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FINALS supercoach chatHope each and every one of you is enjoying week one of the 2013 AFL Fantasy Footy finals series!

Let’s start kicking around the issues that we’re facing in this crucial first week of finals together. Young, old, tall, small, thin, fat, chick, bloke, Essendon supporters – everyone is welcomed with warm open arms to chip in to the discussion below in a warm and constructive environment. That’s the community way folks and I love you all for it.

Make sure you don’t  miss the podcast this week (goes up Sunday 10.30pm) we have something very special in store for all of you.


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  1. BestCoastEagles says:

    Finals time and the deep heat is in the air. Like to congratulate you Master Jock on this magnificent site. All is well so far in my finals quest for glory. Sending a big Cheerio to Mad Mick i hope he has fixed his Rucks as they look depleted this week. Wishing the community all the best in there quest for finals Glory. "GO THE BRUMBY"

    • jockreynolds says:

      You're a hell of a good man Best Coast – your input and your fierce commitment to assisting others in this community is inspiring to myself and to all and for that I thank you son. Thanks for the congratulations mate – we're bloody proud of what we're building here – even prouder through of the ripping vibe among the comments and the helpful nature of folk in this joint. Better stop. Tearing up a bit. LOve ya mate.

      • BestCoastEagles says:

        Kind words Captain, i am totally over the moon and proud to be a part of the best football community in the modern World. Love back at ya Jock

  2. bigfella says:

    Hey boys thinking priddis is gunna get the flick today.
    who out of watson selwood or griff takes the cake? money is not an issue i want points.
    barlow even could get the call up…
    cheers big rigs.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Griifen for me, i am flicking Priddis to Watson next week as i have no Cyril Ash left.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Points? Griffen and Watson will average similarly over the next few weeks. I give the edge to Griff.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Yes no more being in Griffin denial for me. He's found consistency in his game and we could be looking a new long term super premium option in the Griff

      • BestCoastEagles says:

        Still kicking myself over Griff Dog, the little man in the back of the scone was always saying to me this can't last. How wrong you were Little man.

    • davidzita1 says:

      Griffen mate, proven this isn't just a purple patch, this is his new standard, bring him in

  3. john says:

    jock who to get rid of staker for? can get anyone in the mid or fwd: in the mid ive got pendles, ablett, selwood, jpk, rockliff, priddis and watson

    in fwd ive got bartel, jarryd roughead, lewis, josh kennedy, staker (want to trade) , and rowe

    who to get stake for?

  4. Ionnie says:

    Need some advice, was going to fine tune the mids and dump JPK for Jobe who i reckon is going to pump out a few good scores but now wondering if i should dump Priddis instead (m8) is he right or not? I have T Mitchell on the bench as cover i guess..

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      If you have held on to JPK so far i would keep him. Priddis to Watson Better as i am doing that next week. I have JPK as well the moment he flick him he will go "BANG"

      • throttlefinger says:

        JPK hasn't stressed me as much as Zorko, but he's clearly in second. Think this is a gut call. Watson I would say is more likely to go ton this round. Who does your opponent have? If he has JPK and not Jobe, I might jump on that. Finals is trying to get that POD edge.

        • Ionnie says:

          Both opponents have JPK and we're neck n neck so gonna flick him for the POD and hope like hell he doesnt go BANG and the frizzy headed one does! He had a low score last up against the pies so heres hoping!
          Cheers guys good luck for the round

    • davidzita1 says:

      Got to get rid of Priddis, under injury cloud, JPK for all his faults this year still has the ability to produce some ripper scores

  5. throttlefinger says:

    Rolling dice making Crouch M6 instead of Mitchell (who is my opponent's M6). Hope Mundy doesn't pull a soreness.

  6. Richard says:

    I have to play either Tom Mitchell or O'Meara. Who would you go with?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Better fixture? O'Meara. Better player? O'Meara. Jaeger all the way!

    • jockreynolds says:

      I reckon the J Bomb against Melbourne RIchard – could be the way to go

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Toss of the coin Richard, i would pick O'Meara v Dees. But having said that i will be a smashing contest with the Pies V Swans mid's so many great players on both sides. I don't think Titch will cope a tag this week.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agree with BCE that Mitch won't get tag. But think KJack and O'Keefe (and possibly JPK) will go big before Tommy Boy. Regardless, Dees are a sad sack and the deflated mood from losing to GWS will continue against the Suns. Think J Bomb goes ton for certain.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks folks. O'Meara it is. You are absolute champ, Jock.

  7. Eefto says:

    How are you going Jock, are you gonna win your first final? I am a massive chance with my opponent having 2 donuts

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Eefto – you got a gig on last Wednesday's video mate did you see? Mate – I finished 8th in the Premier League – not the best season for the Brumby this year but looking good in the consolation finals

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Donuts are popping up everywhere and they aren't sugar coated. So much carnage this year. Hope you have a good win Eefto

  8. Tylo says:

    Any news on whether Swanny and Pendles will play tonight? Have they flown up yet? With Priddis and Mundy under clouds, it could be carnage with 2 or 3 late outs.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Swan & Pendles have gone to Sydney and should play. I will be in more trouble than the early settlers if the are out's as i have both with Priddis. Mundy and Priddis are doubtful from what i am hearing from the West.

  9. Sam says:

    Missing Buddy and Kruezer
    Have to play Rowe and Staker
    Also have underperforming mids like
    JPK, Mundy and Priddis

  10. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Forgot to mention it earlier, but loving the new Twitter integration, Jock!

  11. gmack says:

    Gday everyone, im locked in a QF battle with an arch rival and im in a bit of a panic. Hes predicted to edge me according to SC Gold. I got 426k and 3 trades left. Thinking Jaeger to Griffen DEFINITE and Nic Nat to A. Walker OR Thurlow to Dixon. Smart moves?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Get Griffen FOR SURE. Walker is a good bet but Martin would be better. Playing like a crazed banshee. Who does your opponent have? Would look for PODs.

      • gmack says:

        Thanks throttle. Have got Martin which is a good thing. I could do Nic Nat to def of my choice and move staker fwd. Would leave enuf to trade mitchel next week to anyone. Dixon playing melbourne, starting fwd is it too risky? Heater playing the swans could get the ball?

        • throttlefinger says:

          Dixon has certainly came back strong. Impressed with the way he's gone apeshit while going weekend at bernies on us. So no, not too risky. And a strong move from Staker, who I'm afraid I still have and feel hitting a 100 is in his rearview. Good luck, gmack!

    • Skintip says:

      SC GOLD??? Thats for hacks- a bit of cheating it is- has SC GOLD chosen your whole team for you?

      It was always my belief that any team you play that uses SC Gold should have an icon next to their name saying they use SC GOLD. Fantasy footy is a free game yet people pay to help choose their team?? I just dont get it.

      Its called SC, yet all I here is people asking "who should I trade", "who should I put on the field" and "should I bench such and such". I just dont get it!!!

      This site is awesome coz it gives opinions and hints etc, but the aim of the game is to CHOOSE AND COACH YOUR OWN TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have never asked what should I do with my team once in 3 years- why? Coz I am the coach. Thats my opinion thats all.

      I mean wheres the glory if someone tells you to get Jelwood and he fires up and gets massive scores? There is no glory coz you didnt make the decision yourself.

      Anyway, SC GOLD should be totally seperate from players like me- and maybe they can use some of the subscription fee for prizes for a SC GOLD competition.

      If you need the herald sun to give you all the stats and suggest your players to you- well, its just not cricket

  12. Aaron says:

    I didn’t watch the game last night Jock but I must say I’m a little disappointed with Big Boys score I brought him in only a few weeks ago and thought he may have got the better of Hale. Are we gonna see a 110+ score from him in the finals?

    P.S I’m pushing towards the top 1k so thank you sir!

  13. Jason says:

    Hi everyone, Need to upgrade Staker, forwards are currently: Rockliff, martin, walker, bartel, zorko and staker. Going to trade nicholls down to grundy to free up some cash, but who is my best trade in option out of stevie j (opponent has him), pavlich or boomer harvey (both make a good POD). Thoughts?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Cox looked inspired last week. Don't know if he can dupe that effort. Like Pavlich but he may be knocking off some rust after being out 3 games. Boomer…hmmm, very risky. Could go Boom or Blap. Stevie J is a beast and he's only going to be hitting it harder each round.. Even though opponent has Stevie J, would get him. Good luck!

    • Aaron says:

      I reckon Boomer will get tagged and he does not like a tag. Stevie J is your best option but if your after a POD have a look at Matthew de Boer he could be one of the Freo players that really takes advantage of this brilliant run home they have.

      Pav over Boomer for me.

  14. Jason says:

    Thanks, I already have Cox in my ruck

  15. Nick says:

    i have 2 trades left in a Qualifing Final

    Should i trade Nic-Nat to Ivan Maric or play B.Grundy?

    • davidzita1 says:

      Depends on whether you're projected to win or not.
      If not, Nic-Nat to Sandilands if you've got the cash, otherwise bring in Maric.

  16. Richard says:

    Back again. With Buddy out, I have to play one of Staker or Zorko. Also with Ibbotson out, I have to play Clisby or Blayne Wilson. Finished 5th and in a very tight match. Any thoughts PLEASE!!

    • throttlefinger says:

      This is a gut call. I have all of them…and, unfortunately, have to play them all. If I had to choose, I'd go Clisby and Zorko. Like what the Dee Boy Deffer did last week. Should some grit and ball hunger. Zorko…ugh. Well, I think he has the potential to go 120+. Staker no such feeling. Either could lay a curry farty egg.

      Know I've handed a thirsty man an empty beer can…but that's my 2 cents.

      • Richard says:

        Still no clearer but at least I had a good laugh! Just can't bring myself to trust Zorko. Opponent has Staker in but no Zorko. May play safe on Staker and rely on others?

        • throttlefinger says:

          Depends what kind of fight you're in. Keeping pace or trying to make ground. Keeping pace than match and hope for the best. Making up ground then go for POD. But I hear ya, I won't rest my finals on Zorko's shoulders.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      I don't like to watch Melbourne games (I have better things to do with my life) so I can't say too much about how Clisby plays. But I really like Bilson as a player, and his scores seem consistent enough. I'd probably go with him. Agree with throttle regarding Staker/Zorko.

  17. d-mac3276 says:

    Got 220k in the bank but got Buddy and Kreuz out.
    Only got Grundy for cover on the bench and Sylvia on the bench for Buddy

    My trades were going to be T Mitch and Jaeger out for 2 of Watson/Fyfe/Griffen/Jack
    but now these outs have turned that all upside down

    What ppl think should i go sideways with Kreuz to big Will and get one of the mids for T Mitch/O Meara or somehow get rid of Sylvia

    • davidzita1 says:

      Get Minson in, trade up Mitchell or O'Meara to one of those 4. Sylvia will be right against Gold Coast this week

      • d-mac3276 says:

        Yeah i thought he'd be alright against GWS last week and he stunk it up, bit of a worry.
        But yeah going Kreuz to big Will and sticking with Jaeger against the Dees and going T Mitch out for probably Griffen although Curnow might go to him who done the job on Gaz a couple of weeks back

        • ShinbonerSpirit says:

          Yeah, they tagged the hell out of him. Don't think GC will resort to heavy tagging. They already have this game in the bag.

  18. Scott says:

    Can you reverse a trade after the round has started? I haven't had any players play yet

    • d-mac3276 says:

      Nah you can't reverse a trade once its started but you can trade still. Just make sure its the trade you want as once you hit the button thats it

  19. Zimmer says:

    Traded Priddis to S. Mitchell before last night's game. Happy with the result.

    Wondering whether to trade Mayes for Scotland (swinging Staker to fwd bench).

    Still have Zorko too, but just shy cashwise of being able to bring in a decent forward.

    Otherwise I could hold off. Any advice?

    • Zimmer says:

      Just done a bit of research:

      Could trade Zorko to Stokes in the fwd line, or to Ryder or Maric in the Rucks.

      Any advice Jock. Anyone. Appreciate it.

  20. davidzita1 says:

    Mayes to Scotland a good move in my opinion, as long as you'll still have a trade/s after that, if it's your last, save it instead

  21. Bob says:

    J.selwood or griffen??

  22. JB says:

    Who to put on the field Gibbs or Ellis?

  23. JS7 says:

    Rockliff on fire.

  24. davidzita1 says:

    Fellas, have loophole going with Griffen, what score should I settle for given Gaz is playing 250th against Melbourne?

  25. JS7 says:

    Matthew Lobbe with the equal third most hitouts ever: 59.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      In Geelong's defence, they have almost all their ruckmen out. But great job by Lobbe nonetheless.

  26. JS7 says:

    Selwood 152 – nice if you have him as VC.

  27. julz says:

    Take selwoods 152 for vc loophole ir stick with gaz?

    • Watto says:

      Why wouldn't you take it. Take 150 everyday of the week even gazz's 250 th against melbourne.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Don't think twice about it. Take Jelwood's score.

    • Watto says:

      It's been upped to 160. Should be no questions weather to keep it.

  28. dan says:

    im thinking selwood as C , what do you think

  29. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Curnow on Cooney and Cachia on Libba.

  30. JS7 says:

    Griffin getting a heap of ball, hasn't been effective, one out on the full, one into the man on the mark and missed an easy set shot from the hotspot.

  31. Tom says:

    Should I keep the C on Ablett, or take the VC score of Selwood (160) and run?

  32. DDogYo says:

    got a question
    If you have 2 emergency in the same spot like two ruck emergency do I get a higher score

  33. DDogYo says:

    Do iget the higher score or the lower score

  34. JS7 says:

    Griffin only on 30 at half time.

  35. jack says:

    G'day everyone,
    Taking Selwoods 160 as vice captain loophole, and putting K. Martin on field as captain. This means i have Priddis on bench replacing Martins zero. Will Priddis play? If he is a late out i will be risking a donut. Should i make Tom Mitchell as emergency and play him over Priddis, just to remove risk of a Priddis donut?
    Thanks alot!

  36. Jeremy says:

    Scotland getting robbed because Waite has dropped it literally every time he's kicked it to him… Annoying.

    Happy about using the loop on Jelwood though! Knowing my luck, Gaz will score even more against my beloved dees though

  37. Eagler says:

    Hey guys,
    I need to play either Mitchell or Crouch on field. My head and my gut are at odds with each other about who to choose.

  38. nick says:

    found out something never ever to put the c on gary abblett for rest of the year joel selwood will get it what a joke gaz is against Melbourne and only scored 46 at halftime selwood had 95 at half time against port don't care what people think of this gaz should never be given the cap

  39. nick says:

    one more thing the gold coast players were saying abblett is the best player in the leage I choke on that selwood would have be one of the best players in the leage I reckon this year he is he cant even give you a decent score on dream team or supercoach

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      I hope you realise he's averaging almost 140 this year. Ignore him at your own peril.

    • Anthony says:

      To be fair, it is not entirely Ablett's fault he was badly injured at around three quarter time and may not play for a few weeks.

  40. davidzita1 says:

    Nick, this comment you have just made is farcical.

    Gary Ablett has dropped below 100 once, now probably twice, this season and the first time he did he scored 99.

    Joel Selwood has dropped below 100 six times, with one of his scores being 54.

    Don't mistake this for hate because I'm a huge fan of Joel Selwood and huge fan of Gaz.

    But DON'T question Gary Ablett, because he is clearly THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE, both AFL, Supercoach and Dream Team.

  41. JS7 says:

    Ablett 67.

    Pendlbury: 156.

  42. Watto says:

    What the bajesus is Ablett doing. I went the whole season without him and bought him in after his 175 and he is just cruising along getting very average scores. What's the deal? Injured, can't be bothered. Take out his 170 and he has been averaging less than 105 since he scored 140 against essendon.

    • Mike says:

      Gary Ablett injured his right hand at around three quarter time. It looks pretty bad and he could miss the next two weeks. Not good.

    • guest says:

      just because he is not getting good scores in super coach, is no reflection of him "not being bothered"….one would think……hope…..

  43. nick says:

    think by naming abblett cap is going coast me a lost this weekend what a loser cant even score over 70 against mel should named selwood

    • John says:

      Yeah I agree. Ablett went at that ball like a bull and now we have to possibly trade him out because he was being so reckless

  44. dave says:

    does captians loophole not work in finals?

  45. Jacob says:

    It is so frustating for all of the dream team coaches out there now that we have to deal with Gary Ablett's injury!

  46. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Everyone's going to jump off Ablett next week, and he will score 190. It always works that way.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Agreed Shinboner !!. The amount of people panicking about the great one (GAJ). They can jump of at there peril all that will do is end in more tears. Good luck to the Roo Boys today

  47. Chicken says:

    Should I take Pendlebury's 150 or gamble with Barlow vs GWS

    • throttlefinger says:

      C'mon, dude. 150 is SC gold. And it's for certain. No guessing. Unless you're losing and your opponent had Pendles…take…it…now!

    • fundoginthehouse says:

      similiar issue – I put the VC on Ablett, now I have to choose between Barlow and Fyfe for Cap. If you can, hold of on your decision as long as possible, otherwise take the bird in hand, he's cleared 130 and thats usuallly a good rule to follow.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Really !!!!. Keep it mate, unless you are greedy and all that can do is end in tears. If you are losing and need to send the Hail Mary out maybe. Rule of thumb 130+ is a keeper.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Take the 150. Gambling on Barlow will only end badly.

  48. throttlefinger says:

    Opponent looped Selwood. I had Gazza. 152 points I need to make up against 4 POD players. Not likely. Finals…such a cruel mistress.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Feel your pain throttlefinger, i myself looped Selwood and if he didn't score at least 140+ (Normally 130+) i would have gone GAJ. Was so confident that GAJ in his 250 against Dees at home that he would have gone big. I have been burnt so many times on the Loop this year. There will be some low scores this week. Good Luck Mate

      • throttlefinger says:

        Thanks BCE. But I'm toast. Relying on Mundy, Ryder, Crouch and your boy Wilson against Myers, JJK and Barlow. Tall order. Going to hit the bourbon and ginger and hope it can get me a win.

        • BestCoastEagles says:

          A couple of stiff Bourbs always a great remedy for Supercoach pain.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Yep, same thing happened to me. I'm playing the community's very own Chandanraj, and I was projected to win until Gazza happened. Can't make up that deficit with three uniques.

  49. dave says:

    supercoach isnt letting me change captain from franklin argh!!!!

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Because his team have all ready played Dave. Rookie Mistake if you Captain looped with your C in the first game. Everybody has made that blunder at least once. Hope you can recover Dave

  50. Mick says:

    I'm 5 points behind the ladder leader, he captained GAJ, I put the VC on him. My options to captain today are
    Who would you choose?

    • Tom says:

      Easily Fyfe!

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      I don't think it matter's who. All will beat GAJ score. I would go Fyfe at home against GWS

    • throttlefinger says:

      Fyfe. At home and has been playing big. He will go big. But like BCE commented, pretty sure each will go ton or beat Gazza un-Gazza score.

    • Brian says:

      Well done Mick. Reading all the dumb negative posts about Gazza, they should be playing him the way you have.

  51. John says:


  52. Mick says:

    The community has spoken….Fyfe it is. Fingers crossed no late outs!

  53. ABC says:

    3 trades left and in an elimination final.

    Opponent has 145 + Heppell and I have Cox, Nic Nat and Barlow.

    T/U- Back myself in (I’ll need the trades later on)
    T/D – Trade Nic Nat to Pav?

  54. Will says:

    fyfe or barlow. Fyfe has greater abilty to get those 130s but barlow has not dropped below 100 since round 6

  55. adam v says:

    come on fyfe get me 250 as captain

  56. JB says:

    2 Trades left how can I improve this team and give some firepower?

    Thoughts greatly appreciated …

    DEF: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Enright, Hartlett, Hanley (Ellis, Clisby)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, JPK, Selwood, Shuey, S Johnson, Fyfe (T. Mitchell, Zorko)
    Ruck: Cox, Leuenberger (Nicholls, Mc Bean)
    FWD: Franklin, Roughead, Rockliff, A. Walker, JJK, Staker (Rowe, Daniher)

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Staker/Rowe to Dustin Martin would be great! Then hold that last trade for injuries. If you're feeling a bit ballsy, JPK to Watson would be a definite improvement.

  57. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Duffield's been completely ripped off. Racking up the numbers (including a goal) and still in the 60s.

  58. nick says:

    I lost by 40 poimts all becoase I put the c on horrible abblett and not super selwood or Watson oh well should win next weel

  59. @emhoy says:

    2341 Selwood as captain and Mayne as my last trade today has got me over the line in 3 of my 4 finals. I lost one final by 5 pts but have double chance so not to bad.

  60. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    2308 with Ablett as captain. Going to do Nic Nat to Mayne next week with my final trade if NN isn't back. Ruing what could've been a 2400+ score if Ablett had a half-decent game.

    • @emhoy says:

      I did nit nat to Mayne today as stakers 79 I did not think was enough for me to win. Can't believe mayne got 130.

    • davidzita1 says:

      At least there are a huge number of people who would've made Gaz captain as well

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Bad Luck ShinbonerSpirit………bad C & VC choice had made your team loose against my team……anyways good luck in the other leagues mate…..your team is very very solid……………

      I am thinking of doing no trades this week……won 5/5 leagues I am in…..and have got 1 elimination final this week in the same league you got knocked off…….

      Have got Nic Nat in my team as well…..and I dont think he will be back this season…….so thinking of trading him…..have got 3 options mate which one do you reckon is a good one…..

      Option – 1:
      OUT: Nic Nat……..IN: Dusty……
      Option – 2:
      OUT:Nic Nat…….IN:Will Minson
      Option – 3:
      OUT:Nic Nat….IN:Chris Mayne

      What are your thoughts……..

      Its even this year win/loss between us……you won against me in the league stage and I won against you in the finals!!!…….


      • ShinbonerSpirit says:

        Dusty for sure mate. Always good to have players who play a vital free-running role in a team truly contending for the premiership.

        • chandanrajdb says:

          Thanks mate…..will see how my opponents team looks like on Friday and the projected scores…….if I feel I have a chance of beating him without doing any trades then I will hold on to the trade if not I will decide to trade or not during the rolling lockout……before WCE and Richmond plays…….

          That's it I will be looking to bring in Dusty into my team as my final trade…..if not this week, next week for sure…..

          Thanks for you comments above mate…….much appreciated…….and all the best for you in other leagues…….


  61. storm says:

    hey guys need advice in dream team my mids are swan ablett pendles fyfe k jack j selwood Cotchin
    Barlow Tom Mitchell is on the pine but i am going to bring Griffen this week coming because he is the in form mid right now i am not to sure who to put on the pine so Griffen can be on my field

    bartel is other i am looking to trade out but i have no idea who to i have dusty rocky Roughead Stokes sj

    money no problem i have the week off i do not want to pick revolt because of that knee
    thanks for your time guys

    • Chicken says:

      Don't trade out Bartel. He played the first half deep in defence, where the action wasn't occurring. He scored a majority of his 61 in the last quarter.
      Keep him this week and see how he goes.

    • storm says:

      thanks for your help Chicken

  62. Anonymous says:

    Final trades:

    OUT Shuey IN Griffin
    OUT Franklin IN Watson

    Advice please

  63. Damien says:

    Hi guys im looking to trade Tom mitchell for my 8th mildfield spot although i dont have much cash in the bank

    The best of my options are

    Gibbs, DanielRich, Marc Murphy, Scott thompson, Stanton, and maybe even Brock Maclean

    Help would be very much appreciated thanks

  64. Watto says:

    Why is everyone raving on about a point of difference. There is no point picking up a player who will average less just because he is a point of difference. If you picked up Ricky Henderson over say Goddard then you have created a point if difference for the opposition who has the better player and you have lost points. I beleive people should be striving to make the best team possible no matter how many people own them.
    If you think Ricky will avergae more the the rest of the year then bring him in. Just make the decision because you think he will average more points not because on 4% of people own him.

    Obviously if calculated risks need to be taken then look for a POD, but just don't pick a player because he's unique.
    That's just my opinion anyway.

  65. Jack says:

    How do 2 Essendon defenders score 130 and 122 Supercoach points when West Coast did that big a demolition job on them – smashing them that badly that they doubled their score? Yeah, I'm sookin' after going down by 3 measly points in my first qualifying final. Gives me a chance to take revenge on an opponent who knocked me off earlier in the year when Grimes got injured early .. and then on to meet my arch-nemisis in the prelim!! Did I mention I was ROBBED!! Damn plum rolling Fantasy Gods!!

    • Chicken says:

      Those two essendon defenders were pretty much in every play and racked up heaps of possessions.
      Hibbered 30 at 80% effiecency and Goddard 27 at 78%
      Hibberd had 22 kicks and 8 marks
      Goddard 18 kicks, 10 marks and 3 goals…

      • Jack says:

        I know Chicken. Unfortunately social media doesn't transfer emotion .. it was a sarcastic comment made in jest after getting done by 3 points – funnily enough by an opponents called Chicken Chasers .. LOL!!

  66. nick says:

    made Ashley smith to Enright and blitz man to mummy he is probably a inform ruckman at the moment think he is rucking back to his best nearly its going be interesting this week for me as I am playing someone who has 12 players the same as me just have to pick the right person in cap as I know she will go gazz and I will go joel selwood this week he will kill the eagles

  67. Lochie says:

    Is Terlich worth having on the field or should I upgrade Clisby so Terlich can be on the bench?
    T/U: Hold Terlich
    T/D: Upgrade Clisby

  68. Jack says:

    As all games are must win from here on in, bringing in an upgrade should be the way to go. If you have a non-player on the bench you can then maybe loop-hole Terlich.