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Supercoach 2014 prospect: Nat Fyfe

Published by Jock on

G’day community,

Hope you had a sensational festive season. We’ve officially ticked into 2014 and are very close to the start of the season.

Many with SuperCoach gold have begun selecting their sides; while the Higginator is up and running, and definitely worth the play around if you are yet to begin working on your potential 2014 team.

This week I’ll be looking at the teen wolf himself, Nat Fyfe and his prospects for the season ahead.


2014 Price: $574,300
2014 Position: MID
2013 averages: 106.4 SC/97.9 DT
2012 averages: 94 SC/89 DT
2011 averages: 108 SC/98.3 DT
2010 averages: 72.5 SC/68.1 DT

It was a more consistent year for Nat Fyfe in 2013, missing just the 3 games in rounds 7, 11 and the QF. It was also a real heart in the mouth season for those who owned Teen Wolf, given his history with glass shoulders. However, he managed to get through the season in one piece and showed glimpses of the future, winning Fremantle’s best and fairest for 2013.

It’s very hard to compare previous seasons’ statistics to Nat’s 2013, purely because he’s had such a horror run with injuries over the years. He averaged 25.8 touches a game last season, running at 63.8% disposal efficiency. Many of the elite midfielders of 2013 were running at high 60-low 70% efficiency. He did kick 18 goals, which included a bag of 4 against Adelaide in round 18. So while his statistics are very good, they fall just short of elite.

Fantasy-wise Nat had a good year, but just that step below elite. He pumped out 12 100s, but could only manage to string 3 consecutive 100s before scoring below. There were only 3 scores in the 90s, which tells us that his consistency in fantasy scoring was an issue for coaches.

However, 2014 looms as a big year for the Docker. With darkness looming on the careers of many of the old Fremantle legends, this season is the ideal time for Nathan Fyfe to stamp his mark on this Fremantle side and begin leading post-Pavlich and Sandilands. Nat also has the opportunity to get stuck into a full pre-season and have 2 injury-free seasons on the trot, which will help him build his potential into something special.

There’s also the fact his coach happens to be Ross the Boss. Whenever you play for a team coached by Ross Lyon, you’re going to be a dominant force in the midfield. They’ve added Colin Sylvia to play the high half-forward role, which will enable Nat to become a full-time midfielder and really dominate games, having the likes of Barlow, Mundy, Hill and Crowley to help burden the workload that may come with potential taggers.


2014 Predicted Status: Premium
Predicted Average 2014: 110-120 SC
Selection Status: Should be seriously considered.

Final Word

Regarded by second coming of James Hird (the footballer, not the…yeah you know where I’m going with this), Nat Fyfe will have the luxury of finally heading into a season injury-free, on the back of a B & F winning year. Turning 23 in September, he’s only young in age, but on the verge of breaking out into a competition force.

Aided by recruitment of Sylvia and a strong midfield, this could very well be the year Teen Wolf finally starts pumping out consistent 100s.

Your thoughts?

Mr Crimmins.

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I am looking to have him in m3/m4 defiantly should be considered


So which Freo mid will score most for the season…that means most games as well as points scored….FYFE, BARLOW MUNDY?….can only have one of them I think


Between Fyfe and Barlow. Thinking Fyfe will build off the strong end to last season. Barlow won't disappoint, I'm sure but too pricey right now. Mundy is expensive and don't think will deliver on his value off the bat. Maybe bring in later.


Thanks Mr C
Great read and ya his in my team at this stage as M4. I agree with your assessment of Teen Wolf completely
He has to be a lock even with the difficult draw for Freo, "The cream always rises to the top" and he is the cream IMHO in that side and now injury free I smell SC superstar!


Anyone planning for the byes will probably want to take at least one of: Fyfe, Barlow, K Jack, J Steven, Rockliff, or Wats Jobeon.

Poor ol Jobe is a gun, but i'm seriously considering infraction notices in my 2014 SC plans. The Sydney captain is a gem, definitely one to consider. Rockliff, if played in midfield, is a SC machine – but I fear for him with Brisbane needing leaders in the forward line – maybe he'll get pushed in there again next year? Steven? Gun. But the tags that went to Dal last year will go to him. So Fyfe or Barlow from Freo? Two bonafide guns. Barlow will not let you down, but Fyfe's upside is crazy. Your call!


Agree with you, Joe. Been going back and forth between Rockliff and Fyfe for M3. But like the upside of the Wolf and the price. Steven I'd like to see how the Saints come out in NAB before committing to Steven or Montagna in the mid (Roos in FWD as my F2 next to Danger).


I'll likely run with Kizza Jack out of that bunch. An extremely consistent and durable performer and the Swans have a fairly favourable draw for a past top 4 team that should see them win a stack of games in 2014.

Not quite a lock but a very likely starter in my midfield come March.


Great breakdown, Mr. C. As of now, he's my M3 (along with Pendles and Selwood). Like the upside of him more than Barlow, who I think is a bit pricey right now. Agree that adding Sylvia will allow T-Wolf to prowl the midfield with wild abandon. (Ok that was a bit much).


Kids is a gun! TBH though I'm not that sure about him in fantasy terms, he will average about 100 – 110 IMO. Still considering though. Great write up once again!

Rayza Ray

Had him all last year and burnt me bad with his silly indiscretion and constant clangers. I'm aware he kicks goals but the majority of his scoring is in 'in general play' where he is just to inconsistent. He's not a bullet pass like many, more a floater which if you watch is easily picked off. On his day he is brilliant but its a no for me.


LOCK ! and also will back him for the brownlow

Jay Cartwright

Was thinking Lock but has an extremely easy draw after the bye.
Before (tough games):
Collingwood, hawthorn, essendon, Swans, North, Geelong
Before (easy): Gold Coast, Port, west Coast
After bye (tough games): Rich, Geelong, Hawks, Carl?
After bye (easy): Bulldogs, Adelaide, Brisbane * 2, west coast, Melbourne, GWS, Saints, port

Could lead to a few underpriced freo player come the bye.



Nat Fyfe is a gun just needs to clean his disposal efficiency up.


Ross Lyon ruined many a team in finals last year, It has been reported that Nat Fyfe will play a forward role in 2014.
Will that ruin Nat Fyfe if that happens?



A no from me. He has a very nasty habit of getting a possession around the ruck and just kicking it high and forward. Until he has sorted out his disposal i wont consider him as an elite mid.