 weeks with a quad strain


Hey Taylorwoof I totally agree with your call on Jordan Bourke based on last nights game I reckon he's part of the best 22.
Sadly I think he'll be about the only lion worth considering unless they change the role they gave Aish.
Zorko isn't AFL midfielder quality yet but he can be a good forward if left unattended by the defence as he showed in 2012. Unfortunately for him he wont be left unattended by anyone so I doubt that he'll average much over 80.

I was also impressed by Wanganeens wheels and Hill looked far more confident and relaxed.
Lester is interesting he played some great games under Voss but Voss then wasted him by playing him out of position if Leppa can get a grip on Lesters best position Lester could be a suprise to everybody.


Who should I choose Dayne Zorko or Jack Gunston?


Hawks play Brisbane round 1.
I’m thinking of having the entire hawks team, I might be leading the supercoach rankings after the first week 😉


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