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supercoach flesh for fantasy

G’day community,

Carnage. Sheer carnage. Last weekend threw up some amazingly poor scores from those we rely on most – particularly when we need them most.

37 from Heath Shaw, 62 from Trent Cotchin, 78 from Nathan Fyfe, 30 from Aaron Sandilands, 60 from Jarryd Roughead and 25 from Dustin Martin. Those who managed to score highly missed out on the majority of these score, whilst for most (like myself) it was a bitter pill to swallow.

However, many would have had the week off or may have been lucky to scrape through. For those, forget the past and focus on what lies ahead – a big preliminary final and a ticket to the big dance.

Lots of defensive issues this week, so let’s begin!


ROBERT MURPHY (WBD) DEF – $394,900 DT/$506,000 SC
– Next 2 Games: BRIS (A), MELB (H)
– Recent Scores: 79, 147, 107, 90, 103

A man who’s benefited from the Dogs’ recent good run of form is Bob Murphy. Scores of 147, 107, 90 and 103 have coincided with a win over West Coast, a competitive effort against Sydney, and wins v Carlton and Adelaide.

Key reason for his form rise is the fact he’s finding more of the footy, averaging a touch under 27 disposals per game. Owned by 2.69% of teams, and a clash against Melbourne in Grand Final week beckoning, he could be the ideal replacement for Heppell/Hartlett.

HARLEY BENNELL (GCS) MID – $422, 600 DT/$490,500 SC
– Next 2 Games: STK (A), GWS (H)
– Recent Scores: 75, 61, 123, 122, 137

Many who jumped on early in season are wondering just where this form came from. An average of 127 over his last 3, Harley has come from nowhere, and with an ownership of 0.70%, he could be the ultimate POD given Gold Coast’s run home – St Kilda and GWS.

A key reason for his sudden rise to form is the new found attention Gary Ablett has been receiving. It’s freeing up Bennell to do as he pleases as sides are now following Melbourne’s suit and applying a really hard tag on Gaz. Worth the punt even in the run home if you need a POD to book a spot in the Grand Final.

LACHIE NEALE (FRE) MID – $353,100 DT/$412,700 SC
– Next 2 Games: PORT (H), STK (A)
– Recent Scores: 63, 104, 95, 120, 113

Lachie’s form has gone unnoticed to the point where I almost didn’t bother opening up his page on SuperCoach. Glad I did because I’ve nutted out a gem. Benefiting from an easy run home, Lachie has collected 26, 24, 26 and 30 touches in his last 4 and looks to have found his role under Ross the Boss.

With Hayden Ballantyne not expected to return ‘till right on finals time, Lachie won’t be squeezed out of the team and is safe until key players return. It’s a punt, but recent form and run home suggests he can keep it up and could be the finals winner you can brag about for years to come.

JED ADCOCK (BRIS) DEF – $391,400 DT/$447,400 SC
– Next 2 Games: WBD (H), GEE (A)
– Recent Scores: 81, 105, 90, 89, 107

His scoring this season hasn’t been ultra-premium like, but they have been consistent scores. You’ll get what you pay for with Jed. He hasn’t dropped under 80 since round 13. His stats seem to be consistent too. When he’s not collecting 25+ disposals, Jed will lay high number of tackles.

If you’re stuck with Heppell/Hartlett and out of cash, Adcock is an option if you want to play it safe. Guarantee 80+ scores (no different to Hartlett/Heppell ATM) and is cheaper than those 2 lads. Worth considering, similar scorer to Corey Enright.


HAMISH HARTLETT (PORT) DEF/MID – $422,700 DT/$460,700 SC
– Next 2 Games: Suspended
– Recent Scores: Irrelevant

Suspended for rest of regular season. Will play no further part in SuperCoach finals. If you’ve got him, dump him.

DYSON HEPPELL (ESS) DEF/MID – $404,300 DT/$407,800 SC
– Next 2 Games: CARL (A), RICH (H)
– Recent Scores: 81, 99, 77, 86, 39

Dyson too has been ruled out this week. However, is expected to return v Richmond. Wouldn’t hold onto him now we’re at the do or die stage. Turn him into a consistently high scorer and not sub to bench for a risk.


– Cyril Rioli (HAW), BE 79
– Brett Deledio (RICH), BE 42
– Marc Murphy (CARL), BE 49
– Todd Goldstein (NM), BE 99
– Jobe Watson (ESS), BE 77
– Brendon Goddard (ESS), BE 78
– Joel Selwood (GEE), BE 89
– Jimmy Bartel (GEE), BE 85
– David Mundy (FRE), BE 89
– Paul Duffield (FRE), BE 56
– Josh P Kennedy (SYD, BE 56
– Nick Riewoldt (STK), BE 75
– Rory Sloane (ADEL), BE 62

– Lance Franklin (HAW), BE 120
– Dayne Beams (COLL), BE 149
– Heath Shaw (COLL), BE 163
– Dustin Martin (RICH), BE 168
– Trent Cotchin (RICH), BE 169
– Gary Ablett Jr (GCS), BE 182
– Brent Harvey (NM), BE 192
– Josh J Kennedy (WCE), BE 158
– Steve Johnson (GEE), BE 138
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), BE 141
– Nathan Fyfe (FRE), BE 146
– Kieren Jack (SYD), BE 186
– Dan Hannebery (SYD), BE 143
– Jack Steven (STK), BE 123
– Tom Liberatore (WBD), BE 134
– Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), BE 143
– Ryan Griffin (WBD), BE 154


Big round this week, with some serious carnage down back. This topic of discussion dominates this week’s yarn in the pub. Here are the burning questions

mr crimmins tweet 1

ANSWER: At $416,300, he’s the perfect player to trade in if you’re low on funds. 106 in return against Collingwood is promising, but if you’ve got money in the bank, I’d go to a more consistent player. Sides will clamp down on Birchell and he won’t be given the freedom he was v Collingwood. Treat with caution for mine.

mr crimmins tweet 2
ANSWER: Depends on your financial situation. If you’ve got money in the bank, I’d go to a Murphy or Enright. However, if you don’t, Birchell and Jed Adcock (mentioned above) are good straight-swap options for the likes of Hartlett and Heppell.

mr crimmins tweet 3

ANSWER: Well, you’ll definitely have to burn a trade for Hartlett – he’s out for the rest of SuperCoach finals. Use the $$$ and send him to a gun backman. Wait and see with Hanley. If he plays this week, keep. If he doesn’t trade him out. Must have the best possible players on the park to give you best chance of winning.

mr crimmins tweet 4

ANSWER: Depends on your carnage. If you’ve got premium defenders out, trade them first. If you don’t, then I’d try moving Staker on this week. Best to hold onto Grimes now, back him in. Just depends on your current team’s situation. Wait ‘till team selection before making a judgement call.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Flesh. Good luck in what some say as the best week of the season. Glory is slowly peeping its head out in the distance. Remember, any questions can be posted below or tweeted to me at @Mr_Crimmins.

Mr Crimmins.

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Dippity doo

Versing 2 very good players this week in my top 4 prelims….Have 1 trade left and can afford any midfielder in the comp. Who would you reccomend bringing in out of Griffen, Swan, Watson, Cotchin? Note: I hate Crouch on the field and need to upgrade him to stand a chance this week!


6 weeks ago I would definately have said Griffen, but I reckon Swan is the best choice ATM.


Swan mate…..purely based on his current form……



I only have 1 trade left and 80k in the bank however I have harlett, Heppell and Cotchin. Which one should I trade out and who for??


Hartlett because he's out for the rest of the season. Murphy might be a good option but read the article there are a few more good options…


Thanks, I will probably get Bob Murphy. Like his consistency and ceiling


Suban, Enright or Adcock? I'm leaning towards Suban because of his recent scores and last two games but not sure.


I'm going Suban myself, great POD to end of season.


can buy anyone need to get rid of harlett and s thompson thinking hartlett to bob murphy and swinging thompson into the forward line via staker and getting a foward but which forward should i get?


Depends who you have already. Stevie J or Rockliff if you don't have them.



I have plenty of cash.

What do you think?


If you don't have Rob Murphy then i'll be looking to get him in……if you have him then i would go for Mr Consistent Enright………



Last trade of the year was Heppell to Murphy, although I'm a bit sad because that means Sam Jacobs has to remain in my side.


If anyone is desperate for a defender and hard up on cash, word is Kyle Hartigan will be back in for the Crows this week.


I overheard Jumping Jack could be out for the rest of the SC season…


Jack is playing this week


Guys should I play Tom Mitchell over Hanneberty?


Yeah I have both of them as well. I would hate for Hannerbery to have a stunner on the bench. I would still start him ahead of Mitchell but only just. I am still tossing up trading Hannebery coz he has been useless!


IMO……Mitchell may start as a sub……watch this space mate…….go with the senior players……..



I need to trade out Heppell and Hartlett and am keen on Bob Murphy as neither of my opponents owns him. However that trade doesn't leave me with much cash ($388k) for the second trade.. what are people's thoughts on Duffield ($343k) as a POD, considering Freo's good run home?

Backline is currently: Goddard, Hanley, Hartlett, Heppell, Shaw, Gibbs (L. Brown, Thurlow)



Yeah Duffman could be a good choice. If you have Staker in your fwd line, you could swing him to defence and bring in Rioli or Zorko. I have had Duffman since the start, and has been bringing in 80s which has been enough to get my team over the line. Good luck


I just traded heppell out for jed Adcock and also bought in chappy he will kill the swans he has been smashing the vfl the last 3 or 4 weeks I got rid of cocth he gave me anther bad score so chappy comes in and birchel in next week also ivan maric


Chapman will be a massive risk…

High chance he might start as the sub


Chappy might start as sub this week mate… out…….IMO a very big risk……



Yeah have to agree. Chapman is very risky.


Get him out:

Ricky Henderson – gone for the season after surgery.


Thanks-wasn't sure whether to keep him or not


Final trade of the year…

Heppell > O'Brien


Heppell > Hibberd

Or is there a better option…



Heppell to Hibberd is not a bad option mate……but do you have Birch in your team……if not consider him as well…..came back from injury last week and scored a ton…….



Have 1 trade left and plenty of cash

Who should i get (for midfield)?

Heres my mid atm: Swan, ablett, pendles, j selwood, cotchin, griffen, s mitchell, watson

with crouch as emergency


Hold trade in case you need it for next week. Mid pretty strong, any other line need upgrading first?


Trade Josh J Kennedy (WestCoast) or keep him? Whats the reasons behind his bad scores lately?


How many trades have you got left and depends if you have any other problems in you team


Murphy or Birchill to replace Hartlett? Have heaps of cash but cant decide between these two. Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!


Murphy……..IMO…..he is in good form…….Yes Birchall scored well after he returned from his injury, but still Murphy is doing really well from past 2 months I think……..and dogs are playing lions and demons in their last 2 games of the season…..whereas hawks have a reasonably tough draw in the next 2 games…..this is purely my opinion mate……go with your gut mate……either of them hopefully should be a good pick up……good luck…..



Thanks mate. Appreciate it.


Murphy for me, Birch has tougher run home and lack of match fitness may hold him back (hope not as i am a Hawks fan)


Hi Jock beloved community…one step closer before making my first grand final.

Need some advice do I go

Heppel to Pearce Freo

or go hepell to ryhce shaw (syd) then upgrade priddis to dangerfield / barlow / watson

or hepell to ryhce shaw and upgrade staker / rioli to andrew walker / bartel / dusty martin /

Please help :)))) thanks mates


Not sure on Rhyce Shaw.

If you are wanting to upgrade Pridis I would go Watson, Barlow then Dangerfield in order. Danger spending time forward which unless he kicks 4 or more goals will keep his scores below what the other two may score.

I would hold Rioli and turn Staker into Walker or Bartel.

Good luck


Not sold on Shaw, Heppell to Birch ??. With the other upgrade if Staker is on your starting 22 i would upgrade to Jimmy Bartel. Just food for thought Gazz all the best on your quest for Glory.


Heppell to Birchall or Hanley?




Birch !!


Going to use last trade for the year to get rid of Hanneberry so will have 480k to spend. I have fwd and def links so have plenty of options.

I think my top 3 (mainly on point scoring potential) are Richard Douglas, Lachie Neale and Michael Hibberd. My concerns,

A. Douglas tagged against Freo and Port Adelaide and scored 60 odd, will Melbourne tag him as he can be quietened as opposed to the likes of Sloane, Thompson and Dangerfield.

B. Neale can I really trust my plums at this stage of the year with someone that has played 18 games??

C. Hibberd. Hard to know what this week will do to Essendon players.

Honourable mentions to Enright, Jordan Lewis and Chris Mayne, but one of my opponents has all 3. Maybe the option is to match up with one of these players and use others already in team as the pod's.


I like Lewis out of all those named . If you need a POD i like the look of Neale with Barlow, Fyfe Mundy, Hill, Suban, & Pearce they have a super & underrated Midfield. It kills me to say that because i am a Mad WCE fan. Neale has been consistent over the last four weeks (104,95,120,113) i know the opposition has not been elite but he is getting a fair share of the pill. He has two more soft games to finish. All the best in your quest for glory Gilly.


Thanks BestCoast, being a Hawks fan I have a soft spot for Lewis, only concern is that he gets the occassional run with role.

All the best to you for this week.


What do people reckon, just play Staker on the ground for Heppell? But I have Handley too so if he's a late out I'm stuffed!

1 trade left, could obviously use on Heppel to Bob Murphy but also have the underperforming JJK in forwards still and could upgrade to Rocky (or swing Cox fwd and bring in Goldstein)…



Same Boat Julz. It sucks that the lions are the last game of the round. I too have the dashing Irishman and are nervous as well. He was out four 4 weeks but was back the very next week not long ago ( I think if he got hit by a truck he would play the next week) Wanting to bring in a Mid & a Forward but are held back with my back line dramas definitely don't want a doughnut though. I think when final teams are announced this evening we will no a bit more. All the Best Julz.


Thanx BCE hopefull we can both make the right decision.

It's annoying West Coast are playing tonight as Bris last game Sunday as the players I want to trade involve these 2 teams. If I don't pull the trigger on JJK today I am stuck with him. But on the flip side if I get rid of him then Hanley a late out I am stuffed anyway!! This last trade is burning a hole in my pocket!!! 🙂


I need a cheap, good forward (as in really cheap- 300,000) 3 trades left who to get (1 left for this round)


Best I found was Lewis Johnston $235,000 an average of 75 and playing melbourne this week


Need some help with my defence community!
I need to get rid of Heppell and I would like to know who u think is the best option to come in 430k or under… Im thinking Birchall. My defence now is: Goddard, H.Shaw, Heppell, Gibbs, Duffield, Staker.


IMO birch is the best under 530k


Bachar Houli could be a handy POD


Hey community,
I've got two trades left and $5000 in the bank
I've got Hartlett in my side and want to bring in bob murphy or birch
I also have Sam Jacobs who I'm not to happy about him being in my side as well.
Option 1: out Jacobs and Hartlett in Maric and birch
Option 2:out Tom Nicholls/jacobs and Hartlett and in pyke and bob murphy
Option 3: out Hartlett in birch

Happy with these trades as they give me good PODs

Help would be greatly appreciated


Personally I would go with option 2… Bobby Murphy has been great for me and Pyke is a consistent high scoring POD premium.


Thanks mate
my only problem with that is to play Jacobs or pyke on the field




Can you do an emergency loop with Jacobs and your R4??

I had him till 3 weeks ago and was really "pleased" when he scored 99 and 130 the weeks after we parted company.

I'd be tempted to go option 3 and keep a trade up your sleeve. Jacobs against Melbourne this week may score well especially if you can loop him.


Need to trade Heppell out! My current backline is Goddard, Hanley, Heppell, Murphy, Gibbs, Shaw, Terlich and Thurlow. Money is no problem! Who should I get in? Ideas will be appreciated!


If you're looking for a good POD mackie
If not hibberd


OUT Shuey IN R Murphy or T Liberatore? Thoughts community …


Libba for me


VC on selwood and C on Nicholls then go to ablett if selwood scores poorly