Supercoach 2014 Defenders with Wayno Reynolds

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds PodcastYour AFL Fantasy footy premiership campaign MUST begin with a solid defense.

And while Peter Higginbotham and Crouching are cooling their heels in Hastings for their festive break Wayno Reynolds steps into flapping tarp studios to help guide the community through the backline this preseason.

This is a stunning debut by a young man sprouting wings in the fantasy football industry. And this is a must listen for those of us looking to construct winning Supercoach and AFL Fantasy teams in 2014.

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Dean field

Jock once again you have delivered. Def this year will be the key to a great team. You can nearly have two midfield a going with the players now that have DPP status.

Dean field

Love it mate, feel part of the community even more.


Wow, what a great , great show, He is a gem Jock hang on to that lad.
__Wyano's draft defence team along with rookies was a treat. Thanks for the heads up on M.Fuller, I'm looking the wookie up !__Thanks again for the Crissy cheer and well done on a great show__


G'day Jock
In the words of The Great Peter Higginbotton "Agreed Jock"
Great spin on the whole caper.
To You Sir, I raise a stubby and drink to you and the sites health!
Had a gander at Full!ler, Not totally sold but he can play is he good enough for AFL ? With the way the mind set is at the moment at the doggies maybe….Maybe…Winner Jock winner

love ya mate


Fantastic podcast, Wayno was great, aswell as you Jock. Thanks for the insight on Docherty, Swallow, Bartel, Hanley. All now in my team!


aiming for the most flexible side I can this year…..Going to have Hodge Hanley Bartel in the back line, changing with Mitchell and Mcveigh in the mids….Danger , Martin Harvey forward changing with Karnezis and Garlett in the mids….Thinking that having a side with essentially as many mids as possible across 3 lines….even if some are getting long in the tooth as Wayno says……so Ablett, Pendles, Beams Murphy Mitchell McVeigh Hodge Hanley Bartel Danger Martin and Harvey…..fill the rest of the side with rookies and cheap woolies.


Great work Wayno you're making Jock sound like he's got real long teeth. Wasting big bucks on Bartell & Mitchell is madness from the senile old fart, the rumour is that he will be picking Judd and Cornes in his midfield next week!
Do you reckon Laidler will get a run in Sydney? What about Watson at Blues? He's young & cheap, kicks the ball 1.609km and, was looking good prior going lame last year.


Great to hear the wisdom regarding yours thoughts on Swallow and Henderson especially, would love tohear what you think about laidler and also Birchall and weather he can overcome the tag of if the presence of mitchell hodge downback and the return of suckling may free him up to his dominant best which we witnessed early last year.


Fantastic show Wayno and Jock! The holiday family spirit came through, shaved eyebrows and all.

What are your thoughts on Hurn and McKenzie? Feel Hurn did pretty solid job before getting hurt. See WC might be the sleeper team this year, in SC terms. Trent likes to use the boot. Thinking either could be good for 85-100.


hey throttle.

Hurn is Ok but there are a few better defensive options for one of the starting premiums positions.

No sure why but the whole WCE side seems a little on the nose this year re:Supercoach.

(now sit back and watch me eat my words over the year)


Agree, Jimbo. Wondering if he's worth keeping on the short list or not. Think McKenzie is. Leaning towards R. Henderson as the D3. Maybe considering Beau Waters as D4. WC may be a sleeper team full of SC gold (Selwood, Priddis, NicNat and LeCras).If, duh, all can stay healthy.

Then again, thought that last year…may be me eating words.


I've got my eye on Waters too given his price and the Eagles super friendly draw.

But he will have to have a flawless NAB Challenge campaign to be seriously considered in my final starting line-up though.


Agree on that point, SCaddict. He's on my DEF short list along with Hurn, whose injury burned me a bit last season.

Lots of Eagles on the NAB watch list. Hurn, Waters, Selwood, Sheed, X. Ellis, NicNat, LeCras and Cripps.


Waters injured atm. Complications with his shoulder surgery he had last year. If he plays pre season, would be with little to nothing in the tank


Yeah Jas that's a real deal breaker for me.

Needed to have a flawless pre-season to keep my interest but this latest setback puts him in the too hard basket now.


Hi Throttlefinger. I built my whole year around Shannon and I was flying until he came a cropper and I then spent the rest of my year patching massive holes in my defence because of his injury(Got Birchell Bam he fell over lost close to 150 K), Yea he is the motor that can hold it all together down back but had a Major injury , sources out West tell me he is running great but not in contact / tackeling drills
hE is my Hanley type
McKenzie has a great foot but I think he needs to play short to give himself and team confidence in the long ball, but he is another smokey on me list and we still have 3 months to go I love this!
have been on the web for 1/2 day to-day and in defence there is another tiger ready to break out from the cats
M.Brown cheap as 10 cheaphings if the wispers from Sleepy Hollow are on the mark.


Hey Dools. You mean Mitch B from WC? Considering you seem to have Eagles insider info, must be that one. Yeah, that price is very tasty. Will throw him on my watch list.

Burn I had too but ditched too early. Like him but given your report, will see how well he does in NAB. Trent is on my short list. Given the Suns should be stronger than last year, his play will get a boost.

Looooove being this obsessed so early. Made 7 team variations this week. The Higginator has me going balls to the wall. Hope I still have my wits when the season starts.

Who do you like as your Prem DEF? Was thinking Bartel, Hanley and Hodge but leaning more towards McVeigh, Simpson and Ricky H.


Hi mate,
Originaly Bartel, Hanley, McVeigh as my starting Prems in Def but ater listen to J RPodcast now I'm not certain!! R. Henderson will be a watch and wait for me but if he puts up in NAB he gets the nod.
Simpson K. does he have DPP? if not and you just want an attackig Def then H Taylor is the guy great up forward and excepional down the back.
I'm also wating on reports on R. Sheonmaker (Hawks) he is tempting if up and fighting fit.

So for Now I have P.Hanley, J. McVeigh and I'm leaning towards G. Birchell just over S. Mitchell but tomorrow it will all be different . Love this.


Ha! Me too. I like McV and Birch. Think like last year Birch won't get tagged to start. As of today think Hanley is a bit too overpriced. And their first 3 against Hawks, Cats and Sun will have him toss out some sub 100 scores. I like H. Taylor. And Enright. On short list. Shoemaker is intriguing, Dools. Lot to watch during NAB. Can't wait.


birchell over S Mitchell? Really Dools? you into the christmas brandy already mate?

nah seriously, I dont know if I would trust birchall after last year to be honest, mitchell will be alot more consistent. Mitchell wont give you scores of 60 very often


Hi Jimbo,
There is a method t the madness at this early stage thik Birchell will avoid the tag freeing him up to do his thing and then say after 5/6 rnd trade him in for a Mitchell or Bartel or some other non preforming Perm or down grade to a preformingrookie
Brandy is for late night sessions I'm on a light red wine at the moment!


good luck with it my good fellow.

I dont quite share your confidence on Birchell and Mitchell crossing over but I understand the logic completely. This year's game is going force us to find 4, 5 or even 6 midprice/low premiums that will cross over with a preferred keeper on a downcurve if we are going to get to a full premium side this time around.

Personally, we might get to 18 premiums and 4 mids if the rookies only return 50% on previous investment.


Ya Jim Toaly agree
I think B. Lennon is a huge walk in chance t play straight off the bat and I had another look at Fuller but I must admit my Prem choices change coninueously and I also had a Look at Talia from WBD 3 year playr looks the goods if he can keep improving.
Stil no news on Ryan Schoenmaker but if he is good to go come round one well eveything canges AGAIN LOL


Great work Jocky boy & Wayno! Everybody will be as full as a fat lady's sock after all of this food for thought!. BTW, the crest is pride & place above Mrs Stormo's bed!!


Thoughts on Nathan jones with Vince and cross coming over he could be freed up


Good player…but I dont like players from bottom four clubs….can expect more than a few hidings and in that scenario most players, except Ablett, score poorly.


kade Simpson or Hanley, leaning towards Hanley at this stage but do like kade


of the two hanley by some way


hey guys.

my backline is looking like….

bartel, mitchell, mcveigh, suckling, KK, Mcdonald, S-Berg and Fuller.

Really tossing up between whether to back in Bartel or take a punt (and a little cash) and back in the irish.

I have a feeling the bartel vs hanley question will be on my mind for the next month along with the nicnat vs grundy question.


Nice back line. Concerns would be Mitchell with age. I struggle between Bartel and K. Simpson. Think the latter given the ammo the Blues got in the offseason. S-Berg I'd worry about his feet and getting into the Pies lineup off the bat.

Here's where I'm leaning: McV, Simpson, R. Henderson, Waters, Docherty, Kade Kolo (Luke McD and T. Cutler)

Not sure between Bartel, McV and Walker. Changes every day.


hey throttle.

there will be alot of talk about the age of bartel, mitchel and to a less degree McVeigh. I figure that the 3 are 100 average players and for the backline that is gold. you dont forget how to play in one pre-season so they will be fine provided the coaches dont try to give any of them a 'new role'.

If that happens then I might jump off but I dont see (yet) any signs why they cant average 95 to 105 next year. After the rollercoaster ride Birchall, Gibbs, Duffield, Shaw, Waters and a few others gave us last year, I am happy to trust the graybeards.

I like your backline mate……hendo could be a real hero or zero call this year, will be interesting. Structurally I couldn't fit him in as my rough punt is on Suckling. Docherty is a good selection but was just a little pricey for mine.

Sorry mate, dont like the look of dirty waters in there, big risk!


Risk v reward is easy at this stage for sure. Think your advice is very sound, Jumbo. Last season the devil was in my ear a lot and took too many risks (without doing the proper research). May be wise to give 2 of those graybeards the punt.

Suckling seems to be the backline Beams, a must have. Much of the remainders will just have to wait until NAB and R1 selects.


Hi throttlrfinger
Beau waters IMHO is not a great SC scorer pus his age and injury . Have a look at Jocks suggesion of M. Fuller WBD I'm looking at him again or a young bloke from Geelong or Freo/WCE


I like Fuller too. May just do Jimmy B, McVeigh and Hendo then swing down to Suckling and the rookies/wookies.


Hey guys, out of Bartel, Mitchell and McVeigh, who is the best option? Thanks.


For me, Mitchell will be the most consistent of the 3. He is still a possibility of a top 15 overall points finish. I think the rumours of the start of his demise are a little premature.


Agree with Dools, SCMania. Jimmy B is a beast and I think still smarting from the loss to the Hawks. Out of the blocks like a mad man. While Jimbo loves him some Sammy M, think he'll come out a little slower, for the points Wayno cited.


Great Q SCMania, Bartel just, he has done it all mate and still hungry for more


Hi Guys,

really like Grimes, Henderson and Suckling as My D1, D2 & D3 (massive load up on premium mids and fwds) – hoping the premium defenders drop in price by about Rd 9,10…



" At this moment:" i have prestia from suns and lobe from port
Would it be better to go prestia-cotchin or lobbe to nicnat? Thoughts would be great


gee tough calls there mate.

cotchin is probably more likely to have a higher average but lower $ increase while prestia could fluctuate more but maybe make more cash…..risk and reward question for you rhino.

actually, same applies for nicnat vs lobbe.

going the higher player will most likely give you the better return but you can bet the winner took a punt at the start of 2014. question is which one?

I would go nicnat over lobbe and bennel (rather than prestia) over cotchin.

now watch cotchin win the brownlow!


Both Cotchin and Nic Nat (if healthy) are locks for me but if forced to choose I would go the Prestia Nic Nat route if both play well in the NAB challenge.

Given that the Eagles have arguably the best draw in the comp in 2014, especially of the finals contending teams, then Nic Nat is too darn attractive to pass on at his pricing imo even though I'm an Eagles hater in real life.


This is my first go at the team, pretty happy, maybe a little work to forward line couldn't hurt. Not certain on scharenberg but wait to rd1 to see maybe K.K OR L.Mcdonald.

McVeigh, Jarrad (MID) $572,500 Walker, Andrew $572,500
Hanley, Pearce (MID) $516,200 Henderson, Ricky $460,000
Suckling, Matt $312,200 Scharenberg, Matthew $192,300
(Fuller, Matthew $117,300 Battersby, James $102,400)

Selwood, Joel $638,700. Liberatore, Tom $576,200
Fyfe, Nathan $574,300 Prestia, Dion $525,900
Beams, Dayne $497,200. Thomas, Dale $341,800
Martin, Jack $222,300 Tyson, Dom $216,800
(Crouch, Matt $117,300. Gray, Sam $102,400)

McIntosh, Hamish $332,900. Sandilands, Aaron $310,700
(Nankervis, Toby $117,300. King, Max $102,400)

Dangerfield, Patrick (MID) $609,000 Wingard, Chad (MID) $531,800
Kennedy, Josh J. $485,200. Clark, Mitch $249,200
Billings, Jack (MID) $207,300. Rohan, Gary $176,200
(Garlett, Dayle (MID) $117,300 Ambrose, Patrick $102,400)

Thoughts would be appreciated.


Strong first pass, Rhino. Here's my 2 cents:

Very strong premiums. Like Henderson as a D4. Everything I've read Luke McD seems like a go for the Roos. S-berg will probably not be in there in R1. Fuller and Battersby you'll have to wait and see in NAB and R1 selects. Cutler is another to consider for reserves.

Wild prems man, wild! Could be genius or disastrous, especially if Gazza or Pendles go off to start (and it's safe to say one of them will). Like Libba but at M2, that may be too big a risk. Rest looks solid. Same rules apply to your M8 and reserves. Would suggest a DPP to def and fwd.

Weakest part of team. Can you get Lobbe or Mumford in? Also no DPP player may come to bite ya.

Like Danger and Wingard. Think you need another prem. Billings may not be ready to play for R1. Rohan may be wait and see. Ben Lennon might be worth a punt. Good price and Tiges need some forward line help, so will probably get PT from the jump.

Again, strong start Rhino. Say strengthen the rucks and work on the Fwd line are the biggest thing. Try to get some DPPs where needed. Did you use the Higginator? Shit you not, probably the most valuable SC tool right now.


Yeah thanks I’m getting hmac out and putting in lobbe also I agree with what you say about whole team


Hi rhino

Pretty good looking line-up there. Perhaps your rucks are a little too thin especially considering both McIntosh and Sandilands have played bugger all footy in recent seasons.

Even if they are both supposedly 100% fit come round 1 I would still be wary as neither are spring chickens any more. For just how much tread is left on those tyres in terms of fully functional appendages that can stand up to the rigours of an AFL season is debatable. 🙂

If either of them even miss a week here or there early in the season you would almost certainly have to wear a donut in the ruck position given the doubtful playing status of your backups.

To reduce this risk you could beef up the R3 spot, create a swing set with say Dixon or Martin in the FWD line and a cheap FWD/RUCK at R3/R4 or perhaps consider starting a young and upcoming player like a Grundy for similar coin.

But otherwise a nice initial squad.


Great debut Wayno

Hugh G

I know it’s the wrong part of the ground, but Jack Gunston anyone? Really improving and nicely priced at $447,400 in SC..

SC Hardnut

I will be building my defence up to support the midfield in 2014, especially with seasoned midfielders with DPP. The only 1st year player I am considering for my DEF is Luke McDonald due to is DPP and is built to go from Round 1 (I will consider Fuller on the bench).

I don't subscribe to spending almost 200k on 1st year players like KK & Scharenberg, who do not have the tank to play out a full AFL game, or may be subject to the green vest if ready for R1.


Yeah…I'm with you….see my comment at the end of the defenders thread….A fully interchangeable Defence and midfield structure.


I have Kk as def 5 and McDonald as def 6 (fuller, cutler) as emg. I cannot find a defender worth getting under 300k have suckling 4 and McVeigh, Bartell, Mitchell as Premo’s. Have toyed with idea of Buntine I’m confident with his scoring ability will make good money but uncomfortable spending that much coin when Job Security could still be an issue.

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