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Mad Mick’s Mayhem – The Final Countdown

Published by Jock on

Supercoach strategy with MickHello again community.

You might have noticed I’ve been away from my regular spot for the last couple of weeks. Jock, Higgo, Croughing and I thought it would be a good idea to take a sabbatical to concentrate on getting “Mad Mick’s Mayhem” to number one and take out the ultimate fantasy football prize.

In that time I have been inundated with best wishes from many inside the Jock Reynolds community, and I just wanted to say a big thanks to you all. Great to know others have invested in my team and want it do well. It is for that reason I will be providing a little light reading from now on to give those who are interested an insight into the “Mayhem”

The team went a little backwards this week but still only 162pts off the overall lead and still feeling upbeat with my chances from here. Put it this way, if someone at the start of the year had offered me a chance to be 163pts from the top with four weeks to go, I would have snapped that offer up without thinking about it. I’ve been taking the glass half full approach all year and I’m not going to change it now.

The weekend in review

So this is how my team took to the field over the weekend.

Mad Mick's Supercoach team


The Defensive Line

The first 5 guys in my defense will pick themselves and even though Gibbs’ form has been shocking of late, the fact every man and his dog have him means it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I have a massive selection headache for my D6 position. I could have went with Staker, Clisby or Burnman Broughton over the weekend and as you can see from the team above I went with Staker. His form of late has been magnificent, he was playing in his 150th game, and he was playing a bottom four team. I had made my mind up early in the week I was going with Staker and I amn’t too annoyed that I left Clisby on the bench with 101pts. My rationale was correct, but just didn’t get the desired result.

Very happy to have Hanley back in my side – and Harlett finding some of that early season form again is a bonus. Surprisingly however Harlett isn’t that much of a POD and is in a lot of the top 10’s sides. An interesting side note that we can all learn from is the top ranked teams stuck with their premiums during those spells of mid season blues.

Going forward I might need to address this D6 position and I may potentially pull the trigger on Staker this week while his price is still reasonably high. With money in the bank I can get in any defender of my choice. The problem is finding one I can trust. Having Thurlow as a loophole player is also a bit of a problem with Geelong having a lot of early weekend games. If they had played on Sunday this weekend I would have Clisby’s 101pts instead of Staker’s 42pts.

The Midfield Line

Really happy with my Midfield even though this has been their lowest total output since the bye rounds. Priddis being a late out hurt me badly this week as my worst fears came to fruition with Marc Murphy coming in to take his place. When I heard Ryan Crowley was going to Murphy I knew what was coming and on 2pts at quarter time I actually thought the outcome could have been a lot worse. It was a massive letdown but on a positive note I had only traded Murphy in for Mitchell last week and Murphy did outscore Mitchell.

Going forward I am not too worried about my M8 position. I am yet to hear if Priddis will miss any more weeks but even if he does I am not overly concerned with Murphy in this spot. In fact I have a good feeling Murphy will come home very strong. Malthouse publicly had a go at Murphy after the game against Fremantle stating the difference between the good midfielders and the elite, is that the elite get tagged every week and find a way to break through tags by winning their own ball. I think this was genius my Malthouse. This current set of Carlton players have a soft underbelly and the time has long past for wrapping them in cotton wool and protected from criticism. Marc will be incredibly disappointed with his game and by those comments from his coach and things can go one of two ways from here. He can go back further into his shell and hide or he can come out like a raging bull to prove to all the naysayers that he is the elite midfield player he promised he could be. Call me naive if you will, but I am still going to back Murphy in to produce the goods over the next four weeks. Expect his contested numbers, tackles and clearances will soar this week against the Dogs as he goes about proving a point. I may add that last player to get properly “Crowleyed” was Joel Selwood in round 14 where he scored 54pts. His next four games produced scores of 151, 133, 137 and 151pts. Will we see something similar with the Smurph ??

If I am proven wrong this week and Murphy doesn’t score 110+ against the dogs I will pull the trigger on Priddis and bring in one of Watson, Jack, Beams, Barlow or Fyfe as my last midfielder. Also hoping Colquhoun will get dropped pretty soon so I can run the loophole with Murphy over the last few rounds. Feels strange hoping one of your players doesn’t get named on a Thursday night but that’s where I am with Colquhoun.

The Rucks

This was actually the worst combined score from my Ruck duo since round 1 when I had one Paddy Ryder in my team. Most of the top teams have Goldstien so his score doesn’t really worry me from week to week. However I am pretty sure no other top 10 ranked team have Kreuzer which makes him arguably my most valuable POD. When he scores well I will make up ground but if he has any more scores like the 72pts at the weekend I won’t have any chance of bringing home the top price. I had always brought Kreuzer in to fill a hole in my team and had always planned to go Kreuzer to Sandilands for the run home. However Kreuzer has outperformed my expectations of him and this trade would now represent a huge risk. I haven’t ruled it out and if Sandilands goes big this week and Kreuzer bombs out again then I might just have to take the punt and pull the trigger next week.

The Forward Line

Overall I am reasonably happy with my forward line. Cox and Rockliff will be massive on the run home but they do not represent any POD has every other team have them. Walker has been quite over the last few weeks but I have every confidence he will return to form and will have at least one more massive 130+ score on the run home. Martin is in all the top teams as well so his scores interest me very little, but his form has been wonderful of late and I don’t foresee that changing. Stevey Johnson is in all but one top ten team so he also isn’t of much interest to me, but like Martin is in great form with little to suggest he won’t average 110+ on the run home.

My only major concern in my forward line is Roughead. I traded him in 3 weeks ago and have regretted it every week since. I broke my own rule getting him in, and have now paid the price. NEVER EVER BRING IN KEY POSITION PLAYERS. I know Roughie is more of a utility player who can ruck rove, play forward or back but in the last three weeks he has played predominately forward and hasn’t got involved in games like he had been from rounds 2 through to 16, where he was averaging 106.42pts a game. Since I brought him in he has produced scores of 69, 84 and 67 and is fast becoming my very own burnman. You might think I am starting to collect them with Broughton also on my forward line bench. Roughead is also only in one other team in the top 10 and is now a very important POD for me. If he can’t reverse his form very soon my chances of climbing the ladder will be all but gone.

I could send Broughton back to the back line and trade in a Harvey, Bartel or Pavich for Staker up forward and loophole them with Roughead on the field. Again will probably give Roughead a week to prove his worth before I make up my mind on this trade.

Well that’s a little inside look at what is happening with “Mad Mick’s Mayhem”. I hope you enjoyed the read and maybe it even helped you somewhat with your own teams. For all those who made it through to finals I wish you all the very best in the weeks ahead, and for those who missed out, stick with us here at the Jock Reynold’s Community and you will see your numbers rise.

On a final note I would like to wish Justin (Project Mayhem), John (DimmaWitts), Amit (Slobs), Jason (Holzman’s Heroes), Pear (The Gooches), James (Primeros Ministros), Steven (QPR) and Jarrod (Razor Sharp Lions) all the very best over the next four weeks as it is extremely likely that one of you will be crowned the 2013 Supercoach Champion.

Stay tuned..

Mick the Mad Irishman

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Amos Frank

Good stuff Mick the Mad Irishman we are all cheering for you and we love you son.


Good on ya Mick! Love that I have an identical midfield to yours. I must be doing something right, eh? The 50k is yours mate!


Awesome post!…. was wondering why u couldnt take the clisby score! until i realised the friday game.. Would love to see the trade in-outs?!? and plenty of interesting stats… so hard to predict players form and different coaches injurys, timing, trades etc..


Agree. Would love to see the trade in/out history of yours Mick!!… I think that would be very interesting, and pivotal to all successful/winning SC teams!!

John Paul Malietzis

Hey Jock/Mick, I'm currently ranked 16th overall, team is "THIS IS THE YEAR" and I would love to be able to get in touch with Mick the Mad Irishman in some sort of way. Email etc. Would love to have a chat with him. I'm not a big commenter on these posts but I love the podcasts and tune in every week to Mick's Tight Arse Tuesday Article. Ill leave my email down the bottom and if you want to contact me you can. Would love a chat with Mick


I still have duffield, staker and zorko 3 trades left 300k. Also worth playing sammy jacobs this round? wat to do….


Hey Mick, great article mate I hope you win the 50k!
I was just wondering who would be better options for my midfield and defense lines:

For defense my options are:
Dixon – can he stay injury free??
Taylor – 3 games at skilled
McKenzie – great efficiency but might get tagged
Shaw – highest averaging defender
Thompson – huge POD

In the midfield:
Watson – very cheap
Barlow – great run home
Beams- POD but quite expensive
Griffen – great form but can he keep it up???
ROK – tackle machine and POD but Sydney have a hard run


hey jock and community
which option is best in the midfield and back line
backline : Hanley , Dixon , scott d, bob murphy or hartlett
mid: Jobe , Griffin, Fyfe , Kieran Jack
Thoughts please jock !


Any thoughts on Bryce Gibbs? Drop him or keep him? Still got 6 trades left, so plenty of options..


You can look at it 2 ways .. 1.) keep him bcoz most other teams have him so if his low scores continue it wont hurt you or 2.) trade him bcoz most other teams have him and get another high averaging defender for a POD. With 6 trades there isn't any point keeping the gun in the holster!!


make the most of it this year ya mad bastard 🙂 because 2014 is the year of the Muppets !
No slow starts next season 🙂


one of my favorite hobbies jock along with supercoach 🙂


Hey Mick,

Well done. Have had very similar sides all year when I've read your posts and the times we brought players in like Daisy, Priddis. Not sure if you got burnt by Birchall or not and missed Ellis' ride like I did.

I have been around 700-1000 pretty much most of the year. I went out to 1500 before the byes but came through those moving up the ranks to be within top 1000. 3 weeks ago was placed 519th traded Wingard to Barlow. Franklin to Roughead, but most upsetting was my poor capts choices. Missed Abletts big game vs Pies, choosing Pendles, chose Pendles over Swan, and chose Swan last week – meaning 3 flat capts picks.

Have decided to get rid of Staker this week for Hanley – thought I could rely on him but his last 2 weeks have been poor. Can't have that leading into finals.

Priddis is also a concern? Hopefully he's back on deck this week –

Will be looking to trade T.Mitchell up to Beams, Cotchin – I think they are the best options going forward.

Here's my side. Now at rank 983


Oh and good luck Mick!


You are an inspiration to the fantasy football community Mick. The average human can now walk with their back a little straighter and their chin a bit higher knowing what is possible with the right amount of dedication and relentless pursuit of fantasy football success. Whatever you finish, you're top of the ladder in my book mate.

Good on ya.


Go Mick, we are super proud of you you mad Bastard


Trades please help with everyones advice?
ibbotson – Dixon and Priddis – Watson
Priddis – Watson and T.Mitchell – Murphy
J.Witts – L.McBean and (Priddis or mitchell) – Griffen

info – have clisby as back up of ibbo
-mitchell currently plays on bench in mid


oh also forgot
nice work mick you have done great i hope you take it home mate !!


Now you definitely get Murphy, the man is on a mission.


2nd option. Generally players perform exceptionally after being 'Crowleyed' (see selwood) and Watson will come home with a wet sail, thrives on ground during times of adversity.


In Selwood's case, he was in pretty good form before Crowley. That 50-something was a minor blip in a series of very good results.


Have absolutely no clue what you're trying to communicate to us, im guessing the players on the left are on your team and the players on the right are players you're trading in, if thats the case then ill bringing in griffin seems like the best option


cheers guys ill probs go murphy and someone els .


Hold Ibbotson & Priddis., option 3 looks best, with Mitchelson out… But how many trades left?


Should I trust Staker/Duffield/Clisby to be def 6 or trade Staker to S.Thompson/Hartlett/Dixon.

I know you shouldn't trade premiums but handball happy Josh Kennedy is killing me trade to Griffen? I think he has a better run home than Swan, Cotchin, Fyfe and Jack??


Fyfe has the best run home out of the lot, but Swan, Griffen, Cotchin will score more till the end of the season in that order.


Staker to S.Thompson, his bad games aren't horrendous and his good ones are capable of producing midfield premium like scores


Thanks, I appreciate your input


Thanks for the share, Mick. Great insights. We'll be rooting for ya!

mikey mike

Go Mick


Mick, does Charlie Dixon pose good value for you down back? Im leaning towards bringing him in for Thurlow this week as a massive POD. Thoughts?


Quality option, fresh and a proven gun, great POD, grab him!


Thanks davidzita1. Im in a QF this week and want to win! 3 trades left 426k in bank. Am tossing up either 1 trade or 2. Thurlow/Dixon and JOM/Griff. If i do both will leave me with 89k in bank 1 trade. Is it too risky u think? Perhaps the one trade??


Love your work Mick. Really unlucky you couldn't take Clisby's 101 E on the weekend with Geelong (Thurlow) playing first… that was the first thing that came to my mind, but just unfortunate with schedule this week…

Then again there's probably hundreds of 'if only's' and 'what ifs'… Love your optimistic glass half full mentality! Keep head down, don't make the silly mistakes as others in top 10 are exposed to do… (ie. Risk too much and it becoming a silly mistake).


Also is Priddis is POD in top 10? I would actually pressume he is not, as in everyone has him, and with Murphy coming on for him last week it also one of those situations where 'it could have worked out well'…

I like your mentatlity of backing your judgement and thoughts and not dwelling too much on thinking you made a mistake with playing Staker instead of Clisby for example. You did the right thing to play the odds… just DON"T get silly to say play Clisby over Staker next week or whatever chasing points – Just hope your rivals will make those mistakes…


Also like your strategy of contemplating utilising Murphy and Roughead as the first Emergency players… that gets so complicated though with looking at schedules… but great thinking…


Now with Jonathan Brown out for the foreseeable future I would think Staker may come back into considerations to keep or keep starting. Correct me if I'm wrong but his very good scores occured when Brown was out? He will likely be more of a focus point now.


makes him a great E loophole asset to have… However in Micks case I suppose he needs Staker to play before Thurlow, whch is only in rounds which unfortuantely doesn't happen for the rest of the year (except for 25 mins this weekend….

The E loophole actually adds a lot of variables yet also so crucial i think for the prize winning contenders…


Hey Guys need your opinions:

B] Goddard, Hibberd, Heppell, GIbbs, Staker, Shaw (Docherty, Colquhoun)
M] Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, JPK, Barlow (K.martin, L.hunter)
R] Goldstein, Pyke (Grundy, currie)
F] Cox, ROckliff, JJK, Franklin, Johnson, Tom Lee (Macaffer, Atkins)

Not sure on what trades to make (7 trades left – 143k in the bank)

All help will be greatly appreciated!


Extremely dependent on so many variables mate (ie. playing for league? who you versing etc.), but from a general point of view.

1. T. Mitchell to Marc Murphy
2. Tom Lee to H.Scotland (swing Staker fwd)

Just thoughts on getting in the value players for this week… who i think are Murphy and Scotland. And you have heaps of trades to still think about capitalising on valu picks.


true, not sure how; to go about it

I could downgrade Martin to Grigg (make 100k) and upgrade staker to Hanley (will have 182k in the bank) or charlie dixon (will have 224k in the bank)



Backs: Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Gibbs, McKenzie, Goodes (Clisby, Webster)
Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Barlow, JPK, T.Mitchell, Rockliff (Priddis, Crouch)
Rucks: McEvoy, Jacobs (Nicholls, Currie)
Fwds: Cox, JJK, Walker, Martin, Bartel, Staker (Daniher, Oxley)

Currently 2 trades remaining and 11k in the kitty

I have a lot of concerns with my team about whether to upgrade to a premium defender for Goodes with my last 2 trades via a trade down-trade up scenario or making an effort to get in Stevie J into my team since virtually each of the 3 teams I’m taking on in the qualifying finals have Stevie. What areas should I focus on guys, would love your thoughts, cheers 🙂


Gday community! What is everyone’s thoughts on tom Mitchell? Been a great servant but can he carry us to glory onfield? Last weeks score was a bit unnerving. He’s my m8 crouch covering the bench, 3 trades left and finished top4 in my league. Would love to earn the week off, if I pulll the trigger who is the best bet out of griffen, danger or jobe? Would love to be in Micks position, well done mate, instead going for the league win. Thoughts?
Cheers All.

James D

B) Goddard, Heppel, Shaw, GIbbs, Mckenise, Clisby, goodes, thrulow
M) Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Barlow, Cotchin, Dangerfield, Fyfe, T. Mitichell
R) Jacobs, Rowe, Niccols, Mcbean
F) Martin, Rockcliff, Bartel, Roughhead, Franklin, Staker, Nic Nat, Tom Lee

2 trades to go, 150,000 in bank. Thoughts guys!! please help me i am finishing top 4 in all leagues. want to get it right. will be greatful for the help jock! Cheers boys

Donald A

B) Shaw, Hanley, Gibbs, Goddard, Heppel, Ibbotson (Clisby Thurlow)
M) Ablett, JPK, S.Mitchell, Cotchin, Selwood, Swan, Mundy, Priddis (Mitchell Martin)
R) Minson Goldstein (Witts, Currie)
F) Walker, Harvey, Johnson, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy (Neade, Daniher)

Have 2 trades left with 50k in the bank, am going for the league win but have to win this week to make the prelim. Should I back my team in and save the trades? Or make an adjustment?
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!!:)