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PODCAST: Last year’s Supercoach winner joins us

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2014 interview with John Bruyn

He’s always showed so much promise.

So it was no real surprise to us that he won $50,000 in 2013 as the #1 Supercoach professional in this magnificent nation of ours.

Yes. Supercoach champion John Bruyn is one of the favourite sons of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Community and he has been in lock down in the bungalow this presason studying to defend his title in 2014.

This week we interrupt his preseason regimen to ask him some important questions. Questions that we all need to ask of ourselves as we begin to build our teams for our 2014 Supercoach, AFL Fantasy and Dreamteam campaigns.

Get around our mate John Bruyn on twitter here:

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Yea boys lovely podcast.
Ive got auto-refresh set to 10 seconds all day until the podcast comes out. 🙂


If John wins again, the Supercoach Hall of Fame should be named after him, “John Bruyn Hall of Fame”

John Bruyn

More chance of winning lotto I think Callum but I'll give it a shake!


Superb work fellas! Once again a brilliant podcast.

6.45 , 13.45 & 14.10 Jock was gold! 3 Votes.


It keeps on getting better! Top work! Best SC legends in the business you blokes are!


I totally agree with Jock and Dimma. I think GAJ is an absolute lock, anyone who doesn't have him will be very behind during the first rounds. I've done some research so you don't have to and here are his last 3 scores for the teams he vs before the bye.

Richmond 120,133,127 AVG: 126.7
Freo 137,185,157 AVG: 159.6
Brisbane 112,127,150 AVG: 129.7
Hawthorn 149, 189,170 AVG: 166.3
Melbourne 67,152,165 AVG: 128
GWS 160,164,126 AVG: 150
North 153, 188, 139 AVG: 160

Last 3 avg to teams before byes: 146.1

Those scores are absolutely amazing. He'll be a Captain lock every round. Also Crowley and Raines couldn't stop him with avgs against Freo and Brissy 159.7 and 129.7 respectively. The only person to stop him was Jordy Mckenzie in which he scored only 67, his only score under 110 against the teams he vs before the byes. To sum it up, anyone who doesnt have him will suffer badly and will have a massive point of difference, a very terrible one in fact: failing to pick the little magician.


Does the same rule apply to Pendles? That is the 1-2 captain's loop combo, in my opinion.


Fair call Throttlefinger. Do you think Dangerfied be a safe substitute as one of the two captain options?


Listening to this podcast, I'm thinking of a plan that leaves out Pendles and Danger but brings thing both in as first order of upgrade business. Guys like Pavlish and maybe even Gunston might make that an easy move.

Not 100% on that Scannonymous. Just tinkering with the notion.

John Bruyn

Danger is in and out of my side. More than likely available cheaper at some stage but you still have to bank points. It's ok to pay a little bit over the money for a guy you know is going to be in your side all year


I liked the Pavlich nudge John. He's been in & out of my side the past few weeks. Kept thinking 437K could be a steal.


here are pav's games before the byes, hes got a very tough draw:

Coll: 113,107,21(INJ) AVG: 80.3
GCS: 148,118 AVG: 133
HAWKS: 48,85,117 AVG: 82.3
ESS: 59,117,133 AVG: 103
SWANS: 70,82,76 AVG: 76
NORTH: 31(INJ),158,41 AVG: 76.7
Eagles: 78,60,179 AVG: 105.7
PORT: 114,115,108 AVG: 112.3
Cats: 97,118,127 AVG: 114

Total AVG: 96.9 AVG w/o inj: 102.8

These are very good scores and if he is fit round 1 hell he hard to over look.
Predicted avg: 95-100


Superb work Sam! Appreciate the stats.


Very good point, John. And if I'm reading between the lines a reason why it would be fairly foolish to leave Pendles out from the jump.


Samuel what a strong case you present wit the stats for taking GAJ. It's given me much to think about, I'm still debating the options, thanks.

John Bruyn

Gotta have him! Won't be as easy to get into your side early in the piece as people think imo


What an outstanding way to start my morning. Much to ponder and much to do. Your magnanimity equals your SC sagacity. You have a night of free drinking whenever you hit NYC, Dimma!

John Bruyn

Cheers mate!


There are certain people scattered throughout the history of time, who when they spoke you would stop what you were doing and give them your undivided attention. People like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Warwick Capper, and now the messiah, John Bruyn!

John Bruyn

Ha ha nice one Stormo


Your welcome pal! There's an old saying – 'if you want to be successful, get advice off successful people'.


Pure Joy, And Happy 'Stralia day community!
Youse Lads are back to your best AGAIN!!!
I can't seperate you boys for points this week , Well done Higgo you got 3 points from me (Keepin' it moving along) Crouching I see you fond the box of mags I left for Wayno.and I was sure I hid them well to mate 3 points. John well played and thanks for the insight plus the post 3 points
Jock you are a legend mate…'nuff said 3 point's.
Wow I don't think that has happened before …Community youse get 3 points aswell. Love this place


You guys bloody well force a smile from my grumpy old face every time SC gets within a bees' proverbial.


If I've never been in one of the leagues do I just send him an email and I can be in one?


Cheers Jock. Sounds good


It's great to hear the debate between Jock and Higgo, both presenting compelling cases for and against GAJ. When two partners in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary. Keep it up!


At the end of the season we all sit down and write down names of players, who at the time we are determined to consider for our team because of something we've seen in a few passages of play etc. I'd love to hear from other community members who they have considered.
One such name I would like to share is Tom Bell. Overcome injury to present really good form in the VFL and earn a few more senior games at the end of the season. Looks ready. Performing well in pre-season training and should outscore his price, but at $312K it's hard to have the conviction to put him in ahead of cheaper options. Thoughts?

John Bruyn

Huge risk picking blokes like him. Dare say we won't be a keeper so little point starting him.
BUT – I could be wrong so back yourself mate


Steven Motlop was one i had my eye on. Thought last season he showed some really good signs. Thought, with another pre season under his belt and improved kicking efficiency he could push 100 average. Seemed to do everything very easy, but would miss a pass, or miss an easy goal.

Though after his recent setback, i have put this selection on hold.


Thoughts on Tex Walker? Will rise in price enough for a premo upgrade


He will be a no brainer acquisition for a lot of coaches. It really just depends on when he plays.

Had some swelling on his recuperating knee during training last week but apparently it's nothing serious.

However more importantly he said he will probably return through the SANFL which doesn't start until April 6. So you can pretty much forget about him in terms of Rd 1 SC planning.

But he will be an attractive trade in target whenever he's on the bubble during the season maybe around the byes.


Great summary on Walker SCadd!


Thanks SCaddict. I was begining to beleve he was up for Rnd 1 Saved a trade cheers

Give It A Go

Thoughts on Aaron Edward of RIC, last 2 games SC153 GWS and 122 ESS, worth a punt?

John Bruyn

Too up and down buddy, look elsewhere


thinking that the top few defenders for the year will be mitchell, bartel mcveigh hodge and Handley….why not start with all of them?….use a couple in mids to start…bring them back to defence as u upgrade ur mids….any thoughts messiah John Bruyn?


Great wisdom from John and how he went about constructing his team. Last year he loaded up with 5 Defensive rookies to generate cash. I have been planning to stock up with rookies in the forward line due to
a.)The lack of Genuine Premium options
b.) Lack of midpriced options
c.) Lack of reliable rookies in defence (except fuller)
d.) Many underpriced ruckman who are better value than ruck rookies
e.) The amount of underpriced forward rookies eg. honeychurch, Gartlett, Taylor, Kerstan, Markworth ( all under 124,000) as well as expensive options such as Billings (now in full training), Bock, Rohan and also perhaps Lennon.

What are everyones thoughts regarding where the best place to load up on rookies is?


Yeah there appears to be a real absence of attractive forwards in that $250K to $400K price range. Think Watts, Zorko and Pav represent decent value if you are prepared to pay a bit more than that.

However just how many of those sub $200K players you mention get regular game time remains to be seen. At this stage it looks like most of the playing rookies will come from the midfield but we will just have to see what transpires in the NAB.


That last point is my concern. As of now, Lamb is my F6. Now he will get significant time. Not sure about any of those rooks or guys like Rohan (tough side to get in), Fasolo (returning from injury) and Lennon (be surprised if in R1).

(checking watch) Is NAB here yet?!?!?


Hey I'm in desperate need of your help i can't decide which player to keep in my team Luke Dunstan or Lewis Taylor your help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Mike

To be perfectly frank I'm not sure at this point. To properly assess the rookies we really need to get a good look at them in the NAB, see how each team structures up and ultimately which of them get picked for Rd 1.

Until then any preference would just be guess work on my part other than to say both those guys are in the mix for rookies we should be considering.

Sorry I can't help more but can give you much better advice in 6 weeks.


Thoughts on S.Atley community? I've just seen an article with Boomer Harvey saying he believes Atley and Cunnington have had big pre seasons and North expecting big improvements from them both. I'm considering Atley over Suckling at the moment


Atley is another one of those in the midprice lucky dip like a bajillion others. Could really arrive this season along with a lot of his young team mates but he could also tread water like he did last year.

Was high on Jock's cheat sheets last season but proved to be bit of a SC disappointment in the end. Nearly every player who isn't struggling with an injury seems to have a huge preseason these days so don't let that sway you too much.

Training is just so different to having an opposition player in your face trying his darnest to beat you. NAB form is probably a better indicator but even that has its limitations too.


My team

DEF: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell M.Suckling T.Mckenzie K.Kolodjashnij L.Mcdonald (J.laidler M.Fuller)

MID: G.Ablett S.Pendlebury J.Selwood D.Beams D.Thomas J.Aish V.Michie L.Dunstal ( A.Morabito M.Crouch)

RUCK: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands ( F.Thurlow T.Nankervis

FWD: P.Dangerfield C.Wingard J.Roughead C.Dixon G.Rohan D.Garlett ( M.Honeycurch L.Taylor)

I have 128,800 left and have no clue what to do with it!

Any suggestions?


Wondering which one i should pick

RUCK: Ben Brown or Mick Apeness

help would be greatly appreciated!

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