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Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Midpricers have never been so critical to your team structure

The increase to the rookie pricing structure will result in most of us considering one or two players priced in that area between rookie and premium price this season.

Click here for my first version of the 2014 Midprice Cheat Sheet

(and here if you haven’t had a crack at the Rookie Cheat sheet v1)

So get stuck in and let us know your thoughts. Which midpricers do you reckon I should consider for version 2?

Remember – you can also join the community over on the Facebook Page and on the Twitter.

Jock Reynolds

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Suns Man

another cracker article jock and lads, i will be keeping a close eye on swallow if hes fully fit


Fantastic! Great CS!


Great stuff here Jock, cheat sheet comes out at a great time to finish the 170th version of my team. Would love some feedback as you can probably see there is still some improving to do.
Defenders- J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, M.Suckling, S.Docherty, M.Fuller, T.Cutler, K.Kolodjashnij
Midfielders- S.Pendlebury, K.Jack, T.Cotchin, M.Murphy, D.Beams, D.Thomas, J.Martin, C.Beams, D.Tyson, J.O'Rourke
Rucks- A.Sandilands, B.Grundy, T. Nankervis, M.Apeness
Forwards- P.Dangerfield, L.Franklin, C.Rioli, M.Clark, G.Rohan, D.Garlett, L.Taylor, J.Billings


Hello Liam. As Jock has mentioned if your going with Sandlilanda you will need playing bench cover. He won’t come close to playing every game. I like Mitch Clarkes price but he’s not training at the moment & might struggle to be fit for round 1. Other than that your team looks pretty solid.


Cheers pieman, good call on Sandi. I definitely like Mitch Clark especially at his price, hopefully he can get his body right for round 1 but doesn't look great at the moment.


I saw Mitch Clark running in the heat last week and he looked fine


not one geelong player interesting I mean jimmy bartel is a must over Mitchell


Depends a bit on where they play I reckon nick. I still think Hawthorn are more reliant on Mitchell seeing greater midfield time than is the case with Bartel at Geelong.


Bartel was very frustrating last year


Liam I reckon you've got a pretty good squad there.
What can you tell m about Cutler?
Are Lewis and Billings likely to get early games?
Is there anyone of a similar price with more job security than O'Rourke?
You've got a couple of forwards who might be slow starters, Rioli (Suspension) and Clark (slow rehab).
Do you have a mid/fwd in the mid? Do you have a fwd/ruc in the forwards? Is this important?
More questions than solutions from me sorry – but I like it, good luck. SCAnn


Been reading at lot about Cutler. This was the first bit I found out about:

Also Jock recommended him on his first rookie cheat sheet. Like to see him play first but he's on top of my list to make my DEF reserves, SCannonymous.


Hey Liam. Nice side! What position did you finish last year? A


Watt about Watts (pun intended). Possibly playing in the Dee's depleted midfeild without Sylvia. Cheaper than Swallow and less midfeild completion. With Fwd/Def eligibility and a new coach it could be time for him to average 90 wich would make him a keeper for the season.
Going to be watching him closely come NAB cup


I'm definitely an interested onlooker when it comes to Mr Watts. Have never selected him before but this could be the season he gets a guernsey in my side especially if I need to fill a D4 or F4 spot due to a lack of playing rookies.

Has a burnman tag to shake off for many supercoaches but I'm getting the inkling the planets just might align for the promising youngster with the new midfield role and the great Paul Roos at the helm.


What a Cheat Sheet, love all the red squares, thoughts on Mitchell Grigg, he's on my watch list.


Like him too but rd 8 bye makes me flaccid


Yeah, your spot on there, but if he shows some form in NAB cup, he will be close to a starter in my side. (It takes a lot to get into my side, I'm quite picky about all players)


Brilliant, Jock! Have been starting to lean toward adding Longer as R3. Nab eye be on him and Swallow.

Thoughts on L. Hunter. Think he could be gearing up for big year for the Doggies.


Throttlefinger he was on my list at the end of last season also. Correct if I'm wrong but he's likely to see more time forward than mid at this point. He looks tough though, I just wonder whether he can compete with the WB mid depth for regular senior game time in just his second year? The NAB will tell us more.
The only thing this site lacks are depth charts on each club (ranking players for each position, ie. key forwards, sm/med forwards, mids, etc).


That would be a great addition, SCannonymous. Depth charts as well as team structures in terms of strengths and weaknesses for positions/SC points would be invaluable.

Yeah, he might be more in the forward line. Not sure. Read that he had been playing more mid but like you said, wait and see. Hunter and Lamb are ones I'm watching for in NAB. If they are thick with the pill, may be great values.


Hey Throttle. How did you get into SC? For a man on the other side of the world your knowledge of the game is amazing!


What's up Pieman. Started watching footy as a kid, when ESPN was first offered. That's when I first started enjoy it. They dropped it from their schedule so I stopped following. My best buddy is Aussie and got me to watch the 2010 GF with him (sorry, Jock). AFLTV came out the next year and he and I had a tipping contest, so I started to learn more about the players. HIs brother was in an SC league so last year we both got in it…got plastered off the jump.

So this is my second year in SC. And honestly, while I do try to keep up on player news and such, most of the credit goes to Jock, Higgo, Crouching One, MadMick, Wayno, Barron and the community. Started coming here regularly after round 8 last year. Makes you learn quick. Think I spend most of last season just reading rather than responding. This season I wanted to plan better so talking with others like yourself in preseason has helped me greatly understand SC game and strategies better.

Pardon the shaggy dog answer. Got to get better with shorter replies.


G’day Jock. Totally agree with your assessment on Higgins. People will be sucked in in the price. Been down that path before & now his photo has a special place on my dart board. I have a feeling we will need to keep a few pricers for the season. So picking the rights ones will be critical.


Hiya Jock and community. Am I reading that cheat sheet correctly in saying that T Hickey is ahead of Longer in the ruck stocks?


Hi Koch, yeah I think the no 1 Ruckman spot at stkilda is hickeys to lose. He is the more experienced one(only by 20 odd games)


Cheers bighorn


Again delivering the good stuff, thanks Jock.
So, you're not a fan of Grundy or have ya been on the gear?


thoughts on jack gunston? looked good year, now with buddy gone?


Last year*


Gidday Jock, new to the board, love all the info and stats. Been playing for a couple of years now and this site leaves all the others for dead. Already taken in the cehat sheets and replies to most of the posts. Still think a Guns and Rookies approach is the go, but more mid-prices than Guns at the moment!? Any comment on the team would be greatly appreciated.


Looks solid Kevan.
The only ones that raise questions for me are Duffield (been disappointing in the last couple of seasons – a bit inconsistent), Hickey (is he clearly number one over Longer?), Bock and T.Williams (both key position and injury prone?)
Good luck Kev. SCAnn


G'day Kevan, Whitecross is rehabing from an ACL he did in the prelim final so I wouldn't be starting him. I had Duffield last year, his output was down from the previous year, I think that he is a pod at best. I'd put Mitchell into your back line instead and have another a genuine gun midfielder.

I am a Hawk fan but find Cyril a frustrating prospect, he can score well and each year there is the talk of more midfield time. However he hasn't played a full season since 2008 generally misses 2-3 games a season, not the end of the world if you have cover but be prepared for some pain.

I haven't started to put a team together yet so I can't throw up some alternatives for you.

All the best


Thanks for the replies Gilly and SCAnn. Agree wiht Bock, but he may generate some early cash. Duffield will play a key role under Ross and should be constitent(hopefully). Tom Williams I will look at in the NAB. The ruck is a set-and-forget, got burnt last year. Cyril SHOULD generate early SC points to keep me in the game while my rookies and mid-prices generate some cash. Not sure on Whitecross, may swing Mitchell back there and put in another premium mid. This is team number 47.


Duffield is too risky, I agree. Whitecross was always a maybe. Cyril or Gunston at the moment. NAB cup can't come quick enough.


When i go to the supercoach website and login it still goes to my 2013 team???


Hi Adam, did you have supercoach gold last year? If not than you can't start picking your side yet on the website, but you can use the higginator,


You have to wait another week when Supercoach 2014 launches on January 30.

Otherwise use the Higginator if you want to start planning now and didn't have Gold last season as Rhino mentioned.


love zorko…but he did burn me last year, can i forgive him?


I had the same problem last year. I was never able to get rid of him either. Forwards look pretty shallow to me this year. So the risk looks appealing. But I am mindful of burn me once shame in you, burn me twice shame on me.


He's got to be better than last year individually, but will Brisbane be competitive enough for him to get the scores he deserves? He's in the mix for me too, better price than last year.


As a Brisbane supporter, I'm a massive fan of the Magician. I believe his drop off last season was almost solely due to the fact of his on-field role changing. Voss seemed to have him playing as a forward tag more than previously, and he didn't look all that comfortable. If Leppa changes this, then his scores could go sky high. He definately has the ability, and his price is very enticing.


I will be keeping clear in SC but I can definitely appreciate his appeal and expect him to be a fairly popular selection.


Josh Kennedy (wce), surely must be considered,


For sure especially with the Eagles user friendly draw and hopefully a better run with injuries this season.

Not quite the bargain he was last year at almost premium pricing so tough to squeeze him in. I would probably pick him over Zorko but hey that's just me. Sorry Jock!

However I'll likely be running with Buddy, Dixon and maybe Clark (if Rd 1 ready) from that list.

Also will be keeping an eagle eye on Watts and how he performs in the Roos system during NAB action. If there proves to be a dearth of either playing defender or forward rookies he may get a late call up if he impresses me in the practice stuff.


Watts is definitely on the radar. Pretty much planning to be a dearth of def and fwd rooks, SCaddict. Hope that won't be the case but seeing most of these kids coming when the injuries come.


Yes the rookie landscape does look a little barren at this point in time but fairly confident some hidden gems will be unearthed during the NAB.


Planning for the worst. Hoping for the best.


Great CS jock , just wondering when Supercoach comes out to the public ?


Jan 30 Hawker. Just 7 sleeps!


The free app is HUGE. Can cloak working on my side while wife thinks I'm answering work emails.


I really don't know how you do it throttle. With the monster time zone difference and the rolling lockout SC has to be a total nightmare to play over there. You must really have a passion for it.

I'm in awe!


Only be in awe if I win the $50K, SCaddict.

But yeah, Friday morning game is my fav…get a game in before work. The weekends are MUCH rougher. Usually sleep a bit then watch the midnight game (or first game) then watch the morning game at 5:30am. If I can't watch the first weekend game, I usually set my alarm clock so I can make adjustments to last minute outs/vest.

Footy works perfectly if you have kids. Everyone is asleep, uninterrupted viewing. Pure joy.


SCAdd and Throttlefinger, you are outstanding contributors to this site – you both clearly have a passion for SC._
I'm still in recovery, and regularly bemoan the rolling lockout. I'd be happy with a Friday lockout, even though I would still check scores throughout the weekend, I dislike the fact that to be competitive in our league now, one has to be prepared to check in late withdrawals and the green vest._
Does anyone know if leagues can set Friday or Rolling Lockout this year?


Right back at ya, SCannonymous. Nothing makes doing this more enjoyable than trading thoughts with SC gurus like yourself. Helps me become a better player (well, we'll see how that works this season).

Rolling lockouts. Yeah. Great for last minute adjustments. Horrible for my weekend sleeping. Set it and forget it would be nicer for me but it's probably better for the game.



I hope he's joking and trying to wind some folks up.


Hi Jock,

Have taken the cheat sheets on board for this version of my team (lost count of how many I've done so far…)

DEF: Bartel (MID) / Mitchell (MID)/ Henderson / Suckling / KK / Laidler / Fuller / Cutler
MID: Pendles / Cotchin / Wingard (FWD) / Murphy / Beams / Karnezis (FWD) / Aish / McDonald (DEF) / Dunstan / Morabito
RUC: Goldy / Lobbe / Apeness (FWD) / Nankervis
FWD: Danger (MID) / Dixon (RUC) / Buddy / Zorko (MID) / Markworth / Taylor (MID) / Garlett (MID) / Honeychurch (MID)

Interested in what you think Jock – certainly plenty of bloody DPP if nothing else!


Not bad, Michael. Markworth could be anything this year, good luck to him. Bit concerned over Wingard as M3, and Karny at M6. Might struggle for consistent game time at the pies. Keep on tinkering mate


have taken Karny out due to the report of OP I read this morning, have put in Martin instead. The Chad is a lock for me, I have a feeling he'll explode this year! Plus with DPP I can move him around if need be.


"Andrew Gaff… talented at buggery"?!


Freudian slip perhaps or maybe just an honest Gaff. Does Jock know something we don't?

He's always been a Gaff fan….:)


I'm going back and forth on Shuey and Gaff. Been even considering Brandon Ellis. Think he's in store for a monster year.


Don't think you can go too far wrong with any of those guys especially Ellis. If he was a $100K cheaper or still had his defender status he would be an automatic selection but it's hard to fit them all in.

I would expect most of the Eagles stars to have great seasons after the shocker of last year and their fairly favourable draw. But the setbacks with Nic Nat and now Waters does give me a little cause to pause.


Yeah, I'd like to have NicNat in at the start but that ain't gonna happen. Need to see some games first. If he stays healthy, can see him as a great ruck upgrade option. Had earlier sides with Scooter in there. Not sure. Like to bring in JJK but that price don't see the value. Dools like Schofield so I'll be keeping an eye on him during NAB. Leaning towards Shuey at this point.

No kidding on Ellis. Why couldn't he be $350K and a DPP?!?!? Have a good feeling about him so if he stands tall during NAB, I'll definitely throw him in.



In all your supercoach wisdom, who would you choose between Lobbe and Kreuzer as a second ruck choice?

Not sure who I should go with on this one

Thanks, James!


Cheers Jock, love your work!!! Listen to the Podcasts every week!


Thanks Jock – got a few more on my radar would love to hear thoughts on…

Carrazzo – poor 2013, but when he fires, is solid as (back half of 2012 did me wonders). Word is form is looking good – on the wrong side of 30, but potential for big upside?

Grundy – now number 1 ruck at Collingwood with Witts and Hudson unlikely to step on the field when he is there (so no point sharing with another ruck). Has to be an absolute lock at his price?

Pyke – see above – improving out of sight year on year (massive first half 2013) and no other Swan ruck to take the points off him. Has to dominate this year surely???

Gunston – with Buddy gone, has to have massive upside – 7 tons out of 8 weeks from round 7 last year – must be likely to be delivering those kind of numbers this year?

Hawkins – word is he has finally fixed up his hammy and feeling back to best. Must have massive upside potential if looking good in NAB.

Caddy – every man and his dog is on this guy for 2014. What is the Reynolds word?

Fosolo – fighting fit – must slip into the woods for some easy cash?

Few rookies from last year surely worth a look – Mitchell, Mayes, Daniher???

Also – why the big plug on Zorko? He burned so many of us last year – unless he gets thrown in the guts at the lions (which seems unlikely given current structure), he will need to get a huge amount more of the pill. Not seeing why he will???


Hey Joeyjojo (junior shabbadoo)

Re Carrots, thinking similar with Dal Santo & Scott Thompson (Adel). Reduced prices due to one poor year. Previous years 100+

Got a feeling Pyke could cop a vest or two this season. Can Sydney play Tippett, Franklin, Reid, Pyke for the entire game. Thinking Pyke gets subbed out in second half, then Tippett rucks for the remainder, with Franklin CHF, Reid FF. Will be interesting to see how they structure up.


Depends on which Reynolds you ask with respect to Josh Caddy.

If you listen to the latest podcast Wayno is very sweet on him but Jock (and Higgo) not so much.

Can't say I'm big on him either. To me he just seems to be yet another promising mid priced youngster like a gazillion others that represent the equivalent of a SC lucky dip. Will likely increase in output but not convinced he will reach premium status in 2014.


He's certainly on a team that does share the SC points nicely. Meaning, there may be enough for him to gather up, especially with Motlop being out for a couple rounds. I've put him in there based on hope. Has the potential for sure. Just need to see if he comes out like a raging bull or just a slightly better version than Caddy 2013.


Caddy is as you say a punt but IMHO a good chance of getting up or at least maintaining value, I’m sure he will make the cut to my 22 at this stage


Dools! Where ya been? You and that keyboard were on holiday? The Cad is on the high consideration list. How’s your team coming?


No work completed on SC team I took a sabaticle Keyboard and I enjoyed the break but it was real hard not to jump in and respond to a team post or good idea but self imposed exile is now over…(For Now)
You are still dishin’ out the good oil and that helps me and every one else
Jock had me flumexed with Hickey call in MPCheet sheet V1 but I dug a wee bit !Mhmmm So I have come to the conclusion that No one is running McEvoy as his R1 and I so now I beleive Jock can pull his strategy of if all his duck’s line up. Zorko’s stocks have risen 100 fold within the community and equally Chappys have plummeted. Which I find startling as I had him down as a start but now I ramble and beer calls. Oh and Caddy is a definate maybe more definate then maybe as this is the reason for his recruitment last year…See how you go, see how we what you to be, see how much confidence you have with our structure(s) now, see how you are part of the team and now J.Caddy 2014 is all up to you. Do you think he wil l jump at this ? I know he will.


Well, welcome back Dools. I thought about doing the self-imposed exile myself. Lasted half a day.

Count me in as one for bringing Zorko in again. His past stats are just too good to pass up. And he didn't look horrible last year. Think the bit with Voss didn't help. New coach and 2-year curry fart out of the way, he'll return to form. Caddy will be a NAB hot watch for sure. Like the price. Think it could lead to nice early upgrade. Doubt he'll be a keeper.

So for rucks…change of plans. Read DimmaWit's tweet about a ruck structure that he thought would be popular: Grundy/McIntosh and Sandi as R3. I'm not sold on Toshy. Not enough time on the field to make part of initial unit. Going with grundy/sandi and Longer as R3. Guess I could make that Hickey as well. Strategy being secure the rucks and plan for upgrades. That's where I'm at now, Dools.


I do not think Caddy to be a keeper either TF but with Motlop down Selwood undergoing minor surgery I think the NAB will be Caddy's showcase IF Geelong play him. It's what Geelong do from here to the opening round that counts. McIntosh is a Nawh from me and as you said it really is wait and see on cheepish Ruc stocks- I see Thurlows name in quite a few teams but that is a pipe dream surely?
So I am at Lobbe as R2 (Definate LOL) :0 R1 McEvoy (No competion) R3 Sandilands (Just give me 4 to 5 games B4 the byes) and Hickey/Longer . Jock is a Saints boy and he did not put them in his article outa loality. So Rucs are still If'sBut's and Maybe's but I'm warming to me R1 choice


McEvoy is a strong choice, Dools. Maybe go Grundy at R2 to save some cash? Same logic with big ben. Will be the single ruck juggernaut for the Pies. Sandi at R3 is a can't lose play. Consider a rook for the R4. Nankevis will get some PT. Thurlow may get a lot of time…but want to see how the Bombers use him in NAB first.


Grundy if he play’s well is an upgrade for me R3, He has a very high fouls against bracket which drags down his SC score…Not for me . I Just do not see a 19 YO being a juggernaught at this level. and that’s why he will be beanch material, will play, will score points but I will not be depending on him as a scoring Ruc.(but I see your point about saving coin mate)
I will have approx 300K in the vault but of course me thinks thats way too much so I might dabble in a Cothchin or a Son of tim in the Mids and move Dangermouse to the forward line or I might bite the Hawthorne bullet and have 3 or 4 of them in the back line….Mitchell,Birchell, Suckling Pig/Schoenmakers and Hodge but other choice is Enright, Taylor, Bartel and a Geelong rookie who’s name escapes me ATM but can play serious AFL Footy (Hate it when you can see their face but the name slips)FWDS are a nightmare until NAB But I think it may be Danger, Zorko,Caddy Dixson, Hoping Wingard depending on backline, Franklin and Chappy


Grundy if he play's well is an upgrade for me Ruc3


SCAdd and Throttlefinger – I'm not sure about SC, but as far as pure football goes, this kid will be in the top handful of midfielders before long in my opinion. He's shown glimpses of Dangerfield type abilities and could absolutely dominate for the Cats in the years to come. It's hard to fit him in at his price for 2014, but I'm determined to.


I'm excited to see him play in NAB, SCannoymous. I'd like to fit him in. Side I'm working with now does.


ok my team as follows

DEF j McVeigh j bartel brett goodes matt suckling kk matt fuller bench cuttler luke mc Donald
MIDS steve Johnson ryan Griffen jack steven dayne beams josh caddy gun in the making at geelong watch that boy go dale Thomas jack martian james ash bench mitch honey church zac Obrien
RUCKS Hamish McIntosh billy longer f thurlow a smith
FWDS patty Dangerfield nick riewoldt lance franklin dustin martin j roughhead and shane Kerstin d garlet and l taylor

now do not I repeat listen to jock about McIntosh he will be fighting fit he is fighting fit for geelong and he will be the best ruck in the leage again kicking bags of goals and 46 ho every week just watch him and prove jock and everyone wrong so what if he has played 8 games in 2 years just bad luck but he is at a better club then the kangas and yeah need I say more I love this team and I think its a winner


McIntosh is a huge risk no doubt about it and I totally understand Jock's concerns. So much will come down to how he looks in the NAB comp assuming he plays which appears likely right now … touch wood.

I'm toying with a Sandi/McIntosh ruck duo with Dixon as cover in the forward line. Hoping to sneak potential premium ruck output at bargain bin prices and load up my midfield with the savings but the plan is definitely fraught with danger.

However to get a high ranking and a genuine crack at the $50K you need to take risks and not play it safe with every selection. Some are doing that by gambling on mid pricers with heaps of potential who haven't broken through just yet like a Josh Caddy or an Andrew Gaff.

My own preference is rolling the dice on discounted proven premiums returning from long term injury and hoping they can stay healthy and regain some of the form close to when they were at their best. A big IF in the case of McIntosh but it's good to hear from another believer.


that's why I have picked the team I have in jack steven also a ryan griffen think he will have anther great year and I also selected brett goodes its a risk but hay I think he will have a good year same as dale Thomas I want have a real crack this year that's why I have picked the team I did

rolling thunder

One thing about Jack Watts is this. When someone takes your pride away or has a go at your commitment it is an insult that digs deeper than a 20ft grave. Neeld questioned and disrespected Watts commitment to the Dees and that has long lasting repercussions.

Paul Roos is a manager of men who can bring out the best in a person. And to give someone confidence to fulfil what is expected of them. Jack Watts could be a destroyer this year if he has confidence in his own ability and and if he feels that Roos has the confidence in him to succeed in what he does. Jack Watts is a man/boy that should be on the radar because if someone has belief/expectations of him (ie Paul Roos) then I reckon he could stand up and slip into another gear at the AFL!!

There is nothing worth than grinding your ar$e off for someone who doesnt acknowledge what oyu do. I feel that Roos is someone who WILL acknlowledge what each and every player does/nt do!!!

Thats my 2 cents 🙂


Think it will be interesting to see how much Dees improve with Roos. Sure we'll get a good sign in NAB. I'd like to bring Watts in and he's on the radar. Hope to see an inspired bunch as they could be an SC boon.


Watts smashed out a 160 odd in a pre season game last year. I'll need 22 games of consistency before I go near him again!


Interesting take rolling-t. I think you could be on to something there.

If he doesn't "arrive" this season I'm not sure he ever will. It's all up to Jack now I reckon. I want to see consistent premium output. No more excuses!

rolling thunder

Hey thanks SCaddict- theres nothing more powerful than a group of people who work together against the odds whether it be at work or in the army. And theres nothing more gratifying that being given a pat on the back when you do something worthy!! I totally agree that this is Watts' "arrive" season. Now is his chance to stand up and be counted. And be counted by someone like Roos who is realistic enough to expect nothing but the best from a man. Roos will know whether you are putting in 101% or 90%. Jack Watts can finally stand up and show those doubters that under the right regime a competant person can fulfil what is expected of him!!


I hope you're right Rolling Thunder. Watts is a natural footballer, and i want to see him do well.

Big watch on many of the Dee's in the NAB series. Sam Blease is one i will be keeping a close eye on. Not many have mentioned him. I remember in Melbourne games when Paul Roos was commentating. He always seemed to give comments such as "I don't know why Sam Blease is starting as the Sub" or "Not sure why someone like a Sam Blease isn't in the side each week". Blease taken at No.17 in 2008 (Melbourne's first pick after Watts at No.1) has shown glimpses of ability in games…maybe the support of Roos as coach may see him get a regular game with decent output.

As Throttle mentioned above, if these Dee's play inspired footy….then they could be a SC boom for us all. Watts, Blease, Hogan, Tyson, Michie, Barry, Salem, M.Clark…..


Hi Rolling,

I think you're dreaming mate.
We hear a very similar thing about Watts every year. There is no questioning that the bloke has got talent but he is also definitely missing something equally important; can Roos add what Jack is missing? I doubt it.
I think that it's about time that Melbourne supporters accepted the fact that Jack Watts was dud #1 pick and is just another disappointing low-light of recent Melbourne FC history.

rolling thunder

*worse not worth


HIGGO – What is the chance of depth charts being generated for each team. That is, players competing for particular positions are ranked. Eg rank all tall fwds, (assuming two keys and one resting ruck will play) rank all small to medium fwds (assuming two can rotate through the mid)… etc This gives a clearer picture of each players job security (subjective of course). Spreadsheet format, and fluid as NAB progresses and injury and form allow the community to make further judgements. Thoughts?


I'm very interested to see if Jackson Paine gets game time in NAB and throughout the season. If the defensive side of his game improves and his shoulders hold up he could be a valid selection


I hope he plays well for us, but I'd be wary of picking him as he would fall into the dreaded category of KPP.


Hey throttle do u know what the Supercoach app is called can't find it on the App Store or will it be released on the 30th too?


Supercoach isn't open for business just yet, reckon it will be released on the 30th Hawker. Reckon this "free" app will have a buttload of ads though…


Man, hope that’s not the case, Kev. Sure they will flamed to a crisp if they do.


Hey Hawker. It’s not out yet. Probably be available when they relaunch the SC site. Think that will be at end of month. Wish it was sooner.


whats the go with ryce shaw?? will he play round 1 if so at his price has to be a lock ?


I'd say it's very likely he will play Rd 1. As a Swans supporter I keep close tabs on their website and seen him in plenty of their skills training videos which is a very good sign.

He's also ultra confident he will be available and should find a spot back in the side with his valuable rebounding ability and backline leadership.

Like all players returning from injury have a good look at him in the NAB before locking him in.


SCAdd, can you do a depth analysis on the Swans?


Ok I'll try and oblige SCannon. I will preface it by saying this is the Swans as I see them in 2014. Obviously Horse may have different thoughts based on how players are tracking and the structures and game plan he wants to employ in 2014.

Also players may emerge in the NAB and force their way into the side. Both B.Jack and Zak Jones look to be very promising youngsters but realistically I believe they will only get games if injuries occur.

With that said this I my best guess at Sydney's starting 22 assuming everyone is healthy (more on that in a sec)

FF: Jetta, Tippett, Reid
HF: Goodes, Buddy, Parker
C: O'Keefe, K.Jack, McVeigh
HB: Malceski, Richards, Shaw
FB: Rampe, Grundy, Johnson
R: Pyke, JPK, Hannebery
I/C: Bird, McGlynn, Smith, Mitchell
Emergencies: Rohan, LRT, Cunningham
Next in line if injuries occur: B.Jack, Nankervis, Laidler

As far as injuries go probably Johnson is the biggest concern. He had a traditional ACL op last March but that failed and he recently had a LARS. He's progressing well and doing plenty of running already but whether he makes it back for Rd 1 is certainly questionable.

Apart from that everyone else is tracking well and should play some NAB and be available for selection come Rd 1. We will have to see how the battle weary bodies of Goodes and LRT hold up in the NAB but at this stage they are expected to be ready for the h&a season.

The question of Rohan is an interesting one. If Jetta and McGlynn are fit and firing then I think he will struggle to get a regular game. But if he has a blinder of a NAB campaign he may be able to force his way in, probably at the expense of other two I mentioned.

Reid is another interesting one. He will need to demonstrate pretty decent form in the NAB to hold a spot with all the other Swans talls and players like LRT trying to get back in the side. There is some talk of grooming him as a key defender as Richards enters the twilight of his career so that's another facet we may see at some point in 2014.

So there you have it.


Excellent, Addict. Much appreciate download about your team.

What chances do you see Laidler getting regular PT? Been throwing him back and forth on field and reserves.


Bit of an unknown quantity so hard to say with absolute certainty but I see him very much on the outside looking in. May make it if both Johnson and LRT aren't right to go but even then the Swans have other options such as swinging Reid down back as I mentioned.

So I would definitely not include him in your back line calculations unless something dramatic happens in the next 7 weeks. I would think that Rohan and Cunningham have much better chances of playing than Laidler and they will probably need some help to get games too.


Great to know, my man. Seems a lot needs to happen to make it on the formidable team's starting 22. Will take out of consideration.


Nice analysis of the Sydney side SCaddict.

I finished a spreadsheet the other week, with every team and tried to pick the starting 22's. Looking at the depth of each team lists etc.

I had exactly the same best 22 as you there except for 1 (Rohan/Rampe). I'm stoked i was somewhere close to the mark with the Swannies. Some sides were awfully difficult.


Put that spreadsheet on the market, Twoof!

My spreadsheet is basically every SC position and my considerations for that spot. Your exploration is definitely more thorough. Wish I knew the teams as well. Got my champions data book yesterday so going to cram until R1.


Hahahaha…..please of guess work in the spready too….hahaha…

It was difficult to see where a lot of rookies were going to fit in, but that being down to me knowing little about most of them. Surely quite a few will make Round 1 sides.

Prospectus lovely!


Rampe didn't put a single foot wrong last season and fitted in seamlessly with the Swans system playing 22 straight games (incl 3 finals) from Rd 4 onwards. So I think it will be extremely tough to leave him out this season even with all the returning veterans.

Still he isn't as established as other Swans so will again need to prove himself in the NAB.

But you may end up being right on Rohan. Jude Bolton is certainly huge on Gazza having a massive year. Lewis Jetta also needs to regain some form after a 2013 to forget and if he doesn't then maybe we will see the exciting redhead early in the season.

At any rate it's great from a supporter's point of view to have stiff competition at the smaller forward spot keeping the acid on whoever is in the team.


Nick Smith will play back pocket, Rampe and Johnson to compete for other FB line position. Laidler in the mix while Johnson is injured.

Tippett, Reid, Buddy and Goodes looks top heavy. Reid to the bench to come on when Tippett goes into the ruck and Pyke to the bench. The challenge for the Swans is finding the balance between including so many very good talls and enough ground level players at both ends. Some will miss out due to injury or selection.

Parker and Rohan to FF line, Jetta to HF. Tippett and Parker to play forward with Rohan, Jetta, Goodes and Franklin playing the slingshot forwards.


Only averaged 73 in 2012 when fully fit. Wouldnt think he would be a lock.


I fully agree Tylo. Doesn't have a particularly high ceiling if history is any guide and he aint a spring chicken any more.

For me there is better value out there at that price range such as a Suckling or a Docherty.


I've added Buntine as a lower priced consideration in case Suckling or Docherty don't look strong in NAB. Thoughts on him, SCaddict? GWS has a not too bad starting schedule. Think the kid could knock out some strong scores and make for an easy early upgrade.


He's one to look at no doubt though the sample size is still fairly small. Only played 9 senior games in the past 2 seasons but looked promising in the 3 games he played last year.

GWS have a lot of these kids who were high draft picks with oodles of talent and potential who haven't played much AFL footy for one reason or another.

Others in that category include Jonathan O'Rourke, Kristian Jaksch and General Patton.


Not keen on Patton. Even before injury. Poor mobility. See him as an SC graveyard. O'Rourke and Jaksch are promising. Other than Treloar and maybe Ward, it's hard putting SC stock in a losing side. If there form is better in NAB, may give me more confidence. Looking at Buntine and Lamb as two that could rise in value quickly and make for a nice bye round upgrade.


If you're referring to the Rhyce Shaw that averaged low 70's since 2010 until last year when his 2-game pre-injury average of 70 combined with a 3-game post injury average of 58 resulted in a season average of 61; Yep he's a lock. Lock him in the file that says DO NOT TOUCH!


Hey jock, is Paul seedsman a good mid pricer or too expensive at $425k


Not sure he’s cemented a spot in the best 22. And at 425 it’s a no for me. I’d be surprised if he hit 500. Not much gain. At 325 different story.


Is Seedsman a replacement for Shaw or does Toovey step straight back in. Is Seedsman competing with Clinton Young for a run on the wing. I think his natural progression should see him a regular in the 22 but he probably is a bit pricey.


Andrew Gaff, talented at buggery hey? Does that get him extra SC points?


The man can't shake a tag unfortunately.

Conan the Westy

I've stacked my team with DPP and loaded up my back line. I'll be very interested to see how some of the players step out in the NAB Cup. Interested in the community's thoughts on the team balance. The big question is whether I can handle having so many Dayle/Daynes in the one team?

Defenders: Bartel, Jimmy (MID); McVeigh, Jarrad (MID); Hanley, Pearce (MID); Hodge, Luke (MID); Suckling, Matt; Kolodjashnij, Kade; Tippett, Joel; Fuller, Matthew

Midfield: Mitchell, Sam (DEF); Murphy, Marc; Beams, Dayne; Zorko, Dayne (FWD); Swallow, David (DEF); McDonald, Luke (DEF); Aish, James; Morabito, Anthony; Polec, Jared; Crouch, Matt

Rucks: Goldstein, Todd; Sandilands, Aaron; Nankervis, Toby; Thurlow, Fraser (FWD)

Forwards: Dangerfield, Patrick (MID); Dixon, Charlie (RUC); Franklin, Lance; Smith, Devon (MID); Bock, Nathan; Billings, Jack (MID); Garlett, Dayle (MID); Rohan, Gary

Conan the Westy

I just swapped Apeness in for Thurlow.


Hey Conan!

DEF's – Looks good, can't fault there. Keep close eye on Suckling in NAB Series, if looking good lock him in. Joel Tippett, haven't heard much about him.

MID's – Very unique lineup you have there. To be honest, i wouldn't be overly concerned about the early swingers (DPP). As Dimma has said on here, look to trade them in as the season goes on. I don't believe D.Swallow is worth selecting in your midfield. A valid option in defense, but believe there are better options in the midfield (D.Thomas the obvious example).

RUCK's: Look's good. You have C.Dixon has a Fwd/Ruck swing, just in case Sandi goes down (crossing my fingers that doesn't occur).

FWD's: Solid. Devon Smith is an interesting choice, yet give's you a Fwd POD.

My main concern with your side would be the weekly Captain selection. Doesn't appear to be that 120+ type (Ablett, Pendles, Swan) to lock in on a weekly basis. I presume you are looking at using the VC Loophole, then roll with Dangerfield if the loophole scores <120.

Conan the Westy

Thanks. Some very good thoughts to ponder.
I'm hoping to trade the Big 3 you mentioned in after their byes…hoping that D. Beams & Marc Murphy will step up alongside Danger as captain options but it's early days yet.


what are your thoughts on robbie gray jock?


I have a concern. I currently have Docherty as 4th defender. However I am concerned as I have seen a number of predicted best 22 for Carlton and not one of them have found room for him. I know that no one can say for sure what the best 22 will be but would love to have thoughts of job security and chances of playing most of the games this year. Atleast early ones. Was hoping Dools, throttle and sc addict might let me know there thoughts also anyone else who is happy to give their opinion.


Hey Boydo!

I had Carlton lining up something like the following:

B: Armfield, Jamison, Tuohy
HB: Carrazzo, Watson, Walker
C: Thomas, Gibbs, Simpson
HF: Robinson, Waite, Judd
FF: Gartlett, Henderon, Yarran
R: Kreuzer, Murphy, McLean
I/C from: Warnock, Lucas, Casboult, Curnow, Bell, Docherty, Rowe, Menzel, Cachia, Everitt & Ellard.

I see it difficult for Docherty to push into the starting 18, but think he can find a spot on the bench. It may come down to the structure Mick Malthouse wants. I believe Warnock has to be in the 22 to share ruck duties with Kreuzer. So it depends how the utilise the other three bench spots. Whether they want three running/utility types in Lucas, Curnow, Bell, Docherty, or two runners and an extra tall in Casboult or Rowe.

Though in saying all that, i do agree with Dools that surely bringing him into the club Mick has a spot for him in the 22.

Same as most of the mid pricers & rookies, just have to wait until NAB Series and see how teams lineup.

Even Andrew Walker, we don't know where he'll lineup this year yet either. After loosing Betts, Mick has to find 50 odd goals from somewhere. Maybe he moves forward, and Docherty slots in on HBF……so many possibilities ……..bring on the NAB Series i say!


Hey Boydo,
Mick does not import players for the sake of bench cover, he gets players that will play.and this puts pressure on the encumbent s..Now will he break into hos top 22, Yep! Has experiance, understands the position, Do Carlton need him? Bloody oath mate. So at the very least interchange NOT Red vest but I speak in future terms mate …I do not see Docherty as a bit player On another player mate for simular value have you looked at J. Liadler from the Swans $161K could be very tasty! I hope this helps if not send another query and i will try and be more specific mate


Thanks guys will just have to wait and see if he gets given a fair crack. I’m confident he has plenty of scoring potential.


Hey community, have a bit of a dilemma,

Nathan Vardy, Tom Hawkins, or Josh Caddy?

Who should I choose?

Thoughts Appreciated.


If Hawkins is showing no signs of back concerns in the NAB Series, then i'd choose him out of those three.


A back injury free Hawkins is the pick of the 3 whilst you will have a yo-yo time with scores if he plays to what I would expect Ceiling 130 lows 6t0 ish maybe AVG 90 which is excellent return for KPplayer. However he can be a most frustrating player SC wise if you pick him you got to hold for 5 – 7 rounds to see where his value really lies mate


Thoughts appreciated.

Def: S.Mitchell P.Hanley D.Swallow M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij M.Fuller ( T.Cutler J.Battersby )
Mid: G.Ablett S.Pendlebury T.Rockliff M.Murphy D.Beams D.Thomas J.Kelly C.Beams ( L.McDonald L.Taylor )
Ruc: H.McIntosh A.Sandilands ( F.Thurlow T.Nankervis )
Fwd: P.Dangerfield C.Dixon L.Franklin L.Parker J.Lamb A.Fasolo ( M.Honeychurch D.Garlett )
Salary Cap Remaining: $18,300


Good team very similar to mine probably would change Kelly for a cheaper rookie possibly dunstan save u nearly 100 k and also think fasolo will struggle to be ready by round 1 think Hogan is similar price and will more then likely play round 1 could maybe use the 100 k to upgrade a ruck but that seems to be the area where people are taking the cheap risky options


All looks fine Rosco. I like your selection of Lukey Parker.

Swallow could go either way but you need to take some risks if you want to get ahead in this game so nothing wrong with rolling the dice on a few mid pricers. I'll probably take the punt on Watts myself who is a similarly priced defender.

At this stage I have the same ruck strategy as you but this could easily change depending on what happens over the next 7 weeks.

With regards the rooks we will just have to wait to see who impresses in the NAB and can claim a spot in Rd 1, so I don't get too caught up in which ones you should have at this very preliminary point in proceedings.


Thanks guys, it’s more trying to find a structure ATM. It’s going to be finding guys that will play at the lower end of the money scale. I’m not confident guys like Rohan,Fuller,Laidler and Fasolo are going to get much game time. What are your thoughts on Clinton Young and Carrots


Updated version
Def: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell P.Hanley M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij M.Fuller ( T.Cutler J.Battersby )
Mid: G.Ablett S.Pendlebury T.Rockliff M.Murphy D.Beams D.Thomas C.Beams L.Dunstan ( L.McDonald L.Taylor )
Ruc: H.McIntosh A.Sandilands ( F.Thurlow T.Nankervis )
Fwd: P.Dangerfield C.Dixon L.Franklin L.Parker J.Lamb B.Lennon ( D.Garlett M.Honeychurch )
Salary Cap Remaining: $6,500


My team

DEF: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell M.Suckling T.Mckenzie K.Kolodjashnij L.Mcdonald (J.laidler M.Fuller)

MID: G.Ablett S.Pendlebury J.Selwood D.Beams D.Thomas J.Aish V.Michie L.Dunstal ( A.Morabito M.Crouch)

RUCK: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands ( F.Thurlow T.Nankervis

FWD: P.Dangerfield C.Wingard J.Roughead C.Dixon G.Rohan D.Garlett ( M.Honeycurch L.Taylor)

I have 128,800 left and have no clue what to do with it!

Any suggestions?


upgrade thomas to murphy


Hi Jock, love your work!!

Rhyce Shaw? Brendon Whitecross??

These two of any consideration?


Don’t think Whitecross will play for a while. Club site has him recovering from ACL surgery


Feedback good or bad welcomed.

Def: S.Mitchell P.Hanley R.Henderson M.Suckling S.Docherty K.Kolodjashnij ( T.Cutler J.Battersby )
Mid: G.Ablett S.Pendlebury M.Murphy D.Beams D.Thomas C.Beams V.Michie L.Dunstan ( L.McDonald M.Honeychurch )
Ruc: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands ( F.Thurlow T.Nankervis )
Fwd: P.Dangerfield C.Dixon L.Franklin L.Parker J.Caddy L.Taylor ( D.Markworth D.Garlett )
Salary Cap Remaining: $196,300


hey jock just wondering when premo cheat sheet comes out great work


Thoughts on Ruck rookie Fraser Thurlow from Essendon, with Bellchambers out may get some game time.



In need of you wisdom!!!

Considering Scott Selwood vs. Nathan Fyfe. Fyfe is cheaper and have heard talk about him playing up forward more due to the interchange cap. Although Selwood is tempting with the eagles seemingly looking good under a fresh new coach. Thoughts? Is it worth going Fyfe and then upgrading a rookie to Selwood with his price possibly going to slide if he has a quite one or two games?



Fyfe at about 572 k s selwood at bout 559 k


Supercoach new site is SHITE. hate that you can't scroll through all the players like last year. I have put together a team just to have one saved but will seriously do this in the Higginator going forward rather than on their site. Can't believe they made it worse than last year!!!

Tim Darbyshire

Sam Mitchell would most likely have Hocking round 2 and Crowly round 3! should we bring him in after these as I believe he going to get tagged!


what about alex Fasolo?


Who should I get from J. Selwood down?


any comments/suggestions appreciated
Backs: J.Bartel, S.Mitchell, S.Atley, M.Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald (T.Cutler, M.Fuller)
Mids: G.Ablett, J.Selwood, R.Sloane, M.Murphy, D.Beams, J.Martin, D.Sheed, L.Dunstan (V.Michie, D.Garlett)
Rucks: T.Goldstein, A.Sandilands (B.Longer, M.King)
Forwards: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Wingard, J.Hogan, N.Bock, G.Rohan (L.Taylor, J.Kennedy-Harris)

Thinking of going Bock to Fasolo and Sheed to Savage.

Cheese Muncher

Thoughts on Jarrod Harbrow?