Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Here’s my first assessment of the best fantasy footy rookies that preseason 2014 has to offer so far.

The big thing this season of course is that players picked in the 2013 AFL Draft are more expensive than they have ever been before. Much more expensive. This is a significant development and you need to be careful about how much coin you spend on young colts.

Click here for my first version of the 2014 Rookie Cheat Sheet

Enjoy it community. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your views on some of these kids, any that deserved to make it but didn’t in the comments below, on the Facebook Page and on the Twitter.

Jock Reynolds

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Supercoach rookie cheat sheet 2014

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  1. jimbotraralgon says:

    Hi Jock.

    Love the cheat sheets. One of my favourite Jock products along side the higgonator.

    good call on S'berg, particularly after the news that it is still very slow going with those slippers of his. (see H'Sun today). Boyd will also get plenty of rests during the year as well so fair call on him too.

    I am alot more bullish about Martin and to a lesser degree Claye Beams. Martin might not match O'Meara due to a little more midfield competition this year at the Suns but he looks bloody short odds on for the rising star this year. Lock for me. And time to mold the Claye, he will have a mini break out year in a similar vein to Macaffer and Staker as I see it.

    Like Aish alot too. Really want Morabito to come good to free up some cash.

    Garlett will play round 1 with Rioli out through suspension. Question is will he take it?

  2. dog itch says:

    what about jesse hogan? ??

    • Boydo says:

      Hogan will play 1st round if fully fit. Still getting over minor setback last week, expected back on the training track in about a week. Lennon is another forward not mentioned although it is only version 1.

    • Kev says:

      Reckon Hogan is in the same boat as Boyd. Will be a hell of a player but just to pricey for a KPF

  3. jimbotraralgon says:

    also interested in your thoughts on geelong's Kersten. Could be a consideration for future cheatsheets. Looks a possible starter down there will JPod moving on.

    • Like Kersten for sure. Cats were talking about him being their "Jack Gunston", he'll be the 3rd tall behind Hawkins and Vardy. If he can stay injury free he's a lock for a bench spot for mine.

    • Smittzzy says:

      Cats will no doubt use Kersten this year, i'm doing a cadet ship at the club. Was on the brink from last years semi final debut and they are raving about him right now. WILL PLAY!

  4. Kev says:

    Jock you magnificent bastard! Love it. Thoughts on Joel Tippett down back mate?

  5. curtmer says:

    Jock this is sensational as always. Thoughts on Josh Cowan at the cats? Highly rated internally but unlucky with injuries.

  6. Boydo says:

    Without trying to be disrespectful Jock. Martin has to be green. I dare you to not pick him. You know you will!!

    • rolling thunder says:

      Disagree- dont think he will be in many teams. Just too expensive so wont increase in value and wont score enough to be a keeper so a 100% no for me. Plus he has to basically double the average scores of cheap rookies to increase in same value- and he wont do that.

      • jimbotraralgon says:

        for me, martin is the pick of the rookies selections of the year to date.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Like to see how he handles the pace and physicality of the big show. Like to see if advertised. For that price he's gonna have to make a pretty strong showing in preseason to get on the team.

          • Rayza Ray says:

            Thought the same about Bradley Hill from Hawthorn Throttle… If you have elusiveness and an ability to get out of traffic…. You'll make it.

            • throttlefinger says:

              He certainly has that ability. Just saying for that price, which is well above what Hill started at ($130K), Martin requires more investigation.

              • SCannonymous says:

                I've had a very restful lay off – a bit too much beach and lounging. I was shocked back into action when I listened to Jock's address in the last podcast, It's what I needed!

                Brad Hill has a pretty handy, seasoned midfield around him and while GC are heading in the right direction, Martin's slight frame worries me a little. I can't imagine anyone adjusting better in their first season that O'Meara (Judd like). I think what you pay for in taking Martin is job security perhaps. I will watch the NAB with interest before committing. Depending on Ross Lyon's attitude, Morabito and even Viv Michie (at Melb) may be better investments. And what about Dom Tyson?

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Welcome back from the beach, SCannonymous.

                  I like Dom Tyson think he could be a good value. Tinkering with X. Ellis as M8. But all positions final 2 and reserves require a thorough watch during NAB. Just logic-driven guessing at this point.

      • bloke says:

        Everyone who says he needs to 'double' scores is wrong IMO. If he averages 85, and someone like Taylor averages 85 (not saying he will) they will both rise to the same price of a player who averages 85, which is around 450k. Increase of 230k for Martin, 330k for Taylor. If Margin averaged double he'd rise 500k and be the same price as Abblet. Not to mention none of the rookie priced players will average anything near Martin or play as many games

        • rolling thunder says:

          The difference is Martin only needs one bad game at his price for his value to be affected dramatically with the rolling average. His breakeven from day one is already alot higher than say Taylor. Personally I hope most teams pick him- that helps me by not having him. Long term yes he will rise to the same price, but I wouldnt plan on having him after round 11 so I think the 100K would be best in the kitty for your upgrades or put towards another starting keeper.

          I could be wrong- but thats the beauty of the game. Its all strategy. From what I understand he would need to breakeven around 50 compared to Taylor at 25.

        • Bucky the Bogan says:

          Spot on Bloke. everything points to Martin being as good, if not better than O'Meara last year. I kept looking to upgrade O'Meara early last season, but didn't until very late in the season because he kept up the output of a premium midfielder all year. I can see that happening with Martin this season. I'm not thinking of him as an early upgrade, I'm looking at him as having the potential (perhaps even likelihood) to be a dependable premium midfielder. Here are some quotes and articles on Martin:

          " Like O'Meara, Martin has had 12 months to prepare for his AFL debut – and those in the know rate him an even bigger talent."
          "AFL legend Malcolm Blight said the first tape he saw of Martin was the best he'd ever seen."
          "Jack's got it all," Blight said. Size doesn't matter for him. I've already seen him take on 6'9, 6'10 blokes and tackle them. This is going to be one hell of a player."

          Sure, we got Jaeger at basement bargain price, but it comes down to this. Are you prepared to risk missing out on a premium midfielder who is likely to play most games, the NAB rising star and 300k because you won't stump up 222k to have him in your team?

          I'm not – he will be in mine!

      • Boydo says:

        Kev I bet you end up picking him. If not I bet you wish you did!

    • Too Hottie says:

      i reckon Martinat his will be in the boat of leave him out of initial squad then if killing it after 2 rounds and coin in the bank, burn poor performing rookie for him!

  7. throttlefinger says:

    Brilliant Jock. Today has blow donkey donkers so this thing a beauty ends it on a grand note.

    What's your thoughts on Lennon? Hawkeye with the foot. Read he might get in early. $162K might be too rich. Has the Crouching One heard any tasty bits about the boy from Punt Rd?

  8. zane says:

    And so it begins. I thought i would start late this yr but ive listend to and loved the first podcast and got excited when i got the email about the first cheat sheet. Goodbye every spare moment hello late night researching. Bring on the nab cup only by performing will you get a spot in zanes bloods this yr. I dont care who the clubs spuick as flying in pre season. I dont care who they write up in papers i dont care if everyone else has them. If you dont impress me on the park you dont get a gig. I look forward to what will no doubt be another crazy year

  9. Liam says:

    Really good info here Jock as always, but I think that Martin has to be green though. He is a little pricey for a rookie but as long as he stays fit it is very likely he will get a lot more game time than other rookies this season. For mine he is a lock.

  10. SCMania says:

    Kersten? Lennon? Hogan? Rohan? A lot of forwards who couldn't fit in! Thurlow? Lobb? Another couple for the ruck department! Also for the midfield there is O'Rourke, Tyson, Polec, Sheed and Ellis. Also a few to finish off with the defence, Tippett, Langdon, Gardiner, Jones and I also like Giles. Well done on a very tricky job! Good CS.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah it's hard to fit them all into the Cheat Sheets SCM. Billings and Fasolo are another couple to throw into the mix.

      Reckon Rohan is a pretty good prospect of at least doubling in value now that there's a season and half since that broken peg so he's on my bench for the moment.

      Hogan has certainly received plenty of plaudits for someone who hasn't kicked a single senior footy yet so I guess we'll get a better idea in the NAB Challenge on whether he can live up to the hype and the > $200K asking price.

      • SCannonymous says:

        Considering Collingwood's wealth of young developing players, Fasolo is an interesting prospect. If named round one he's a lock for mine.
        He may take a couple of weeks in the VFL to cement a spot, but in my opinion, fit and in form he would surely be in Collingwood's best 22.
        There is a limit to how many small forward / mid type players a team can carry. If Taylor Adams is good enough to fit into the Collingwood midfield can Fasolo, Blair and Elliot all expect a game each week (all around 175 to 180cm) For the sake of team balance, I suspect they will average about 18 games each. Bad news I suspect for other smalls in Sinclair, Ben Kennedy, Josh Thomas and Kyle Martin who may struggle to find a spot on a weekly basis.
        In further analysis of Collingwoods depth, with Keefe doing a job, I suspect Reid will continue to swing between forward and back with Goldsack as the other potential switcher in a horses for courses approach to the opposition. Brown (less agile than desirable and limited to a particular type of forward) and Maxwell (despite having a solid pre-season) may come under increasing pressure from young Jack Frost who looks to be developing very nicely in the VFL. I think by the beginning of 2015 season (if not before), he will demand selection in Collingwood's backline.
        Jesse White should be given the chance to prove himself as the forward / ruck back up to Grundy, but Keefe looms as insurance, which would send Reid back and White out of the team.
        Beams should be in for a big year (a lock for mine). Competition for selection between Seedsman and Clinton Young will be interesting, particularly if it's assume Williams and Toovey can play in the same back line at some stage.
        Broomhead will get his chance at some stage.
        Mooney (whose leg speed appeals should get a couple of games – but is not quite there yet).
        Yagmoor has potential, but this might be his last year to prove himself.
        Armstrong and Karnezis I see as good cover adding to the competition for selection. Karnezis is some chance of getting a game up forward, but he would have to be in very good form in the VFL. I don't see him getting any significant midfield opportunities in the seniors this year.

        • throttlefinger says:

          From everything I've read, Fasolo is being brought back slowly from injury. Doubt he will make R1 but will play.

          My current team has Reid as my D3. Think there's a big upside for him. Seedman is another maybe. But agree with you about Karnesis and most others. Probably hardest lineup to crack.

          Wonder if Taylor Adams will make it in?

          • SCannonymous says:

            I think he sneaks in and will be given plenty of opportunities, but he will have to play well to cement a spot. While he's tough, I'm not sure he's tougher than Blair or that much taller. See what NAB cup brings.

          • SCannonymous says:

            Throttlefinger, Taylor Adams would be no certainty, but he will certainly be given every chance to prove himself.
            I forgot about Sam Dwyer being in that mix of small mid / forward type players. Something has to give. There is going to be some real competition there!

            • throttlefinger says:

              It's a good/bad problem. Talent there, talent waiting. Like last year, someone getting injured can bring in a potential cash generator or last season DPP. Pies are always good for a couple of those.

    • SCannonymous says:

      Thanks SCMania – I don't know much about Langdon and Giles, what can you tell me?

      • SCMania says:

        Well from reports I've heard mate, Langdon is a bit different and could get plenty of games in the defence at Collingwood. The main one I like though is Giles, Carlton kid who is tall and everything so far has been fantastic, once again a risk in Carlton but a great pick!

        • Dools says:

          Langdon is a tall but AFL ready??? Naw i’m sure Docherty is in but Langdon At This Stage No…
          Giles is intresting flown under quite a few SC Radar’s but agin I think many players B4 him lads…

  11. @joehuddler says:

    Jack Martin is a dilemma for everyone, but i'm leaning against him. Does he have the rig to play every game like Jaeger last season? How will the Suns use him?

    Right now, if i'm spending $150-250k on M7 i'm leaning towards the bigger bodies and at least equal security of Claye Beames, or Dom Tyson. Its also possible that a Polec, Michie or even Aish or Sheed will play as much, or even more, and be better cash cows. Even if its a margin of only $50-100k difference in the end, that could be the difference you need. Make a few right choices like this, and you've got one extra Ultra-Premium on your mates come finals time.

    I'm just wary of getting carried away on sentiment, based on how exciting he is promised to be. Will pay close attention during NAB again, and won't rule it out – but he'll need to make me believe theres a clear scoring benefit over guys like Beams for me to spend the extra, and at the moment i'm not a true believer.

    • Rhubarb says:

      I've had Jack Martin in every version of my team since day one but my current mid strategy is to have M6-M8 all from the players you've listed Joe.

      So far it's been Beams and Martin with one of Tyson, Polec or Michie for M8. But you're right – sentiment and the constant comparison to Omeara may just be clouding my judgement. Perhaps I need to take my Jaeger goggles off.

      Your comments re job security are spot on – it's been mentioned by others that Polec might be a strong candidate for the vest early on but should offer more at his new home than he could at the Lions – and it sounds like he's being made to earn his stripes this pre-season; Tyson will benefit from the return home and another pre-season (and you don't trade away pick two unless you want to play the guy) and Michie looked destined for Melbourne as soon as trade period speculation started and clearly fits into Roos' thinking.

      • Boydo says:

        Joe you have just about named my rookie side ATM. I have Martin, Tyson, Beams, Polec, And Mitchie.

        • ShinbonerSpirit says:

          I've got Beams, Sheed, Dunstan, O'Rourke and Liam Anthony who is at Tyson's price.

          • Tigerman says:

            Anthony scores well but will he actually get a game this year?

            • ShinbonerSpirit says:

              Injury niggles and poor form left 2013 with a bad taste in Anthony's mouth. He reportedly played well in the VFL and has had shoulder surgery in the off-season. Again, there are no guarantees, but if we can get a starting Liam Anthony at the price he's at…

      • Dools says:

        Enter Patrick Cripps Anyone?

        • throttlefinger says:

          You read that article about him on too, Dools?

          • Dools says:

            Naw but now I will read it ….Never been to the site, any good?

          • Dools says:

            Just finished the read from the site mate….Site is very flim flam he could be great as opposed to he is great, Little nugget now planted in the head regarding the site so saved to favorites just for gossip value
            Hit 43 C at Pt Cook so no paper for Dools so thank you for the hyperlink.
            Now off to have a read Cheers mate…By the way “Keyboard say me” Pick flowers and eat chips… Pick Flowers – Hmmm so Daisey firming! Now I got to find a player called French Fries Hahahah

            • throttlefinger says:

              Is your keyboard possess powers like Crouching's slipper? French fry…hmmm. Bootsma?

              I'm not sure about Daisy, Docherty or Cripps. I'm killing brain cells thinking Murph may be a better pick than Beams, at least from POD standpoint (not gonna do it though).

              Yeah, Herald and is a bit rah rah. Understandably so.

              • Dools says:

                Haha TF I'm still tryin' to make the conection from "Eat Chips" _ Bootsma…
                I think Murphy and Beams are both valid pick's but for sheer SC potential I would go Beams outa the 2 But nothing wrong at all with Both!!!
                Eat Chipps is killing me ?

              • Chaz says:

                Don't kill brain cells, just include them both. They are both premiums if not potential ultra-premiums at under 500k. Lock them in!

          • Dools says:

            OMFG – Monfries, Researching now PTADL mhhhmm juicey
            I’ll get back to you – Have a man over there I’ll give him a call..Wait out
            (but where did Bootsma come from?) i’m looking at him too Just so you know

            • throttlefinger says:

              Bootma is a joke. My buddy thinks he blackmailed Mick to get on the team. Looks lost not some of the time BUT ALL the time.

              What does your keyboard say about X. Ellis? Thinking about working Murph in for Treloar and moving from Gaff and Dunstan to Martin and Ellis (and move Dunstan in the reserves).

          • Dools says:

            Totally get the X. Ellis thing still waiting for confirmed reports he is up and about….But if up I’m thinking LOCK..I like Trelor but for a proven head says Murphy ATM . I like Martin in fact rate the man. Why do people insist on comparisons? he should be a lock in most teams do I have room Bloody oath mate I see a big star in him (Plays a bit like Libba My Pill My Ball my my my) Ellis I have no room for I’m thinking if your tempted go Dusty ys I said dusty but he has to play in your Mids so NO from me
            Catch ya

          • Dools says:

            Sorry I think you ment Ellis X not Ellis richmond X Factor is in my mix Big Time —-Ellis Richmond NO hence the dusty thing Sorry my bag!

            • throttlefinger says:

              Xavier, not Brandon.

              Probably not doing the Dust off the bat. Leaning towards Danger with Dixon, Buddy and the Magnificent One.

              • Dools says:

                I Like It mate…Dixon has grown on me…I think he offers potential as a back up Ruc and won't be to shabby in the Fwd Line either…At this time I think I have to say building a Def around K simpson has got to me I don't think I can work it…I look at it hourly and it just don't look right….Maybe Malcheski? Never mind got cold beer , cool change has hit PT. Cook So maybe it's the heat….Goin' to the fridge for a top up

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Yeah, I'm throwing Dixon in, Dools. Unless he farts it up in NAB. Actually, after reading Higgo's article about last year's winner, I've rejiggered the team to reflect his strategy. And…really like the team. Not as many promising R1 rooks but made it work with enough in the kitty to maneuver (last year's champ had $74K to trade with). Things to consider Dools while ya tip back the ol' liquid gold.

            • jimbotraralgon says:

              must say Brandan Ellis is getting me interested…..if Daisy doesn't come up I think I will find the cash and go B Ellis at M5.

              I'm thinking about just taking all sorts of punts at the start of the year, going to need some left field luck to win the cash I think.

          • Dools says:

            Ya Mate Tippin back the Amber Fluid has got me all Excited “bout THis Team…
            Birchell, Scoffield (Iwill spell his name right one day) Swallow, Suckling, Docherty, McDonald (Res Fuller, ?)
            Mids – Mitchell (Dangermouse too much), Cotchin or Son of Tim, Scooter,Beams, Murphy ?, Daisey, Martin. J, (?,?)
            Ruc’s Mummy/Lueenberger/Lobbe,Grundy,King.
            Fwds- Wingard, Franklin, Chappy ( Maybe not but eat’s up 450K) Bocck (If Up and about Last year last chance>) Rohan, Lennon, (Looking at L Taylor) and vest material Garlett.
            Massive ammount of coin left for “Trade my Ass Off” but I need to pick the ultimate in Replacement Killers…. Hmm Not the team name but a catchword for me …Look,Wait,Pounce and Drink to your own cleverness?!!! (LWPD…Hmm sound’s like a weapon) LOL
            Trade my Ass Off first 5/6 rounds unlike last years attemp “No Trade on Mondays” and “No Trade 1st 3 rounds”

            • throttlefinger says:

              How much do you have left, Dools?

              I've reconsidered the Scof-Suckling duo. One of the other. Both won't be cash generators. And will they be a better one than a gun like KK? After reading Higgo's article, I think the way to go may be an elites/rook with undervalues like Buddy, Beams and Murph. Mid exceptions being Suckling.

              I'm struggling whether someone like Doggie L. Hunter would be worthwhile or he's just on the watch list if he has a strong R1-R2. Anyways, rejiggered my team against that theory and liked what I'm seeing:

              Bartel, McVeigh, Hanley, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, McDonald (T. Cutler, M. Fuller)
              Pendles, Jelwood, Jack, Scooter, Beams, Beams, P. Cripps, L. Dunstan (Morabito, Honeychurch)
              Minson, Longer (Currie, Nankervis)
              Dangerfield, Dixon, Buddy, Zorko, Lennon, Markworth (Garlett, Taylor)

              $40,500 left to play with. May want a little more. But only shot if a rook ruc looks like he's going to get some time OR someone looks better than Lennon for F6.

              Damn, I needs me some Amber delight now!

              • Dools says:

                Wow Dude on a quick count Backs and Mids Are heavey on Prems Def or Mids In order for you to create a Ruc and workable Fwdline IMHO
                Mids = LOVE but wait on Beams Jnr (I think he is up but wait) P.Cripps Solid mate Inspired even… Where is thy love for Polich PtAdl?Markworth? are you Serious? Tell me everything 'cause I read alot and under the radar is because he is under the fu%king Radar!
                However I like % chances and with ZORKO in there what could possibley go Wrong??? Mate are you reading this ?

              • jimbotraralgon says:

                gee I like the side mate. very little to worry about although the one worry is a big one….the ruck.

                I know Charlie is there as a backup but I just feel R1 and R2 need to be 1st ruckman for their team (longer is probably behind hickey still).

                backline is great, personally I like Polec rather than Cripps at this stage and you know that I have a man crush on Kersten up forward so he would go in for Markworth.

                Otherwise I am structuring up very similarly…..dont know if that is a good thing or bad 😉

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Ha, brilliant minds and all, Jimbo.

                  Yeah, the ruck is a bit risky. Was inspired by Dimmwit's Blicav as his R2. Used him to unload once Longshanks made him some cash. Also, Hickey and Longer have about the same SC career stats. So I'm betting that Longer can generate some cash with someone who is not that much better/worse than him. Don't want to upgrade to Sandi so I can keep cash. Like everything, NAB will dictate.

                  I like Polec and Kersten as well. They are on the watch list. All rooks are placeholder at this point, my man. Can't wait to have these conversations once we see some ball (does that sound too American?).

          • Dools says:

            OMG Just re read my post to ya …Apologies on Makweworth Bro I was seen Honeychurch …Amber fluid soorryyyy My Bag mate ! Sincerest regreats even for the Magnificent one little dig … think he is in my 22 also

            • Dools says:

              Coin left Approx 400K my man….Upgrade City (All Goin right?!!) It has to all go right otherwise I drop like a $5 Hooker on happy street…Big Trouble in Little China all over again!

            • throttlefinger says:

              No worries, my man Dools. I got your point. And it's a good one as always.

              Think D5-6, M7-8, F5-6 and all reserves are placeholders at this point. Not completely locked in on anyone.

    • Will says:

      Well said mate, i've had Martin in my team from day one. However i am starting to second guess now..
      They say he will be better then O'Meara.. But that doesn't mean he is right now, could mean he needs a few years of development. 220k is a fair bit cash so i tend to agree with you, rather on spending extra on Martin, get a Sheed or Aish, and either upgrade a premium or land another relatively pricey rookie.

      • rolling thunder says:

        He may be a better player than Omeara in reality- but SC is fantasy- and he will not be as good as Omeara in fanatsy football!!!!!!!!!1 Guarenteed!!! Value wise that is. Have a look at Omearas price increases from 2013 then knock off a fair % in weekly value increase and that will be Martin. He will make NOWHERE near as much as a cash cow as Omeara- and that I also guarentee.

        • throttlefinger says:

          And I think that's the difference, rolling thunder. With ANY rook, I got to see him play first. It's not like he's Pendles. There is nothing you can assume. And for that price, I want to drive the car for a few blocks before I buy.

  12. Liam says:

    Thoughts on Jackson Paine at Brisbane?

    • Brady says:

      Look at his Pre-season but he should get some game time. It depends on how Leppa wants to use the team. It might be McGuane over him but you neva really know. Just look how the lions use him

    • SCaddict says:

      I agree with Brady. Definitely on my watch list for the NAB Challenge as there should be plenty of opportunities for new blood at the Lions with all their list changes.

    • SCannonymous says:

      Liam, I think he should fit very nicely into Brisbane's line up. But I understand he is recovering from injury. Check it out first.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      on watch list but could be karny version 2.0. Dont know if he is good enough to hold down a best 22 spot.

  13. Boydo says:

    Now that Van Berlo is out and the Roos are gunna be missing Swallow. Does that result in McDonald is edging closer to a lock as well? Depending on NAB form of course!!

  14. Boydo says:

    Oops sorry Dal Santo went to Roos my mistake.

  15. Guest says:

    Love it Jock! .. Would be awesome if it included a few more rookies though! at least just for the midfield, with all these names drifting around such as your Billings, Polec, Tyson, Kelly, Sheed, O'Rourke and Crouch!
    Possibly even a total rookie rundown sheet.. just a thought, your a super star.

  16. Jake says:

    Hey jock, as a fellow saint I’m resting a lot of hopes and dreams on our new kid jack billings!!! What are your suggestions around him???

  17. matt says:

    Does anyone else worry about picking garlett and he being hawthorn's main vest player.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Yep. Not touching him, despite his tempting price plus DPP. Also, I feel Clarkson is going to take the cautious route for a man with known and noted disciplinary issues.

      • Boydo says:

        Yeh think he is a big chance for the vest especially at the beginning of the season. Similar to Kennedy from pies last year.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Think he may be worth having on your reserves but not as a starter for sure.

    • SCannonymous says:

      I reckon his the best cheap DPP for forward mids, so at this stage he is in my Higgonator regardless of whether or not he wears the vest.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      garlett is going to be very very interesting selection because alot of people will pick him. I think he will get picked because he has had alot of media so there is an emotional connection here.

      Plus (and most dangerous), he will play round one because Rioli is suspended round 1. People will grab him as a first round playing rookie and he could possibly not play again if he puts in a shocker.

      Further, he could be Kane Mitchell v2.0 and become a very big vest candidate.

      Saying all that, I think I will still take a punt on the kid if he plays with in the NAB because he could be a star.

  18. MD's says:

    Just giving you the heads up, the Lions beat Sydney in the NEAFL.Grand Final last year. Archie smith (son of ol' school bullets basketballer Andre Moore) rucked for Brisbane in the win, still learning the ropes but will be twice the player Naismith is!

  19. Dools says:

    G'day Matt,
    Garlett to me is no lock, Mr Clarckson has got ample available talet (More then a cup Hahah)
    I would use him purely to enable rotation from Mids /Fwds but with Rioli out week one he may play and agree with Shinboner and Boydo Vest material at best Methinks

  20. matt says:

    has anyone heard if docherty will be ready for round 1

    • Dools says:

      G’day matt
      No news on Docherty. Put Carlton are thinking Arizona training may be enough to get him into team after he recovers from injury.

      • matt says:

        do you know what his injury is and if he is likely for round 1

        • Dools says:

          Hi matt I think it's an ankle on non prefered foot but from the language commin out of Carltons mouth (Carazzo) I think he is a strong chance for R1
          But like everthing else mate We just have to wait and see.

  21. matt says:

    does anyone agree O'Rourke is a risking selection due to job security

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      He is a top 3 draft pick selection who was plagued by injury. It's as if he hadn't had a 2013 in the first place. Of course it's a risk, but fortuna favet fortibus – fortune favors the bold.

    • Job security should be OK, but he's a potential vest candidate as all youngsters are, and the fact there have been hints he'll be used as a tagger, which will limit his scores significantly.

  22. matt says:

    Im think Luke McDonald may get the vest a few times. anyone agree

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      I think Garner and Harper will keep the vest of McDonald for the most part.

      • matt says:

        good point, I hope he plays it makes the backline alot easier to pick.

        • SCMania says:

          One of the best picks for North Melbourne this year, solid and skillful!

  23. Dishlickers says:

    Dose anyone think it worth having Jeremy Cameron in

    • matt says:

      nope can't see him getting better from last year at best will match what he did last year

    • SCaddict says:

      Probably not worth the investment for most coaches in SC with all the bargain forward options available and precious salary cap probably better spent in other lines.

      Perhaps more justifiable in DT where key forwards can reap greater relative rewards under that scoring system. Also maybe more viable in DT with the unlimited trades where you can quickly move him on with very little cost if and when the time requires.

  24. bazza says:

    mcbean as a rookie forward? anyone

  25. SCannonymous says:

    I have given some opinions on Collingwood players and how they may fit into 2014. I'd be interested to hear about the depth of the Kangaroos and where McDonald fits if at all in 2014 (who is he competing with for a back flank, who is he in front of or just behind?). I'm also curious to hear about St Kilda and the many opportunities through their midfield (Saunders, Wright etc).

  26. SCannonymous says:

    Does anyone else subscribe to the theory that it's worth taking players from teams that can be expected to make significant gains in the coming season, given winning teams get the lions share of the SC points? Players from such teams should therefore offer good value in retrospect.
    North Melbourne only need small gains to win enough games for top 8. Perhaps GC are on the rise, are there any other teams people would suggest are likely to make significant gains?

    • SCaddict says:

      I believe there is plenty of merit in the notion. If the Swans get a decent run with injuries I reckon they could win as many as 18 games with their fairly favourable draw this season, all the returning injured veterans and their talent up forward. So I have 4 or 5 of their players in my line-up atm who I'm projecting individually to have great seasons.

      Kangas are another team that SHOULD win more games in 2014. Their 2013 ladder position belied just how competitive and unlucky they were in a number of close games that they ended up losing.

      However outside of Goldy, McDonald and perhaps Tippett I'm struggling to find many individuals that have fantasy allure. They have a stack lad of young mid pricers and cheaper premos who could all have breakout years but picking them correctly is a very trick affair.

      Just think Shaun Atley who I think was on Jock's mid priced Cheat Sheets last year. Didn't really come on as many hoped or expected.

      • SCannonymous says:

        Thanks, I have had Jack Ziebel in and out of my Higgonator, but you're right it's being able to pick them. Do you think Tippett will find a spot in the Roos line up?

        • ShinbonerSpirit says:

          Looks to be a long-term Firrito replacement if anthing. With McMahon, Thompson, Grima and Hansen, I would think he wouldn't get any game time. Jack Ziebell is suspension bait and injury prone. He has good scoring ability, but until he stops throwing himself at the ball at every opportunity, he's about as likely to make it into my team as Beau Waters. I love Ziebell, but too much of a risk there.

        • J. Tippett is still on the rookie list, so until he's upgraded you shouldn't really be thinking about him. Besides, he played as a key defender at Westies the past two years, and while he was a good defensive stopper, he doesn't look like providing enough offensive output to be a big Supercoach scorer.

  27. nick says:


  28. Bucky the Bogan says:

    Spot on Bloke. everything points to Martin being as good, if not better than O'Meara last year. I kept looking to upgrade O'Meara early last season, but didn't until very late in the season because he kept up the output of a premium midfielder all year. I can see that happening with Martin this season. I'm not thinking of him as an early upgrade, I'm looking at him as having the potential (perhaps even likelihood) to be a dependable premium midfielder. Here are some quotes and articles on Martin:

    " Like O'Meara, Martin has had 12 months to prepare for his AFL debut – and those in the know rate him an even bigger talent."
    "AFL legend Malcolm Blight said the first tape he saw of Martin was the best he'd ever seen."
    "Jack's got it all," Blight said. Size doesn't matter for him. I've already seen him take on 6'9, 6'10 blokes and tackle them. This is going to be one hell of a player."

    Sure, we got Jaeger at basement bargain price, but it comes down to this. Are you prepared to risk missing out on a premium midfielder who is likely to play most games, the NAB rising star and 300k because you won't stump up the 222k to get him in your team? I'm not – he will be in my team!

  29. Boydo says:

    Spot on Martin is a lock should defiantly be green, should defiantly be in everyone’s team. Whether he is better than O’Meara last year is irrelevant! It’s 2014 he only needs to be this years best rookie.

  30. matt says:

    can someone please tell me how many sub affected games sam blease had last year. cheers

    • @taylorwoof says:

      Started with the green vest twice.

      Three times he ended up with the red vest, though two of the three times he was injured (ankle injury on both occasions).

      I believe if he's sound in 2014, Paul Roos will definitely give him plenty of game time. Though his scoring power is questionable.

      • @taylorwoof says:

        Would be good to see him do well. Has leg speed, and takes the game on….unlike many other Melbourne players. Though from a SC perspective, he'd have to be absolutely killing it in the NAB series for me to consider him.

  31. SCMania says:

    Does anybody else know much about Dan Markworth guys?

    • Rhino says:

      Hey SCMania, he is someone to watch pre season. He was pick 35 in 2011 draft and is a medium sized forward and is very quick. He was named emergency in 10 to 15 games in 2012. He was expected to play 2013 but did an ACL. If fit for rd 1, should get plenty of game time

  32. SCMania says:

    Is Dayle Garlett worth it as he will play only a few games with a lot sub affected? What do you guys think?

    • Boydo says:

      As 7th or 8th forward yeh worth it at this stage. If Honeychurch had good job security he could score better but job security a bit iffy ATM.

  33. mitch clark or ben lennon do u think with be a better option up forward this year

  34. PJ8 says:

    M.Clark will kick goals and pinch hit in the ruck

  35. Rhino says:

    Hey community is having beams jnr, x Ellis and p.cripps in one midfielder too much. Of course if injury come it will change but if they are healthy and picked rd 1, can they fit in one midfield? Thanks appriciate answers

  36. Dools says:

    Hi Rhino,
    It is abit of a streach all 3 firing ,,,,, Hmmm Key board say's 'No!" Okay on hat advise wait out…But I think spend the coin on their Posi's and that lets you know the value you are willing to spend on "Replacement Killers"

  37. Dools says:

    Hi This Dools Keyboard 'Strech does not have a' unless you pull muscel..but Dools tells me some people like that…Na

  38. Dools says:

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  41. Scott says:

    hey jock are you doing any premium and mid pricer cheat sheats like last year? thanks

  42. nick says:

    hay jock whats your thoghts on zac Obrien from Brisbane he is older rookie I think he might be a surprise packet for coachs and for Brisbane

  43. Pete says:

    Essendon ruck issues now with Bellchambers out for 3 months. Do Daniher and Thurlow get a run full time now?

    • PJ8 says:

      I'd say Ryder will ruck 80% of the game with Daniher playing fwd and chopping him out. Can't see Thurlow getting a game.

  44. SCMania says:

    Claye Beams or James Aish?

    • rhino says:

      Hey SCMania, they are both good options, so watch preseason closely, but at the moment I would say the more experienced, Beams.

  45. Roo Boys says:

    You lads never fail to impress!

  46. Mitch says:

    Ben brown or daniel currie

    • KLo says:

      Neither are likely to play. Ben Brown you handcuff with Charlie Dixon as both are DPP, which provides you with Ruck cover. An important consideration if you are going with Sandi/HMac combination of any sort. Daniel Currie you handcuff with Goldy in case he goes down for a game or two.

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