Collingwood v Geelong NAB review

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Nab Challenge Game 1 - Geelong V Collingwood

Nab Challenge Game 1 – Geelong V Collingwood

Click here to view Higgo’s completed game sheet

Summary Notes;

– Key outs in Swan, Selwood, Motlop & Christensen and lack of game time/effort from Pendlebury, Ball & Stevie J gave us an elevated output from Adams & Caddy.

– Lock Beams

– Broomhead & McCarthy possible Round 1 selections.

– Jesse White looked very good but game style was not what we would expect in season proper.

– Varcoe may continue to be a “burner of men”.

– New contested marking rule will instantly elevate Cloke’s output.

– Blicavs & Horlin-Smith?

Keep your comments rolling & do your homework Community – This season is ours!


Peter Higginbotham

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Thank you Higgo

Finally some homework ill actually want to do


Higgo, I give your homework a B+ , it loses marks for the coffee stain


Higgo, you mad genius! Thank you!

Making print out now and setting the alarm for 3am. Need to set the coffee maker as well.


Your commitment to the game and The Community continues to impress, my learned American friend. Are you in any JR leagues?


Donor league, Higgo.

Hope AFLTV shows replays of NAB games. Make for a lot of early mornings. Will see after today's game…but don't want to take a chance if they don't. Be lot to see in this game.


You can sign up to AFLTV, they are giving the NAB challenge away for free. I believe it is a 'try before you buy' sorta thing, so hopefully they give us replays along with all the other bells and whistles.


Yeah, I was signed up from last year. Don't remember if NAB had replays or not. Thanks Pierre.


"Watch all the NAB Challenge Matches live and on demand". I live in Rural France, where the internet is ok but not great, but the quality for this was excellent.


Yeah it was. And replays are going up quickly after. Sleeping in tomorrow, Pierre.


Rural France? Love the commitment!


It gives me something to do on the notoriously quiet 'dimanches' (Sundays- EVERYTHING is closed) but the rolling lockout is going to be merde, that's for sure


Trés merde.


Sounds like Perth, except for the cafes, if you like pernod and cafe au late. Hmm miss the vino culture back there $5 bottle of excellent red but I always had a side 8oz of ice and look at the people as I poured my red over an ice cube….It was a great conversation peice……Usually started off with "uncouth barbaria"n which I took as a badge of honor…Representing Canada, Ireland and USA.
Well it was my red I will drink it as I want Try it!


I lived in Sete off the river rhone …Ahh I miss the place in fall, No more tourists great local vibe and sea food to die for or at least le petit mort LOL


I've been trying to find a post about the JR leagues for months..maybe i wasn't looking in the right places.
I was in the JR Community league last year which finished 95th overall,was kinda hoping to get into an official Jock Reynolds league this year as iv been following this site for 3 years now but just started posting recently.
If there are any spots available in any of the JR leagues id be honored to join,
Thanks for listening Rob.

2013 team name: Whoa Dragon !
2013 rank : 5,132nd


Nice throttlefinger! I also live in the US so I know how you feel. There is truly nothing better than being up at some godforsaken hour watching AFL in your dressing gown with a steaming hot cup of black coffee. Enjoy the game my friend!


Thanks Michael. Where you live? Great thing about early morning games: NO DISTRACTIONS. Everyone else is asleep.

Enjoy the game too, my man.


I'm in Michigan, how about you? And the no distractions thing is so true. There's something very cool about the world in the early morning before everyone else wakes up!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be tuning in for this one live (awkward timing) but I definitely plan to catch the weekend games.


New York. Yeah, it's a VERY awkward time. My hope is to do tomorrow's game then watch the other games on replay (half during breakfast and other half at lunch). We'll see.


How do you reckon Tomas Bugg will go?


I have already printed and pencilled "Mitch Duncan $434,200" to my Mids watch list …. POD that could elevate output. Priced at 80, could nudge 95ish.
Please remember to take pride in your work – points will be deducted for messy output.

Peter Higginbotham


Great Job Higg! The season hasnt started and ive been married for only 3 months and all this pre season sc talk is killing the better half. Quick note re strategy my im loading up in my forwards with 1 premo and a couple massively underpriced stars, ie. pavlich, parker and franklin! Giving a sneaky look at Ben Howlett as fwd/mid als, at his price could be good value and a nice stepping stone.
What you think Higg?


I am loving this NAB school idea Higgo you crazy genius. Will really help the research process along. Most significant!


I won't be picking Pendlebury Round 1.

COLL draw is not kind to him. FRE (Crowley), SYD (away), CATS, RICH, KANGAS, ESS, BLUES, BYE.

I can't see him keeping is average and I expect he will fall significantly in value. Plus the added pressure of captain.

After the BYE it is a different story.

ADE, WCE, SAINTS, MELB, DOGS…this is when he will be at his best.

Get him in after his BYE.


interesting idea not sure it will work


Pendlebury is a superstar. Doesn't matter who he plays!


May not keep his average but will still average around 120 all the same.
Can you afford to miss out on those points?


I agree that he is needed in the team and his average will be 120 etc etc. I just think of all the ultra premiums, he is the one where I could get him a bit cheaper around the Bye rounds. It is what I can do with the extra cash that not having Pendles, ie get a premium defender instead of a mid price


You're not alone Derek as I'm planning likewise.

I intend to take full advantage of all the fallen premiums this year such as Cotch, JPK, Beams, Smurf and Daisy and it's a bit hard to do all that with both GAJ and Pendles chewing up all that salary cap so at this stage I'm slightly favouring Gazza for M1.

Also would make my midfield too top heavy with Rd 8 byes with Gaz, Pendles, Beams, Cotch etc.

Pendles will no doubt perform at a consistently high level as he always has but if I happen to pick him up sub $600K post bye well that would just be a nice little bonus.


the only downside is how many trades will we burn getting up to a Premo list? Get him in at the jump IMO, as it might costs you $60k in overs but the scores and VP option make it worth it?


I'm certainly not saying that people shouldn't start with a Superstar like Pendles. Clearly there are plenty of valid reasons to start with him.

You only need look as far as TheDimmaWitts who started last year with Gaz, Pendles, JPK and Cotch and he kind of did ok.

All I'm saying is that I probably won't start with him as my own strategy this season is to go big on fallen premiums which sadly means skipping on Pendles initially.

It would be a pretty dull game if we all had identical teams because consensus dictated we had to have this guy but not that guy.


Gazpacho has GWS and MELB in weeks 5 & 6. Gotta have him then




Pendelbury will probably drop his points from 127 to 120. No other player, besides Gaz, will come close to that average. Made the mistake 2013 of not going in with the two best scorers in SC, not this year.


No Shane Kersten or Daniel Menzel or Matthew Scharenberg on the team lists.


Scharenberg just had operations on both his feet. Don’t expect to see him until late in the season.

Kersten sprained his foot a few weeks ago, likely not right to go yet.

Menzel no idea and they will be extra cautious I dare say.


Thanks for that SD6, new about Scharenberg but not Kersten. Anybody know what;s up with Menzel?


Menzel has done is acl 4 times and is only half way through his rehab so expect him back mid way through the season


Thanks for the update Jono


Does anyone know if there is anywhere else to watch the NAB cup if u don't have fox footy?


Go to your local pub. Generally if the have the races or pokies they have fox footy. Buy a pot and sit back and enjoy footy is back!


what an awesome idea. this will be very handy come rd 1!!


At the moment, who would you rate?

C Young, J Martin, D Tyson? all around the $220 – $240k


That is the 64000 dollar question and we have 18 days to show us who we should pick. The rest is speculation!~


Clinton young looked lost tonight. Has been long time between games for him but I will need to improve to be in filling woods best 22


Young has been cut


Just wondering is there full lists available anywhere? I heard there are 26 players for each side and not just 22.

Where can we find the 26 players lists for the NAB please?


Wow makes things so easy great work. My only suggestion would at the left of each name their number. Particularly as many wookies change overs or rookies change number, then the spoon feed would be elite!


Higgo you champion…!

Great prep for each game but JOCK..ask higgo if he can put the number of each player in? I reckon that is an ace idea.


Would be so much easier if their name was on the players shirt.!!! Gez even the Engrish do that…Are we that far behind, 5 nil in the cricket names on players lets try and catch up eh?


Higgo, what a nugget of gold you have bestowed upon us. Thanks


Great work Higgo!

For mine, I’ll be watching Caddy and Smedts with all the talk of Caddy running through the midfield and recent news that Smedts is looking to play a rebounding Defender role in 2014.


I know where only one quarter deep but grundy looks dominant


Went into this game with a keen eye on Enright. Corey is the epitome of consistency.


plus one for me shinbone. Tossing up between him and Hibberd for the D3


I've actually had them at D2 and D3 the last few days. They are incredibly similar players in almost all aspects of play.


Same with me, Wattsie. I've been going back and forth on those two as well. Room for them both?


After last night TF, maybe Enright for Bartel. Will need to see how Enright goes when Selwood is back and how that dynamic plays out. I don't think that'll be during the nab cup though.


Need to see more. Rather loose back there to make that decision. Not leaning towards Bartel off the jump. Getting him after R8. Guthrie looked like a good option too, Wattsie. See how both look next NAB.


He is one of the best defenders going around, even at his age.


Jock – pull you're finger out and create game day threads. Lets talk a little…..


Gday there Brixksavy – see what we can do mate


Taylor Adams impressing anyone else?


Yep he will receive so much ball from the other jets and wont get tagged, good value option


Beams has the ball on a string. Seems like he’s up to bout 40 touches.


Yes looking at a mammoth year – in fine nick already at this very early stage of proceedings. Perhaps just maybe he can challenge Pendles and Gaz for ultimate Supercoach supremacy??

Pity every bastard and their dog will have him in their team though. 🙂


Keefe is a dud. But yes beams, first player I picked this year based on talent and price. SUPER elite.


Agree Beams is a lock for me.


I hate to say it but Hawkins is looking good for his price, thoughts?


I hate Hawkins. Key forward and injury prone. I must say his price is appealing but I wouldn’t risk it, leave until round 3 at best.


Ill say it first – Jesse white is now a lock.


Based that performance, I can see where the assumption stems from. However, two things: as Jock mentioned in the podcast, we need to look at the players who weren't there. When Cloke shows up on Round 1, White won't be scoring five a game. Secondly, his scores may become erratic due to a key position role.


Think you're right about the erratic nature of KP forward scoring. Although I do think the game gave a good indicator of the Cloke-White dynamic. Wasn't an ordinary NAB game with Cats playing no rooks and full 20s. Plus it certainly wasn't played like a NAB game, especially in the 2nd half.

Would say that Jesse White is a strong consideration.


Definitely is. I just hope no one hinges too much importance on tonight's game.


Woh down both of you, whooh.
I m biased I know – Cat fan – Who turned the team inside out 1st Q then sat back and played structures _ Pies moved and exposed that , the display by the young 'uns from Collingwood was great but who let that happen ? Feel Cats where weighing up whos's who. To that end Geelong showed none of their cards / I think this is a sucker blow by the cats. They are ren owed for this However I liked many young ones from the Pies, Grit, determination, Get the ball was excellent …Beams Lock , Tommohawk moved well kick 4 all split the middel, eveyhing is showing LOCK, Harry O is intresting I think he is a good choice given DPP I loved the fact that he was at Half back and then involved in many attacks maybe Coll are setting him up to play opposite Cloke this season certinaly looked like it. great gamwe . J.White but again I think Geelong let them explore that avenue.
Varcoe has showen what he will do me thinks but M.Duncun is a near future star
Geelong yet again did just enough but really was there any doubt (By the way I think the victory is a false dawn for Geelong – They just can't keep doin' jus' enough Or can they???)


Hmmmm. Maybe, maybe not. Didn't play any rooks so you can probably draw more from their performance than most NABs. Will say if Selwood plays at the same level or better than last year and guys like Varcoe and Tommahawk bring their game back to the expected levels, will be a hard side to beat. Especially if Caddy emerges as a threat, which he might.

Was strong showing, Dools. Gotta be pleased with their pluck.


beams is a must for all, seems that Stokes is going to have a big year. Don't forget marley williams and paul seedsman!!!!!


Want to have a look at Seedsman, too.


remember don't get carried away with nab cup games


Hear, hear!

Mark Neeld

Preseason 2013. Jack Watts scored 150. Never forget.


And Dan The Man Currie looked like a rucking juggernaut….


Where can we find supercoach scores for that match thanks?


Ill say it second. White is now a lock – white kicks straight,plays down the ground, pitch hits in the ruck and is undervalued. Worst case – you make a few bob. Beam him up!


He appears to present as a legit alternative to Tomahawk at the very least, for virtually an identical outlay. No back issues to worry about either.

Doubt I can fit in either fella to my own structure but reckon a Supercoach can probably do a lot worse for the money.

Will be interested to see how he does in NAB 2 or whether this was a flash in the pan. For on the flip side there was a lot of buzz around the big Q-stick for the Pies about this time last season, but as we know that didn't pan out too well in the end.

So it definitely still pays to approach with caution when considering locking away a KPP.


Like many, I don't have Foxtel either, so I'm not sure about how much game time players had etc.
Just looking at the stats, I thought it was interesting that:
Lynch had 11 hitouts v's White 1. I would have thought Collingwood will run with Grundy and White (I can't see a spot for Lynch week in week out if Cloke, Reid and White play forward).
Adams 31Disposals and 5 Tackles netted 90SC while Ball 22D and 9T can only manage 56SC.
Clinton Young (I understand missed some game time with cut cheek internally) and Caddy SC scores seem underwhelming. DID ANYONE WATCH CADDY CLOSELY – THOUGHTS?
Broomhead question has been solved for us (month long injury).
Beams has been a lock for us all for a while now – he's only confirmed what we knew. Adams is the one that interests me most after last night.
Tony Armstrong is doing his chances of R1 no harm.
Why did Cowan not play?

103 Dayne Beams
98 Scott Pendlebury 95 Mathew Stokes 94 Jesse White 90 Taylor Adams
88 Steele Sidebottom 86 Harry Taylor 86 Corey Enright 81 Steve Johnson
79 Jamie Elliott 78 Mitch Duncan 75 Taylor Hunt 74 Brent Macaffer
73 Ben Kennedy 73 Cameron Guthrie 71 Tom Hawkins 68 Jordan Schroder
68 James Kelly 65 Jimmy Bartel 64 Tony Armstrong 64 Travis Varcoe
63 Jared Rivers 63 Brodie Grundy 61 Josh Caddy 60 Marley Williams
58 Heritier Lumumba 56 Mitch W Brown 55 Martin Clarke 53 Quinten Lynch
53 Luke Ball 52 Andrew Mackie 51 Tom Lonergan 50 Jackson Ramsay
45 Billie Smedts 44 Dawson Simpson 41 Joshua Walker 39 Peter Yagmoor
39 George Horlin-Smith 36 Tom Langdon 35 Mark Blicavs 33 Nick Maxwell
32 Nathan Vardy 32 Lincoln McCarthy 31 Lachlan Keeffe 29 George Burbury
27 Clinton Young 24 Jack Frost 24 Travis Cloke 19 Nathan Freeman
9 Tim Broomhead 5 Jonathon Marsh 0 Jesse Stringer


Yeah Caddy spent the night trying to bust tackles instead dish off. it might be the game plan for 2014 but he'll need to improve his tackle busting ability; only got through 1 or 2 for the night and possession was up for grabs after the other attempts. Guthrie on the other hand was cool & composed.
Based on last night I'd swap Caddy for Kennedy and find a way to have Guthrie at D5 or 6


Hey SCannon- nice recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing we need to remember is that there were 52 players involved as opposed to 44- and that is an 18% difference give or take a %.

So for example Beams' 103 + 18% = 121, and Pendles' 95 = 112 for less than a full game!!!!


Thanks NS


I went to the Cattery Last night.

Beamer was Awesome.

Taylor Adams definitely knows how to get it but butchered the ball a bit. Hope that doesn’t keep up.

Pendles played in spurts as is preseason and still almost scored 100 SC points. First picked in my SC side, and should be in everybody’s team from the get go IMO.

Tom Langdon showed a bit. Watch for NAB 2.

Tony Armstrong can get the pill but really struggled with the pace of senior footy. Will need to improve significantly to make the Pies Senior team when the real stuff comes along.

Marley Williams is one to watch for a defensive POD. The kid can play.

Clinton Young was shocking but it is preseason and I feel his JS is solid for the first few rounds of the season proper in any case.

Jesse White and Tomahawk were both very good but as is NAB cup need to assess that form cautiously.

In Jesse’s case, Clokey was only at half throttle.

Keep an eye on Dawson Simpson. Is a beast of a man and could be a great POD in the Ruck. Grundy struggled with his size on various occasions .

Corey Enright was well ‘Corey Enright’. Irrespective of his age, he looked in fine nick.


Great review Rocksta. We were watching the same game at least. Feel for Burbury, had him on my watch list after the first five minutes.


My view on Clinton Young's JS has changed after having watched the replay. He can run, he can kick, but at the moment his instinct seems to be to wait until the opposition get the footy and then chase even when he is in a good position to win his own footy. He will need to improve pretty quickly to keep a spot in the Pies line up in my opinion.


PS Just heard that Lance Franklin failed to score a goal in his first intra club match- WOW- 2 hrs and not 1 goal??? Hmmmmm


6 scoring shots however, thats what you get with budwa, when on fire you get 200, when not you get a 60


Sorry, forgot a few:

Lumumba didn’t even start trying at all until the second half, but looked really fit and full of running.

Mitch Duncan will improve his SC scoring significantly this year.

Also keep an eye on Ben Kennedy for your forward lines. The kid can play.


Rocksta – Ben Kennedy is a good little player and should get games. Heaps of pressure in that area – Blair, Elliott, Fasolo etc.


I remember Lumumba (O'brien) being really impressive in the pre-season last year, and didn't have a bad year overall, but didn't set the world on fire in a SC sense. Too inconsistent. Then again, with Shaw gone, his role will be even more important. Will be one to watch again. A lot of really good potential POD's this year.


SC Summary:

Pendles and Beamer Locks.
Strongly consider Lumumba,Marley Williams, Corey Enright , Grundy, Tom Hawkins, Mich Duncan and Jesse White.
Keep an eye on Ben Kennedy , Dawson Simpson and Taylor Adams.
Tom Langdon one of the Rookies to watch


For those thinking Tony Armstrong.

At Adelaide Tony Armstrong looked great in pre season games. At Sydney Tony Armstrong looked great in pre season games. Last night Tony Armstrong looked ok. Is there a pattern there?


Bartel 97% gametime for 65 SC points. Interesting! I didn't see the game. Where did he play? Thoughts?


Wasn't going all that hard. I wouldn't take much notice of that stat


I agree Rocksta. He'll score well in the season proper, but I'm leaving him out from my starting line up as I think he'll drop a little in price over the first few rounds. Guthrie on the other hand… looked good with a move into the midfield.


Hey PJ8 where'd you find the supercoach score?


Hi Higgo, do you happen to have the link to download the original untouched game sheet? I missed it last night and have some of my own notes to write on. Thanks!


Higgo, Jock, anyone else involved in these student worksheets: I bloody love yas. Outstanding stuff, this, really quite marvellous. THANK YOU. Deadset legends.


Significant stretching of the trousers, Higgo. Bloody marvellous.


Just checked the team list for the Hawks tonight, four of Higgos best six defenders aren't playing, Stratton,Lake,Gibson and Birchall. Plus, no Sewell,Schoenmakers of Whitecross.


Brisbane non Higgo's best 22 is even worse. Twelve(12) non-starters!!!


Just to clarify …. Best 22 is a very important consideration when viewing NAB games. The influence of absent "best 22" players must weigh into your thinking on those NAB flyers.


Hi Jock McGuane or Lisle not in the Lions best 22?


Hi Guys! Looking for some critiquing of my team as of now. Looking at getting a DPP to allow some flexibilty but what do you guys think?

J McVeigh
J Bartel
D Swallow
M Suckling
M Fuller
K Kolodjashnij
S Docherty
L McDonald

G Ablett
S Pendlebury
D Swan
M Murphy
D Beams
J Martin
J Aish
L Dunstan
D Sheed
C Beams (Not sure about this one)

M Lobbe
A Sandilands
T Nankervis
D Currie (Could swap to a player with Ruck/FWD eligibility)

P Dangerfield
D Martin
L Franklin
G Rohan
D Garlett
J Billings
M Honeychurch
D Markworth (Unsure about Markworth)


Pretty good all round team, just have a couple of issues:

Pendles, Swan and Beams in the same side – I would be looking to leave the pig Swan out for now. Can see him scoring lots of mid 90's this season…

Feel Bartel is on the decline and for that price I don't think you would want a player on the decline. Hibberd/Hanley could be a better option as I see them only improving and theyre $55K cheaper options.

Not sold on Sandilands with his number of games output throughout the season and I just don't think he is going to be as prolific as years past with Zac Clarke playing an equal role in the ruck. Brodie Grundy will probably give you more points throughout the year for a similar-ish price.


How did Dawson Simpson look ?


What do you guys think of the following:

– will Ben Hudson play much at Collingwood this year or is Brodie Grundy their out and out number one for 80% of their hitouts?

– if you had to start with GAJ or Pendles, which one would you choose and why?

– who would be your first 2 picked midfield rookies (excluding Jack Martin)… and why? Having a lot of trouble deciding on the M8, M9 and M10 positions…


grundy is number one by a street. He will ruck and ruck alone for the majority of the season. lynch and white will give chop out.

Hudson may play 3 or 4 games for the year to give grundy a rest throughout the year.

I am going with both Gaz and Pendles. Pendles will take over as number one but Gaz will still clear 120 ave per game. Given one, I would take Pendles.

C Beams is probably the best option under 200k in my opinion, great JS. Dunstan is firming as the best option at the cheap end of town, StKilda seems to be very hot for them and looks like they will play both Dunstan and Billings early on

David D

All good higgo except I believe Broomhead was injured. lose marks for that.


Beautiful Higg.


Hi Higgo, luv ya stuff mate.

I admire your calculating way of approaching team selection but I have to pull you up on the Standard Deviation comparison between Bartel and Enright. Bartel averaged 106 with a SD of 24 – therefore he oscillates between 82 pts and 130. Enright averaged 94 with a SD of 12 – therefore he oscillates between 82 and 106. Both have a low end of 82.

The only reason you would pick enright over bartel (based on history) is to save money and Enrights SD alone tells you he is a good pick for this situation, Bartels SD is irrelevant.

What the SD comparison between the two does tell you is that the extra cash for Bartel is well spent because he pumps out more and bigger tons without dropping lower than the consistent Enright.

If you were comparing two players with the same avg then the SD comparison is very significant.