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supercoach flesh for fantasy G’day community,

Well, it’s here – Grand Final weekend. Months of hard work and dedication come down to 3 days. It’s the biggest weekend on the SuperCoach calendar, but also the saddest.

Come Sunday night, it will be time to say goodbye for the summer and our seasons will be over. Before we continue on, just want to say what a season it’s been and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You’re a sensational bunch and without doubt the best community in the land.

Anyway, this weekend is all about glory and decisions made can be difference between a win and a loss. This edition is all about finding that one player who will put on your team on their shoulders and drag you across the line. Every team will need their Stuart Dew movement. Lets find yours.


LEIGH MONTAGNA (STK) MID – $506,800 DT/$569,100 SC
– Last Game: FRE (H)
– Recent Scores: 122, 128, 129, 80, 154

In a season where many thought the St Kilda veterans were on the slide, Leigh Montagna has been at his vintage best – averaging career-high disposals at 28.7. He’s had a big month too, with disposal tallies of 35, 34, 28, 35, 32 and 33.

Of course, he does come up against a rabid Fremantle, who will take no risks in taking foot off peddle so close to finals. However, last time they met, Leigh collected 31 touches, 7 marks and 5 I50s. Leigh could be the Hail Mary throw that wins you a premiership. In sensational form, and if you’ve got 1 trade to burn, he could be the man.

LYNDEN DUNN (MELB) DEF/FWD – $325,600 DT/$447,400 SC
– Last Game: WBD (A)
– Recent Scores: 113, 56, 87, 119, 129

This trade will be for those who have the biggest set of plums going around. If you have the balls to trade in Lynden Dunn, you have bragging rights for the rest of you’re life. However, it’s not as crazy as it may seem.

In his last 2 games against Adelaide and Fremantle, he’s collected 24 touches in both games, and had 6 tackles. Against the Western Bulldogs and playing for his career, he’s in good form and should see another performance similar to his past 2. If you’re for a Stuart Dew player, here he is.

LACHIE NEALE (FRE) MID – $387,900 DT/$457,900 SC
– Last Game: STK (A)
– Recent Scores: 104, 95, 120, 113, 127

I mentioned him last week, but after a solid 127 on the weekend, he gets another run. Lachie is in sensational form right now, and have benefited not just from finding a role in Ross Lyon’s side, but also due to Fremantle playing aggressive football right up to finals time.

He’s also flying under the radar of sides too, who are busy trying to tag Barlow, Fyfe, Mundy and Hill. Form is everything, and with an average of 26.8 touches over his past 5, I wouldn’t hesitate to get Lachie in to win you a grand final.

MATTHEW STOKES (GEE) FWD – $429,400 DT/$454,100 SC
– Last Game: BRIS (H)
– Recent Scores: 72, 104, 56, 135, 141

Another one hitting form at the right time, Matthew Stokes is coming off the back of a 37-disposal game against the Swans down in Geelong. He also had 7 tackles and 5 I50s go with his complete display. 2 weeks of 135+ scores has brought Stokes into grand final selection calculations.

Last they he met Brisbane; Stokes had 31 touches, 11 marks (116 SC). Owned by 5.83% of teams, it’s worth jumping on Matthew Stokes if you’ve got the $$$ and trades left. Could run wild against the Brisbane Lions and win you the premiership.


DANIEL HANNEBERY (SYD) MID – $3460,00 DT/$406,700 SC
– Last Game: OUT
– Recent Scores: Doesn’t matter.

Out this week, the heartbreak story of this year’s finals for SuperCoaches. Get him out if you have him.


Here is the burning question from coaches right in with a sniff for glory. The pub will be shutting down for the summer come Sunday night, so a big thank you for the questions this season – been a big success!




ANSWER: Tough one, but I’d probably go Mitchell myself. Will be playing for a spot in that week 1 finals side, and if you take out games against GWS and Bulldogs at home, Zorko hasn’t been all that convincing. Mitchell for mine.




ANSWER: It’s between Simpson and Fyfe for mine. Simpson’s form has been slightly better, but Fyfe is still turning out 120+ scores. Even opposition, I’d go for Fyfe over Simpson this week. Ross last season didn’t take foot off peddle in final rounds, and was key reason for them shocking Geelong in that first final. Will be like a dress rehearsal for Fremantle, while Carlton will be playing for their lives on Saturday. Between the 2, Fyfe for me.

Ok community, all the very best for those playing for premierships, rankings or simply want to finish the season on a high.

Remember, questions can be sent to @Mr_Crimmins, or you can comment below.

Mr Crimmins.

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The Special One Tactics

Hi community, in the Granny this week and have a few problems!

My DEF: Goddard, Ellis, Shaw, Murphy, Wilson and Suban (OUT). Which DEF should I bring in? Dunn maybe, Enright or Adcock? Only have 1 trade left, can afford anyone.

Since Mundy is out it's out of Mitchell and Crouch to replace him, I'm thinking Crouch but I'm not sure.

Josh Kennedy or Patty Ryder in FWD? Kennedy has been terrible lately and Ryder got 127 last week but with nothing to play for is Ryder the right choice?

Finally, captain! I have a lot of options, Pendles, Swan, Ablett, Selwood, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Stevie J. I'm thinking Stevie J as Simmonds is his ground.. again, not sure!

Good luck to all in their Grand Finals and thanks Jock and community for helping me this season!


Definitely Ryder over Kennedy. much more consistant and should keep the number one rucking role which he has averaged over 100 while doing.


Selwood must be given a go as captain or VC. Just 2 or his past 11 matches have been below 130.





Selwood/Stevie J VC with Ablett or Pendle/Swan as back up


Get him out:



Hey Mr Crimmins,

Should I trade Nat Fyfe to Travis Boak as Fyfe is being rested?

Or should I trade Brad Crouch for Boak and bring on Tom Mitchell as emergancy?



Boak for Fyfe. Go for the points.


Should ibbotson be in my side for the granny and thanks again for this great article!!


Beware Ibbotson. Heard Lyon interviewed and he said that Ibbotson was still a bit sore but would be named and have to pass final checks before game.


Damn it because I have no bench cover with clisby and Docherty both out 🙁 I’ve already used my last trade on fyfe to danger so I guess I might just have to cop a donut in the granny ;(


Hope he plays for you … surely Freo can't make another change (Mayne out now)


Wow, hopefully not many of us here are relying on Freo players this week!

Out: M.Johnson (rested), D.Mundy (rested), L.Spurr (rested), Z.Dawson (rested), H.Ballantyne (rested), N.Suban (hamstring), S.Hill (hamstring), M.Walters (knee), Z.Clarke (rested), N.Fyfe (rested)


Hey all, I'm in the GF this week and good ol' Rossy Lyon has dropped Fyfe… who to bring in out of Tom Mitchell or Jack Viney?

Tom has had some good games but dropped of lately (and playing Hawthorn this round)

Jack has had a few decent games, but also a few in the 60's.

Decisions decisions!


Viney all the way my friend!


use the emergency loophole mate……Mitchell playing tonight and if he scores a decent score (say 85-90pts) keep fyfe on the ground, of-course Mitchell should be selected as an emergency on the bench, if Mitchell score less and you are not happy with his score and if you think Viney will score more then swap Viney to Fyfe onto the ground and just hope Viney scores more than Mitchell……..

Thast's what I will be doing tonight……with Blicavs though…..



Of course! Thanks for the help Raj.

Thanks also Jock, Mick, Mr. Crimmins and the JR Community for the advice, assistance, and entertainment this year. Very chuffed to have made it to the GF in all of my leagues 🙂


Typical Ross Lyon!


might have to create a new supercoach rule of thumb… more that 2 players from a side coached by ross the boss




Round 23 Squads:

Sydney Swans v Hawthorn
ANZ Stadium, Friday August 30, 7.50pm AEST

In: H.Cunningham, S.Biggs, B.Jack, J.Bolton
Out: R.Shaw (knee), N.Smith (calf), D.Hannebery (hand), J.Lamb

In: J.Lewis, P.Puopolo, T.Duryea
Out: B.Guerra (back soreness), C.Rioli (ankle), L.Shiels (ankle)

St Kilda v Fremantle
Etihad Stadium, Saturday August 31, 1.45pm AEST

In: J.Koschitzke, D.Roberton, T.Lee
Out: C.Shenton, J.Newnes (shoulder), B.Murdoch)

In: A.Sandilands, G.Ibbotson, P.Faulks, A.Silvagni, C.Pearce, J.Crichton, J.Mellington, A.Forster, H.Crozier, M.Taberner
Out: M.Johnson (rested), D.Mundy (rested), L.Spurr (rested), Z.Dawson (rested), H.Ballantyne (rested), N.Suban (hamstring), S.Hill (hamstring), M.Walters (knee), Z.Clarke (rested), N.Fyfe (rested)

Geelong v Brisbane Lions
Simonds Stadium, Saturday August 31, 2.10pm AEST

In: T.West
Out: N.Vardy (managed)

In: B.Moloney, J.Lisle, S.Michael
Out: D.Merrett (ankle), M.Paparone, S.Docherty

Port Adelaide v Carlton
AAMI Stadium, Saturday August 31, 4.10pm ACST

In: D.Cassisi, T.Logan, L.Stevenson, J.Hombsch
Out: A.Carlile (back), K.Mitchell (back), C.Heath, J.Neade

In: A.Walker, D.Ellard, M.Kreuzer, J.Garlett
Out: B.McLean (quad), N.Duigan, A.Joseph, N.Graham

Essendon v Richmond
MCG, Saturday August 31, 7.40pm AEST

In: D.Hille, N.Lovett-Murray, L.Jetta, E.Kavanagh
Out: H.Hocking (suspension), D.Myers (illness), N.Kommer (hand), J.Daniher

In: S.Tuck, O.Stephenson
Out: J.Riewoldt (back), S.Edwards (suspension)

West Coast v Adelaide
Patersons Stadium, Saturday August 31, 6.10pm AWST

In: A.Selwood, S.Tunbridge, A.Embley
Out: B.Dalziell, W.Schofield (cheek), B.Sheppard

In: M.Wright
Out: J.Petrenko

Gold Coast v Greater Western Sydney
Metricon Stadium, Saturday August 31, 1.10pm AEST

In: J.Harbrow, L.Patrick, M.Weller, J.Wilkinson, S.Day, S.Tape, J.Hall
Out: G.Broughton (achilles), L.Osborne (calf), S.May (suspension), D.Gorringe (abdominal)

In: S.Gilham, M.Buntine, G.Ugle, S.Edwards, M.Whiley, L.Whitfield, J.Stewart
Out: D.Brogan (retired), C.Ward (hip), A.Treloar (ankle), N.Wilson (quad)

Collingwood v North Melbourne
MCG, Sunday September 1, 3.20pm AEST

In: B.Hudson, J.Russell, K.Martin, D.Beams
Out: L.Ball (calf)

In: S.McMahon, L.Adams, T.Garner
Out: –

Western Bulldogs v Melbourne
Etihad Stadium. Sunday September 1, 4.40pm AEST

In: A.Cooney, L.Jones, M.Talia, N.Hrovat
Out: D.Addison

In: R.Bail, J.Sellar, N.Jetta, M.Gawn, R.Taggert
Out: D.Rodan (knee), C.Pedersen


Ross Lyon you’re killing me!


No trades left and I have Mundy & Fyfe with no cover on the bench.

I'll have to pull of a miracle to win my GF!


Community in my first grand final thank your mum for the rabbits…ps who do i go i need to get rid of cyril and fyfe…thinking stokes / walker / martin for cyril who do u guys reckon. Ps what about fyfe thinking pendles / barlow or griffen. Please help guys on last time till 2014. Jock your the man mate thanks to you and the boys all year without you and the community i would be lost.


All good options, I would suggest Stokes and Pendles


Thanks Gilly


I think griffin is due to explode, hasn't had a monster score in a little while. Walker may just be due for another big one to. Well done on 2 trades left!


Thanks Skippa


OUT: Rioli & Fyfe
IN: Walker & Pendles…..



Hi Jock/community,

I am after some Captain advice this weekend. I am the underdog for my Grand Final so I am thinking of going a POD and hoping for some luck.

My choices are: Selwood, Griffin or Barlow – I am leaning towards Selwood.




Selwood should be fantastic if he can avoid the Raines tag. Even then I still think he'll be great


joelwood into gazza for me.


Appreciate all the assistance and wisdom this season, Mr. C!


Hows Johnson for captain this week guys?


Going on form and history I'd say pretty damn good…


Hi all,

Ibbotson or Enright for my final trade?


Out of those 2 I'd say Enright.
But maybe consider Ellis he could be a great POD for the GF but comes with a fair bit of risk.
High risk high return maybe?


take the punt on ellis….winning is for the brave!


Enright mate……safe option……



Trent Cotchin is causing such a dillema, would it be worth using one of my two trades to trade him out for someone like montagna?


So would it be good to do the following?

Chris Mayne -> Jimmy Bartel


Trent Cotchin -> Leigh Montagna



bartell at the cattery for sure….

don't know about cotchin out…..he will play well ready for this next weeks finals


On 2nd thoughts would Stokes be a better option than Bartel?


Sigh, 2 donuts and no trades, chances in my 2 GF's = zero


check the opposition teams……40 odd outs will touch everyone on some line,


ross the boss breaks out into hulk mode and smashes apart supercoach finals teams….

no one will be immune…….


What to do with Fyfe (1 trade left)?
Fyfe to Barlow (who my opponent has) safe option but thinking Barlow will get tag and little support (maybe even subbed off)?
or maybe one of Libba/Boyd/Watson/Simpson/Stokes/McVeigh??

Also who should I put on the ground up forward out of Josh Kennedy or Zorko?


I'm probably gonna catch a mass shitting but I'd say Zorko. Lions have been fighting and think he'll go 90+ against. Did 91 last time they played.


Neale might be a good Freo switch. As Mr. C stated, he's going ton with regularity. Could be nice POD. Watson could be a good balls move…seems to play well in adversity.


Agree Zorko looks more likely than Kennedy.
Will give Neale a miss as without fyfe and mundy he will cop more attention this week also. Think it will be out of Watson and Libba (who I just realised opponent also has). Will see how things are looking after Friday night. If struggling (ie Jack and Birchall fail again) will roll the dice with Watson. Otherwise leaning towards Libba.


Saints aren't the best taggers. Plus, like you said Barlow will draw the most heat. Watson I think will have a big game. Statement game. But Libba has been playing exceptionally well. Looks like a gut call, my man. Good luck!


Josh Sydney Kennedy? I'm a hawks supporter and he destroys us everytime!


I stuck no trades left and have fyfe and mundy out crap


Any cover?


Hey community,
Who on the field crouch or Mitchell?
Also captaincy I'm thinking VC selwood and then to ablett but
My other options are:
ablett to pendles
Stevie j to ablett or pendles

Thought would be appreciated thanks




Help!!! I have one trade left and only 70k in the bank. I am looking to trade out Duffield.. Who is the best bet in defence for under $420. Alternatives are to trade up prodded or o’meara. Any last ditch help from the community???


Who's in your defence?


Priddis, sorry not prodded!


Hi community, Who is the best back man out of Murphy or enright




Who should I trade out, Shaw, Hanley or gibbs? Their averages are Hanley 86.32, Gibbs 89 Shaw 82.67


If I had to choose;Gibbs

Please help me out


But won’t Montagna get the tag from Crowley?


Shane Mumford may have single handily won me a premiership.

Help! (3 Grannies)

Should I keep Tom Mitchells 60 or use the loop hole to put Vlastuin in instead???


Will Zorko score higher than Tom Mitchell 60?