The rookies you need to watch in the NAB Challenge

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

It’s time to pool our collective rookie insights.

Most of you have ran an eye over my latest rookie cheat sheet so you know my thoughts on some of the rookies presenting themselves to us his season.

But I’m just one man. Some suggest that as the Father of Fantasy Footy and the finest fantasy mind in the nation that my opinion carries more weight than any one of my flock. That’s rubbish.

You see the thing about this joint is that no one’s opinion counts more than another


Looking forward to reviewing results and to the discussion below:



Pick up to five DEFENDER rookies you're keen to look at in the NAB

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Pick up to five MIDFIELD rookies you're keen to look at in the NAB

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Pick up to five RUCK rookies you're keen to look at in the NAB

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Pick up to five FWD rookies you're keen to look at in the NAB

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no Matty Crouch




So hard to cover everything, so much footy to digest!

Bring it on!!!!


Hi Jock and Community
In Defence I'm most intrested in Jed Bews from your list 20 yo can play but will he? I think there are a few in front of him ATM but I would love to see him debut and show all that footy is in the family
In Mids X Ellis could be the game changer but WCE have shut shop on the lad so its infuriating I want to beleive (X Files ref) and your smokie Robertson
Rucs I need to know more on Happy
Fwds Lennon. I think he wil crack the 22 at Tigerland but will he stay and who's position goes? (Dusty to Def?)


I reckon Bews is the next in line at the Cats for a back flank or back pocket role – he has been close, it's just a matter of opportunity and it should come at some stage this season. I'll be watching him too Dools.

Clurey is a sneaky chance I reckon.

There is something telling me Ellis is not up to it – so I will watch him with interest.


Agreed on Ellis. More breakdowns than the Datsun 180B. He’s a 450k type at his best. He’d need to play a lot of good games to get there. Not convinced his body will allow that. Fools gold for me at this minute!


That's an insult to the 180B hehe


Hazey you make a great point. One of the finest bogan machines on 4 wheels. If Ellis strings 10 games together perhaps we chip in & get one for him.


From the voting, most of my picks look to be the same as everyone else who has voted. I'm most keen to see how luke McDonald and Kade Kolodjashnij as I think there are plenty of decent rookies in defence this year.


We will see! My current team only has 2 rookies in defense as I think they are mostly rubbish! But I hope I am wrong… less than a week to go now, getting excited!


Chaz, I'm struggling to see much to get excited about in the backs either. I just can't see many being assured a game.


The good thing about this year is that there seems to be too many Rookies/Wookies to choose from, which of course is a nice problem to have. Let's see how they go, and who actually gets selected early in the season proper……


Next challenge will be trade down targets! So many options as you say, not all will play early, going to be another good year for cash generation, looking forward to a season of bungalow updates and cash strategies!


Wheres the premo cheat sheet old jock!

Crouching's Cousin

Ah-nah-nah-nah SILENCE!!!

Patience grasshopper!

Footy in me

ATM there would only be a couple of locks for rookies in each position. Have to wait and see who else is worthy during NAB. I have a plan of having 17 established players in which I'm taking a gamble on Sandyballs and Thomas then only selecting 13 rookies only 3 rookies in my DEF.


I reckon you're safe with Daisy.

Curious Corrin

Quick question everyone… when people say the amount of rookies they have in their team (such as 13,14,15) … does this mean just on feild… or both on and off feild?

Footy in me

On and off mate


Gret stuff here Jock!
I have to say Jackson paine is on my radar at the moment although there are probably other rookie forwards that are more worthy than he is. He has some positives but also carries some negatives when selecting a player for your fantasy footy side. The positives Paine holds is that he has had past AFL experience and is young tall looking to be the next big man up forward for the lions to replace Jono Brown, so if they are really thinking about the future like what is being said, then he should get some good game time this year at only 160k. At this stage though the negatives outweigh the positives. He has had past shoulder injuries and is a key tall forward which is not ideal for a fantasy football side. Also with the inclusions of McGuane and Trent West, is he guaranteed game time? A decision on Paine would surely have to wait until Round 1 selections 'like most other rookies, have been made IMO.

Would like to hear what other people think of him, for mine he is a bit risky THIS SEASON, with other options up forward.


Paine is a no for me at this stage. As you've pointed out Liam he is a KPF and his role is unknown. I think they are two of the top negatives you speak of when selecting a rookie forward. In his favour is that he is 160k, if he comes out and smashes it he comes into the picture as a corrective trade


If you were seriously looking at a KPF rookie it would have to be Hogan. He did well last year & will play if fit. Garlett & Taylor much better scoring & cheaper options for mine. Typically running players score much better than KPP players. Unless your talking an elite KPP which is a different story. Paine isn’t one yet & may never be.

bearded clam

Karnezis anyone?


After last year!!!


Potentially, the rumor mill says that he should get a run through the middle this year but it's wait and see at this stage


No! Currently injured and I don't think he has what it takes to break into the Collingwood team at this stage.
I can't see him being more valued than Goldsack as a forward option (Goldsack allows Reid to continue swinging). And he is behind Pendlebury, Swan, Ball, Beams, Sidebottom and probably Adams, Blair etc for a midfield birth. He will have to prove himself in the VFL. Not a starter!

Anton Chigurh

Good to see I’ve picked a great bunch of unique rookies… just like everybody else 😉


Why does no one include Jared Polec as a possiblity. New Club, rookie-ish price, should play, former first round pick..


I’m keen to take a look. Hasn’t set the world on fire. If he’s fit I’d tend to think he’s a better option than Ellis. Same sort of price but if they were in a draft who would you pick? Easy answer

Josh Choveaux

Jarman Impey???




Has anyone heard how Dean Towers is tracking this preseason? Swans' first round pick last year, but didn't crack a a game. Will the departures of Lamb, Armstrong and Everitt see him crack any/many games, or are there new draftees or elevated rookies already ahead of him? Cheers


Saw him last year during NAB and he looked great. Threw him in my squad (not wise move). Wondering the same as you, Summers. Haven't read anything yet. Assume given your points he'll get in there.


I've only heard a comment from Longmire this pre-season suggesting they are open to continuing to introduce new players, such as… and he named two players as examples and Towers was one of those. He has been emergency a number of times and has the goods. I've been tempted, but he's just competing with so many good young players, Parker, Mitchell, young Jack, Garry Rohan returning. I will be watching closely for an injury and his inclusion later in the season.


TF Top Ten:

1. Jack Martin – Is he the next footy messiah?
2. X. Ellis – Any truth in Clarko's take?
3. L. McD – Chip off old block?
4. A. Morabito – Bee's knee or crap caps?
5. Rohan – Enough to break Swan's 22?
6. Thurlow – DPP savior in the ruck?
7. Laidler – See #5
8. Beams – Fit or funky?
9. Kolo – Worth learning how to pronounce his last name?
10. Robertson – Does he really look like Dolph Lungren?


Nicely done Throttle!


Bit tough on Aish there throttle! Don't understand the fuss over ellis, was never a solid fantasy scorer. Word is that Morabito will return through WAFL


I should've qualified my list more, Kev. It's those I'm curious to see if they are worth making it in. Between Aish and Beams, I think there is more questions about Beams. Has he recovered and is his form good enough to warrant team selection. Jock said, Aish is a lock to make R1. Interested to see him play but less questions surrounding him.

Ellis same thing as Beams, although like jay Clark mentioned in the podcast, is he going to be the wheel from Hurn. With WCE easy starting draw, that will be worth investigation. And I like Aish. Heard that about Morabito too. But even if that's true, he will be making an entry to seniors sooner rather than later. Like to see how those knees hold up.


Well done TF.
I too am very keen to see Beams. I won't need much convincing to lock him in.
Ellis I am less sure about.
Kolo looks a bit fine to me, will he really perform as a medium/tall def at senior level straight away?


Between Beams, Aish, Ellis and Sheed, I'm more interested in Beams and Sheed. They seem the best fits for their team. At least right now. That may change depending on NAB.

Agree with you about Kolo, SCannonymous. Suns back line is fairly stout, no? At that price will he deliver 80+ consistently? At least R1-R8, can't see him being worth it.


Nice TrottleF
Nice. Play nice but ! LOL


Always Dools. Like you said, this season it's about taking no prisoners.


No Billings Jock. Trying to keep him under wraps old son?


Yeah apparently he impressed the socks off Richo in an intra-club scratch match today:


That price makes him hard to consider.


Certainly not the cheapest rookie out there. Then again he's less than Martin and not much more than Kolo.

May become more of an attractive option if named for Rd 1 and players like Clark, Rohan and Fasolo end up becoming no go's. We'll just have to see what unfolds in the next month for all that.

At the very least one we should keep our sights on in the NAB I would suggest.


Spot on as usual, SCaddict. Lot of the prep work has been done. Time to crack the lagers and see who can do and not do. Very eager to see who surprises.


DPP playing in a side with plenty of opportunity for midfield time. Mature body and good fitness base. DPP and round 10 bye will allow time to reach his full price. All this makes him a watch in NAB. (By the way, not currently in my side).


If i had to single out one rookie i'm looking forward to seeing in the NAB Challenge, then it's Jesse Hogan.

Then as i'm a Hawks fan, the young hawks i'm eager to catch a glimpse of are: Hallahan, Gartlett, Hartung, O'Brien & Woodward.


Do you buy into Dimma's logic that you can only have 1 $200K rook? Think there is truth into that. Being a key position player on the Dees may not allow him to get 80+ you'd need to be a cash generator. But like you, interested to see what he can do.

After reading that article about Garlett, sounds like you have another speedy Gonzalez on your hands, Twoof.


I guess i'm more looking forward to seeing what he can do on the field, from a general football perspective rather than possible SC scoring ability. Which was probably bad on my behalf, as we want high SC rooks!

I enjoy the build up….the kid has massive wraps. Kicked 40 odd goals last year in the VFL and won Casey's B&F at age 18. Paul Roos now at Melbourne, with their supporters optimistic for 2014…..but that's enough of that…back to SC talk…hahahaha….

1 x $200K rook…well i can't question the reigning SC champ, but in saying that SC has changed quite significantly with these prices changes…..

Perhaps there is logic in that if you're wanting to have a 'guns & rooks' approach. If you're spending extra coin on these marked up rooks….then you surely you have to sacrifice 1-2 less premiums and chance the arms with 1-2 mid pricers?
Or…..on the other hand with a few reduced premiums in Beams & Murphy…can we sprinkle that extra cash on 2-3 $200K rooks. It's a tough one….What's your view on it Throttle?

Gartlett Gonzalez hahahaha…love it! I read Roughy gave him good wraps….looking forward to seeing him next wk.


My take is how you are anchoring your team. Is it going to be elite heavy (Bartel, Mitchell, Hanley/Gaz, Pendles, Jobe/Minson/Danger, Dusty) or like you say, a smattering of elite with some underprices with best of the lot rooks. I'm leaning on a mix of that, if possible. Have a couple mid pricer wildcards (Buntine, Docherty, Ellis/Griggs, Chappy, Zorko, Pav, Crameri, Tommahawk or L. Hunter being considered) with 2-3 elites. Then the most attractive, R1-for-sure rooks. Not 100% going to take Dimma's route, but I think it's a sound take. If Hogan looks like a monster, would have no problem throwing him in.

Yeah, looking forward to seeing what form Roos has these guys in. Dees could be home to a bunch of breakout cash cows. Watts is another I'm anxious to see. Cannot wait, Twoof. Cannot wait.


That's a very good take on it!

I think you need a couple of 'wildcard' choices, as they can separate you from the rest of the pack if you land them right. Plus i find it too 'boring' if i simply dropped in all the top prems in & and some rookies. Crameri is one i've looked at a few times as well. Keen to see how the Dogs use him.

Yep, only three more days now! Itching for it now….18 games in 18 days Glorious!


I don't know about you, I like the NAB set up this season. 18 in 18. No GF. Rotation rules in place (although not as few as H&A). Supergoal. Very excited.

Dools was talking about Tommahawk as well. He's iffy as they really didn't fix his back problems. But if he shows better form, especially mobility, he may be worth a punt at his price.

And completely agree about Xeroxing your structure. Makes it more exciting. Think that's why I'm going back and forth about starting with Pendles or not. Would be interesting to see if Ablett-Griff would do as well, especially given Doggies choice start. Again Dools the sage says you can't leave out "Dependlebury". Probably right. Still noodling with the option. Opens more interesting doors.


I'm thinking this new NAB format should be good too. Can simply focus on one match per day/night….a nice healthy dosage of AFL.

That's a good question re Gaz/Griff, though i do like all three (greedy). Dependlebury is gold!!!

You know the one player that may get overlooked more than ever before this season….and i cannot believe i'm saying this, is Dane Swan. No one will want more than two pies in the midfield, so no doubt Dependlebury & Beams the popular combo.


Great point. My buddy has him in his side. And I had him from the jump last season and did well. But to your point, he's pricey and having 3 Pies in your mids may not be wise, especially given their tough draw. Reckon if Swan looks like he's doing well move him in after Round 8.

And that's not greedy. In fact I have one team with Gaz, Pendles, Griff and Jobe. Now THAT'S greedy, my man.


Agree, Swanny was good last year. Swanny is one of my favourite players to watch. Has also been good to me on the punt as well. Backed him at 20's when he took out the Brownlow and had nice collect when he won Anzac Day medal two yr ago.

Oeehh….That's a beast M1-M4 Like it a lot!!!


I love watching Swanny as well. Biggest concern is the rotation rules. Does the spurts well but comes off the field a bit. Think they may have him play more forward because of that. Last season when Beams returned, he did play more up front.

Got another wildcard for you. Hrovat from the Doggies. Did well in his limited time. If he can average 80+, he'll be a very nice M6 option.


Reckon you're right, he'll spend a little more time forward. Which i think is good for his SC output. A lot of times when he pumped out the big 140 scores, he was kicking 2 plus goals as well.

I think there is a lot of overreaction re the interchange caps. People worried that someone's output may be reduced from say 32 disposals down to say 28 due to less midfield time. But if that player is a capable forward, like a Gaz or Swanny…..they rest forward bag a sausage or two on top of there 28, and they probably score even better.

Or maybe even a few mids may get thrown behind the ball/across half back at times….like Mitchell did last year. Been noticing the 'buzz' this pre season is flexibility….coaches talking about playing mids down fwd, or across half back (Dusty). No doubt this is in preparation for the I/C cap. I think most prem mids will be fine.

Hrovat, nice!! I'll add him to my watch list. Shit, he copped the vest 3/7 games last year. Good spot Throttle!


I'm sure the I/C will have an effect. Just can't go from unlimited to limited with out some teams being affected. But you may be right about the degree and how coaches are planning to adjust. Elites should be fine. Rooks/Wooks may have a bit of a struggle.


Woof I reckon the Hawks have done well getting Gartlett and Hartung. Hartung is one of the best aerobic athletes in the game (16 beep), at the same time, his leg speed is impressive – a rare combination (no doubt you've seen the highlights reel). There is still a bit to work on with respect to his game, but he looks to have great potential, especially with the new rotation cap. Give him a couple of seasons.


I hope you're right SC!

After watching Hartung's highlights reel, i was surprised he went so low. But i presume there were a lot of impressive players in the draft this year. His leg speed will be vital….may compliment Isaac Smith's outside leg speed well in a couple of years time.

I'm keen to see the young hawks in the NAB game on Thursday.


What do you guys think of Allen Christensen. Seems to be an exact mold of Jack Steven in terms of Averages in previous years and with similar age and games played he could be a serious POD


The blokes a freak consistency improves with each game and well wworth a consider. He’s my favourite player since he came to the club. Only thing that might rule him out is he’s been on a simpler workload over the preseason due to hip surgery. I suggest warch him late in the NAB for any niggles, will improve

Big Cheese

I've watched him a few times and I reckon he plays like the little master… I've wanted to put him in a few times but can never seem to fit him


No Zak jones in defence? Solid pre season so far and had one of the highest sc points per minute through the u18 championship, certainly on my radar

Hugh G

Nice Callum, but lets keep him quiet hey lol


He looks like a real gem for my Swans and I've been following his progress closely.

But it's going to take one hell of a NAB performance on his part or a boat load of injuries to get any senior games early in a team as jam packed with stars as Sydney.

Guys like Rohan, LRT and Laidler could struggle to get regular games so I think Zak will probably have to pay his dues in the NEAFL first up. Though I have no doubt he will become a regular fixture in the Swans senior line-up at some point in the not too distant future.


Wasn't sure exactly where to post this but i was wondering when the official jock reynolds SC leagues will be taking entries cheers fellas,robbo.
For what its worth i will be watching nearly all of the rookies listed above especially the ones from
st kilda,brisbane and melbourne,for me its still about who will get the most game time/games and who has
the best job security rather than who could possibly pump out a bigger score.
Remember that most rookies tend to score around that 55-75 mark so i am weary of paying 200k plus,
not easy to find guys who can consistently pump out 80 plus scores.


J Martin will pump out 80+ scores


I myself have gone for experience, Ellis, beams, morabito, Rohan and Kirsten, couple of Years in the system, bodies are bigger know the game shape. Granted they are injury free and not slapper with the vest, I’m banking on that


Some great discussion above – it has raised some questions for me, any opinions / help appreciated.
Is Bellchambers likely to miss a few early games? Where do Thurlow and Apeness sit in the pecking order at their respective clubs? Are they both just DPP or is one more likely than the other to get a chance at some stage this season?
Is L.Taylor really going to get senior games early at Brisbane?
What chance does Kolo have of playing most games in the GC seniors this season?
Is X.Ellis tough enough?


Essendon expect he will be out for 3 months, so IMO Thurlow looks good for a senior birth early in the season.


he is half a chance to play, but i will have him for the DPP as i'm looking to have Dixon in the forwards and Sandi (injury prone) in RUCKS


I am not so sure on Thurlow. I think Essendon will just go with Joe Danniher and Ryder in the ruck. They have enough versatile big men to throw in the ruck as pinch hitters if needed. e.g. Fletch, Carlisle, Hurley could all go in for little stints if one of Ryder or Danniher goes down in a match. So unless Thurlow is something special I doubt he will get a game unless one of Ryder or Danniher also goes out injured.


Is anybody thinking of picking players that were rookies that starred late last season. Two I am thinking of is Mitch Grigg from Adelaide who is a midfielder that is 257k and scored 29(sub) 96,90, 106 and 89 in the last 5 games of last year. I was also looking at Tom Curren of the saints who is a midfielder priced at 280k. He scored 67,9(sub)52,83,109,76 and 128 late last year


Both are perhaps too steeply priced at the $360K mark in SC to attract widespread interest, especially when there are Daisy, Savage, Caddy and Carrazzo all on offer for similar coinage or a bit cheaper.


Hi Swans,
They where not on my watch list but they are now thanks buddy


Apeshit. Love it!


Billings and O’Rourke/Morabito OR C.Beams and Michie?


How much game time are you expecting O'Rourke to get? Good price for a rookie this year.


It's really a big unknown right now. On talent and strong potential you'd think he'd get games but the Giants signed a number of free agents in the offseason, along with all their new high draft picks, so competition for spots will definitely be felt by those yet to establish themselves at senior level.

Cameron has said he is expecting big things from O'Rourke this season but it remains to be seen whether that translates into a string of early games. One to follow closely in the NAB for sure.


Absolutely spot on SCaddict, one to watch very closely.


Top 3 draft pick at a great price. Top 3 picks this season are $200k+

Potentially could be a steal if gets games


Who is most likely to breakout out of christensen, ziebell, cunnington and bastinac.


I am trying to decide between zeibel and Cunningham who to have round 1. I’m leaning towards Cunningham slightly

Seaford Scouse

10 points = $55k approx. So at $220k he will start with a BE of around 40 with a ceiling of around $450k for a BE of 80

Seaford Scouse

Sorry mate meant to be a response to your Martin query above! Whilst I’m here though think you’ve got it right with your choice there. Ziebell, as good as he is, is prone to suspension given the nature of his game, which if he gets early will out a dampener on your mids. Personally I can’t seem to get myself to go with any North mids at the moment as just too much talent in there and think they will need to share the load, if one of them breaks (Cunnington, NDS etc…) then I might jump on as an upgrade. Keen to see Atley in NAB though to see if he gets a run through the guts.




Sam Docherty a lock this year anyone?


Not sure mate, I haven't got him at the moment but he is one that I will defiantly be watching in the NAB if he plays. Has always had high praises as a player and a new club might just be what he need to bring out the best in him.


G'day mate,
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Now to footy young man write a report on your favourite Player/Club or Match (make sure someone reads it B4 submitting (Spell check, Sentence strucutre etc etc) and that's it Simple eh?


I write whats on my mind then post it and edit anything i see wrong or don't particularly like.
If it all goes pear shaped you can always delete the whole thing as well.
Edit is a marvelous thing!

Great advice from Dools ..(if you're writing Moby Dick) though. just kidding around haha 🙂


Haha Grufflez, will take that on the chin…I deserved that ha ha ha


Ok I am a truly biased Carlton supporter. But based on there start to the year and rd9 bye I wonder if it is too many blues to include Murphy and daisy in the midfield. Along with them cripps who looks to be ready to go especially given Judd's injury. At what point do value selections get outweighed by the potential to score in the same team???

Big Cheese

Any love for Sam Lloyd?


Don't think he will break into the team early on cheese. Ben Lennon is in front of him at this stage.


I am having some trouble with my midfield. At the moment I have Ablett, Pendles, Griffen, Liberatore , beams, savage, Martin, dunstan and (o’rourke and Garlett). Everyone is saying to get Thomas and Murphy but not quite sure how I can fit them both in. I’m thinking of downgrading Griffen as he has a slight niggle in his back. Any suggestions


I will have Thomas in Round 1, but he will be gone once he has reached his cash potential. I am hoping I can upgrade Thomas to a premium. Carlton have a pretty good start to the season, but I have my eye on Round 4 (Melbourne) and round 5 (dogs) for Thomas to fatten up.

not sure on Murphy, I wouldn't consider him an ultra premium, he has a tagging problem, and with judd going to miss the start of the year he may struggle.


Didn't see Lewis Taylor named in BL first NAB game. What do we make of this? Injury? Not considered for round 1?


Nathan Bock rookie? am i missing something here?


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1. Malceski, N

2. Lake, B

3. Buckley, D

4. Waters, B

5. Goodes, B
6. Goddard, H

23. Whitecross, B
24. Marchbank, C

7. Ablett, G

8. Selwood, J

9. Swallow, A

10. Mitchell, S

11. Rich, D

12. Petracca, C

13. van Berlo, N

14. Brayshaw, A

25. Cockatoo, N

26. Freeman, N

27. Smith, C

15. Hale, D

16. Kreuzer, M

28. Bellchambers, T

17. Gray, R

18. Roughead, J

19. Swan, D

20. Taylor, L

21. Pickett, J

22. Hogan, J
29. McCartin, P

30. Clark, M