Port Adelaide 2014: Supercoach scouting report

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Barron Von CrowHowdy all, its Barron Von Crow here and today we’ll be looking at the other side from down South. They’re not quite the pride of South Australia, but they’re still a bloody good side.

And of course I’m talking about the Port Adelaide Power. 

If you were a fan of the black and teal, you’d be pleased as punch with what the Power produced in 2013, finishing 7th and making the Finals for the first time since 2007. And not only did they make the finals, they had a hell of a win in the Elimination Final at the MCG, beating the Collingwood Magpies by 24 points before falling to the Geelong Cats in the Semi Final. There will be plenty of good times ahead for the Power with a list that is the 3rd youngest in the league, which also means they’ll have some up and coming stars ready to put up some awesome Supercoach scores. So let’s get cracking and take a look at the Power’s prospects in 2014.


Port Adelaide Power 2014 Supercoach Scouting Report

2013 Record: 12 wins, 10 losses
Position: 7th


Matthew White (Free Agent from Richmond)
Jared Polec (Traded from Brisbane)
Jarman Impey (Pick #21, National Draft)
Mitchell Harvey (Pick #45, National Draft)
Darcy Byrne-Jones (Pick #52, National Draft)
Karl Amon (Pick #68, National Draft)
Samuel Russell (Pick #13, Rookie Draft)
Sam Gray (Pick #29, Rookie Draft)
Brent Renouf (Pick #44, Rookie Draft)
Daniel Flynn (Pick #54, Rookie Draft)


Nathan Blee (Delisted)
Nick Salter (Delisted)
Daniel Stewart (Delisted)
Matthew Thomas (Delisted)
Brett Ebert (Retired)

2014 Team Preview

2014 Bye Round: 9

Final 4: Sydney Swans, Gold Coast Suns, Carlton Blues, Fremantle Dockers

It wasn’t a huge off-season for the Port Adelaide Power, but they got two key pieces of business completed. Firstly, they traded their #14 and #34 picks for pick #21 and Jared Polec. Polec only managed 16 games in his 3 years at the Brisbane Lions, but he’s a former #5 pick, so we know he’s talented and if he can get his body right, he’ll be a huge addition. The 2nd piece of business Port completed, and probably the biggest one they could have done this off-season is Captain Travis Boak signing a 4 year extension at the club, keeping him at the Power until 2018. They’ve also added former Richmond speedster Matthew White as a free agent. White has never set the world on-fire at the Tigers, but he’s played 100 games and he’ll be a solid addition to their side. They stayed relatively healthy last year, so even if he just becomes a depth player for them, it’s still a win in the end, considering they didn’t give up anything to grab him.

On the fixture front, things will be a tad more difficult for the Power this year compared to last. They’ll have 8 games against the top 6 sides this year, and will be forced to play 6 of those against the Top 4. They’ll have the usual double up game against Adelaide, which are usually 50/50 no matter how either side is doing, as well as double games against Carlton, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney.

Their final 4 run is looking above average in difficulty, Sydney and Fremantle will be looking like tough battles, and the games against the Gold Coast and Carlton won’t be gimmies either. The slightly harder fixture, plus the added attention they’ll likely cop after they showed they’re a legit side by their Finals win means I don’t think they’ll take another jump to being a top 4 contender, but if they manage to stay relatively healthy again, they should post an improvement on last years record.

2014 Projected Wins/Losses: 14 wins, 8 losses


Travis Boak

2012 SC Average: 90.0
2013 SC Average: 106.6
Position: MID
Starting Price: 575.1K

When there’s always this talk about young players being given the Captaincy of their club and it being a cause of them struggling (I’m looking at you Cotch and Murphy), it’s refreshing to see not only a young player take on the mantle of being Captain, but also thrive under the added pressure, which is exactly what Boak managed in 2013.

Boak had been towing the “will he, won’t he?” line on looking like he’d become an elite Supercoach footballer the past few years. He managed to average 96.8 in 2010, but then stagnated; averaging in the low 90’s the next two years. I’m sure plenty of that could be contributed to Matthew Primus and the off-field spending (or lack thereof) that was occurring at the time however. Then in 2013 Coach Ken Hinkley and fitness guru Daren Burgess came aboard and Boak (like many other Port players) showed tremendous form and Boak had his SC average finally climb to levels many had hoped for him back in 2011.

Overall for the year Boak averaged 25.3 possessions, 4.3 marks, 5.2 I50’s, 5.3 clearances and 4.2 tackles to go along with 20.13 on the scoreboard. He also ranked 3rd for Total Inside 50’s, 6th for Inside 50’s per game, 15th in Total Disposals, 12th in Total Clearances, 17th in Clearances per game and 17th in Total Supercoach Points.

Boak was also ranked as “elite” by Champion Data in score assists; clearances and centre clearances, the only other midfielders to do so were Gary Ablett, Ryan Griffen, Patrick Dangerfield and Josh P. Kennedy, a high class of midfielders to be joined with for sure. Boak also attended the 43rd most centre bounces and recorded the 7th best clearances differential, showing how good he is around the stoppages.

So the biggest question for us now is can Boak take another step in Supercoach and jump into that 110+ category? I think he can, but the biggest thing Boak will need to work on his the games in which he scores below 100. He had 9 in 2013, so if he can take games like against Richmond were he scored 89, or the Western Bulldogs where he scored 82 and pump them up to high 90’s, or even over 100, then it won’t drag his average down so much, especially since Boak can put runs on the board in a big way, with 5 games over 120, with a big 172 against the Gold Coast in Rd 21. Many will worry he’ll start copping major attention from the taggers, that is understandable, but I think Boak has the goods and he’ll be able to handle the extra attention.

2014 SC Projection: 104-110


Chad Wingard

2012 SC Average: 51.7
2013 SC Average: 98.6
Position: MID/FWD
Starting Price: 531.8K

In Supercoach we often worry about the dreaded “2nd year blues”, when a rookie player shows plenty of potential in his first year, but struggles to make that big jump in his 2nd. Chad Wingard is proof that that rule does not always apply to a football player. As a Crows fan I absolutely hate this kid (He was bloody unstoppable in the Showdown last year!), but as a pure football fan, I think I could watch this guy play every day of the week and not get tired of him. GWS had 5 chances to pick this kid up and they didn’t, they’ll be absolutely kicking themselves when it’s all said and done. In only his 2nd year of AFL football Wingard was named to the All-Australian team and won the Port Adelaide B&F award.

An added bonus for us this year is Wingard gaining forward eligibility, along with players like Dangerfield and Tom Mitchell from Sydney, we’ve seen in the past with guys like Brisbane’s Tom Rockliff how big scorers these types can be for your Supercoach forward line, and Wingard will be no exception. Wingard put up averages of 21.2 possessions, 4.3 marks, 4.4 I50’s, 1.2 rebound 50’s, 2.5 clearances, 2 tackles and kicked 43.20 for the 2013 AFL season.

One sneaky area that Wingard posted some big scores was his 4th quarter goal kicking. As most people know, Supercoach uses a confusing “weighted” scoring system, so possession are often rated on their “importance”, meaning goal kicking in tight games are often given more points than a goal in a blowout win/loss. Wingard scored the 6th most 4th quarter Supercoach points in the AFL and had a 4th quarter goal tally of 16.3.

Wingard showed that he’s capable of putting up some big scores if he gets going, with scores of 145 against GWS, 130 against St. Kilda and 151 against Adelaide. He’s a bit like Travis Boak in his areas of improvement in Supercoach, he just needs to take some of those games where he scores in the 80’s or 90’s, of which he had 9, as well as his 5 games between 60 and 80 and just boost them up a bit so his year average isn’t dragged down as much. He did have a Rd 17-23 average of 105, but this was slightly inflated by his big scores against St. Kilda and Adelaide, but is probably evened out a tad by his score of 69 against Geelong.

I think at the very worst Wingard will post a repeat performance of his 2013 scores, which puts him right up there with other MID/FWD swings like Dustin Martin and Brent Harvey.

2014 SC Projection: 98-104

Justin Westhoff

2012 SC Average: 80.5
2013 SC Average: 98.6
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 531.7K

Justin Westhoff started out 2013 like a madman, with a first month of football consisting of scores of 100, 163, 150 and 149 for a first 4 round average of 140.5 with his price increasing 141.7K over his 430.7K starting price. Unfortunately there were many Supercoachers who then paid premium dollar to get Westhoff in their side and he repaid them by producing scores of 53, 48, 70 and 81 and sat with an Rd 9 price of 428K, $2,700 less than he started the year on.

Ignoring his first 4 rounds were he went insanely hot, and his cold period between Rd 5 and 8 were he went really cold, his Round 9-23 average sat at 96.6. He unfortunately can be a very hot and cold player, with 5 games with 130+, and 5 games with 70 or less. This meant his Standard Deviation sat at 35, which was higher than the likes of Travis Cloke and ranked 7th out of all forwards and 1st for forwards who played 14 or more games. Still, Westhoff does have his good traits, he averaged career highs in most statistical categories last year, with 17.7 possessions, 5.9 marks, 2.2 I50’s, 3.1 tackles and 31.26, which was a disappointing conversion rate of 54.4, compared to the 73.7 he recorded in 2012. He also ranked 9th in Total Goal Assists, 5th in Total Contested Marks, 15th in Contested Marks per game and 18th for Total Marks Inside 50.

Westhoff was used in a variety of positions on the ground last year, spending time up forward, but also pushing back down there field where he won 45% of his disposals. Versatility is Westhoff’s biggest strength at the moment, and the biggest key to Westhoff improving his Supercoach scores may be the health and form of John Butcher. Port only have Jay Schultz as a big target in their forward 50, meaning Westhoff often has to fill in as the 2nd target up forward. If Butcher plays, it will free up Westhoff to play loose around the ground, a role he excels at and where he’ll produce his biggest Supercoach scores. Butcher has been struggling the past few years however, so that may be a big if at this stage.

Overall I think we’ll likely see a repeat performance from Westhoff in 2014. He will unlikely get off to such a hot start to the year, and still has the occasional inconsistent games, but will still produce the odd game 140+ games to even out his scores.

2014 SC Projection: 96-102

Brad Ebert

2012 SC Average: 100.0
2013 SC Average: 97.2
Position: MID
Starting Price: 524.2K

Brad Ebert probably went under the radar for the Power last year, but his importance to the side shouldn’t be underestimated, with Ebert averaging 23.1 possessions, 5.3 marks, 3.8 I50’s, 2.9 clearances and 5 tackles in 2013. Those stats saw him ranked 12th in Total Kicks, 15th in Total Tackles, 13th in Total Uncontested Possessions, but also unfortunately ranked 17th in Total Clangers.

Ebert played a bit more as an outside midfielder in 2013, with his contested possession rate falling from 39.4% to 32.1% and his clearances falling from 3.5 to 2.9. Playing outside also saw his tackles decrease a tad, going down from 5.9 to 5. His kicking into the forward 50 was a big plus for the Power however, with Port Adelaide scoring from 49% of his I50’s, which was the 3rd highest percentage of the top 50 players for kicks into the forward zone.

Like Boak and Wingard, Ebert probably needs to work on his lower scoring games, with him having 10 games between 70-99 and 1 game below 70. If he can improve on this then he should be good on rising above a 100 point average. Most likely a POD type pick at this stage, he probably doesn’t have ultra high upside, but he’ll be a solid pick for the majority of the year.

2014 SC Projection: 98-104

Hamish Hartlett

2012 SC Average: 91.4
2013 SC Average: 90.8
Position: MID
Starting Price: 489.5K

It was another quality year from the Ham Hock, with the added bonus of him managing to spend the year injury free, playing 20 games during the H&A series (missed 2 games due to suspension), up from his previous best of 16 in 2011. Hartlett had averages of 20.1 possessions, 3.3 marks, 3.7 I50’s, 3 clearances, 4 tackles and 16.20 for the year.

The biggest key to Hartlett improving his game is dealing with a tag. Simply put, he cannot handle the pressure and if the opposition decides to tag, he wilts. GWS stuck Rhys Palmer on him in Rd 2 and he produced a score of 38. North put Bastinac and Adams on him in 6 and he scored 53, Richmond then tagged him with McGuane the week after and he produced a score of 29, Hawthorn had Jordan Lewis running with him in Rd16 and he scored 59. These types of games are the stuff of Supercoach nightmares and definitely not what we want to see from a player in our side.

Its understandable why teams tag Hartlett however, he can be a very damaging player when given the opportunity, as evidenced by scores of 140 against the Gold Coast and 144 against West Coast. Luckily it’s an area of Hartletts game that they know he needs to improve upon and hopefully with the emergence of youngsters like Wingard and Wines, as well as Robbie Gray spending more time in the guts along with the addition of Jared Polec, it’ll hopefully give the Power more quality in the midfield and it’ll make it tougher for oppositions to target Hartlett. He’s lost his defensive eligibility which is a loss, but he’s still got some potential as a midfielder POD, especially if he can work his tagging issues out.

2014 SC Projection: 94-100

Kane Cornes

2012 SC Average: 93.3
2013 SC Average: 105.3
Position: MID
Starting Price: 568.2K

On the North Melbourne Scouting report we talked about guys like Petrie and Harvey and how they’ve defied the normal football trends and have actually started producing higher Supercoach averages as they move out of their 20’s and into their 30’s and Kane Corners is another prime example. Many thought he was done as a Supercoach player after the 2011 season where he averaged 75, which was a 27 point dropoff from his 2010 scores. However he bounced back in 2012, posting an average of 93.3 and then jumped up even further last year, increasing his average to 105.3, which was his highest return since 2007. Another player seemingly rejuvenated under the guidance of Ken Hinkley. For the year Cornes averaged 27.4 possessions, 5.5 marks, 2.6 I50’s, 2.5 clearances, and 4.7 tackles. He also ranked 19th in Total Kicks, 10th in Total Handballs, 10th in Total Disposals, 12th in Disposals, 7th in Effective Disposals per game, 1st in Total Uncontested Possessions and 2nd in Uncontested Possessions per game (behind St. Kilda’s Leigh Montagna).

Cornes does loves to play outside, with 72% of his disposals being of the uncontested variety, he’s also the master of the short, one-two chip kick with 76% of his kicks being directed to a short target, this is the cause of his high kicking efficiency, at 68.3%, and often inflates his stats a little bit, which is not the worst thing in the world for those who pick him in Supercoach!

It’s highly likely that Cornes will be used in the same role again in 2014, so I’m not seeing any dropoff on the cards here. Many might skip due to having to pay near top dollar for him, it’s understandable for sure, but Cornes can still put runs on the board. His Round 1-8 average last year was 120, showing he’s still got enough in the tank to be a decent selection for your midfield in 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 102-108

Robbie Gray

2012 SC Average: 70.5
2013 SC Average: 82.1
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 442.6K

Robbie Gray suffered one of the most sicking knee injuries I’ve had the displeasure of seeing in 2012, hyperextending his knee in the last quarter in a Rd 4 match against Collingwood that required a knee reconstruction that shelved him for the remainder of the year. Gray missed the majority of 2013 pre-season training, but returned almost exactly 12 months after his injury, being named as the sub for the Powers Rd 4 clash against the Gold Coast, and was again named the sub the next week against the West Coast Eagles.

Overall for the season Gray averaged 16.9 possessions, 3.1 marks, 3.2 I50’s, 3.2 clearances, 3.6 tackles and kicked 15.15 along with 24 goal assists and 35 score assists, ranking 5th in Total Goal Assists and 6th in Goal Assists per game along the way. He also played 20 games for the year, which is a good sign as Gray has had soft tissue injury issues in the past and hopefully it’s a sign he’s behind those sorts of issues now.

The biggest thing to remember about guys coming back from ACL injuries is even though it takes them 12 months to return to football, it often takes them another 12 months before they fully begin to play like their old selves again (take note Tex Walker enthusiasts) . There are occasionally freaks like Matthew Richardson, who wrecked his knee in 95, and returned in 96 to boot 91 goals for the year, or Daniel Bradshaw who ruptured his ACL in 2007 and returned in 08 and kicked 75 goals. The point is though that 2014 will be 24 months post Gray injuring his knee and he’ll have a full-preseason under his belt, which will be a huge boost. Gray’s Rd 17-23 average was 92, showing that he was beginning to round into some nice form towards the end of the year.

Assistant Coach Josh Carr has already talked about Gray potentially spending more time in the midfield next year, stating

“He obviously spent 60% up forward and 40% on ball, but the more we can have him on ball the better,” midfield coach Josh Carr told portadelaidefc.com.au.

“His hands are exceptional inside and the way he played considering his limited pre-season gives us a lot of hope that he’ll be very, very good next year.”

Gray will likely have those soft tissue injury concerns hovering above his head again next year, but if he can stay healthy and get a good amount of run in the midfield then he should be a good buy and will hopefully eclipse his SC high of 90.4 he averaged in 2011. He’s been a Burnman in the past (I have suffered his wrath myself), but maybe 2014 will be the year he makes up for it? He’s a talented player for sure, and I think he could be a sneaky good pick next year if everything goes right for him.

2014 SC Projection: 90-96

Matthew Lobbe

2012 SC Average: 70.8
2013 SC Average: 86.1
Position: RUCK
Starting Price: 464.4K

Jock has already taken a good look at Matthew Lobbe’s Supercoach prospects for 2014, a terrific article from the father of fantasy footy that you should all go take a gander at if you haven’t already.

Lobbe finally managed to get out on the park for a decent amount of games in 2013, playing 19 games for the year, after having played 22 in the previous 5 years combined. For the year Lobbe had averages of 11.8 possessions, 2.7 marks, 28 hitouts and 2.6 clearances, while ranking 6th in Total Hitouts and 8th in Hitouts per game.

It was a slow start to the year for Lobbe, averaging 67 between Rd 1-8, but he came on towards the end of the year like a house on fire, with an Rd 17-23 average of 106, which ranked him as the 5th best Ruckman during that period, behind Minson, Goldstein, Cox and Mumford. And Lobbe had some really good games during that period; a 3 game run between Rd 20-22 saw him average 48 hitouts per game with a Supercoach average of 128.3. While it’s unrealistic to expect him to average those sorts of numbers next year, it shows that if he can get going he’s capable of putting up some big scores.

He still needs to work on his tap work a tad and hitting the ball to the advantage of his players, recording a hitout to advantage percentage of 21.8%, which was ranked 38th out of the top 50 hitout winners. He’ll go into 2014 with a firm hold on the #1 ruckspot with the only competition coming from injury plagued Jarrad Redden and Brent Renouf being shuffled off to the rookie list as an “Oh no, we gotta play Brent Renouf” emergency pick. If Lobbe can play to his potential then he should be an excellent buy. His starting price makes him the 16th most expensive ruckman, but he’s shown he’s capable of potentially scoring like a top 5 one. If you’re slightly short on Minson/Goldstein, then Lobbe could be an excellent choice, especially if you don’t want to take a risk on injury ravaged players like Sandilands and McIntosh.

2014 SC Projection: 96-102

Angus Monfries

2012 SC Average: 66.7
2013 SC Average: 90.2
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 486.7K

‘Gus Monfries was a boom recruit for Port Adelaide and the only player for the Power to be rated as “elite” by Champion Data. It was a career year for Monfries, with averages of 17.8 possessions, 4.4 marks, 2.8 I50’s, 3 tackles and kicked 39.23 for the year, as well as 23 goal assists and 30 score assists, while ranking 7th in Total Goal Assists, 19th in Total Goals and 13th for Total Marks Inside 50.

Monfries was the 2nd most used target at Port, and had a retention rate of 64%, which was the highest percentage of the top 50 targets in the AFL. Monfries will still spend a great deal of time up forward, but he’ll also rotate through the midfield which will ensure his disposal count stays around the 16-20 mark most days, which will be a big boost to his scores and will mean he won’t have to rely on kicking goals as much as some other smaller forward types. Monfries is more than capable of putting up a repeat performance in 2014, and if you find yourself slightly strapped and can’t afford a Westhoff or Wingard, than Gus will make a reasonable selection who should serve you well until you can upgrade him later in the year.

2014 SC Projection: 88-94

Jared Polec

2012 SC Average: 53.8
2013 SC Average: 32.0
Position: MID
Starting Price: 172.6K

Polec only managed the 1 game in 2013 against the Gold Coast Suns in Rd 3 where he played the majority of the game before injuring his ankle. He didn’t exactly set the world afire in that game, with 9 possessions (with a kicking efficiency of 0%), along with 2 I50’s, 3 clearances and 2 tackles. He did play a number of games in 2013 in the NEAFL though, where he saw himself moved out of the midfield and along halfback, where he managed to average 25 possessions a game while playing down there.

While his stats have never been remarkable and he has a long injury history, he is a former #5 pick and has, so far, gotten through Port Adelaide’s pre-season training injury free. That’s going to be the biggest issue for Polec, if he can stay healthy, then he’ll be a good chance to put up some points in Supercoach for 2014. Normally we may skip on a player like Polec, but due to the increased rookie prices he’s in the mix. He’ll get games in 2014, so he could be a decent money spinner for your side and slots in with the likes of Viv Michie and Dom Tyson as guys you could play in your M7 or M8 slots.

2014 SC Projection: 62-68

Oliver Wines

2012 SC Average: N/A
2013 SC Average: 74.0
Position: MID
Starting Price: 399.1K

Much like Chad Wingard, I’m sure GWS, Melbourne and the Bulldogs may be kicking themselves in the future when Wines has become one of the best young midfielders in the AFL. Wines played in every game for the Power in his debut year, and he set his career off with a bang recording 26 possessions (16 contested), 3 clearances, 6 I50’s and 1 goal for 125 Supercoach points in his very first game. When the great Johnny B was talking about “corrective trades” in his column last week, getting a guy like Wines in your team if you didn’t have him in your initial side was what he was talking about!

Wines averaged 18.8 possessions, 3.3 marks, 3.1 I50’s, 3 clearances and 3.9 tackles for 2013, for a Supercoach average of 74. Wines started the year in hot form, with an Rd 1-8 average of 85, which then fell to 77 between Rd 9-16 and all the way down to 54 between Rd 17-23. It’s not unheard of for a 19 year old to run out of steam towards the end of his first year, so this isn’t anything to be concerned about at all. Wines did love getting the contested ball though, ranking 2nd at the Power for contested possessions as well as 3rd for clearances and tackles. He was also the most rotated player in the AFL in his debut year, so he needs to work on his endurance, especially now with an interchange cap in place, but that’s what Darren Burgess is there for and I’m sure he’s put the hard yards in during the pre-season to rectify this.

Now the biggest question about Wines heading into 2014 is will the dreaded “2nd year blues” hit him hard? It’s not completely unheard of for a 2nd year player to stagnate a tad after a fantastic debut year, but Wines teammate Chad Wingard also proved that the rule doesn’t always apply. I think his contested ball winning skills means he should be OK; he can win enough of his own ball that he should continue to post an improvement on last year. Doubt we’ll see a massive spike into the near 100 point territory like Wingard, but a solid improvement none the less and if you find yourself in the market for a 400K midfielder, then Wines will be one to look at.

2014 SC Projection: 82-88


Jay Schulz

2012 SC Average: 80.9
2013 SC Average: 85.4
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 460.7K

Schulz took another step towards being one of the best KPF in the game after a terrific 2013 saw him boot 49.26 for the year, to go along with 14.6 disposals, 6.1 marks, including 2.5 marks inside 50 and 2.2 tackles along with 24 score assists. For the year Schulz ranked 14th in Total Marks, 6th in Total Marks Inside 50, 9th in Marks Inside 50 per game, 9th in Total Goals, 15th in Goals per game and 10th in Total Time on Ground.

Schulz is very much reliant on quality entry into the forward 50, with him kicking 37 of his 44 H&A round goals from set shots, despite the fact he recorded the equal most ground ball gets inside 50 by any player. Schulz will be in for another 50 odd goal year in 2014, but at his price he doesn’t do enough other things around the ground to really boost his scores to usable levels. And with similar type players like Hawkins and Clark available for less, you’d be better off looking in that direction for 2014. Another big year ahead for Schulz on the footy field, but not in our Supercoach sides.

2014 SC Projection: 82-88

John Butcher

2012 SC Average: 47.4
2013 SC Average: 43.8
Position: FWD
Starting Price: 236K

“The Future” John Butcher might be one of the most important players the Power can have out on the field next season, as his presence in the forward line gives Jay Schultz some support, while allowing Justin Westhoff more freedom to roam around the ground. Add him to a forward line of Shulz, Monfries, Gray, Wingard and Neade and there is suddenly a lot of talent floating around in the Power’s forward 50. For 2013 Butcher averaged 8.4 possessions, 2.6 marks, 1.1 tackles and kicked 9.6.

Still, after Butchers first 4 games in 2011 where he booted 11.1 (6 goals from 6 kicks in his second game!) he hasn’t really done a whole lot as he’s battled poor form and injuries. Butcher has managed to play 16 games these past two years, playing 8 last year and managing to get a string of 5 consecutive games in there. When on the field during this 5 round period he was the 2nd most used target in the Powers forward 50, but only managed 4 marks inside 50, but did win the 6th most inside 50 disposals and was also 6th for scoreboard impact.

Still, as was said before, keep your eyes on Butcher through the pre-season. If he can get through pre-season training fully fit then it should do wonders for his confidence, and more important for us, it’ll free up Justin Westhoff, which will make him a better buy than if he’s stuck inside the forward 50 for stretches of the game. Skip Butcher in 2014, but keep your eyes on him because Westhoff’s value could jump a tad higher if Butcher is fit and named in the Powers Rd 1 side.

2014 SC Projection: 56-62

Domenic Cassisi

2012 SC Average: 82.3
2013 SC Average: 62.2
Position: MID
Starting Price: 335.5K

The final grains of sand might be slipping through the hourglass of Domenic Cassisi’s career, as the former Power Captain played his lowest amount of games (12) since the 2003 AFL season after being stuck down by a hamstring injury. Cassisi averaged almost decade lows across the board, with averages of 13.8 possessions, 2 marks, 1.5 I50’s, 1.8 clearances, and 4 tackles.

Cassisi has been a solid Supercoach player in the past with averages of 95.1 in 2007, 102.3 in 2008, 94.9 in 2009 and 98.2 in 2010. I’m sure there may be a few that look at Cassisi’s midrange price and think he may have a chance to maybe jump back up to being a 90 point player, but I can’t see that happening and as the young midfielders for Port begin to step up we’ll likely see less and less of Cassisi. Skip for 2014.

2014 SC Projection: 60-68

Jasper Pittard

2012 SC Average: 12.0
2013 SC Average: 61.1
Position: DEF
Starting Price: 329.7K

Jasper Pittard was a prime example of a potential “breakout” player failing to live up to the hype. After only playing the 1 game in 2012, there was plenty of hope that he’d be able to put up some good scores if he was healthy, and while he was OK, his return of 61.1 was decent, it wasn’t an improvement of his 2011 averages. Pittard posted numbers that were pretty much identical to his debut season, with averages of 14.4 possessions, 4.4 marks, 1.9 rebound 50’s, 2.9 spoils and 1.8 tackles.

Pittard started off the year quite impressively, with scores of 93 and 91 in his first two games, he then following it up with scores of 41 and 79, for a 4 round average of 76. He was beginning to look like he’d be a nice little money generator, but then the injury bug struck again, with a hip flexor injury forcing him out 8 weeks, grinding his cash generation to a halt, and pretty much ensured that the majority of teams traded him out. He returned in Rd 13 and played every game onwards, but only managed an average of 55.45 and never scored higher than his first two games.

Pittard still has his injury concerns and at his starting price he doesn’t project to score enough points to make him worth the pick. Find a rookie priced player and you can likely expect the same sort of output and at 200K cheaper.

2014 SC Projection: 62-68

Matt White

2012 SC Average: 49.7
2013 SC Average: 56.1
Position: MID
Starting Price: 302.7K

White was the man in the green vest for Richmond last year, starting as the sub in 7 or his 16 games, which reflects in his Supercoach average of 56.1. It’s hard to be a good Supercoach player when you spend so much time sitting on the bench! White managed to average 12.6 possessions, 3.3 marks, 4.1 I50’s, 1.3 clearances, 3.1 tackles and kicked 11.6 for the year.

It’s understandable why Damien Hardwick went with White as the sub so many times as he proved that he was very adapt at coming onto the ground cold and making an impact. He only averaged 12.6 disposals, but averaged +24 metres per disposal, which was ranked 1st at the Tigers, he also ranked equal 1st at the club for I50’s as well (Deledio averaging the same also).

Ken Hinkley has shown a similar approach to Damien Hardwick with the subs, with Kanye Mitchell being named sub 8 of his 13 games. Could we see White used in the same way again in 2014? It’s a big possibility, and it’s probably the reason why we won’t be looking his way in 2014, even if he does have a chance to improve at Port Adelaide.

2014 SC Projection: 62-68


Quick list of lower ranked players to keep your eyes on during pre-season

Sam Gray -MID – 102.4K
Ben Newton – MID – 123.9K
Jarman Impey – FWD – 117.3K

And that’ll be a wrap on the Port Adelaide Power. Got any other Porters you’ll be taking a look at? Or questions about any player we’ve discussed here? Whack a comment down below or let us know on the Twitter @BarronVonCrow


Barron Von Crow


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Brilliant precis again Barron. Now the really hard decision is Robbie Gray or Chad Wingard in my forward line? Chad will perform, Robbie may be the biggest POD of the year. NAB cup, can't wait.


Thanks Kevan.

Yep, it's hard to pick the two. Gray is a bit risky, but even with him having burned me before I just can't shake the feeling that he's capable of being a good Supercoach player for us.

Skin dog

Can you tell me about Impey old mate??


He's small and quick, agile good skills and capable of playing either down back or up forward. Will likely help him get game time. Disposal isn't the greatest, but Port gave Jake Neade 16 games last year, so hopefully we can get something similar out of Impey. Ebert was talking him up recently

"Jarman's come in and stepped up right away," Ebert said.

"Even in Dubai, there were a couple of training sessions there where he dodged around a couple of blokes and took off, and you just look and go, 'Oh, this guy's got some skills'.

"Hopefully the way he's been going, he'll get a chance to have a run around in the NAB [Challenge] and then you never know."

Will have to look out for him to impress during the NAB Cup though.


Top article yet again Barron you truly deliver, initially was not sure what all the fuss was about over Matty Lobbe but am now starting to see the bigger picture especially with Redden out for a while. Don't think he'll make my team this year but its very intriguing and he is very close to a spot, especially if things change. Wingard looks a solid pick along with Westoff and Monfries running close behind, kept track of all 3 last year and they seemed to tick all the right boxes, especially Wingard. Still not sure if I'll run any of those guys as for me they fall into a difficult place cash wise, but may as well decide to put in Wingard.


I'm about exactly where you are Auto on Lobbe – not sure he'll make the cut but by jingoes there is a claim there


yeah its a difficult one there jock, will have to wait for NAB cup but even then I can see myself going back and forth on him, infact its the same with all the Port players, have none in my team at the moment but they do look bloody interesting, they just seem to fit awkwardly for me this year.


Yea, I think you can make a legitimate case for picking Lobbe in your side this year. Certainly isn't a reach at all.

I'm still 50/50 on him myself, but I have given it some consideration while i've been tinkering with my squad.


Been in and out of my team a lot… really tossing up between Lobbe, Ryder and Grundy as they will (for the first section of the season anyway) carry the mantle of sole ruck and no doubt push their scores and price up from there. Lobbe is sitting in my team at the moment, but most likely he will be out again tomorrow. Some really good value in these guys, but currently can't get myself to take Sandi out of the team, the risk is high, but the reward is higher, so fitting for a player of his stature 🙂


Lovely as always, Baron. Port aren't the SC gold mine they were this time 12 months ago. Redden going down has put Lobbe into my rucks (for now), but that's it. Love watching Chad W go about his footy, but I fear he has topped out and won't add much to that 531k starting price. As you pointed out his inconsistent scoring precludes him from being a keeper, better value elsewhere


Cheers Kev,

Nope, not exactly the gold mine they were last year, but a few decent options available.

I worry the same about Wingard too, I worry he'll be targeted, if you let him run wild he's one of those guys who can drag a team over the line by himself I think. Kid is going to be a hell of a football player.


Well done, Lord Barron. I've been teasing putting Boak into my lineup as M3. Seems worth it to pay a little more for the consistency of KJack, Or a little less for SC dynamos who had off years: Cotch and JPK. Same with Lobbe. Paying more for NicNat or McEvoy makes more sense. Even thought about Lobbe and Grundy, yet that a little unsettling. Right now only Port person I have is Impey in reserves and considering Polec as M8.


I haven't given that much thought to Polec, but I will watch his role in NAB. I don't have any Port at this stage, but Lobbe and R.Gray are in the mix. R.Gray has always scored well, even in previous years when Port were not competitive. Injury prone perhaps, but his scores last year coming back from a knee were pretty good. I reckon he can go better in 2014, but I expect his scores will be up and down a bit, as per many of the Port players.


Polec is on the NAB rook watch list. Not sold on him, yet the couple things I've read is that Hinckley has turned him around. See if that translates on the field. Gray isn't on my radar. Concerns you mentioned and liking B. Ellis, Crouch or Treloar at around the same price.


B.Ellis is on my radar too. But R.Gray is a forward / mid, that's the appeal I suppose. I'm a fair chance to take one of Gray or Zorko at around $440K in the forward line.
What are your thoughts on Crameri at $390K? He has scored quite well in the past when fit. He's a power athlete, but finished in the top few of the WB 2km timetrial. Are you tempted at all?


Considering Crameri for F4. New team and Doggies need a goal dynamo like him in their front line. Scored 136 in his 2nd game last year so he can put the points up. And that price is really nice.

What I'm struggling with is that I'm considering L. Hunter as my F5. DPP who plays a lot in the midfield. Could in for a breakout year, SCanny. Having he and Crameri both could be a bit awkward. Or brilliant. Can't decide. Thoughts on that?


Agree with you Throttle. I've thought about putting Boak in, but I find myself going back to Cotchin/Fyfe/JPK types each time.


Every time I put Boak in the Higginator it seems to trigger an alert that I'm overthinking. May bring him in later but there's no comfort when he's in the lineup.


Great article again BVC! At the moment I’m going in with just Lobbe but I am considering Boak. Great article!


Cheers Bailey!


For me Lobe is a lock (locked after Redden news), all reasons above and finish to last season, no other port players this year for me so far


He'll definitely have every opportunity to score big that's for sure.


Great work again Baron. Lobbe & Wingard I have eyes on in NAB. Also young impey sounds like a prospect.


Yep, keep your eyes peeled on them during pre-season is your best bet I think.


Who do u think are the top 5 fwd s currently have danger Dusty rough buddy Parker in my fwd line goin big fwd as I find this a very weak line with mid priced and rookies position


Sounds around the mark scooter. You could consider the likes of Zorko/Pavlich instead of Parker though.


a week since a new cheat sheet jock when do you think the premiums cheat sheet will be up?


That must have hurt mate, doing an analysis on your cross town rivals. You remained impartial well done.
I think Koshies Army will preform again this year but as a stand out SC team the horse has left the stable, Have been considering maybe Polec out of entire squad along with Lobbe but I scratched him off my Rucs ATM and Polec gave way to M.Murphy but I rate Boak but again he needs to convince me in NAB and maybe round 1.
Maybe I'm reading the whole vibe wrong with PT Adelaide but right now gut is saying No on every level.
But great article yet again and an easy read. So you are now in the elite as far as I'm concerned. "You speak …I listen"
Thanks mate.


Well said, Dools. Just not feeling any Power players either. Polec and Impey are the ones I'm most considering but that's HEAVILY dependent on form during NAB. Boak I like but with Cotch and JPK at a lower price, I'm having a hard time justifying the extra moola for him.


Hey Buddy
What's happin' at your end of the world?
I have to say my team has changed yet again has as my Ruc policy . I' more and more inclined to Jocks 1 prem and 3 rookies how are you faringing in that department?
Everything is still fluid but the bones and mucselculture is shaping up very nicely for the KrakenKats , I laugh now but somehow I am in the same League as Wayno Jock and beleiveit or not Crouching so good times mate.. Right off to the fridge…Sorry I had 2 beers
I had to put Dependleberry back in TF with GAJ but still no Dangermouse for me How is your Mids Faring?


Dang, my man! Same league as Wayno and Crouching. I know you and your keyboard know some SC but that's shows real skill. I'm in the donor league. Hope I don't embarrass myself.

Right now leaning on heavy top, a couple risky mids and 14 rooks. In Higginator type breakdown lingo (14-7-9).

No Pendles. Not 100% on that but leaning towards as it allows a strong M3-4 before Beams. K-Jack and Scooter, maybe Cotch or JPK. J.Martin is my M7. Dunstan + two rooks who look NAB strong and make R1 selects. Maybe roll dice and take M. Crouch…know he will get some time this year and has been killing it.

Ruc has been settled with either McEvoy or NicNat with Sandi and Dixon as backup ruck. NicNat looks like 2012 version, he'll be slotted. Confident in McEvoy too. With Hawks mids, he should put up Will/Goldy numbers.


Scooter selwood has said he will be more of a run with player this year not sure how that will affect his scores


Read that too about Scooter, scooter. Have to see how that translates in NAB. Can't imagine it would mean less points, especially with WCE's comfy starting draw.


Yep this has always been my worry with Scooter and why I've never picked him.

Yet somehow he always piles on the points year after year. Certainly can't be discounted with the Eagles favourable draw but again I'll likely pass on him, probably to my detriment.

But you can't fit everyone in obviously and my own preference is for JPK, Cotch or even Pridda at that price point.


Did score a 95 tagging gaz last year tossing up between him and mundy


Haha, Dools, the last thing I wanted was to turn this into a Port VS Crows bash fest, so I made sure to keep the digs to a minumum!

I'm looking at only having room for 1-2 of the 170K-220K rookies, so i've got guys like Sheed, Tyson and Michie slightly above Polec on the depth chart at this stage. Will re-evaluate post NAB cup however.


I hear tou on young Sheed,
The word from the West is he is good to go but I think there are others ut there that represent value @ $ 117K odd over his start price, but at the same ime playing time is enormous for this bloke Caa Ching$$$
Michie I think will play a few games but if he wants to stay in the ones he had better light the world on fire!! Naw from me ATM Tyson is an intresting one mate I do not know which way he will or indeed I will go. I beleive there is no pressure to preform on his shoulders and can play the game beautifuly but is he up to this level? I just don't know. I hope fer his sake that he does well but as a stepping stone to other players I just can't see the value in his price until post bye rounds So again Naw from me.
What I would love to see is an article on these rookies and where they stand in re,lation to established players but that 's just me …thanks for the reply and keep up the good work my Crow eating amigo


Have been waiting for this one BVC.
As a Port man, it is admirable that you have been able to bite it and give us an unbiased and comprehensive review (that pride comment does sting a bit tho).
As we all know, hearts count for nought in this caper, so it was sweet to see so much teal in the SC rankings last yr.
Brisbane looks to be the new slaughtering sweetheart this yr, so any Power selections will need to be cream (or at least on the way to curdling).

Lobbe was a consider before the Redden news, but now a lock for me.

Boak could be a great POD with many options in that range. Will just need Ollie, Cornes and Hammer to repeat their performances of last yr to keep the pressure of the Skip.
On the money with Robbie, has teased us plenty but this smells like his yr. Tho the $440K is a gamble and would take some nuts to grab him straight up.

Not completely sold on Wingard backing up last yrs effort, will draw plenty of attention…but then again Dusty is losing some flavour.

Keep an eye on the 'Hoff!

PS – hopefully Guernsey-gate doesn't disrupt the build up too much for your mob 😉


Thanks larriikin. Supercoach is no place for biases to be coming out, we pick who we think is the best, irregardless of who they play for. I did have to get at least 1 little poke in there though. All in good fun!

Yep, Boak is looking like a nice POD pick. I'm not worried too much about him getting tagged, I reckon teams will move to Wingard before him, but will be interesting to see.

I get the same feeling about Robbie too, dunno why, just the waters telling me this will be the year where mind, body and soul click for him out there on the footy field and he has the type of year we know he's capable of.

Nah, we'll get over guernsey gate, I reckon. I keep sending emails to Steven Trigg telling him to get his act together, but he just blows me off every time!


Boak has had too many chances to come good, Wingard is an absolute lock for me in his third year , Don't worry about a tag he is too quick and will at least match last year.



Wingard is quick, so hopefully he shows a bit of speed and burns the taggers off.


Sorry Baron brain fade Great article as usual, keep up the good work mate. Getting over a stroke but I live for this site and Supercoach.


Robbie Gray or Zorko as F 4/5 community?


Would not touch either at the start of the season, Put them in as corrective changes after two games if you feel they are worth it. have a look at J Elliot (Col) depending on team and bye structure. He is going to be an absolute gun and that is coming from a Richmond man. Remember you heard it here first.


If you feel you have to take one or the other I would suggest Zorko, But I will take neither.


Do you guys think that wingard will get tagged out of matches this season and also do you think that lobbe has the potential to become a premium ruck this year?

Barron, jock and community I love your work and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

lightning strike

what do you think of hombsch he is in and out of my side has bulked up in the off season and had some good scores last year.


i am super keen on polec this year.

i Reckon he will put his brisbane issues behind him and come out averaging 80 odd for the whole year

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