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Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – Prelim week

Published by Jock on

Prelim finals podcast

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Girlfriends. Money. Wives….. Supercoach grand final aspirations.

Plenty have met their 2013 fantasy footy doom at the hands of the biggest set of Semi Finals under-performers in the history of our game. The list is too long to include on this page but let me tell you I address the issue face to face with some of the main offenders in this episode.

Well done if you’re in a Prelim next week! Huge week for you lot and there are treats aplenty for all in this week’s show:

  • What defense options to look at if Hartlett, Hanley and Heppell are out next week
  • I interview Mick The Mad Irishman… was ranked 11th at the beginning of Semi Finals weekend.
  • General tomfoolery and hi-jinx

You don’t want to miss this one community.

** Our mate John – coach of TheDimmaWits is now leading Supercoach by a whopping 104 points and looks set to win the $50K. Our interview here**

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My seasons done. Thanks to the community for a great season and wonderful tips along the way. Bring on 2014!


Thanks Jock Mate. Couldn't have made it this far without you and everyone who helps out on this great website.


I could be in the same boat, but never give up.


Thanks for everything boys im out lost to some spud love you all xxxx


Thank you so much to Jock, Higgo, Mr Crimmins, Mick the mad Irishman and the community for all of your great insight. Bad luck to all of those eliminated recently and all the best to those who are fighting to earn themselves a spot in the dream team grand final. Good luck.




Kind words DT_Legend love your style you are a true asset to the community mate. All the Best Legend


Thanks for all your work Jock. Could there please be a focus on Captains this week as they are a prick to choose at the moment with nobody constantly doing the job? With Garry not scoring well there are a lot more POD captains therefore make or break decisions…

Cheers for all your help son


Willy's right. A focus on captains would be a help to all of us. Thanks jock. Love your work.


Selwood and rockliff are the pick at the momment even swan is starting to find form


thanks for the year guys……..good luck for the finals 'I bleed teal'.



Are Heppell& Hanley definitely out next week?
If so, I'm cooked. I can cover Hartlett but don't have any trades left for the other 2.
Who would figure 3 injuries across 1 line.
Oh it is an unforgiving game


Yeah not looking good. Defence has been an unmitigated shemozzle all season long and this is just the final kick in the aggots.

What a miserable weekend of fantasy footy!


And with Cox likely to be out next round, thinks it could get worse.


cox will be playing next week and isnt suspended due to a clean record for something like 6 years


I didn't say anything about Cox!


G'day Jock, I'm still alive in a league with John (Dimmawits) and…. if I win next week……., will face him in the GF…….which is pretty exciting. He carved me up in the last round before the finals so I expect the same if I get there, but it'll be some form of bragging rights just to be going head to head against him. Thx for the interview with him last week, which was terrific


Jock we all know that PoD’s win us supercoach games. We know it takes a bit of guts to go out on a limb and say I’m bloody going with my gut. I’m thinking outside the box as you MUST in finals.. Your lad Jack Stevens impressed the hell outta me I must say.. I’m thinking maybe Jacky Boy could hold the key to a the last game.. But could Crowley go to him. Another one I’m thinking.. Big Bad Bustling Bob Murphy.. Plays Melbourne the last week.. Just over 500k.. With potential donuts in the back line (as always) is bobby a viable option.

I breathe for another week in my leagues, but this where boys are transformed to men, where the real sorta prestige cream really rises to the top of that all important supercoach hierarchy.

Lots of love, Doc.


I Colliwobbled bad. Finished on top of my league ladder, 2000 points clear of the person who came second, then Iost both finals – lost his week by 10 points to a ten year old. Anyway it's been fun and I enjoy the game a lot. Thanks Jock and Co, very entertaining and informative.


Hey Balls.

I reckon you have fallen victim to the 30 trades, and no games till round 4 scenario we discussed a few weeks back.

To finish 2000 points clear you obviously put in the hard yards at the beggining of the season to select a good side, but it doesn't mean much when the people who didn't select a good side have 30 trades throughout the season to correct their side.

Hopefully next year the Herald Sun honchoes change it back to 24, start the leagues from round 1 and have no league competition during the bye rounds.

Freak Out


Finals this year definitely giving a master course on the game. PODs, saving trades, etc. Chewed my ass out round 1. But I had a great time. And learned much. Most thanks to everyone here. Can't wait until next season.


Yeah I reckon POD's are so important for next year, especially if everyone is given 30 trades again. It really does amaze me how similar everyones sides are. Most guys in my leagues finals would be lucky to have 6-8 different players.


You for less trades, SF? See the pros and cons of either way. Agree that next season probably see more PODs.


Yeah I reckon 30 is too many. Definately should be less, 24 probably a good number. Leagues should start round 1 and not play during byes. Just makes sense.


I am with you on this one Super_Freak. Teams have to plan out and research a lot more, it would take out the jump on the bandwagon crew for sure.


Ben bloody Mcevoy, subbed of for 23…


History has shown that Grant Birchall plays well against top 4 teams…. Could be a great pickup.


Injuries are hitting at a crucial time.


True, hartlett Heppell Hanley Cotchin

big fella

limped into the prelims after a week off, fingers crossed that Hanley and Heppel's injuries aren't too bad or I'm gone..and please don't get suspended Selwood


Finished 8th in my league Jock.

First week of the finals I knocked off the 5th placed team.

This week I had to play the team that finishe 1st in my league and beat them by just 7 points!

Could Team JS7 win the flag from 8th? Here's hoping!

Thanks for all your advice Jock, holding onto trades for the finals has paid big dividends for my team.


You're a bloody legend Jock.



I am hanging in there, still in 4/5 leagues. fingers crossed i can pull through all of them…


Although bringing in dusty this week, made things interesting, still JJK didnt set the world on fire.

The gamble with not naming ablett as captain also helped, thanks swanny! The way i figured it, if melbourne could shut him down, then maybe port could do a similar job, I bet that game was watched a few times by Cornes last week!

Happy i stuck with Jimmy barts and JPK, pulled out rippers!


Good work picking Swan.

Not sure if anyone can really shut dow GAJ, I reckon he just has games where he doesn't work as hard, maybe other mids picking up the slack.

I reckon next year he wont be the definate captain lock he's been in previous years.


Need to trade mitchell for someone but am 3,100 short of wellingham. should i get crouch?


Are you talking Tommy Mitchell? He might be a chance to come back in I reckon. If he's going to be part of their team in the finals a game against the catters will give him great experience. Wait and see, but no Crouch is not the answer.


As Owen stated Titch has a good chance to return could be fresh after week off. Crouch & Titch are of the same ilk. If it was me i would hold off on that trade. But always go with your gut feeling at this time of the year Connor. Best of luck mate


I would hold as well, but if you we're looking for someone, Lachie Neale, posted about him below.


Agree with others. Trade better used to upgrade possibly an injured player. Crouch and Titch are too similar.

Jamrock FC

G'day Jock

Finished the season in 2nd place in my league, won first round of the finals which enabled me to cruise into the prelims giving my boys a week off this week.

My mate lost his final this week by 1 point…. 1 damn point and he is gutted…. He brought in Harry Taylor for Clisby and was a mess on monday morning!

I am playing my arch rival this week, he finished 1st and I was 2nd (by percentage)…. He beat me in the season and I am hoping to get up over him when it counts. Say a quick prayer for me Jock, I really need it as I want to win this league again for the 2nd time in 3 years!

Thanks for the advice so far mate, you're a true aussie battler


Talk about bloody Coach Killers, I'm gutted Jock, absolutely gutted, put me on suicide watch, BULLSHIT!!


Hey Jock, Crouching, Higgo and Community,

This week killed my hope of upgrading weaker parts in my team such as Duffield, McEvoy and Crouch but luckily I have 3 trades to fix and upgrade my injured players.

I'm in need of backline players to replace Hartlett and Heppel. Out of Bob Murphy, Corey Enright, Scott D Thompson, Michael Hibberd and Harry Taylor, which 2 seem like the best replacements?

Looking for a Grand Final berth for the 3rd straight year.

Appreciate the thoughts


Grant Birchall


It's so easy to pick the last rounds high scorer yea?
Are you In the prelims?


Got the same drama James, i have gone Birch & S D Thomo not that means anything the way the backs are this year. They are all good choices above to consider. Best of luck mate


Birchall looked very strong and could be the major POD you'll need for finals. Plus, he's gonna play and not be subbed out. That you can count on. Scotty T, I hope he doesn't miss another (which I would doubt). Enright is another solid pick who probably isn't gonna miss a game from here out…Cats in a fight to keep their 2nd place. Good luck James.


I’ve had bob Murphy the last 7 weeks he’s bloody consistent so I would definitely suggest picking him up


Don't trade Duff regardless of injuries. Been getting a bit of the ball lately. A better disposal efficiency and BANG. A ton. No point trading him out now.


Get a win this week and i get another crack at that mad bastard in the Granny jock , hope to give him a fly kick for crouching 🙂


What a great podcast jock! It has been getting better each week. It is also good to see you give the players a lesson as I may not have a defender if Hanley is out in my prelim final. I have no trades left but I was just looking at the stats centre and as a point of difference, I found Lachie Neale from Fremantle. Averaging 108 the last 4 weeks and I doubt he would be in too many teams and probably wouldn't be rested in this form and he has a easy run home. What do you reckon?


All but given up his year. Cheers Hanley, Tompson,Heppel, Hartlet not to mention Kreuzer, Nichols but feeling good about next year none the less.
Now Taylor Garner from Kangaroo's was pick 15 and has averaged -5 this year from the one game he has played. does that mean next year we get money for buying him?
ie. his price is -$50,000.


That would be nice Watto !!


Jock mate your in inspiration to us all I look up to you


Agreed Jess !!


SUPERCOACH & DREAMTEAM, has turned many a coach into a basket case sitting in dark corners this week. We can rebuild with a little faith. All the best to the community that are still punching on into the prelim finals. Good luck to all.

dave acoustic

Interesting week this week. In 1 of my leagues, I entered an extra team to make up the numbers. I play myself this week in the prelims. Guaranteed a granny berth. One of the teams still has 2 trades to go, the other team is going to "tank" this week to hopefully get me over the line in the granny and a few hungy better off. Thems the breaks eh fellas.
Grand Final team before trades is
Goddard, Gibbs, Hibberd, Hanley, SD Thompson,T McKenzie (Clisby, Sierakowaski)
Abblett, Pendles, Swan, JPK, Walker, Dangerfield, Priddis, O'Meara( K Mitchell, B Kennedy)
Cox, Luenberger, (Nicholls, Currie)
Rockliff, Martin Bartel, Stevie J, Boomer, Gunston (Staker, McBean)
With 2 trades up my sleeve and $240k in the bank as well as being pretty certain the other players are out of trades, I think I am a strong chance to get over the line.
I have a trade stratedgy for the final which involves getting Griffen in and maybe Bob Murphy, but I am in the lucky situation where I can wait a week and see.


I need DESPERATE help this week. I'm 700th overall, in the prelim, but my defence has screwed me!

My DEF: Shaw, Ellis, Goddard, Henderson (Injured), Hartlett (Suspended), Heppell (Injured) SUBS: Wilson (Praying he plays) X.Richards (no chance)

I have 3 trades and 65k in the bank, what do I do community?!


Why Are you bitching!
I have 3 injuries in the backline with only 1 active bench player and 0 trades!!!!
The grass is always greener yea?


I'd keep Hartlett out of those 3 , unless both Henderson and Heppell are playing (doubtful) .
Hartlett could somehow get of I know it's unlikely but just wait . if Henderson is also a FWD and you have Staker swap them around and have a fwd emg if not then trade out Heppell and Henderson for Gibbs , Hanley (yes he was subbed but it was just a precaution) there's also Birchall if you want to take the risk , Terlich I know his a rookie but the guy is just dominating in terms of points . few others like Robert Murphy Corey Enright etc .


I drew my Semi but go through with the higher ladder position! This is my team with 3 trades and 143k in the bank. Any trade possibilities? Thinking maybe Stanton OUT this week

B: Goddard, Hanley, Enright, Gibbs, Shaw, Terlich
Int: Clisby, Thurlow

Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Swan, Griffen, JPK, Mundy, Stanton
Int: Crouch, Grigg

Fwd: Franklin, Cox, Martin, Bartel, Kennedy, Stevie J
Int: Staker, Lee



Bring in two rucks!


But seriously, Hanley is a huge chance to be out. I'd wait on all trades and trade during the round and wait for the late withdrawals. Stanton out for Griffen, Barlow, Cotch etc and you prob cant go wrong!


Damn the 'H's'!!
I've toiled all year to get to the prelims only to be undone by you lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Community,

1 last trade remaining……made it to the Prelims in 5/5 leagues……and currently ranked 520 overall…..aiming for top 500 finish……pretty good season so far for me this year……

Got to use that last trade this week…… options are below,

OUT: Nic Nat
IN: Shane Mumford / Will Minson…….need your thoughts on this one community…..

Tending towards Mummy……he generally goes big against his old club CATS…….Mummy has been really good in the last 4 rounds scored more than 100 in all those matches and looks like coming to form at the right time…..Will Minson is very consistent but is there a possibility of him being rested this week or next week???……I am not 100% sure who to go for here…….

My Rucks and FWD currently……

Goldstein, Cox, Nicholls, Hannath

Steve J, Rockliff, JJK, Roughead, Bartel, Nic Nat, J Daniher, X Richards

Need community's thoughts on this one…….

Any advice or comments would be highly appreciated…….



Maybe trade NN up to Dusty if you have the cash.


my sincere to thanks to the team and the lot of you….i had too much fun with SC this year….went from 9th last year to 5th this year….averaged the highest in my league…some rough days across the year cost me a top four berth and a particularly rough weekend cost me the year to a gu i was predicted to beat by 250
But ain't we got fun!!!

cheers Jock….
as a point of feedback something about the way Crimmins and Mick write meant was looking forward to their articles the most each week. But i do love it all


I've managed to make the prelims ina ll my leagues but I am down to one trade with injuries and suspensions are starting to take there toll. I have Hartlett down back with Clisby and Thurlow on the bench so neither of them will play. I then have Sandilands, Nicholls and Hannath in the ruck. What i was thinking was trading out Nicholls, swinging Blicavs into the ruck and then bringing in Scotland in the midfield. I can then swing Scotland for Hartlett down back and avoid the donut.

Does this look like a good idea, any other ideas of how i can solve this solution? Thanks for all the help throughout the year communnity. My team may be on the brink of collapse but maybe it can fight on a couple of weeks and bring premiership glory.


Jock, I have never posted before but love your work and need help. Was top of my league most of the year but finished second in the end after a string of injuries. I have limped into the prelim (lucky to win in week 1 because I would have struggled in a couple of positions if I had to play semis). I am coming up against a team in better recent form than I am and less injury/suspension issues. 1 trade yet and need to make it count.

Current team is:
Def: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Ellis, McKensie, Staker (Heppell, Thurlow)
Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Griffen, Danger, Barlow, Murphy, Vlastuin (Titch, Hrovat)
Rucks: Roughead, Ryder (Nichols, Currie)
Fwd: Johnson, Rockliff, Walker, Franklin, Kennedy, Black (Nic Nat, Tunbridge)

I have $74,800 in the bank and was planning to upgrade Titch to a JPK or similar for the prelim or grand final but with Heppell, Nic Nat and Nichols all out I am no longer sure what the weakest link is. The three that worry me are Staker, Black and Vlastuin/Titch. The best options I can see are:

Option 1: Titch out – JPK in
Option 2: Nic Nat out – Cox in (could go Bartell or Martin but Cox adds ruck cover)
Option 3: Nic Nat out – (swing Staker forward) R.Murphy/Enright in

I think JPK will be a higher scorer to bring in but Options 2 and 3 give extra cover. Option 2 would potentially give me cover in every position and Option 3 would only leave ruck exposed (def and mid covered if Titch plays by switching Vlastuin with Heppell).

Am I better off with the higher scorer or some extra cover in case I make it to next week?

Any other ideas?


Id go with the highest scorer, option 1. I wouldn't use a trade bringing in a defender given how unreliable they have all been this season. My second choice would be 2 as Cox is named and got off his charges.


No trades left. Have Cox, Hartlett and Heppell after only just scraping through to prelims. In short, stuffed.


Cox is playing isn’t he Fred?
Hope so, as I have Hartlett, Heppell, and Hanley with no trades.


Cox is playing and maybe Hanley will play. I am trading Heppell this week, have 1 trade left so hope Hanley is named.


I hope you’re right Mark.
If Hanley plays, I will still have 1 Doughnut but I think still a chance with 1.
Can’t win with 2 Doughnuts though. Worst part is my opponent has all the same injuries as myself but has 3 trades left.
Will have to roll the dice and put the ‘C’ on somebody he doesn’t have eg. Jelwood, JPK.


not too sure but i thought he might have been suspended.


No, he's playing. Got off coz of good record.


Two trades left. One goes on Heppell, but can either bring in a def, or a fwd by swinging Staker back. Think a fwd (Bartel or Pav) might be the go. More reliable. My opponent has Bartel though.

Other than that, I've still got Zorko. Have been wanting to get rid of him for ages but have had more pressing issues pop up every week. Should I do a double trade, or keep in the case I make the GF? ($500 up for grabs).

Any advice welcome.


What about Sharrod Wellingham Zimmer hes been good and getting lots of Midfield time, he could be a good forward trade in option and POD.


Yeah, good point Mark. Thanks for that.


Depends… I you're happy with you POD's and think you can beat your opponent with them then cover his some of his and get Bartel. However if you're the underdog try someone different like Mayne or even Hansen.
And I'd definitely keep the 2nd trade for the GF


Thanks buddy. More good advice.


Still reckon trades should be capped at 25 Jock, even after the Hartletts, Hanleys, Kreuzers, Heppels that have gone down. I was with you to mate until I lost ibbotson,Hartlett, Clisby, Heppel and Kreuzer, Ryder,Nicholls and Rowe with two trades left


Anyone know what the scoop is with Hanley, on DT he has the bandaid!?


He's named and playing in the fwd line. I won't be bringing him in but if I had him, I'd hold.


G'day jock just wondering who you would choose to play out of bennell vs Stkilda or scott thompson vs Melbourne this week? Cheers mate




Should we be getting same players as our opponents or POD
Eg. my opponent this week has selwood, should I be getting the same player like Selwood or get someone like Stevie J?


Jock or Anyone I need some ADVICE please, this is doing my freaking head in.
I have 2 trades left with $106,000 in the bank.
My Defense is as follows: GODDARD, ENRIGHT, HANLEY, SHAW, GIBBS & HEPPELL. My Emergencys are: CLISBY & HUTCHINS
My Forward is as follows: ROCKLIFF, MARTIN, BARTEL, ROUGHEAD, LEWIS & STAKER. My Emergencys are: ROWE & LYONS

Option 1: Trade out HEPPELL for BROUGHTON, Then trade out LYONS for WALKER. This enables me to have a Premium forward plus I can swing BROUGHTON & STAKER from defense to Forward & keep STAKER as my (6th Defense) and keep BROUGHTON as my Emergency in the forward line.

Option 2: Trade out HEPPELL for MURPHY or TAYLOR or anyone for that matter.
Keep a trade but have STAKER as my (Forward 6) but wont have cash to upgrade to a premium forward IF I make the GF.

What do you think is best? Your ADVISE is much appreciated.


Heppell to Birchall ??. If it was me i would stay clear of Burnman Broughton. Maybe look at Nroo, Stokes & Cloke as forwards for Staker. Depends on your needs and circumstances with your opponent. If you can keep one trade then do it but the trade won't be any good next week if you get toppled. All the best Dean


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