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Show us your team v2.0

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyOur first show us your team post went right off its dial and it’s time for version 2.

Click here to have a browse of some of the communities 2014 teams thus fur.

How are your teams looking? Make sure you use the two team building teams taking the caper by storm:

Look forward to having a gander at some teams

Jock Reynolds.

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Andrew Walker [CAR]
Jarrad McVeigh [SYD] [MID]
Pearce Hanley [BRL] [MID]
David Swallow [GCS] [MID]
Kade Kolodjashnij [GCS]
Luke McDonald [NTH] [MID]
Joel Tippett [NTH]
Matthew Fuller [WBD]

Gary Ablett [GCS]
Jobe Watson [ESS]
Trent Cotchin [RIC]
Marc Murphy [CAR]
Dayne Beams [COL]
Dale Thomas [CAR]
Jack Martin [GCS]
Luke Dunstan [STK]
Anthony Morabito [FRE]
Dayle Garlett [HAW] [FWD]

Matthew Lobbe [PTA]
Brodie Grundy [COL]
Toby Nankervis [SYD]
Max King [MEL]

Patrick Dangerfield [ADE] [MID]
Dustin Martin [RIC] [MID]
Jarryd Roughead [HAW]
Jesse Hogan [MEL]
Gary Rohan [SYD]
Riley Knight [ADE] [MID]
Lewis Taylor [BRL] [MID]
Mitch Honeychurch [WBD] [MID]

I have $4,900 left, should I start Danger I did last year and he dropped lots of cash early. Feedback would be appreciated.


Nice structure, emhoy. Very nice.

FWD: Walker may not be worth the price. With a bolstered Blues team, can't see him doing the same numbers. Mitchell is tried and true, can handle the tag, mixes it up and rarely goes under a ton. Rest of your Defs are solid and can be adjusted given pre-season play and R1 selection

MID: Really like this mid lineup. Hard to see any flaws. Murphy and Cotchin are sitting at a price WELL under their value. Murphy is back from injury and has better players around him. Cotchin will answer the bell to return his game to 2012 form.

RUC: Saving money going mid pricers, but a good gamble with these two. They will carry the load and both have dynamic mids who will make their jobs easier. Could see big scores early. If one of them goes down or starts to burn, you won't have any coverage. That's the only concern there.

FWD: Like Roughy choice. Thinking bigger year without Buddy hogging up the forward line? Hogan hurt himself but it isn't serious. Keep an eye on his pre-season form. Same goes with Rohan.Your F6 is the biggest concern of your team. You need to hope someone of that same value gets the nod R1. That's a big hope. Just have a backup plan if Lennon is the cheapest starter. ($162K)


Thanks Thorttle, yeah ruck are risky I could go Nit Nat for Lobbe and change Cotchin to Shuey


G'day emhoy
Grundy and Lobbe are solid mate but if either one of these guys goes down you are relying on Nankervis to cover the hole
By getting Nicnat you have not fixed the problem. But if he is fit get on him
Dare I say GAJ gone and insert Pendles or Selwood in order to keep Cotchin


Yeah good point about the rucks, I will stick with gazza otherwise I will have captain issues each week. I might reduce my back line spend and see if I can get a better balanced team.

marcus emmett

too many premiums is your backline. put more money into your midfield or forward line


my team please rate BACKS- Bartel Mitchell Hanley Swallow Kolodjashnij ( k) McDonald Laidler Fuller
MIDS- Ablett Dangerfield Fyfe Beams Murphy Morabito O'Rourke Taylor Martin (J) Ellis
RUCKS- Grundy Sandilands Longer Nankervis
FWDS- Martin (D) Franklin Garlett Zorko Honeychurch markworth Kenndey-harris Hogan


My Team- Any thoughts, tips or advice?


– Jarrad McVeigh $529,900
– Sam Mitchell $517,700
– Luke Hodge $491,900
– Matt Suckling $314,400
– Tom Cutler $176,000
– Jeremy Laidler $135,500
– INTERCHANGE: Joel Tippet $115,200 and Tom Vandeleur $115,200


– Gary Ablett $621,200
– Scott Pendlebury $611,200
– Nat Fyfe $530,900
– Trent Cotchin $511,300
– Dayne Beams $498,800
– Marc Murphy $463,500
– Dale Thomas $346,400
– Clinton Young $218,300
– INTERCHANGE: Alex Woodward $115,200 and Daniel Robinson $115,200


-Shane Mumford $423,000
– Aaron Sandilands $244,500
– INTERCHANGE: Daniel Currie $115,200 and Fraser Thurlow $115,200


– Patty Dangerfield $534,700
– Chad Wingard $474,000
– Jarryd Roughead $470,100
– Buddy Franklin $426,500
– Dayne Zorko $400,100
– Mitch Honeychurch $135,500
INTERCHANGE: Daniel Markworth $115,500 and Shane Kersten $115,500

Your help would be awesome, any feedback or tips?



Pendles,Selwood J,Beams D,Shuey,Thomas D,Martin J,Tyson, Beams/Aish


Goldy,Lobbe. (Apen,Lobb/Nan)

Danger, Martin,Franklin/Parker, Clarke, Hogan,Gartlett


Thoughts ? Help?


Lots of bold moves and strong picks, Boydo. Of the big DEFs, most seemed picking Bartel so McV could be an inspired choice. Buntine! Man, that wild pick for someone with 3 games (but hit a ton in one of them). Could be a great call. Got me thinking about that. Strong Def reserves. Both will get playing time, given their teams.

Shuey could be another sleeper pick, especially with WCE having an favorable SC schedule. X. Ellis is another you may want to consider for M7-8.

Strong rucks. Can't see Goldie averaging less than 105. Lobbe will carryover his end of season form and tear it up.

Fwds are good. May move Gartlett into reserves. Probably won't get on early with the defending champs. Suggest Lennon, who should get R1 playing time. Another to consider is Nahas. Strong goal sneak who may make his way into Roos starting lineup.


Thanks Throttle Is Lennon really likely to play forward and help ruck with Maric? If so he could be a huge cash cow!! A lot of teams seem to have Cutler lion rookie defender. Is there any word of him getting playing time, I can’t find it anywhere??


Hampson will share ruck with Maric. Lennon is a rook with a marksman's aim that my dear Tiges desperately need in their front line. From all that I've read, he's been looking good in training and will probably get some R1 time. Nothing is for sure. But likely. And at that price, even if he doesn't, you could find someone else at that price.

Cutler I have on my rooks to watch. Here's what I've read about him…all place him as a strong smokey.


Thanks mate, legend!


Hey throttle.

You have been pretty hot and heavy on lennon. Interested in why you see him as a possible walk up start? I havent heard much about him.


Mitchell, Sam (MID) $562,000
Hanley, Pearce (MID) $516,200
Henderson, Ricky $460,000
Swallow, David (MID) $429,400
Suckling, Matt $312,200
McDonald, Luke (MID) $182,300
Laidler, Jeremy $161,800
Fuller, Matthew $117,300
Selwood, Joel $638,700
Rockliff, Tom $591,500
Fyfe, Nathan $574,300
Beams, Dayne $497,200
Thomas, Dale $341,800
Martin, Jack $222,300
Aish, James $187,300
Tyson, Dom $216,800
Michie, Viv $172,600
Ellis, Xavier $159,100
Naitanui, Nic $518,800
Sandilands, Aaron $310,700
Currie, Daniel $123,900
Nankervis, Toby $117,300
Dangerfield, Patrick (MID) $609,000
Martin, Dustin (MID) $549,200
Franklin, Lance $487,700
Caddy, Josh (MID) $325,300
Rohan, Gary $176,200
Billings, Jack (MID) $207,300
Taylor, Lewis $117,300
Garlett, Dayle (MID) $117,300

If Either Thomas is unfit I would swap CAddy for another rookie and upgrade to a premo
if sandilands unfit chuck in Mcintosh
Not sure whether I should go with Fyfe or Cotchin


Bye outs go 10,8,13
but have 8 rookies to upgrade who have the round 10 bye which means ill probebly plan to trade maybe all three for upgrades that round


Daaaaaaaamn. This is a bull strong pre-season lineup, MClunge.

To your fixes, I think the backup plan is sound with Caddy for unfit Daisy and McIntosh for Sandi (you could also use Hickey or Longer…or get Grundy if you can). May want to consider Apeness for your reserve. Probably get time with Clarke and Sandi nursing their current/inevitably injuries.

Since you have a lot of round 10 byes, maybe use Cotchin. Feel both are going to have massive years. Docs have a harder schedule. I'm going with Fyfe but I have too many 8 round byes.

Like Billings yet be prepared for him not making first round due if his pre-season injury is lasting. But at that price, you could probably replace fairly easy. (Bock, Lennon, Nahas)


no ablett or pendlebury? your midfield is where the majority of the points are scored, yes they are both expensive because they are bloody consistent and score lots of points not too mention the captaincy. . There is no point in having a backline or forward line that is a little stronger but a weaker midfield as its going to cost you a lot to upgrade to premiums later on not too mention all those lost points. Personally I would have more premo's and super premo's in your midfield.


hey pretty good team there, similar to mine! Midfield very good, although not sure if selwood, will be primed for round 1, i'll look to upgrade him during the year (At this stage im going ablett to start). Rockliff could be near top of the s/c tree at end of year if he plays perm midfield. Fyfe is the man, he is my fav for brownlow. Maybe 4th ruckman pick a r/f for more versatility. not sure about billings for his price. Dunstan in mid for 132 an option, maybe for Tyson. I have aish/ ellis, but closely watching beams/ sheed. finally I'm not sure about nic nat fitness, consider lobbe or mumford. That said, I think you'll go very well this year, good luck!


Who’s idea was it to have Collingwood GoldCoast Geelong Adelaide and Richmond as Round 8 byes. They should have checked with us fantasy players first.
Mid Ablett, Pendles,Swan,Beams,Selwood,Cotchin,J Martin,
Fwd: Dangerfield, Martin, Caddy,
Causing headaches and/or changing midfield players as having to choose non super elite mids.


DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Enright, Suckling, K Kolojasnij, Mcdonald (Fuller, Langdon)
MID: Pendles, Jelwood, Watson, Beams, Daisy, J Martin, Tyson, C Beams (Morabito, O'Rourke)
RUC: Lobbe, Sandi (Currie, Nankervis)
FWD: Danger, Dusty, Parker, Zorko, Lamb, Bock (Taylor, Garlett)


Bitchin side Bloke!

Like Enright. I've been considering him or Taylor as D3. Could be one of those inspired picks that separates you from the pack. And he's a proven scorer. Mids, can't find anything to comment on. Even if Tyson and C. Beams preseason form doesn't impress, both prices you'll be able to find a good replacement. (Ellis, Aish, etc)

Rucks are probably your weak spot. Putting Lobbe as R1 is a bold move. As your R2 is probably more sensible. But if you want to take a risk, think Grundy is going to pay off more than Sandi. Just can't see him playing more than 10-13 games. For that to pay off, he's gotta go ton-wild those games. Don't know at his age if that's gonna happen. Consider Apeness in reserve for this reason.

Zoooooooooorko! (said in James T Kirk voice from "Wrath of Khan"). Had him last year and his name is still branded across my turdcutter. Motlop may be the less risky and bolder choice. Lamb and Bock are wait and see but good placeholders. Will be able to replace if they don't work out.


Yeah my rucks aren't really settled. Lobbe could be any RUC around 500k. R2 will be Sandi, McIntosh or Grundy. I didn't get burned by Zorko last year (didn't have him) and read that he could average close to 100. Cheapies could all change easily


Hahahahahah I have a name for my SC Pain ZooooRKo…


DEF: Mitchell, Hibberd, Hanley, Kolodjashnij, Scharenberg, Mcdonald (cuttler, fuller)
MID: Pendles, Rockliff, Prestia, M Murphy, Beams, Shuey, D Thomas, Martin (Orouke, Crouch)
RUC: Minson, Sandy (Lobb, Nankervis)
FWD: Danger, Martin, Dixon, Hogan, Broomhead, L Taylor ( Garlett, Honeychurch)


Lot of risks here, Jazzy. Some good and some maybe too risky.

Like the Hibberd call. Haven't seen him in a lot of lineups. Given the cloud over the Bombers, could come out like gangbusters. Schranberg is nursing a bum foot. Plus getting into the Pies lineup R1 is a lot to ask even if fit. Laidler may be an option.

Mids: Prestia great call. He and Bennell could have breakout years. Beams AND Murphy really make your M1-5 potent! Shuey is also nice pick due to WCE favorable opening. Orouke and Crouch probably won't see the field this year but you can fill with at least one that looks good in preseason and might make the early round lineups.

Minson and Sandi. Be prepared for Sandi not going past 10-13 games. You need a swing to bring Dixon up if need be OR get Apeness who probably get some PT with Clarke and Sandi most likely not being a full strength for part/most of the season.

Forwards are good. Think your F4 should be stronger. Mitchell, Parker. Even Chappy. Hogan is a solid F5 not F4 pick, IMO. You may have to downgrade one of your mids to make that happen though. Broomhead and Taylor, not sure if they'll make the cut the first round. And at those prices you may be left stranded. Would try to restructure your Mids so you can beef up and have more flexibility in your Forward line.


Cheers on the advice mate 🙂 rookies will change as rd 1 gets closer


DEF: Bartel,Lumumba, Watts, Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, McDonald, Langdon, Fuller
MID: Pendlebury, Swan, Murphy, D.Beams, Adams, Bell, Martin, Aish, C.Beams, P.Cripps
RUC: B.Grundy, Hickey, Apeness, Currie
FWD: Dangerfield, Wingard, Franklin, Chapman, Zorko, Freeman, L.Taylor, D.Garlett


Nice team there mark but I feel like having all 3 collingwood midfielders would be a mistake, Especially when you could get other players from other teams equally as good as if not better then swan. That's only my opinion though. How much cash did you have leftover?


Hodge, Luke (MID) $521,600
Hanley, Pearce (MID) $516,200
Swallow, David (MID) $429,400
Kolodjashnij, Kade $197,300
Shaw, Rhyce $299,400
Cutler, Tom $117,300
Docherty, Sam $285,000
Fuller, Matthew $117,300
Ablett, Gary $695,000
Pendlebury, Scott $683,100
Fyfe, Nathan $574,300
Thomas, Dale $341,800
Beams, Dayne $497,200
Murphy, Marc $498,300
Dunstan, Luke $132,300
Polec, Jared $172,600
Honeychurch, Mitch (FWD) $117,300
McDonald, Luke (DEF) $182,300
Leuenberger, Matthew $523,500
Goldstein, Todd $612,400
Nankervis, Toby $117,300
Leslie, Jack $122,300
Dangerfield, Patrick (MID) $609,000
Martin, Dustin (MID) $549,200
Garlett, Dayle (MID) $117,300
Taylor, Lewis (MID) $117,300
Caddy, Josh (MID) $325,300
Hunter, Lachlan $284,700
Fantasia, Orazio $117,300
Kersten, Shane $123,900

This is my very rough draft, a lot of rookies at the moment, few smokies that may or may not be in there by Round 1 pending NAB form and teamsheets.


Hi Mark
R U a Pie fan?
I think you have sacrificed across too many lines with maybe players for Very strong Mid and Fwd line


I'm really happy with my side at the moment but I'm not settled with my rucks, everybody says Goldstein is too pricey but if I have the money would he be a better option than Mummy? Thanks!


Hi SCMania,
Goldy is worth every cent mate he is a set and forget if you have him and your happy with your team then Lock him in.
I think Mummy has to regain 2012 form in order to get a look at and will he share the Ruc role ?


DEF: Mitchell, Adcock, Swallow, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, Cutler (Fuller, Langdon)
MID: Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Murphy, Beams ,J Martin, Aish, McDonald (Dunstan, Taylor)
RUCK: Lobbe, Sandi (Brown, Nankervis)
FWD: Danger, Dusty, Motlop, Crameri, Lamb, Hogan (Broomhead, Kersten)

$129K left.

Will watch Sandi pre-season – he may become Grundy.


Any help/feedback/tips/suggestions/advice/rates etc would be great. Will return the favour and take a look at you side. Cheers

Mitchell, Hanley, Swallow, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, McDonald (Kolodjashnij, Fuller)

Pendlebury, Fyfe, Murphy, Beams, Shuey, Thomas, Martin, Michie (Dunstan, Gartlett)

Lobbe, Sandilands (Brown, Nankervis)

Dangerfield, Martin, Dixon, Hawkins, Caddy, Clark (Kersten, Taylor)



Hey Benno!
Good looking team you have here! There are a lot of good rookie options in the midfield so maybe move out Murphy, Shuey or Thomas.. Midfield should be your main area of cash flow! Lobbe is an interesting pick maybe not consistant enough for R1 yet? Have a look into others. Stacked forward line, I like it but beware that there are more rookie options up forward than up back. But more research on your rookie options and you're there!


Like Hawkins as a p o.d in the fwd line. underpriced and will lead cats fwd line. Looking fitter and not as troubled by the back compared to 2013. Good to see Dixon as cover for rucks too.


1. Bartel, J
2. McVeigh, J
3. Shaw , H
4. Hanley, P
5. Suckling, M
6. Scharenberg, M
23. Cutler, T
24. Fuller, M
7. Ablett, G
8. Pendlebury, S
9. Beams, D
10. Chapman, P
11. Thomas, D
12. Martin, J
13. Tyson, D
14. Blease, S
25. Michie, V
26. Morabito, A
15. Naitanui, N
16. Sandilands, A
27. Brow n, B
28. Nankerv is, T
17. Dangerfield, P
18. Franklin, L
19. Clark, M
20. Boyd, T
21. Hogan, J
22. Menzel, D
29. Broomhead, T
30. Honeychurch, M

253,800 in the bank


DEF: Bartel, Shaw, Birchall, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, McDonald (Langdon, Fuller)
MID: Liberatore, Mundy, Murphy, Beams, Bell, Martin, Aish, Beams (Michie, Dunstan)
RUCK: Lobbe, Grundy (Apeness, Currie)
FWD: Dangerfield, Wingard, Franklin, Chapman, Caddy (Close, Kennedy-Harris)


I had a look at the posts above, and then mixed some players in that I've been watching and this is what I came up with.

This will no doubt change repeatedly, so feel free to pick it to pieces.


strong backline and forward line, but again the midfield is where the bulk of your scoring needs to be and the hardest to upgrade, you need pendlebury and/or ablett at least joel selwood otherwise who is going to be your captain each week? sacrifise chapman in forward line for a rookie and upgrade bell to a super premo otherwise I think your midfield will struggle.


Which one out of Xavier Ellis, Dom Sheed, Anthony Morabito, Jared Polec or Claye Beams would everyone recommend?


Good Q Jake
They all have upsides but i think Polec would be an excellent pick as an M8 as would a fit and firing Ellis
But thats just what I reckon mate


Morabito and Claye Beams will be best 22 in there teams if they are fully fit. Sheed and Ellis may not play round 1 and Polec MAY get the sub vest. Mora is way cheaper than the rest so I'd go (and did go) him


Agree with you mate but this far out maybe they can get up in time. What do you reckon mate?


True. All speculative until Nab Challenge. All will play in the year at some point. O'Rourke is another who is cheap compared to other rookies. If Ellis doesn't play round 1 I think it will be difficult for him to break into the Eagles team. Sheed will play


dom sheed


I would pick Beams if all named round 1 2nd choice Polec


Def: Thompson, Simpson, Hurn, Docherty, kolodjashnij. K, McDonanald.L (M.Fuller, T. Cutler)

Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Griffith, Beams, Murphy, J.Martin, D.Tyson, C.Beams (J. O'Rourke, L.Taylor)

Rck: Lobbe, Sandilands (F. Thurlow, T.Nankervis)

Fwd: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Franklin, Kennedy, Hogan, S.Kersten (D.Gartlett, J.Kennedy-Harris)

$3600 left over. Thoughts?


shit defense


With Mitchel, Bartel, Mcveigh and Walker will all drop in value i reckon so my plan is to upgrade them during the bye.


I rate the defence mate!and sound reasoning in upgrade targets


Thanks mate.


Def: S.Mitchell P.Hanley M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij J.Laidler M.Fuller (T.Clurey, T.Cutler)

Mid: S.Pendlebury, J.Watson T.Rockliff, M.Murphy D.Beams D.Thomas J.Martin C.Beams (L.McDonald, D.Garlett)

Ruc: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands (B.Longer D.Currie)

Fwd: P.Dangerfield , D.Martin , L.Franklin M.Clark A.Fasolo N.Bock (G.Rohan, L.Taylor)


Got $196,000 left, bye structure pretty even, gone for returning players over rookies this year as they seem to offer more value. Thoughts would be appreciated


Backs could do with another mid to high pricer I reckon, and I'm not sold on Fasolo. Mid rookies would score more than forwards and backs so maybe sacrifice Murphy to get in someone like McVeigh into the back line and another rookie in the MIDs. Michie, Morabito, Polec and the like. Put McDonald on the field and one of those on the bench.


Thanks. New team $233,000 left
Def: S.Mitchell P.Hanley R.Henderson, M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij J.Laidler (M.Fuller T.Cutler)
Mid: S.Pendlebury J.Watson T.Rockliff D.Beams D.Thomas J.Martin C.Beams J.O’Rourke(L.McDonald D.Garlett )
Ruc: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands (M.Apeness D.Currie)
Fwd: P.Dangerfield D.Martin C.Dixon L.Franklin N.Bock G.Rohan (M.Honeychurch, L.Taylor)


I like it. Can't believe you still have 200k left. Henderson could make a very good POD. Rookies are good from what I've read about them. If anything, look to spend half of that remaining cash, possibly up forward. Although that could be my inability to have that much cash laying around.


Not holding on to cash hurt last year especially when a premium goes down, gets a sub affected score, loses $50k and you can’t replace him with a player of similar quality.
Thanks for your input.


Def – McVeigh.J, Hanley.P, Suckling.M, Docherty.S, Scharenberg.M, McDonald.L (Kolodjashnij, Fuller)

Mid – Griffen.R, Watson.J, Fyfe.N, Beams.D, Mitchell.T, Swallow.D, Thomas.D, Aish.J (Ellis.X, Morabito.A)

Ruc – Lobbe.M, McIntosh.H (Apeness.M, Nankervis.T)

Fwd – Dangerfield.P, Martin.D, Tippet.K, Kommer.N, Karnezis.P, Billings.J (Paine.J, Garlett.D)

Thoughts or advice? Am relatively new to SC.


Not bad 1st effort Paul.
Def could use another prem, although many are loading up on KK, Fuller and McDonald rooks.
The likes of Swallow and Mitchell would be better used in their alternate dpp slots.
Will need to keep a watching brief on many of these guys i.e. Thomas, Ellis, Kommer, Karnezis as injury and form has restricted them in recent history.

As for TipRat up fwd, not for me with Buddy vying for points.


Thanks lostlarrikin, gives me something to work on. Am up against some seasoned SC players this year & whilst not expecting to take them out, would like to be competitive. The only reson I went with the tiprat is that I've read that he may spend some time in the ruck. Will look at other options though, especially after seeing some NAB form. Cheers mate!


yeah fair call on tiprat, not much support for Pyke with Mummy gone


hi guys.

new thread and time to update the side. feeling a little more steady with this side now.

d/ McVeigh, Mitchell, d swallow, suckling, KK, McDonald (Fuller, Langdon)
m/ gaz, pendles, d beams, smurph, daisy, martin, polec, c beams (aish, O'Rourke)
r/ nicnat, sandi (longer, P Mitchell) – p Mitchell is the captain loophole
f/ danger, dusty, buddy, l parker, Hogan, kersten,(L Taylor, Garlett)

only $3300 in the kitty. Hogan and Aish will give way if I need to make changes with non starters.

Really happy with the midfield although I realise that daisy and sandi underpin the whole structure. If they don't get up some wholesale rework might be in order including no GAJ to start.

Anyway, thoughts?


Hey Jimbo,
Looks pretty sweet.
You got any mail on Hogan and Kersten?
Watching the DeeTV snippets with Roos saying that any game time for 1st yr players is a bonus. Not sure if Hogan fits that mould.

I have made my views on Swallow clear (see below) but just as likely to prove me wrong and go bang!
My only other concern is Nic Nat, i'm seeing lower risk and similar output from cheaper rucks.

I really hope O'rourke gets some decent game time this yr


Hey Mate.

No real inside news other than whispers from this site and other sites.

I really just cant see why Hogan wouldn't be given a shot at the start of the year. Melbourne are in a bit of a different situation to Essendon last year and how they treated daniher. There isn't much too lose for Roos to give him on the job training. He's had a full year in the VFL so playing more games there isn't really going to help. He has a mans body so he is ready to go. Nothing solid but for me, signs suggest that he will get a go. And if he doesn't get a go for round 1, then he is a place marker in the side that is a little dearer and I can trade down to Bock or Rohan (which I might still do).

Kersten is slightly more speculative. Had a solid season in the VFL last year and there is a vacancy up forward with Pods and chappy moving on. I've heard Vardy will play forward with Hawkins as the two towers and Kersten could be the 3rd tall swingman option (aka gunston for the hawks). I think he will get a go early on. The risk is if he doesn't make a fist of it he's played 2 games and is now stinking up the forward line as a non-playing bench. But at that price I think he is as likely as anyone else.

Hope that helps.


G’daay Boy’s
Kersten is a smokey at the moment- I do not think he is in the top 25. Methinks Bartels is the one to go fwd to aid the big fella Geelong have 8/9 to pick from in def ….Ummhh but this is all second or third hand info so Kersten ATM is smokie


Great stuff guys, this is the rub we want.
This is what show us… has got to be about when talkin rooks.

Yeah my point on Hogan was that he may be a 1st yr player but as per Mr. Martin, has had some quality behind the scenes conditioning (what a load of wanky-babble that sounds like) 😀
Don't quote me on that comment.

Will see if Roos is talking semantics.

The Cats side is still a tough nut to crack into with no shortage of height to play with.
With HMac back in play and 3 half decent rucks brandishing crowbars to get a grip on R1, seems the Tomahawk will have no shortage of friends on the fourth floor.

Speaking of Geelong, I reckon I hear a Little Creature calling me……


Hey guys,

Def: McVeigh, Mitchell, D.Swallow, Suckling, A.Johnson, K.Kolodjashnij (McDonald, Fuller)
Mid: Pendlebury, Selwood, Fyfe, Beams, Shuey, J.Martin, Aish, Polec (Dunstan, O'Rourke)
Ruc: McIntosh, Sandilands (Longer, Nankervis)
Fwd: Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Rioli, Lamb, Fasolo, Kersten (Garlett, Taylor)


Any little bits of input would lovely!


Alex Johnson is a key position player, bit of a risk. Could downgrade him into a cheaper player for your bench and bring L.McDonald to the field and use the spare money elsewhere.


Seems to be a fair bit of love for D. Swallow at the minute.

I'm questioning why? Am I missing something here?

Yeah sure he has dpp this yr, but this is a guy who has had 3 full seasons and is barely nudging 80 ppg.
Last season saw him play just about every game up back for 79 (incl a 102 and 135 vs melb on both occasions).
Unless the scoop is for him to move into the middle this yr, I cant see the value.

Def prem options are plentiful this yr vs the solitary 100+ def in BJ last yr so no need to roll dice on a player like Swallow IMO.


Think for me is the potential. He's a good DPP who comes as a former high draft pick wh's probably going to fly under the radar with GCS. Bigger scores await. Again, potential. Think Ricky Henderson is probably a sounder call yet if you don't have the extra $30K, he's the best in that price range and under, IMO.


Fair nuff throttle, you gotta make ur own luck in this caper.
MadMick would be testament to that.

I reckon if Swallow improves his efficiency then he'll get bigger scores.
His dpp looks awkward for me, to be valuable in the byes.

Still waitin for Jack Watts to fire…


No kidding, Lostlarrikin. Be interesting to see what happens pre-season with Watts. Then again, Zorko looked amazing in NAB last season then threw a tease and burn for the season.

I go back and forth between rolling dice on Swallow or finding a way to work R. Henderson as the D3. Think his upside is as great as Swallow but less of a gamble.


Hey guys, because I'm really happy with my team at the moment I don't really want to change it a whole lot, this is my team but it is short about 30k. What changes would you make to make it fit into the salary cap?

DEF: J. Bartel J. McVeigh S. Mitchell P. Hanley M. Suckling K. Koladjashnij ( M. Fuller C. Giles )

MID: G. Ablett S. Pendlebury J. Selwood D. Beams J. Martin D. Tyson J. Aish L. McDonald ( L. Dunstan D. Garlett )

RUC: T. Goldstein M. Lobbe ( M. Apeness D. Currie )

FWD: P. Dangerfield D. Martin J. Hogan N. Bock G. Rohan B. Lennon ( S. Kersten L. Taylor )

I'm thinking Watson or Cotchin for Ablett but Ablett out of the team just doesn't look right? Cheers guys!


Gday SC I have the same issue and keep coming back to the trucks to save some coin. Bloody risky though… Being bullish about Goldy might be the issue but kruezer or mcevoy for R1 could be a bigger issue…


Nice team! I think you should change your back line it's too top heavy maybe put a another Premium in your forward line but other than that great!


Agree with Dave need another premium in your forward line backline is probaly abit too top heavy.


Just downgrading one of your top 3 MIDs would do it. Don't see a way that you can have those 3 out round 8, as well as Danger, Dusty, Bartel, Beams, Goldy and 5 or 6 rookies. That's 13 or 14 blokes


Gday SC. You might want to have a think about who your rookies are going to replace in their respective teams best 22 from last year and, whether or not they will get subbed if they do play in the first few weeks. A fwd of def with a 70pts capability but only plays 1 qtr might only score 10pts


DEF: Bartel, Hanley, Henderson |McDonald
Docherty, K.Kolodjashnij, Scharenberg |Fuller
MID: Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Beams |Aish
Chapman, Martin, Kelly, Billings |Michie
RUCK: Nic Nat, Sandilands |Apeness
FWD: Dangerfield, Roughead, Franklin |Taylor
Boyd, Hogan, Bock |Garlett


Sorry this might be a little better:

DEF: Bartel, Hanley, Henderson, Docherty, K.Kolodjashnij, Scharenberg (McDonald, Fuller)
MID: Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Beams, Chapman, Martin, Kelly, BIllings (Aish, Michie)
RUCK: Nic Nat, Sandliands (Apeness, Currie)
FWD: Dangerfield, Roughead, Franklin, Boyd, Hogan, Bock (Taylor, Garlett)


Hi sohil. KPP are very inconsistent with scoring. Having 5 in your forward line is dangerous. Personally aside from ruckman KPP’s are irrelevant for me. Look for players that run through the midfield. They score better & more consistently. Good luck in 2014!

Disco Stu

Alright, first crack at the big one.
Gone for POD with flexibility across the lines
And break outs in new positions. Watts/Darling
Pendles/gazza can be upgraded with cows like
Beams, Daisy, ect. With a few suggested
Tweaks this team could be ready to dance.
Def: Hanley(mid) Hurn, Swallow(mid)
Watts(Fwd) Suckling, McDonald(mid)
Laidler, Fuller
Jobe, Fyfe, Priddus, Beams, Daisy, Martin
Tyson, Beams.C, Langdon(def) Garlett(fwd)
Goldstein, McIntosh, Brown(fwd), Nankervis
Danger, Wingard, Dixon, Darling, Clarke,
Bock, Rohan, Curran(def)


Alright haven't had a crack at this for a few weeks.
Thoughts appreciated.

Bartel, Jimmy (MID)
Mitchell, Sam (MID)
Hanley, Pearce (MID)
Suckling, Matt
Kolodjashnij, Kade
McDonald, Luke (MID)
Laidler, Jeremy
Fuller, Matthew

Pendlebury, Scott
Liberatore, Tom
Fyfe, Nathan
Murphy, Marc
Beams, Dayne
Martin, Jack
Morabito, Anthony
Polec, Jared
O'Rourke, Jonathan
Garlett, Dayle (FWD)

Lobbe, Matthew
Grundy, Brodie
King, Max
Apeness, Michael (FWD)

Dangerfield, Patrick (MID)
Franklin, Lance
Dixon, Charlie (RUC)
Caddy, Josh (MID)
Gunston, Jack
Honeychurch, Mitch (MID)
Markworth, Daniel
Taylor, Lewis (MID)

Byes read 10/11/9, so not ideal but figure KK, Martin, Caddy or McD might be slaughtered by then.


IMO you're a bit light in the mids. Not sure that martin will play a full game in the middle for the first few weeks maybe 3qtrs at most. Morabito will be in rehab from a world record 25th knee reco, Polec will get a go but he aint no o'meara or wines and has 80pts max full game potential atm probably more like 60 after he gets subbed for A.Young mid 3rd qtr. O'rourke no value as a point scorer or cash cow and Garlett wont play round 1. The other 5 are solid but libba has a crap record against his first 3


Thanks for the feedback 'bats.

Yeah read your (and N'Sack) assessment on Martin across the site and dont disagree.
With elevated Rookie prices this yr, correct rookie selection will play a greater part in sorting the Tenors from the Sopranos. Hard to believe that JOM was priced in the low 100's last yr.
TBH (and it has been repeated many a time here in the last month or so), at this stage of the game, no one really has a friggin clue what rooks will be the cows with the primest cuts. In the end, i'm sure most of us will be looking to field as many bargain basement rookies which are in the R1 lineups.

On many fronts, I hope that O'Rourke proves you wrong, not that I have any scintillating insight.

Nice oil on Libba. Looks like he hit a low patch before the bye last yr including games vs Nth and WC. Didnt appear to have a tag tho. The tiges are his bogey for sure, tagged heavily in both games last yr.
At this stage ill stick with him as his ups far outweigh his downs.


Here’s the team so far, pick it to bits!


S Mitchell H Shaw P Hanley

M Suckling K Kolawoteva L McDonald

Cutler Fuller


G Ablett S Pendlebury T Cotchin D Beams

J Aish D Sheed M Crouch

Honeychurch Hunt


W Minson M Lobbe

Apeness Nankervis


P Dangerfield L Franklin P Chapman

C Bird T Boyd B Lennon

Garlett Kennedy-Harris

A tick under 20k left..



Missing a midfielder…?


Hey Max yeah you’re right Wellingham is the missing mid!


Who is your 10th midfielder mate?


Shows how little people tolerate difference when if someone has a name that is not Smith, Brown or Jones they make a joke out of it, maybe they are just too lazy or ignorant to look up the correct spelling. KOLODJASHNIJ !


Ahhh, sorry ladies and gents…
Team I posted before was a draft from 1/2 weeks ago… My apologies!
This is the current set up

Def: M.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, M.Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald (J.Laidler, M.Fuller)
Mid: S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, N.Fyfe, D.Beams, L.Shuey, J.Martin, J.Polec, L.Dunstan (J.O'Rourke, L.Perris)
Ruc: H.McIntosh, A.Sandilands (B.Longer, T.Nankervis)
Fwd: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Rioli, J.Caddy, J.Lamb, S.Kerstan (D.Garlett, L.Taylor)
Salary – $139,100

Thoughts on cash in the bank…? And any positives or possible negatives


Nice team, my concerns would be Polec and Lamb, both a bit soft to be relied on for good scores.

Fyfe was frustrating last year for me, can butcher the ball.

I'd maybe spend some cash and move Rioli to someone else, will get injured.

Hope this helps


G’day Max
Okay from the def movin’ forwards mate
I think you have let your self go at D5 . Mid 8,9&10 are also long shots. I think you rucs are good as long as R1,R2, and R3,play regular(Sandi I don’t think so, Longer ATPIT is so far behind and H.Mac has not played in neigh on 2 years) but I would not change that ATM ..way to much pre-season to go yet eh?
Same Same Fwd structure mate. What I do like is coin in da bank to help corect error’s (If any, who Knows mate you could be right and youve picked winners all the way!)


Cheers guys, this does help,… I'm no jock, or BVC… Or any of the gang either. Too much pre season left for sure, although this is probably the most important part of the year…. Last year 14 of my players that where in my team at this time of the year I ended up starting with so I like getting a team set up 2/3 weeks before nab cup it's really just a personal choice… What ever works for you do it I guess!


G'day Max
I think you have nailed this site!
This place is for opinions only. The community, I hope do not wish to brow beat anyone, and your opinion is just as valid as Jocks mate


Cheers dools!

Your opinions are top notch keep doing what your doing it's excellent! It is really important that everyone gets involved. We all have our opinions and sharing them is brilliant but in the end don't listen to them if you think differently, always go with what you think looks right or just doing things at different times to others… In the end we all have to put up a team round one and whatever helps you get what you think is the best team do it!
I can't wait to share and hear opinions! It will be a cracker


Legends, my team as it stands now, any thoughts would be appreciated…

DEF – McVeigh, Mitchell, D.Swallow, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, Mcdonald (Fuller, Bews)
MID – Ablett, J.Selwood, Watson, Jack, Beams, Savage, Martin, Michie (O'Rourke, Taylor)
RUC – Goldstein, Sandi (Lobb, Nankervis)
FWD – Danger, Martin, Buddy, Fasolo, Kersten, Markworth (Garlett, Honeychurch)
Salary $4200



Cheers Jock, have made a couple of changes since then, on value picks, see what you think…
DEF – McVeigh, Mitchell, D.Swallow, Suckling, Kolodjashnij, Mcdonald (Fuller, Laidler)
MID – Ablett, J.Selwood, Watson, Dal Santo, Beams, Murphy, Martin, Michie (Dunstan, Perris)
RUC – Goldstein, Sandi (Lobb, Nankervis)
FWD – Danger, Martin, Buddy, Hawkins, Kersten, Taylor (Garlett, Honeychurch)
Salary – $20,000

Another question, is having say $100,000 left over more beneficial than using all the budget, because I have always used it all?

Am still keen on Savage or Thomas instead of Murphy as I reckon he's a bit soft and the captain's curse has hit him, just like it will on R.Griffen this year.



Is K Kolojashnij going to get games this year? Everyone has him starting over someone like Laidler ( who was a great player at Carlton- but he was just ignored)

And is Scharenberg going to see games early?


Ya but when I do not know
I think their are others who need to fail in order for KK to have a go or / injury


KK seems to be in the suns best 25 players, they don't really have much depth.
Scharenburg is in interesting one, Collingwood probably have the most depth of any team and it's young talented depth, basically who suits Buckley which we will only see rd 1 that's ages away!

Um If R.Shaw is injured or unable to play next season Z.Jones could be a good pick at around 150k. Yeah he's more of a shut down player but that could allow you to pick A.Johnson at 250k who will do the rebounding instead of Shaw and he could make you a lot of cash… Very dependant on mind you


With all the rooks I think it's wait and see. Only ones I think have a strong chance are McDonald, Kolo and Lennon. But you never know. Because of this think keeping a variety of structures that have fail safe placeholders would be the way to go. Because right now we all closed eyes and hoping. NAB and R1 will be the eye openers. Good to prepare, though. Why I've done probably 50 versions of my team.


Not sold on KK ATM but Lennon and Youge MCDonald are LOCKS and I think Fuller (Wookie)
Sneaky ones to watch with a big chance to play – Lewis Taylor and maybe Aish (overcoming foot injury ATM) and Sneed WCE
LT to play straight up in Brisbane Lions Aish is definatatley top 22 Sneed is interchange/Vest material
Does anyone know anything on Kane Mitchellsan PTA I’m struggling to find him…He owes me!


J. Mcveigh, Hanley, M Johnson (Scharenberg)
M Suckling, K Kolodjashnij, L Mcdonald (Fuller)

Griffen, Pendlebury, Mundy, Ziebell (Sheed)
D Beams, J Anderson, Martin, Aish (Polec)

Lobbe, Grundy (Longer, Nankervis)

Dangerfield, L Parker, Bellchambers (Kersten)
J Lamb, Lennon, Garlett (L Taylor)

Obviously rookies are subjective to change depending on form, particularly the mids, but hope that maybe a few quirky picks will see me dob a hilux come years end!


I like lamb, he will get a go around the midfield and HF at GWS


Like the team, although, there are a few heavily priced players on the bench (Scharenberg, Polec, Sheed, Longer). Alright team though.


This is crazy,
Sites just opened less then 12 hrs and the community has hit 85…. No Speed or drink restrictions……Wohhhooooo.!!! Go to the fridge…Like at 100,000 Kms (try it)! Yaahhh… or Ahhhh ..if you have already done it?


Woops went to the fridge too fast and now it's 2014 ….wooh Retro and by the way before I get drawn in to the Vortex the brownlow medellist i…………………………………….


……….Scooter, obviously


Hahahaha Love it !~!!! Whoo all this spinning. I’m so over this time travel lark… so KRudd is Cruddd, ugh I need a drinkkkkkk


Been revising team all morning, Dools. Need a drink myself. Driving self crazy. Think I'm setting on NicNat and Lobbe in the ruck. Pendles, Boak, Cotchin, Beams and Treloar as my main Mids. Mitch, Hanley. R. Henderson and M. Weller n the back and Danger, Dusty, Wingard and Titch as main forwards. Why can't NAB start tomorrow?!?


I LIke your start mate…M. Weller …Is that code dude MWell?!!!! LOL


Got that tip after reading Al Paton initial team: Has decent stats and will probably get time in Saints lineup. Alt to Suckling.


MOD 2 with Q & A

Def: Bartel, Pearce, Mitchell, Grimes, Hampton, Tape, (KK, Fuller).
KK a rookie and would prefer a player with some VFL/SANFL etc experience like Fuller. Know any?

Mid: Dependlebury, Watson, Boak, Beams, Martin, Tyson, Aish, Polec, (McDonald,Garlett)
Changed Griffin to Boak as the world seemed to work Griff out late and in his first year as Captain I am unsure that he can maintain last years form. Boak should be more settled in a settled side and really improve again? All Rookies subject to NAB form. Many many options.

Ruck: HMac, Grundy, (Nankervis, Apeness)
Seems everyones point of contention. I have tried manipulating them and tried buying the best but either way suffered failure 🙁 Apeness is the only lock for his DPP with Dickson. Again, will seriously be watching NAB form on all up to about 400K. Not paying overs this year (thank you Maric and Jacobs 2013)

Fwd: Danger, Wingard, Dixon, Hunter, Hogan, Rohan, (Banfield, Taylor)
I think Dixon could be the next Roughnut and gives me extra in an area that has suffered (same as Rough last year) Hunter is DPP at a nice price but not many like him and he is most at risk. Rohan (unless injured) will play every game (noting what the Swans cut) and I have always (fomr some unknown reason) rated Banfield and just felt he could not find his place at Bris.

I have avoided, mostly Rookies Fwd and Back as there is, generally, only one or two that standup. Happier to take a risk on older players unless I see something outstanding like Vlas last year (McDonald).


What's everyone's thoughts on which WCE players will be the most SC viable in the Mids? Many to consider given their sweet start.

Selwood, I think could make a strong case for M3 but not sure about Priddis and Marsten. And what about Shuey, Wellingham and Hutchings. Any of those worth considering?

And BestCoast Eagles, hope to hear from you…



Go through the AFL Prospectus for West Coast. It tells you which players are best for Super Coach.


Yeah, I ordered it a month ago and never got delivered. Hiccup shipping to the states, I guess. At this point just trying to get a refund. Woe is meeeeeeeee.


Thanks rjc69!


Funny you say that, wise one. I was looking at Gaff to replace Daisy at M6. Plus I don't think that ankle is gonna treat him well until he gets some games in and gain some confidence on it. Could be a nice earner too. But yeah, last year went Pollack on the briefs. Thanks Jock!


I think Scotty Selwood, with the Rucks back in full force he should rack up some serious supercoach gory along with Masten


Yeah, I have a feeling about that too, Brady. Just going back and forth between Scotty and Cotchin for M3. Feeling both will come out like gangbusters.


I like Shuey Throttle!


I like him too, Boydo. Think I'm going with Treloar as my M5. Have Scooter as M3 and Gaff as M6. Not especially keen on overloading the mids with Eagles…even though I'm considering Sheed and Ellis last spots.


Have a deeko at Scofielfd TF (I think he is the next big thing fromWA)


What is the opinion of everyone regarding DPPs?

Should the be included in the Backs, Mids & Fwds?

In my opinion in Supercoach they should be included, I have always used DPPs in all positions except ruck which is a bit harder when you have to get a ruck to change in the Mids.

Thoughts please…


Hi guys, great articles recently, has made me change my team a few times
Def-J.Bartel, P.Hanley, D.Swallow, S.Docherty, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald (T.Langdon, M.Fuller)
Mid-S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, T.Rockliff, D.Beams, L.Shuey, D.Thomas, J.Martin, M.Crouch (J.O'Rourke, L.Dunstan)
Ruck-N.Naitanui, M.Lobbe (F.Thurlow, T.Nankervis)
For-P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Rioli, J.Caddy, J.Billings, D.Gartlett (L.Taylor, M.Honeychurch)
$7000 left in the bank
Not sure about Matt Crouch at the moment and S.Docherty. Thoughts would be great thanks.


Thoughts on selecting one of Tom Hickey or Billy Longer in the ruck?
Both reasonably cheap and should be getting game tim as the saints best 2 ruckman.


Ok…..These are the 15 players I want in my team…LOCKS….everyone else will be slotted in around them depending on pre-season form….whether they are picked for rd1….and team structure….These other players are what we ckeck preseason for…and hopefully fill in the gaps.


Def: McVeigh, Bartel, Hanley Suckling
Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Mitchell, Murphy, Beams, Martin,J
Ruck: Sandilands, McIntosh
Fwds: Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin


Hi BB, what is it that makes you believe McVeigh is a better option than Mitchell?


i have both


yes but only one of them as a permanent defender. neither makes sense as a permanent midfielder


Mitchell isnt going to be permanent midfielder….once i start trading he will move to the back line…but in the fist 8-10 games he will be my swing man from defence to mids

The ABMasiter

Team Name: Hot 'n' Spicy Currie

Shaw, Heath $522,600
Henderson, Ricky $460,000
Grimes, Jack (MID) $436,500
Kolodjashnij, Kade $197,300
Docherty, Sam $285,000
McDonald, Luke (MID) $182,300
Fuller, Matthew $117,300
Suckling, Matt $312,200

Pendlebury, Scott $683,100
Liberatore, Tom $576,200
Selwood, Scott $559,800
Ziebell, Jack $513,600
Beams, Dayne $497,200
Treloar, Adam $469,500
Martin, Jack $222,300
Aish, James $187,300
Taylor, Lewis (FWD) $117,300
Dunstan, Luke $132,300

Grundy, Brodie $363,300
McIntosh, Hamish $332,900
Nankervis, Toby $117,300
Currie, Daniel $123,900

Dangerfield, Patrick (MID) $609,000
Parker, Luke (MID) $468,800
Riewoldt, Nick $567,100
Hunter, Lachlan $284,700
Hogan, Jesse $217,300
Garlett, Dayle (MID) $117,300
Kennedy-Harris, Jay $117,300
Rohan, Gary $176,200

And I was thinking about Shane Savage as an inclusion?


Thank you Fantasy Footy Legends,
Posted my first draft team up yesterday & being a relatively new addition to this wonderful community (in fact quite new to the intricasies of AFL, being a league convert), I have taken your worldly wisdom on board & over countless froths last night followed by an aching scone accompanied with eyes that you could find your way to Wagga Wagga on this morning, I have come up with the following 2nd draft. (mmmm draught, maybe time for a recovery me thinks). Here we go…..

Def: J Bartel, P Hanley, D Swallow, M Suckling, K Kardashian, L McDonald, J Laidler, M Fuller

Mid: S Pendlebury, N Fyfe, J McVeigh, D Beams, J Caddy, J Martin, J Aish, X Ellis, A Morabito

Ruc: M Lobbe, H McIntosh, M Apeness, T Nankervis

Fwd: P Dangerfield, D Martin, C Dixon, T Mitchell, J Hogan, J Billings, S Kersten, D Garlett

$154,000 left in the kitty. Thanks again & Cheers!


Unfortunately I've also been left with 13 outs for round 8, so still much work to do. Would love any more suggestions or feedback that you may have. I hope to be able to help a keen up & comer one days myself. Thanks again. Oh & Cheers!!!


G'day Paul,
Excellent effort mate – Beer "Is there nothing it can't do?" Great war chest$$
Now to experiment mate Save that team….Put McV in Defence but keep Bartel Slot Dangermouse to midgap now see if you can score another for his spot…..When youve done that look back at origanal team Ponder again over a cold one…It's infuriating but great fun! especially whilst drinking doing ligit research Win Win


Hi Paul,

Welcome to AFL. The greatest game on earth. As Izzy and Hunt know learning AFL can take a while. You've joined a great community with most really willing to help and get in to the spirit of the game.

My advice would be to move McVeigh from the mids to the backs. The mids typically score more heavily so any mids that you can move to the backs (or fwds) adds another mid.

Good luck



Thankyou JJFYZZ, J McVeigh is there as a DPP option to swap between the mid & def, in this case with Bartel, Hanley, Swallow or McDonald, so I think I may need one of them in the midfield to give that flexibility. Is there much value in the DPP players or do you think going with a specialist midfield is a better way to go?


Absolute genius putting Kimmy Kardashian on the back flank. When she sticks that massive hail damaged arse of hers out, no forward will get near the ball!



DEF: Bartel, Hurn, Watts, Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald (Langdon, Fuller)
MID: Pendlebury, M.Murphy, D.Beams, Gaff, D.Thomas, Savage, J.Martin, Michie (L.Taylor, Honeychurch)
RUC: Naitanui, Dixon (Apeness, Nankervis)
FWD: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Chapman, Darling, Mayes, Caddy (Close, Garlett)

$200 left

The selection of Darling & Hurn are purely based on Simpsons hope of playing Darling as a mid and Hurn moving to the wing – so could very well change as pre-season progresses.

The article that details Simpsons intentions is here:


I was tossing up between Chappy and Franklin in the forward line. Went with Franklin but got burnt by both last year.!! Be interesting to see if Buddy can repay the the Sydney $$$$


I Think Buddy will have a big roll in the mids this year.
I also think Chappy has a point to prove and linked up with Bomber Thompson I think he will be a Giant this season (Depending on injury reports and position actually played in?)


Hi Dools,

I agree I think Chappy will have a point o prove and when fit and able will score very well. The question will be how fit and able will he be.

I'm still on Chappy (esp at that price) and may add him to the team, although I can't see him being in the final 22.



Like Sam Mayes selection. The guys a gun , but if he does breakout will cop a tag. Worth a shot though…


Def Mitchell Bartel Hanley kk Cutler fuller ( Langdon tippet). Mids gaz pendles swan jelwood Watson j Martin polec McDonald ( honeychurch dunstan ). Rucks minson Grundy ( nankervis king ). Fwd danger Martin rough Hogan kersten Taylor garlett jkh). Very much guns and rookies approach


Hi Everyone,

Shaping up to be a cracker of a season.

Here's my team Cracker's 1st XVIII Mk2. Love to hear any thoughts. Let's be fair though, it'll change 100 times between now and Rnd 1 esp during the preseason cup.

Good luck everyone.

Backs: Bartel, McVeigh, Hanley, Suckling, Delaney, L McDonald (Siggins, J Kolodjashnij)
Mids: Pendles, Watson, Barlow, D Beams, Grigg, J Martin, D Tyson, C Beams (M Crouch, Honeychurch)
Rucks: Nic Nat, Sandi (Longer, Apeness)
Forwards: Danger, Roughy, Franklin, Hogan, Fasolo, Billings (D Garlett, B Brown)


Hugh G

Tom Mitchell or Lukey Parker?


Does the community think that its possible to fit all of BARTEL, MCVEIGH, HODGE, HANLEY AND MITCHELL into the one side…one or two in the mids?

Hugh G

I actually really like that idea, then just gradually over time move them all to def during trades.. could be genius!!

Hugh G

Hey Jock, love the website, hanging for the next podcast..

Ok, my team V2..

Still have planty of coin in the bank ($644,600) for changes that are inevitable after pre season starts and before round 1 bounce.. I have tried to find the best value of set and forget players and rookies. Mid field is very mid priced on paper, but all have huge potential for massive scores.

McVeigh, Mitchell, Swallow
Docherty, McDonald, Laidler
(Gardiner, Fuller)

Pendlebury, Murphy, Beams, Shuey
Thomas, Martin, Michie, O’Rourke
(Honeychurch, Perris)

Lobbe, Sandilands
(Nankervis, Apeness)

Dangerfield, Martin, Parker
Darling, Lamb, Kersten
(Taylor, Gartlett)

All 4 rucks are still very much in the air. Still want to find a spot for Charlie Dixon. Am secretly hoping Daisy isnt fit for rnd 1 so he can make room for either Cotchin, Ziebell, Cunnington or Bastinac. Darling comes into my side on the word that he will play a major midfield roll this yr. M3 & M4 spots will ultimately be between Buddy, Parker, Mitchell, Dixon & Darling.


Latest crack at my team.

DEF: J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, M.Suckling, E.Wood, K.Kolodjashnij (J.Laidler & M.Fuller)

MID: G.Ablett, R.Griffen, M.Barlow, D.Beams, D.Thomas, J.Martin, D.Tyson, C.Beams (X.Ellis & M.Hallahan)

RUCK: H.McIntosh, A.Sandilands (D.Currie & T.Derickx)

FWD: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, L.Franklin, S.Motlop, S.Higgins, G.Rohan (T.Banfield & D.Gartlett)

Remaining Salary: $15,400

Bye Breakdown 10/10/10

Rookie: 47%, Mid 27%, Prem 27%

Big punts on the returning ruckmen in HMac & Sandi. Found the tail end of the FWD line quite difficult. Tossed up between a few: Higgins, M.Clark, Hogan, Fasolo etc….i think they're all 'drumsticks/cornettos' at this stage (different names, but same thing). They will no doubt break up once NAB games are played. Slotted Gary Rohan in the F7, even though he's not a prolific scorer…i think he should get plenty of games early and increase in value. Fwd rookies, i have no idea…..just filling in spaces at the moment.


What do we think about B.Ellis ?

Would have averaged quite a bit more if you take into account his sub affected scores early in his innings!
Can rack up the disposals, and zero chance of a tag when you have the likes of Cotchin and Deledio.

Thoughts and feedback?


Being a Tigers supporter I highly regard Ellis and think he is an absolute star, however seeing as how he is now a pure mid I can't see him being worthy of selection, if he was Mid/Def he would of been one of my first few picks. He is ready to explode.
Could be a nice choice in a draft leagues.


Cheers mate! theres something about the bloke i feel, but probably will give him a skip


If anyone's interested, here's an opinion piece in the Herald Sun that Paul Roos wrote last season about the Melbourne Demons.

Perhaps an insight as to what to expect? Or merely the view of someone who was outside looking in at the time?