Player position changesNews of changed player positions for season 2014 is front and square this week kids

AFL Fantasy player positions have hit the interwebs, as has news of a drastically increased Dreamteam rookie pricing structure.

Implications of course are huge – as is the probability that these changes to AFL Fantasy/Dreamteam will also be reflected in the Supercoach form of the great game. The changes to how young kids selected in the AFL Draft are priced in particular are huge – and selecting rookies could be very tricky indeed in 2014.

Enjoy the show – look forward to the discussion in the comments section below.



mundy · 08/12/2013 at 23:50

love the show again, keep up the good work fellas

throttlefinger · 09/12/2013 at 02:41

Mind expanding and guffaw inducing show as always gang. Cheers.

Even if Dixon is Ruc/Fwd, seems to me there won't really be any good others to help with the swing. Seems that dual is gonna be as useful as Blicavs Ruc/Mid from last season.

    Brick savy · 09/12/2013 at 10:15

    Yes BUT you can trade in a R or a fwd and move dixon accordingly. So the DPP is still valid.

      throttlefinger · 09/12/2013 at 23:27

      True, Brick. But yeah, perhaps a stretch on my point. Still can be done, but with rook prices doubling and Roughy, NicNat and Cox going single, the DPP difficulty has increased considerably.

        Brick savy · 10/12/2013 at 16:09

        True say – but there's more options later in the season by having a DPP with limited trades.
        I'm prioritising DPP this year. (danger mitchell dixon walker – locked in!)

          throttlefinger · 10/12/2013 at 22:32

          Yep. Great plan. Think Walker is only DEF only. I have Mitchell, McVeigh, Martin and R. Henderson as my DPP locks. Gonna bring Danger in after his price comes down a bit. Roll o' dice but think a couple undervalued mid pricers will bear fruit.

            Brick savy · 11/12/2013 at 10:19

            I thought walker was def/fwd in 2014 – or am I hallucinating?
            Thinking if you don't trade in Danger you miss out on points galore – machine and his price may not tumble that far!

Chewbakka · 09/12/2013 at 08:32

Cracking good show! Great to have The Community back and my Monday morning drive to work sorted again.
Guns and Wookies! Brilliant wisdom from Crouching's slipper again.
Love to hear your thoughts on both Walkers, as in the Tex and the Andrew. Thinking of going both at ths very early stage.
Cheers lads.

    jockreynolds · 09/12/2013 at 20:39

    Not a fan of Tex Chewy – but Andrew could very well find himself on my preseason shortlist

LA5 · 09/12/2013 at 11:53

Is the salary cap in supercoach going to be increased for 2014 and when will supercoach prices come out?


    jockreynolds · 09/12/2013 at 20:39

    No word on that yet LA – I'd bet on it staying steady for 2014?

      LA5 · 09/12/2013 at 22:24

      Would that mean the rookie pricing system stays the same in 2014 as it did in 2013 in supercoach?

      Would the rules be the same as last year in supercoach?

      Thanks for answering my questions.


        SCaddict · 10/12/2013 at 20:23

        My guess and it's only a guess is that both rookie prices and the cap will increase in a similar vein to the early info coming out from DT.

        So we'll just have to wait til later this month to find out all the juicy details. The suspense is killing me too ha ha!

Jordan · 09/12/2013 at 12:46

The supercoach prices are normally 8 or 9 % more than dream team prices but that might not be so this season. The dream team salary cap is now $10M aswell.

I don't see draftees costing upto $260k even for blokes of Boyd's calibre
Guns and Wookies, genius idea. # welcome 😉
"You say me this"

Rhino · 09/12/2013 at 15:51

Sorry boys my fault, not Phillip but Ryan. Forgot to say my name. Anyway great answer to the question will look at Dixon and the 1 premium and 3 cheap option plans great podcast

    jockreynolds · 09/12/2013 at 20:40

    We thought we'd just call you Phillip! Thanks for the great question mate, that one popped into the inbox literally just as we were about to kick into gear 😉

BestCoastEagles · 09/12/2013 at 16:33

Great podcast again gents, defense options looking ok with the new DPP players. Forward DPP has been decimated by the power to be, and is going to be the hardest line to sort. Has anyone heard about the trades will they decrease this year ??. I am hoping for less trades as last year there were way to many teams the same. Thrilled to have the community firing so early in the preseason.

    jockreynolds · 09/12/2013 at 20:41

    The sooner it returns to the purists form of the game the better I reckon besty! Bring on a return to 20 trades

Max · 09/12/2013 at 16:59

Loving it Boys,
Just wondering where Matt suckling will be priced at in 2014 almost locked him in.
Also will the higginator be made as an apple and android app in 2014 aswell?


    jockreynolds · 09/12/2013 at 22:32

    320Kish for Suckling Maxy – well worth a look! All I can tell you about the Higginator is that the great man has been tapping away at his spreadsheet like a mad bugger. Looks like it might be a bit of a spreadsheet thing

      jimbotraralgon · 09/12/2013 at 22:39

      suckling pig very high on my defensive watch list. Capacity to average 85 to 90, priced at 70's.

      Makes you think……….

        Max · 11/12/2013 at 17:07

        Thanks jock and Jim!

        I also think Scott D. Thompson from North is a very good Premo pick in defence!
        He plays MELB, WB, ADEL and BRIS twice. He topped the tone 7 times last year with only 4 scores under 80. I can see him been a significant improver in Supercoach this year just because of the contested marks and the intercepting ones. Maybe not someone you will start with in you're team but a solid point of difference if you do. If you see his run home deffinatly consider him after his bye round!

David · 09/12/2013 at 21:42

TEAM NAME: Fist Draft
DEF: J. McVeigh, S. Mitchell, L. Hodge, A. Walker, B. Jacobs, N. Bock (J. Battersby, D. Van Unen)
MID: G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, P. Dangerfield, J. Watson, D. Beams, J. Martin, M. Crouch, D. Garlett (S. Gray, J. Polec)
RUC: H. McIntosh, A. Sandilands (S. Naismith, J. Tippett)
FWD: N. Riewoldt, D. Martin, B. Harvey, D. Thomas, M. Thomas, M. Clark (J. Impey, A. Fasolo)
CASH LEFT: $16,000

First effort at a "Guns and Wookies" team…..(DreamTeam) no figures for a Supercoach team…..any thoughts community?

    jimbotraralgon · 09/12/2013 at 22:48

    hi David.

    If this is based on unplanned it might be worth taking it with a grain of salt based on price changes for rookies.

    It is a great tool but based on last year's logic which has now changed.

    Might be hard to get 15 starting premiums in the new world.

      David · 09/12/2013 at 22:59

      just a first dabble really…..looking at players like Mitch Clark….mcIntosh….Bock etc in light of Crouchings wisdom

        jimbotraralgon · 09/12/2013 at 23:07

        sorry Dave.

        Meant to say fanplanner not unplanned.

          David · 09/12/2013 at 23:16

          I new what u meant…Trying to take the next step this season…my 4th……improved each year and last year finished in the top 800……..keen to get going…lol

jimbotraralgon · 09/12/2013 at 22:27

Guns and wookies..nice crouching.

Must say I have been thinking much the same since last podcast when we didn't see that many older draftees in the rookie draft.

Don't forget about Jackson Paine, viv michie and morabito might fit into that wookie category.

And suckling will be cheap as chips as well….potential D4?

    jockreynolds · 09/12/2013 at 22:30

    gday Jimbo always great to hear from you. I agree Sucking needs to be very seriously considered in 2014 – should be only around 320K Supercoach and we know what he is capable of

      David · 09/12/2013 at 23:18

      I hope that was an unfortunate typo Jock

      BeaglieBoy · 10/12/2013 at 17:58

      Great footy advice and lifestyle change recommendations….all on the one site!!!…..who could ask for more.

theazzyg · 10/12/2013 at 13:05

Hey jock and co, bloody love the show! Was just wondering if you guys could right up an article or discuss which clubs have room on their list to upgrade a rookie and which rookies are likely to be upgraded at some point this off season? Thanks

SCaddict · 10/12/2013 at 17:20

2014 is shaping up as a season where you could legitimately have at least 4 or 5 players returning from long term injury given the likely introduction of elevated rookie pricing.

Increased rookie prices also makes undervalued mid pricers much more attractive which I reckon is a good thing for the competition making many more players fantasy relevant than previously was the case.

In the mix to find a spot in my 30, who played little or no footy in 2013, include Suckling, A.Johnson, C & D Beams, M.Clark, Bock, Sandilands, Nic Nat, McIntosh and Daisy.

Just too much proven value to pass up on assuming most of these guys are properly conditioned and rearing to go by time the preseason games roll around.

    Brick savy · 10/12/2013 at 19:21

    Tex Walker might even be a goer if he takes a price belting of course….. and I mean BELTING.

      SCaddict · 10/12/2013 at 20:14

      Sure he fits into that category too and another one to seriously consider depending on price and preseason fitness.

    throttlefinger · 10/12/2013 at 22:35

    Think the change adds a nice wrinkle to the game. As you wisely stated, more investigation into the undervalued and calculating when value has peaked will be the key this season.

    What's your thoughts on Fasolo. Could be a good pickup, although playing time is always a concern on the Pies.

      SCaddict · 10/12/2013 at 22:50

      He's one on the radar having had an excellent 2012 though suffered that navicular foot fracture in 2013.

      My only concern is not so much the injury but how he fits into the Pies structure with the emergence of players like Elliott and Dwyer in 2013.

      But if he's named in the 22 for Rd 1 he will certainly attract interest from fantasy coaches at his discounted pricing.

        throttlefinger · 10/12/2013 at 23:04

        Great point, SCaddit. He's on the list to watch for those to fill F6.

        Hope Jock and the boys do a "Wookies to Wookout For" episode.

David · 10/12/2013 at 21:00

Walker wont be playing till mid year

jarrad · 11/12/2013 at 16:39

Fantastic show again guys and i think Crouching Ones calling has eluded him, perhaps he can get a gig on Star Wards Episode 7. I have to say i was stoked you fellas used my question but i was a tad hurt Higgo didnt say i had a fantastic brain.

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