2014 Supercoach Team Analysis – The HIGGINATOR is back!

Published by Higgo on

It is with great pleasure that I release to you this year’s Supercoach Team Analysis Tool.


This will make the process of fiddling with your team leading up to round 1 infinitely easier and enable you to make more informed decisions when locking in your all-important starting squad.

Given the popularity of the 2012 and 2013 versions (over 20,000 downloads!), few changes have been made to the 2014 version. The file remains free and represents all that is good about The Community – supporting one another on our quest to Fantasy Football supremacy.

You will want to use this conjunction with our new statistical interface as well.

Here is my first attempt at using The Higginator (v3);

Peter Higginbotham uses The Higginator to start plotting a 2014 Supercoach win.

Peter Higginbotham uses The Higginator to start plotting a 2014 Supercoach win.

As you can see, The Higginator has highlighted some key aspects of my initial squad;

  • While I have 12 Round 8 Bye outs, 7 of these outs are Rookies that I hope to have upgraded by then.
  • Seven players from The Swans …. is this too many?
  • Mid-priced players ….. is this MADNESS?
  • “Trading Degrees of Freedom” reveals my plan to trade out Mid-Field cash cows to in form defenders and forwards.

Enjoy The Higginator and an exceptional season 2014 with The Community.

Kind regards,

Peter Higginbotham


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Suns Man

Higgo you've nailed this once, again you boys just keep on producing its inspiring


Great work, Higgo!


Looks like work takes a back seat for a few hours!
Thanks guys… best team picker by a long way.


No worries Higgo. Am really enjoying using the Higginator, it is pure genius! Can't find anything else wrong with it. Love your work.


This is why we pay you the big bucks fella. Top notch on getting the site off to a flyer boys. DPP Joshua Simpson ($168,300) comes up in your MID but not FWD Higgo.


The higginator is by far the analysis tool out on the web. Love how it includes the breakdown of byes, spending in each position, DPP etc. top stuff again Higgo!


The wisdom and amount of knowledge Mr Higgo produces must be seen to be believed. Just another example of brilliance.

Ben Telford

Do you know where you can find Isaac Smith from Hawthorn? Tried looking in both the Midfield and the Forward. Couldn't find him..


Well done AGAIN Higgo.

Don't Argue

Higgo – bloody fantastic effort – Love your work.
As a suggestion, would it also be possible to include a table showing each teams draw, so we can refer to it while picking players? It wouldn't need to be integrated into your main analysis table, but I reckon it would be real handy to have close by (say underneath the main table).
Thanks heaps


Amazing. All Hail the Higginator.

J. Thurlow (ruc) is in Fwd line at wrong price (should be $118,400)


many thanks Higgo for one of the essential tools for any serious player – numbers rock baby


Jack Billings says mid/forward but is only showing in mids i think – looks the goods though!!


Great Idea, very useful.
Just missing Dale Gartlett in the forward line and danger is listed as mid/forward


Don't need SC Gold now do I ?
Thanks Higgo, If I was that way inclined I'd date you! LOL

The Site just keeps on delivering the goods Well Done Boys and Community…


Jesse White is left out of the Supercoach or what????


So much better then supercoach paige


wow…thanks Higgo…Bloody awesome. Am generally a DT coach but seeing supercoach moving forward a lot faster and smoother into 2014 than DT makes me think i might just have to become a SC Coach instead. Love your work


Sorry, do you need a computer for this. I'm using an iPad and it won't work? Thanks.


Any luck getting this to work on your ipad?


I think mobile devices are able to view excel spreadsheets but can't perform any real functionality such as drop down boxes etc.


your a superstar HIGGSS no doubt


In awe Peter.

In bloody awe.


Somethings wrong with the projected round socre?


I found out whats wrong….Brad Eberts projected score is not in its just his price thats there


Higgo – you've bloody outdone yourself this time, we're in the presence of GENIUS! I hate to bring this up but I can't see Mitch Grigg (ADE) in the MIDS list, hoping it's just my poor eyesight….

steve OBrien

Serious format issues here as a xlxs file. Doesnt want to be able to be saved as an XLS file?


Great work guys.
Quick question i can't seem to find Eddie Betts?


Lost in his own shorts?


That’s genius. Just genius.


Nahas missing from FWD line at $212,200. Again. fantastic tool. Thanks SC Santa!


y u hav te beef wiv perge?


Gee i love you strapping lads!! #muchrespect


It's a beautiful thing.

PB in Prague

Higgo maaaate! Its great! But please can you unprotect it so we can play with it and maye add a further trick or two?

keep trying

Bartel's average is shown as 50 – I don't think he'll be that bad this year 🙂


Nice work Higgo.

But what is trading degrees of freedom???


That indicates, how many players are eligible to be swapped into that line. e.g. if you have Luke McDonald ( a DEF/MID) in your backline you get 1 degree of freedom for your MID line as he can be swapped into the midfield. if that makes sense.


Yes it's a measure of team flexibility for future trading. The more DoF across more lines the better, all things being equal.


Hey Jock, you looked at Mick's team and wondered aloud whether he was taking the p**s when he selected Shaun Higgins. Shaun Higgins is on my never again list, and so he should. But then I started to think….and think…and think….and crouching's slipper came to me about the wookies.

Is Higgins a wookie?


– He has never played 22 games for the year. Best is a 20, 19, 18 and then 17, 16 5 in the rookie year and 3 in last years injury year. Not good enough as a stalwart in your team but as a potential wookie, I think I will take 16 to 20 games next year.

– Shaun has a career average of 75.82 per game. Again not good enough as a regular but as rookie, I think I would take 75 a game.

– Another big factor is Shaun's contract is up at the end of next year. I really think it makes 2014 a put up or shut up year for Higgins or he might find himself out of the AFL system. This could really spur him on to lift 5 to 10 ppg….

– On the downside, at $254k he is one of the dearer wookies running around with Doherty, Jesse Lonergan and Billy Longer the only other wookies worth more in my definition of wookies.

Can't believe this but I think Shaun Higgins might be in consideration for round 1. Watchlist for sure.


Don't Argue

The Projected score doesn't seem to include a Captains score. Perhaps just add the highest projected average as a default setting?
Thanks Higgo


Great idea …. I will double the highest projected average.


the supercoach

Not sure how difficult this would be to do, but in the team summary and bye outs, would it be able to somehow be broken down further to say how many premium, midpricers and rookies are expected to be out each round in each position? Instead of just the total outs, if you know what I mean. Just a suggestion and not sure if this would even be possible to do. But been loving the higginator mate, great tool to use! Cheers 🙂

Don't Argue

Perhaps also set the print range so it doesn't print 56 pages 🙂


Higginator v3 just uploaded


Yes. Up to Version 3 – closing in on 2012's record of 5 versions!

More detailed bye analysis, captains score(thanks to Don't Argue … Is that you SC Al?) and edits. Important to make the bye distinction between Premo & Rookie selections ….. This should help. Thanks to "the supercoach", great idea.

The collective Community brain is building a very handy pre-season resource.

Go well!


Hey Higgo my microsoft wont work – reckon you could nick over for a tick?


Otherwise I'll just click 'send' on this error thing and I spose someone will fix it for me where they make microsoft?

Don't Argue

Hi Higgo – I'm a different Don't Argue, but cheers for the call out.
Am loving your work and wrapt you have adopted some of my suggestions. Am looking forward to Rockin the Higginator over the X-mas break

William McEntee

What does the Trading Degree of Freedom mean. Sorry but I really don't get it. Is it better to have more or less


Hi William,
If you look at my team above you will see that I have three players that are listed as MIDS in defence and four listed as MIDS in the forward line. When I go to trade any midfielder during the season, I will have seven players that I could potentially swing into the midfield ….. hence the 7 Degrees of Freedom. This trade substitute rule was introduced to the game in 2012 and means that I will be able to trade out any midfielder for an inform defender or forward – an important part of my strategy. So while having this trading freedom is good, it would be unwise to selected a player just to facilitate this feature. Always select on your form analysis.
Kind regards,
Peter Higginbotham


I have just removed posts that included the suggested edits that have been completed. Happy to take on any new ones.

I am enjoying the new bye detail in Version 3!


Higgo, seems like Kieran Harper (Forward) of North Melbourne is missing from the database. Apologies if that is just my eyesight mate!

Tom from Drouin

G'day. Anyone having trouble getting the awesome HIGGINATOR to work on an iMAC? I've just changed over from my MICROSOFT NIGHTMARE but can't seem to get the mighty HIGGINATOR to work on Numbers. It appears to have deleted some crucial formulae and has turned the HIGGINATOR into a friggin' FRIGGINATOR. Is it only operational on excel or is there a gleaming light at the end of my pre-season of darkness???? Please help………. I don't want a Frigginator


This document needs to be saved in compatability mode to be able to be used on all versions of excel, currently this document is unusable to many. I would really like to use this tool, but it needs to be fixed on your end otherwise it won't be able to be used.

Tom from Drouin

Thanx Shags. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it on my end without having to purchase Microsoft Office for iMacs? I'm running a program called Numbers which is fairly basic and I'm hoping there's an easy way out without spending my hard earned time off to party holiday funds. These funds have been accumulating at an amazingly slow rate and have been compromised by bloody cars, medical expenses and all the rest of the crap associated with running a family. If I was just running a SC team, I'd probably have enough to buy Office just for the HIGGINATOR. I need a way out for the love of Collingwood…..


Hi Tom,
From what I'v read on the numbers program it should be compatible with documents made using windows excel, so no need to buy anything, its a compatibility issue that I suspect is caused by the document being created with a newer version of excel. Now either you can do a search online to find a compatibility update for you program to allow the access to ducoments created by newer programs then what you are running, which you would have to know what version excel the document was created in. Or the creator will need to go save – as and save the document in combatability mode from the drop down list. Thats my first theroy, next one is that the doc was corrupted during upload, but im doubting this.
So dont panic Tom, no having to spend money on this one, just requires some problem solving.
Wife of Shaggy


Hi Higgo, loving the Higgonator!

Just a bit of feedback though- I just input my current SC Gold team to see the bye structure, and even though on SC Gold I have $27,800 in the bank, Higginator says I have -$273,900 left. Not sure if there is a miss calculation somewhere (would be an xmas miracle given your divine wisdom and number skills), just thought I'd raise the point. If you need, I can post the team I entered in…? Keep up the good work.


played with my team a little and came up with this
Def: J.McVeigh, P.Hanley, R.Henderson, M.Suckling, K.Kolojashnij, M.Scharenberg (J.Laidler, M.Fuller)
Mid: S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, T.Rockliff, D.Beams, A.Treloar, J.Martin, D.Tyson, V.Michie (L.Dunstan, L.Taylor)
Ruc: N.Naitanui, A. Sandilands (M.Apeness, T.Nankervis)
Fwd: P.Dangerfield, M.Walters, L.Parker, D.Zorko, J.Billings, B.Lennon (S.Kersten, D.Garlett)
$29,700 left


First draft (will change when look at byes)

DEF: J.Bartel, J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, H.Shaw, B. Waters, L.McDonald, J.Laidler, J. Bews (or Sharenberg)
MID: Pendlebury, Swan, Watson, Beams, J. Martin, D.Tyson, J.Aish, N. Freeman, D.Sheed, A.Moribito
RUCK: Sandilands, H.McIntosh, Apeness, D.Currie
FWD: Dangerfield, C.Dixon, Franklin, Karnezis, J.Hogan, N.Bock, L.Taylor, D.Garlett

$28,100 left


is it worth getting nat Fyfe or Andrew walker


i can't seem to find isaac conway in the spreadsheet


Cant find Adam Schnieder in FWD line??

Luke B

Trouble opening in Numbers on a mac?

Change the file name to TheHigginator2014v3.xlsx and it should open no problem.


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Hey Higgo,

I notice that Suckling features in almost every team being posted in show us your team. From memory players returning from Knee Reco's tend to be very quiet for the first 5 or 6 games AND, Suckling has to break into a premiership winning backline.
Higgo you are the master of relevant stats and I think that the ave scores for the first 6 games after a knee job compared to ave scores pre-knee job could help prevent some costly SC mistakes. Can ya give us some insight?


I am new this year. I understand everything except "TRADING DEGREES OF FREEDOM" Can someone explain this part for me using the example above.


Refers to your dual position players. Here there is one with DEF capabilities, 7 with MID, and 1 with FWD. Shows how much trading movement you have between positions.


Great work. The bye section is invaluable to see at a glance how many players we'll have out in each of the bye weeks in each position. Last year (with Gold atleast) you could see this information on the SC page too. Now unless I'm blind or only had a "boy look" I can't find it. Can anyone shed some light on the location of this wonderful tool on the SC page? Cheers


Thanks for that K'noath, i had no idea.

Conan the Westy

Hi Higgo,
Loving the Higginator.
A mate was looking for Travis Varcoe…he was in the MID but missing from the FWD (or was it the other way around?)


Hi Jock and the team,
first of all, good luck for the next super coach season and thank you for last season. You are the reason i could finally hold my head high when i walked into school on monday morning. 🙂
Second of all, nice work on the Higginator Higgo! Absolute perfection.
now to your team here Jock…
Like the choice of Billings and McDonald allowing the Defence/Forward Swing. Very good young lad that Billings. Saw him training today and looked raring to go. Hard to fit him into my own side but will watch through the NAB Cup Challenge. Thinking McVeigh is a lock as your No. 1 backmen as is Dangerfield in the forward line. Martin, Franklin and Suckling are all likely going into my side and i have the legendary Jock Reynolds Cheat Sheets to thank for a lot of this.
P.s just wondering how far off you are on the premium cheat sheet?


Hey Jock stop these spammesr on your great site! see the three above mine (go Doggies).


Hey Peter, how come I cant find Thurlow under forwards in the Higginator?

Big Kahuna

hey mate, Thurlow is there in FWD but he's got the wrong price. You'll see him at $118,400.


Sorry not wrong price, but wrong price order. He's there around the $188,000 mark


i cant get the higginator to work? maybe my excel is too old. any ideas

Danny S

Hey Higgo. My spreadsheet isn't working.
Where there players names should be it says #REF1 in every cell
This is using open office, I can't open it with excel.
Please help.

Danny S

Was hoping to use it before the byes.

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