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Captain Hindsight

Published by Jock on

Supercoach strategy with MickThis is it community. No more second chances.

It is winner takes all preliminary final time and what could be worse than going out by having the wrong Captain.

I know the pain only too well myself, as I have made some vital captain errors over the past two weeks. These errors have contributed heavily to my overall ranking going south and has effectively ended my shot at the top prize. For those of you who don’t know, these have been my Captain selections over the past two weeks.

Round 20: Vice Captain – Ablett for 67 (did not take), Captain – Sandilands for 63 x2
Round 21: Vice Captain – Ablett for 97 (did not take), Captain – Dangerfield for 86 x2

I won’t lie community, I cried – A LOT.

I called Jock up on Monday and told him it was all over. Told him the bungalow was going to have to wait another year for its lick of paint and that I’d call over to fix the sink myself, just like the ordinary folk would do. I said I can’t pick a Captain and I’m over this game. I thought Jock might take on the mentoring role once again and put the metaphorical arm around me but WOW was I wrong. If you thought his spray to the under-performing stars of the AFL was impressive in the podcast you should have heard him go off at me on Monday evening. Basically to cut a long story short he just reminded me that you get nowhere in this wonderful game by dwelling on the weeks that have gone past. He’s told me if I want to be a truly great Fantasy player I must look forward and learn from the mistakes of yesteryear. I am just paraphrasing here but I do remember it did end word for word like this;

“Get off this f***** phone and go get researching your f****** Captains for next week … oh and Mick, write it up your findings for the Community. They f****** love you and need you and your f****** crying on the phone to me when there are many out there in our beloved community just looking for an edge to get them into a grand final. For f**** sake Mick, pull yourself together and if you can’t do it for yourself then do it for your f****** community”

And need I say anymore, here I am committed to finding you the best VC and C combo’s out there.

The Trusted Ablett Vice Captain Approach

You might have noticed above that both weeks I had made Ablett Vice Captain. I have done this all year and it had been working perfectly. As Ablett is the best scoring player in my team there was a high probability that he would produce a Captain worthy score most weeks. Then if for some reason he would have a bad week I would get a second chance by putting the Captain on someone else. This is something I hadn’t given much thought to all year and over the last two weeks where Ablett’s scores haven’t been Captain Worthy I have taken a punt on players without truly doing enough research to back those punts up, and paying the price.

I think most people would have been taken the Ablett Vice Captain Approach but circumstances are a little different this week and I don’t think Ablett is a very viable vice-captain or captain for that matter. With Gold Coast playing in the third last game of the weekend it only gives you two games to choice a captain from if Ablett once again fails to give us a Captain worthy score. I also have it under good authority that Ablett isn’t running at 100%. It is very unlike Ablett to score less than 100 for two straight weeks so the stats are backing that call up. So I think this could be the week to throw the VC on somebody else so let’s get straight in there shall we.

Friday 23rd Collingwood vs West Coast (MCG)

Placing a VC in a Collingwood game is very hard for the soul reason of who do I put it on, Swan or Pendlebury. Add to the mix now that Beams can be a very viable option and it becomes a real headache. However I do think you will get a really good Captain score out of this game as I can’t see anyone in the West Coast team been able to do a shutdown role on any of these stars. Scot Selwood ran with his brother last week and Joel wiped the floor with him (literally, he used his head as a cloth, we all seen that right?). Expect the same this week.

The break down:

Dane Swan
Last 5 scores: 129 128 108 159 95
3 Round Average: 121.7
Average vs Opponent: 107
Last 3 vs Opponent: 117(MCG), 118(Patersons), 86(MCG)
Venue Average: 117.42

Swan is in good form currently but doesn’t have the greatest record against the Eagles. He does love playing at the MCG but that hasn’t stopped him form scoring poorly against the Eagles on the ground in the past. I like to look for a 130+ form a captain and because Swan hasn’t broken the 120 in his last three meetings with a low of 86 at the MCG I’ll be staying away this week.

Scott Pendlebury
Last 5 scores: 110 150 105 92 103
3 Round Average: 121.7
Average vs Opponent: 108.83
Last 3 vs Opponent: 155(Patersons), 138(MCG) 139(Etihad)
Venue Average: 117.42

Pendlebury’s form of late has dropped off from his early season blistering form. His score of 150 against Sydney has been his only score above 130 since round 16 with his next best only been 110 which came last week. However the signs look good this week if Pendlebury’s recent record is anything to go by. Has scored over 130 in each of his last three games against the eagles and appears to enjoy the West Coast midfield match ups. Appears to be a really good option this week and one I will be giving serious consideration to.

Dayne Beams
Last 5 scores: 109 96 96 134 134
3 Round Average: 100.3
Average vs Opponent: 111.75
Last 3 vs Opponent: 128(MCG), 123(Patersons), 89(MCG)
Venue Average: 95.98
After coming back strong after his lengthy injury break, things have slowed down a little for Beams, having only averaged 100.3 in the last three weeks. However like Pendles, Beams does like playing against West Coast scoring over 120 in his last two home and away games against them. He also had a best of ground display against them in a qualifying final last year that would have produced 154pts. As not too many coaches have him, he might be worth a look as you are almost certain he will be POD for you. Certainly if you think your other match ups are weaker than your opponent then I wouldn’t be afraid to put the VC on Beams in hope he could replicate that last match against the Eagles. The safe money would still see you put the VC on Pendlebury first.

There isn’t much value on the West Coast side as Priddis, Selwood and Cox having very inconsistent scores all year and no real indicators to suggest that they can provide a Captains score in this game.


The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Pendlebury: 138
Beams: 122
Swan: 107

Saturday 24th Adelaide vs Melbourne (AAMI) – 13:15

Not too many captain worthy players on show from these two teams. You would want your head examined to have any Melbourne player in your line up (with the exception of Terlich), let alone a Captain. Adelaide have quality but all their stars have suffered from patchy form all year long and really only have one player who is capable of producing a captain worthy score of 130+

The break down:

Patrick Dangerfield
Last 5 scores: 86 101 111 70 136
3 Round Average: 99.3
Average vs Opponent: 60.8
Last 3 vs Opponent: 106(MCG), 52(MCG), 33(MCG)
Venue Average: 91.04

As you can see from the above everything is pointing away from Dangerfield this week. His current form is low, his average versus Melbourne is shocking and he has had two sub 60 scores in his last three against Melbourne. However I’m going to whack out my smokie of the round right now.

All the pointers say stay away but if you have Dangerfield this week I would consider him strongly for the Vice-Captain role. With Adelaide playing the second game up you will have plenty of players to choice a Captain from if he fails to deliver a 130+ game.
Yes his form is poor but we must remember that he was injured in round 16 against the Pies and has been playing forward a fair bit since his return. I wouldn’t worry about his record against the demons either as those really low scores where in 2011 and 2010 long before the beast Dangerfield we know today. He hasn’t scored big since round 15 and reckon he is due a big score very soon. This could be the week.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Dangerfield: 144

Saturday 24th North Melbourne vs Hawthorn (Etihad) – 14:10

If North haven’t put the cue in the rack this promises to be a great game. Picking a Captain from it on the otherhand may prove difficult. What I find remarkable about this Hawthorn team from a fantasy stand point is that they have only one player who has averaged over 100 points per game this season. I guess going the other way it shows the team mentality at the Hawks where every player contributes. However from a fantasy football perspective they don’t give us much from to choose from when looking for a Captain.

The break down:

Tood Goldstein
Last 5 scores: 124 109 82 158 97
3 Round Average: 112.3
Average vs Opponent: 112
Last 3 vs Opponent: 119(MCG), 127(Aurora), 114(Aurora)
Venue Average: 92.81

Goldstien has actually got a pretty good record against the Hawks which I find a little surprising as he goes up against a three ruck combo of Bailey, Hale and Roughead. He has already scores 119 against them this year and his current form is good without been spectacular. I see Goldstein having a solid score but producing a Captain worthy score of 130+ will probably be a step too far. If you fail with a Vice Captain on the Friday night and are looking for a safe bet over the rest of the weekend you could do a lot worse than Goldstien.

Brent Harvey
Last 5 scores: 72 43 130 137 98
3 Round Average: 81.7
Average vs Opponent: 98.11
Last 3 vs Opponent: 63(Aurora), 96(Aurora), 110(Aurora)
Venue Average: 100.49

Harvey has been very up and down all year and his current form is poor, failing to break 80 in the last two rounds. Doesn’t have a great record against the Hawks in recent meetings either and hasn’t given any indication that will change this weekend. Stay away.

Sam Mitchell
Last 5 scores: 95 115 125 96 51
3 Round Average: 111.7
Average vs Opponent: 121.25
Last 3 vs Opponent: 137(MCG), 133(Aurora), 137(Aurora)
Venue Average: 100.92

Sam loves playing the Kangaroos and has a great record against them. In his last three games against them he has averaged 135.6 and I like his chances to keep that going. North tend to back themselves to win their own ball and don’t apply any great tagging pressure on their direct opponents leaving the likes of Mitchell to get a few cheapies he might not get in other weeks. If you have got Sam he could prove to be a very unique Captain this week.

Lance Franklin
Last 5 scores: 101 53 119 61 100
3 Round Average: 91.0
Average vs Opponent: 119.88
Last 3 vs Opponent: 57(MCG), 236(Aurora), 96(Aurora)
Venue Average: 100.92

I couldn’t skip over this game without mentioning Buddy. He has a very high average against the Kangaroos but that is due in no small part to his 13 goal 236pt game against them last year. That would have sucked a lot of people in for the round 5 clash this year where Buddy came out with 57. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice .. Well you know where I’m going. I’d say we are more likely to see a score closer to the 57 than the 236 this weekend and I’d advise you all to stay away.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict:

Mitchell: 135
Goldstien: 118
Harvey: 92
Franklin: 86

Saturday 24th Geelong vs Sydney (Simonds) – 16:40

This one is set to be a cracker and a possible September preview. Lots of class on show and some very relative fantasy options.

The break down:

Joel Selwood
Last 5 scores: 144 160 103 151 137
3 Round Average: 135.7
Average vs Opponent: 106.9
Last 3 vs Opponent: 163(SCG), 101(SCG), 111(Simonds)
Venue Average: 114.68

The in form player of the competition with a three round average of 135.7 and a five round average of 139.0 WOW. Loves playing the Swans too and has already scored 163 against them this year. Joel has really stepped it up in the second half of the year and has finally started to add goals to his game. Arguably the only thing that was holding him back from been a Super Elite player like the Ablett, Pendlebury and Swan. Is probably the most obvious Captain option this week?

Steve Johnson
Last 5 scores: 110 96 106 120 143
3 Round Average: 104.0
Average vs Opponent: 107.82
Last 3 vs Opponent: 97(SCG), 91(SCG), 89(Simonds)
Venue Average: 96.98

Johnson has dropped off over the last three weeks and hasn’t given us a Captain worthy score since round 16 versus Melbourne. His best scores against a top 8 team this year have been 123 against Essendon and 151 against Port. Don’t see him giving us a Captain worthy score against Sydney.

Kieren Jack
Last 5 scores: 80 75 141 146 126
3 Round Average: 98.7
Average vs Opponent: 87.89
Last 3 vs Opponent: 130(SCG), 117(SCG), 83(Simonds)
Venue Average: 73.25

Jack has seen a dip in form over the past two weeks failing to crack the tonne on both occasions. This was coming off the back of some very good midseason form where he scored over 120 in 9 out of 13 rounds from round 6 to round 19. His dip could b to do with an additional training load during the week ensuring he is ready for finals. His recent record against Geelong is good and although he hasn’t played that well at Simonds I’m backing Jack to score well this week. Probably won’t produce a Captain worthy 130+ score and I would have other players ahead of Jack in this game.

Josh P Kennedy
Last 5 scores: 136 93 68 82 108
3 Round Average: 99
Average vs Opponent: 90.5
Last 3 vs Opponent: 80(SCG), 94(SCG), 105(Simonds)
Venue Average: 92.33

Where is the JPK we have all come to love? After starting the season like a house on fire, averaging 122 after round 8 Kennedy has really fallen away. I suspect the emergence of the super duo of Jack and Hannebery have had an effect on his output this year and until last week he hasn’t given us a Captain worthy score since round 8 against Fremantle. It is great for Sydney that he may be playing himself into to good form for September but I won’t be getting too carried away with his 136 last week. Hasn’t the greatest record against Geelong and I’d be very surprised to see a 130+ score again this week. Backing him to score well but just not well enough.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Selwood: 136
Kennedy: 114
Jack: 114
Johnson: 102

Saturday 24th Carlton vs Essendon (MCG) – 19:40

OK – so in case you don’t know this by now I have the misfortune of going for the Blues. I have been to a Carlton vs Essendon game every year since I have been in this wonderful country and I am yet to see a win. I am going again this Saturday night and if they can’t get over the line against an Essendon side that has lost by over 40pts for four weeks straight i’ll be doing more than just crying. What are we talking about again? .. Oh right, fantasy captains. The Blues only have one player averaging over a 100 this year and although the likes of Brock the machine McLean and Kade Simpson have been in really good form of late, the fact that they are both owned by less that 0.8% of teams means I doubt they will come into consideration when selecting a Captain.

The break down:

Andrew Walker
Last 5 scores: 110 83 85 114 109
3 Round Average: 92.7
Average vs Opponent: 78.22
Last 3 vs Opponent: 140(MCG), 82(MCG), 143(MCG)
Venue Average: 80.33

You can pretty much discount Walkers previous record pre 2013 as he now plays a completely different role. He has had a great year but has cooled off over the last few weeks with just one score over 100 in the last three weeks. One stat of interest is that he does tend to score well when the blues win. Has had 7 scores over 100 in the Blues 10 wins this year. If you think the Blues will put Essendon to the sword this weekend and you have had a fail with your Vice Captain then Walker could be worth a punt if you are chasing points late in the round. Probably better options out there.

Jobe Watson
Last 5 scores: 116 118 115 24 127
3 Round Average: 116.3
Average vs Opponent: 97.18
Last 3 vs Opponent: 79(MCG), 104(MCG), 87(MCG)
Venue Average: 105.33

The fantasy shinning light at Essendon and has done really well in a losing team since his return from injury. However doesn’t have a great record against the Blues and I would probably avoid him this weekend.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Walker: 112
Watson: 106

Smokey for those chasing points
Murphy: 132

Saturday 24th Fremantle vs Port Adelaide (Patersons) – 19:40

Picking a Captain from Fremantle is almost as difficult as picking one from Collingwood. Who is going to be top scorer from Barlow, Mundy and Fyfe?

The break down:

Michael Barlow
Last 5 scores: 117 105 110 115 104
3 Round Average: 110.7
Average vs Opponent: 86.67
Last 3 vs Opponent: 80(Patersons), 94(AMMI), 86(Patersons)
Venue Average: 107.12

Barlow has been super consistent over the coarse of the year and hasn’t dropped below 100 since round 6. Now that is impressive. However he has only scored over 130 on four occasions and the last been in round 13 against North. Hasn’t the best record against Port and would tend to think he is unlikely to give us a Captain worthy score in this encounter.

David Mundy
Last 5 scores: 115 103 94 92 81
3 Round Average: 104.0
Average vs Opponent: 84
Last 3 vs Opponent: 77(Patersons), 104(AAMI), 91(Patersons)
Venue Average: 90.64

Like Barlow, Mundy doesn’t have the best record against Port. If you only have Mundy out of the three Fremantle midfielders I wouldn’t be looking at him as an option this week.

Nathan Fyfe
Last 5 scores: 78 105 138 131 88
3 Round Average: 107.0
Average vs Opponent: 84.67
Last 3 vs Opponent: 87 (AAMI), 103(AAMI), 64(Patersons)
Venue Average: 96.05

Again like both Barlow and Mundy, Fyfe doesn’t have the best record against Port. His form has been down of late also, with just a 78 and 105 in the past two weeks against the bottom two teams of the competition. I do think he will lift this week but I wouldn’t be confident he could produce a Captain worthy score.

Travis Boak
Last 5 scores: 172 105 114 105 89
3 Round Average: 130.3
Average vs Opponent: 71.33
Last 3 vs Opponent: 71 (Patersons), 84(AAMI), 99(Patersons)
Venue Average: 94.4

Don’t get too sucked in by this inform player. Just have a look at who will be going to him this weekend! One Ryan Crowley. Enough said for me. Stay away.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Fyfe: 117
Barlow: 108
Mundy: 92
Boak: 92

Sunday 25th Saint Kilda vs Gold Coast (Etihad) – 13:10

Only one real option from this game and we all know who that is: Nick Riewoldt .. sorry wait no, that’s not right

The break down:

Gary Ablett
Last 5 scores: 97 67 100 116 178
3 Round Average: 88.0
Average vs Opponent: 113.11
Last 3 vs Opponent: 178(Metricon), 143(EtihadI), 64(Metricon)
Venue Average: 120.28

It is very hard for me to say this but I think Ablett is well down the order for me this week. His recent form is telling me he isn’t 100% and he hasn’t given us a Captain worthy score since round 17. I never like to bet against the Champ but this week he won’t feature in my Vice-Captain or Captain selections.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Gary Ablett: 107

Sunday 25th GWS vs Richmond (Skoda) – 15:20

GWS have been great at limiting the scores of the fantasy elite this season and I don’t expect that to change this week again. Expect both Cotchin and Deledio to be well checked this week.

The break down:

Trent Cotchin
Last 5 scores: 62 103 144 99 137
3 Round Average: 103
Average vs Opponent: 99.0
Last 3 vs Opponent: 99(Skoda)
Venue Average: 99

Cotchin banged out his lowest score for the year last week with a 62. It was revealed later that he has a bruised shin and was a doubt for this week’s game. Although he has been named I’d be staying well away as a Captain choice.

Brett Deledio
Last 5 scores: 143 118 109 75 64
3 Round Average: 123.3
Average vs Opponent: 132
Last 3 vs Opponent: 132(Skoda)
Venue Average: 132

Deledio has hit some form again after a low point during the middle part of the year. However I’d expect Deledio to get the first tag this weekend and as I have mentioned above GWS seem to be very effective in shutting down players. Do you remember having a good Captain score against GWS this year? Me neither. Stay away.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Brett Deledio: 109
Trent Cotchin: 94

Sunday 25th Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs (Gabba) – 15:20

The final round of the weekend and if you are like me you will probably be hoping you won’t need a Captain from this game. I think there are a couple of viable options all the same.

The break down:

Tom Rockliff
Last 5 scores: 105 126 166 111 128
3 Round Average: 132.3
Average vs Opponent: 95.33
Last 3 vs Opponent: 122(Etihad), 147 (Etihad), 43(Gabba)
Venue Average: 105.33

Rockliff has probably only been behind Selwood for the most inform Fantasy player of the last five rounds. A very viable option this week and if he was playing in the first game instead of the last I’d be advising to put the Vice-Captain on him. Hasn’t scored below 100 since round 14 where he has been a permanent fixture in the midfield with no more prolonged spells forward. If you do decide to Vice-Captain Ablett then Rockliff is your best option if Ablett fails.

Ryan Griffen
Last 5 scores: 78 114 126 102 140
3 Round Average: 106.0
Average vs Opponent: 101.88
Last 3 vs Opponent: 138(Etihad), 115 (Etihad), 102(Gabba)
Venue Average: 81.75

Ryan Clangerhappy Giffen. I think that’s his middle name anyway. You might look at his recent games and think he must have had a few quite ones with scores of 78 and 102 in his last five. However he has had 25+ possessions in each of those games. The only difference is that he had 7 clangers last week and 7 in round 18 where he scored 102. He is always going to get heaps of it but it has turned into a lottery on how he uses it. I’ll back him in to come back strong this week.

The Mad Irishman’s Verdict
Tom Rockliff: 132
Ryan Giffen: 128

Final Word

Vice-Captain – Pendlebury, Captain – Selwood
Vice-Captain – Pendlebury, Captain – Mitchell
Vice-Captain – Mitchell, Captain Selwood
Vice-Captain – Selwood, Captain – Rockliff
Vice-Captain – Selwood, Captain – Ablett
Vice-Captain – Ablett, Captain – Rockliff
Vice-Captain –Ablett, Captain Griffen

Smokey for the Round: Patrick Dangerfield

Stay tuned..

Mick the Mad Irishman

And make sure you follow him on twitter


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So reckon Selwood is gonna be the best bet?


I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done. Congratulations on a stellar season Mick the Mad Irishman my heart bleeds with you, the community shares your pain in not being able to grab the chocolates. Would like to thank you for all the great posts through out the season and sharing some of your wisdom. Hope you close out the season with a bang Mick the Mad Irishman A Footy season spent making a few mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a Footy season spent doing nothing. I need to rev it up on my opponent and are going VC Dangerman loop into Selwood toss the coin Ablett. Cheers Mick all the Best Mate.


Great article Mick. I'm a bit worried about Dangerman as well, as my opponent has him and I don't. There are going to be Adelaide players that score big against Melbourne, just got to pick which ones..oh how I wish I could afford Selwood too. Cheers for the article! Good work


Awesome article Mick.
It's no wonder you have done so well in SC this year with this level of research and information.
I'm in a bit of a predicament this week having to overcome a doughnut and as such am going to put the VC on Swanny as I think my opponent will go VC Pendles


Incredible breakdown, Mick. Wish my team was still alive so I could take advantage.

Best of luck, Mad One!


Anybody in the inner sanctum at Brisbane? Will Hanley play this week or be a late withdrawal?


Watched the game last week and I reckon he will play. Only looked like a slight niggle last week and was probably red vested as a precaution


Would be very surprised if he misses, i recon if Handley got hit by a truck he would bounce back next week and play. If he is out i will be whistling Dixie.


Is Big Boy McEvoy going to play?


Not sure about Big Boy McEvoy Rocksta, final teams will drop at about 6.30 on the AFL website. He is named in the team but there has to be 3 omitted from that list by 6.30.


Great effort and great detail as always Mick! Appreciated!


I have 2 donuts in the backline so the captain choice has to be perfect for me. I'm going to go Swan VC over Pendles because i need the potential big score. For captain should i go Stevie J who could go huge or BArlow who is very consistent?


G'day Josh, check your opponent and see who he is likely to VC loop hole & how many POD you have. If you are going to cop 2 bagels and have plenty of POD all is not lost. If your POD are minimal you need to really throw caution to the wind. I would rather lose by 200 putting my plums on the block than lose by 50 going through the motions. You have one chance a glory mate. All the best on your quest Josh.


Where is this weeks video Jock?

Anyone thinking Ibbotson might return next week? Im guessing his season is over. Trade Heppell & Ibbotson or Heppell & Crisby for 350k DEF and hope Ibbo returns next week?


Pretty sure Clisby suspended for rest of season, so option 2 would be best.


Slightly off topic, but on Heppell:

My defence is Goddard, Hibberd, Heppell, Houli, McKenzie, Terlich (Duffield, Colquourn)

1 trade and $79k left.

Considering I have Duffield as cover, is there any point in getting rid of Heppell now? I've heard he could be back in the final round. That would leave me with a trade left to cover any other injuries or get rid of under performers such as JJK.


My gut tells me ablett My gut tells me ablett My gut tells me ablett My gut tells me ablett My gut tells me ablett.. never write off the little master.. My gut tells me ablett.


Thanks for all the great info as usual Mick.

I had already made my mind up to put the VC on Pendles and the C on Rockliff. Have a donut in defence this week and this could be my POD to get over the line. Gonna be tough though.


VC me tonight guys i will not let you down


I hope it's PendleFeast tonight dinning on West Coast Carcases.


Hello community have just changed the name of my team to Krispy Kreme, plenty of Doughnuts going cheap 6 for a dollar.




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If you played SuperCoach in 2013, simply login with your registered email address and password.

Name your team and choose a squad of 11 players within your $3.7 million salary cap, in each week of Finals, who'll earn you points based on their real-life performances. Name your Captain, who'll score triple points, and Vice Captain, who scores double points.

During the finals series, make unlimited trades and pick a new team each week – right through to the 2013 AFL Grand Final.


Hey Mick, well done, great season. Again, everytime I read your articles, I feel we've had a parallel ride this year in SC.

-Picked up the same trades, around same times then lost them (Daisy, Birchall), Priddis (value pick).

-Strong mids, rucks, fwds all year, but experienced some backline carnage (this is where I think we differed on our decisions, I stayed with Gibbs Goodes not sure which way you went, and I never got Vlas' ride)

-Getting into the top 500 on the back of some strong captains choices and wins through byes (you were moving through top 100 at similar time perhaps? Even the bad rounds, those above us had them too it seems and had some surprising jumps in the overall on shocking rounds.

But yeah ditto I pretty much had to nail it from there on out to have a change. Unfortunately I have not had a decent captains choice since Pendles back to back 150s where I hit 2 x 2400's after a 2300 and found myself in top 500 about 400 pts off the pace I think which has since stretched out further?.

Round 17 – The rot for me started when I missed GAJ 178 getting Pendles sub 100 score. Ironically i did that last year when he had his 180 game. Biggest score for the year missed yet again.

Round 18 – Ablett (VC) 116 – had massive deliberation, Swan or Pendles? Took Pendles(C) 92 vs Swans 159
Round 19 – Swan (VC) 108 – took Ablett (C) 100
Round 20 – SJ (VC) 96 – ended up with Abletts (C) 67
Round 21 – Ablett (VC) 97 – took Rockliff (C) 105

Am now 731 Overall Rank, and having a good round proj 2418 but missed out on Enright. Was between him and Birch.

I read Crimmins Flesh this week and discussions by community and Enright came up as strong nod. Consistency was great, but lacked high scoring potential IMO.

At back of mind, Wwas worried might get rested next week (last week finals) so I took Birchall, who as Crimmo said be wary of – I figured from comments made, and his rest period, he should find plenty of ball, and be 80-90minimum, as one of the more prolific disposal generators when fresh, I felt he will add some run and could very well go 120+

Shoulda listened, and even had a moment where I stopped myself, and said, remember when you didn't take the Vlas advice? hahaha

Great season Micko, and great read. Next year matey, good luck for ya finals.


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