POLL: Which premium DPP defender will you pick first?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Β It’s a season defining question this one.

We’ve been offered some high quality defenders who are capable of genuine midfield point scoring output this season. One question I want us all to discuss here as a community is which one of them provides us with the best value as a starting selection?

Lets kick this one around below – who is your #1 out of this lot and why?


Which DPP Defender will you pick first?

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Sam Mitchell for me, has only missed 100 average once in last 9 or something years, also after having a look at some of the prem defenders, till the bye the stats say he will average 105 at least, could drop after that, but I think he will start with a bang(even with Crowley tagging him)


Hanley is underpriced more than any of them he could rise 50k
Mithell is underpriced by 40k he should average 110ish.
Hodge and mcveigh are priced at what they should average
And imo bartel is overpriced…


Sorry Max, accidentally clicked thumbs down.
Agree with you there

Dave Ruddick

Mitchell is my man…but it's a tough call…He uses it so beautifully and I really think the Hawks will be even more fired up than they were last year and are a good chance to go back to back……Hanley is a very interesting one given that potentially he has the most upside. I'm probably not game to pick him as I think he will get heavily tagged but I may regret it big time. If he explodes an
d I miss out the thats $50K I could of saved an used elsewhere…..The NAB cup will clearly confuse me even more!!


Agree with you Jock, I don't think Hanley will see as much of it either, Rich, Rockliff and Zorko should cop the tough one before Hanley. However Mcveigh Mitchell and Bartel are the master class.


The only one I’m touching is mitchell.

For these players to be more or just as

Expensive as a JPK or Cotchin is absurd!


JPK and Cotch were underdone last year mate. its reasonable they saw a price drop


Ummmm what about Andrew Walker???


He's not a dpp


Voted Mitchell. His scoring track record speaks for itself.


Hanley. More upside and last year scratched the surface of what the Irishman can do. Will get Bartel and Mitchell when their prices drop and my D4 and D5 value grows.


Hey Jock! Yep, ol ThrottleFinger is registered in your esteemed league. Clearing out a space in the closet for a case of Coopers to keep up with lager intake requirements of the league.

Big Cheese

Lager? Go the dark ale mate, pick of the bunch!!


If I can find it in the states, BC, it will be in my fridge before first bounce.


McVeigh will be your man, dominated off half back last year, smashing training and all reports out of swans is he's up for a bigger better 2014. Slightly ahead of Mitchell in my mind.

The Flash

Is he likely to have that same roll as last season with the likes of Shaw & Johnson returning from injury also Laidler if he can get a game ?


I feel Shaw won't be needed as much this season, another year old, another year more tired.

Johnson will appreciate in value no matter what. Mcveigh is the general back there and im sure they will continue to use him. Not to mention he always gets swapped into the midfield. Guaranteed Pill


McVeigh for me. The Swans won't be exactly pleased that they fell short of the GF last year, and Captain Jarrad will be a key unit in the rebound. He can score 105+ on a regular basis off half-back and aged 28, he should hit his bell curve peak this year. Mitchell will join McVeigh in my team later in the season.


Leaning the reverse, Shinboner. Going back and forth with who to upgrade first, Bartel or McV. Obviously form will dictate, but I think Jimmy B has shown to be a tad more regular with the 120+ scores.


No button to say I will be having all 5……3 or 4 at the back 1 or two in the mids for flexibility…..Then as I upgrade the midfield they will drop back…abracadabra, my defence is just about done


Have been having a bit of trouble with my team this year, here is the current team. Am in crazy to be starting without Ablett and Pendlebury?

Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, Mcdonald
Bench:Laidler, Fuller

Watson, Rockliff, Cotchin, D Beams, Ellis, D Thomas, C Beams, Sheed
Bench:Morabito, O'Rourke

Lobbe, Sandilands,
Bench:Thurlow , Narkervis

Dangerfield, Dixon, Franklin, Zorko, Darling, Rohan
Bench: Garlett, Taylor

$12,100 in the bank


I wouldn't say you're crazy, but it will be bordering torture trying to trade Ablett and Pendlebury into your team midway through the season. And you'd be pretty damn worried if your league opponent has Ablett and Pendles as uniques. In any case, you have delegated the spare change well, and the team looks strong all over the pitch. On the Lobbe front, Redden has just gone down to injury for 10 weeks, so he will resume his lone ruckman role.


It is a risk for sure, Oliver. But if you have a plan that to get both in quickly, it could work out for you. Chances are great in your favor but I would say it is more crazy than foolish. Think Ellis is a prime candidate to upgrade quickly to one of them (I have him in my side at the moment). You're a little cash poor so maybe as a safety net don't go with Danger and get Dusty. Or even Chappy who could come out hot and allow you to quickly upgrade to Danger (as his price will drop if it follows his usual slow start form).

Or final option…put Gazza in πŸ™‚


I'm seriously considering a similar strategy as there appears to be so much value in fallen midfield elites this season.

If it comes off and Pendles and Gaz have quietish starts then it will look like inspired genius as you will surely get a flying start at the $50K.

Though it definitely will take plums of steel as the risk of the plan backfiring is substantial and you will very likely have some sweaty moments praying that Gaz doesn't go off in some games. In fact probably best switch off your phone (or at least your Supercoach app) whenever he's playing I would suggest. πŸ™‚

As Shinboner has noted it will be very difficult to bring in both Pendles and Gaz before the byes without severely butchering your team so once you've made your bed you're going to have lie in it….at least for half a season.

But I applaud your pluck if you go through with it.


To that point of being hard to get both of them in later, is it just better to lead with Gazza and Pendles rather than save the aggravation. Can't see the POD being that much greater, especially since the chances being slim that one or both average below 120 the first 8 rounds.

Plus, captain issues become significantly less as Pies have 4 Friday matches before R8.


Great article by 2012 SC winner about reasons for leaving Pendles out for R1 selection.


Yes the article is food for thought alright.

It's probably wise to run with at least one of these champs but the temptation to leave one or both out from one's starting side is hard to resist.


I've been switching back and forth between including both or only one (neither seems a bit too risky, wouldn't you agree SCaddict).

The reasons he laid out, especially as a bye strategy really make sense. Don't know about leaving both out, but there are PODs like Griffen and Jobe who can knock out the same numbers. And others like Murph, JPK and Cotchin who are capable of rebounding from an "off" year


Indeed Throttle – as much as I fantasize about starting without Gaz and Pendles I think I will inevitably chicken out and go with one of them.

Cotchin will be the likely casualty to make room for one of them (probably Gaz) unless he tears it up in the NAB and forces me to reconsider.


What about
Dangerfield, Cotchin, Thomas out
Chapman, Pendlebury, Shuey in


Yes that looks perfectly fine but does that fit within your salary cap?


Just, only 1k left over, could always downgrade one of my more expensive rookies to free up some cash. Maybe C beams to X Ellis. I haven't been following the rookies too closely this year, so not sure who would be the best option


I like Claye Beams a lot as a cash cow this season so would try to hang on to him if you can unless better options arise in the NAB.

But I think your side is shaping up nicely now Oliver!


it depends on who you get with the spare cash. I see Darling on your forward line, but can't really see where else you have added players.
I was considering the same, but my reason would be so I can turn a Lobbe to a Nick Nat


Your Plums are bigger than mine.
It's going to be near on impossible to bring them both in any time soon after Rd 1 given you have only left yourself $12 K in the bank.
If you're going to go with that strategy, you need to leave more money in the bank IMO.
Perhaps start with 1 of the 2 to limit the risk.
Props for backing yourself though mate.


Will be a good team as long as they improve as predicted…..whats your projection????


Bartel for me as i think ( out of the five) he is the more well rounded player, whether in DEF MID or FWD. Very tough call tho. All champions and most Supercoaches will have at least 3/5 in their side i would think.


we have all heard that watts and darling will see midfield time, who would you pick from the 2, both are risks.


Tough question to answer right now. Really need to see how they perform in their supposed new roles during the NAB.

I feel perhaps Darling is the slightly more solid pick between the two especially with the Eagles user friendly draw but that's more just a hunch than anything super concrete atm. Watts does have the DPP bonus which is a consideration though.

I'm in no doubt they will have very strong claims on making my final side IF they look comfortable and productive in the midfield so I've tentatively slotted in both for now (Watts as my current D4 and Darling as my F4)..


All 5 are excellent options by my own personal preference will be to roll with Mitch and Macca unless something in the NAB persuades me otherwise.

I expect both to deliver consistent premium output all season long whether they play down back or in the middle.


The little nude nut Swan for mine, just ahead of Hanley.
Age a big factor, but I also believe the others are more likely to have the occasional poor scoring game, often selflessly sacrificing their own game for the team (extra depth at hawks and cats as well as team just being in a different phase).
I've been putting teams together almost as long as the master Jock and have had all these boys at various times. I have more burn marks from Mitchell than any of them, so can't have him.


Am thinking along the lines of a couple in that I might end up with most of those defenders, but across a couple of lines early on.. so far team is looking like:
D: S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, M.Hibberd, M.Suckling, J.Gwilt, J.Laidler (M.Fuller, T.Cutler)
M: G.Ablett, S.Johnson, M.Priddis, J.McVeigh, T.Cotchin, D.Thomas, J.Martin, A.Morabito (V.Mitchie, L.Dunstan)
R: M.Lobbe, S.Mumford (D.Currie, T.Nankervis)
F: L.Franklin, C.Dixon, S.Mayes, T.Boyd, J.Danniher, R.Nahas (D.Garlett, L.Taylor)

Think my forward line is the weakest in this. But think the forward line will be the weakest throughout the season, so if I can maximise in other lines, might not be too bad…?


Nanna your team seems ok in that you have a unique set-up through the DEF/MID’s, a few POD’s in there.

Your FWD is weak, Boyd and Nahas probably your biggest concerns.

Given you have Dixon in the FWD’s you way want to swap Currie for a Thurlow/Apeness (RUCK/FWD) and downgrade one of your R1/R2 to a Sandilands/McIntosh type and used the extra cash to improve your FWD’s.


Of the backs listed, I think Mitchell is likely to be required in the midfield for longer stretches than the others (except that Hanley could be a regular winger). Geelong have a young emerging band of midfielders and the Swans more so. McVeigh I'm sure will receive a tag across half back, but he has the fitness to work them over I suspect.
Haw, Syd and Geel are all teams that should win games and therefore Mitchell, McVeigh and Bartel should return consistent scores. I haven't the guts to take Hanley he will have to adjust to some hard tags and I think he will have some off days. If he was in a different team I'd probably take him. At the moment I think Mitchell then McVeigh as do many who have voted.


Hello hope you are all well. I havent been able to get advice on other pages hope you guys could help me out.

DEF: Mcveigh, Hanley, Hurn, Suckling, R. Shaw. Mcdonald (Fuller Cutler)

MID: GAJ, Watson, Barlow, Murphy, Beams, Daisy, Ellis, Dunstan (Honeychurch, Taylor)

RUC: Mcevoy, Sandilands (Nankervis, Thurlow)

FWD: Dangerfield, D. Martin, Franklin, Gunston, Kersten, Garlett, (Impey, Kennedy-Harris


this ia thread about key defender choices, not a rmt thread. Perhaps that is why you do not get feedback?


It appears to be a balanced side, I can't really fault it. maybe swap R Shaw for someone else.


McVeigh is first choice for me as he is harder to shut down, and more multi-positioned than the others. If the opposition try to shut him down in defence someone like Hannebery will take that role leaving McVeigh free in his old midfield role. For me his versatility is his biggest advantage.

That said I plan to also have Sam Mitchell in the side from the start – I hope for a couple of set and forget defenders and am not particularly interested in any fluctuations in their price.

SC Hardnut

I can't seem to edit my team once selected. Any suggestions?

Big Cheese

Hit the trade button, that will take you back to the team edit page πŸ˜€


Mitchell then daylight for mine. Sans Goddard def was a nightmare to pick last year, a 500k outlay on a defender would rarely lead to my sort of consistency (*coughbirchall*) I've gone with a slightly midpriced def line at this stage and invested the coin saved in the mids, where you get what you pay for.


Went Hodge, almost a POD it seems. You would think with Mitchell and Birchall back there, they will get the focus of tags, freeing up the steel balled Hodge to get cheap marks and kicks.


I've gone Bartell, McVeigh and Hanley for now.
Bartell and McVeigh will most probably drop below their starting price at some point but I consider them both locks in any case.


I feel like the defence is never going to score as well as the midfield would, and sinking money into three premiums in defence isn't going to give you the best desired result. You'd be better spending the money on a premo captain if you don't have one already and looking to upgrade the backline stocks throughout the year.




Hanley the only one in my team though Mitchell has been in and out a couple of times. I just have this feeling that these guys won't be top 6 defenders come year end and at that top dollar value they need to be top 4… I think there are better options a little lower down the price list while we wait and see how these guys go. None of the others will increase in price I wouldn't imagine and most will drop or stay the same, no real loss not starting with them as they will be easy upgrade targets if they do prove their worth and more likely will have a slow patch and you can grab them cheaper. Bring back Goddard in DEF!!! πŸ™


I agree, most of my draft teams I have either Mitchell or Hanley but only becaue I think I need to have one. Defenders are Defenders for a reason. They don't score like midfielders, so unless you have a defender who is really a pure mid I won't be spending money on them.

My team without any of the premium defenders looks pretty good.

I might look at getting one in once their price drops


Who will be the top 6 defenders?


Did John Bruyn not say in his podcast that he would not be spending money on expensive defenders?
Have we not learnt anything.


The problem with that strategy is that defence is a little bereft of quality rookies or attractive mid pricers this season. So you're almost forced to go with at least 2 or 3 premium defenders this year.

That's unless you want to roll the dice on some unproven mid pricers such as Atley or Swallow that come with their own risks attached.

Much better cash cow options in the middle I reckon so I think you can afford to bolster your forward and back lines this season.


This is why i'm itching for the NAB Series to begin. A lot of team structure is 'up in the air' at the moment until we see these rookies, and which areas the best are from.

I do agree, early doors mid rookies appear far superior to all other areas.


Agree NAB will dictate yet there is good mid pricers in the defense. Buntine, Docherty or even Atley if you want to spend more. Think KK, McD and Fuller are the only rooks we can say with any degree of certainty will have their hands up R1. Rest is like Twoof says, up in the air.


Mitchell for now, but I still haven't decided. I think I'll definitely go with one, maybe two for the flexibility, but it's a curly one.

Bartel has the ability to score well in a short period of time, especially in close games, which I think the Cats will be having more of this year, but will he start to drop off overall?

McVeigh could go either way.

Most seem pretty bullish about Hanley, but I'm not sold yet.

Hodge, a definite no. He might go alright, but I'm steering clear of players who have had injury worries, especially those getting a bit long in the tooth.


Thoughts on Hibberd? Consistent and ball thirsty. Not many better at delivering a consistent score. Or is up in price not worth it?


I'm seriously considering Hibberd. Obviously not a DPP, but have him in my team at the moment. Had a brilliant year last year, and can see him pushing up the ground a bit this year, too.


My thinking as well, Zimmerbd. When you compare his scoring consistency, not many compare. He's the lowest SD in the top 10 (in prices) and only Enright, Adcock and Goodes are equal or better in top 20. And he played a full 22 games.

Starting to think a nice POD may be having him as D1.


Agree Throttle. Hibberd is a big smokey in DEF this year and will be a starting premo in my team (unless he breaks down in NAB).

Given the attraction of Bartel/Mitchell/McVeigh, Hibberd is a big POD option.

His consistency last year was great which was a rarity in DEF for the season. Something I definitely look for is low SD and number of matches played.

Hibberd must be considered as a legitimate DEF premium option this year and a great POD.


Considering him strongly for D2, Daywalker. Going back and forth between Mitchell and Hodge for D1. Not much difference, although Luke has a lower SD and went for a ton the same amount as Sammy M.


Why am I not able to change my team now? Mitchell for me


No sweat, must have been a HS issues. all good now


Seems like Bartel, McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley will feature heavily in most teams in D1 D2 D3. Anyone not going with these guys? If so, who are you looking at as POD's?

Not picking these guys could be a winning move with the right selections instead.


As I said above, Hibberd is in my team. Looking closely at Atley as a mid-pricer who should take the next step. The back and forward lines this year are major headaches.


Dropped Hodge for Hibberd, decided to go lean in the backs, able to comfortably fit in 6 premium mids now
Ablett, Barlow, Beams, Cotchin, Watson and Murphy.


Defense POD, Jack Grimes.


I am looking at J Watts and Swallow. Both DPP. good value especially if Watts plays in the Mids.

You can get swallow and Watts for the same price as Mitchel and Dogherty


Good news for those with Zorko after he apparently played a solid game in the midfield at the lions practice game. Harwood and Hanley also found a lot of the ball while young Michael Close and Jono Freeman also playing well replacing Brown and Lisle. Staker played 1 quarter before going off with a minor leg injury.

Just thought I'd let people know if u haven't already seen the report on afl.com.au


Zorko iced up his calf and strapped it up also, minor injury it seems


Sorry article said Zorko, now it says Staker


Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some advice on my team
DEF: S Mitchell, M Hibberd, T Mckenzie, M Suckling, K Kolodjashnij, L McDonald (M Fuller, T Langdon)
MID: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, J Watson, T Cotchin, M Murphy, D Beams, J Martin, C Beams (L Dunstan, N Robertson)
RUC: N Naitanui, H McIntosh (F Thurlow, T Nankervis)
FWD: P Dangerfield, L Parker, M Pavlich, G Rohan, B Lennon, L Taylor (D Garlett, J Kennedy-Harris

any opinions would be greatly appreciated thanks!


Wouldn’t put Mckenzie in and I would downgrade 1 mid and upgrade 1 FWD otherwise pretty good


You have to many premium mids should aim for a 4-1-5 structure , rucks are a problem as McIntosh not certain to start rd1 as is Nic Nat.
Forwards Taylor and Gartlett no certainy to start either as well as Fuller in Defence.
This is just an opinion for what its worth.


My team
DEF: Mitchell , Simpson, Suckling, Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Luke mitchell ( Tippet, Fuller

MID: Ablett, Penelz, Selwood, Fyfe,D Martin, Murphy, Martin, Dunstal ( Crouch and Honeycurch )

Ruck: Grundy, Apeness ( Thurlow, Narkervis)

FWD: Dangerfield, Wingard, Roughead, Franklin, Billings, Taylor ( Garlett, Kennedy-Harris)

9,300 left in the bank

Any help would be great

Thanks Robert


Very risky ruck startegy with 3 rookies and a mid pricer. Don't think thats a very good idea unless they show incredible form nab chalenge. Interesting that you have gone with 2 dpps in the mid, unstead of a nathan fyfe type priced player for d martin and a morabito or o' rourke for honeycurch. But obvously to do that you would have to downgrade someone and if you were to do that, probably roughead would be the best to downgrade to a parker or pavlich like player. But going with the team structure you have got could cause you to rise to the top if it works as it's a unique strategy to load up on midfield this year.


Yes that ruck structure is likely to earn you a donut every single week unless those rookies miraculously get a regular game which doesn't look on the cards at this point.

Your defence also appears a little light on imho so I think you will have to downgrade that midfield a bit to bolster these other lines or you may be flaunting with disaster.

There are a lot of great cash cows to downgrade to like Daisy, Savage, C. Beams, Aish to name a few.


SCaddict, I Think you nailed it mate I hope you pay attention robert


I'm surprised Walker wasn't included in this poll!

Not a believer in Walker Jock??


Walker is not a dpp


Mitchell for me. I'll probably have Bartel as well. Not sold on Hanley and his inability to break a tag. Coupled with a tough opening 5 weeks, he may fall enough to get him in after the bye. I'll probably go with Hibbert.


Okay Community I have just created a team with 304K left over. A team that will be solid methinks as a start to 2014
Mids GAJ , Pendles , Cotchin , S.Selwood ,Beams D. , Chappy , Daisey , Dunstan, Honeychurch, O’Rourke J
Rucs McEvoy , Lobbe , Nankervis and capt loop Maxy King
Fwds ah never mind week as 20 week things I just got excited for no reason Bugger! but the defence was okay!


Goodaye Dools, As Wayno says can I have some of what you are smoking? Five of your top midfielders have byes in round 8, I am happy for you to go with that because you would be one less person I have to worry about for the money. What about defense and forwards? Too early to get excited Dools but looking good otherwise. I am off to get another Carlton Dry. (My Sponsor).


G'day Ocker, Nice too have you back on mate__I got all excited about my team yesterday but as I was posting I realised that the fwd line was real poor so I stoped . Which on reflection was a poor chooice as I had 5 DDPs in Fwd line mind you they where not gurenteed game players. The keyboard made me stop and the next G device had a say so I stoped had a Carlton Draught Stubby and mused .
So glad to hear you are in the running for the 50K if anyone deserves it it has to be you mate.
Next G device want's to know any league you wish to go head to head he is up but warns you he will be bringing Keyboard LOL see ya


Dools, your keyboard is taking you in wild direction, my man. Rucks I like. Move Chappy to FWD. Make it easier to upgrade to Danger when those two's prices cross paths. Like Scooter pick a lot. Considering him and JPK. WCE has nice starting schedule so slotting him and Hurn in.

Urgh, starting to blab about my team. Like to see your next draft, Dools.


Hey TF Chappy has made the move to Fwd line but would you belive it Keyboard insisted I put Tomohawk in so he is in and I got to admit he looks the goods up there with Chappy, Zorko and Pavlich!!!! and I still have 244K in the vault
Changed Rucs again Goldy with Ham&egburger , Nankervis still as R3
Mids I had to put Dependleberry in, Mr Crimmins said so and Keyboard had next pick mind you I wanted Son of Tim but Next G devise pick Pendles also (I think it's a hard ware solidarity thing) so I demanded control of the interface and picked Cotchin just b4 the coin was spent, Murphy next( they chose that one but secretly I like it,) and so on and so on until it came to Honeychrch…. Big barney over mid or fwd placement . Next G arbitratied so H'church sits in Mids


Dools, what a magical Keyboard you have! Tommahawk is on my NAB watch list. If he is looks mobile and hitting the mark consistently, I'll tag him in. Pav looks good too. Think me plums would need some peat-brewed muscle to do Chappy, Zorko, Pav and Tommahawk.

Gone BIG with the rucks. Can't know it. Costly yet large and consistent tons await.

Right now I'm leaning towards Gaz, Griff, SOT, Scooter, Cunnington, Beams, Martin, Dunstan with Honey and Robertson in reserves. No Danger but Dusty in Fwds. Triple H in back: Hodge, Hibberd and Hurn with Buntine, McD, Fuller and two rooks. Feeling pretty good. NAB should shape it up. $23K left.

One week left until NAB, Dools. Can not wait…although that means waking up at 3am to watch. Don't think they show NAB replays on AFLTV. Watch first game then see. Taking no chances, my man.


Hey lads!

Dools, i keep going back to the big Pav in my forward line. He just looks too cheap to pass up. I'd loved to take a punt on Colin Sylvia, but Pav at a cheaper price to too tough to refuse.

Throttle, Triple-H with my favourite player Hodgey leading the attack…like it!!!

Notice Griff in your mids, Go Griff!!!


Going back and forth between Gaz, Pendles and Griff and Gaz, Griff and SOT.

How's your side shaping up, Twoof? Any locks or near locks yet?


Minus any hiccups i'm set on having Gaz & Pendles at M1 & M2. I was looking at the draw of Gold Coast & Collingwood. Using Max King R4 (Melbourne) as the VC Loophole. Melbourne games split GC & Coll perfectly for about 20 of 23 rounds. This giving me two very good captain options. I still have Griff & Beams as M3 & M4…very happy with them there at the moment.

I'm probably at the same stage as yourself, and many others…..i'll look at my side and be pretty happy. Then the next day i won't be as so confident.


Defense is where i'm scratching my head the most at the moment.

I can't settle on a structure……


Haha. Swinging confidence for sure. Have screen shots of 15 teams in the Higginator. Want to settle for 5 elites and midpricer teams to move forward with. Doubt it will happen…but will try.

Back line I'm feeling with the TripH core. May change. NAB will decide the rest. Can…not…wait.


Twoof my man,
Defence is the killer !
I just put in Thompson D but I rate Kade Simpson ATM it reads Mitchell, The Celtic Tiger (Hanley) Suckling Pig, Laidleir and Fuller with 2 boys from Brisvagas Cutler and Gardiner.
I also like the look in that structure if I add Hurn or even Docherty, Rhys Shaw or Old McDonald's farm! The Ruc Dept is where I constantly change – McEvoy did not take part in intraclub match yesterday so now I worry but News is news so the research (Beer) continues
thoughts from you boys?


That's a solid defense. It's just going to boil down to how these r(w)ookies come on – McDonald, Kolo, Fuller, Laidler, Cutler etc. Whether he can start 1,2 or 3 of them in defense…Bring on NAB games now!

For rucks, i had Goldy/Sandi starting…but after the news of Jack Redden going down…i'm looking at starting with Lobbe/Sandi. Thinking Lobbe could be a nice stepping stone to Goldy during the byes. Then adding that extra coin into the guts.

Been warming to Fyfe the past 24 hours. The more i look, the more i want him in my starting side. Has only played 60 odd games…so much upside, kid will only get better and better. Surely he can eclipse his 106 ave from 2013.


Hey buddy I'm with you onTeenwolf but just like Silvia I worry were is Ross going to play him, Ive heard not substantiated at my end ,hat his shoulders are bad so less time in mids more fwd ime? So definate pass for me right now but I have NAB and until round 3 to change me mind? I think? So sticking to the team structure ..Has any one heard of Schofields injury and is he over the soreness.?


Lock in Gaz and Dependleberry matey, 2 trades you don't have worry about plus if both stink it up pre rnd 3 jump and pick them up again.round 5


Very true. Toying with the notion of going with 1 is child's play. Show the plums in other areas. Thanks for the push, my friend.


Hi agai TF,
You are looking for POD when this season these 2 are a POD to start the year.
Danger is a POD for my team as I do not have him yet so anyteam that does has a POD over me. But any team that does not have GAJ and Dependleberry will be mine. It's all about perseption TF. Right I need a Beer …To the fridge…


Good point, Dools. You having me swinging back to Gaz and Dependles.

9:30am…and I need a beer, too.


Hey Twoof,
That Pavlich fella is a solid choice regardless of age but Silvia mate???? Nah not until I see where Ross is playing him and the role he has in mind …Agree about Hodge I think people have disregarded purley on age…..The man is a player
Griff I fear as an ultra …Iwant him to be a jet but teams have had 6 months to watch tapes I think he may head down the S C who's hot and who's not path


I believe Sylvia has the ability to average 95 , but you're probably right there Dools. Wait and see what role Ross has in mind for him. Pavlich, the proven & safer option.

The thought of the Fremantle forward line this season, if they all stay sound is frightening: Pavlich, Mayne, Ballantyne, Walters, Sylvia & Gumby/Resting Sandi.


Hey mate I understand the reluctance on the Fwd s but who else is doing it? Combined if they avg 90 I will be very very happy my man. Individually if they hit the sweet spot lets say every 3 to 4 weeks I have hit a combo…Long shot but with the money tied up I can easily jump as Defence should be Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow (Henderson) , Suckling, Laidler, Gardner and Cutler ATM but again easily changed (I really want to do the Kade Simpson Def thing) had Scooter until today read an article from WA papers he is heading down the backline well so he says in te quotes so he got bumped. I will have to look into Robertson mate as I know nothing about the lad.
I llove te Hibberd , Hurn picks. I thought Hurn was still out ,is he up and about? I am a fan of old McDonald but i want to see him play in the big leagues B4 Ii commit $180K same ame with Hogan but Nab will sort some ill feelings on my behalve.
You may be taking no chances mate but look out for family life. I on the other hand will be taking no prisoners LOL


HAHAHAHA. That, my friend, is brilliant. And truer than the first sips of lager after a hot bit in the sun.

Robertson is the one Jock was hyping as a "secret pick" at mid. Gonna check him out to see if he's smoky material.

Your FWD logic is as hot as a docker's armpit, buddy. 90 average would be solid and with that squad they have proven they can get that. Durability may be a factor with Chappy, Pav and Tommahawk but it's a well-planned risk. You and Keyboard are on fire today, Doolser!


Anyone know how Yagmoor from the Pies is coming along, or will he even début?

Ruck Dilemma

Hey guys, I think my team is pretty well finalised aside from my rucks. I've currently got Lobbe, Grundy, Thurlow & Nankervis. Would appreciate some feedback on this.



Reckon that will be a pretty common ruck set up this year.

I think it depends on how much cash you have whether it might be an idea to go for a proven gun, or risk two that have only had one decent season. I'm in the same position, but I reckon it will end up having to do with how I settle the rest of my team and how the NAB cup pans out.


That's a decent looking ruck duo as both Grundy and Lobbe are pretty popular around these parts.

If Nic Nat is dominating in the NAB then he will almost certainly be my R1, otherwise I'll probably run with 3 midpricers out of Sandilands, Hickey, Grundy or Hmac and play the emergency loophole game.


None of them. Game isn't won down back.

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