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GRAND FINAL Vince Gambino Punt Club

Published by Vince on

gambino supercoach punting club

It’s Fantasy Footy Grand Final Week!

Even those like myself, who missed out on a Grand Final berth I bloody love this week. Huge congratulations to those participating in that last week in August, I’m sure you’ll do yourselves and the community proud.

Jock owes youse all a beer, no beer for me thanks dude. As for the Punt Club, we roll on into Round 23 – the last installment of Punt Club for 2013!


Jarryd Roughead ($1.88) vs Luke Hodge ($1.88)
Friday Night showdown between these two heavyweights man, love it! I’ve got good faith in Roughy here community. If it was at the SCG I’d be leaning towards Hodge but with ANZ Stadium considerably larger than the SCG and more suited to key forwards, I’m on the Rough Head! Last time between these two mobs, Roughy went bang with 126 points. Hodge will close, but I’ve got a feeling Roughy’s return to form last week means he can sniff a bag of goals tonight and a HUGE Supercoach score.

Garrick Ibbotson ($1.85) vs Chris Mayne ($1.90)
Well hopefully not many of youse fell into the trap that I did by trading in Garrick Ibbotson a month or so ago when he was pumping out some decent scores. Ibbotson has missed the last 4 rounds and will be keen to play his way back into form before finals. Ibbotson’s average of 93 is his career-high and with the Dockers resting 10 players it’s a good chance for him to set up. Mayne’s been OK, but unspectacular this year. I really rate Ibbotson and I’m backing him in here community!

Travis Boak ($1.75) vs Kane Cornes ($2.00)
Well it may not be the best value but surely Boak is an absolute shoe in here. He was slightly down last week with a 70, but the games before that he pumped out four tons in a row including 166 against the Suns. Huge game for the Blues but this Boak boy loves the pressure. Credit to Cornes he’s had a good year, but Boak is a different class. Jump on.

Bryce Gibbs ($1.85) vs Marc Murphy ($1.90)
Battle of the two massive disappointments from Carlton! As you would’ve heard the boys from the Grand Final Parade say, Bryce Gibbs has been absolutely USELESS this year. His average of 93 is his worst since 2008. I’m partially backing Murphy here purely out of anger towards Gibbs. However, Murphy himself hasn’t been a lot better at all. But his last three scores of 92, 102 and 98 make for better reading. Last time against Port Adelaide, Murphy hit 130 and has a career average of 101 against the Power. At $1.90 you can’t pass that up!

Well, there you have it. With a little tear in my eye I give you the last Punt Club for 2013. It’s been a great year. Thanks to Jock for getting me part of this SICK community. You’re a savior bro.

And thanks to you all of you for your input, it’s been bloody great man.

Happy Punting,

Vince “Teflon” Gambino

Keep in touch with @Vince_Gambino on Twitter during the off season!


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Im liking JPK against ROK, jpk should go bang always does against hawks 🙂


good point bro, JPK loves scoring big against his old team!


Thanks for everything this year Vince, it's been fun at the punt club.

Like the Ibbo and Boak picks, jumped on both of them. For Gibbs VS Murphy, is there any worry that he'll cop a Cornes tag with Judd now out? Think Gibbs could be a good pick there if that happens.


Interesting one Marc, could well be the case. Still reckon Murph is a good show


You are a special man Vince – great season son. Great season.
I'm rolling the dice on the Orange Roughy this week – have the feeling he'll go large


Jock, Help Me!!!!!!!. Who should I trade out, Shaw, Hanley or gibbs? Their averages are Hanley 86.32, Gibbs 89 Shaw 82.67.

BTW Thank you soo much for what you have done for me and the community this year!!


Jock, are we going to have supercoach finals podcast?