Richmond 2014: Supercoach scouting report

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Barron Von Crow

Howdy all, we’re in the home straight with our Supercoach Scouting Reports, with only 5 more teams to take a look at and today it’s the mighty Richmond Tigers turn.

2013 would have been a good one for Tigers fans, with Richmond making the Finals for the first time since 2001 and only the 3rd time since 1982. Unfortunately for Tiger fans they got blown away by a fantastic 2nd half comeback from the Blue boys and lost in the Elimination Final, but they’re still a young team with nowhere to go but up from here.

Richmond have been an underrated source of Supercoach, AFL Fantasy and Dreamteam players from both on the cheap, and more expensive end of the price spectrum, and I think we’ll likely see that trend continue into 2014. Anyway, enough babbling from me, let’s get cracking and take a look at the Richmond Tigers for 2014.


Richmond Tigers 2014 Supercoach Scouting Report

2013 Record: 15 wins, 7 losses
Position: 5th


Shaun Hampson (Traded from Carlton)
Ben Lennon (Pick #12, National Draft)
Nathan Gordon (Pick #50, National Draft)
Sam Lloyd (Pick #60, National Draft)
Todd Banfield (Pick #11, Rookie Draft)
Anthony Miles (Pick #27, Rookie Draft)
Matthew Thomas (Pick #42, Rookie Draft)
Ricky Pettard (Promoted Rookie)


Tom Derickx (Delisted)
Sam Lonergan (Retired)
Luke McGuane (Delisted)
Robin Nahas (Delisted)
Shane Tuck (Retired)
Matthew White (Free Agent to Port Adelaide)

2014 Team Preview

2014 Bye Round: 8

Final 4: Essendon Bombers, Adelaide Crows, St. Kilda Saints, Sydney Swans

The Tigers have done a good job rebuilding their squad under Damien Hardwick, nailing their high draft picks (something they’ve had issues with in the past), while also keeping the cupboards stocked with a variety of cast-offs and recycled players, with the likes of Ivan Maric, Bachar Houli, Shaun Grigg, Troy Chaplin, Chris Knights, Ricky Pettard and now Anthony Miles and Shaun Hampson being added for very little, or for nothing at all in the case of free agents.

For a team that finished 5th last year, the fixture gods have smiled upon Richmond in 2014, with Champion Data ranking their fixture as the 2nd easiest for the 2014 AFL season, with the Tigers receiving more games against sides out of the 8 last year (8 games), than in the top 6 last year (7 games), as well as double up games against both GWS and St. Kilda, two teams who look to be in the bottom 4 again in 2014. They only leave Victoria 6 times, with two games in Sydney, as well as trips to the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Double up games will come against the Brisbane Lions, GWS, St Kilda, Sydney and Essendon. You’re potentially looking at 6 easy wins against Brisbane, GWS and St. Kilda and they should have enough muscle to beat Essendon and should be able to give Sydney a run for their money. You’d think anything less than 8 wins from that lot would be a disappointing result for the Tigers.

The Final 4 will be a mixed bag, with some potential tough games against Essendon and Adelaide, a likely tough matchup against Sydney. Their 2nd to last game should be a gimmie against St. Kilda, which has the potential for some big points, which will be a bonus for those who are looking for a league Grand Final birth.

Richmond finished 5th last year and were only 1 win away from a top 4 birth. With their easy schedule next year you’d think anything less than a top 4 birth would be a disappointing result for the Tigers in 2014.

2014 Projected Wins/Losses: 17 wins, 5 losses


Trent Cotchin

2012 SC Average: 116.3
2013 SC Average: 106.0
Position: MID
Starting Price: 572K

Trent Cotchin suffered a 10 point dropoff in 2013, going from an elite 116 point average down to a middle of the road 106. This is reflected in his statistical numbers generally falling across the board, with Cotchin averaging 26 possessions, 3.9 marks, 3.6 I50’s, 5.4 clearances, 3.4 tackles. That left him ranked 8th in Total Kicks, 7th in Kicks per game, 20th in Total Disposals, 16th in Total Contested Possessions, 19th in Contested Possessions per game, 16th in Total Clearances, 18th in Clearances per game and 20th in Supercoach points per game. Another area Cotchin slipped a bit was his goal scoring, with Cotchin kicking 18 goals in 2011 and 21.16 in 2012, but only to 6.9 in 2013.

It’s understandable why Cotchin saw a slight fall in numbers though, with Cotchin being recorded as being under the equal 12th most pressure of the top 50 ball winners and his disposal efficiency dropped from 63.4% down to 39% in these situations, which was the 2nd lowest percentage of the top 50 ball winners. This is an area he’ll likely need to improve up if he’s to rise back up to his 2012 SC average.

Cotchin was managing to eclipse his 2012 form at the start of 2013, with Rd1-5 average sitting at 125, but it was downhill from there, with his average falling to 115 by Rd 9 and then to 108 by Rd 13. The biggest cause for Cotchin’s falling average was he was having more quiet games in 2013 than he managed in 2012. In 2012 he only had 3 sub 100 games, with scores of 73, 98 and 99 against his name, plus he had 10 games of 120+ (including a 175 against the Bulldogs). In 2013 he had 6 sub 100 games, with scores of 76, 78, 86, 99, 62 and 65, with only 3 games above 120 (though he did have another 3 at 119). In much the same way Jobe Watson had his average lowered by 10 or so points by having 4 games in the 70’s, Cotchin suffered the same, although at a slightly worse rate.

Even with all that Cotchin was still rated as an “elite” midfielder in 2013, and that’s because he is. He wouldn’t be the first player who’s had a slightly down year, and he won’t be the last. Forgetting about what he did last year, he’s in a really tasty position for 2014. His 106 average in 2012 means we get to buy Cotchin for the bargain price of 572K, which will be 50K cheaper than what you would have paid for him in 2013. I have absolutely no doubts that Cotchin is capable of jumping back up to that 116 point range again in 2014, the Tigers are hungry and Cotchin will be there leading the pack.

2014 SC Projection: 110-118


Brett Deledio

2012 SC Average: 116.6
2013 SC Average: 103.6
Position: MID
Starting Price: 558.8K

Much like Cotchin, Deledio struggled at times with some extra attention teams paid to him in 2013, which saw him often become the main focus of opposition taggers, which subsequently saw his Supercoach average fall 13 points for the 2013 AFL season. Games like Rd 6 against Geelong where Taylor Hunt kept him to 46, Heath Hocking keeping him to 73 in the Tigers Rd 10 clash against Essendon, Levi Greenwood limiting him to 75 in Rd 15, Crowley keeping him to 64 in Rd 17 and the next week he could only manage 75 against a Craig Bird tag. While these games are probably made up by the games where teams let him off the chain, he had 5 130+ games, with a high of 163 against Port Adelaide, they still make him a frustrating Supercoach player when you know he’s capable of being shutdown like that, although those high scores can make him a great player in close Supercoach games you play, but the low ones make him a terrible one too. As a result of opposition taggers, he was kept to 16 or less possessions 4 times from Rd 15 onwards.

Deledio was still ranked as an “elite” midfielder by Champion Data though, with 2013 averages of 23.8 possessions, 5.1 marks, 4.1 I50’s, 3 clearances and 3.7 tackles, while ranking 16th for Total Inside 50’s, 4th in Total Bounces, 7th in Bounces per game and 19th in Total Supercoach points. He’s also an incredibly durable player, having played every game since 2008 and only missing 4 games since his debut in 2005.

Lids will still have his tagging issues that are probably unavoidable at this point, but he’ll have more good games than bad, so if you find yourself slightly short on putting Cotchin in your side then Deledio would make a great alternative. He’s capable of the same sorts of scores as Cotchin; he just may have a few more bad games on his resume due to taggers.

2014 SC Projection: 104-110

Bachar Houli

2012 SC Average: 83.1
2013 SC Average: 91.6
Position: DEF
Starting Price: 493.8K

Houli might be another overlooked defender going into 2014, but he has been a top notch player for the Tigers since his move over to Punt Rd from Essendon. Houli produced averages of 22.2 possessions, 6.2 marks, 3.4 rebound 50’s, 1.7 spoils and 1.9 tackles in his third season at Richmond.

Houli had an uncontested possession rate of 75.3%, which ranked 6th out of the top 100 possession winners in the AFL, he also recorded 71 rebound 50’s, with the Tigers generating a inside 50 from 27% of these. Hoiuli has also been an extremely dependable player for the Tigers, only missing 2 games in his last 3 years. He’s also extremely consistent, with a Standard Deviation of 18, which was 6th(with 4 others on 17, so technically 3rd best) out of the top 25 priced defenders in 2014 and out of the top 10, only Michael Hibberd recorded a better SD with 17.

Houli probably won’t be picked up by many, but if you were thinking about picking someone like Grant Birchall who was priced the same, but don’t want to deal with his tagging issues and/or already have Mitchell or Hodge in your side and don’t want to deal with more Hawthorn bye round issues, then give some consideration to Houli. He’ll score enough to keep his price consistent and towards the end of the year you’ll most likely be able to upgrade him for under 100K.

2014 SC Projection: 88-94

Brandon Ellis

2012 SC Average: 56.1
2013 SC Average: 81.6
Position: MID
Starting Price: 440.4K

The hype train is running wild on Brandon Ellis heading into 2014, and with good reason, with the 20 year old heading into his 3rd AFL season after having a terrific 2013 where he was another player who showed the “2nd year blues” doesn’t always apply. Ellis averaged 18.6 possessions, 5.9 marks, 2.2 I50’s, 1.3 clearances, 2.1 tackles and kicked 14.7 for 2013.

It looked like another year of the same at the start of the season for Ellis, with him being subbed off in Rd 1, then being named as the sub in the next 3 games, causing his Rd 4 average to sit at a paltry 26.75. Then in Rd 5 against Fremantle, Ellis blew the roof off the place, scoring 134. In fact, his next 5 games after his stint as sub were simply awesome, with 4 100+ games, a massive 149 against Melbourne where he collected 39 possessions and 11 marks, and best of all, a 5 game Supercoach average of 119. The rest of his season was fairly consistent from there, only scoring 100+ 3 more times, with 6 scores between 70-85, as well as a 38 against North Melbourne where he was subbed out in the 2nd quarter after Firrito’s hip and Ellis’s head had a meeting of sorts. Take away Ellis’s sub affected games and his 15 game average for the year sits at 99.2.

Like Houli above, he wins the majority of his ball outside, with an uncontested possession rate of 74.8%, on the plus side, the extra space he had meant that he recorded an disposal efficiency of 81.5%, which a fantastic kicking efficiency of 79.7%, which was rated as “elite” by Champion Data.

So the question is will you put Ellis into your Supercoach side. He’s a slightly awkward price at 440K, but he should hopefully be past being named as sub and that 99 non-sub score is very tempting, a score that’d probably move his price up to the 530K range if he’d of scored that way the entire year. He’s been earmarked for more midfield time, which is where the big points will be scored. If he can put those sorts of scores up, plus with the knowledge that he can put up big 140+ scores on a good day will make him a very tempting buy. On the downside, Richmond have the Round 8 bye, which is looking like a killer at the moment, and of course you have to consider the risk that he’ll hit slightly lower than expectations and he doesn’t fully provide the scores you project. Slightly risky pick in the end and it may make it tough in Rd 8 for you, but it has a chance to pay off big. It’s a total risk vs reward pick here I think.

2014 SC Projection: 96-102

Nick Vlastuin

2012 SC Average: N/A
2013 SC Average: 75.1
Position: DEF/MID
Starting Price: 405.2K

Vlastuin is probably the poster boy for the more expensive rookies this year. Was skipped by more than a few initially due to his 159K starting price, but he had a terrific year and peaked at 422K, earning a nice 262K for you, while having a decent Supercoach average of 75.1. If you pick any players in the 170K range, then Vlastuin is the type of player you’d ideally be comparing them too.

For the year Vlastuin played 17 games for averages of 16.3 possessions, 4.8 marks, 2.1 I50’s, 1.4 rebound 50’s, 1.2 clearances and 3 tackles. Vlastuin didn’t crack the Richmond side until Rd 5 and while he only scored 39 on debut, it didn’t take him long to adjust to playing against the big boys, hitting a ton in only his 3rd game against Port Adelaide, followed up by a big 141 against Melbourne. He played across half back most of the year and recorded a under pressure disposal efficiency of 66%, which was 1st at the Tigers for players who averaged more than 15 possessions.

We’ve seen it first with Reece Conca, and then with Brandon Ellis, the Tigers young draft picks have had tremendous improvement from year to year, especially when it comes to Supercoach scores, and I don’t see Vlastuin being any different. He’s at slightly awkward price at 405K, but he does have dual position eligibility and I expect to see continued improvement from Vlastuin in 2014, especially if he see’s any midfield time in 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 80-86

Reece Conca

2012 SC Average: 70.3
2013 SC Average: 81.2
Position: MID
Starting Price: 438.3K

Conca was a wanted man this off-season, with West Coast reportedly offering him a 1.6 million dollar contract to leave Richmond and head west. Conca stayed loyal to the Tigers however, signing a 3 year extension to stay in the black and yellow. For the year Conca averaged 18.4 possessions, 3.6 marks, 3.1 I50’s, 2.8 clearances, 3.5 tackles and kicked 12.11 for the year.

Conca received more midfield time this year, a move that can be seen reflected in his Supercoach average for the year, with him winning 53% of his possessions in the forward half of the ground, compared to only 38% in 2012 where he played more across half back. Conca rated “above average” in goals, score assists and score involvements by Champion Data, the only Tiger midfielder to do so, and the Tigers scored pretty well when Conca had the ball in his hands, with them scoring 35% of the time Conca was involved in the scoring chain, which was the highest out of any player at the Tigers. He also recorded the 16th highest retention rate for his forward 50 entries in the AFL.

So the big question for Conca is can he jump up another step in his Supercoach output? We know he’s rated around the league, the West Coast offer is a perfect example of that. We also saw last year with a player like North Melbourne’s Ben Cunnington, who averaged 77 in his 3rd year and jumped up to 95 in his 4th. I think Conca is more than capable of being a star midfielder for the Tigers, you always take a risk with these “breakout” players, but I might be willing to roll the dice on Conca in 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 88-94

Dustin Martin

2012 SC Average: 88.5
2013 SC Average: 101.8
Position: MID/FWD
Starting Price: 549.2K

Dustin Martin was in the papers for all the wrong reasons this off-season as a prolonged contract negotiation meant he initially looked like he’d be leaving Punt Rd, with a number of teams including GWS, Collingwood, Essendon and Hawthorn all looking like potential destinations for Martin to land, depending on what day of the week it was. Martin eventually settled on a deal with Richmond, wisely deciding to stay and signed a 2 year extension. All that’s behind us now though, and I’m sure Martin is keen as mustard to put that behind him and prove his worth.

Statistically it was almost a repeat of his 2012 numbers, recording averages of 24.2 possessions, 4.8 marks, 4 I50’s, 1.5 rebound 50’s, 2.7 tackles and 23.32 for the year, with a disappointing accuracy rate of 41.8% down from his impressive 70.2% (kicking 33.14) he recorded in 2011. He also ranked 6th in Total Kicks, 6th in Kicks per game, 7th in Total Uncontested Possessions and 7th in Uncontested Possessions per game.

Martin’s contested possession rate has dropped every year he’s been in the AFL, from 45% in his first year of AFL football in 2010, all the way down 28.7% in 2013, but he uses the extra space well, he was the only MID/FWD player to rank “elite” in both disposals and metres gained per game. Also putting him in elite company, out of the top 50 possession winners only Joel Selwood and Gary Ablett kicked more goals than Martin for the year, and Richmond also recorded a score from 53% of Martins I50’s, which was ranked 3rd in the AFL.

We’ve heard reports from Richmond training sessions that Martin has been training with the defensive groups playing across half back with Damien Hardwick noting:

“He’s shown the ability to play forward and through the midfield … probably the one area we haven’t really tinkered with a little bit is his ability to play down back,” Hardwick told

“That’s something we’re looking at this year. He’s a very capable player at creating scores.

“If we can get the ball in his hands through that half-back zone, it’s a very damaging scoring zone, so we feel as if we’ll certainly score from that.”

We’ve seen from players like Andrew Walker that there’s still plenty of potential for Supercoach points playing across half back, so I wouldn’t be too worried about this impacting his scoring a great deal. The majority of Martin’s possessions were uncontested last year, so if he’s getting it across half back, this won’t change, so I can’t see a dramatic dropoff due to his contested/uncontested ratio’s going crazy.

If you’re concerned about age finally catching up to Brent Harvey or about a youngster like Chad Wingard getting tagged, then Martin is a great option for your forward line. I’ve currently got him locked into my forward line next to Dangerfield, and I think they’ll be a terrific 1-2 for your forward line in 2014. It may be a common duo in Supercoach next year, but there’s good reason for that.

2014 SC Projection: 100-106

Alex Rance

2012 SC Average: 86.9
2013 SC Average: 87.2
Position: DEF
Starting Price: 470.2K

When people talk about the most important player at the Tigers, I’m sure Rance’s name wouldn’t be the first one to be talked about, but he probably should be in the conversation, with Rance being the third Tiger to be ranked as “elite” by Champion Data last year, with the Tigers #1 defender defending 102 one-on-one contests in 2013, the equal 5th most in the AFL and 54 more than any other Richmond player and he recorded the 13th lowest losing percentage of the top 30 in those contests.

Normally we stay away from key defenders because of their defence first mentality, but Rance has a very Supercoach friendly balance between defence and attack, with averages of 16.6 possessions, 6.6 marks, 3.3 rebound 50’s, 7.3 1%ers and 2.2 tackles per game, for a Supercoach average of 87.2.

Rance has been very consistent for the past 3 seasons now, averaging between 84-87 points and having only missed 4 games in that time. He also only fell below 10 possessions the once (in Rd 4 against the Magpies, Cloke was too good for him to handle kicking 6 goals), and had more than 17 possessions 12 times, with a high of 30 coming against the Dockers in Rd 17 (along with 16 marks and a Supercoach score of 147!). Rance started the year slow, averaging only 78 between Rd 1-8, but was hit an average of 93 for the remainder of the year.

Rance would mostly be a POD type pick, but he does have the ability to provide quality scores for you during the year.

2014 SC Projection: 86-92

Tyrone Vickery

2012 SC Average: 52.8
2013 SC Average: 80.0
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 431.2K

The Tigers would have to be pretty happy with how Vickery performed in 2013, with him being a terrific 2nd option for the Tigers up forward. For the year 12.5 possessions, 5.5 marks, 1.7 I50’s, 1.6 tackles, 8 hitouts and kicked 27.19 for the year while ranking 12th in Total Contested Marks, 19th in Contested Marks per game and 16th for Total Marks Inside 50.

Vickery was the 2nd most used target for the Tigers up forward, and did record the best winning percentage at the Tigers in one on one contests and 8th best overall out of the AFL’s top 25 targets. His final 5 weeks of AFL football in 2013 were a real highlight for him, with Vickery averaging 2.2 goals and 92.6 Supercoach points.

Vickery was also used as a backup ruckman last year, averaging 8 hitouts per game, but his actual ruck work wasn’t flash, winning a hitout from 37% of his contests, which was the 12th worst percentage out of the AFL’s top 50 hitout winners. On the plus side, the recruitment of former Blue Shaun Hampson means Vickery will likely be a permanent stay at home forward in 2014.

Still, I’ll likely be skipping Vickery in 2014 due to KPF rules. He should hopefully post an improvement on his goal kicking numbers up to the 35-40 range, but the fact last year he had more -70 games (6) than 100+ games (4) would make him a no go zone for me. Also the fact we have multiple KPF options at reduced prices this year means we can look elsewhere. I have a feeling there may be a few who jump aboard Vickery and hope he can put up a Cloke like season with his goal kicking and contested marking skills, but it’s a risky proposition to me. Still, he won’t be a total dud and he’s hitting the prime age for talls to have a breakout year.

2014 SC Projection: 80-86


Troy Chaplin

2012 SC Average: 85.9
2013 SC Average: 68.3
Position: DEF
Starting Price: 368.6K

Troy Chaplin’s recruit wasn’t a boon to us in Supercoach land, but it was a wise move by Richmond, with Chaplin coming 3rd in the Richmond B&F count last year. Chaplin had averages of 14 possessions, 5.9 marks, 2.7 rebound 50’s, 2 intercept marks, 2.7 spoils and 1.6 tackles for a Supercoach average of 68.3, down 17.6 points from his 2012 average. This was mostly due to Chaplin playing a more accountable role than he did in Port Adelaide, with Chaplin being the #2 guy in defense behind Alex Rance. Chaplin was involved in 54 fewer one on one contests compared to Rance, but recorded a better winning percentage, having the 4th best losing % of the top 100 and his win % was the 7th best also.

Chaplin will likely be in the same role again next year, he’s proved that while he’s an asset to Richmond on the field, he won’t be in our Supercoach teams, so even for a reduced price of 368K, I won’t be looking at Chaplin as a good option for 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 66-72

Shaun Grigg

2012 SC Average: 97.4
2013 SC Average: 83.1
Position: MID
Starting Price: 448.2K

Grigg suffered a 14.3 point dropoff from his 2012 averages, with him averaging 4.1 few disposals on his 2012 output. For the year his averages sat at 21.1 possessions, 6 marks, 3.2 I50’s, 1.7 clearances, 3.2 tackles and kicked 15.10 for the year, while also ranking 19th for Total Marks and 16th for Total Uncontested Possessions.

It was a fairly consistent year for Grigg though, only recording under 20 disposals 5 times (Not counting his green vest game against the Gold Coast) and has only missed 1 game since he’s been at Richmond. Grigg was rated “elite” for marks and uncontested possessions by Champion Data, but despite getting so much uncontested footy (77.1% of his disposals were uncontested), he ranked 21st at the Tigers for metres gained per disposal.

I think Grigg could start to find himself in the same position as Nathan Foley did last year as he saw his role slightly reduced as the younger players start getting more midfield time. Still, after his sub game in Rd 16 he then went on to average 94.42 between Rd 17-23 proving that he’s far from cooked yet. Still, I think there isn’t huge room for improvement in Grigg next year and at best will put up similar numbers again. Better value is had elsewhere in 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 82-88

Shaun Hampson

2012 SC Average: 70.7
2013 SC Average: 68.8
Position: RUCK
Starting Price: 334.1K

Traded from Carlton for Richmond’s 2nd round pick, Hampson has been brought to the Tigers to provide some backup for Ivan Maric, as well as sitting forward and also allowing Ty Vickery to concentrate on kicking goals. Hampson played his fewest amount of games (6) for the Blues since his debut year in 2007 and he didn’t play a single game for the Blues after Rd 7. For the year he had averages of 10.5 possessions, 4.3 marks, 11.7 hitouts, 1 clearance and kicked 3.5 in his 6 games. He did rank 6th in Contested Marks per game at a rate of 2, which does show he has some skill as a tall marking forward.

Hampson didn’t produce a whole lot while playing last year, never kicking multiple goals and was held goalless in 3 of his games. He also recorded the worst kicking rating of any forward in the AFL (36.8% efficiency) to play at least 6 games. I’ve heard the word “unco” used to describe him, which might be mean, but a fairly accurate assessment of him at times. His VFL numbers were better, averaging 11 possessions and 29 hitouts per game.

I think Hampson may be the classic case of the AFL just being a level where he’s barely keeping his head above water, but he’s a big unit, so he has his uses. Don’t expect anything better from Hampson while he’s wearing the black and yellow next year, but rejoice Tiger fans because now you’ll get to take a look at Megan Gale in the stands every time Hampson manages to accomplish anything of worth out on the field.

2014 SC Projection: 64-70

Chris Knights

2012 SC Average: 46.4
2013 SC Average: 70.6
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 304.6K

It seems like only yesterday that I was down at Footy Park watching Chris Knights boot 60m bombs towards the goals with his massive left foot kick. He kicked 43 goals in 2009, and the Barron thought for sure the Crows had their next superstar on their hands. Unfortunately for Knights, injuries have cruelled what was once a promising looking career, with him only playing 31 games of AFL football in the past 4 years. During his brief 2013 season Knights averaged 17.2 possessions, 5 marks, 2.6 I50’s, 1.6 tackles and kicked 6.5.

Knights could only manage 5 games in his first year at the Tigers before suffering a torn patella tendon during Richmond’s Rd 7 clash against Port Adelaide. It’s a shame too as he showed some tremendous form the week before in a game against Geelong where he recorded 24 possessions, 9 marks, kicked 1.2 and had a Supercoach score of 104.

As much as I love Knights, it’s simply a case of his injury history makes him too risky to pick. He also hasn’t received any injury discount, he started last year at 248K and was at 321K by Rd 7. He was a boom or bust pick last year, one that didn’t pan out, so I don’t think there will be many who’ll take that chance again on him at 300K in 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 66-72

Ivan Maric

2012 SC Average: 113.4
2013 SC Average: 96.9
Position: RUCK
Starting Price: 522.6K

Another ex-Crow I wish was still at the club, Maric had an outstanding 2012, his first year as a Tiger where he averaged 113.4 Supercoach points and went from being called a “he’ll do for now, but Richmond will still need to find someone better” ruck option at the start of the year to “wow, he’s really good!” ruck option at by the end of the season. Unfortunately he couldn’t repeat his form in 2013, with his 113.4 average falling 16.5 points to 96.9 (He also caused many sleepless nights for the Barron as I started with Maric in my initial squad). For the year he averaged 12.9 possessions, 3.4 marks, 3.6 clearances and 23.2 hitouts in 2013, down from the 15.9 possessions, 4.4 marks and 31 hitouts he averaged the previous season. He also went from ranking 7th in Hitouts per game in 2012 to 18th in 2013. With the decrease in his numbers across the board, it’s easy to see why his SC average fell along with it.

Even with all that bad news, Maric still ranked “elite” in centre clearances and overall clearances, only one of two ruckman to do so. And while he only won 38% of his rucked contests, which was ranked 34th out of the top 50, he recorded a hitout to advantage rate of 32.1% (up from the 28.2% he recorded in 2012), which was 2nd best in the AFL.

Still, the Tigers adding Shaun Hampson means Maric will likely repeat his 2013 scores. We’ve seen with likes of Mumford and McEvoy that for the majority “classic” ruckmen, the difference between the big 110+ averages and averages in the 90’s is if the team plays a 2nd ruckman or not.

2014 SC Projection: 94-100

Jack Riewoldt

2012 SC Average: 90.8
2013 SC Average: 85.0
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 458.5K

Jack Riewoldt had his lowest goal tally since 2009, kicking 58.33 for the year, but this was more because the Tigers have started to use him in the team game, having him move up the ground at times to open up the forward 50 and cut down on their reliance on him to win them games. For the year Riewoldt averaged 12.9 possessions, 5.1 marks, 2 I50’s and 1.9 tackles. He also ranked 20th in Total Contested Marks, 4th for Total Marks Inside 50, 3rd for Marks Inside 50 per game, 6th in Total Goals and 20th for Time on Ground %.

Despite kicking fewer goals, his more team oriented approach meant he recorded career highs in goal and score assists, ranking 7th in Goal Assists per game and 3rd in Total Goal Assists. J. Riewoldt was the 6th most used target inside the forward 50 in 2013 and recorded the 2nd highest retention rate behind Jarryd Roughead.

Despite his average, he’s still the classic yo-yoing KPF that are super frustrating in Supercoach. He had 4 100+ scores in 2013, and 6 -70 scores, I think Richmond will continue to use him the same way next year, so this sort of statistic just isn’t going to cut it for us. He’ll likely be a top 5 forward next year, but he’s not worth a buy in Supercoach.

2014 SC Projection: 84-90


Quick list of lower ranked players to keep your eyes on during pre-season

Liam McBean -FWD – 123.9K
Matt McDonough – FWD – 155.3K
Ben Lennon – FWD – 162.3KK

And that’s how the Barron see’s Richmond’s fortunes playing out in 2014. Any players you’ve got an opinion on? Or anyone you think is gonna boom or bust? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on the Twitter machine @BarronVonCrow


Barron Von Crow


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Brad Dowdell

Spot on review.I follow the tigers and only have Martin in at this stage. I think conca and Ellis will also push forward and kick a few more goals. If Lennon is named round one I might chuck him in.


hey Brad, being a tiger supporter do you think Lennon will get a game?


lennon will definitely get a game, with a great chance for round 1.


I think Crouching one was correct in saying to have Martin as a NPOD (not POD) in that he will be in loads of teams even before we see exactly what role he will have in the 2014 Tigers.

Ellis for mind is the potential next Tiger premium with a great run last year. Hopefully the lad can crack the 100 avg this season.


Martin has been dropped from my squad, to expensive for random roles


"Random roles" Pete? I think if Dusty lands in the quarterback role ala Hodge or Goddard (in their prime) 550k will be a bargain.


one of my tough calls this year Kev, if he is doing that role you say, he might cop a tag also and produce 80 a week. Never know but he is on everyone's radar now, why not give him a good tag a stop that booming boot…


That is a big call Pete…. Although I am also seriously contemplating on dropping D. Martin as well for the same reasons. If he goes half back, where and what will be Deledio's role?


Agreed look what happened to Birchill in that role when he got tagged. Correctional trade for me if necessary. Even then the tab with Birchill didn’t happen till about round 5 so I’m cautious.


Can't trust a bloke with neck tats mate,might shiv you when the going gets tough!


Currently have Ellis m5 and Daisy m6


How my team is looking so far!
DEF: McVeigh Mitchell Mckenzie Suckling Kolodjashnij McDonald (Fuller Battersby)
MID: Ablett Watson Cotchin Beams Murphy Thomas Martin Dunstan (O'Rouke Taylor)
RUC: Lobbe Sandilands (Nankervis Thurlow)
FWD: Danerfield Franklin Zorko Pavlich Caddy Garlett (Impey Kennedy-Harris)
$5500 Left




Nice team, mine looks similar.
Don't know if "WE" can trust suckers at D4 though and i reckon we might not need a D5 mid pricer if a few rookies put their hands up.


Will be watching suckling closely, if he doesn't go bang then Kade Kologdfgdfgdfghjenskiiii will come in as he is fitting in very well from all reports at the suns. Huge jump, top 5 runner etc. Might be another good POD this year.


Duncan…. Is that Lewis Taylor BRIS you have as M8? Apparently he mite not get a game early in the season…. But is a lock in mid season for a downgrade option.


Yep that is Lewis Taylor! Hope he is right for round 1


Team Version 1.0:

Def: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell H.Shaw M.Hibberd K.Kolodjashnij M.Fuller ( T.Cutler J.Battersby )
Mid: G.Ablett L.Montagna T.Cotchin D.Beams L.Shuey J.Martin C.Beams J.Polec ( L.Taylor M.Crouch )
Ruc: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands ( F.Thurlow R.Lobb )
Fwd: P.Dangerfield C.Wingard L.Franklin T.Hawkins J.Lamb D.Garlett ( S.Kersten J.Kennedy-Harris )
Salary Cap Remaining: $4,100




On rookies. Watch on Cutler, Taylor and Garlett. Dont think Thurlow will get season game time even with Bellchambers out. maybe look at some cheaper rooks in the mids (like Dunstan) and save some dough to upgrade Cotchin to Swan or Pendles?


Speaking of Dane Swan…honestly think he will be a massive POD this year,
turned 30 and with the R8 bye reckon nearly everyone has taken a Pendlebury or a Beams over him.


Agreed and after his wrist surgery at season end he couldn't do any upper body work for months so he lost a heap of weight


Montagna is suspended for round 1. Other than that it is a solid team.


Thanks KLo that is gold to old folks with poor memories


Hi Dylan,
Love your backline mate and I like the strategy of milking Montagna for his potential early season points in the midfield but I think you might be sacrificing his gain on midfielders that could/will be subs.
Taylor & crouch are very doubtful to play before round 6 unless others are injured. Yes the loss of Van Berlo & Vince opens up opportunity at Crows but they have a lot of replacements who did very well when given the opportunity last year and crouch will be trialed in SANFL first, Taylor has potential but is probably fourth in line even if Beams doesn't play. C.Beams is coming back from a major injury and isn't in the NAB team so I reckon he'll be a sub at best for round 1, Polec was a brilliant Junior footballer and supposedly he's a standout on the track at Port but, he didn't show an appetite for the contest against men when at Brisbane so he'll have to show more than training form to get a spot in Ports best 22.
I doubt that Hawthorn will start Garlett in round 1 more due to player welfare management than lack of ability. Kersten & Kennedy-Harris should be '1st in line' at their respective clubs if fit.


To much money down back mate,listen to old jock when he says a defender shouldn't be worth much over 500k..guys like McVeigh and Mitchell should fall in price.
Maybe look at downgrading 1 to a cheaper option and upgrading Montagna.
other than that its a nice team


Hey Dylan. Here's my comments.

DEF: Shaw is a nice POD, as many won't go with him as he's on the lowly Giants. Hibberd on board makes it a very stout back line. Battersby won't get time until later but could be used as your loop zero. Crows have a lot of Sunday games.

MID: Like Montagna, although he's out R1. Shuey is a nice call as well with WCE easy starting draw. Keep your eyes on Beams and Polec during NAB. Beams is coming back from major surgery. May get in R1 but won't show any significant scores until mid rounds. Polec will have a daunting time cracking Ports starting 22.

RUC: Lobbe as an R1 is a bit of a risk. And with Sandi it's a big bite of risk. You're hoping for two things: Lobbe to continue end of season form and Sandi to play at least 10 games strong so you can upgrade. May be asking a lot from the guys. Dixon as a backup in your FWD line would mitigate this. Or paying a little more and getting McEvoy or NicNat

FWD: Great call on Lamb. He will get time for GWS and should be your first cash generator. LOVE the Tommahawk call. Mostly because I'm considering to do the same. Inspired call. And keeping 1 rook in your forward line lessens the chances of getting burned by vests R1-3. Makes for easy filling in once R1 selects are named. I don't have Danger (feel his value will drop given his usual slow start) but understand why having him in from the start, especially when you don't have Pendles in.

Strong team overall, Dylan. Well done.


A lot of risks here i think.
Shaw, Cotchin Shuey Wingard Hawkins and to a lesser extent Montagna.

New club for shaw, wait and see.
Shuey and Wingard need to show consistency, more than a season of it anyway.
Theres better options than Cotchin and im a tiger supporter!
Montagna in losing sides all year, plus he's price went up heaps at the end of last year, will drop in price.


Great review Barron, I agree with all you said, changing roles and too many KPPs for my liking. Have Cotchin and looking at the rookies. Too many mid-prices.


It does look like there's potentially a few that will fall into the mid-price trap in there. I think Ellis has the goods however.


Cotch is a no for me, Ellis & Dusty will be better choices for mine. Dusty is ubiquitous though. The round 8 bye makes them upgrade targets later in the season. Cant imagine Dusty or Cotch overachieving on their beginning cost. Ellis might go up 100k though.
Maybe Lennon at 160K if he starts the season.


Dustin Martin is a lock this year lads…..


Sam Lloyd, the new nahas except this one CAN play. He and Matt McDonough to fight it out for Pushup’s spot this year.


G'day lads…. Would love to hear your opinion on my ruck set up, appreciate it! Thanks….

RUCKS: M1 W. Minson M2 H. Mcintosh M3 F. Thurlow M4 T. Nankervis


Rucks are non-ratebale without a supporting team.







Please don't shout


hahaha…. caps font doesn't necessarily mean I'm shouting, you old fart. If your not gonna give an opinion… shut your trap, or I'll slit your throat.
Please don't shout….. LOL.


Gee whiz junior I'm shaking.
Here is an opinion
You are a prepubescent idiot.


Here's my opinion…. You get treated the way you treat others, simple as that mate… You fukwit!


I must say wombats, your posts are generally quite aggressive and not what I'm used to in the Community.
After all, we are all here to support each other?


Hey Wombat, hang in there you have done nothing wrong I liked your call on Kirsten mate


Thoughts on Nahas , Mitchell Grigg and Clinton Young.


Nahas could be a great pod….


Grigg is on my watch list but is awkwardly priced and has only played 5 games,unlikely to make the cut in my team


Mitch Grigg has shown he can produce the scores, his JS is unknown to me. Crows run deep in the mids


I don't see Nahas cracking North's best 22. The fact North took him in is curious to me…
I'm very interested to see Grigg play in the NAB.
I expect Clinton Young will line up R1 – has been made part of the leadership group too. A tough early draw, but at $243K, you can't go too far wrong. Sell at $360 or end of R7, whichever comes first – (but you may find cheaper starting prices who also gets games).


The JS on all 3 is somewhat questionable although I expect Grigg to maintain a spot in the Crows 22.

Certainly if they get selected for Rd 1 and there are a shortage of playing rookies it will make them more attractive to more coaches than perhaps they are right now.


SCaddict, Clinton Young's JS is concrete as long as he stays fit.

He and Seedsman will give the run off half back releasing Harry and Marley Williams up the field on to the wings.

If you want a serious POD, go Marley Williams. The kid is a gun.


100% agreed….


Thanks Dee.
Im a Collingwood supporter and love my Pies.
With Heater Gone, Clinton Young becomes very important along with the other 3.
Look at bringing in Seedsman around Rd 6 when he gets over his preseason injury woes and regains some match fitness.


Ok that's good to know Rocksta. Wasn't sure how the Pies would line up with all the changes during the offseason so wasn't certain if his JS was that rock solid.


Basically Grigg vs Daisy for M6 for me!




I can't see an opening for Nahas in our forward line if I'm brutally honest. Won't play 18+ games this year.


Agree, Shinboner. Even if he does really well during NAB, he's in for a similar fate for the Roos as he was for the Tiges. Spot play at best. Injury filler.


G'day Barron,
Once again excellent in depth look at a team on the up (Easier then the last post anywho LOL) I see some PODs here but I only have Cotchin TF is banging a big drum on Ellis but for a pure mid I have yet to be convinced but he has a prospectus!
I loved your take on Delids mate and you anonouced my secret defencive weapon but that will remain betwixt Keybord Next G device and me . So upgrade target(s) again this year for the Krakenkats.
You have created a nice peice mate, I listen .


Haha. I've backed off Ellis, my man. Either spend more and get a proven commodity or get Daisy for cheaps if he shows fit. Leaning towards Cotch, though. Changes, changes, changes…every day a new team.


Yes I will probably just go Cotch and be done with it too. Chances are fairly low that Ellis will finish in the top dozen mids so you will probably have to burn a trade to upgrade him to someone else at some point.

Cotch you can just pick him from the start and run all the way to the finals with him. He should finish top 12 or very close to it.

When you think about it both Beams and Smurf are not that much more than Ellis and would likely have a much much better shot at finishing a top 12 mid than young Brandon so definitely worth the extra $60K imo.

As I said a few weeks back it's a shame Ellis isn't either a DPP OR $100K cheaper. Then his selection would be automatic in my team. I would definitely pick him over Daisy if they were both priced at $340K or alternatively place him in my backline at $440K over say a D.Swallow.


Great point, SCaddict. If Ellis were a DPP instead of Vlaustin probably be more inclined. And under $400K, he'd be a lock as you said.

Smart play is Beams and Smurf with Cotch. Leaning toward coupling with JPK. Think he'll be in for a monster year, especially with Swans easier than usual draw.

Right now going back and forth on getting Pendles from the jump or bring him in R9. Pretty much most of my brain feels this is a rather ill-advised plan. Would allow me more cash to play with and make R8 not as difficult. But doubt that's enough to leave a player of his magnitude off your team.

Believe with higher rook prices, Ellis's no DPP status/high price and Pendles opening draw against Freo, Swans and Cats, SC powers that be wanted to put the screws on us. Welcome the challenge.


Cheers Dools.


Word from Punt Rd is that Grigg will be a tagger this year (he did the job on young Libba twice) which will free up a spot on a wing for Nathan Gordon. Gordon at $117k could well be the steal of the season.


Great piece of information Justin!


A most intresting peice of news Justin. Thanks


Great scoop, Justin. Where did you read/hear this?


Thanks for your input guys. It’s the lack of Rookies that has me looking at alternatives, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Cotchin and Dusty locked in for me.
I'm sure Cotchin carried a niggle for at least a third of last season, and Dusty well and truly put the Burnman Tag to rest for ever.
Love the way Rance plays, but given he will get the best forward week in week out, too much of a risk on SC output IMO.
That said, Scott Thompson has made an art of it.


ummm pretty sure Chaplin gets the best defender week in week out….


Pendlebury or Griffen?


Pendles 100%.

Will be the highest SC scoring player in the League this year


Spot on write-up of my Tiges, Barron. Cotchin is a lock. Was considering Ellis but as you stated a real awkward price. Cheaper getting those same points with Daisy. Currently my M5-M6 is the (properly very popular) Murph-Beams combo so no room for dear Brandon. Just will have to be.

Don't you think if Hampson carries his weight, it will put less of a load on Maric and make him more effective at what he already does well? Maybe win more of his contests? Maybe I'm speaking more as a Tigers fan who's "hoping" this happens…SC wise don't think I'll touch him with, as Jock says, a barge pole.


I think Maric will score well this season with the Tiges great draw but there just happens to be too many other value options out there this season for your R1.

Nic Nat, Ryder, Lobbe, McEvoy, Mummy, Pyke are all cheaper than him.

It's hard not to pick at least one out that group that you like better than The Mullet, or perhaps spending big on Mino or Goldy.


Agree across the board. Going back and forth between going big or NicNat or McE. Seems everyone who has done well in SC spent the initial coin for a $600K ruck. Think that's not by coincidence.


It's Nic Nat for me too but if that doesn't pan out for some reason then I'll likely roll with the 3 midpricers and play the the loophole game. Then hopefully make a profit on all 3 and upgrade to elite rucks post bye.

But I'd prefer to keep things simple and start with Nic Nat and lock away one of my rucks from Rd 1 especially with the Eagles soft start to the season.


Yeah, I'm 50/50 right now. Pros for Will is that Doggies have the easiest draw for the season. Figure I'lll be leaving points on the table if I don't go with him from the jump. NicNat or McE I like because it frees up cash for the forward line. Need to see how well both do during NAB. McE might have a Goldy like year being the #1 ruck on the flag winners.

Going with Sandi either way. Should be an easy upgrade unless his wheels fail him early. Toyed with adding Longer as R3, yet that seemed to be over protective. Not sure about backing up rucks with Dixon in the forward line. The discussion in the podcast raised serious pros and cons for doing so. "You're substituting risks with risks" has been echoing in my head.


It's Nic Nat and Sandi for me, with Dixon in the forward line as cover through Thurlow as my R4.

It's easy to forget just how good Nic Nat is.


I'd say it's easy to remember how good NicNat is…it's hard waiting for him to return to that form.


Fair Call.
Hope he's over his OP.


Me too. Afraid we probably won't learn too much from NAB. Just need to watch and read between the lines to decide if worthy of R1 selection. Hope he is…could use the ducats for my forward line.


I don't like NicNat and Cox playing in same team. When only one play, they score well.


I'm not expecting it to have a huge improvement on his scores, his ruck work was already pretty good (2nd highest hitout to advantage ratio), but what it will do is ensure that Maric doesn't suffer any sort of burnout as the season progresses. I had heard he took a large chunk of the pre-season off in 2013 because he was absolutely rooted after his 2012 year of non-stop rucking.

As was said, there's a few other options to start with, so i'm not completely writing him off, but i'll look at him as an upgrade target later in the year. The upside of that is as above, he hopefully won't burnout at the end of the year, so you should be able to pick him with confidence that he'll continue whatever scores he's producing for the year.


Looking for some advice on a group of players I am looking into;
-Aish, beams, sheed, gartlett, dunstan, honeychurch, kennedy-harris, billings, nankervis, currie, mcdonald, lockyer docherty, thurlow and darley.
If anyone has any information on how these players are travelling this preseason or how you think they will go this year please reply to this. Thanks


should be able to tell you in about 18 days. wait for NAB challenge.


Fraser, In all reality none of any of those names means anything to anyone- in fact really no rookies names means anything now. No point in getting excited if those boys play all of NAB cup, average 120 SC points and then dont get selected come round 1.

IMO opinion all you need to focus on is the premium backbone of your team- rookies dont even matter until the night before the first game when the teams are announced.

And with 90% of teams having Sandi, well imagine the rearranging people will have to do when the teams are named and he isnt in it round 1- gives you not long to have to rearrange the whole squad to fit in another ruckman.

In the end Jock's last rookie cheatsheet is what will point most in the direction of whick rook/wooks to go for. With few available we will all have the same ones- so the main focus this year is the keepers IMO


One factor that will impact rookie selection is the split round. So if say some Giant or Port rookies are named in Rd 1 such as O'Rourke, Impey & Polec it may be wise to jump on them whilst you can. A bird in the hand….

You don't want to get to the second week and be left high and dry because certain rookies you were banking on getting named for the Lions, Saints, Dees, Eagles and Dogs actually get left out of their respective 22s.

Of course you don't want this factor to completely govern your rookie selections but it's certainly something to consider.


Excellent advice, SCaddict! That's a quick way to fall behind from the start.


SCaddict – Yeah- you are so right. That first split round helps destroy SC from day 1. So I have decided to go with few rookies and this is my winning team for 2014.

1. Hibberd, M
2. Hanley, P
3. Lumumba, H
4. Swallow, D
5. Suckling, M
6. Laidler, J
23. McDonald, L
24. Fuller, M

7. Ablett, G
8. Beams, D
9. Murphy, M
10. Thomas, D
11. Savage, S
12. Beams, C
13. Ellis, X
14. Morabito, A
25. Garlett, D
26. Honeychurch, M

15. Sandilands, A
16. Grundy, B
27. Thurlow, F
28. Nankervis, T

17. Dangerfield, P
18. Wingard, C
19. Franklin, L
20. Mitchell, T
21. Zorko, D
22. Dixon, C
29. Taylor, L
30. Kennedy-Harris, J


What about Brandon Jack $191k no vests this year, in Sydney’s best 18 surely.


B-Jack will be a perennial star for the Swans sooner rather than later.

But that said I'd be pretty surprised if he lines up against the Giants on March 15. Would need returning players like Goodes, LRT, Reid, Shaw and Johnson to not be available to free up spots in the 22.

Also hard to see how the Swans could play McGlynn, Jetta, Rohan and B-Jack all in the same team on a sustained basis but maybe Horse will prove me wrong there.


With Bolton,Morton and Lamb going I think there is a place for him


What about Daniel Jackson???

Tiger Mark

I can't see the Tiges giving any of their young recruits an early run. They'll be looking to come out in the first half of the season and dominate as much as possible with their proven best 22. The kids will get their go when some of the senior players need a rest half way through the season and leading up to finals.


Agree I think the tigers wont change there team a great deal.


So far this is my team, no doubt like most I have swapped and changed it a ton of times. Any advice would be appreciated. My team is in capital and hope it doesn't offend anyone because its in capital.





Look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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