Supercoach 2014 prospect: Kade Simpson

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Kade SimpsonReliability is very important in this caper.

I love a man I can rely on to a do a job. He doesn’t have to be flashy. He doesn’t have to rack up 150’s every other week. He just needs to deliver the number of Supercoach points I expect him to deliver – with a little bit of cream on top.

Above all else I love a man who doesn’t let me down. He doesn’t crack a bloke in the chops and get 3 or 4 weeks. He’s not soft. He doesn’t hit the massage table with every bloody niggle he gets. He certainly doesn’t feel the need to “rest” or be “managed” throughout the season. He’s a man’s man. He’s a footballer’s footballer. He is robust of spud.


2014 Price: Supercoach $513,200, AFL Fantasy $461,900
2014 Position: DEF
2013 averages: 95 SC, 86 DT (22 games)
2012 averages: 94 SC, 93 DT (19 games)
2011 averages: 95 SC, 95 DT (22 games)
2010 averages: 100 SC, 101 DT (22 games)

Kade Simpson played 158 games on the trot for the Blues between 2005 and 2012 and the only thing that stopped him was a broken jaw. He is rumoured to have fronted up the week after with a cricket box gaffa taped to his chin in an attempt to play. That jaw break remains the only thing that’s stopped him. He played all 22 games in 2013 as well.

This is a bloke who you can rely on to hit the park for you. And he’s a good bloke. He’s a humble bloke. The kind of bloke you want to see do well.

In fantasy footy terms the trouble with Simmo has been that he hasn’t had the calibre to score heavily enough to be counted amongst the top line premium midfielder options. His average has hovered around the 95-100 mark for the last five years which has made him an awkward proposition in the guts. You really need to believe that cattle filling your premium midfield slots are capable of averaging well over 105 to earn their keep in that role.

But he’s been named a Supercoach and AFL Fantasy defender for season 2014 and that makes him bloody interesting..


2014 Predicted Status: Premium
Predicted Average 2014: 90-100 SC
Selection Status: Unlikely to make the final cut for JR Brumby FC 2014

Final Word

On the face of it he looks very attractive. 14th in total kicks in 2013. 14th in effective disposals. Gets almost double the amount of free kicks than he gives away. Reliable. Durable. Good bloke. Game changing beard. Robust plums. So why not snag him now that he’s been named a defender Jock you brilliant old bastard?

Digging into his numbers reveals a bit of a downer for mine. He stunk it up a little bit too regularly in 2013. As you may have heard me say in our preseason defenders podcast; in 2013 alone we see scores of 42, 66, 55, 69, 73 and 71 staining the underpant of his bid to be selected in my side.

We could attribute a lot of this to the fact that he was moved back into defence by old Malty balls last season. He tended not to attract a tag in the midfield alongside your Judd’s and your Murphy’s and was allowed plenty of free access to the pill because he was not a prime target for the midfield taggers. He does however attract the forward tag when moved back into defence – like he was through the middle and latter parts of last season.

We saw him forward tagged by Macaffer in round 15 for 69 and also Cross in round 20 where he only managed a 55.

Don’t get me wrong. He’ll still get time in the guts and up on the wing and he’ll still regularly knock out tons. There’s just a stack of good options down back and he’ll likely just miss the cut.

What’s your call?

Jock Reynolds

Click here to see how he stacks up against all the other defenders for 2014



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  1. Dools says:

    Jock for a Defender to Knock out 90 – 1hunge Avg for that coin is great value….If you beleive….
    I like this peice, you have made me stop and look…Not a drive by and saw somethigh intresting but a full on collision where head and heart collide and the mess it makes on the road , to the point where Seaford is blocked off.
    This article has intrigued me….I like that , especialy the carnage if Kade can pull out 95- 100 Pts
    Big plums methinks but also matched by reward….Hmmmm
    Alright I will look into him and Mick's plans with him…But I tell you if as you say is true and can Avg those Numbers he is Locked in but and I mean But I ain;t telling anyone else…. Nah I can't back that up it is an
    Open forum
    Love ya mate

    • throttlefinger says:

      Too funny, Dools. You have definitely switch from the wine to more substantive jolly juice.

      • Dools says:

        Hi mate,
        The jolly Juice is ? was Just finished another wait out/…Back ya
        I feel better now that I'm no longer in transit and I'm back in Melbourne
        This Whisky is Awesome wheee I'm do'in this again be back in a tick…….
        Sorry had to introduce the Jamison to some shelia called Christmas Cheer, it did not end well for her
        Apparentlty Chrissmas cheer is not for everyone. Well I thought she was fine but then this is the Jamie talking LOL

        • throttlefinger says:

          Jamie is great for the soul, but bad for the eyes.

          • Dools says:

            Ha ha I defy thee eyes! '
            'tis not Poteen Throttlefiner, fully licened product (unlike american poop) no need for warning "This product if placed in your eyes May cause blindness"
            OR do not place product within reach of inebreated people as expousure may cause unwarrented cunsumption"? or worse spillage. A sad day for all involved.
            So do we like Kade as of right now? or do we think wait 'ntil Pre-season or until the ship has sailed and he is regularley up in the 120 s ??? I'm still looking him up and who's who at the zoo but I'll let ya know? Maybe Hahahahah If I remember. Uggh I need to pee

            • throttlefinger says:

              Starting to cool on Kade. Thinking Bartel/McV/Hendo for my top 3. Maybe Mitchell for McV. Not sure. Think his 120+ will be few and far. See what he's doing during NAB but I'm probably gonna wait some rounds before considering him an upgrade option. His move to DEF won't result in anything bigger than 110 on a regular basis, I think. Best case is 100-105 average.

              Will be drinking some of the Powers and egg nog tonight. Wait, Irish whisky doesn't work in egg nog…or does it?

              • Dools says:

                Hahha Irish works with everything me ol China
                McV only came close to 100 Pt avg 2013 where as Jimmy B, Mitchell S, have
                Change of positions in real Terms NO change of Posi's in SC Yes… So Whom do we want? Nuff said….It's the lower order and the breakout that we is chasing and as Jock said a potential 90-1 hunge player for cheap. Look I do not see Col Scarenrberg ?walking in right off the get go, Nor do I see Kakakadoousiazian? doing the same
                Go to the draft pages and have a look at the leaness of choice but then compare it with the need of the team who picked them up.
                Aish – Required Yes / No and so on and so on
                Now I really need to re-fill as the tide as just rushed out and the cold stone ain't cold no more
                Answer if your up 'cause I'm waiting to tackle Santa and git all his good stuff………

                • throttlefinger says:

                  No rook locks. Maybe Luke McD. Jesse Hogan. Like Lennon for the Tiges forward line. Need help there, esp letting go of Nahas (by the way, $212K for the goal sneak is maybe worth a punt).

                  I like Aish. He may be on the reserve with Garlett (as my DPP for fwd). Also for the Lions, reading good things about Cutler. Gardiner may get some time off the bat. New coach, new players, though…may be a mess.

                  Kolo is tough. Probably get some time but worth D6? And for that price, he's a little too Gucci for the reserves. Pad, pencil and Powers are awaiting NAB to make these decisions.

                  Hope Santa brings you another bottle of bourbon goodness, Dools.

                  • Dools says:

                    Ah 'Finger
                    Thank 4 reply
                    L.McD Is a lock as at this stage Lennon I was just musing to0day about young Robbie but most definately a research option. Cutler? I've missed something? ya 5-6 left but where do I read about ahim?
                    I think you deserve another drink my friend and don't shoot Santa! I boughtthe Licence Mate….Hah

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Read about him at a site breaking down Brisbane. Here was the quote: "Kid can play! He should walk straight into the Lions line up. Do yourself a favour and google Tom Cutler highlights. Great hands and very agile. Definite watchlist and becomes a lock in the backs if named round one."

                      Lot of riding on an "if", I know. But on the NAB watch list. And the highlights he looks like a strong prospect.

                      In NYC with the kids while wife is working. Drinks will come later, my man. But they will be had for sure.

  2. SCMania says:

    I'm really looking into him, thanks for the write up.

  3. Dools says:

    Oh God make this christmas thing stop…I'm forced to watch Carols in the Domaine AGAIN !!!

  4. throttlefinger says:

    Well done, Jock. I've been knocking my head about ol' Kade. Type of guy who inspires you with his play, yet could be an SC letdown. Back and forth on him, to tell the truth. With the Blues pickups one would think better numbers ahead. $513K…is it worth the bet? Pay more and Bartel, Walker, McVeigh and Mitchell will definitely deliver better SC goal. Pay less and Henderson, McKenzie or Birchall could do just as well for your team. Much to ponder. Much to ponder.

  5. Boydo says:

    Maybe an upgrade target for me. I have Buntine the young gws lad as 6th defender and will see how he progresses over the season but if Kade stinks up a few games close together he might be a good pick up for the second half of the year.

  6. Nice one, Jock. I have bought him a few times using the 'ol Higginator when I needed to free up a bit of dosh and swapped Andrew Walker for him. Will he make my final side though? Unsure of that at this stage, but his consistency and the fact he's injury history (or lack thereof!) makes him intriguing.

  7. BeaglieBoy says:

    I'm toying with the idea of a fully interchangeable mid/def team….that is ALL of the following…..McVeigh, Mitchell, Bartel, Simpson, Hodge Hanley Grimes Swallow Mcdonald across both lines….am I crazy?

    • joeyjojo says:

      yep. two on the mid line is all you need at most. you need elite player scores on the mid line (including an elite captain) – these guys won't deliver these.

  8. Dools says:

    G'day SCMania in answer to your Question on Show us your Team , but for some reason my responce gets bounced back so I will try here
    Of the 3 I think C. Beams is the most likely starter and at 187K for a Mid that will get games in 2014 season has to be up and about there. Given the mass exedus of players at the end of last season.

    Aish is an intresting one mate. At 184 cms and only 74 Kgs I think he would be a long shot for later in the season. I reckon he will have to bulk up IOT play

    O'Rourke whilst the cheapest of the 3 is no way a walk up starter for GWS in their top 22.

  9. Dools says:

    Hi everyone researched the numbers and the car wreck at Seaford was not an accident!’It was all the people in SC terms looking and moaning ‘Why didn’t I”
    I rubber necked for a defender and me thinks I can build a great defence around him and at 95 points for 513.2K. The robust of plumb in me says he Is The One. Is it a gamble? Not really when you crunch the numbers he is outstanding in that team. I think Dougherty (Ex Bris) just adds more value to him!
    He may not make to JRBrumby FC but I think he landed a key role in my 22..Go you good thang
    Tell me I’m wrong?
    Cheers community. Look forward to replies

  10. Dools says:

    Ahh Rhino,
    A convert? Or was that heavy with sarcasm mate?

  11. Rhino says:

    No sarcasm there mate, I see why you thought that

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