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PODCAST: Team selection wisdoms

Published by Jock on

First episode of 2014

We are dead set pumped to bring you the first podcast of 2014!

This week we take a step back. We get out of the woods so that we can see the forest from outside of the trees. Before we go slapping players into our teams willy nilly we have a talk about some of the key team selection concepts and strategies that we hold dear.

I share some wisdoms that I take with me into each and every fantasy footy season. Seasons come and go. Rules change. Players change. Women come. Women go. But these wisdoms ring true for me and the fantasy footballers that I draw to my bosom and who suckle from the teat of my fantasy footy knowledge each and every season.

Enjoy the show – and look forward to the discussion in the comments below.



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Wondering about Cutler as a D8. Nothing set yet but I think he could have a bit of game time and a solid bench option or generating cash to upgrade others.


Love point 2 Crouching.
I'll go you halves in that boat…

Jock can even come along as the Captain (Piphole)


Love the spray jock I was getting head of myself after back to back flags in my leugue but I'm focused now!!


Another superb podcast Jock, Higgo, Crouching & Wayno!

Perfect way to finish off a Sunday night!

Look forward to the next one.


Atomic flog…………classic!

Great cast guys, still wipin the tears.
The reality cheque (where's that yellow button) we all need!


Ahhh, my brain is surging with potent fantasy footy wisdom! Had to send the wife and kids off to relatives to refocus myself on my team. Brought a big smile to this fat Yank's face. Appreciate it, Jock, Higgo, Crouching and Wanyo!.


Higgo, what about Mummy-man and Lobbe? Those could be great POD rucks…thoughts?


Howdy Throttle,

Got Mummy down in my GWS Scouting Report. Quick of it was he averaged Goldstein/Minson numbers when he was the sole ruckman the majority of the time in 2011. Since then he's shared duties with Pyke. Might have to share duties with Giles, but with a forward line of Boyd, Patton and Cameron they might not see themselves as having space for a resting ruckman. If Giles is out, i'll likely be grabbing Mumford if I can afford it.


Thanks Barron. That's what I'm gonna keep my eye on. Hope they do go single ruck. Think he'll be a good earner.


jock thinking of my fwd line this year and rucks thinking mitch Clarke chapman josh kenndy buddy with young honey church from the dogs and jake stringer and thinking shane Kerstin I am sort up In the air what to do with my backs fwds set half of my midfield set don't know weather to go stevie j in or leave him out and get Brandon ellis who is cheap as and would you think of marc murphy as he is really chap also thinking f dASIY THOMAS as a mid or fwd what are your thoughts of what I am thinking of doing and the players I am chooseing I really want do great in this supercoach dream team done it for 8 years and yeah


and rucks picked them already Hamish macentosh dawson simpsion and nic nat all super cheap prices


Yeah great to hear the voices again in the new year!

What does anyone think of the following players and are they all going to have better years than last-

Stanton, Masten, Shuey, Adelaide Thomo, Waters, Hartlett, Cloke, T Lynch, Heppel, Harry O, Leun and Cloke.

Any of these guys going to go backwards or are they all heading up??



Hey NutSack. Stanton I'm not big on. He did well early but folded when he copped a tag. Not a good sign. Like Jock, I think Shuey had a bad year. Will bounce back. Just too good a player. 23 years old so ready to break out in his prime. Rest of them I don't feel strongly enough to either recommend or crap on. Too roller coaster-y for my liking. Or want to see how they come out first three rounds. None of those I'd pick for my R1 team. Call 'em the wait and see gang. Waters is hurt again so living up to his reputation.


I have looked at Scott Thompson (Adel). Appears quite cheap for a player of his quality.

Would have to come under the 'fallen premium' category Jock mentioned in the latest podcast.

Has played 22 games in each of the past 3 seasons, with averages of:

2011: 110.7
2012: 110.1
2013: 98.3

Adelaide do have a tough first three rounds with Geelong, Port Adelaide & Sydney. Following this the draw does become much easier running into the Round 8 Bye, with games vs St Kilda, GWS, Western Bulldogs & Melbourne.

If age shall not weary him, and still spends plenty of time through the midfield…..then he could be a nice unique option.


I do feel he is in a natural decline. However, with Dangerfield shouldering (pun intended) the burden of a weak Crows midfield in 2013, there is no doubt Scotty T will continue to run through the guts. Great player, but I prefer Murphy and Dal Santo (there's my bias) at that price range. Beams is a no-brainer.


Great Podcast once again!

So Higgo are you saying, with ruck been the most important position, building you're team around your rucks and spending 1.2 to 1.5 million?


Thought about a lot of things that have made me really study proven premiums instead of potential break out players, one of the better podcasts so far this offseason! Thanks.


It pushes us back to the old 'guns & rookies' strategy. Perhaps it isn't dead after all…..


This season is my third season of supercoach and in my first two I just put a team together with a week to go. Jock, that spray you gave is what will get me in line this year. Thanks Jock you bloody superstar.


Jeremy Laidler? 161k, will he get enough games for bench cover? You guys have changed my thoughts soooo much!


Excellent Podcast yetagain from the team that keeps on giving
Wayno keeps stepin' up – More time in the studio for him if we can get him away from fishing!
So to th points
Jock with Wayno 3 Pts ( Jock's Rant and cup of talent stuff and Wayno for not warmin' the beers. (Good on ya son) 🙂
Crouching 2 – (Atomic flog gag and trade your ass off)
Higgo 1- (Higgo we need to talk mate….Sherry,Chardonny & Polo ??) Lift Son lift!!! I know their is a tiger in there. (Find him and unleash the beast on the ladies)
Well done TF good Question


Guns and rookies isn't dead. Not even close. Lots of similar talk this time last year.

There will be rookies/wookies getting games at $117-123k and their value as cash cows will swamp that of evena Jack Martin who may score better, but is $100k more expensive.

There is advantage to be gained this year by ignoring the top draftees and lazy rookie choices, and delving deeper to find the real diamonds in the rough under $125k. Be patient. They will reveal themselves.


Agree that need to be patient to see what gems present themselves at the $150K and under level. But I think Guns and Rooks is not really the way to go, if taken by $600K+ and $207K-$150K values. Point being is that there were a lot of underperforming elite players (and premiums as well) who underperformed last season so their value does not truly represent their worth.

Most extreme example is Tomahawk. He played through a severe back injury last year and put up dismal numbers for him (compared to 2012 stats, which were monster). So if Tommyboy looks good in preseason, don't you think $360K he might be worth being your F4.

Cotchin, Beams and Murphy. Birchall. Chappy. Shuey. List goes on. Way I'm thinking of approaching this is by having one elite price in each position (Mitchell, Pendles, McEvoy and Dusty). Then $500K and under for the next 3-4 slots. Save a wook/rook for the last two spots (and reserves, of course).

I think that could still be classified as guns and rook, yet I'm looking at this from a value and upside things. If Chappy does well and Danger hits his usual slow opening, that could be an easy upgrade by round 6-8.

Apologies for the rambling, Joe.


G'day from down under Throttle
I think you nailed it mate
Beams Lock. Murphy I think is a Lock ??Birchell Lock !
Why have you thrown in McEvoy – ???? Are you looking at what I'm looking at accross the pond mate?


Hahaha. Between Bennie Mac, DogDog and Mummy for R1, Dools. Higgo planted a seed. Researched and McEvoy did really well against Lions, Bombers and Docs with the Saints. Think he'll come out strong. NicNat, I'm worried about fitness since he'll probably get limited NAB time. Mummy I'm still big on. Leaning towards McEvoy/Grundy start. Lobbe may have to be sacrificed. Maybe not.

Right now gonna wait for Gazza, Danger and Will/Goldie's price to drop. Going with proven SC giants who are underpriced (Birchall, Cotchin, Beams, Murph, Shuey, Franklin and, gulp, Tomahawk). Nothing in concrete, Doolsy. Just thinking…


Holy Stars an’ Stipes Mate
4 of the 6 are penciled in me team brother
Birchell, Beams, Murphy, Franklin
Cotchin whilst under priced for sure does not = Son of Tim or with ( Dools Logic) a Hodge!!! Confounding I Know but Lukey has a massive upside. Have you got S. Seeleood mate? he has to be in there.. Has to be.
Tomohawk —Hmmmmm Juicy but nah from me at this stage ! More value in Zorko (Ya I Just #### sorry)
Anywho from me to you on this point we may both be wrong but..We both can’t be right!!! LOL


You're probably right with the Cotchin < SOT. May spring for that. Lukey I'm not as sold on. More hot on Shuey on the Luke front. Selwood…hmmm. I really, really want to put him in there. But nervous about having 2 Eagles in my mids (with either Shuey or Gaff). Talk me out of that small minded logic. Pendles, SOT, S. Selwood, Murph/Beams, Treloar, Gaff is what I'd be looking at.

Hahaha. And that was the struggle. Tomahawk vs Magnificent One. Think you may be right. Especially since it's a long shot that he'll return to 2012 form. OK, you've sold me on that one, Dools. Changes. Looking at Dusty, Dixon, Buddy, Zorko the wookies/rooks (Clark/Hogan, etc)

One of us is going to be right, dammit. Gotta be, man. Gotta be!


Hey Mate,
When this all goes tits up..You made the choices for your team not me LOL So from the top I think Shuey is great but not for me I went in a different direction Scooter Selwood is Enormous I'm repeating meself but in an ordinary year for Eagles this dude was "Worthy" He Stood up and carried that Mid field and perfect age this season 24…
As to the preposed Fwd Line Dusty is the only one I have a problem with I'm not convinced on his ability to do the team thing…..
I need you to have a look at Chapman mate and now compare the 2 (Dools Logic with beer in hand and many typos) I will fix later but beer in hand gets warm so ….Shit I just lost a bit between the q and the W key


HAHA. I'm a Tiges guy and I hear you about Dusty. Will the big contract make him come out hungry to prove worth or warm up slowly due to the cozy contract blanket he's nestled in. I actually like Chappy. Are you going with Danger? Throttlelogic 2.0 goes with one or the other other to start. If so, Danger, Dixon, Buddy, Chappy, Zorko, Hogan/Clark and rook.

OK, sold on Scooter. In. Thinking about going against pack and doing Gaff instead of Daisy and wookie instead of J. Martin (can always bring in if he does as promised). Thoughts on that, my keyboard-challenged friend?


DNGER is in th e mids me ol' China in the mids…You know your drunk beyod redeption when the keyboard insi…whant's to hit hit ya in the face.Get down I own you God damn it…Peice of plastic shite…Ya I never liked you either yo u peice of ergonomic ..Plastic zI can melt you down and 100 million Kids in Asia would cheer!! God I hate this Keybaord Look at that you even spellt Ketbord wrong..


Toss it. Toss it out now. Is that keyboard a holdover from last season? If so, let 'er go. Need a new one with each season, Dools. Thought you were serious about this?!?


I am seriuis, Shit spellt that so bad my engorish teaher is rolling in the hedgerow…Now to more matter…Ya the keyboard is stickey but I have a s olution . Yep I hate this thing like Crouching hates the Blues but it is whwt it is so let go…..OMG I typed and it worked………Crouching, Higgo,Jock reynolds mate I thnk we have come to an understanding… I have a keyboard crouching has a slipper….Hidden agenda I have…. Ya it's a Jock Keyboard Sit Ubo good dog! Okay I have come to understand this machanical/l electricalpeice of hardware..So No More Beer down the Mother….
Experiment 1 ZDanger to the Mids….Ok seems to like that…Podsiadley in the fwds…. Wow this thing is singing now..I need some me time just to adjust to keyboard that types what I really want


Pods?!?!? Wow. Your keyboard is revolting on ya, Dools. Jump ship.


I think thats roughly my thinking as well. I'd have guys like Hawkins, Franklin, Beames, Murphy, Thomas and Suckling classed as Guns. Maybe we're just talking about the same thing but giving it different names.

I worry about the cash raising ability of rookies valued over $200k. I don't think im going to get sucked in to that. My guess is that there are guys under $125k, maybe Lewis Taylor and Daniel Markworth, who could match eg Hogan or Boyd – and leave you an extra $100k to play with. Those extra hundred grands – spread across a dozen rookie choices is serious upgrade cash, be it at the start of the year – or when they mature as assets.

Pick the right guns, definitely. However, for me, the measure of a rookie is not so much what he scores in points, but what he grows in value. For this reason, i'll be avoiding filling up on too many of the high draftees and primo rookies in the $170k-225k band. If they all go "Ollie Wines" then ok, but whats the odds on that? I smell a trap!


Agree, Joe. Exercising the patience is not my strong suit but waiting for NAB and seeing these rooks in action will be the determiner. Question is if Martin looks like the truth in preseason and seems a lock for 80-90 avg, doesn't the $222k seem like a worthwhile investment? But yeah, there will definitely be more duds than studs in this rook I think too.


The hardest thing about it is the luck involved- either you have goodluck or badluck- and the skill involved is really just luck also. And the selection of your starting team is where you need the most amount of luck!!!

If you started with GAJ last year he didnt drop 90K in value til round 19- so lucky if you had him to start. Pendles dropped only 50K til round 11, where as swan dropped 150K by round 10, Jelwood 140K by round 10, Danger 90K by round 5 and Watson 75K by round 7- all great players but the luck depended on who you did/didnt start with when it came to upgrades.

By looking at last years numbers and values for example Goldstein and Minson are unlikely to drop more than 60K in value for most of this season so do you just start with them both and forget about? Or will one of them have bad luck one game, get subbed off and then their price crashes- or maybe they dont and their price holds.

So there's easily the 2 best- GAJ and Pendles- then theres the next 10 avging 110-120, then theres the next 15 avging 105-120 and then theres another 15 avging 100-105…. and thats the top 40 scorers in the league- 40 players who avged over 100.

I guess the real skill is working out who will fall into/out of the top 40 this year and most important which 8-10 of them are you going to start with.

GAJ is my only quandry- every time he scored 3+ goals he scored 149-178 and that was kicking 28 goals 23 behinds. If he plays more forward he will have more set shots and more likely kick 35 goals 17…. so if he gets his 25 touches in three quarters and 3 goals in the last quarter that lil king pin could go on to avge even higher again this year and move to the 135-140 range!

And you know what- I wouldnt be surprised 🙂


Well said, NutSack. Well said. There's a certain amount of rolling the dice but you're talking about the strategy in your betting. And who's worth making a bet for and against. Which are going to gain favor or scorn from the SC Gods?

My thinking is that you put your money on one horse (Gazza or Pendles) then figure out which player will give you the greatest access to upgrade to the other. Gaff? Or will it be Dunstan? Same with ruck. Grundy could do as well as Minson and Goldie. It' is possible. Not highly likely. But he's on a team that would allow him to do very well. So I'm willing to get Mummy/McEvoy with Grundy in hopes that happens. Frees up money to spend elsewhere. Plus, spending $600K on a ruck seems illogical. Think Goldie and Minson will do well but not sure if they'll equal or surpass last year's efforts. That's what's I'm betting on.

Same thing with Danger. Don't think he'll hold that value for very long. Going Dusty as my elite with Dixon, Buddy, Chappy and Zorko. When byes come along, I'm betting that I can move a wookie/rookie to move Danger in. Big risk. But could be a long term reward.

That's my long-winded 2 cents, NutSack. Again, great point.


Great podcast Jock!


Pleasure to be here Jock.


Hey Mate,

When this all goes tits up..You made the choices for your team not me LOL So from the top I think Shuey is great but not for me I went in a different direction Scooter Selwood is Enormous I’m repeating meself but in an ordinary year for Eagles this dude was “Worthy” He Stood up and carried that Mid field and perfect age this season 24…

As to the preposed Fwd Line Dusty is the only one I have a problem with I’m not convinced on his ability to do the team thing…..

I need you to have a look at Chapman mate and now compare the 2 (Dools Logic with beer in hand and many typos) I will fix later but beer in hand gets warm so ….Shit I just lost a bit between the q and the W key


On behalve of oll Keyboard Challenged peoples I except!!!
I was seriously going too put Dager in the Mids then the Fw line So I’m lost mate what to do what to do Where is LostLarikin anywho he’d Know (Port Supporter but he has good Knowlege) So I’ thinking mate Danger lost me a bucket last year but I was glad I had him unlike J.Kennedy me 1st upgrade what a wooosss. Anywho back on track
Danger can make or break Mid / Fwd lne why not look at Westhoff PTA If he is a KPP Not a DPP itmakes watching easier IMHO


Dangerfield was always going to find a way onto my team, DPP or otherwise. He is the most explosive player in the AFL in my opinion. With NVB out with injury, I expect Danger to step up and take the competition by the scruff of the neck.

I kept Danger from the beginning last year, and despite the price drop, I felt he did a great job across 2013, including playing with a sprained AC joint if I remember correctly. I do understand the unwillingness of some to risk a price drop, but you do potentially risk missing out on the 140 scores Dangerfield is capable of producing. I honestly do no think you're taking a risk with Danger, especially now that he's MID/FWD. He scores, he tackles, he handballs, he kicks – he's the catalyst to everything Adelaide will do right this season. Westhoff isn't KPP (that's Schulz), but he tends to go missing every now and then.


Welcome mate to the great Debate
Thanks for the correction!
Westhoff is IMO A Bloody fantastic KPP and Shultz I highly rate as a man and a Player but is he really a DPP? No desrespect indended SS I just would like you to qualify?


I meant Schulz is the key position player (forward) – that's what I meant by KPP. I just feel over the last 12 months, Westhoff's role at Port has grown slightly more expansive. I think he's a great player though, don't get me wrong.
Westhoff 2011 – 317 disposals, 50 tackles
Westhoff 2012 – 348 disposals, 58 tackles
Westhoff 2013 – 406 disposals, 72 tackles
He's evidently been allowed more of the pill, or rather he has won himself more of the ball, and he has pushed into midfield occasionally in 2013. I might be wrong (I probably am), but I just feel his role at Port is more expansive than it once was.


Well the 'team thing' is not what matters in Supercoach. 😉

There is no denying Dusty's ability to rack up the possessions. He sits forward every now and then, but who doesn't nowadays, eh? The Tigers circulate the ball quickly in midfield and Dusty/Cotch/Deledio are benefactors of that.

I'm also looking at Shuey and Gaff (he has to come good some time, right? Guys…?), I just don't like the idea of having two Eagles midfielders (Shuey/Gaff and Scooter).


Hey Spirit
I just don’t like the idea of having two Eagles midfielders (Shuey/Gaff and Scooter).

Okay whom do you pick….? I mean outa the 3


I can't make the call on Gaff until we see his NAB Cup performances. I'm leaning towards Shuey over Scooter at the moment, but only because I already have Jobe, Rockliff and Beams in the guts. Your situation may be different. I might just suck it up and take both Shuey and Scooter.


Same here, Shinboner. I want to do Scooter and Gaff but just seems to read illogically on page. Maybe overthinking. May work. Just don't like the way it looks on the page.


I might just end up going with both anyway. I have only Jon O'Rourke with the Round 9 bye, so that isn't an issue.


Leaning towards Scooter and Gaff. Will definitely see how Gaffer does during Nab. But seems like he's ready to go on the uptick.


Dayne Zorko, your thoughts Jock?




The slipper was right. Tomic is a flog! And a very soft one at that.

Suns Man

Jock that was just amazing, youve just got me even more motivated forget the hoildays supercoach here we come


Just reading site for the first time. Love it. Can anyone advise how to access a podcast – It illiterate.