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Vince Gambino Fantasy Footy Punt Club Round 21

Published by Vince on

gambino supercoach punting clubDrawing towards the end of the season now for the Punt Club, just the three rounds remaining but I can assure you community there is still plenty of good markets to get stuck into.

And even if your Supercoach team has fallen to pieces (like mine), we can always have a bit of fun on the punt to try and win some extra coin. WEEK TWO of the Supercoach Finals, I’m still kicking (just) so I’m excited community… come on!

Pearce Hanley ($1.80) vs Matthew Leuenberger ($1.95)
Well after a supposedly having a “broken hand” and being “in doubt” for the rest of the season, Pearce bloody Hanley has been playing like the raging bull he is after returning from injury. Although I’m still furious that I traded him out after that injury, I still love the man and his last four of 95, 108, 113 and 105 are impressive reading. Matty Leuenberger’s season has been a bit like a yo-yo; too up and down for my liking. His last four scores of 117, 88, 110 and 81 further highlight this. Hanley has been playing forward recently and against a tired Giants team I fancy the raging bull to snag a few goals here community. Bring it home Irishman!

Dayne Beams ($1.72) vs Steele Sidebottom ($2.05)
Reckon this one is almost money for jam. Whilst both these dudes are in good form at the moment, Dayne Beams is the one that sticks out for me. Whilst I don’t mind Steele Sidebottom as a player, I reckon he enjoys beating down on the lesser teams a bit too much for my liking man! For example in Round three when Hawthorn came up against Collingwood, the Pies were smashed and Sidebottom only managed a pitiful 45 SC points. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his little purple patch comes to an end tonight. Beams has averaged 115 SC in his last four and is showing everyone what a genuine superstar he is – and a potentially handy pick up in Supercoach next year! Beams clearly isn’t afraid of the Hawks either, he has a career average of 116 against them! I’m on the man with the tatts here.

Bryce Gibbs ($1.88) vs Kade Simpson ($1.88)
How bloody useless has Bryce Gibbs been recently?! He’s averaged 73 in his last six games – pathetic! Kade Simpson has actually been a rare shining light for the Blues this year. Forget his last start against the Dogs, he had a forward tag on him by Cross and only managed 55 points. Can’t see the Tiges playing similar attention to him this week – they certainly haven’t in the past, Simpson averages 108 in his past four against Richmond. Prior to his 55, Simpson had average an amazing 119 SC points in his last four games. Backing the bearded warrior from the Blues here.

Brad Crouch ($1.75) vs Sam Jacobs ($2.00)
Crouchy! I tell youse what community, I bloody love this boy. He successfully got another one home for the Punt Club last week after comfortably taking care of Ricky Henderson and I reckon he’s gonna do the same to Sam Jacobs this week. Jacobs’ form has been awful this year and even though he landed 133 SC last week, he comes up against the difficult task of combating Will Minson this week. Crouchy is starting to show his class in the back end of the season with his last three scores all cracking the ton. Jacobs’ 133 last week was his first ton for 5 games, definitely a worrying sign. Brad Crouch to win this one easily community.

As always, would love to hear who you’re backing this week community!

Tweet us @Vince_Gambino or simply post a comment in the section below. And remember, it’s only a bit of fun…so keep it safe

Happy Punting,

Vince “Teflon” Gambino

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Need quick answer!

Tom Mitchell is not playing this week – he's my bench cover so no biggie…BUT, I'm thinking of cashing him in for a player like Mitchell Grigg.

I currently have 3 trades, and this would essentially save me a trade – I could then upgrade two players (if necessary) with my last two trades and leftover cash.

Sounds solid?




yeh sounds smart. its all sudden death now. titch is prob done till the finals.

that said, it depends if you need to upgrade 2 players or if you already have a full team.

if you have a full team then hold 3 trades- but if you need to upgrade do it now. no point having 3 trades next week if you are knocked out this week- right?


Like em all, except maybe the Hanley – Leuie which should be very close.

My top 4 for the week:

Martin over Deledio – Carlton will put a tag on Deledio

Christensen over Stokes – Stokes seems to playing more defence these days

Boak over Cornes – Cornes will have his hands full trying to tag Ablett

Steven over Riewoldt – Riewoldt tends to struggle at the SCG

And maybe Mayne over Clarke, and O'Keefe over JPK.


I’m on Martin, think he’s found some great touch

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