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Peter Higginbotham hits the Herald Sun

Published by Jock on

Our mate Peter “Higgo” Higginbotham has his name up in lights tonight.

He’s asked some tough questions in his article for Melbourne’s Herald Sun today about Jack Martin and whether he really should be the lock that so many out there are thinking he is. Sensational article Higgo.

There are some serious implications of this article on Higgo’s quest for crumpet and I for one am one proud old bastard tonight.

Higgo Tweet


Jack Martin article

Well done Higg. We bloody love you mate.



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Great work mate


Yes read the article, im just gonna get Jacky because everyone else is. May be a huge point of difference if not selected if he does bad, but the risk outweighs reward. If he is not chosen by you and plays well almost all of the sc community will be ahead of you. If you chose him and if he and plays bad almost all of the sc community will be hindered as well. Nothing to lose if you choose him, lots to lose if not.


I have a son called Samuel. So I’ll give you the advice. Beans & Murph will cost a mill. Gaz & Martin about 900k. Going with the latter will probably cost you a trade. Trades are critical. Don’t get caught up in hype Sammy. Many have fallen on swords!


yea but the problem is that i already have stocked up on midpricers:

MIDS: GAZ,Pendles,Rocky,Murph,Beams,Daisy,Martin,Viv,(dunstan,morabito)


Great work higgo

Suns Man

top notch higgo you deserve all the best after your years of tireless efforts


Yes I stumbled over this whilst scouring over the Herald Sun Supercoach News section today.

Fantastic stuff! Looking forward to a piece on the arithmetic brilliance of starting the season without Gaz.


I'm reading this from the Footy Graveyard in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia….Brilliant work Higgo!!! I don't know how I would keep up with what's what for Supercoach over here if I wasn't subsribed to Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community. I would be bugged!!! Keep up the good work & humour…
One day I'll get the Arab's on board lads. I'm working on it!!


Huzzah Higgo. That beautiful mind of yours gave us some numbers to be wary of when considering young Jack. Quick cash generation will be the key this year and he will have to perform as advertised to pan out. Think a very critical eye will be on him during NAB to win a slot in my starting team.


Hi Community, the maths do'n't lie……..Is he worth it ! For 70 points every game well ya he is …Will he make that number maybe? Can he sustain that number playing for the Dees Maybe? but value against risk? Maybe not
I rate the young man highly, however; $ 220 k Is a lota o' spend for a "Sure Thing"
So I think I'll miss this "Sure Thing" in hope that he does fire but ubntil then maybe I can pick him up later for the 70 points not the 120 required ! What do youse think? I need answers Community LOL


I simply can't justify paying that much for a first year rookie.

I'm going to wait and see with Jack. In the meantime, ill take the risk on lower priced rookies and use the extra cash to have an additional proven Premo in my starting lineup.


Agreed Dools.
I don't start rookies in the midfield but if his first price rise is going to be more than that of my my cheapest rookie I'll trade him in before round 3.


Hey Wombats,
I rate Hogan but whom d o you think I just can't justify the spend on a 18 YO and knowing Roos protect him
So Wwhom do I go with…was looking at Viv Minchie / Anyone come to mind My mind is blank I'm playing Def Ruck sand Fwds I thoughtr the Mids would be simple….NAW Epic Fail for me …Gaff not a fan , Shuey not a fan, Wellingham is a maybe but Scooter Seelwood is my 1st choice but I can not have him at 550K so Hogan NO and Scooter No so whom do I pick Cheap and dependable???


Hey Dools
I don't think anyone knows the answer to that, all we can do is wait until NAB Cup but even that isn't a genuine indicator. I remember a couple of years ago Josh Cowan pumping out 100+ scores in NAB but never getting a run all season, Cam Richardson kicking a bag-full and running riot in NAB and never getting a run.
I will be keeping a close eye on the blues draftees as Malthouse usually drafts for immediate action, so Cam Giles and Luke Reynolds are both on my radar. Obviously you can't go past Smurph at that price and if Daisy is fit he's also a bargain. I'm also a big fan of Carrazzo and I reckon he wont fall below 90 all year if he returns to the midfield. Then I think about Eddie Betts' replacement, who will it be? Troy Menzel is supposedly twice as good as Daniel but AFL clubs overlooked him in preference for his brother due to Troy having suspect knees; strange how that turned out. Troy is around 230k and if he gets Eddies job he will go up to about 400k by mid season. Gary Rohan could generate significant cash as could Broomhead or Nahas and there is speculation that rookies such as lennon, taylor, fuller, garlett, hogan, and boyd will also start the season on the field.
At the moment every player below $250k has a chance to be in my team.


Until R1 selections, we really won't know. NAB will certainly help inform us a great deal regarding form, especially those returning from injuries. Tommahawk, Suckling and Bock.

But you make a great point as usual, Wombats. Remember I had Dean Towers on my side after he was whizzing through everyone during NAB. Disregarded the fact that Swans is a hard side to break into. Lesson learned.


Think that's the way I'm going to go too, Wombats. First two games against Tigers and Freo so if he's all that, he'll have two strong teams to prove it against. If GCS was starting against Dees, GWS and Saints, maybe slot him in.


Yes Dools I think we should have enough options for midfield rookies who are all cheaper than Martin and generate roughly similar output.

I'm certainly not ruling a line through him at this early stage but if X.Ellis, C.Beams, Aish, O'Rourke, Michie, Polec et al all look like getting a regular gig then that's where my cash will likely be going instead.


Liking Sheed as well. Think with WCE's schedule he could have his hand up for R1.


Hey SCaddict
Ya X.Ellis( mY pre pick after the draft I think this boy will go big time) , O’Rourke,- Minchie (whom I think will play early but to what effect?) and Polich are on me “Bucket list” pre drinks and they is still there post drinks to ( howevere I lie I’m still drinking) may I throw in Garlett…I watched the hawks training run..They was training but he was running look primed lads looks ready for Round 1
On the darker side of things J Laidler (161K) Def is looking like he is in top 22 as is a fit and fast! Fast!! Did I say bloody fast G.Rohan and at the coin is well worth a punt (It may cost a trade but Pav or Danger could be the reward?)
T. Walker has an inflamed Knee! I expect him to be “Managed” So now I’m thinking Podsy …No I mean it JPod is a bright and shining light for ADL so with his price and ability ya SC YoYo surely must be worth a punt with the expectation of trading sooner ) now this brings me to Sheed WCE …I have got nothing from the West on him. Which screams to me Round 1 ready! Punt ya but this whole caper is a gamble


Great work Higgo. You guys keep hitting the big time. Thanks for doing all you guys do for the community. Love reading/listening to what you all have to say and then putting it in to action. My game average jumped by 150pts per game last year.

You guys rock!


To Gaz or not to Gaz?

Personally, I'm starting with both Gaz and Pendles. With the likes of Beamer and Murphy priced as cheap as they are, it makes this possible. It will allow me to exploit the Captains Loophole week in week out knowing that my Captain will nearly always be between the 2 highest SC scorers for the past 2 years. That's 1 headache I won't have to have.


Except Pendle has Crowley first up and GAZ will be a fwd:-)


Yea, your right. Pendles has Crowley first up , thus put the C on GAJ.
GAJ has Crowley rd 2, thus put the C on Pendles.

It's going to be mighty hard to get them both in anytime soon after that and the horse may have bolted.


Very good point, Rocksta. Captain decisions can be a mind scrambler. Know when I had Pendles and Gazza last year, that deliberating was cut in half. (occasionally took Swan or Griffen).

Still undecided though if going with both off the bat. Seems maintaining that value will require a monster start.


Fair Call.
Definitely need to start with one of them though, and keep a bit of cash in the Bank as a back up to get the other in sooner rather than later.
Pendles only scored 2 scores under 100 last year and they were both in the 90's. Whatesmore, he's still on the up.
A must have from the get go IMO.


Agree, Rocksta. Leaning towards Pendles as well. Starting without one of them would be SC-icide.


I agree that you have to start with at least one of them and both by round 5. But for Pendle to maintain value he will have to start in career best form against the opponents that he scores lowest against. His breakeven is 126. Whereas Junior only has to be Junior to maintain his price over the first 5.
I had them both in 20-30 of my Higginator squads but with the high cost of rookies I had to plug the $-Leaks over the first 5.


Fair point. And I've toyed with having both out in the Higginator and it does make for an attractive, albeit risky, starting team. Your points about Pendles and the Pies start does make it a little easier to leave him out of the two.

You know who I haven't seen in almost no one's side? Swanny. Had him last year and was pretty solid deliverer. Is the return on Beams mean less points for Pendles or Swan?


The return of Beamer means less points for Swanny, as Bucks will play him more in the forward line.
Beamer was prolific 2 years ago and that didn't affect Pendles one little bit


Good point, Rocksta.


I luv Swanny coz he's always the 'out' for Captain if Gaz was down. But last year during a lean period of 3 or 4 games (and a similar team structure from my league opponent)I lost faith and took the capn away from him and put it on Pendle, that move cost me a grand; I would have had top score by 1 point if I'd stayed with him. He is a a gun BUT, Swan ranked sixth in most clangers in 2013 disposal efficiency of just 63.6%
Swan also had a wrist reco at the end of last season.
He might take a while to become his normal boisterous self.


Think you're right there. See how well he starts off. Would love to bring him in as well. Love watching him play.


Gaz Forward, just means more goals which equals greater SC points.


I Agree.
His average possessions may be down by 3-4, but his goals per game will be up.
Lets face it, they won't keep him up forward, simply rotate him out of there more.


Pendle has a career ave of 107 against his 1st three opposing teams and averages less than 100 against the swans. So I reckon he'll drop by about 70k after round 3, Junior will drop 30-50k depending on how much time he spends fwd. So I can save 100k by starting with Cotchin instead of Pendle and then probably make 30k on Cotchin after rnd 3 and swap him for Cotchin. The nett result is a 100k discount for pendles' starting price and no loss to my scores.
Cotchin was injured in the opening round l/y and carried the injury all year, this year he'll be back to maximum output so I might even keep him and turn another mid into Pendle.


I like your thoughts and see where you are coming from but I think it's a big risk.

Last year I didn't pick Birchall as he had come off a minor injury in the pre season and I expected him to drop from what I thought was a high price. He goes nuts in the first few rounds and gets to about 600k as a result I didn't get him in till the week he did his pcl.

I haven't started with Pendlesfor the last 2 years and have spent the first 10 rounds wondering what the @#$% I was thinking by not picking him.

I am starting with both this year, probably mean I will have to forgo 1 maybe 2 of the midpricers that are getting mentioned and carry another rookie but I am trying to learn from previous years mistakes.


Hi Gilly, agree with you 100%. I'm starting with both and working on the theory that I'm trying to pick as many of my final 22 for rnd 1. And then spend the rest of the time working out how to fill me team by upgrading. If someone's choosing a premo (like Cotchin) then they should stay in the teamfor good. I can't see the point in picking 1 premo just to swap them for another. Wasted trade in my book.

3 hrs 37 mins till the season proper opens!!


Nice work Higgo – great work on the 7 round averages to break 200k! You might just have a future in this great game of ours……


Bloody Tony Abbott. Taxing trips to the doctor, going to school and being old wasn't enough; now he's whacked a monster tax on supercoach rookies. I still haven't got my Carbon Tax rebate Tony so how about you back off the rookies for a a while.


Thanks Higgo a non-emotional perspective can help prevent costly startup mistakes.
Any chance of posting the pricing increase formula?




I think you are a day early?


last night it was open for about 5mins. It think they were testing something.


Went and watched goldcoast train it was fantastic if you have any questions about them just feel free to ask


what's your run down bigharv? Anyone burning up the track that we should be keeping an eye on?


hey guys.

congrats higgo. my chest swells for you…

interesting chat about Jack. I will say though, like the discussion re: Gazza, the decision to 'downgrade' Jack to a cheaper rookie is only of an advantage if the money saved is used to make an upgrade of value elsewhere.

I my case, the money saved on Jack to Dunstan on top of the $47k in the bank would go to upgrading Rohan to maybe a Mitch Clarke. Or maybe a KK to a Docherty. I'm just not seeing real benefit at the moment so I'll sit tight till NAB.

What do you guys think?

Def: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell P.Hanley M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij L.McDonald ( J.Laidler M.Fuller )
Mid: G.Ablett S.Pendlebury M.Murphy D.Beams D.Thomas J.Martin C.Beams J.Polec ( V.Michie J.O'Rourke )
Ruc: N.Naitanui A.Sandilands ( D.Currie F.Thurlow )
Fwd: P.Dangerfield D.Martin C.Dixon L.Franklin G.Rohan S.Kersten ( L.Taylor D.Garlett )
Salary Cap Remaining: $47,900


I suspect that jimbo has listed the mids of almost 20% of the competition. And they will be hard not to have in.
They seem to jump out and say pick me. Given Danger is a lock for every team and Mitchell seems certain as well our PODs will have to be in the rest of the Fwds, Ruck R1 R2, and back line too. It might be a close fought early game.


Good looking team Jimbo.

Unfortunate reality for all of us though is that we really need to wait until NAB cup to see how good or otherwise some of these Rookies are , and to gauge the progress of some of the Players coming back from Injury. For example:

Is Nic Nat in good Nic ( Pardon the Pun)?
Is Sandy on Track for Rd 1 or are they going to ease him in and insure he is at peak come later in the year considering his limited durability?
Has Suckling Fully recovered from his serious injury from last year?
How is Daisy tracking with his rehabilitation? Is he right for Rd 1 or are they going to ease him in as a pinch hitter in the forward line or similar role?
Is Jack Martin worth $222K?
Whom are the drop dead stand out rookies of 2014?

Questions I'm sure we all want answered. The beauty is that in 2 weeks it will all be upon us.

Happy days I reckon


Lovely work Sir!

Mitchie, Morabito, Tyson, Beams, Dunstan, Ellis, O'Rourke – there's some tasty options with potentially ok JS that are much cheaper than Martin this season. Not to mention guys like Daisy and Savage, who really aren't a heck of a lot more expensive for what they're capable of. Will all come down to NAB form as others have said.

If fit, i tend to lean towards Hogan as my 'expensive' rookie, given the stock of forwards seem to be limited compared to mids.


A player getting very little mention is Matt crouch. Probably a lock for the crouching one.
He is a ball magnet and desperately hard at it. Given adelaide has lost van berlo I believe we will see this kid
Very early in the piece. Only nab cup will tell but he could be the real boom this year.

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