Preseason research index

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Cheat Sheets

Pre lockout Rookie Cheat sheet 


Midpricer cheat sheet 


Premium cheat sheet


The inner sanctum TEAM REVEAL


Essesntial tools

NAB School: Download your pre game worksheets and see how the inner sanctum saw each game. Essential research hereThe Higginator. Peter Higginbotham’s Supercoach team analysis tool has revolutionised the way we look at our team structure. Analysis of bye friendliness, team rookie/mid/premium ratio and more.


Stats Interface. This is a beautiful set of tables with advanced analysis of each players 2013 performance including reliability, seasonal splits. Will be one of your best research mates when you want to look at last year’s stats.

Significant Podcasts


Jay Clark shares his BOLD Supercoach team selection strategy. Jay has been the start of Fox Footy Supercoach Show and is into the caper up to his eyeballsInterview with last year’s Supercoach $50,000 prize winner. Some exceptional advice around team structure here.


Anatomy of an elite Supercoach team. Peter Higginbotham’s stunning analysis of winning Supercoach teams of the past


Jock’s team selection wisdoms. I share the team selection wisdoms that I take with me into every season.


Wayno and Jock put 2014 defenders under the microscope Young Wayno makes his flapping tarp studio debut and knocks em dead.


Al Paton interview. We talk Supercoach 2014 with Al Paton from the Herald Sun. Good bloke. Knows his fantasy footy.


2014 Strategy articles

The Elephant in the Room – Part 1 and Part 2 look at how to structure your midfields to avoid the byeThe five golden team selection rules by last year’s Supercoach champion This is a must folks. John Bruyn took the bikkies home and bagged the $50K last season and he shares his secrets.


Analysing a Winning team – he’s no DimWit! Here’s Higgo’s masterpiece. Read this to learn about how to play this game at the elite level.


Is Guns and Rookies DEAD? Mick The Mad Irishman came 27th in 2013. He looks at the rookie price rise and the demise of guns n rookies strategy. One of the articles of the preseason for mine.

Options by team

Barron Von Crow (follow him on twitter) has been an exceptional addition to the team this season. He has reviewed all of the fantasy relavent options at these teams so far (with the rest to come before kick off):Adelaide







Gold Coast Suns

Greater Western Sydney



North Melbourne

Port Adelaide


St Kilda


..and look out for the rest as Bazz whacks them up

Individual player analysis



Luke Dahlhaus

Stewart Crameri

Colin Sylvia

Lance Franklin


Nat Fyfe

Dayne Beams

Scott Pendlebury

Bernie Vince

Dale Thomas

Nick Dal Santo

Jack Steven


Matthew Lobbe

Ben McEvoy


Kade Simpson

Pearce Hanley

Heath Shaw


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It warms my heart to see our community get involved on the site. We pride ourselves on being an online community dedicated to helping fantasy footballers of ALL abilities achieve their goals. How? As a COMMUNITY. We treat everyone with respect. We help each other. We achieve great things.

Lets dominate this caper in 2014!

Jock Reynolds

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Where is the bloody scrolling player selector! This business with having to click to get to the next page does not make for easy selections!


Definitely an irritation when you are trying to change your team a gazillion times like I do.

Hopefully the feedback is received at Supercoach land and this is fixed pronto.


If if helps you can search up a players name. I find it easier to do that 😀


Agree lads! Missing the scrolling ability is huge. I gave some HS serve via twitter.

Not a fan of the new IOS looking design. Little disappointed.

Rayza Ray

Also last year we had an Activity Feed icon that gave us an alert as to posts from our league mates we now have this menial version at the bottom of the leagues page. Looks like an after thought. I don't know about you guys but in our league it gets hammered! And we loved it. Hopefully the powers to be read this and give us back that Icon (Activity Feed) otherwise if you don't go into leagues you wouldn't know its there.


Aaarrrrgghhh! Why can't they just different interfaces for different devices phone/pc etc. This is crap on a PC and that's where I do all my research and team building/trading, I only use the phone to check scores.

Supercoach, your user experience team are rubbish and whoever did the DT site is just as bad but, at least they have a funky drag and drop trade/substitute function.

If it wasn't for a superior points allocation system to DT this new design would have caused to stop using Supercoach, I've already canned my DT team in protest.


Lol Wombats. At least vapormedia listened after 3 years. If it is indeed them that created the interface this year. Funny thing is, they were responsible for both the site (which I thought was quite good) and the terrible app


Sportsbets fantasy competition doesn’t have many entrants and with $50, 000 in prize money its worth putting a team in. Take a look here –


Hey Jock can you give the SC design team a blast for not consulting us before making significant user experience changes?


Agree. I do digital advertising for a living and the updates, especially the interface, is atrocious. There is NO reason why you shouldn't be able to read all the player info without leaving your team selection page. Having to save every time you want to research something is really web 1.0. And they should've stick with the scrolling players. Having a page reload every time you want to see more players is very web 1.0.

Also, on the team selection page your primary info (i.e. trades left, remaining salary, etc) should be a persistent nav. Meaning, when you scroll down, it should stay so you can always reference it. And when you use the compare players, you can not easily swap to see how another player compares or more importantly, go deeper into one player's data card.

While I like the added data and player cards, last year's interface was more streamlined. Think this is a step back for them.


Hi Throttle thanks for the support.
I also fancy myself as a designer, started with surfwear in 80's and have recently designed a suite of innovative commercial websites/Apps that launch mid-year. When/where I lived in NYC was known as 'Silicon Alley' during the dotcom boom and there were a lot of unemployed web designers at my local bar. One of them who became a close friend also designed the poster for the city's 'Thank-You' Ball for the NYFD after 9/11.


Nice Wombats. Remember that poster in fact. I was fortunate to live in San Francisco during the web boom in the 90s. (moved to NYC in 2000). Went from doing print advertising to digital. Learning as you go. But there was soooooo much work. Was able to go freelance and tour with my band. Great times.

Wish the Herald would seek an outside agency to re-think the SC interface. Don't think it has to be drastically changed. But god is in the details and they seemed to add features at the expense of user experience. Pretty awful.


Just in case they read this thread:-).

It's dead simple to satisfy everybody. Simply copy last years interface code and replace the db links. Then either place a button on the homepage for 2013 interface or provide the options in account settings.

Yeah I have a signed copy of the poster and a photo of him presenting it to me at Tracey J's on 19th St.


Wow. Is that bad boy framed and on the wall?

That fix would certainly be the easiest to make. What I don't understand is that they use an overlay for the player cards. Why not put an "expand" tab so you can see the full profile? Or even do the comparison. That way you don't have to leave the page. Ugh. So frustrating.


Nah the poster is still rolled up in a posting tube somewhere in my storage bay along with a velvet & silver invitation to the VIP room for the FHM Young Rich & Single party hosted by Paris & Nikki Hilton. The poster presentation photo (film & negative) are still somewhere amongst a box of thousands from my days of celluloid photography. I do have a scan of the photo on a usb somewhere.


Gotta get those digitized, Wombats. Day and age always go to have backups of your stuff. Actually sifting through old photos. Funny how when I was a kid you basically got 2 pictures a year taken. Now it's like 2 every day.

Thinking Danger for forwards. Need some substance there. Like having Gaz as mid. Assured points. All players will slide at some point but don't thing those two will slide far, especially given both teams should be in better form than last.


As previously mentioned Danger starts like a 1920's tractor plus this year his 1st game is at the cattery. Sure he has the showdown 2nd but after that it is Swans. I just don't see him averaging anywhere near his price over those 3.


Yep. And THAT is what I'm struggling with. Give me your take on this starting FWDS: Dixon, Buddy, Parker, Gunston/Pavlich/Zorko +2 rooks (or Lamb and 1 rook)


I reckon Dixon could be the difference early on and is a must for any team with Sandi. I wanna watch and see with buddy I don't think he'll pump out any big scores early on. parker depends on where he plays, some think he'll be fwd pocket/wing others think fwd flank with mid rotation I'm not sure so left him out. Gunston, Pav, Zorko I haven't considered in my starting 30 for various reasons including injury susceptibility, age, and team structure.


Leaning towards Gunston. At that price and their side, he could start off big. Like their starting draw as well. He may be my expressway to Dangerland.


Whereas Chappy starts like an OCD Robocop on speed. I reckon I can start without Pendle & Danger and instead go Chappy & Cotchin then pump the extra $ into a 4th def premium. After round 3 or 4 I'll turn Chappy into danger and cotchin into pendle saving 250k


Looking to do the same thing with B. Ellis. He won't be tagged and if he continues where he left off the end of the year, big rewards await.

Considered Chappy. Not sure how he'll be off the bat. Tough draw. Roos, Hawks and Blues. May be genius.


Hearing some good things from Windy Hill. Apparently he's flying through preseason.


Starting to warm to the idea of him being my F4.


That's good to hear. I only want 5 or 6 games from him but I'll probably keep him until his first injury if he fires.


Danger is a bit of a loose cannon at times. He'll score an underwhelming 87, then BAM! 182 points. I'm probably starting with him – I'm not ready to miss out on a potential 140 score or two early on. And you said it – it's one less player to worry about.


I'm leaning against, Shinboner. Cats, Power and Swans and history of starting in 3rd gear makes it very doubtful he'll go 120+ off the bat. Gaz has a better history so I can make the case for him. Danger, it's hard to. No risk, no reward.


Hi all,
Dangermouse ATM is not in the 22 as the hard draw as spoken about
I tinkered with chappy He is In he is Out he is In he goes out
I rate him but whom do I cull….Dependleberry for the same reasons as Dangermouse Now I can fit him in and have 200k left Hmmmmmm
So Mids ATM GAJ,Libertore,Hodge,Murphy,Beams, T.Adams,D.Thomas,Honeychurch,Dunstan and L.Taylor I'm not convinced yet but It will change again after more research (Beer)
Fwds Martin, Franklin, Zorko, Caddy, Rohan, Lennon, Garlett, and Kerstin but It will change again after more research!!!


Digging it, Dools. Think a little lot of NAB watching and that side is rearing to go.

Right now mids: Gaz, K-Jack, Scooter, Beams, Treloar, B.Ellis, Dunstan, Morabito, Honey. Fwds: Dix, Buddy, Park, Chap, Gunston, Hogan, Taylor, Garlett.

Not a 100% but liking the possibilities for quick upgrades for both. Rucs still giving me itches. Back and forth between Grund/Sandi/Longer and McEvoy/Sandi with Thurlow as the swing (Windy Rd reporting he will get some time before Belly returns).

More research indeed, Dools. Lager up!


hey throttle, i like Gunston as well, do you think he'll outscore Pav?


Great question, Philthy. I've been tinkering with Pav, yet he's starting with Pies, Suns and Hawks, all of which have strong back lines. His price is attractive and read reports he's been looking good preseason. Yet that age I'm going to go with youth. Figuring Gunnysack will pick up where he left off last season.


Nice TF, just read a post about Moribito on Show us your Team V2 – Doubtful starter Loving K Jack, Scooter and Beams combo with Tralor add as a nice side dish of upgrade.
Solid solid fwd line mate don’t change it. Lager is a must for this caper
Saying that “off to the fridge” more research (Hehe) required on my end? By the way how good is the Prospectus on ytour say so I may have to buy one
Cheers mate


Hey Dools. Think you'd like the thoroughness of the Prospectus as they really go behind the numbers and capture the effect a person has on the game. Worth a buy for sure. You may want to coat it in plastic to proven from lager leaks.

Like Treloar as well but leaning towards B. Ellis as my tasty upgraded. Thanks for the news on Morabito. He was always a long shot to start R1. Can't wait until he does jump in…that price is mighty tasty.


Morabito definitely not playing AFL in 2014, consigned to Peel in the wafl, best chance is rnd 22 and that is a long shot…


I agree darren


It suck's…………


When you put it all together it really is a treasure trove of terrific info along with all the great community comments of course…and the season hasn't even started yet!

It goes without saying that this site is the definitive 'one stop shop' for Supercoach and is the first one on my bookmarks bar.

Rick Grimes

Anyone else hate this new SC website?


YES! Not a fan of the IOS looking design.


Hey Boys, When is Jock posting how to qualify for sc league for nexr year?


Give it time mate, SC hasn't even been open for a day. If it's done the same way as last year you send a screen cap of your team name through to Jock via Facebook and he'll send you back a league code. Look out for the post


Excellent collation of information Jock!!! Superb!


What's the opinion on Roughy this year?


My problem with Roughy is that the entire Hawthorn forward line has moved one step up the opposition's pecking order with Buddy's departure. Obviously, he isn't as attractive without the dual-position tag, and the arrival of McEvoy should limit his time on the ball in ruck. Just too many questions for my liking.


Thank for that!


Great job Jock!


Can't even get in keep getting redirected?


Sorry I've bludged over the pre-season Jock but I'll work hard over the next 43 days I promise. I'll start on my homework tonight.


Time your run Deadly, you can peak too early in pre-season. What strategy are you planning to go with?


it says i only have 9.5mil to make my team wtf

Rick Grimes

Yea I got that same glitch but didn't notice, then thought WTF, my team sucks. Then I saved it and noticed I had $500k left to play with.


Who the best option- Birchall
B. Goodes




Hi Community,
Does anybody know if Tom Hawkins had an adult stem cell injection into his prolapsed disc or just the usual cortisone/steroid?

There has been a recent clinical trial in Australia using adult stem cells as treatment for chronic back injuries such as hawkins'. It's not a cure but all indications are a minimum 12-months symptom free, cortisone/steriod injections can't guarantee any symptom free time frame at all.

If he's had the stem cell treatment I'll definitely have in my team at round 1.


I'm not sure. I seem to remember a few years ago a couple of clubs applied to the AFL for the right to take stem cells from players and store them for the purpose of re-injecting into injuries at a later date if necessary and they were denied the right to do so (on an equity basis). I'm not sure if that means they are not allowed to use stem cells from others or not?


Thanks Jock.
This index page setup makes things a bit less time consuming.


G'day Community,

Would like to hear your thoughts on lee spurr as a possible supercoach option. Needing a defender somewhere in the 400K price range.


He certainly finished the season well.
I really liked the way Sufcliffe played too, even though he had limited game time, at $260K, he could be a steal if he get regular games.
At this stage I'm considering B.Smith of Ade at that 400K mark – I reckon he will get a run in the mids replacing Van Berlo / Vince.


brodie smith or shaun atley around the same mark??


Fantastic starting guide, Jock. Have already sent it to a bunch of my buddies who are doing SC for the first time (and some who aren't but play like they do). Brilliant.


If you are to choose any ruckman this season who would it be?

Also Longer or Hickey?


If healthy, NicNat. If you want to save money and protect your rucks, Grundy, Sandi and Longer on the reserves.

Like the upside of Longer. Be interesting to see how each do during NAB.


I'm leaning towards Leuenberger.
Longer or Hickey is difficult, I'd like to think Longer will work his way to #1, watch NAB carefully. I expect Stanley will be the resting ruck/forward, so surely they will only play one of Hickey and Longer. Hickey has been in the system longer than Longer? Hmmm….


Agree SCannonymous. It's definitely a wait and see. But since Longer is cheaper (even though not by much), he's worth the shot as your R3.


Anyone else having issues actually getting in? It says my email isnt even correct which is well….a load of shit. I had assistant coach and have been tinkering for the last month now.


Apologies to any responses i get i dont get back to, im about to head off to work.


I'm saddened by the lack of love for Carrazzo.
This guy was able to average 90's whilst also totally shutting down the best midfielders in the game.
Malthouse has pencilled his future son-in-law (curnow) as Blues #1 tagger, Cachia as #2, Ellard #3, Armfield #4.
This means that VC Carrazzo is going to finally be given the offensive midfield role that a player of his ability deserves.
So, what will happen when a bloke who averages 90 as a tagger but is priced for 66 is given the freedom to get the ball before stopping his opponent?


Not only does Carrazzo restrict his opponents to lower scores than Crowley does he scores almost double the amount of points as Crowley and, he does it without pinching, punching, scratching or holding!


Concern is coming off an injury. Great price for him. But at his age it is a bit harder to recoup and find form, especially right off the bat. At least that's why I've been wary of him, Wombats.


Hi Wobats I currently have Daisey and Murphy but 3 from the same team …Not for me yet given Carltons YoYo preformances but I think Murph and Daisey will give me returns quickley and maybe Carrots is the one, but not now anywho mate,
Great POD and I rate him so stick to your guns mate


Well, what a start log into my supercoach and it says I have 42 million cash, looks like I have some freedom


Well looks like you can pencil in the $50K now rhino ha ha!

Yes a very buggy start to Supercoach 2014 unfortunately. 🙁


How do I join this year? Previously it was simply a matter of an email address, password etc. 2014? I don't have a digital subscription, facebook etc. I love supercoach but if they are going to make it this hard to join I might find myself with an extra 6-8 hours a week for the next 6 months.

I really do want to play. Help please.


Are you trying to register on a mobile device or a PC?

dustbin feltchers

same…i have facebook but i just want to log in to supercoach (simple) the same way i did last year ( on a pc)…is this possible??? what's the deal?


I think there are a few glitches with the new interface. I've been trying to create a private draft league with no success. Was able to create a public draft league ok but now can't create a private one.

As you can see above a few folk are getting some very bizarre salary caps.

So looks like the lads at Supercoach land have their work cut out for them and it appears us 'early adopters' are the pro bono beta testers!


I was able to log on from my PC. I don't have facebook and didn't have to do anything different to last year. But I do wish they would afford the classic league administrator with the same flexibility available in the Draft Leage, things like rolling lockout or first game lockout, number in league, start of head to head, finals no finals etc….


I guess the issue with that is adjusting the settings in the classic league (like not having rolling lockouts) could possibly compromise the rankings and thus the $50K. In the draft leagues there are no overall rankings so can allow that customisation. So they probably need everyone on the identical playing field for the classic comp.

I finally worked out that the draft league problem I had wasn't a glitch after all. If you want to create another draft league you have to create another team name FIRST. Took a while for the penny to drop there but it's all good now he he.


It would compromise the rankings, but only in a negative way for those electing first game lockout. I know it is sacrilegious to admit, but I prefer to focus on the league competition amongst mates than pursuing the 50K (forgive me Jock). I don't want to have to check in on team lists 40 mins before the bounce and cover late withdrawals and green vests…. From one addict to another, surely part of you understands this – and I'm supposed to be in recovery!


I'd like to invite you to my league AbusementPark.
I finished around 1700 last year and I'd like the more seasoned players to join, but anyone is fine 🙂
My team name is SoapOnARope.
Happy Supercoaching!

Give It A Go

Cheers Terry, hurry up Kick off!!!




Yeah I was able to login ok with Chrome too on my HTPC but not Chrome on iOS without being confronted with the Herald Sun digital subscriber prompt which is proving an annoyance for some.


This is quite an embarrassing question but where is the log out button?


Very very very top of the screen in the top left corner. You should see your first name there which will give you a logout option if you hover over it.

However I have a Herald Sun digital subscriber account so it may be different if you login without one.


What are people thoughts on robin nahas? $210,000
He's been traded to north. Is a risk but curious on people's thoughts


IMO he is insurance if Lindsay Thomas gets injured otherwise unlikely to get many chances.


i am tempted, but then i look at Bock & Rohan for less money and i will PASS for now. But definately ready to jump on if the bandwagon gets going


He is my F7 at the moment.

NoDikHead Policy

Couldn't find these anywhere community – so copied and pasted from team listings. Only starting sub list.

Top sub effected games in 2013 stats C Sutcliffe 9, K Mitchell 8, A Davey 7, M White 7, B McKenzie 6, J Simpkin 6. 4 sub games and above list below with round, name and total subbed games.

RDNameSubbed Games
1,2,3,6,10,16,17,18,20SUB Cameron Sutcliffe9
1,2,3,7,8,10,17,20SUB Kane Mitchell8
4,5,7,19,20,21,22 SUB Aaron Davey7
6,8,9,12,13,14,15 SUB Matt White7
13,15,16,18,19,22SUB Brad McKenzie6
6,7,12,14,16,17SUB Jonathan Simpkin6
1,10,15,19,21SUB Andrew Embley5
6,8,9,14,15SUB Ben Kennedy5
2,4,7,13,22SUB Bradd Dalziell5
9,10,12,13,19SUB Daniel Giansiracusa5
2,4,8,9,11SUB Jason Porplyzia5
6,7,9,13,22SUB Jed Lamb5
18,19,21,23SUB Leroy Jetta5
5,10,12,18,20SUB Sam Docherty5
11,15,19,20SUB Brandon Jack4
6,7,17,18SUB Jaryd Cachia4
7,9,10,13SUB Jimmy Webster4
6,9,16,23SUB Josh Green4
14,16,17,21SUB Lachie Hunter4
3,4,8,9SUB Luke Russell4
2,4,5,21SUB Shane Savage4
19,20,21,23SUB Shane Tuck4
15,19,21,22SUB Tom Sheridan4


Has anyone been able to locate the 2013 supercoach statistics available in excel?


What about Jackson Paine? At $160,200 wouldn't he be a bargain?


I agree, there is a vacancy, but his pre-season has been compromised I understand with shoulder trouble. Competing with Lisle and McGaune probably. I reckon he is just what Brisbane need, but we'll have see if he lines up in NAB and how he goes.


He should play a fair few games though wouldnt he.


I reckon he has great talent (leads well and is a one grab mark – very sure hands) and performed reasonably well in the VFL last season. My understanding is that Collingwood were trying to develop a bit more defensive pressure and aerobic fitness. My guess is he should establish himself at Brisbane and play most games this year if he gets injury free and plays NAB. As a developing semi key position player, don't expect big score returns, but given the opportunity, he will certainly increase in price.


injury now


Community I'm stuck between choosing either Scotty Selwood or Travis Boak?


G'day Abking
Boak what a year in a sensational turn around year for the Power . Can they do it again "You better belive it baby"
Scooter what an individual display in a team of mids that ozused mediocrity.
So for me out of the 2 Scooter mate. Imagine what he could be if Wellingham, Gaff and sundry support and follow thru


definitely neither.
I took Selwood last year and regretted it dumped him. The easier draw is not drawing me in.
Boak really stepped up but has he the capacity for huge scores?

IMO I prefer Jack, Sloane or Fyfe for about the same dough, but depends on the rest of your team's makeup and bye bias. As wella s who you rate as a player.


You're not finalising your team now Abking, it's only the start of february! Have a look at the Nab Challenge and see how they're doing – if Selwood's playing more of a tagging role, if Boak's getting free of the tag etc.


Surely Dustin Fletcher gets a look in? He's on the right side of 40 and is due for his break-out year

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Liddle jnr

Any word on the jock reynolds premier league again in 2014? Really enjoyed it las year and would to climb the ranks!

Mickey c

Hi jock, I wanna use the higgonator, I cant seem to fill it out how do I go about it?

I click on the cells and try fill it in but nothing happens.



Bernie Vince is extremely tempting! But with Tyson and Michie in my starting 22 and another FWD and DEF Melb rookies sitting on my bench, is it too many Dees with Vince as well? Roos game plan seems to be high possession though. Thoughts?


join my league! have 14 spots left haha.

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