Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – Finals Wk 2

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supercoach finals week 2 is WAR

Do or die. That’s what your next game is about. Simple as that.

We can speculate all we want. We can theorise till we’re blue in the face. Your next game of Supercoach and/or AFL Fantasy is a must win. Sharpen your bayonets. Load your weapons. Write letters to your family. You’re going over the top of the trench to make your charge. Make it count.

Very special episode this week – with an exclusive interview with the coach of TheDimmaWits – the man who is leading the 2013 AFL Supercoach overall rankings, has been right at the point end since round 9, and is favorite to win the $50,000.

Enjoy the show. And prepare for war.

 ** MAD MICK UPDATE – still in with a real shot at the title and is now in 11th overall – go Mick!! Let’s get John and Mick 1 & 2 this season**

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  1. Matt says:

    Jock do you think it is a wise move to go to Chris Mayne who is on fire with a simple 3 games coming for Lance Franklin who is on the injury list as 1-2, plus his an ultimate POD?

    • The Old Dylan says:

      Do it! A move like that could win you a flag!

    • Eefto says:

      Dont do it! A move like this could lose you a flag!

    • Jobe watson says:

      well i did see mr dank after i got injured and he really helped me off my feet, he's been like a father to me.
      Btw dad if you could make my lunch tomorrow morning that would be great, the healthy natural vitamins that i took before the game today are making me a bit tired and i could do with a little sleep in

    • Daniel says:

      Have a look at Dustin Martin too, although seems alright

  2. Tommo says:

    through to prelims in all leagues with 350 000 and three trades,last minute decision not to trade priddis payed off, just want Nichols back and i will be set.

    • Jobe watson says:

      priddo may have won the match but i won the battle of supercoach points

  3. Will says:

    people are saying that ablett could be out for the rest of the season. Who do people think is the best trade in for him?

    • Remy says:

      No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no…….

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Nah mate, they're pulling your leg.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      People throwing smoke bomb's. Don't stress Will, i think all will be OK

  4. Joe Carnegie says:

    Hey guys me again (probably sick of me asking for help now LOL)

    still need help with trades and such (its my first year playing supercoach – into round 2 of finals) I have 187k in the bank with 5 trades left.

    B] Goddard, Hibberd, Heppell, GIbbs, Hanley, Shaw (Docherty, Colquhoun)
    M] Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, JPK, Barlow (M. Grigg, L.hunter)
    R] Goldstein, Pyke (Grundy, currie)
    F] Cox, Rockliff, JJK, Franklin, Johnson, Tom Lee (Macaffer, Atkins)

    Once again all advice is much appreciated, good luck for the rest of finals guys!


    • Will says:

      you defs need to pyke and lee off the field. maybe trade lee for mayne, reiwolt or bartel. Although bartel has been poor lately. Pyke is a bit difficult because of his price so im not sure about him.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Nice team, Joe. Would say areas worth upgrading are Mitchell and your forwards (i.e. too many position fwds). Would try to get Martin in on Forwards. Maybe for Buddy…not sure depth of injury but regardless he has proven not to be reliable. Dusty boy is.

      If you were to upgrade Mitchell, Rory Sloane might not be a bad POD given your budget. Looked fantastic. Last three rounds= 97, 122, 180. As gang said, easy finals road from here on out.

      My first year as well and I didn't practice trade discipline that you did. Lesson the hard way, eh? Good luck, Joe.

    • Jobe watson says:

      mitchell has really dropped off the last couple of weeks, you have a decent amount of cash to bring me in and still upgrade lee or mccaffer to someone half decent

      • Skintip says:

        Loving your lil pep talk Jobe. And totally agree- but hows the shoulder going? You gonna be able to smash out scores for next few weeks?

      • sleepy says:

        Yeah right and I'm Batman. Jobe Watson doesn't blow his own trumpet.

    • Daniel says:

      Macaffer to L.Johnston
      T.Lee/R.Atkins to premo forward

    • trade pyke to a good ruckmen who can get at least 80 for the finals and get rid of tom mitchell for sam mitchell who is cheap

    • Joe Carnegie says:

      thanks for the advice everyone i really do appreciate it haha

      Just need to clarify something,
      what do you reckon is best i do for example what daniel said to trade macaffer and get some cash really appealed to me as it would give me enough to either get A) any forward B)any mid

      and if i were to trade out pyke i could put cox in the ruck and also get a forward but then still have tommy mitch

  5. Remy says:

    Wasn't Ibbotson meant to play, or was he never named in the Freo squad?

  6. Damien says:

    Hi guys im looking to trade Tom mitchell for my 8th mildfield spot although i dont have much cash in the bank

    The best of my options are

    Gibbs, Daniel Rich, Marc Murphy, Scott thompson, Brent Stanton, and maybe even Brock Maclean

    Help would be very much appreciated thanks

    • dustin says:

      rioli or marc murphy (spending less will give you inconsistent scores)

    • Ads says:

      Seeing as you don’t have much cash consider Harley Bennell 123,& 122 in last 2 weeks 446,00 or deledio

      • Damien says:

        Thanks guys
        I would love to get bennel but im 9 K off and already have deledio

        • Ads says:

          Then Sharrod Wellingham at 407,000 is a good option with DPP as well. He has been in good form the last 3 weeks.

        • sleepy says:

          Sounds like you have around $437K. Kane Cornes at $436,500 worth considering and he is averaging 104. Last round 101

    • Daniel says:

      Marc Murphy or Scott Thompson. More Scott Thompson, easier run home.

  7. Jacko2128 says:

    Forward line is :
    Rockliff, roughy, jjk, zorko, steve j, buddy.

    Wanting to trade zorko for a good POD, can get anyone! Or should i upgrade stake/ duffield down back?
    2 trades left

    • Chicken says:

      Do you have enough cash to upgrade Zorko to Mayne?

      If not consider Walters, Bartel, J. Grant, Wellingham, Darling, Bruest or Tippett.

    • Westy says:

      If you have a Ruck/Fwd switch, how about bringing Lobbe into the rucks, and one of the rucks to the fwd line.

    • Sleepy says:

      Motlop at 458k averaging 124 over last 3 games

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      POD are great but not at the expense of Premiums if you pick a Premo POD fantastic . Would be looking at Dustbin Martin if if was i

  8. big fella says:

    have enough $$ to upgrade tom mitchell to anyone, I dont have any of: Pendles, Beams, Griffen, Watson, or Dangerfield, who will finish off the most strongly? Any other absolute preimum mids I'm missing? cheers lads

  9. big fella says:

    will be my last trade of the season next week (fingers crossed no injuries this week), so price does not matter.

  10. Remy says:

    Josh J Kennedy to Matthew Pavlich? Good POD?

    • Watto says:

      Only entertain if you have dustin Martin, Rockcliff, Stevie J.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Not absolutely convinced Pav will rock into good form till finals

    • Watto says:

      Maybe may be a good one though.

      • Watto says:


        • Remy says:

          My FWD line is Dusty, Roughy, Kennedy, Stevie J, Buddy, Motlop (Macaffer, Daniher)
          My opponent has JJK and I want to get rid of him ASAP.
          I can afford anyone under 460k….

          • sleepy says:

            Best options IMO Grant $401K averaging 103 over last 3 games, Tippett $452K ave 108 last 3 and Motlop $458K ave 124 over last 3. All great POD's as all own by less than 5% of coaches

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      I am hoping JJK gets spoon feed for the Coleman. Need something out of this forgettable season.

  11. Watto says:

    I have Franklin, Cloke, Kennedy in my forward line and Ryder on the bench and I was murdered. Only have two trades left what do I do. I do t have Martin and can afford him but I want to have enough trades. Who should go? Or should I hold.?

    • Watto says:

      I want to keep Ryder because of his ruck/fwd combo with Rowe.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Personally – comes down to your opponent. How do you measure up against him/her? Reckon you have things covered? If there's any doubt and you face sudden death I would trade your arse off this weekend and try to get through to the Prelim

      • Watto says:

        I reckon I will trade. Do you have any idea who I should get rid of. Ill get rid of franklin if not back in but out of cloke and Kennedy who will score more this year? Just wondering how you rate Haw, West C and Norths defence against the big men compared to Gee, Coll and adelaides.

    • Daniel says:

      Cloke to Martin. Cloke is too inconsistent

  12. cotchandmurph says:

    what is wrong with JPK, he just cant get near the ball, at least lids is starting to find more of the ball and break the tag

    • jockreynolds says:

      What a disapointment JPK has been in the back end of the season. Strongly suspect he has been carrying – big chance of being rested over the next 3.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Also opting to handball rather than kick way too many times.

    • Alan says:

      Completely agree, I have had him since the start of the year and though he was a player that could have taken another big step forward. Now his almost a liability and has dropped to much in value to trade. Was half thinking of trading him to Watson, though Kennedy does have Saints and Hawks coming which he generally scores well against. Bit torn on this one… What do you guys think trade or keep……

  13. Jay says:

    Great podcast as usual!! Also fantastic interview with John – wish both John and Mick the Mad Irishman all the best for the next 3 rounds!!! Good luck lads!

    I've got through this week and have got a week-off…..The only concern I'm having is have only 1 trade left and wondering whether to use it up this week or keep for next week?

    My thoughts for the last trade…..I have 2 options…

    Trade out T. Mitchell.
    Option 1) Straight swap to Jobe Watson
    Option 2) Put Stevie J/Rocky in the MID and bring in Chris Mayne

    Any suggestions?

  14. Daniel says:

    G'day community. Great podcast Jock and the crew! I didn't go boomer last week and it paid off, as he probably would have lost a qualifying final for me but my other league I lost in the qualifying final. I have thought of 4 options for trading this week. I only have one trade left and $250000 in the bank (which I probably won't use it all)
    Option 1-Straight swap Mayes/ A.Black for D.Martin/or another forward
    Option 2-Trade T.Mitchell for D.Martin/another forward so I can switch player some mid/forward in my mid (switch Mayes to mid)
    Option 3-Trade T.Mitchell for R.Henderson (switch mayes to mid) so I can switch in def to mid (staker) and mid to forward.
    Option 4-Don't do anything
    Advice would be great thanks

    • Jay says:

      Depends on a couple of things……if you are using T Mitchell as M9, then i would definitely trade him out first – put Mayes into M9 and bring in a Fwd – Dusty is a good choice – hasn't scored under 102 for last 5 rounds with a 5 wk average of 113, so would be a good choice…

      However, if you've got T Mitchell on field playing in your Midfield – the I would look to upgrade him to a premo Mid – either Fyfe/Barlow/Swan if you've got enough coin…..if not then Watson/Mundy/Deledio would be good choices as well..

  15. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community…..

    Won 5/5 finals matches this week……and into Prelims in 4/5 leagues……will be playing one game in elimination finals this week…….got 1 trade left…….i was thinking of doing the trade last week from Nic Nat to Boomer……I didn't do it and held on to the trade, probably the best thing i have done so far this season…..Joel Selwood as VC saved me from doing the trade as well got the win in all my leagues……..

    My Team, Team Name: "TITANS"

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Hartlett, Gibbs, H Shaw, D Terlich, G Birchall, X Richards

    MID: Gazza, Pendles, Swan, Barlow, Dangerfield, Fyfe, JPK, J Selwood, T Mitchell, M Blicavs

    RUCKS: T Goldstein, D Cox, T Nicholls, J Hannath

    FWDS: J Roughead, T Rockliff, JJK, J Bartel, Steve J, Nic Nat, B Staker, J Daniher

    I was thinking of doing the below trade…….may be this week or next week…..

    Have got $102,000 in the bank……

    OUT: Nic Nat…..

    Option – 1: Dusty Martin
    Option – 2: Chris Mayne
    Option – 3: Will Minson
    Option – 4: Andrew Walker
    Option – 5: Boomer Harvey

    Which option do I need to consider strongly…..and what do you guys think……I personally tending towards Option 1 or 3……..

    Thoughts Please…..


    • udi says:

      3 but why do u trade this week???

    • Daniel says:


    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Raj – great season mate. Absolutely positively completely and utterly reckon you hold onto that trade till the eve of the prelims – and pull the trigger then. Otherwise and all things being this way come prelim time – Dusty

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks Jock for your comments above…….much appreciated……will be holding that trade this week…….and yes this season has gone really really well for me……being a 2nd year player of SC……and also being ranked 641 overall……quite amazing actually…….

        Love this community…..Jock……keep the good work guys……….


    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Congratulations on a stellar season Raj, i would go Dusty or move Cox forward and slot Big Will in the Ruck when you do trade. Best of luck for the remainder of the season mate

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks BCE for your comments……I read all your comments in the community mate……most of the time the advice you provide are spot on……some times i have considered your opinions given to other people's querries…… are doing a great job with your comments in this community mate…..keep up the good work mate……

        And regarding my issue in selecting Will Minson and Dustin… have actually made my decision to go for Dusty a bit harder by giving me 2 options…….I just want a player who people think will score more in the remaining 3 games of the season……..I think I will not be doing any trades this week mate……next it will be either Dusty or Will Minson……

        Target for me will be to finish off the season in the top 500……..Hopefully I will achieve that…….and win in atleast couple of leagues……will be a very satisfied SC year 2013 for me……very very happy……And would like to thank all the people involed in this community for making the JR community a very very special community for the SC'ers…….

        Cheers mate,

        • BestCoastEagles says:

          Cheers For the kind words & feedback really appreciate that Raj. My advice is merely giving people fuel to think about different options. Sometimes we have made our mind up and just need reassurance that we are on the right track. For me i like getting people thinking. At the end of the day a little research & a sprinkle of luck makes a Supercoach grand. I am glad i have made your choice harder, that way your thinking outside the square. You will make the right call when needed and travel to Supercoach victory.
          Cheers Mate.

  16. Tim Watson says:

    I personally would not trade at all this week, but if you have to I think option 3 is the best.

  17. jag says:

    only have 2 trades left, getting rid of zorko, 51k in the bank, who should i get?

    • jockreynolds says:

      What options are you kicking around mate?

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      You are limited to who you can bring in with that amount of ca$h. Zorkonator can still smack out 150+. I think you might of left your run to late to flick him unless you burn two trades.

  18. Ryan says:

    Should I keep Kennedy and Cloke? I have 3 trades left and 65k in the bank. I have a week off (I'm in the prelims) and my other FWDs are Dusty, Bartel, Rockliff and Johnson. I will hold a trade this week but would you look to get one of them out? And for who would you trade for?

    • Watto says:

      Mayne. Soft draw and doesn't need a whole lot of the pill to get points. Just 18 touches got him 130. He did have 11 tackles though.

    • Daniel says:

      Cloke is a lot more inconsistent than jjk, maybe bring in cox or take the punt on Ricky Henderson/Chris Mayne, A.Walker if you can afford him.

  19. Westy says:

    Jock, Nicnat has been taking up space on the pine. Any love for Lobbe as a POD?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Lobbe could be interesting, but let's face it: He isn't going to get that many hitouts every game.

    • Watto says:

      Unless you are in an awful position and need to take risk like that to survive its not worth it. Don't go chucking in a player just because he a POD. Look at roughead and even Jacobs and sandakan ss before I reckon and look higher if you have the cash. if you can trade in a forward look for Mayne.

    • Joey Joe Joe says:

      Lobbe had one good game…. don't chase points already booked. 3 tons in a year does not make a good gamble.

      • ShinbonerSpirit says:

        Can't remember the specifics, but I'm pretty sure he had another surprisingly good game not too long ago. But you make a good point nonetheless.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Great game against Geelong, has GC next and then Blues & Dockers. can't see him doing that against Kreuz , Warnock & Sandi Balls, Clarke they will slaughter him. Agree with Watto Joe Joe Joe & Shinboner. To big a gamble for mine that said gambling is what finals are about. Good luck with your endeavours

  20. James D says:

    Def, Goddard, Heppel, Shaw, GIbbs, Mckenise, Clisby, goodes, thrulow
    Mid, Ablet, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Fyfe, Cotchin, Barlow,dangerfield, mitchael, martin
    Ruck, Jacobs, rowe, nicols, mcbean
    Fwd: Martin , rockcliff, bartel, franklin, nic nat, roughy, staker, lee,

    Thoughts guys!

    • Jack says:

      Roughy into the ruck for Rowe. Try and trade Staker for Stevie J or Andrew Walker.

      Trade Brett Goodes for Pearce Hanley. Good team otherwise.

  21. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Cheers for the shout out Jock! Great podcast as usual!

  22. Jack says:

    I bloody picked him, Wayno!

    • Mr Selfridge says:

      bloody wayno making stupid decisions with his f'ed up crybaby voice

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Suggestions only lads, Wayno has done a superlative job this season for the Community. Sometimes we have to get lost in the grey matter and figure our own problem's out. All is not lost on Boomber.

      • Favalinko says:

        listen to the communities advice, dissect the advice then go with your gut for the GUT NEVER LIES

  23. Watto says:

    What are the chances for the following players to return. Thurlow,Ibbotson (need one as clisby is gone).
    Kreuzer, Nicholls (need both hopefully cause Ryder is out)
    Any info in greatly appreciated

    • Jono says:

      Thurlow played in the vfl last weekend and got best on ground so look for a possible return but with geelongs team it would be hard to get in

  24. John Boy says:

    Hey fellas, would love to hear your thoughts on burning my last 2 trades this week to get IN Dusty & Hanley for Lecras & Staker.

    It would leave me no trades but I’m playing in all 5 leagues this week so I thought I may as well bite the bullet and go for it

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Finals time is the time to roll the dice. check your opponent and see what he has. You might be able yo beat them using one trade and saving one. If not by all means pull the trigger Those trades you have mentioned are winners John Boy

  25. Ed.. says:

    Hey Jock just wondering should i trade out Tom Mitchell (only have 2 trades left)
    and if so who for i can get players like m.murphy, k.cornes, h.bennel or b.stanton but im leaning toward cornes could please help cheers

    • Jobe Watson Is Back says:

      use both trades to get me in

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      G'Day Ed, all depends on your situation in your league and your opponent. I would give Mitchell one more go around as he has Saints this week. Players you have mentioned are not doing that much better Titch anyway. If needed double trade for a Premium. Remember it's last dance last chance from here on in.

  26. Dazza says:

    team as follows guys. apprecaiate your help

    Goddard. Hanley, Heppell, Thompson, Shaw, Staker ( Clisby, Webster )
    GAJ, Pendles, Danger, Lids, Priddis, Barlow, Selwood, O'Meara ( Mitchell, Crouch )
    Goldstein, Minson ( Hall, Currie )
    Roughy, Bartel, Dusty, Rockliff, JJK, Cox ( Daniher, Kennedy )

    2 trades, $183k

    Thinking O'Meara/Mitchell to Swan and maybe get rid of Heppell for Dixon

    Appreciate thoughts from the great minds….

    • Favalinko says:

      little bit weak in def Dazza with Staker on ground and Clisby out for 3 weeks. I would upgrade Clisby for Dixon would leave Staker on bench which should leave enough coin for Omeara to S Mitchell or a Delido leaving you with Mitchellson on bench

    • Watto says:

      Don't do the second trade unless you have to, at least see How friday night goes but do the first.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Mitchell to Swan Winner. Heppel to Dixon not so

  27. JS7 says:

    Clisby and Ryder both suspended – damn it.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      That suspension might actually come as a relief to Clisby. Fremantle is going to maul Melbourne.

      • Mr Selfridge says:

        i have neither and that is all that matters with this issue, it is all about ME

  28. @Jacko2128 says:

    Get J. Grant In for mitchell OR Bob murphy for staker/Duffield?


    Do both these trades?

    • Wayno says:

      i;d go Bob Murphy. Im a doggies fan and im loving Grant's form but unfortunately it could turn around any second now. Doubt he'll keep up scoring for the next 3 weeks

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Staker out, Murphy in. Duffield too cheap to bother trading out now.

  29. Wayno says:

    Richie Douglas or Deledio?

  30. Jeepers says:

    Hey Jock, just dropped my guts. 1 trade left . Into the prelims

  31. Eagler says:

    Laying here thinking about Friday night. Looks like I’ll be in a battle. Thinking of putting the VC on Swan. I reckon Pendles will be closely followed. Am I drunk or does this make sense?

  32. G Unit says:

    Jock, I am afraid that someone sprouted a few weeks ago on the show has proven to be an Ultimate Burnman! Trent McKenzie. I have the second highest points in my main league, but due to a couple of bad games ended up in an elimination and thankyou to Trent for helping eject me straight off to 2014 season.
    I tried to masterstroke Winderlich on for JJK as a point of difference and was celebrating early as he torched them; then he torched his string and my chances were dashed. Shout out for Boomer Harvey sticking the knife into me on the way out the door, Wayno looking in your direction mate!

    • Really says:

      You make your own selections Unit.

      • Skippa says:

        Very funny G UNit, enjoyed reading that!

        • Favalinko says:

          Some days are diamonds some days are stones. Bad luck G Unit least you had the plums and had a go. Boomers been great this year unfortunately had a bad one last week. Pick yourself up learn from this year and always go with your gut, for the GUT NEVER LIES

          • G unit says:

            @Favalinko. It's all about the Gut mate, like how before round one my gut told me switch Roughead to Bartel ( I did not and thus missed his lightning start to season) whilst I then traded out roughead early. It has been a horrible season in that regard, had an itchy trigger finger and off-loaded a few I should not have. However Boomer was the standout Forward pick (whom I did not have) except for D.Martin, went Boomer as my gut does not enjoy neck tats. He will probably drop a 120 this week though, I still like him. Has anyone else been shattered after off-loading Burger and Mumford due to "long term" injuries only to see them run home at 110+ ?

      • G unit says:

        Yes, I Really do make my own selections. Thanks for that piece of advice you masterful wordsmith.

        • Favalinko says:

          yer hear you with Roughie traded him out for Burger which I am fortunate enough to still have but traded Roughie back 2 weeks ago. learned a lesson there don't trade out prems .Had Zorko aswell but traded him to Rockcliff which is paying off now. Some you win some you loose which makes SC all that more exiting. All the best for the rest of the season and beyond

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Time for Mad Monday G.

  33. Jeepers says:

    Hey Jock, just dropped me guts again. It’s a bit of a stinker, much like the call by Wayno regarding Boomer

    • Mark says:

      Wah wah

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      As long as you did not follow through Jeepers, give Wayno a bit of grace as he has tried his heart of the greater good of the community and got it correct on many occasions. All is not lost on Boomer he will bounce back.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Jeepers – you're on fire on the back end of the pant department!

  34. Lochie says:

    Who to get in the backline?
    T/U: Malceski
    T/D: Harry Taylor
    My backline is: Hanley, Shaw, Heppell, Houli ‘Traded in player’ (Clisby, Wilson)
    I don’t want to get Goddard because my opponent has him so I am looking for a POD. I can get anyone so comment any other suggestions. Thanks.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Both are solid and steady. Thompson is another to consider. Playing top teams in finals so you know he'll be getting much action. All three have something to play for so you're going to get good scores, either way. If I had my pick, would go with Mad Malceski. Swans should be coming out fighting mad after Pies depantsing.

    • Rocksta says:

      Houli is a POD is he not Lochie?
      Don't want too many as it will leave you exposed, especially given Goddards average.
      I'd go Goddard

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Goddard is solid, he will be a POD for your opponent and a superb one at that. Me personally i would take Goddard.

  35. cam says:

    what is happening with kreuser???

    • Rocksta says:

      He's likely back this week.
      Considering the Blues are still a chance for the 8 if Essendon gets docked points, or are banned from finals, I reckon he's a certainty.

    • jockreynolds says:

      I'm banking on him coming back in Cam! I need the big bugger to come in and perform

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Word on the street the Big Kid will be named the week.

  36. Rocksta says:

    I cannot understand why everybody keeps talking about trading in Murphy?
    He hasn't scored well all year, cannot handle a tag, and with Juddy and Carazzo now out for the season he will get even more heat.
    Yea he's cheap, but considering into second week of finals, so what

    • cotchandmurph says:

      He is a premium midfielder, he is my m9 and im happy what he has been doing in the past month, everyone struggles with the crowley tag, and he got 25 possies last week

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      I agree Rocksta, Murph is cooked i think the Captaincy might have been a bad choice in hindsight. He is cheap for a very good reason would only suggest him to the coaches with very limited Ca$h, you never know he could still have some sting in the tail.

  37. Gilly says:

    I've got 167k and 3 trades and have my head spinning with options so looking for some assistance.

    Have Titchell as mid 8 with Crouch on bench.

    Is it worth burning a trade to flick Clisby to generate cash which would then let me get Jelwood or Swan?

    Or save the trade and go to either J.Watson, R.Douglas or maybe J. McVeigh?

    Other thought is to upgrade Staker to Ellis or Hartlett. Staker's run home isn't too bad bad don't think he can score as highly as Ellis/Hartlett.

    I have 1 elimination final that I should win the others will be tight. Depending on which options I go would leave me with 1 trade and 20-40k for the prelim if I make it through.


    • Daniel says:

      Might as well get rid of Clisby as he won't play the rest of the year, and probably get Selwood.

  38. BestCoastEagles says:

    Thanks for the shout out Master JOCK !! Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for your team. Supercoach finals are heating up and the hard decisions are to be made. A few people are having a crack at Wayno on his Hot Tip Boomer, Wayno has been a fantastic asset to the community for the best part of the year. This fantastic site gives us the ability to express our concerns & feelings on all topics (Supercoach & Dreamteam). Us as Supercoach punter's in the end make the decisions ourselves. Let's all rally around each other for the greater of the community and close out the Finals with a winning attitude. All the best fellow Coaches

    • Ryan says:

      Spot on BCE and well said.

      • Favalinko says:

        Here here BCE . We must remember thou some coaches will be doing it tough this week and asking themselves where did they go wrong. they will be having all sorts of emotions going on and it is easy to blame someone else for their mistakes. They need to have the plums to make their own decisions

    • jockreynolds says:

      Majestic statement BestCoast. Majestic. Completely agree with you mate

  39. Ryan says:

    I want to trade Gibbs as he has squirrel gripped me for the last time ever. My defence is (Goddard, Heppel, Hanley, Shaw, Taylor, Gibbs & Laird Webster) thoughts will be greatly received. Thanks in advance community.

    • Daniel says:

      Only if you have about 3+ trades left. If you do, Mckenzie, Scott D Thompson are players you should consider.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Have Gibbs as well Ryan, he just does not look interested at the moment. He had a tagging role for a couple of weeks so his score have been down. At the moment he could not get a kick in a stampede. Hope that changes in a hurry. I would stick fast unless you have trades to burn

    • PWL says:

      Hold! Gibbs should play MID this week with Judd out

  40. cotchandmurph says:

    Hey Jock: my rucks are now Goldstein and roughhead, with Nicholls and currie on the pine, i used to have Kreuzer and Nic Nat, which combo is better. and im worried since both my old rucks got injured my current rucks will, any advice

  41. Aaron says:

    Team: You Beauty ranked 1123

    DEF Goddard Heppell Gibbs Hartlett Hanley Shaw (Clisby Saunders)

    MID Ablett Pendles Griffin Swan Barlow Fyfe Kennedy Selwood (Mitchell Curren)

    RUCK Cox MacEvoy (Nicholls Currie)

    FWD Walker Bartel Stevie J Kennedy Martin Rockliff (Staker McBean)

    1 trade left and through to the prelim in all my leagues. Any thoughts or suggestions to get me over the line?

    • Daniel says:

      Wait a week

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Hold this week Aaron, reassess next week never know what is around the Supercoach Corner (Injuries & Resting)

      • Favalinko says:

        Your bench is week definitely HOLD, your in the prelim that's your advantage don't take that away from yourself

  42. Watto says:

    I would trade on of the kennedy's in a weeks time for maybe Watson,danger or trade in Mayne in the forward line.also think about picking up kreuzer for macevoy but wait a week to trade.

  43. Watto says:

    What do you reckon community. Mayne or Martin. I don't care about pod, just who will score more for the remainder of the year

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Dustbin Martin. last 6 week Ave is 109 projected next three weeks, 109, 113, 113 Mayne. last 6 week Ave 103 projected next three weeks 113, 113, 102. . Having said that if it was me Dustbin Martin. Hope this is of some help. Good luck Watto

  44. Donald A says:

    B) Shaw, Hanley, Gibbs, Goddard, Heppel, Ibbotson (Clisby Thurlow)
    M) Ablett, JPK, S.Mitchell, Cotchin, Selwood, Swan, Mundy, Priddis (Mitchell Martin)
    R) Minson Goldstein (Witts, Currie)
    F) Walker, Harvey, Johnson, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy (Neade, Daniher)

    Have 2 trades left with 50k in the bank, am going for the league win but have to win this week to make the prelim. Should I back my team in and save the trades? Or make an adjustment?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!!:)

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Check your opponents team first as it's do or die from hear on in. If you aren't confident i would double trade for Pendlebury or Griffen for your Mid's. Apart from that your team looks good Donald. You have a couple of player that have been down like JPK & Gibbs, hopefully they can turn it around as i have them both in my squad. All the best Donald

      • Favalinko says:

        ? mark on Priddas quad again maybe trade him for Pendles and maybe keep a trade up your sleeve if you can

  45. Joe Carnegie says:

    still unsure as to what to do – anyone got some tips

    (my team is in the above comment, just search for Joe Carnegie)
    Appreciate it lads!!!!

  46. Darren says:

    I still have 5 trades and a week off. Ideally I'd like to do one trade this week. I normally do my trades Saturday's or Sunday's. BUT I fear If I don't trade before the first kick off on Friday night, I will loose my trade because I have a week off.
    Can someone tell me the rules about this.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Great restraint having 5 Golden trades left. Having a week off you can still trade as normal the rules remain the same, all that happens is you are not playing anyone. So trade until your heart is content. All the best Darren

  47. Favalinko says:

    I would trade LEE out for DUSTY and upgrade your ruck but you may need to downgrade to get some more CA$H to do that

  48. Rocksta says:

    Thanks Community , and Jock and the Lads for all your help this year ( my second in SC). I'm in the pre-lims of all my 3 leagues ( one which carries an $1800 first prize).
    Problem: I don't have any trades left.
    This is compounded by the fact that I went the Duffman as a part of my last 2 trades last week as a POD in defence.
    Positives: I do have good bench cover with the Luxury of being able to start Buddy as my forward line emergency ( to expose the loophole if he scores well). I did this as the Hawks play in the first game of the round this week and rd 23, and the third game in Rd 22. This gives me great flexibility in my Forward line and mids with emergency loopholes and DPP interchanges.
    I am however at the mercy of The Duffman………………..Is he ever going to come good this season?

    • PWL says:

      I'm with you Rocksta…. I had initially planned to trade him out but who in their right mind would trade out a bloke about to play against Melbourne?!?!!?

  49. Rocksta says:

    Forgot to mention, I also have JJK and as WC play in the first game of Rd 22, I'll start him as the emergency, with Buddy on the field.
    I must say though, I really wish I could take 1 of my sideways trades back, as would have been great to have 1 more trade up my sleeve going into prelims.
    So, is The Duffman going to get me home as a POD?

  50. Watto says:

    Ibbotson, Kreuzer, Nicholls, Franklin all listed as test and I have all three with the likes of Ryder and Clisby out. How do you think out of those four will line up this week?

    • Rocksta says:

      Watto, I reckon all the 4 mentioned will line up this week.
      You will know tomorrow anyhow.

  51. liam says:

    hi everyone, loving the chat and excitement that the finals brings. i have 1 trade left and can afford to bring in any midfielder depending on trading out Mitchell or Hrovat. trading out Mitchell means i can afford Pendelbury or Selwood but Hrovat will give me most other midfielders as well as leaving coverage on the bench of Mitchell in case someone goes down with injury etc. I had thought of going one of the swans midfielders for a point of difference because the other teams i my finals don't seem to have them. any help appreciated, Liam

  52. PWL says:


    Fantasy friends i am thinking of moving on both the JK's this week, talk me out of it if you will!! I have 4 trades left and 230k in the bank

    JPK to Pendles
    JJK to Mayne/Bartel

    Thoughts appreciated

  53. @Jacko2128 says:

    Tossing up between getting dusty martin OR steve motlop??

    Is motlop a better option as he is in ripper form and is a POD?

    Cash not an issue and last trade.

  54. nick says:

    all I have say is suckers in placing abblett as cap again I have said he is no good not anymore he has run out of steam and people keep putting him as cap the guy cant score over 100 any more think I might get rid of him next week