Five golden team selection rules. By last years Supercoach champion.

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Supercoach champion John Bruyn

G’day Community

Dimma here. Every footballer worth his weight in salt knows that when it’s your turn to go, you go.

So whilst I’m still getting over the disappointment of NOT receiving a novelty size cheque for taking out SC last year (lift your game Herald Sun), when one Mr. JR asked if I’d knock out a bit of an article for you lot, I knew I had to oblige.

One of the best things about Supercoach is the fact every season is different. Rule changes aside our initial teams are often dictated by the rookies on offer on each line, the various teams’ prospects for the season coming and where we can pick those mega-value players everyone starts with.


That said, and based on my experience last year, here are 5 golden rules that I’ll be sticking to when I pick my team for 2014 and humbly suggest you follow them to.


Whether that’s stacking your MIDS with premos or rookies, ‘setting and forgetting’ your rucks or loading your defence – have a plan. Pick your side with a purpose. Have a reason for picking the guys you do other than ‘it fits under the salary cap’ or ‘Bob went to school with that bloke’. Last year I went into the year knowing a) I didn’t want ANY rookies on the field in my forwards b) I was whacking a rookie ruck at R2 (Blicavs) and c) I only wanted 3 DEF premiums.


Yeah yeah, less midfield time. Yeah yeah, GCS young mids stepping up. Whatever you want to believe to convince yourself is fine but let me remind you that – the bloke won the bloody brownlow, is the best player since Leigh/his dad/maybe ever and probably ran 20kms before you got out of bed this morning. Hot tip for 2015, GAJ will not be available as a FWD.


Not everyone believes in this one but I can say from experience that late in the year the ability to swing multiple players across lines had a huge influence in me winning. At one point I had a DPP across every line (even DEF/FWD) giving me heaps of coverage from injury and, a huge amount of loophole options – something that became very important. Don’t pick your initial team worrying too much about DPPs but I’m telling you if it’s line ball between two blokes, pick the DPP.


I made 2 trades each week for the first three rounds last year. I think correction trades early on are crucial. Don’t be scared to use them. Everyone picks duds that they immediately regret. Even I picked Karnezis! If you are gonna trade them do it right away or resolve to HOLD them. Give a bloke 1 week in the side or 5 – either or. Get the right rookies in and make sure that you have the exact team you want come the 1st price change. From there you need to plan a few weeks off trading through the year to ensure you’ve got some in the bank. The last few years (me included) the winner of SC has run out of trades a few weeks out from the end. Whilst this suggests this is a winning formula I would still be crying if I lost in the last week because of a zero. There were a few ppl in the top 10 in the last round in 2013 that copped zeros. Imagine how much that would hurt – don’t be the guy that lost in the last round. Plan to save 2 trades for the last 3-4 rounds (I will be). It might win you the 50k.


To win the whole comp something (or lots of things) needs to go right for you – very right. At some stage through the year you are gonna have to make that one trade, pick that one player that sets you out from the pack. For me one of these came in round 7 when I traded out Travis Cloke at $575k (averaging 110 odd at the time) for SJ, pocketing some change. This was a week some coaches were bring Travis into their sides. Having stated Cloke from Rd 1 (at ~$420k) this trade meant I effectively bought SJ for about 400k. Picking Selwood over Griffen towards the end was another trade that fell my way. At some point in the year, and it may not be round 1, you’re gonna need to do something out of the ordinary to get an advantage. When you make that call, don’t bank on some 80 game back-pocket suddenly bumping his average up 20pts. Look for the guys that have done it before, look for midfielders and DON’T finish your year with ANY key forwards in your side.


DEF – McVeigh, Walker, Bartel
MIDS – Cotchin, Murphy, Rockliff
RUCK – Minson, Sandi,
FWDS – Danger, Franklin, Dixon



Get around our mate John Bruyn on twitter here:Β

Look out for John – one of the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Communities favourite sons – and how he performs in 2014 – keep your eye right on his DimmaWits in 2014. What do you all think if these sensational tips? Jock.

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Brilliant work!!! You are a gem!

Could Hawkins be like clokey?


Great write up John,

How is everyone spacing out their trades this year.

For me I’m thinking rounds 1-3 2 trades each round and then a conservation of trades until the byes. Any other ideas?


You can’t trade round one but 2-4 use them both then wait for a few rounds before cashing in rookies.


That is to say trade out rookies from rounds 6 onwards

Mark Fredericks

Quick question, if you're recommending NOT sticking with any key position forwards, then why would you be suggesting Buddy? Or are you saying that you would start with him, but not keep him? I understand your logic with getting Cloke last year (and then getting rid of him for a profit), but I don't think Buddy's gonna make you that much money.


Wise words John but I’m going to wait until after his round 8 bye before picking Gablett as he will drop about 50k.

Great article! I will keep it in mind. Thanks John!


I think 100k down for gaj… but yes… first upgrade option…!


I'm still undecided on GAJ but probably more likely to start without him than with him. I certainly take on board everything John has to say about Gaz which is all 100% on the money.

Currently weighing up the pros and cons between starting with either GAJ and Daisy (M6) or two fallen elites in JPK and Smurf and right now I'm preferring the latter option. Both alternatives would also start with Pendles btw.

Gaz has a Rd 2 Crowley tag to look forward to which COULD conceivably lead to a brutal price drop by time the Suns play the Hawks in Rd 4.

No question Gaz is a must have in my mind but still assessing whether that be optimal for my side from Rd 1, 5 or 9.


I've struggled with this as well, SCaddict. Last year I brought in Gazza in Round 6. Value had dropped but I also had lost out on a lot of points.

What I think Gazza brings most..a strong and steady captain's option. As you know that can make or break a score. Having Pendles and JPK, Smurf or Danger as your loop isn't the safest of bets, in my opinion. That seems a big roll of the dice for 5-9 rounds.

My 2 cents…leaning on Gazza, Pendles, Murph, Beams as my front four.


It's obviously hard to argue that starting with Gaz is a bad idea. His track record is there for all to see.

I'm just asking questions more than anything. After all each season starts anew and we should look at it with fresh eyes and try to maintain an open mind where possible.

One thing for sure is that the season will throw up plenty of surprises and things we believed were certainties going in may not prove to be the case when it's all said and done.


It's a good question to raise, my man. Not sure what I'll do until the first lockout. Just keep the options open and conversations rolling until then.


Good discussion lads.

I have him locked in. Looking at the arguments mentioned – Captain choice/Make or Break Score/Missing the big points early w/o him.

I'm leaning similar Throttle: Gaz, ____, Murphy, Beams. The M2 has been messing with my head lately. Do i go a top end Premium in Pendles, Griffen or even Barlow. Slightly reduced MID in Watson/Cotchin. Or even further reduced price mid, yet veterans like S.Thompson/Dal Santo.

Thinking the Gaz, Pendles, Beams, Murphy, Thomas, J.Martin M1-6 could be quite popular.


Popular lineup because it's the safe play for sure, T-woof. And I think a part of me doesn't like it because of that. Takes some of the fun out of it if there are that many dupe teams.

Playing with a strategy given that this year there's not as many rookies and there are more undervalued premiums: Only 1 $500K+ in each position (maybe 2 for Mids) then as many $400K undervalue prems as possible. (rucks I'm leaning towards a Grundy/Sandi/Longer/Nav). Fill in the rest with a Suckling, Daisy or Caddy. Make a max of 6 rooks on the field.

So I would pick between Gaz and Pendles. JPK or Cotchin. Beams or Murphy. Then a Treloar, Shuey or Ellis. Martin or take the savings and use Daisy instead. Fill the rest with cash generating rooks.

Not 100% on this but would love to hear thoughts.


Yes Throttle there are plenty of ways to skin a cat when selecting a midfield this season. So many value options to pick from.

As you know the one I'm playing with this week is Pendles, Jack, Cotch, JPK, Murphy, Beams and 4 rooks. Though that could all change next week he he.

May replace Pendles with Gaz to give me another team as a captain option so I expect a lot of tossing and turning at night over that one through the next 7 weeks.

Will also be following Murphy like a hawk in the NAB and the slightest hint of a niggle or a setback and I will jump off and look at other options like a Shuey, Ellis or even Daisy instead.


At the same point. Either Gazza or Pendles but not both. Leaning towards Gaz. Like to get some PODs like either Jack S, KJack or even Sloane. Then JPK or Cotchin (leaning towards the former…think he's going to rip the roof off this year).

Just want to settle on a plan. Most of which will be after seeing the rooks and returned warriors like Smurph play. Finally got my Prospectus book from Champion Data…took over a month to get here. Bent to crap (postal office blows pony plums). Gonna have a good read this next week. Hope some clarity comes out.

rolling thunder

GAJ is a little miracle maker and I cant see his price dropping until round 16+ and that could be too long to wait. And he may only drop max 100k. Yet people are risking picking J Martin who is 100K too expensive. i know what I'd put that 100K towards. When GAJ kicked 4 goals a game last year his scores were 130 -175+. And with the skill of the man he would only need to spend 1 qtr a game in the FWD line to snag that many goals. His skill to snap 50 metre boundary line goals is ridiculous and if he spends alot more time rotating through the FWDs and has more set shots then it is very possible he will go on to average 135+ for the year.

And yes like was mentioned earlier he is the current brownlow medalist and I cant believe people forget that. And when GAJ in the next few years becomes even more of a FWD player like his old man the massive scores and bags of goals is not just a huge possibility but is more likely than not.

Everyone will have Pendles this year and it is actually very bizarre that as the number 1 player in the game GAJ will be a POD in 2014!


Very solid points, RollingT. And ones that are convincing me to get Gazza off the bat.

Trying to convince myself that it's better to not to start with Gaz and Pendles as my M1-2 rather than wait to have the ultimate captain loop from the jump.


Interesting strategy Throttle, re 1 x 500K+ per line (2 in Mids).

Was having a look at this late, late last night on the Higginator. No doubt this can work, yet my gut feel is it leans on the side of 'gutsy play'.

In saying that, i think this could be a nice strategy to employ for the forward line. Select Dangerfield as the Premium.

Dangerfield – Franklin – Pavlich, Chapman, Sylvia, Rioli, Gunstan, Tippett, Parker, Mitchell, Dixon, Zorko, Gray, Robinson etc.


You may be right, Taylorwoof. Fwd line it may work. Danger/Dixon/Buddy/Zork/Lamb/Rook+2 rook reserves

Or it may less gutsy and more idiotic. Keep planning away.


Wow a Champion Data prospectus…you really are all in for Supercoach 2014.

Even an addict like me has his limits but is there anything you won't do in the pursuit of Supercoach glory?


I am into it, SCaddict. But the way I see it, you and your esteemed countrymen have watched footy and played SC for many, many more years than my Yankee self. So I need to play a bit of catchup.

Also thought it would be nice thing to get at least once. It is bursting with info and data. So hoping for it to give me a couple gem insights or two for each player/team.


Have you considered K.Jack?


Ablett avg vs freo is 134.38 crowley can suck a fat one


He also scored 137 the last time he played Freo so perhaps indeed he's immune to the Crowley tag.

We'll find out if they trend continues soon enough I suppose.


I have one question as Gaz seems prone to get that Tag why not hop on to someone like Dion Prestia who will be running of the leash, and racking up some good disposles. I have also read some articles saying that he has been tearing it up this season. Murphy Im not sure he would be able to cope as being the captain of a struggling club and perform. And I tottaly agree with you SCaddict about Gaz I think its time to bring in fresh faces to the side.


Pendles is a bigger worry. Potential first 3 average of 107.


That's his combined average against his first 3 opponents after 119 & 150 against swans l/y 118 aginst cats and 96 against freo. see post in show us your team 2


Yes Wombats even Mr Reliable DePendlebury is not immune from a query or two.

But at age 26 you would have to think he's entering SC prime time for a midfielder.

So just like passing on Gaz you would need to have sizeable equipment downstairs to leave out Pendles from your starting line-up.

Though that's a lot of cash to tie up to run with both of them especially with all the fallen premiums on display to tempt us this season.

In fact I reckon that would be a good subject for a poll…who intends starting with Gaz only, Pendles only, both or neither (atomic plums option!).


That is a great idea about the poll, I'm looking at Gaza and Barlow or Gaza and peddles.


Would be a great poll idea. There aren't two more steady SC winners.

Plus, the best 1-2 captain loop duo, especially since Pies play 5 Friday games before round 10.


John, I think You deserve all the credit for generating Your own luck. Nice article and I think when I say this, the JR Community hope there are more from you.
Thanks mate!


Gold! Thanks John for sharing your SC wisdom. Thinking my plan this year won't include that many rookies…that's all I know so far. Much to do.


Yeah a very concise piece with well made points.

Give It a go

Is 13 rookies too much or just a lucky number?


Bartel, Jimmy (MID) $572500 (GEE)
McVeigh, Jarrad (MID) $572500 (SYD)
Shaw, Heath $522600 (GWS)
Grimes, Jack (MID) $436500 (MEL)
Kolodjashnij, Kade $197300 (GCS)
McDonald, Luke (MID) $182300 (NTH)
Fuller, Matthew $117300 (WBD)
Cutler, Tom $117300 (BRL)

Pendlebury, Scott $683100 (COL)
Watson, Jobe $601300 (ESS)
Cotchin, Trent $572000 (RIC)
Murphy, Marc $498300 (CAR)
Beams, Dayne $497200 (COL)
Thomas, Dale $341800 (CAR)
Beams, Claye $183400 (BRL)
Dunstan, Luke $132300 (STK)
Garlett, Dayle (FWD) $117300 (HAW)
Hunt, Jayden (DEF) $117300 (MEL)

McIntosh, Hamish $332900 (GEE)
Sandilands, Aaron $310700 (FRE)
Thurlow, Fraser (FWD) $118400 (ESS)
King, Max $102400 (MEL)

Dangerfield, Patrick (MID) $609000 (ADE)
Martin, Dustin (MID) $549200 (RIC)
Wingard, Chad (MID) $531800 (PTA)
Caddy, Josh (MID) $325300 (GEE)
Hunter, Lachlan $284700 (WBD)
Taylor, Lewis (MID) $117300 (BRL)
Reynolds, Luke (MID) $112400 (CAR)
Honeychurch, Mitch (MID) $117300 (WBD)

Come on community, give us some of your wisdom



Give it a go – that is a bloody ballsy ruck division mate, I'd be nervous going in with those two and no guaranteed bench cover. Free up some cash in your def where you've probably gone a bit top heavy and get Dixon in up forward. A bit of insurance if Sandi or hmac goes down


100% agree with Kev, maybe grimes down to Matt Duckling, blokes a champion with a killer left boot, injury discount makes him very appealing at 310k, if fit one of the first names on the sheet in hawks defence, then maybe go hmac to Brodie Grundy and caddy to Dixon if you have the cash to do so, I would also recommend downgrading Hunter to Jack Billings, will save about 60k and has mid swing, will free up some good cash as well as generate it!


Yeah I'm considering the same starting ruck duo although I will probably blink and go Grundy/Sandi instead.

But Kev is dead right you must have a backup plan with either a solid R3 who will get regular game time or a swing set-up with a DPP ruckman like a Dixon in your forward line or you are just flirting with disaster.


Solid move SCAdd – having Dixon in the forward line. I'm considering Vardy in the forwards and Apeness the DPP in the rucks as insurance for my thin rucks.


Thanks Jock. A great era!


Dixon is almost worth selecting as a premium forward alone but his DPP status is pure gold for anyone considering let's say 'high risk high reward' ruck combos.

He showed early in the season the ability to grab the competition by the short and curlies when in full flight. I just hope he doesn't become one of these injury prone big men with constant foot and ankle problems. So hopefully last years problems were just a one off.

Vardy is another with past injury problems but hopefully that's all behind him now. One to keep a close eye on for sure.

Agree with Jock that your avatar is a corker!


On the topic of Gold Coast there, do you guys know the expected return of Zac Smith?

The ruck's are starting to make me scratch my head. Started to entertain young Tom Nicholls. As he showed some super scoring last season. 2014 being his 4th year with the Suns, this is generally a time when most young ruckmen 'breakout' (Goldstein & McEvoy hit 90+ in their 4th seasons). Was just a little unsure on where Zac Smith was at, and also do you think Dixon play predominately forward? Cheers!


It can be frustrating trying to get decent info this time of year on how many players are tracking but I did catch this brief video on the Suns site last week on Zac. Seems to be coming along ok but we will have to see how he goes in the NAB if he manages to get up.

Will be interesting how the Suns structure up if Smith, Nicholls and Dixon are all available but yes would expect Charlie to play mainly up forward this season.


Cheers SCaddict, appreciate the info/link.

It will be interesting for sure. Those three are vital to GCS chances of surpassing last seasons ladder position. I will be keeping a close eye on those three in NAB series (+ about 100 other players! Hahahaha).


I was wondering how relevant Nicholls will be. Seems if anyone is ripe for the 2-year blues it would be him. Also at his price is easy to pass up.

Wrestling with going Minson/Sandi or Grundy/Hickey/Sandi (or Grundy/Sandi/Longer)


Nicholls played 1 game in 2011, zero in 2012, 8 in 2013, therefore 2014 will "technically" be his fourth season. But you're right Throttle, is price is quite easy to pass up.

I'm still racking my brain over the ruck combo as well. Been having a play with that 3 x 250-365K rucks as well.

Noticing more sides with Dixon in the forward line as "cover". But when i think about it, is he really cover? If you have to swing him in, then rely on a Thurlow or Fwd rookie to score for you.
Yes, i may work for one week….but if Sandi/Hmac are down for any longer, you might as well leave Dixon forward and trade the injured ruckmen out and move on.

Decisions, decisions……


Decisions and decisions, Taylorwoof Wonder at times if one could overthink before NAB?

Reasons you state is why I'm leaning more towards Grundy/Hickey/Sandi or Grundy/Sandi/Longer. Fail safe. Still think Dixon is worth a punt for the forward line.


Overthink, yes definitely. I might be in that category already! Hahahahaha……


I won't pick Shaw, Grimes, McIntosh, Sandilands, or Caddy, and I'm lairy on Bartel too, dunno why.


LOL! Have 4 of those 6 names in my latest draft. I’m nothing if not foolhardy though.. But you gotta risk it to get the biscuit, right?


Hey jock any news on Scotty Gumbleton ? I'm 30% sure he might be in my starting lineup if named early and hopefully free up some cash to a Dusty about rd 11. Or even a move to gazza in round 5 !


Thank you for the insight Dimma, superb article!


Great article, Dimma. An old acquaintance of mine used to say 'you can't change your plan if you don't have one', so rule No 1 for any side is to have a plan – any kind, no matter how shonky it may seem.
The great dilemma for mine this year, as for most years, is finding reliable forwards. There's an over abundance of DEF's, MID's & RUC's in a thousand different combinations, but FWD's always give me the shizens…


Yep, going into this year with absolutely no KPPs and no one with an extensive history of injuries. That includes Buddy, Sandi, Grimes, Ellis, Hmac and Waters.

rolling thunder

Best tip is point number 4 I reckon. Im using 24 trades in the first 13 rounds and keeping 6 for the last 5 rounds!


I hope John becomes a regular fixture on this site – that was brilliant! Plenty of solid SC wisdom to mull over the next month. You're fifth point is absolutely spot on – last year I switched an in-form O'Meara to a struggling Swan for less than 90k. Swan went on to raise his average by 10 to almost 120, a move that really turned the season around for me. Thanks John!


Remember him mentioning that he used a spreadsheet to plan his byes. Would love to know how that was setup.

Maybe Higgo can do a Byegonator?


Yea that would be a great article throttle !


G'day Community, just starting to turn my mind towards Supercoach for the year so forgive me if this has been already covered/discussed.

With a lack of options for rookies in the def/fwd lines is it a viable option to start with say GAJ, Pendles and Beams or Murphy or another discounted premo and then fill up the rest of the mids with rookies?

As always seems to be plenty of rookie mids to fill up with and with the number of dpp such as mcveigh, mitchell, dangerfield, wingard etc can hopefully fill up with these to make up for the points you will miss out on in the mids by starting 4 or 5 rookies.

Or have I just been sucking on too many cold ones over the off season and lost my marbles??


Hey Gilly!

I don't think there is anything wrong with that approach. Pre NAB Series, it does appear that it could be slim picking's for DEF & FWD rookies.

Have been thinking the same re: play an extra rookie in the midfield, and add an extra FWD/MID or DEF/MID elsewhere. NAB Series will no doubt shed more light on these rookies.


Hi Gilly,
I reckon starting with GAJ, Pendle, Smurph & Beams is brilliant strategy in the middle. I started with that and then added Rockliff, Cotchin & Thomas. It leaves room for 3 bookies (gambles) plus, all bar Gaz, Pendle, Cotchin are destined for significant price increases early on.
As far as bookies are concerned I reckon it's the 'comebacker's' that represent the greatest opportunity. The likes of Rohan, Laidler, Michie, Morabito are all much cheaper than this years 1st season players and in many cases they're more likely to play.

I am unfamiliar with the phrase "Too many" when referring to Cold Ones so I can't comment on where your marbles might be..


Definitely a legit strategy Gilly which could be forced on many of us depending on which rookies emerge or don't emerge in the NAB.

I'm hoping to start with 5 or 6 premo mids but may have to reassess this if we just don't get enough quality rookie forwards or defenders making team 22s come Rd 1.


Planning that way "today". Think forwards will be the problem area in terms of rooks. Def and mids should be easier to accommodate.

Agree with Wombats that there's probably some nice non-rook cash generators under $175K to be found. Polec is one that I'm gonna keep my eye on especially.


Thanks for your thoughts guys much appreciated to hear them.

As you have all mentioned the NAB series will help shed some light on potential cash cows and I agree there appears to be some tasty pickings under 200k that are "non rookies".

Being Australia day off to have a few more coldies, not sure if it will help find my marbles but it would be unAustralian not too.

Mark Dempsey

A good poll aswell would be is O'Meara a genuine consideration as a premium starter this year?
Obviously the negatives here is that there are plenty of other options at his starting price and we all know about the 2nd year blues. However in saying that, this kid is something special even comparing him with Ablett jr or Dangerfields first years.
Could be a nice point of difference early along with maybe a Rockliff or Liberatore while we wait for a price drop to Johnson, Pendles or GAJ


Currently I have a solid backline of Walker, M Johnson, Hanley, Yeo and E Mckenzie plus 3 rookies.
Do you have any thoughts as to whether I should cut back on one of my premiums.


Have a plan… Hmmm. Mine keeps changing, but I am thinking stack the backs with 4-5 premiums. Roll the dice on a few more midfield rookies and medium priced players. And take 4 of the best 10 forwards.


Like that plan. Concerned with those prems, how many will be their weight in gold? Or Goddard level consistent? As many have pointed out, last year was McV's first season to ave 100+. Bartel, Hodge and Mitchell are standbys yet getting long in the tooth. Hanley is a star but with a new coach is he going to warrant his price tag off the bat.

Just raising concerns, my man.


My thoughts exactly! Load up the back Premiums, 50/50 mid Prem's, and try to make something out of the slim pickings in the FWD line!


Fair point Throttle finger. Stormo, I am scratching a bit in the forwards, but I still think at least 4 prem defnders has some merit.
I think this year offers a rare opportunity in defence to obtain consistent scoring, proven players who will get some midfield time. I like Mitchell because I can't see Hawthorn surrendering him from the midfield too much more (he's too important). McVeigh may cop some heavy forward tags early, but he works so hard, he will succeed. Bartel's track record is solid, but his price could slide a bit. Walker could be in an improving side and should continue to get plenty of the footy. I'm concerned about Hanley, just because I don't know how Brisbane will fare this year.
High risk I concede, especially given the ages of some of the aforementioned. But If I have a team with 4-5 solid defensive scoring players, I can pick the eyes out of the remaining mid priced speculative and rookie defenders. It's almost a set and forget plan in the backs. It does mean I will have to make a greater number of speculative calls on cheaper players in the mids (but I figure there are more to choose from).
I'm scratching a bit with the forwards other than Dangerfield being a lock.
I may well have changed the plan next week – but the discussion gets me thinking. Thanks.


Had a good back and forth with Wombats. He suggested leaving Danger out, as he's a traditionally slow starter and Crows start with Cats, Power and Swans. Chances he averages 120+ and keeps his value at $600-$550K are not great. So I'm using not having him in to stack the forwards with Lamb being the cheapest. Then hope my F4 or F5 starts strong so I can make a quick swap.

Defense, only Mitchell is my lock. Think McV and Bartel won't hold that value. Last season was McV's first breaking triple digits. But Swans have GWS and ADE in their first 3 so may be able to. Going Mitchell, Grimes, Swallow, Buntine +2 rooks. Not sold on Grimes and Swallow…need to see how strong they look in NAB. Think Buntine could be a nice and quick way to upgrade to a slow-starting prem like Hanley or Hodge.

But like you, all may change it. Think I've changed my thinking five times in the last week. Exhausting, SCannonymous.


Thanks for your thoughts TF._Danger will have to play lots of midfield time (Vince and Van Berlo absent). He usually shakes a tag, but he will get lots of attention. I can't go without him in the forwards because I don't plan on GAJ at the moment.
I too like Butine.
I brought Grimes towards the end of last season at a cheap price thinking he would get good midfield time – he ended up tagging most of his last 6 odd games. I was disappointed. May have only been gearing up for this year, it just depends on what Roos plans for him. Worth a watch in NAB I reckon.
Swallow is the right age in a team on the march. At this stage I just can't take him for some reason.
Bring on the NAB I say.


Thanks for the insight into Grimes, SCannon. Certainly a risk. Think the hope in the SC community is that Roos breathes life into guys like Grimes, Watts, Blease and such. NAB can't get here SOON ENOUGH. In many ways feels odd doing all this planning without the root "seeing them play" knowledge that NAB provides. Sure it pays off. Did none of it last season (my 1st) and it showed.


Give It A Go

Now that H Shaw has gone to GWS , community do you think Lumumba, Heritier will get more ball candy time and is he worth a start even though he had personal issues last season?


Hi “Give It A Go” mulled that one over last night
I beleive he his over the deamons that got to him last year.
He likes moving up the ground into space with the ball in hand, Hiss DPP status reflects that but the price is awkward unless you belive the departure of Shaw has increased his SC Risk / Reward.
I don’t think I will start with him could be a upgrade target by round 3/4 for me at this stage mate.

Rayza Ray

Gentlemen of the supercoach Im a SA lad and over here we get 5AA as our main station. Last week they had Sam Jacobs on talking about the Crows first real internal hit out. What ever you do fellas if named round 1 get on the younger brother of CROUCH… Jacobs stated the crows gave him a run in the midfield (against bigger bodies) and he had 15 touches within the first 10 mins of the quarter. He said this boy can seriously find the footy. I have no doubt Sammy palmed some down his throat in the process. I understand it probably would of been just attacking drills but even so if that's halved or even quartered its still serious points for someone at 117k


Thanks for the heads up on Crouch RR, i
Need to speak to he Barron about him before I commit


Any interest in Sam Jacobs? Had an off year. Crows not deep at ruck. $460K not bad. Jacobs/Sandi may not be bad combo.


I had him last year so i am a bit weary, but I keep looking at him having non competition for ruck time, he has played every game for the last 2 years and at 25 he should be starting to peak.

At 460k he is priced similarly to a couple of speculative rucks but has a bit more of a track record. I don't know why but I keep trying to talk myself into picking him again this year.


Exactly why I'm going to put him for consideration, Gilly. Lobbe is a bit more but does not have nearly the track record of success that he has. Plus Crows only have two backups so he's going to get a lot of touches.

Was reading champion data prospectus (just got in mail…took 2 months) and they have this stat they created around who should've won given the probability of their shots (doesn't measure hit or miss). Crows would've placed placed 7th. With Tippett leaving, Tex getting injured and subform play across the board (minus Danger and Sloane), think they just had a bad year. Can't see it happening twice.


Yeah it's a great read and valuable resource. I read it front to back and just write down names as I am going and then refer to them/watch them during the NAB series.

He was an interesting beast to watch last year just couldn't/didn't get near the pill, he played every game but maybe carrying an injury? I must confess I held him until fairly late in the year hoping he would turn it around and he did improve once I traded him out!!

Another for the NAB watch list. Agree on an improved Crows this year.


Yeah, I'm working my way through front to back…obviously I'm only on Adelaide. What do you think of Griggs? He could be a good POD. Only played 5 games but strong scores (82 average). $354K could be a nice one to earn you a fast upgrade.

Not sure on Jacobs for reasons you state. Spending the extra $4K and getting Lobbe may be a better move. Or just going Grundy/Sandi/Longer. Still working out. Where you on rucks, Gilly?


Griggs really impressed me last year and he is on the watch list for the pre season.

My gut is saying that for 5 games experience he is pricey. He may get more attention this year especially if as I expect Adelaide improve (not suggesting he will be tagged but I think finals contending teams have more pressure across the midfield, the struggling teams are left to do what they want as they are unlikely to win).

I am not sure he could earn enough points on a consistent basis to become a cash cow, would mean he would have to be averaging 90-100 points to make you 100k, think you would be better off with a 120k type player if you want cash cow, but depending on your strategy he could well be a smoky for a m6-8.

Re Rucks I haven't really started picking a team as yet, just enjoying reading the articles and listening to the debates. At this stage I am thinking at least one of Grundy, Lobbe and Longer. Then not sure if I have say a Mumford/Minson or Goldy and a rookie.

I am still tossing up my mid strategy which will then affect my ruck strategy. Originally I was going to really load up in the mid but looks like finding enough viable rooks for fwd/def could be a challenge which was why I put up the thought of loading the mids with rookies (having 5 on the ground) and using the cash in the fwd/def.

I have been interested in reading the number of people keen on Smurf, Thomas and Beams. Beams is a no brainer but Smurf has really struggled with being tagged the last 2 years. With Judd's decline he is the obvious man to target and the fact he struggles under a tag to me means he is more likely to get tagged.

Whenever Freo play Richmond, crowley always goes to Delidio, is it because Ross thinks he is "the man" to stop or because he knows he can?

I hope this makes sense, a bit foggy this morning after an Australian day bbq yesterday. Enjoying the discussion!


Oh man, Australian Day sounds like a blast, Gilly. They had parties in NYC (Wombat sent me a link to one party. He said it was lame compared to the old Aussie Day parties they had in NYC).

Not convinced on Murph either. Even with Daisy, still an awkward team trying to find their identity (actually reading about Champion Data's review of them saying as much). Beams, Cotchin and JPK I'm leaning towards. Think those are 3 115+ scorers who had bad years.

Grigg is a weird price. Need to see if he comes out raging like he did in his 5 games. Those score hint at someone who could be a good POD. Fast track to getting a J.Stevens, Griffen or Rockliff. Don't know at this point, my man. Everything is a big wait and see until NAB.


Too true about the wait and see, that's why i haven't got too fussed about picking a team yet, far too much guess work at this stage.

Cotchin I think is a solid pick and is in my plans, think that knee injury last year probably hurt his output.

JPK, Hmmmm had him last year thinking he was a great pod and contested ball beast but I fear he is becoming the new Matt Pridis, in one game last year he had 32 possessions with 28 handballs. If you look at his kick to handball ratio it is a clear trend the wrong way rather than a once off. Solid but I think you can do better.


May be right about JPK, Gilly. Noticed that as well. Yet, the man has a history of putting up the big points. Maybe last year he was off his game a bit. Have been tinkering with Scooter Selwood instead. WCE has a nice draw and think he may serve up some nice POD points.


Burnt me badly Last season TF, He underperformed in an underperfoming team Not for me buddy


Yeah, considering to have both Zorko and Jacobs is just asking to be torched, Dools.

Back to Lobbe/Grundy or Grundy/Sandi/Longer.


Hi Mate…No love for Hickey? Or is this a $ consideration?


Considering Hickey as well. But the Lobbe/Grundy combo smells strong like a good mescal. But honestly Dools, 50/50 between that combo and going Grundy, Sandi, Hickey/Longer. Not sure. Lobbe/Grundy (with Sandi as R3) seems less maintenance and potential for strong scores of the get go.


I started with Jacobs/Cox last season. Jacobs scored 102, 105 & 106 in the first three rounds. At this time i was very happy with myself. I decided to log in to last year's side and try and find a few areas where i slipped up, where it all went wrong (finished 8,785th).

After three rounds i was sitting 820th (Rnd 1 – 290th, Rnd 2 – 247th), which was closer than Dimma's side at the time (Where did it all go wrong?).

From rounds 4-9 Sam Jacobs averaged 70.16 including a Red Vest 36 in Round 9.

He was a contributing factor of my downfall, therefore i am very reluctant to go there again. Agree, he appears to be under priced in comparison to his best…….but i just cannot go there again.


Fair enough, T-woof. Figure Lobbe is the wiser move and not that much more ducats.


Why is Kreuzer out of favour? Got burnt with Jacobs last year. Looking to set and forget the rucks, looking at Kreuzer/Sanid/Hickey/Currie. Any thoughts?


I think Malthouse prefers Warnock as his no.1 man and wants to use Kruezer at CHF for 80% of the time and then relieve in the ruck when required.

With Shaun Hampson going to Richmond the blues need another key position forward so I think Kreuzer will spend more time forward baring injuries to Warnock which will reduce his scores.


Agree with Gilly. Shared rucks reduce scores. Warnock is the hitout king and Kreuz can rack the goals. For the price think it's better to go with a clear #1 ruck.


James Amish thoughts


Kieren jack thoughts and that is Amish above thoughts on these 2 players


Kieren Jack – proven champ. Lots of players around his mark, but nothing wrong with that selection.
Aish is at the right club to get his chances and has senior experience in the SANFL. A reasonable selection ($190K though). If he gets a regular game he should justify the price.


I think this season looms as a potential franchise best for Sydney in terms of h&a wins due to a decent draw, returning veterans like Goodes, Shaw and LRT, the addition of Buddy and a full season of Tippett.

I expect them to belt a lot of the lesser lights which should mean very lopsided SC scores in those games starting in Rd 1 versus GWS.

So Jack, JPK, McVeigh, Buddy and possibly even Rohan are all very prominent on my selection radar.




Also thoughts on eli templeton and maveric Weller all comments are appreciated


Weller and Templeton are rookie listed, as is Minchington. I'm not aware of who the Saints can or plan to elevate.
Weller has a couple of years in the system, you'd have thought he's good enough to get a crack in St Kilda's senior team at some point. Valued for his leadership qualities, toughness and solid character. If he's elevated then consider.
Eli Templeton might be given a bit of time to develop I reckon, still fairly slight.


Hey jock what about Andrew Carrazzo if he's fit rd 1 could be a real pod ! And what do u think about having 13 rookies 5 will be on field ?


Carazzo is to much of tagger but it will be interesting to see what mick does with his midfield 5 is good try to have a premium forward line though


Hi Hawker I don't know what Jock reckons but triple-shot Carrazzo is almost a lock for me. He will be back in the 90's this year without doubt. Last year he had the calf and the year before he had triplets & a busted shoulder blade. There is very good reason for the guy being VC he's a better tagger than Crowley and still racks up as many points as a 500K mid. 5 rooks on the field is probably 1 too many


Selecting Carrazzo over Dale Thomas is an option. I would think selecting between those two would be at about a 10:1 ratio in favour of Thomas. Would be a massive POD, and if Thomas' ankle were to cause him havoc again and Carrots reaches 90's average….then you would have a nice advantage over many SC players.

To be honest, when i think about it….there is almost the same amount of risk with either player. Valid question aaron, love it!


Thoughts on Daniel hannebery jock


I like him! Big tank (leading the way in pre-season) and as tough as old boots. He should have another good year with plenty of support around him to share the attention of opposition taggers. He's in a team that should continue to win enough games to ensure he scores well. Go for it.


Matthew lobbe


Hello everyone look forward to my eleventh straight supercoach season hopefully I can have a more successful year than previous years but I need some help with picking rd1 reliable forward and Backman please help and I'm not sure who to pick from Melbourne out of viv, hogan, or Salem please comment cheers good luck to everyone hope you have a successful supercoach season


Hey bigharv!

Good question you pose mate! I think we just have to sit on it at the moment and see how they all fair in the NAB series. Many rookie Dee's on the radar: The three you mentioned plus Tyson, Blease, Harry & Clark (reduced).

If i had to make a early decision now, i'd go with Hogan & Tyson. I have them both in my side at the moment. But yeah, waiting for the NAB Series to shed more light.


Sorry, i forgot to answer the other question re Forwards.

At the moment, Dangerfield won't be leaving my lineup. Franklin is very difficult to overlook at the price. Petrie, Harvey & Martin are all worthy selection, yet i think we're paying top dollar for them. Wingard is a nice choice, plenty of upside. If Pavlich looks fit early, than he could be a steal at 437K.


Dangerfield will be the most selected forward, though some will question his slow starts. Harvey and Martin will be good, but how good is always difficult to project. Petrie should be a NO, as his scores are too prone to fluctuation, whilst the average looks enticing. Pavlich would be a wait and see for mine. He will certainly spend much less time in the midfield as in previous years, and a top four team will look to have multiple goal scoring options. Watts at $411K could provide a greater upside.



I have heard that Viv may struggle to make the RD1 team for the Dee's. They have recruited many mids for this season (Bernie, Tyson and Salem) and have heard these blokes are all ahead of Viv at the moment.

Maybe he will be a downgrade target during the season if they have injuries.


Hello bigharv Backman Bartel, McVeigh, Mitchell, Simpson, shaw, forwards martin, Dangerfield a couple of roughies are westhoff and Dixon just wait until nab cup and keep a close eye on the young ones and also the premium players hope this helps you out


Cheers mate I just want a couple in the backline that ate a bit different from everyone else but early on I guess its good to have reliable backs and forward and I'll keep my eye on buddy, Dixon and westhoff thanks again


Hey Big H,
Have alook at Schoffield WCE mate if your after a strong POD and only 333K odd $ . He is tipped by WCE to be a Hanley style player Defender
Forwards My thinking is Caddy – He will at least hold value if not go big time
Also Varcoe – ya I said Varcoe – Beleive his foot ailments a re a thing of the past and been placed on the Cats Trade list last year will have no doubt woken him up! and with Motlop off to the UK to see a a top specialist regarding his Knee tendon many doors have been left open for both Cat players. Hope this helps


Yeah I forgot about wingard a couple of ports midfielders will step up this year and go from averaging 90 to about 110 but I'm not sure who yet, pavlich played exceptionality well in finals also what are your thouts on zorko


Hey bigharv, this my 3rd attempt to answer your original Q. re back and forward players
I will start with 2 forwards both DPP but not important at this stage …!1 Caddy more then "just a number to Geelong" He has a the ability to be anyone player from that side.He has the support . He also was activley sought by the Cats for his ability.
Varcoe – Ya Varcoe! He was put on the trade table last season. Big wake up call! He is over his foot injury and apperantly "training the house down" With the injury to Selwod (minor I'm assured) and Motlop off to the UK to see a Knee tendon Speaclist ..Doors are firmly open for these 2 my pick is Caddy ATM
Defendrs – Hmmm I will tell you to look at Schofield from WCE @ $33 odd K a little bit awkward but from the tell outa WA he is Hanley like ..Anywho food for thought my man and I hope this helps a wee bit


Cheers mate I had varcoe past 2 years not falling for him again but I might fit caddy in but I like the look of a couple of the young stkilda boys maybe maverick Weller do you have any other advice if do I really do appreciate it.


Key forwards need to be a viable option in any fantasy comp….. this DPP rubbish has ruined the game allowing midfielders who are purely midfielders to be selected as forwards cause they spend 20% of the game resting up forward cause they arent fit enough to run out a game

and now incorporating more DPP than ever allows some of the best midfielders to be picked as backmen now


Marc Murphy or Dayne Beams?


thoughts on hamish mcintosh?


Thoughts on Ben Mcvoy and Hamish Mcintosh- PLease answerr


Hey lads,
McIntosh has not played in nearly 2 years. Im not saying he does not remeber how to play but I think he will be introduced slowly….McEvoy was in my team until he sat out the intra club match in Hawthones play So he is injured or under wraps…I had to ditch him So of both at the moment no!

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