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FINALS supercoach chat

What a weekend this is in the life of the fantasy footballer!!

Feels a bit different this season with the rolling lockout. Put some serious thought into rescheduling or cancelling any social engagements or other priorities during the weekend. CRITICAL to have your finger at the ready to make any last minute preliminary final adjustments as the last minute team changes are announced.

Family. Friends. Work Colleagues. Bugger em all. This is about as serious as it gets.

Dayno Beams started us off as the first of the late withdrawals for the weekend.. did you dodge that bullet? And which way have you gone with your Captain choices?



D-mac3276 · 23/08/2013 at 21:20

Just about over this crap. Two years straight this has happened.
Thompson, Heppell, Hartlett all out of my backline and no bench cover, so copping a doughnut
Got 3 trades left and can afford any 2 backmen.

What 2 would ppl look at. Thoughts?

    dan · 23/08/2013 at 21:39

    C.Enright and R.Murphy

      D-mac3276 · 23/08/2013 at 23:35

      What do ppl think of Mackie, he's gone 125 and 112 in his last two

Super_Freak · 23/08/2013 at 21:54

Hey jock. Have vc on pendles and c on rocky. He's my pod for this week. Hope he gets me across the line. Bit of luck so far, my opponent has Luke ball

nick · 23/08/2013 at 22:37

not bad after 7 scored 723 only had 2 players not score over 100 which was cloke 90 and grundy 67 the guy I am had swan as cap I got selwood and also my big player 115 was priddis he was on the bench and replaced beams which was a great choice

nick · 23/08/2013 at 22:38

and replaced heppell for murphy think going smash the guy I am playing I replaced cotchen with Harley bannell

Glenn · 23/08/2013 at 22:45

Is cotch not playing?!?

    nick · 23/08/2013 at 23:00

    that's the word he might not be over his injery and also cotch playing gws he will get a weak score if he plays

      Glenn · 23/08/2013 at 23:41

      Not good although have crouch as emergency so shaould be right? Onya nick good luck in your prelim!

Iambalderdashing · 23/08/2013 at 22:48

Ok, outs have smashed me this week and I am in disarray (backline shot, no trades left and my bench cover playing in the midfield) BUT a convoluted set of trades a couple of weeks ago to cover the mighty Kreuzer's injury I have three premium ruck men in my side: Kreuzer, Goldstein and Cox. I played Goldstein and R4 Currie on the field with my E on Cox. Now my question: Do I let it all ride and take the big eagle's tonne or do I roll the dice on Kreuzer? Both my opponents are playing Golstein and Cox.

    Rocksta · 23/08/2013 at 22:56

    Take the Tonne

Rocksta · 23/08/2013 at 23:00

My VC on Swanny didn't work (95). Mind you, how you get 95 after having 34 touches and kicking 2 goals, as well as the tv commentators giving you BOG is beyond me.
Anyhow, what do I do know: put the C on Selwood or on Ablett? My opponent doesn't have Selwood, but the little master scored 178 last time they played the saints.
I have a doughnut to catch up so must be aggressive. Problem is my opponent had the VC on Pendles (114), and thus if Selwood doesn't score more than 114, he will just take that and I'm cooked.

    GO PIES · 24/08/2013 at 06:50

    for the third week in a row i m putting my C on the little master. selwood is in good form but the way he plays footy is way too dangerous. can belt out a 150+ or get concussed in the first 5 mins.

    swanny 95 with all that SHOCKING???

@TG_Footy_Tragic · 23/08/2013 at 23:10

supercoach finals… get on it!


davidzita1 · 23/08/2013 at 23:37

Do I go VC Franklin and switch to Gaz or VC Gaz and switch to Griffen?

Eddy · 24/08/2013 at 00:41

Heppell to R. Murphy and Sam Jacobs to Minson
Heppell to Enright and Sam Jacobs to Goldy
$5k short of being able to get Goldy and Murphy…… My opponent has Goldy but none of the others and it's going to be close. Safe option seems to be Goldy and Enright but maybe more upside to Minson and Murphy????

    davidzita1 · 24/08/2013 at 11:36

    1st option mate

      Eddy · 24/08/2013 at 22:39

      Went with Goldy and Enright and 258 points later I'm a real chance to sneak into a GF! Still got 3 to play tomorrow so not quite a done deal yet though.

        davidzita1 · 25/08/2013 at 12:08

        Good on ya mate, like Jock says, it's all about backing your intestinal fortifications

Guest · 24/08/2013 at 00:42

Who should I play out of Hodge and Mundy?

    throttlefinger · 24/08/2013 at 00:55

    Tough call but would go Hodge. Has been picking up his game (130 last week) and seems to kill it at Etihad (120 ave). But Mundy is solid at Paterson and Power should be a competitive game with Barlow and Fyfe probably getting the tags. This is a gut call. But mine is Hodge is playing with a little more fire in his belly.

Josh · 24/08/2013 at 07:42

So I have VC on Pendles – 114, C on Gaz. Anyone in the same predicament? I'm tempted to roll the dice on God Jnr, especially since he's playing on the Sunday.

    CloneMan · 24/08/2013 at 09:49

    Same situation… idea what to do

      GO THE PIES · 24/08/2013 at 12:49

      same here. i m going with the little master….

Raff · 24/08/2013 at 11:21

Need to bolster FWD Line and am tossing up b/n Mayne, Hodge , Dustin and Bartel. Have reasons for choosing all of them but am in a dilemma, opponent has Bartel and we're neck and neck….this is it ……some guidance boys

    davidzita1 · 24/08/2013 at 11:51

    Bartel, bounced back last week and if you get him you eliminate a POD that could potentially cost you the match. Bartel is a microcosm of Geelong, he lifts for the big games.

davidzita1 · 24/08/2013 at 11:38

For loophole do I go VC on Buddy and switch to Gaz or VC on Gaz and switch to Griffen? My opponent doesn't have Buddy or Griffen, he's got Gaz as C

    Jimmy · 24/08/2013 at 11:58

    Vice captain Gaz

JimmyAnderson · 24/08/2013 at 13:10

Take Pendles' score as captain or loophole to Gaz, Rockliff or Griffen?

    CashCows · 24/08/2013 at 22:52

    What are you up against in your leagues and how close are they? If your POD's will beat theirs ( i am seeing a lot of backline donuts) and they have Baldy, then i think copy capt gaz…

Darby · 24/08/2013 at 13:20

has anyone seen on supercoach SC finals

Glenn · 24/08/2013 at 15:19

Looks like a few might get “birchalled” again….

    CashCows · 24/08/2013 at 22:51

    I fell for it again………………..welcome burnman birchall…sizzling form

Anonymous · 24/08/2013 at 17:53

Any news on Hanley? Is he playing tomorrow?

ShinbonerSpirit · 24/08/2013 at 18:47

Nick Malceski: 21 kicks, no handballs.

watto · 24/08/2013 at 19:24

Joel Selwood's 9th time he has racked 130+ out of the last 11 matches. One of the two times was against Crowley. Solid!
Best captain choice, whoever he is versing.

    CashCows · 24/08/2013 at 22:50

    I chose not to pick him up about nine weeks when watson went down……save your trades they say…..trades are gold they say….west coast eagles are premiership favourites they say………..dammmmmmm those they saying bastards!!!!!

Connor · 24/08/2013 at 19:33

what does POD stand for?

    dan · 24/08/2013 at 19:34

    point of difference

      Connor · 24/08/2013 at 19:47


watto · 24/08/2013 at 20:35

What's wrong with Suban?

    CashCows · 24/08/2013 at 22:57

    made love to nick riewoldt, they are having a love child, Subaroo

    medadsson · 25/08/2013 at 18:23

    Hamstring strain.

pail · 24/08/2013 at 21:29

should i stick with joel selwood's 131, or go with ablett as captain vs saints??

    watto · 24/08/2013 at 21:34

    Keep it

    davidzita1 · 25/08/2013 at 09:42


nick · 24/08/2013 at 23:23

got 1806 with 5 players left who are massive scorers the guy I am playing has 7 players left but got one the same as me which is abblett so lets hope I win and make my first gf

Anonymous · 25/08/2013 at 00:01

Who would score the highest rank order between Rob Murphy / Hanley / Ellis?

    Azza · 25/08/2013 at 03:25

    In the order of writing in my opinion.

    davidzita1 · 25/08/2013 at 09:42

    Murphy, Ellis, Hanley for this week

Azza · 25/08/2013 at 03:24

Pretty happy with my trade of Heppell to Rioli via Staker swing. 100 points is more than any of those unreliable defenders! Was never going to be fooled by Birchall again!
I'm 69 points ahead with us both having 4 POD players left to play. I've got Cotch, Deledio, Vlastuin and McEvoy. Opponents got Houli, Martin, Hanley and Minson. I've got 1trade left just in case Cotch is a late out or McEvoy has the vest. Not much cash though. Both got C on Gaz, VC on Pendles. This ones going down to the wire! I think I have the edge but not sure..oh and they get Tom Lee's score from their bench coz of Walkers out..
Should I make any trades Jock or will I be ok?

davidzita1 · 25/08/2013 at 09:43

Do I keep Buddy's 116 or go to Gaz?

    CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 12:07

    How are your match ups looking, PODs? Who is their capt? reading here that cotch could be a late out if that helps you?
    tough call…

      davidzita1 · 25/08/2013 at 12:48

      Guy I'm playing in one league has him Captain and I'm on track to lose that, guy in the other has Rockliff as Captain and I'm on track to win by 20 points. Other C options are Griffen, Rockliff and Cotchin even though he might be late out

        davidzita1 · 25/08/2013 at 12:49

        When I say has 'him' as Captain I mean he has Gaz as C

          Lach · 25/08/2013 at 13:01

          ive gone for broke! rocky captin!!

            CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 15:00

            good move

CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 12:17

Harbrow out, Khunt in. Might help gazza in the middle with a bigger body.
Gaz has averaged 133 with Khunt and 126 with out, spltting at straws but worth a thought

    CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 12:17

    This year that is

Lach · 25/08/2013 at 12:41

Any mail on Hanley? Really hope he's a late withdrawal, my only chance to win! I'm cooked in 2 finals, however close in another (30 points projected). Any thoughts on changing from Gaz to Rocky as captain as a POD move? Boom or bust basically!

    CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 22:15

    Lach how did the Rocky move work? Singing Eye of the Tiger?

PhippsCoastEagles · 25/08/2013 at 14:53

Disaster of a weekend, everything that could go wrong did….well except selecting Jelwood as C.

Brought in Suban & Walker with last two trades……..

When Walker out brought Lee in off the pine…….Tomahawk disaster……..

Off to Mad Monday!!

CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 19:44

4/4 bring on the GF's

    Super_Freak · 25/08/2013 at 20:01

    Great work CC

      CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 20:04

      cheers you too, nice roll of capt rocky.

      Captain dilemma next week as well. Still with Gaz as capt happy with 2430! There will be some big scores this week i think!

    ShinbonerSpirit · 25/08/2013 at 20:18

    Congrats mate.

Super_Freak · 25/08/2013 at 19:55

Stoked with my POD of Rocky as C. It was the difference, as my opponents had gaz. Throught to GF in both leagues by a sniff.

ShinbonerSpirit · 25/08/2013 at 20:11

2/4 in the GF. 2324 with Heppell and Walker down. Can't complain about too much, except for Duffield, Cotchin and McKenzie.

    Super_Freak · 25/08/2013 at 21:34

    Good score with the outs Shinboner. I managed 2226 with donut in def (ibbotson still out and clisby suspended). Also had O'keefe with 51.

Remy · 25/08/2013 at 20:15

Lost by 40 points, even with a score of 2355. absolutely shattered…

Jono · 25/08/2013 at 20:28

4/5 grand finals pretty happy with the week and I had one donut with walker and then I had lee as emergency who decided he didn’t want to show ip!!

Also the one leauge I lost the bloke pulled out a huge 2595 so I was a bit unlucky but overall very happy

    ShinbonerSpirit · 25/08/2013 at 20:36

    Damn! Wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of a 2595! Congrats with the GFs mate.

      Jono · 25/08/2013 at 21:58

      Thanks shinboner you’ve been a big help to me this year and I love reading you posts

    CashCows · 25/08/2013 at 22:14

    Good work JLo

Joel · 25/08/2013 at 21:36

You beauty 2440 this week, asserting my authority to my mates..! Won 5/5 leagues

Rocksta · 25/08/2013 at 22:43

Got 2306 with a doughnut in defence. Lost by 54.
Lesson for next year: keep at least 5 trades for finals
Thanks to all for comments and support throughout the season.Good luck to all of you whom have made GF's.

Andy · 26/08/2013 at 09:47

Pulled a 2421 – thought it was decent except for the fact that my opponent managed 2425. As much as I love my supercoach, she can definitely be a cruel mistress! Many thanks for the tips and advice this year Jock / community – couldn't have done it without you all!

On a side note, I hope Andrew Walker, wherever he is, is absolutely puking his bloody filthy guts up with the gastro that cost me my shot at glory

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