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Supercoach 2014 interview with Jay Clark

We are fair dinkum gagging for the NAB Challenge to kick off

And there are some very important concepts that you need to become familiar with before you do your research over the coming weeks.

Kids will emerge. The inexperienced NAB Cup researcher will be sucked into talented kids who have no claim at a round 1 spot. Others will be fooled by players having a crack at positions they wont end up playing when the real deal kicks in.

It’s time for NAB School to begin community – enjoy the show.ย Rememberย you can subscribe on iTunes as wellย – give us a rating and a comment on there if you can.

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thoughts on Kade Simpson & Matty Kruezer! Loving the pre season podcasts Jock & Co.


Sorry fellas Grigg is 448k


How are we lads,Having a serious look at Trent mckenzie this year, apparent move to the midfield. Classy ball winner, lethal kick. Will hisboutput increase, or do you think they I’ll play a defensive foward or tagger on him most games?


How are players like Trent Mckenzie and David Swallow going to get much midfield time with the existing core midfield of Ablett, Prestia, Bennel, O'meara, Martins and Stanley.


Because players come off haha? Not to mention Mckenize's consistency is far better than Bennell at this point in time. usually 6-12 players shuffle through the midfield per game, for example small forwards and defenders.


Anyone know anything about beau waters?


Re-injured his shoulder, may retire. Probably not a lock.

Big Cheese

A lock out maybe


In my te I have Ricky henderson Michael hibberd Jono rouke and matty pavlich do u think there good pods for this season


Hibberd absolutely. Jono O'Rourke should play most games and wins the pill. Ricky Henderson not so much as don't see much improvement left in his game and Matty Pavlich probably going downhill with age…


have to disagree on henderson. 4 100's from his last 7 games (with a lowest score of 82) after finding a spot for the crows. If it looks like he will be used again in that running back role he'll be starting for me come round 1


Like Hibberd. Heard he has been pushing forward during Essendon training and intraclub games.


heard midfield time for Hibberd too.


Those are strong choices. But to echo Dools, I have a couple. Hibbert and Pav. Jono is on the watch list. PODs will become more apparent after R1 when you see who everyone has in your league. R1 I would go with the team you feel the most excited about.


Hi Jack,
Jonathan O'Rourke was selected by the GIANTS with pick number two in the 2012 NAB AFL Draft.
Prolific ball winner and uses the ball well he is a medium size Midfielder
The GIANTS will play an official four-quarter intra-club match at Blacktown International Sportspark from 5pm next Wednesday February 12. The whole match will be live streamed on The GIANTS WEBSITE with full commentary and some special guests. One to watch for sure but whether he gets a game or not remains to be seen.

Ricky Henderson and Michael Hibberd are good choices in my opinion.

Matthew Pavlich whilst having his best preseason for years worries me a little bit with his age and past injuries (Could be a very sound choice but not for me)



Pav is going to be in my team Round 1. He might not stay there all year, but there are good points and cash to be made early on. Anyone remember how well he played in last year GF.


Hi Jack,
They are not good POD's. They are in me teamy mate!………. Even Jono O'Rourke!!!


Can…not…wait…for…Higgo's NAB Worksheets!!!!!


Good-aye to all,
Another great podcast. Nice to hear you disagreeing with each other that's what Super-coach is all about. I have found 2 points of difference in my spreadsheets at this stage and no one can change my mind on either, Both are mid-price and set for good improvement this year and hopefully they will be keepers not stepping stones. Unfortunately I cannot watch the NAB Games because I don't have Pay TV. Hopefully it is on radio at least. I am on a disability pension hence the reason for not donating to the Flapping Tarp at this stage. I will be trying to give some wisdom to fellow members of this wonderful family community, I keep my own stats so let's hope I can help some members. (I have the time but not the money)

Great work boys I can't wait for the NAB Cup School to come out.

I have listened to every one of your pod-casts at least 3 times and I have learned a lot this year already.
Keep it coming lads I am loving it.

Ocker (The 62 year old kid)


Hey NutSack,
Thanks for the info mate I will look into that a bit further, I have a mobile but only 3G could be a bit slow.


Clive Waterhouse

Prior to devising a structure and launching into the player draft, we must answer this fundamental question:


This is how I define a 'premium' player

– 6 of the top 10 scoring defenders?
– 8 of the top 13 scoring midfielders?
– 2 of the top 4 scoring rucks?
– 6 of the top 10 scoring forwards?

Rookies are central to this exercise. And save for a Zorko or Barlow-esque rise to prominence, these players are traded once their breakevens become unsustainable. They are selected purely to generate profit. Their 55-75 averages are, therefore, tolerable

Mid-priced players are also relevant in this regard. These players are selected for TWO reasons:
1. Profit generation; OR
2. Speculative premium output

I believe this distinction is crucial. When somebody is considering a mid-priced player, it suggests they believe the player is underpriced. In short, I believe that an underpriced player is more likely to generate profit than provide premium output. As mid-priced players are priced between 250-450k, the amount of profit they generate will be both significantly less than that offered by a rookie and, unless the player goes gangbusters like Wingard last year, relatively slow due to elevated breakevens.

You see where I'm going with this, community. If rock solid rookies with decent job security fail to emerge within the next 3 weeks, let the mid-priced mayhem begin.

Should said mayhem ensue, I am of the view that this 'full premium' team is no longer within our reach.

30 trades + uncertainty re the degree of profitability of mid-priced players + non-existent rookies = RIP Round 23 Full Premium Objective.

Unless you nail at least half a dozen players that maximize their output by 30 – 40%, of course…


Or is my thinking completely flawed? For the sake of the community, someone please rebut this hypothesis


A full premium team is definitely within reach this year, however it is to be attained by unorthodox means. The expansion clubs of recent years have spoiled us with a plethora of rookies to feast upon, rendering the use of midpricers almost (not quite, but almost) unnecessary. However the limited rookie generation from these clubs coupled with the rookie tax leaves us with a dilemma.

Midpricers will be the way forward methinks. Guys like Ellis in midfield for 440k and Grigg at 354k wouldn't have been considered before. Present circumstances, however, make them viable money-making options. I find this way a lot more enjoyable too, unearthing midpricers hitherto as you sail towards the 50k.


I would say the game has changed but Round 23 FPO is attainable, Clive. The strategic aspect has just been increased. Can't set and forget it. Corrective trades, while always important, are crucial this year. Go with the wrong rookie, wookie or midpricer too long and it shall make your R23 FPO almost impossible.

In other words, your mistakes will have bigger consequences.

I just looked back at Dimma's starting 22 from last year. 15 rooks, 7 of them starting. Those days are long gone.

On the bright side, fallen premiums can make it a little more manageable. Beams, Smurph, JPK, Buddy and the list goes on. The skill this season is putting your money on the right ones. More important, doing research and going in with rooks and wooks that will generate you cash quickly. Like Jock said, having those well performing middies will help get you points as the higher rook value will make the climb to $100K slower.

So no, I don't think you're completely flawed, Clive. Game has changed. Yet, it will take a keener eye and better informed risks to get your FPO.


My belief is that you need to get as many premiums into your starting team Round 1 as possible. A good year will be if they don't get injured, but as long as you can keep a premium in your team (even if it is Kennedy and cotchin like Dimmawitts last year). too much trading of premiums will burn your trades.

Last year I had two teams going. the first one was the "Cash Cows" I loaded it will all the rookies and traded to make cash.by year end I had a very high value team, but ran out of trades. Also the finl score was only around 36,000.

My other team I loaded up with Ultra Premiums and left them alone, and only traded the rookies. By year end the two teams were very similar, the cash cows had more value but the Premium team was ranked about 5000.

Must have the premiums in your team early to generate the POINTS.


No question Clive this is going to be a far tougher year in SC in many ways but everyone is in the same boat so the position is all relative I suppose. Getting your side as right as possible at Rd 1 is more important than ever.

You really don't want to be burn any trades correcting premiums so whatever premos you pick first up you really have to stick with them through thick or thin unless they suffer a significant injury of course.

You also need to ensure you have the best cash generation rookies and mid pricers on offer by time we hit the price rises at Rd 3 so you should make good use of those first 4 trades of the season.

In the end those who spend the most time researching their starting team and are more judicious and strategic in their trading are likely to come out ahead this season which I think is a very good thing for Supercoach.

The cream usually rises to the top regardless and this should be even more so the case this year whether we are at full premium or near full premium come the finals.


Well done Jock, Crouching, Wayno and Higgo. I hadn't paid much attention to Mitch Grigg up until this point. I've seen his name cropped up on several occasions, but that's about it. Huge oversight on my part! Will be firmly on my NAB radar for sure. Unfortunately I don't have Foxtel, and will be following proceedings via radio.


On the Geelong ruck issue,Vandy has said he will be glad to make way for McIntosh/Simpson in the rucks
(both of whom are now said to be fully fit) and will play a more forward roll this year pinch hitting when needed.

Am all over Brandon Ellis like a rash this year, when you take out his sub affected games his bottom scores
are 75-80 ish which is what he is priced at 440k 81 roughly…but he tonned up 7 times last year with scores of
103,134,149,127,103,125,137…not bad for a 2nd year player..with no green vest, a friendly draw and a little natural improvement i think he can average 100-105,shouldn't attract a tag ahead of Cotchin & Lids either.

In regrads to some of thee above comments, i think selecting the right "Stepping Stone" players in 2014 is crucial, those guys who provide more job security than a rookie, make you a nice profit while pumping out respectable scores and eventually lead to a straight swap for a fallen premium.

Great podcast fellas the community thanks you.


Zorko apparently will be playing in the forward line according to leppa, so that he can create some pressure in the forward line. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/brisbane-co…. Unless this is just the authors opinion


Great podcast guys and it was an honour to hear you answer my question re: Charle Dixon. And I have to agree that it is pretty difficult for a player to maintain a good average when he is a reanimated corpse running around out there. His dual eligibility might make him useful, but I just don't trust him – so thanks for helping my decision process along!


I'm a believer in Dixon if fit and firing and as Higgo mentioned he's invaluable for those planning to scrimp in the rucks with mid pricers like Sandi and Hmac as I may do.

Although he probably won't solve the problem if either go down again with serious injury he could be handy cover if either miss a game here or there, assuming we have playing forward bench support.

Unless the NAB throws up some concerns regarding his health or form he's a very likely starter in my team this season.


A definite in for me


Anyone using Sandi should consider Dixon in your forward line.


'Risk Burger' can surely be quote of the year?


Agreed! I'm considering changing my team name… ๐Ÿ™‚


Peter Yagmoor was a name that was tossed around last year and the year before, didn't get a game last season, so is really cheap at $115k, with Shaw gone and a handful of experienced players gone.. Does this make room for to play some games off half back? Havn't heard much about him of late so just wondering if anyone knows the latest of this bloke?


Presently on the Pies rookie list and until a time he gets elevated to the seniors (if at all) he probably doesn't bear much consideration at this point.

Although it's true the Pies lost some players in the offseason they also picked up some as well. There are also some players returning from injury last year such as Fasolo and Young who will be pressing their case for senior selection too.

So Yagmoor has his work cut out to first make it off the rookie list and then to get a regular gig in the senior 22.


Don’t you hate it when higgo and jock can’t agree on anything apart from the fact u shouldn’t start with Jack Martin Tyson and michie in your team exactly Wat I have done just when I was liking my team back to the drawing board


I noticed Shane Kersten didn't get picked for the cats on Wednesday.
That can't be a good sign for an early birth can it?

Big Cheese

I think I read somewhere that he is recovering from minor surgery. Axed him from my team when i heard that, but is on my radar


Hi All.

Is 3 starting Rookies in the midfield too many? ( note one of them isn't really a Rookie – Dom Tyson)

The NAB cup will confirm this but I just feel that the best Rookies are in the midfield hence why I'm going with 3 this year.

Crouching's Cousin

Depends a little on how you are structuring up the rest of your lines. I personally wouldn't start with any more than 4 or 5 untried players at senior level for your entire onfield 22.

My current side only has 3 and none in the middle (C.Beams is my M8) although that may change if players like Aish, Kelly or Martin stamp their authority in the NAB.


I think it can work my structure has 4 in the middle including beams and Tyson and tossing up between michie and polec with Martin this to me is the strongest line for rookies that will see action early I have bolstered my fwd line because I find not much under priced value there so I’m goin 5 premium s in the fwd line 2 Ruckman that hopefully become keepers in lobbe and leuy and the back is a mixture of low premium s and mid pricers in doc and suckling


Scooter, You have a plan now run with it mate and follow it o a logical conclusion and your gut tells you this is right.
I have changed plan so many times that I forgot what the plan was luckily i wrote it all down now I need to un-tie all the knots I put myself in and the team. Playing simple this year was a plan but that got shot to Sh1t by overthinking so back to basics for me "Like a player" he is in. No favorites just output. Moneyball and gut feeling mor gut then moneyball but thats where I 'm at bro


Ahhhh! The dangers of bombarding ones brain with to much SuperCoach Information…Confuddled !!!


Higgo, Crazy placing faith in Dixon, Power forwards just arent the ouput machines they used to be. Take care with to much ruck swinging.

Crouching's Cousin

There's some risk running with him but so is the cawe with the alternatives in the $450-500K bracket for forwards:

Buddy – how does he fit into the Swans structure?
Chappy – said he's hoping to play around 16 games!
Zorko – proven burnman!
Pav – can that old body hold together?
Mitchell – second year blues??

So no selection there is perfect or without some downside or risk.


Would have to agree with you all forwards other than Dangerfield look to be a gamble.


But the thing that differentiates Dixon is that he rucks too and does it well. His scores at best in early 2013 were great and for the price I doubt he will not average 95+.


Yea dools I keep changing players around to get another quality mid but I always keep comin back to the same conclusion


Same as you Scooter.
With the likes of Smurf, Beamer and Daisy priced the way they are, I've just added GAJ and Pendles.
Changing it around to fit in one more premium just doesn't make sense as Beamer and Smurf will definitely increase by at least $70K and score well. If Daisy stays fit, he should increase to around $500 K.
It is for all these reasons that I've gone the 3 starting Rookies in the Guts.
Bolstered my forwards though with Zorko as my F5 ( starting with only 1 Rookie).
As always, see what happens I guess.
Also Cezza 93, I think Dixon is a beast and will score very well in a lot of Games, especially early as he will be covering the injured/underdone Rucks. Rather start with him than Buddy.


I'm still skeptical on whether or not Murphy can bounce back to 110+,not sure he is the lock everyone thinks he is,guess only time will tell

Sceptical or Skeptical…this website suggests its a latter.


Forgot to mention, I've gone with Nic Nat and Sandi as my starting Rucks. News is both will play in their respective teams second NAB Game. As these 2 are great scorers, but have been known to get injured a bit, Dixon becomes even more important as a DPP.


Have just changed Nic Nat to grundy and loaded up a fifth forward in Pav
decided even with dixon as cover a Nic Nat/Sandilands combo is far to risky considering Dixon is a slight risk himself aswell (that ankle) would rather be safe than sorry as i see potential disaster in having all 3

Sometimes we make silly decisions just hoping for the best! a Nic Nat/300k non injury risk ruck might still be a viable option for me at this stage.


Tom Liberataore or Griffen in the midfield?


Griffey, but only just.
Monitor though as apparently he is experiencing a bit of back tightness at the moment, and may miss NAB one.


But should be fit and ready round one? I’m thinking of locking him in my team…..


Griffen. Unless his back tightness is worse than it is. Absolutely love Libba but that price is hard to consider, especially with other proven SC dynamos cheaper (Cotchin, JPK, Scooter Selwood, etc).


Back tightness or excuse to rest him through NAB CUP…same as Pav's "general soreness" i suspect.


Yeah, probably right, Grufflez. How hard he and Libba plays, probably better to save that for the season.

Give It A Go

Hi Community,

Any thoughts on Lewis Johnston of ADE, scored 70 Sc points in5 games last season priced at $302k



Community, I've gone and changed half my team again ( course I have).
Am now more confused and need answers to some serious questions:
1. Why aren't people putting Heath Shaw in their teams? He will surely end the year averaging more than 96, and has gone to GWS( apart from the money) to get an opportunity to rotate out of the guts.
2. Whom is better as an F4 out of Zorko,L Parker or Robbie Gray
3. Go with Dom Tyson or Jack Martin as M7

Please help!


Hey Rocksta!

Yeah, I've changed my team about 20 times in the last week. In fact, did screen shots of my favorite 10 and tried to whittle down to the my favorite 5..

Answer to #1: Shaw will be tagged heavily. And playing for a wooden spoon contender never yields consistently good scores. On the Pies he had the freedom to not be tagged, as Pendles, Swan and others usually got the most attention. On GWS, he's the marquee name and will draw the most attention. In fact, because of this attention, I'm looking at Buntine as a cash generator.

#2: I would say Parker. Lions have the most difficult draw and Zorko will be getting attention after Rockliff. Parker is on a mid rich team and has improved greatly each season. With an easier draw and starting games with GWS, Pies and Crows, he should get off to a fast start.

#3: Would watch NAB and go with whichever you think is going to get sustained time on the field. But at this moment, it would be Martin. The Suns have enough players so he won't get tagged. Plus, not one person on the team or who has seen them train has not said he's not the real deal. You'd think there would be one skeptical person (besides Jock). Let NAB play and R1 selection guide you on that one, Rocksta.

That's my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


Thanks Throttle.
Much appreciated.


I like Shaw. He may figure into the line up if GWS are more competitive than last season. Looking at the past two seasons SC scores, seems to start slow but gets going around the 3rd-4th game. Check out: http://goo.gl/6Il4Qk



Well it's either Shaw and Zorko,

Or D. Swallow/ Trent McKenzie and Luke Parker



More specifically, budget dictates that

It's either Bartell, Hanley , Shaw, with Zorko as my F4,
Bartell, Sam Mitchell, Swallow, with Parker as my F4

What do you think?


Forgot to mention, have enough money to turn Swallow into Trent McKenzie with the second option.

I must admit, not a fan of swallow. Don't think he has the engine to become a semi permanent mid.


Swallow gives me pause as well, Rocksta. Always skeptic of any take that reads like "this is the year he delivers on his potential." McK is a steadier play. Isn't he coming back from injury?

Regarding your budget dictates choices, like the second choice if you can exchange Swallow for TMac. For my back line I'm considering Hodge, Hibberd and Hurn (aka "Triple H"). Mitchell will get Crowley R3. Never does too well against Docs. Hodgey's numbers aren't too far off Sammy's yet is $41K less. So you could get Tmac with ease.

Food for thought, Rocksta.


#1 tag goes to Rich
#2 tag goes to either Hanley or Rocky
if Zorko plays in the guts i cant see him getting tagged before Hanley or Rocky but i could be wrong.


Rocky definitely gets first tag. Think #2 tag goes to whoever is being more damaging between Hanley or Zorko. At the moment have Zorko slotted in as my F4. Got burned by him last season but think he was suffering from the injury and second year blues. (at least I'm hoping that's the explanation, Grufflez)


Yep, hip problems..and maybe the blues
But the question for me is whether or not he gets significantly more midfield time,
as i think the lions are going to need all the goal scoring options they can get….
(Sorry Brownie you past it mate) ๐Ÿ™‚


That's a good point Grufflez! Those three you mentioned should get tagged before Zorko. I'd think Hanley would be No.1 on tag list.

Zorko was heavily overpriced last year. Paying over 500K for a player that had only played about a dozen games of senior football was absolutely ludicrous, luckily i passed him up. Even though i had him in 2012 and that was glorious, the price tag scared me away in 2013. He has a realistic price tag this season, and should be considered by all.

The 400-500K range in the forward line this year is very difficult. Getting these selections wrong or right, could well make or break your season.

Tim darbyshire

Thoughts on Majak Daw as foward ruck swing??


Was great last year because his price. Had a strong 139 but then got a concussion then hurt his knee. Don't know how much time he will get in. If he does, he'll probably be more prominent up front. Can't see him in my R1 team. Definitely like to see how that knee healed and his form the first couple rounds…if he gets enough time. Wouldn't be surprised if he started in VFL, Tim.


Great podcast.
NAB Cup helps inform our judgements about the pecking order and depth across different positions at each club and I reckon this is key to selection success. So I'm bloody excited to hear Jock speak of structural void! So get the entire team list in front of you and start selecting each clubs best 22. What opportunities exist, who is competing with who for which spots and who has real job security or is just being hyped up?
I have some questions I hope get answered over the next week –
Collingwood – Can Armstrong play himself into a R1 team starting off the half back in the absence of Shaw (and if so how long will he hold Seedsman at bay?) Where will Young line up?
Geel – Rucks will be interesting. D.Simpson monstered some big bodies last year – if fit, could he be their #1 ruck by season's end. Does Bews perform and demand selection? With some stars being rested, I suspect Caddy will dominate and everyone will be sold on him.
Haw – Gartlett, does he do everything right? Suckling?? How do McEvoy and Hale work out? Can Shoenmaker play forward?
Bris – Aish v Beams v Robertson. Which of Brisbane's key forwards will get a game, Lisle, McGaune, Close? What will Zorko score in a losing side rotating through the mid? A nasty price – but watch Harwood (I think he is ready to play 22 games and deliver more consistently – it would be a very brave selection though).
Rich – Lots of kids given a go I suspect. Can Lennon demand selection? Will Martin line up on the half back?
Carlton – A fit Daisy is a lock, but watch T.Bell (Judd gone). Bell is a nasty price, but IMO he will be a regular mid, scoring 80+.
NM – Less about structural voids and more about competition for spots. Is McDonald genuinely in North's best 22, how does he hold up? If Ziebell or Cunnington are worth a punt, which one?
Adelaide – Loss of Vince and VanBerlo means there will be opportunities in the mid. Grigg, B.Smith etc. Where is Walker up to?
Port – Who is in the starting 22 for this team come R1? Is Polec? Is Gray a genuine consistent mid this year and a better option than Zorko?
GC – Has Charlie Dixon recovered from his death last season (I mean it's not something you shake off in 3 or 4 weeks like a hamstring)? Martin – how involved does he get early in the game? Does Swallow play mid?
Ess – Who is going to emerge at that club, must be someone ready to step up. Alex Browne, Kavanagh?


Love the analysis. Thanks SCannonymous!! All excellent questions. I think your questions on the crows is spot on. Will be watching the NAB games intently to see if Grigg or Smith spends more time in the middle.


Superb run down there SC! Loved it……so many questions to be answered. Can't wait for game 1 tomorrow evening!

I forgot Vince is missing from Adelaide's midfield as well as Van Berlo. It's got me thinking about Scotty Thompson again. I was considering him awhile back, as to me he seems under priced….yet not a lot of talk bout him. He's only missed 4 H&A games over the past 9 years. Averaged 110 in 2012 & 2013. Will have to take more responsibility in the midfield now with those absences. He's back on my radar now. Cheers for the reminder re Vince!


Adelaide I suspect the Sloanster (bordering on best young talent in the game) will really step up this season pushing in the top 10 season SC averages, and Danger will be in the guts from the get go but the dreaded round 8 bites. Sloan is a super POD too.


Yurkins I tend to agree about Sloane. I just wonder who the young buck is that's going to step up.

Mick M

Thoughts please gentlemen… And ladies of the community of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

DEF – A. Walker, S. Mitchell, M. Suckling, S. Docherty, S. Darley, J. Laidler (T. Cutler, M. Fuller)

MID – G. Ablett, M. Murphy, D. Beams, D. Zorko, A. Gaff, D. Thomas, J. Martin, D. Garlett (L. McDonald, L. Dunstan)

RUCK – N. Natanui, C. Dixon (M. Apeness, T. Nankervis)

FWD – P. Dangerfield, L. Franklin, J. Kennedy, J. Blair, M. Clark, N. Bock (G. Rohan, L. Taylor)

Salary remaining = $79,900


I reckon use Dixon in your forward line mate and get in a cheap R2..M.Clarke doubtful for R1,
that way you have ruck cover, a stronger fwd line and your switching a cash cow from fwd to rucks.
Maybe have one to many mid priced backmen as well,still think a few back rookies will emerge in NAB.
Be wary of Gaff, the kids good but gets tagged.
Otherwise looks like a good team ๐Ÿ™‚


Hmm, No garlett, no beams, no cutler, no taylor, in the Hawks v Lions NAB teams. But big Archie Smith gets a run.


Cutler is in there Wombat. Good to see Aish in there though.

Disappointed no Gartlett, but stoked to see Hallahan, Woodward, Tim O'Brien & Hartung in there for the Hawks.

Sports Info

Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it
has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
Other then that, terrific blog!


No doubt Caddy is now in the best 22 with the retirements/players who left in the off season
Can easily see him getting 80-90 ppg running through the middle and at 325k should make you at least 100-125k
you'd think.
But if you can find a rookie who has good JS and can score around 70 is it worth it…the gambling man's a calling


Superb Podcast again lads!