Supercoach & DT 2014 player reviews

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Supercoach 2014 players to watch

The second week of October marks the beginning of my AFL fantasy footy preseason each year.

We’ve been down to Hastings for a nice break but there is only so long you can keep this old prick away from the caper he loves and from the community that warms his heart. I’ve missed you all and so have Higgo, Crouching, Mick, Crimmo, Vince, Wayno and all the gang.

Now as they say in the classics kids – victory is in the planning. And he who fails to plan… plans to fail.

Don’t go thinking you can waltz into the joint in March 2014 and build yourself an ELITE Supercoach team. Like my old Dad would say, you can achieve ANYTHING you want in this magnificent world of ours – as long as you’re willing to pull that finger out of your pip and do some HONEST HARD WORK.

And so the work begins. Let’s start by putting a call out to the community for the players that you’ve got your eye on in Supercoach and/or AFL Fantasy 2014.

Let the games begin community…



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Nicky dal – IF he is a roo.

Buddy – juicy and cheap


How do you think missing Andrew Swallow will potentially impact Nicky if he's on the Roo's? Or will it not have any real impact at all?


As always, recruit Buddy at your peril. Don't see his week-to-week consistency improving any up north.


Amos Frank will be a bargain!!!

Ben wrigley

Bring it on


I know Jack Steven had a breakout season this year but he will be a lock in my mids in 2014. Gun. Watch him get tagged out of games and avg. 90. Ha.


I'm already plotting and planning for next year, Jock!

Gonna be heading down to West Lakes when pre-season training starts to have a look at how the Crows are doing. I've got a good feeling about Danger next year, he is going to absolutely tear the place apart.


Yep, and it's mostly due to the recruitment of Eddie Betts. This year he played about 1/3 of a game sitting deep in the forward line once Taylor Walker was injured. Tex isn't going to be back straight away, but Eddie can take over that lead up forward spot Danger was occupying, leaving him free to spend the game in the engine room. He'll still rotate forward occasionally, but definitely won't be spending 5-10 minutes at full forward and not have the ball come near him.

Also a good looker for next years Brownlow too. His polling this year showed that he's an umpires favourite, I still think there's room for improvement next year because he should be playing the one role out on the field, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades like he was used this year.


I'm hoping so! Got Danger, Sloane, Thompson, Douglas, Van Berlo and Crouch as the core. Thompson is getting on a bit, but I think Crouch's improvement can pick up the slack there. Mitch Grigg only played 8-9 games last year, but he showed he's got the skills and the smarts to be a very damaging footballer. They've also got plans to run Brodie Smith through the midfield next year, which will add some needed speed through the guts and he's a fantastic kick too (another one to keep your eye on for SC). Will also give others like Kerridge, Wright and Lyons (if he stays) a run through too, but each of them have their own deficiencies that will likely prevent them from being full time mids.

Also have to consider Jared Polec too if the Crows get him. If he gets his body right, he has the potential to be a very good pick up for either the Crows or Port. Watch his pre-season form and if he's healthy, i'd consider him as a cheap starting option.


Top 8 will be acceptable, but they'll probably go into the year expecting to be a top 4 side. If they can cut out the late quarter fade outs, then they shouldn't be any issues making finals next year. Walker sounds like he'll be back by round 8-9 at the earliest. Won't be back to his best until 2015, but he could be a decent and cheap mid year injury replacement if you're tight on money.


Slight concern for mine though, has started slow the first 6 the last 2 years. Potential upgrade?


Correct, averages through his first 4 rounds in the past two years have been

2012: 93.75
2013: 93.5

So for mine making him a starting selection is dependent on his starting price. He finished last year at 519K, so if he starts off at around that price I think i'll grab him and hope he reverses his fortunes and starts off the year in peak form. Either way, if he starts off as a 500-530K guy that means I get a player I know that will be a premium all year, and his lowered starting price might give me $50-$75K+ that I can use elsewhere in my initial side, which can be the cash difference between selecting a good player and a great player. Also then if he has another 90-100 point average over his first few than he won't be losing $ like a leaky boat, so his upgrade potential is lessened somewhat I think.

Now if his starting price is 575K+ you might think twice about it. If he starts off slow again his price will drop dramatically and he'll be ripe for an early upgrade like he was this year.

WIll also have to consider the fixture next year over the Crows first 6 weeks. Once that's out it may also help clear the air somewhat.


Marc – Dangerfield will be priced at 580k approx. but I still think he is a bargain at that price


Thanks for the update Mick!

He's still appealing to me at that price, but I am totally biased in favour of Danger!


I'd cut mine off with a spoon to get that happening. Go the Red, The White and The Black!


hey MRB. welcome back.

Danger is very high on my watch list as well. its going to be hard to fit the 10 star mids into my 5 starting premiums……


not really……


Jimbo! Good to see you around these parts again.


A fit Dale Thomas will see Marc Murphy’s scores go into the super elite category


Hopefully he's fit enough to play out the year, too. Both could be good starting picks come next year, especially Murphy.


daisy is a lock if fit and gets the fwd dpp….it will be interesting if he is only a mid….


nah he gets injured to much for everyone's liking


daisy is a lock if fit and gets the fwd dpp but this is extremely unlikely so hes a no


Didnt really play in 13. Will go well under Mick in 14.
Shld be cheap


Worried about that foot also but I have to have faith in the Carlton medicos who put him through a fitness test and passed him…..
Touch wood


Liberatore is a lock for me


Libba and Big Will a Lock!


Gonna lock young boy Tom Liberatore in my team this year, shame i missed his breakout last season.. he Jock has pulled his finger out and dug deep and i won't be surprised if this youngster shines on in 2014.


Definitely going the danger man next year. He's going to have a massive pre-season which hopefully will result in a great SC 2014!
I'm a port fan but I think Hartlett will mature even more next year and learn to break the tag.. on my watchlist


If Hartlett learns to break a tag he has the potential to be one of the most damaging defenders in SC.


Hey Marc.

Harlett could be anything and will break out one year but if the gods are good we might have Sam mitchell and malceski up back with Goddard as my starting back 3 premos. Hoping to be able to steer clear of the hatletts, Gibbs and duffield of the worlds this time around.


Colyer to step up


Daisy, Wingard, Tippett, and possibly Shaw (if he ends up at Essendon or Geelong) are locks next year for mine.


As mad as it sounds… could young Jack Watts have a break out season under Roosy?


Heard Roos wants to play him in the midfield too! Could be a good forward line option if he has dual eligibility?


If he plays alongside Mitch Clarke in the full foward line then I think he’s a chance, natural leading and goal kicking player, been played out of position all carreer


I'm gonna go Rory Sloane as a POD, scored pretty consistently last season, Suckling, Thomas, Buddy and Murphy are all locks for next season given their cheap prices.


Can't go wrong with Batman! I'll be considering Sloane too.


Brandon Ellis. Watch.




Brandon Ellis would be an absolute lock for me, i had him for the second half of this year. 99.2 average unsubbed.

Only problem is, have a SC team planner and it's normally very accurate and it reckons Ellis will only be selectable as a mid 🙁
However I still might get him as he will cost about 440k


Already missing footy big time. Cant wait for season 2014.


I've got my eye on one Gary Ablett. Bit of a POD but I think he can breakout if hes given enough midfield time.


Crouch…….. Blokes guna be a MONSTER!


Gunston? Fantastic finals series….


Have to consider he's spent his time at Hawthorn being the #3 forward behind Franklin and Roughead. He'll go into next year with a top 2 defender on him now that Franklin is gone. He's extremely talented, but I reckon he's a big risk/reward pick.


I reckon stephen coniglio will break out and colin sylvia will be one to watch thurlow will be good cheapy in defence and port boy lobbe to become a top 5 ruck


hells bells Jock, how about a break! Even my old trouser snake gets a pre season break every year


Plenty of cheap geelong youngsters will find their way into the 22 with all the retirements/pods + chappy being moved on. Shane Kersten fwd bench spot?


A couple of considerations so far I've had….

a. Nic Nat would be one of the first picked if he gets through full pre-season
b. Rory Sloane is very high on my list as a PoD next year
c. Some possible locks in the BAC if DPP is granted to them – J. McVeigh, K. Simpson
d. Considering Chris Mayne/Jack Gunston for a FWD spot., but w/o Buddy Gunston may get more attention
e. Marc Murphy could be good M8 – he will start quite cheap and after that first year of captaincy out of the way he could well be back to super elite scoring days!
f. Daisy may come into consideration depending on fitness through pre-season – but definitely on watchlist


I reckon Beams will smash it in 2014….reckon he will move up the pecking order at the pies to No.2 behind Pendles with Swan playing more forward…..My starting 5 mid premiums might be something like this….Ablett, Beams, Dangerfield, Pendlebury and Fyfe….along with 4 kids and maybe a fallen premium….Any thoughts community?


like the 5 but that will be a lot of coin I will bet…especially if you try to throw in a sixth fallen premium.

will hurt on another line you can expect.


True but Beams will be priced around 450k. He will be discounted, he should average 110-120. Mega lock.


I've got the same 5 but maybe someone like Cotchin or Rockliff – depends where he plays in the NAB cup – instead of Ablett


I reckon Beams will smash it in 2014….reckon he will move up the pecking order at the pies to No.2 behind Pendles with Swan playing more forward…..My starting 5 mid premiums might be something like this….Ablett


Maybe Swannie will gett dpp….that would be interesting


Yeah Beamsy will be a strong consideration in my starting midfield too. Libba will probably be one of the first picked in my midfield though if he has a strong preseason. Never expected that would be the case 6 months ago.


dayne beams is very close to a lock for mine.

clay beams is worth considering as a midprice if you roll that way. will be good value aka B Maloney.


The kid who ran the 16.5 beep test at the draft camp. Not sure of his name – but ticker to go all day


Billy Hartung I believe.


Reckon Big Boy is looking pretty appetising with a move to the Hawks and now with much better players around him. His price should be fairly attractive too after floundering in the the last few months of the season.


How do you reckon Ben will go at Hawthorn, SC? I don't really watch Hawthorn enough to have a clear view on how he'll fit in there.

If you just take a look at the raw numbers from last year though, his ruck work appears to be average at best (11th in Total Hitouts, 29th in average hitouts per game with 20.4). It was his around the ground work that saw him get big 100 point games in SC. If you look at his individual games, and add up all the games that saw him net 10-15 possessions (rounds 1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, 19, 22 and 23) his average SC score was 101.7. In games where he saw 16 or more possessions (rounds 2, 3, 4, 7 and 15 ) his SC average was 124.6.

Then on the flipside, if you take the games that saw him have 10 or less possessions (rounds 8, 10, 13, 16, 18, 20 and 21) his average score was only 59 points (these games are what dragged his average down this year). So if it looks likely that he'll see less of the ball at Hawthorn, then potentially he'll really struggle as his ruck work by itself isn't enough to boost his scores up to a respectable level and you may think about avoiding him this year.

So overall, if he can improve on his disposal count at Hawthorn to the 15+ range (he averaged 11.5 last year), than by judging by how he scored last year in games with 16 or more possesions, then he's potentially the BEST option at ruck next year where there were only 3 ruckman average over 100 points (Minson with 114, Goldstein with 113 and Cox with 107). If his disposal count hovers around the 10-15 range, then he's still looking like a 95-100 scorer (which is top 10 for ruckmen).

Factor in his likely lower starting price over the more expensive options like Minson, Goldstein and Kreuzer, then I reckon he'll be an lock for a lot of sides next year.


Well Jock, I have started my pre season planning already writing down notes on who to get and who not to get, but the list is too long so I will say some of the players I'm thinking about.
J.Martin (GCS)-People say he's going to be better than O'Meara and he dominated the NEAFL
T.Dumont-Could be a smokie but could be worth after the SANFL GF.
Daisy-Mick will get him back up to form
Nic Nat-No injuries hopefully…
B.McEvoy-Main ruckman at hawks now and cheap
C.Wingard-He will be a machine, could be a forward?
H.McIntosh-If he is not injured
I have a lot more players but I won't go through them all.


Jack Martin – Gold Coast!!!!!


Jesse Hogan. First picked forward this year for me.

Suns Man

Gday Jock mate i love your work you do such a great job, hope you win the big one this year you deserve it for all your hard work and countless hours, will there be any pre season shows coming up?


David Swallow for a breakout year, with Ablett destined for the foward line and if Gold Coast get that half back flanker they want it will release Swallow into the midfield. First it was Bennell breaking out, then Prestia this year, now for Swallow???


ablett destined for the forward every year 😉

Mark Dempsey

Hogan and Martin for gun rookies this year. Tom Liberatore has to be a lock for my midfield aswell


martin yes.

Hogan….maybe…just be aware first year key forward re:Joe Daniher. Maybe in an out of the team.

Saying that rookie forwards could very well be light on this year I have a feeling.

Mark Dempsey

Yeah in any other team I would be against Hogan but would think he will still get alot of gametime at Melbourne. Early call would be to lock Ablett, Pendles, Beams and Danger in the midfield and rookie the rest.


Anyone else considering savage for a breakout year at the saints. With the majority of the attention going to Steven and Montagna and getting a fresh start at a new club. Im not sure how much he'll cost though


hey will.

could be a M5 if you go for a 4-1-5 midfield start. Is he going to pump out enough 100+ scores? watch list for me.


welcome back all.

feels like only 6 weeks ago we were playing season 2013…..wait…what?

class of 2014 I currently have ablett and pendles as my only dead sets.

Of the wounded warriors that will attract a discount, Nic Nat, Sandi, Daisy, Suckling, tex and Dayne Beams have my interest. Very likely starters if they get through preseason clean.

Rookie watch has me locking Jack Martin in as my 2014 Jaeger. Calling it already. Watch Luke McDonald in Defence and James Aish. Mature ages looking good are Nathan Gordon and Mitch Thorpe.

Bargain binners (aka Brett Staker) include Nathan Bock (high risk), morabito and rohan from Sydney.

Watch Prestia and Wingard for break out years and marc murphy to get back to near his best.

And of course we will all be watching the buddy show with interest……





Good starting picks Jimbo, I think I may have to copy that with Ablett and Pendles locked in already!

Aish is a great talent, but I worry about his body standing up to the rigors of AFL football to begin with. Still, he's great at getting in there and grabbing contested possesions, which is SC gold. Plus he was named in the Norwood senior side as a 16 year old, they breed good footballers over there and Bassett certainly isn't one to give a guy games if he won't produce the goods.

Rohan will be a great bargin binner I think, quick as lightening and if they play him up forward you'd think he and Jetta would be picking up the crumbs from Tippett and Franklin until their bellies are stuffed.


Keeping a close eye one Liam Mcbean was my loophole captain 2013 Good ruck Dpp option


agreed could be my r4 this year as well. wont get many games behind hampson and the mad Russian so he is likely loophole material again.


When's the preseason trip away Jock?

Lot of cheap eagles boys on my radar.
Nic Nat , Waters, Hurn and Gaff will all be under priced.


Waters has hurt himself again. Will go in for surgery. Interrupted pre season coming up. Nic Nat if fit a lock. Gaff showed this year he can't handle the tag. But it's only opinions mate. I hope you pick him and he stars.


i think waters might join higgins, broughton and watts on the never again list

Darby's Dashers

Luke Sheuy fit will be a lock!


Two that haven't been named… Motlop who im locking in and im keeping a close on B hill.


close eye on b hill haha


My list to watch out for:

Ricky Henderson

Trent Mckenzie

Jack Steven

Tom Liberatore

Dion Prestia

Danny Stanley

Thoughts Jock?


Yeah Fraser as I mentioned above Libba will be a virtual certainty in my team next year. Reckon most coaches will have either him or Jack Steven in their starting midfield. Some coaches may even have both.

McKenzie will also factor heavily in my backline calculations though not a lock at this very early stage. Will need to first assess which players get assigned 2014 DPP mid/defence status.

All the others you mention are also well worth keeping close tabs on.


Prestia is high on my watchlist.


Henderson is still a ? for me at the moment. Firstly because I don't even know if he'll be on the Crows next year and secondly is because of Brent Reilly. When BR went down Henderson slotted into that loose man in defense role and was fantastic, but I worry that they'll move Reilly back there next year when he's healthy and move Henderson into a swingman "fit him where we need him" type role that he's been used in previously. It's his biggest strength (he's got the size, skills and speed to play almost anywhere), but also a SC downer as it limits his ability to be a consistent player.

Now if he goes to a side like Collingwood and they want to use him as a Shaw/O'Brien replacement, then i'd be all over him as I think he'll be a top 10 defender if he plays the entire year if he is named the entire year down back.


Mark, Brent Riely's career is over bud what is he 31,32 his season will fade out into another Graham Johncock. Sanderson dropped him last year because he was soft over the footy… His must be moved on and will be. Only a depth player now.


Reilly is only turning 30 next month Rayza, not that old yet! I agree he shouldnt be a fixture of the Crows 22 going forward, but I worry about it. Sanderson showed a frustrating amount of patience (or stubborness) with selecting non-performing senior players last year (Reilly, Van Berlo, Jacobs, Porplyza etc) while not giving the same leeway to younger players (who for the most part were carrying the side by the end of the year). Reilly was pretty stinky in his first 10 weeks, told to lose some weight and was brought back 2 weeks later and then dislocated his shoulder and was out for the year. They obviously rate Radar, brain fades and all since they gave him a 2 year extension in the middle of the year! Bet they wish they could take that one back!

Now supposedly Sanderson returned from the UK and when he was told the Crows were shopping Henderson he immediately put the kibosh on it, so hopefully he still sees the weapon that Hendo can be down back and he is played in front of Reilly.


Yep totally agree MRB, great insight.


Locks: Libbratore, Jack Steven, Goddard, Roughy, Sloane and Nicholls (wild card POD)

Yappa's Allstars

Hey Jock, love your work. Yourself or anyone know to much about Cristian Salem? Solid Build and I believe he could get a fair few games next year. Thanks


yappa, another supercoach site,supercoach paige, has a great section on all potential draftees.

I'm sure jock is happy to give credit when due. This is a partial extract from supercoach Paige on Salem.


Elite kick, brilliant on both sides of his body, good leg speed, knows where to spread, prone to collecting big numbers of the footy, reliable set shot on goal (better on the run), a two-way runner, tackle specialist, offers a lot of physicality to any side, loves to do the team thing in 1 per centers, blocks and sheppards well, has a very combative style of play, inspires his teammates, has started to develop his inside game, can play a number of roles.


Can sometimes be a bit inconsistent with his disposal numbers; was strong against the Division 2 sides, and was a little bit quiet against the Division 1 sides.


I'll be looking closely at Harley Bennell. He was iracking up some great points towards the end of the season and with another pre-season under his belt and the Suns continuing to improve I think he could take it to the next level in 2014.


I had him locked in my side last year until some last minute fiddling saw me drop him for Brent Maloney. Averaged 122.8 over his last 5 weeks though, if he can find that kind of consistency over the entire year than he'll be a ripper of a pick.


Has he learnt to break a tag?


Don't see the tag being a big problem. Won't be getting the hard tag again this season with Ablett playing a long side him. His poor scores last year were more to do with injury than from receiving a tag. Watch out comp, the Suns are coming.
122 average in the last five games and a starting price of 500k approx has me very interested.



Back on your old favorite Bennell I see. Great call and I'm hoping he played enough time forward last season to give him mid/forward eligibility ?? If so he is a lock in my forward line no questions asked – If he is a Mid only I might find it hard to fit him in.


I'm telling you fellas lock in Tim Broomhead, with Heath Shaw going and Harry O moving up the ground a bit more this bloke from SA will get games. If he's named get him on your bench. Can get the pill and reads the game well for someone so young.


Great Call Rayza,

Locked away on the watchlist and will be one to have a look at in when the pre-season kicks off good a proper.


Reckon your onto something, Broomhead can play that sweeper role now that Shaws gone.

Yappa's Allstars

This season looks like it will be a hard year for the rookie ruckman again. I will maybe get McBean and I'm hearing good reports on Toby Nankervis I think it was. Any others?


This might be the year of the midpricer Ruckmen – Rockies might not be all that important in this position especially if you use one spot for a non playing player to take advantage of the Captain Loop hole.

Midpricers of Note:
Zac Smith 395k approx
Brodie Grundy 385k approx
Sandilands 330k approx
Hamish McIntosh 300k approx


mick you magnificent bastard…well done. don't know how you do it.

care to weave your magic on say suckling, nic nac and the big tex?


Gday Jock mate i love your work you do such a great job, hope you win the big one this year you deserve it for all your hard work and countless hours, will there be any pre season shows coming up?


Anyone got a handle on how next years prices are calculated? Particularly around the discount from injury.

I'm interested how daisy will be calculated as an example.


Jimbo, don't hold me to this but I'm pretty sure if you play more than 4 games in the season before your price won't be discounted. This means Daisy won't have a discounted price and will just be priced off his 2013 average.

Should be priced at approximately 405k

If he still holds a fwd/mid position and has a full preseason then I fully expect him to be in everybodys forward line come round 1 .. One thing is for sure he won't be a POD at that price. Lock for me and stay tuned because I will have some early pre-season analysis as to why in the near future.


thanks Mick. Look forward to it.


Viv Michie a lock for mine, will get planty of game time at the Dees assuming he is fit


very likely starter along side martin and maybe morabito and aish at this early stage.


Whitfield, gun


Hi Guys. Great to have you all back for 2014. Have been playing for three years now and finished last year at 2901. Rapt with that and intend to continue using your advise but hope to add a few posts of my own throughout the season. Some of the cattle out there look like they are pretty good value. On my watchlist will be:-
Birchall, Gibbs, H Shaw, Hartigan, Ablett,Pendlebury, D Thomas, Cotchin, M Murphy, A Swallow, R O'Keefe, Dangerfield, Grigg, Sandilands, Roughead, Waite, Mitchie. No doubt there will be more in due course.


Scratch waite.


Thanks, Jock. Glad to be here. Have greatly appreciated your community and their insights over the past 3 seasons.


Hey Jock! When doing your planning how many rookies do you figure into your possible starting lineup? Are they your reserves? Figuring 4-5.


My thought process as of right now! I know what your thinking I can’t name half my team right now!? Well I can and I will because for the first time I will back myself and trust my own judgement.

Buddy, D.Martin, Sidebottom.
Luenberger, Naitanui.
Pendles, Beams, Watson, Selwood, D.Thomas
Scott Thompson (nth), Hibbered, Mckenzie.

Thompson reminds me of Brian lake in his prime and was super consistent down back as was Hibbered and after last year Jock that’s all we can hope for – dont need nothing spectacular just don’t get bloody injured and get a kick! Buddy will be to cheap to say no to! As a Pie supporter I’m looking for Sidebottom to go bang! Love Swanny but I’m taking Beams with out any hesitation – super efficient. I’ve never had Watson but I just love the way he goes about it and doesn’t get shut down very often. I believe Luenberger will at least be a top 5 ruck man and should be cheap. I hate to say it but I’m not touching Gaz from the get go, too expensive + the Suns midfield has depth now so they won’t rely on him as often as they have so his price will drop and ill swoop!

Unlucky – Cotchin, Fyfe, Swan, Barlow.

Look out for Harley Bennell – absolute gun (Stevie J like) & Horlin-Smith to come straight in for Joel Corey. Rated extremely high down at the Cattery and can bloody play!

Will wait for your cheat sheets to pick the rookies. Cheers lads!


Heppell will likely be a starter in my team this year. Managed to average 91 in a pretty tough year for any bomber and he is still only a kid. Reckon he will average 100+ this year and comfortably be inside the top 10 defenders and should be well priced at 400-450K.


I will also be looking closely at Gibbs, Shaw and Hanley as I reckon they will all be around the 100 mark and priced similarly to Heppell. Does anyone rate C Delaney from North, one game only for 90 points and 265K?


C Delaney. Not until we see them locking down a permanent gig. Hanley will be an interesting one with a new coach…new role?


unsure on the defenders as yet….depends if goddard, Mitchell and McVeigh get DPP M/D roles. Shaw might be of interest and I think Heppell could take another big step up perhaps.

rucks will be nic nat and sandi with longer at R3 and McBeam.

Mids should be Gaz, Pendles, Danger, Beams and one of (Murphy, Prestia, Wingard or Bennell).

Fwds are looking like Buddy, Tex and Daisy…maybe Cox for DPP with NicNat.

Rookies to come but Jack Martin (M), Viv Michie (M), Jared Polec(M), Jackson Paine (F), Kersten (F), Luke McDonald (D), X Ellis (D) are as likely cheapy selections as anyone else at this stage.

And I like the look of Aish as a pure rookie selection and there is of course big bad Boyd at the top of the tree.


Like the way you are thinking. Ablett and Pendlebury are always my first two selections regardless of price and build your team around them. Without them I don't think you can be a real contender.


Say NO to Tex, Jimbo. Don't think he'll even be ready for Round 1 anyway.

Also for rookies, keep your eyes open during pre-season on Matt Scharenberg and Matt Crouch (Younger brother of Brad Crouch)


Hey MRB….will be watching Tex like a hawk……tex may become chappy in the end…..but the rule will be the same for tex, chappy and daisy……suckling…..all the LTI'ers……put in a decent pre-season and at least one NAB cup game or you wont make the cut for round 1.

I like the look of Crouchy mark II, could be a cheaper option as he (probably) wont go top 10. Koolooddoooddjjgog…(whatever his name is) could be handy up back as there wont be much on offer there this year.

we might need to go 4 premo's in fwd and def and only 4 mids as it seems that the majority of cheapy buys are in the midfield…….see how we go…

toddy p

Cross the ex doggy will be in my team at the start of the year and wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on to win Melbourna b & f next year haha..

toddy p

Also look out for little lukey Ds break out season for bulldogs next year along with ruckman big Tom cambell and silky midfielder lachie hunter!


great to see that people stil have the bug.
my 100% lock ins for next year;
Danger, Watson, Libba, buddy, nick nat, sandy, jack martin, liam Mcbean, jared polec, tom boyd.
Thinking of going strong in the midfield this year.
happy to have my ruck nearly sorted.
don't no about daisy yet.
once again backline dramas. Gibbs hepple harlett suckling shaw McKenzie hibberd.
also luv chappy.
it will also be very interesting to see changes in DPP this year. maybe Watto for/mid


got 4 or 5 chapman daisy macintosh joel selwood and beems also colin syvlia


Obviously a huge risk but what about young Tom Curren at StKilda, will come with a 300-350k price, I think he could do a"Jack Steven" next year and average decently, obviously not as high as Jack Steven but maybe jump in average by the same amount as Steven did. I was one of those happy SC coaches who predicted a huge breakout and picked him at the very start of the season. What are your thoughts Jock?


Jock ole mate – thanks for all you do but let's not get ahead of ourselves. You said PLAN. it's not a gabfest of spruiking bloody names – all these followers blurting out names. Remember all those P's we were all taught – PPPPPP. We need the SCIENCE. I am not getting into danger v daisy until I know which players are going to benefit from team structure and strategy -that's planning old mate. Will mick take Carlton around the boundary, will Sydney play keepings off, will Geelong go down the highway. These things we need to postulate upon, reflect and embed into a fully integrated immersion into 2014.
I look forward to your clarity and wisdom oh great one. Let's get it on.

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Hey Joke,Thanks For The Great Tips … Just Need Some Help On My List.


?? Any Ideas About These Risky Guns?


Jock* 😀





My Original Thoughts
Nick Dal Santo – Captain
Luenberger – Vice Captain
Franklin — Forward (Emergency Vice Captain

Any Thoughts ….. Is Putting Nick Captain risky? Ideas? Trade Players with others?
Note I Have a tight budget of 20,000$ Remaining

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