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Stewart Crameri Forward

From Bomber to Bulldog, that’s where Stewart Crameri finds himself in 2014.

Re-united with former Essendon forward line coach Brendan McCartney, the man who was the main motivating factor in Crameri seeking a trade to the Bulldogs, Crameri has credited McCartney for giving him a shot in the Essendon forward line and teaching him how to play the roles he was assigned.

Forwards are looking like a tough pick this year, and a midpricer like Crameri might be on a few peoples radars. Let’s take a look at what The Barron thinks is in store for SC in SC.


Stewart Crameri

2013 Average: 72.4
2014 Price: $390,400
2014 Position: FWD

Traded from Essendon to the Bulldogs for Pick #26, the Bulldogs will be hoping Crameri will be able to help fix some of their goal kicking issues they’ve had the past few years. Mostly relying on sub 190cm players such as Giansiracusa (who may only have 1-2 more years left) and Dickonson as their leading goalkickers for most of the year, Crameri should be a nice forward line addition to pair with the 197cm Liam Jones, 2nd year player Jake Stringer and other tall targets such as Tom Campbell (I like this kid) and Jarrad Grant and Ayce Cordy should those two get games. Crameri kicked 30 goals in 16 games last year, a rate of 1.9 a game which would have given him the #1 goal kicking average at the Bulldogs, beating Giansiracusa who averaged 1.8 a game.

The biggest news to hit about Crameri is that the Bulldogs aren’t planning on keeping him as a stay at home forward and has been seen training with the midfield group, with the Bulldogs planning to have him push up the ground at times during the game, with Crameri commenting.

“I’m doing midfield stuff once a week now, so I’ll hopefully get a hit-out in quarters, late in quarters, just to change it up,” Crameri said on Wednesday. “I think that will be an important role for the team. That will be a really good chance for me to have a go in the midfield, when I haven’t had that chance for three or four years.”

This is what is going to be the biggest thing that will make or break Crameri as a Supercoach relevant player in 2014. Looking at Crameri’s past 4 years, we can see his average has been decreasing since he became a full time player in 2011.
Stuart Crameri stats
But there is a reason for this if we go and take a look at his career averages
Stuart Crameri 2
So we can see his peak average of 83 points came when he averaged 16.2 possessions a game and since 2011 his disposal average has fallen to the 13 range and this is reflected in his SC average falling below 80 for those two years.

So this is where the midfield move kicks in, which should hopefully see his disposal average increase and his SC average increase along with it. If he can get some good TOG% in the guts, then this is what will make him SC relevant, as well as him still spending enough time up in the F50 to keep that goal average in the 1.5-2 goals a game range and still taking 4-5 marks a game. It’s not outrageous to think that he’ll easily get an extra 5-6 possessions a game if the midfield move pans out, which will make him a very nice looking initial player to have in your side.


2014 Predicted Status: Midpricer
Predicted Average 2014: 82-88 SC
Selection Status: Will consider as a mid price FWD option for 2014,

Final Word

Now it’s one thing to say “Yea, we’ll play this guy in the midfield” and then actually doing it. The fact that he’s been training with the midfield group is a positive sign that the move will actually happen, but keep an eye on Crameri and the Bulldogs and know the selection comes with some risk knowing that plans change and Crameri may be moved back down to a permanent forward if he doesn’t perform as a midfield player.

What are your thoughts?

Barron Von Crow


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Great article again, make some key points. Have to admit that I haven’t even looked at him yet, now I’m quite intrigued, especially if he does spend some time in midfield


Thanks Rhino.


No bombers players or ex-bombers in my team until doping thing is sorted


Can understand that sentiment BeaglieBoy.


I never see him being in my side!


I'm still 50/50 on him myself SCMania, but I can understand people who will be looking elsewhere for sure.


What do you think about Shawn Higgins.


Nice case for Crameri, Barron. May be a cheaper and more reliable alternative to his teammate Chappy.


Thanks throttle, I think he's one we can definitely consider as an option in 2014, but that's only if the "midfield" promise pans out, although you'd have thought that may have been a reason for him making the move over to the Bulldogs.


He's a wait and see at best because of that. If he isn't getting results, sure that promise will be quickly withdrawn. Worth keeping on the radar.


ex teammate .. and even then not really, Crameri left just before Chappy started with the Dons. but I see what you mean 😉


Will be interested to see how he goes in his new colours but just can't fit him into my own fantasy structure given his price and all the other demands I have elsewhere in my team for the $10M.


Yea, I've done a few teams now SCaddict and i'll admit out of the 6 different sides I've made I've only been able to fit him in 2 times. It is a bit of an awkward price and i'I've gone Josh Caddy the other 4 times, but I've still got him on my shortlist for now in the event of some $ opening up.


Yeah you really have to watch that one. I remember that being said about Breust in the previous offseason but he barely played a lick in the midfield in 2013 and actually finished with a slightly lower average than 2012.


Nice write up Barron but…. I Agree with Jock and SCaddict.
The amount of times I have heard that "Training with the Midfield" Chestnut ! Jeez
I'm more intrested in Talia 3rd year player and by all accounts ready to move fwd in the gossip I"m hearing attributed to Brad Johnstone . I would be leaning towards Chappy cheaper and a proven player if his leg holds up or even a X. Ellis WCE if ready to go!


I know, Jock, I know, they can talk him up all they want in the pre-season, but it's meaningless to us until he's actually out there on the field running through the middle! The fact he's moved over from Essendon makes me think that him getting a midfield run was a part of the reason he made the switch, which might increase the chance of it actually happening.

Brick savy

If he floats up forward he is an interesting proposition – potentially more points for more posi's,tackles and inside 50's. Watch eagerly.


Exactly right, Brick.


Crameri is sizzling hot. So hot he will BURN you. Take him at your peril.

If you're after mid-priced forwards – Tom Hawkins is 30 grand cheaper and capable of big scores if fit.. Josh Caddy is 60 grand cheaper and actually has midfield eligibility (not just training with them). Tex Walker is nearly 90 grand cheaper.


All fine options, Bremmo. I'm still weary on Hawkins a tad since his back issues (bulging L4-L5 lumbar discs) aren't fixable, and can only be managed, but then again, him kicking 49 goals with a bad back means if he can get it under control he'll probably be a dangerous player and a very good buy, especially considering his decreased starting price. I'll be mentioning both Hawkins and Caddy in my Geelong review, so keep an eye out on that.

Tex is still iffy, i'm not 100% sold on the Round 1 boast they've made recently, but we'll have to wait and see how he looks after they return from Christmas break as that's when he'll start with the shard turns and such on the track.


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MID : Watson, Fyfe, Goddard, Dal Santo, Beams, Martin, Aish, Dunstan (Honeychurch, Morabito)

RUC :Lobbe, Grundy (Currie,Nankervis)

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68k left and I am keeping Goddard as he is my favourite player