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Jack Steven Supercoach 2014

G’day again community,

Since I last touched based with you guys, SuperCoach for 2014 has finally opened and we are now under way.

This time of year presents both excitement and frustration for all coaches, as our wants tend to exceed our resources.

In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at a young star that will cost dollars, but is ready to become an elite midfielder of the competition: Jack Steven.



2014 Price: $593,100
2014 Position: MID
2013 averages: 109.9 SC/98.2 DT
2012 averages: 89.8 SC/83.5 DT
2011 averages: 78.2 SC/79.7 DT
2010 averages: 62.5 SC/59.2 DT

Jack Steven arrived to the party in 2013, averaging a touch under 110 SC points and winning St Kilda’s Best and Fairest. Statistically, there was also a dramatic increase in Steven’s level of output. Averaging 20.2 touches in 2012, his numbers lifted to 26.8 disposals a game, ranking him 15th overall in the competition.

However, Jack wasn’t a prolific ball winner, with only 6 games with 30+ disposals and 10 games with a disposal count below 25+. So to justify the coin spent on Jack Steven, he’ll need to lift his ball winning ability to an elite level.

SuperCoach wise, Champion Data rated his end of the season much greater than his start. Scoring 8 tons in his last 9 games, Steven’s finish to the year suggests he has more than what it takes to be elite – notching up 36 touches in 100+ pt loss to Geelong and 35 touches in 59 pt loss to Sydney. He is bringing a very solid 2nd half to the year into this pre-season and for that, he must be seriously considered.

Looking ahead to season 2014, Jack Steven will become the main man in an evolving St Kilda midfield. With Nick Dal Santo gone, Lenny Hayes heading into his last season and Leigh Montagna on the wrong side of 30, it is time for Jack to shoulder the midfield workload.

He will also become number 1 target for opposition taggers, which means his selection must be treated with caution. Guys like Luke Dunstan, Jack Newnes, David Armitage and even a 34-year-old Lenny Hayes won’t pose too many headaches to opposition coaches. Temptation will be there to put their best taggers on Jack Steven or Leigh Montagna, especially now that Nick Dal Santo is no longer at the club.


2014 Predicted Status: Premium
Predicted Average 2014: 110-120 SC
Selection Status: In your calculations, but not automatic selection.


Final Word

Jack has all the tools to make the leap from promising to elite. His end to the season, especially against quality opposition (ignoring Fremantle’s 2nds) should be taken seriously. If he can bring the 8 100s in 9 games form, he will more than justify the near $600k price tag. Only hesitation I have, given the price tag, is how he will handle being a marked man in a side going through a transition phase. Opposition taggers will go straight to Jack Steven this season, so how he is able to handle the extra attention will determine if he’s worth the money. Should be considered, not an automatic lock though.

Your thoughts?

Mr Crimmins.

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The Great Mr Crimmins



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Good write up, the round 10 bye does make him more attractive as well without sharing it with so many other quality premiums… on the other hand this makes it hard to grab him later in the season as if the cows are mooing correctly then picking up Round 8 or 9 bye players after their byes is most likely. This perhaps makes him even more of an attractive POD… many things to consider, not that we can read too much into NAB cup but hopefully he gets tagged and we can see how he copes with the tag.

The Darwin Ducks

Great article Jock!!
Personally i love the kid. I am a geelong supporter and i saw him live when we beat the poor saints by 112 points or something ridiculous like that and he smashed it! i immediately had him in my selections for 2014 but now i'm second guessing it given what you said about the tag. i just dont know wether he can break it.
I dont think he is in my starting line up but is he a possible upgrade if he looks promising at the start of the season??

The Darwin Ducks

oh… send my apologies to the master himself!!
and yes he was killing it

The Mullet

For my money, when you are spending this much you want someone you don't have any reservations about, and the point about taggers is well made. Players of this price are the cornerstones of the team. For similar money I'd rather have Barlow or Jack. Better still, try to scrape another 8k together for Jobe. You know you will want him at the pointy end of the sesaon. Grab him now and save the trade.


Hi my team because no one will give me advice on the other one.

Defenders: J. Mcveigh, S. Mitchell, P. Hanley, M. Suckling, Kade K, L. Mcdonald Bench:M. Fuller, T. Cutler

Midfield: GAJ, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, D. Beams, D. Thomas, J. Martin, J. Aish, D. Sheed Bench: L. Dunstan, A. Morabito

Ruck: N. Naitnui, A. Sandilands Bench: F. Thurlow, T. Nankervis

Forwards:P. Dangerfield, D. Martin, L. Franklin, S. Motlop, J. Hogan, D. Garlett Bench: L. Taylor, M. Honeychurch



Hey Jock who do you think Jack Watts or Zorko?


Sorry Jock but i need your help disregard by old message i have a choice of either Jimmy Bartel, Dane Zorko and Jack Watts and i can only keep two who do you think?


hey Jeremy you should look at Shannon Hurn in the backline along with maybe Brandon jack on the bench?


A lot of hype I've been hearing about Hurn, what's the attraction? I like the look of D Swallow, looking forward to seeing him in the NAB cup with another preseason and a strong cohesive midfield around him (if he gets the midfield time that I am hoping he will of course!)


also i think you might be wasting your money on sandy maybe look at Hicky or Grundy?


Jeremy –
Motlop could be a late starter – overcoming injury it seems, so maybe Zorko is a better option. He looks very fit this pre-season (I just wonder if he is in the right team to get enough points – should do at least last years price and potential for higher). The two rookies on the field and two on the bench is not bad policy (just have to check NAB and R1 selections). It's hard to pick many holes in the team. I don't know much about this Cutler character – is he likely to start R1? Good luck with your team.


G’day Jezza,
Dfenders Hmmm 1 st three are sound choices SucklingI am aware they tout him for rnd one but if not then Who with the money left Not a fan of KK too much buck for your bang to start off with but maybe he is a jet? I do not think so this early on . Like the cover players though.
Mids are very good with depth of players and I get the Moribito pick – Just be aware he is not in full pre season so highly unlikely to feature in 1st 3 ,4 rounds and when he does it will be vest mate.
Rucs – Geez Jezza high , high risk NicNat not even close ATM I Love him but with injuries still Nah, Sandilands He will be nursed along until they really need him Vest material at best Your R cover is okay given Nankervis but with both injured R1 &2 you are on the trade trail from the start
Fwds; Motlop has had surgery in the UK last week he will not be in Cat side ’till round 5 or 6 and yes he will be vested so Geelng can look after the Jet but rested and vested for sure so whom do you like? I would maybe pick Rohan after NAB viewing but.
Anywho thats my 2 cents mate.


I think out of the 3 of Mitchell, mcveigh and bartel only 1 will be a top 6 defender come season end… Not a good history to back up top defenders starting and finishing top (if you take Goddard out of the equation it's far worse too). Might be a bit risky with 2 of those guys. Better value elsewhere perhaps?

Mids is strong, how is your round 8 bye looking, maybe Watson or Griff to start instead of one of GAJ/Jelwood/Pendles. Personally I'd drop Jelwood as I thought I read some minor injury recently which might mean he gets off to a slower start?

Beams is solid and Daisey if fit for round 1 no problems.

I have played with nic nat/sandi… Fair risk but could be massive reward. Not sure if I have the balls, but maybe go for it if you do!

Martin is possibly going to play more time down back this year, could hurt his scoring? Danger/buddy are locks for me. Maybe worth Dixon to free some cash and make the link with Thurlow for extra backup for Sandi/nic nat?

Rookies cant say until NAB but not sold on Hogan, first year KPF could be very up and down and the D's May cotton wrap him to ensure his progression over the next few years while they rebuild? If no Dixon also the amazingly talented Daw could be an option if he gets some ruck time… Not a great 2013, but that one game… Wow 🙂

Big Cheese

Jelwood had some minor surgery on his foot (to remove a pin or a screw or something?). But he is a tough little (word that starts with F and rhymes with tucker) so he may just be right to go for R1


hey Jeremy

Not a bad side mate. DEF needs a POD if you a scroll in all the threads in this site. You'll definitely see these Players in their side McVeigh, Bartel, Mitchell, Walker, Hanley and Rookies

MID is a little bit heavy on Premiums I'd say drop Selwood maybe pick up Watson, Cotchin or Rockliff

RUCK i like your choice of Rookies but keep an eye on you R1 and R2 in NAB challenge on how they both go. You also need cover here as both of your starting Ruck are under injury management. Might want to get Dixon on the Forward Line.

FWD Motlop can be that POD however i dont think he'll be ready for Rnd1 there's better options out there, like i said in you Ruck position you need Dixon for his DPP.
if you free Selwood in MID and maybe get Watson, Rockliff or Cotchin you've save your $80K to $100K

Big Cheese

Hi mate, Motlop has just gone under the knife or is about to, I wanted him in my team but giving him a miss for now

Big Cheese

And then I continued reading and saw The Mullet's comment… beat me to it! by 14 hours apparently. Thanks a lot Mullet!! haha




Stop shouting Jezza.

IMO Kruez is a risky option because warnock will be doing 80% of the tap work at Carlton and Kruez will probably be a KPF/relieving ruck. More value to the blues this way but not so good for supercoach.

Research is about dedication to the task, it is not about taking shortcuts.
Please read and/or provide feedback on other peoples team posts before you start shouting that people are not responding to you.

Many of the questions you have will probably be addressed in other posts as some of us have been going at this since september last year.


Thanks and I will join the community. Would you give me any other suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeremy

The Mullet

Hi Jeremy. Motlop has just had a minor knee op and won't play for at least the first few weeks. There is a snippet on the Cats website.


Looks like a great option but would rather have rockliff as a rd 10 bye player for the same price.


Good read Mr Crimmins. J Steven has been in and out of my SC for weeks now. I just can't make my mind whether to select him or not. I have been tossing between J Steven, K Jack and Rockliff. ATM…I have K Jack. Reading your article has somewhat helped me, but may change my mind another 10 times before rnd 1.

Could you help with this one….I have a few questions on Ricky Henderson for those who are in the know how….currently I have Hendo in SC only, since just about every one will have the same backline, I want to have a few P.O.D's. Keep on chopping and changing my SC team and Hendo seems to offer value.
I have J McVeigh and S Mitchell as my premiums like many thousands of other coaches but I've been undecided on J Bartel. The money I saved on Bartel, I picked up another premium in my midfield.

Do u think Hendo is worth picking up? Could Hendo have a breakout season? Hendo or Hibberd or B Goodes or T Mckenzie
Your thoughts would greatly appreciated.


Hibberd is a solid choice and I think offers better value than Bartel. His role at the Bombers makes him one of our most important players.

When Henderson played FWD he only averaged about 60 but as a def about 105. Once Walker is back and the crows forward line is firing I think he will take off. I have him in the team at the moment but need to see where he plays in the NAB and even where they pick him to play round 1 perhaps?

Can a player of Goodes age still get 2nd year blues?


Thanx Chaz…. I like Hibberd and is very tempting. Might come down to best option for the MBR's.


Brilliant Article MR Crimmins
If I was to pick 2 of Tom Rockliff, Jack Steven, Trent Cotchin and Nat Fyfe!
What would be your Picks?


Cotchin and Fyfe imo


G’day Ryan. I can’t help but think back to the GF when I think of Fyfe. He plucked some beauties but butchered it. Could have won them the flag but didn’t. I also get nervous about any player coached by Ross Lyon.


Agree pieman, I'm hoping he learns from it and becomes better for the experience. However it could go the other way and be a sign of things to come.


Cotchin, Rockcliff
Both had below par years. Cotchin battling perhaps a knee injury and Rockcliff thrown down forward at the beginning of the year.


I think I will be definitely Locking in Rockliff Just need to figure out on Fyfe and Cotchin hmm gonna be a tough decision!


Very tough decision, Cotchin is a proven elite midfielder, and Fyfe has the ability to take a big mark and kick a few goals. But IMO I don't think you could go wrong with either.


I have Rocky and Cotchin locked at the moment. But i’m keeping an eye on Fyfe in NAB challenge on whether he has improve with his disposals efficiency.


Cotchin for sure! Don't see the other 3 being top 8 mids yet… Cotchin is pretty good value this year, though not as good value as Pendles and Watson. Depends on your other prems though as Cotchin is a round 8 bye?


Could Go Rocky Watson But just need 2 mids around 600K or less


Plus I already have GAJ And Pendles


Thanks Crimmo.
Looking at draws and late season form you'd have to say he was a lock But IMO Jack might get a bit of a shock at the intensity of the #1 tagger and a game plan targeting him. I think that he's good enough to work through it but it wont happen quickly so he's likely to go down in value a fair bit before he goes up.


Agreed Wombats. Drawn in by his superb 2013 numbers but the dynamics of Saints has changed and he's clearly the man every tagger will be shooting for. A wait and see choice for sure.


Spot on Wombat couldn’t have said it any better.


Great article on one of the most improved players in the AFL but Can't see him average 110+ Especially with the increased likelihood of a tag and the lack of support. Would prefer to spend that on more underpriced options such as Cotchin, Rockcliff, beams, Murph who all I beleive represent better value and are more sure picks that are less likely to drop in value.


I have murphy at the momment but keep trying to change to shuey, who would you have


Murph for sure. Both had off years but Murph is the more proven and prolific SC scorer.


thats wat im thinking proven gun,


I'm almost wondering if it would be a stronger move to have Murph instead of Beams (if you were only going to pick one). As DimmaWit pointed out in the Herald article, he has a better SC average than Beams. And even with Daisy, he's there main guy in the mid and has shown to be able to shake a tag. Beams has the benefit of Swan and Pendles so maybe escapes the opposition's main tagger.

Not sold. Just considering. What do you think?


Smurf has proven not to handle the Tag well. So because of that, he will get the #1 tag as he has the ability to tear you apart if left alone.
Beamer may get tagged in some games but you can't let Swanny and Pendles run free and as such I don't believe he will get tagged all that often. If he does become the # 1 Tag target, that means he has been carving it up and will be over $600K by then anyhow giving you the option to trade.
I've got both but if had to choose 1, Beamer every day of the week.


Agree he didn't handle the tag well last year, but giving him benefit of doubt, he was injured most of the year and handling Mick's system. 2012 numbers he seemed to handle the tag a bit better, although maybe wasn't the primary target (yet with those numbers, I would say he was most of the time).

I'm leaning towards Beams as well. Just too many pros in his favor.


Beams is the first fella picked in my side. It's going to take something pretty "significant" during the NAB for me to ditch him.

May even make him my captain some weeks through the loophole if he can regain some of that 2012 form!

Make no mistake I think Smurf is a great option too. Has been in and out of my side but all your talking up of Ellis lately is rubbing off on me so I'm running with him instead…for now.


Ha. Young Brandon is what I call a "soft lock." Digging his upside. With Cotchin, Lids and Martin gaining tagger attention, just see him going off.

Beams is the universal lock. And warrants it. Not sure about Blues with Daisy and how that will aid or disrupt the balance. Murph has some questions to answer where Beams has none. Regardless, because of his price, Murph will be fairly easy to slot in as a corrective if he goes gangbusters off the bat.


SCadd, I agree, Beams for mine. I think he has greater improvement this year compared to Murphy due to the tag factor. Beams is having a great pre-season too. But like many I can't overlook either of them at this point. Both in.


Smurph is a lock for so many reasons that this comments field crashes when I try to list them all.
I suggest researching his scores when Carrazzo was fit also consider other factors that will impact his scoring output this year such as Tom Bell crashing murphs tag at every throw-in and round the ground ball-up.
I expect 120's all year


Rather bold prediction, Wombats. I agree that he'll hit 120+ more times than not. And probably will be more comfortable in his captaincy. Interested to see how Daisy on board affects his play. For the price it seems hard not to have both him and Beams on your team.


2nd that, Murph and Beams smash the charts for value per av point per game over the last 3 years… Durability for Beams and breaking that tag the problem for Murph. Could be a season of the have or have nots… Just no one knows the correct choice, but that's what makes it fun!


Agree there. Think with the rook price increase and former prems at mid values, it will make this a very exciting year for SC. Just setting and forgetting it will be penalized.

Also think about taking some more risks with your cap choices. Well, calculated risks. Need to dig into past efforts more and the opposition's defense against such players. Throwing the C on Cox Rd3 last year.


Good discussion lads!

Both Beams & Murphy appear too difficult to pass up at the reduced price. I do like to steer a little clear of the 'norm' and have a few unique's. But finding my hand is forced with these two. At present i have Beams & Shuey, but Shuey could be easily replaced with Murphy.

Looking at this article:

I'm starting to think Beams & Murphy may be fine. Can't believe neither of them are in this Top 10. Side note: Only 12% of saved squads have chosen Gary Ablett….WOW!


Read that T-woof. Wonder how big that sampling is? (how many people compared to number of people played last year). Ask that because of numbers you mention and the missing Beams/Murph. Plus, Riewoldt was #2 in popularity?!? That seems off.

Reckon in the end most will have Beams. Half will have Beams and Murph. Think Shuey might be a rock solid POD for M4/5. Numbers for WCE players will be going up, especially if NicNat is playing and core stay healthy.


I sent a tweet to HS Super Footy & Al Paton, hoping to receive some info on the sample size re those stats….eagerly awaiting now.

Agree with you Throttle, Rooey #2 Fwd…surely not.


Upgrade target at best! Will get smashed by the tag this year, might pick him up for about 100K less after his bye as a handy pod.


Sorry Farnzy, went to give you a Thumbs up but fingers too fat at the moment after all the holiday cheer and it came out as a thumbs down.
Good comment. Couldn't agree more


Top article Mr Crimmins, don't see me picking him myself as I don't like that uncertainty of how he'll handle the tag but could prove to be a great little pickup for anyone with the cohunas to pick him.


I love Jacky Steven but with the # 1 tag and at that starting price, ill look at perhaps bringing him in later in the year once he learns how to deal with the attention ( and at a significantly cheaper price of course).


Thinking about liberatore? Could be a decent pod?


Solid choice and could push into that top lvl of mids


Agreed. Still on the up and thus should be averaging around 110-112 come seasons end. Excellent POD


On board with you here DF, currently my M2.
Fast becoming a LOCK rather than POD


Great to have you back Mr Crimmins and I trust you have maintained your skin folds in the off season.

I personally just can't bring myself to place a crucial POD chip on Jack Steven as I do doubt your 110-120 pt ave. prediction.

I do however, have my eye on a few seaford rookies; thoughts on Billings, Dunstan, Markworth?

Peter Higginbotham

Give It A Go

Great article, watching J Steven play last season I was sure he was going into my side this SC but with Nick gone it looks like he could get tagged quite a lot, have to see how he tackles the tag in the NAB, changed to Liberatore for the time being.
Check out my latest side, give me some room of thought.

Goes like this

Bartel, Hanley, Swallow, D, Tuohy, Z, Laidler, J or Pearce, D, Cutler, T, Fuller, M

Ablett, G, Pendlebury, S, Liberatore, T, Beams, D, Daisy, or Sheed, Dunstan, Taylor, Robertson and Garlett

Goldstein, Dixon, Hickey and Thurlow

Dangerfield, Martin, Chapman, Zorko, Rohan or Impey, Freeman and Kennedy-Haris

Be interesting community to give me a run down



Maybe Thurlow or Dixon to the FWD line to give you the link from the start? Some good value with the mid priced rucks, so I would suggest maybe drop one of Martin/Chapman/Zorko and pop Dixon in there and then take your pick of Nic Nat / Sandy / McIntosh / Grundy / Lobbe etc. in the ruck. Perhaps give you some extra value and even with a risky player you have the link with Thurlow/Dixon to cover them if they go down/rested just for 1-2 games?


Why have Hickey on the bench that is atleast 200K Left over is you just grab A Rookie! That would allow you to do another upgrade!


Yes I have little interest in starting with him in classic Supercoach. Need to see a far greater body of work of being 'da man!' before I invest nearly 6% of my precious salary cap in him.

So I'll stick to the other Jack as an elite POD thanks…Kieran Jack that is, for virtually identical clams.

However I will be keeping an eye on young Stevens in my draft league. May look to snaffle him there if still available after 20 odd picks or so.


Going back and forth with KJack and Libba. Doggies easy draw and Libba's cheaper price have me slotting him in. Not sure.

Stevens is the perfect watch list guy. The questions raised are the ones that preclude him for a R1 selection on TF's squad.


I agree regarding Jack Steven, not for my starting SC team either, but you've got to love his explosive power in around the packs, an elite player.


Mr Crimmins, can you advise if last seasons Break Even prices carry over to this year?


In short, BE doesn't carry over… but I am not sure if that is what you meant, below is some info on how it works;

Price is based upon their average over last season and break even is then that average, though they play 3 games before a price change and then the BE is actually based on the average of those scores vs their now changed price.

For example Franklin has an average of 90.4 last year and is priced at 487k based upon this average and playing over 12 games in the season. His break even is therefore 90 and if he scores 90 every week for 2014 then his price won't change. In week 1 and 2 he scores 100 each round his break even would drop to 70 (270 total and still average of 90) and then based upon his round 3 score his price would change on the average of those 3 weeks.

So the value is finding 3 types of players from what I can work out which are;
– Players who had a poor year last year for some reason such as Zorko being played out of position and moved around a lot in the pocket. If he again plays further up the field we can find value here.
– Players who were subbed in a lot of games, such as Majak Daw, he scored a huge score in the one full game and bagged 6 goals. His other games he was subbed and if he avoids the vest and improves his game smarts then he could be value
– Players who were injured and a large missed games get a discount, for example someone like Daisey gets a 20% discount (I think) because he played so few games. For example Daisey played only 5 games with an average of 79.2 while Shane Savage played 15 games with an average of 63.3 and has almost exactly the same price.

Hope that helps clear things up!


Thank you for your reply. This changes my thinking again.

Give It A Go

Any thoughts on Chapman? Great price


He's proven he has what it takes, solely reliant on his body.


Spot on, great value if he can string together the first 10 – 15 weeks in a row. Don't think he will be a keeper or a top 10 FWD for the season, but can get you some decent scores while making you a bit of cash and then upgrade mid season perhaps?

My only concern is that with the value players this season he is probably up there as one of the riskier options yet doesn't offer the same sort of return that a Thomas, Nic Nat, Sandilands, Beams can offer? As a Bombers supporter I hope I am wrong and he kicks a bag every week, plays 22 games plus finals and we win the flag… but can't take that into SC consideration 🙂


What are your thoughts on Mark Baguley? 374k, so not that expensive, looks good with the ball. Can't see too many sides having him, could be a good P.O.D?


Here is my team as it stands for now,

Any thoughts?


McVeigh, J – Henderson, R – Swallow, D

Docherty, S – McDonald, L – Fuller, M

Langdon, T – Cutler, T


Ablett, G – Pendlebury, S – Cotchin, T – Beams, D

Murphy, M – Caddy, J – Michie, V – Sheed, D

Dunstan, L – O’Rouke, J


Lobbe, M – Longer, B

Thurlow, F – Nankervis, T


Dangerfield, P – Roughead, J – Dixon, C

Tippett, K – Taylor, L – Honeychurch, M

Kersten, S – Garlett, D

Still have $190K


Oops! My bad. Beams out Rockliff in and still have
$190K to spend.


Looks good Jono, nice team.

I'd look to see if Henderson is playing majority defense or forward this year. As Chaz said above: He averaged 100 odd playing DEF, and only 60 odd playing FWD.
Maybe an upgrade target when Adelaide has a fit forward line.

As for the FWDs, I tend to look for the MID/FWD players – as MIDs generally score higher, and you can trade to open up swing sets. Key forwards seem to have a higher standard deviation and score low scores more frequently.
Maybe a Dusty or Wingard instead of Dixon? I'd also favor Buddy over Tippett, but neither are in my team.

But it's all about the quality of the P.O.D. players we have 🙂


Great write up Mr Crimmins,

He certainly exploded last year and you made a very astute choice if you were on him early. That said, he's very hard to justify this time around, especially if you're saving money on the Beams/Murphy combo, you're more likely to spend your savings on Ablett/Pendles or on another line.

Definitely makes for a god POD but he's not at point where you couldn't quickly upgrade him if he took the next step.

The Mullet

The Essendon talls are an interesting situation this year. I'm gambling on Daniher getting a LOT more game time early in the season until Bellchambers is 100% again. Thinking of starting the season with him, then trading up to Tex Walker when he comes on the bubble. Thoughts anyone?


Not sure if they'll play him in ruck, can see opposition ruck man knocking him around a bit, but with the departure of crameri and gumbleton, I can see him getting consistent playing time in the forward line, and possibly Fraser Thurlow getting a go in the ruck.


They certainly are an interesting proposition mate…

Even with the set-back to Bellchambers, Daniher won't be risked and I can still see his work load being managed. For $270K there are more reliable scoring options with higher ceilings.

In that price range, keep an eye on Jed Lamb, Alex Fasolo and Jesse Hogan in the NAB Cup and see if they are going to play consistent footy, if so I'd be taking one of them over Daniher.

Otherwise try fiddling with your structure and pick out a rookie to replace Danhier and spend the money on another line.

The Mullet

Good advice Dave. I'll watch the three you mentioned. I have rookies at F5,6,7 and 8 at the moment. I'd prefer not to have a rookie F4. IMO, the FWD rookies this year look like wearing the vest a lot with poorer job security than the other lines. Good point about Thurlow Ryan. At the minute he is my R4, mainly for his DPP. He is in the mix for sure, but I'm thinking Ryder will spend most of his time in the ruck until Belchambers is right, hence them needing Daniher forward until Ryder is freed up. One thing is for sure….Ryder is in for a busy year.


Cheers mate,

I can understand why you wouldn't want another rookie on the field and the concern about them copping the vest. See how those mid-pricers go in the NAB Cup and think about upgrading one or more of your rookies.

Good luck!

Footy in me


REDEN Out for the first 2 months of footy.
LOBBE will ruck solo like he did for the second half of 2013 season.

I predict a great start for LOBBE this season, i predict 100-105 avg for at least the first 2 months.


Might be a good stepping stone to a Minson/Goldstein now.

Wasn't considering him at all. But with this news, think i just may now.

Lobbe Round 9 Bye, fits in nicely with Sandi (Round 10). Goldstein has a Round 8 bye. So come round 9 a trade of Lobbe>Goldstein is possible.

Footy in me

agree mate

this is my team for now

DEF: Hanley, Hurn, Swallow, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, McDonald, Cutler, Fuller

MID: Ablett, K.Jack, Fyfe, Cotchin, S.Mitchell, D.Beams, Sheed, Dunstan, Morabito, Garlett

RUCK: Lobbe, Sandilands, Thurlow, Nankervis

FWD: Danderfield, Dixon, Franklin, Zorko, Rohan, Markworth, Taylor, Honeychurch

48k good amount left over


Thanks TG

With Walker coming back and an addition of PODS up fwd plus acting crew the likes of Jenkins, Kerridge, Ottens, Lynch and McKernan I think their fwd line pretty pack. If ever Henderson will be put in there won’t be for the majority of the season as their back line is slim at the moment.

As Tippett I like his chances now Buddy is in the mix, opponents will be concentrating on him more. If Dixon is fit he can make so much damage up fwd and DPP stat can and will be valuable at the early stage of season until I upgrade my Rucks.

Dustin I like, but i’ll wait on how Caddy goes a possible upgrade there too.

Really appreciate your comment TG
And yes PODs are the main ones, picking the right one will win you games, but picking the wrong can ruin you forever. Hehehe
Hopefully I have got it right.


I would like some feedback and ideal replacements if there are any problems

Sam Mitchell
Jimmy Bartel
Pearce Hanley
Matt Sucking
K Kolodjashnij
L McDonald
(T Langdon)
(M Fuller)

G Ablett
J Watson
T Liberatore
M Murphy
D Beams
S Savage
J Martin
L Dunstan
(C Ellis-Yolmen)
(J O'Rourke)

I Maric
N Naitanui
(M Apeness)
(D Currie)

P Dangerfield
J Roughead
C Dixon
J Billings
L Taylor
D Garlett
(J Kennedy-Harris)
(M Honeychurch)


Who would you say are some good options for the 1 and 2 in the rucks?


You could take Minson and Goldstein, and not have to worry about them, or could take a punt on a potentially underpriced sandilands. There are also a few ruck man at roughly 500k that look appealing: Ryder from essendon is an interesting prospect now that bellchambers is injured, and Mumford should assume number one ruck role at GWS, could be significant however if they continue to give Giles a lot of ruck time.


Nic Nat is still at the top of my shopping list for an R1 if he can get himself up for round 1 and there are no hints of niggles or the slightest of setbacks from now until then.

He's been carefully managed and hoping to play all 22 games but we will just have to watch him closely in the lead up to the season proper.

The Eagles have a ridiculously soft start to 2014 opening up against the Doggies(h), Dees(a) and Saints(h) so it sure would be sweet if we could jump on him from the get go.

As far as an R2 any of the midprice men such as Sandi, Hickey, Hmac and Grundy all look pretty appealing to me depending on NAB form and health.


I have locked in leuy and lobbe hoping the will improve on impressive seasons last year and become those ultra premium s


Agree SCaddict, if Nic Nat is fit, NAB will tell, then he is R1 for me as well. R2-Sandi, R3-Hickey, R4-a playing rookie.


Hi would love some advice on my team:

DEF: Mcveigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, L. Mcdonald (Fuller, Cutler)

MID: GAJ, Pendles, Murphy, beams, Daisy, Aish, Dunstan, Michie (Honeychurch, Taylor)

RUC: Mcevoy, Sandilands (Nankervis, Thurlow)

FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Dixon, Pavlich, Kersten, Garlett (Impey, Kennedy-Harris)

Should i downgrade swallow to a R. Shaw or docherty?

Also dixon or franklin?


Thorough insight Mr Crimmins – gold as always.

I'd be interested to get your take (and others) which way you would go as far as these 3 up and coming premos go:

Jack Steven v Tommy Liberatore v Rory Sloane


I'd start with Libba & Sloane because I expect a small hiccup for Jack as he adjusts to a game plan that targets him. neither Rory or Tom will have that problem


Thumbs UP for Dayne Zorko and Thumbs DOWN for Chad Wingard, Help!


Hey guys

Steven, Rockliff or Jack


I like the look of Jack personally, opposition teams seem to put the real hard tag on Hannebury, so Jack could be a reliable pick.

Give It A Go

Hi community

Is there any info on Buntine, M of GWS and Young, A of PA? Had some good SC points for the time they played last season.

thanks everyone


Hey GIAG. I've had Buntine slotted in my side. Has shown signs of strong SC scores. Figure with Shaw and Hunt will help and he'll be used in the half back more. Like Young too as he's shown potential.

Give It A Go

Thanks TF,

Buntine is in my team at the moment, with a lot of the rookies priced high and not taken to the field, Buntine and Young have both show that they can get good SC points which could become great PODs.
My Mids could change with young in them though,
What do you think of this midfield?
Ablett, Pendelbury, Liberatore, Ziebell, Beams, D, Thomas, D, with R6-R7 Dunstan, L, Taylor, L, Robertson, N, Garlett, D

With all the other leaves me $1500 though



I like that mids a lot, GiveIt. Ziebell is a great POD pick (I'm leaning towards Cunnington but may switch to Zman). Libba is a bit pricey but think he'll be in fine form given Doggies easy draw. You may want to consider dropping Daisy for J. Martin. Get some cash and give you a chance to see how long Daisy and his ankle take to warm up.

Give It A GO

I suppose its down to the NAB for lots of twists and turns who my final team will be,if Daisy fires and ankle ok, then I could put him in after the 2nd round and get some good cash advance while dropping and under preforming player!
If Nic Nac stays strong then he will be my R1 and Ryder R2, without Bellchambers then he shoud amass top SC points

What do you think?


I currently have McEvoy as my R1. If NicNat shows strong form in NAB, I'll slot him in. No thinking there. Ryder it's based more on hope than past performances. Yes, he does better without Belly in there. But not a guaranteed 100+. Still risky. Had him last season and he was all over the place. Like a bit more stability in the rucks.

Give It A Go

Yeah I had Ryder all the through, drove me made at times (most of), was thinking of trading when Bellchambers get back, Why McEvoy?


McEvoy was with the Saints last season and averaged 93. High of 140. Pretty good for the team like the Saints (sorry Jock). Shared the spot with Hickey a bit. Think on a team with a dynamic mids where he's the #1 ruck, his numbers should skyrocket. Approach Will and Goldy levels. Played all 22 games and Sammy Mitchell has been talking about the joy of having a "running ruck" on his side.

Give It A Go

Sounds like a lock for me.

Thanks TF


Only way I would change McEvoy is if NicNat is fit and shows strong signs of pre-injury form during Nab (I suspect they won't play him much. Why run the risk?)


Thoughts on my team? Winning my league is the goal! What would you change?

DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Suckling, R.Shaw, Kolo, McDonald, Fuller, Laidler

MID: Ablett, Watson, Rockliff, Murphy, D.Beams, Martin, Sheed, Dunstan, C.Beams, M.Crouch

Rucks: Ryder, Sandi, Apeness, Thurlow

FWD: Danger, Martin, Buddy, Fasolo, M.Clark, Billings, Kersten, Taylor

$280k in the bank for early cover on pre price change mistakes.

Cheers Murf 🙂


What's up, Murf. Here's my 2 cents:

DEF: Strong prem combo. Keep a NAB eye on Suckling. May not be full strength off the bat. Consider Docherty or Buntine. Cheaper could be faster upgrade material. Rooks and reserves very strong.

MID: Rawkin mids! Have been playing with Jobe instead of Pendles off the bat myself. Murph/Beams combo can't lose. Strong rooks selection that will give you flexibility if one doesn't make way into round one. M. Crouch is an inspired pick, although I don't think we'll see him before R5.

RUCKS: You're weak area. Don't know about the SC prowess of Ryder. Too up and down. And Sandi is great for an upgrade pick but you're still pushing a lot of risk. Consider Lobbe. Tad cheaper and with Redden out, the #1 ruck for Power.

FWD: Very nice forwards as well. Clark you need to keep a keen eye on during Nab. Not too big on Billings as a pick. Hurt in preseason and I buy into DimmaWit's logic that you should have only 1 $200K+ rook (and that would be Martin). Something to consider is to make Danger your first upgrade and use the money to strengthen F4. Maybe get Chappy. He'll come out like gangbuster. Fast track you to get Danger, as his price will probably drop given his usual slow start…and keeping a $600K value is very difficult. Also consider Gunston or Pav.


Great feedback champ much appreciated!

Considering Ellis, thoughts?