Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – finals week 1

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AFL Fantasy finals week 1Let the games begin.

Legends will be created over the next four weeks. The strong will prevail. The weak will not. Does your team have what it takes to win a Supercoach and/or AFL Fantasy premiership in season 2013?

We go through a series of weapons tonight. These weapons reside in few teams. These weapons could be the difference between a flag and a flop.

Let the prelude to the big dance begin. Enjoy the show.


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  1. Chris says:

    Jock, thoughts on this trade

    Tom Mitchell- Sam Mitchell

    Could get rid of duffield instead of staker but think duffield has the easier run

    • throttlefinger says:

      Strong moves. Staker's freshness date has expired. Doubt he'll go ton again. Sam is the man.

      • Walto says:

        While I agree Sam is the better pick . a lot people always say players who have bad games won't do well and have been proven wrong.
        Terlich : scored 25 , is still doing well .
        Wines : went down then came up with big games
        People said if Hanley came back he wouldn't be the same , what he score 108 ?
        O'meara a lot of people traded out because his price was maxed yet his still scoring like a premium despite his 66 this week even though he had a good game.
        A lot of people said get rid of Selwood after his bad few rounds now look at him.
        I'd say back your own judgement , don't get rid of players after one poor scoring game.

        • Jono says:

          I agree, when terlich scored 25 he was playing Geelong who are awesome and at Simmonds stadium in the wet with only 19 inside 50s for the game 😉 I think people doubted him too quickly and I think next year I might hold some rookies a little longer

          • Walto says:

            Yeah I made the mistake of trading O'meara to early , traded him for Fyfe who has been very good of late but O'meara has still been scoring very good.
            Surprised people haven't said get rid of Heppell yet given he only scored 77 yet was being tagged lol.

    • Jack says:

      Not so sure about these "easy" games .. surely there must be big points available for performing against higher ranked opposition?

      • Zimmer says:

        I agree with this. I think its a bit of a fallacy that easy opposition simply equals big points. There are many more variables and its not that straight forward.

    • Watto says:

      If you have any more cash look to get in fyfe at 507,000. Instead of Mitchell. He hitting some form and has the easiest next 3

      • Remy says:

        What's GCS run home like?

        • pieofgod says:

          fantastic…arguably the 2nd best run home after Freo…im feeling good about T-mac and GAJ myself (hopefully nicholls too who i still have)

  2. Fabian says:

    Can't wait to listen to this tomorrow on the road to work.

    Had a horrid week but still in 4 out of five finals. Missed out one by percentage 🙁 .

    I don't want to sound like a douche, but what's happening with the Donors league for 2014. I donated a bit back because you guys are worth it, and I was hoping to be entered in one of the donor leagues. You read my name out a few weeks back, but my name isn't in the list of donors. I'm not fussed that my names not there but I was wondering if this means that the donor leagues are full… or something like that?

    Anyway keep up the great work.

  3. Will says:

    Hey jock

    I’ve got a few under performing premiums in jpk and priddis. I’m considering burning 2 of my last 3 trade to get someone like danger field, beams, and jobe as pods

    What do you think thanks.

    • SCaddict says:

      Probably not worth it. Would keep those trades for injuries or late withdrawls where they could transmute into pure gold.

      Still 4 rounds to go and many coaches have no trades left so these could prove to be real aces up your sleeve.

      Certainly if Pridda isn't back this weekend you should burn one but otherwise I'd hold firm.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      I agree with SCaddict, trades are like gold. Now is not the time to panic if you can hold for one more week Watson will drop another 35K down to 462K. You can strait swap him for Priddis and bank the other 29K for further trades that's what i am doing. I have JPK as well you just have to keep him now and hope he comes good. Too many people start to panic at this time of the year and chase players with last week scores. Hope this is some help. All the Best Will

  4. jonaayy says:

    hey jock and the community in need of some desperate help,
    i have 105k left with 3 trades, i have one spot left in my midfield and these are my options:
    1. spend 2 trades and upgrade tom mitchell to beams or griffen
    2. use 1 trade and upgrade mitchell or crouch to fyfe or watson??
    what are your opinions?

  5. john says:

    def: goddard, scott thompson, hartlett, hanley, gibbs, mckenzie (clisby, frost)

    mid: ablett, pendlebury, joel selwood, jpk, d martin, rockliff, priddis, watson (mitchell, viney)

    ruck: goldstien, maric (grundy, currie)

    fwd jarryd roughead, lewis, franklin, josh kennedy, staker, bartel (daniher, rowe)

    have three trades left with nichols going for grundy already this week what to do from here?

  6. Tim says:

    If anyone can help me i have duffield omeara staker and franklin all on field with heaps of cash and 3 trades who should i trade first

    • throttlefinger says:

      Upgrade Staker for mine. He's dropping off significantly and value is making a nose drive. Not sure who else you have but Rockliff if you don't have him. Bartel is a steady 95+

  7. Eefto says:

    Jock, failed to mention Kieran Jack… Thoughts on him, will he keep on keeping on?

    • Aaron says:

      Have not one second of hesitation to get him into your side

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes the 4th highest point total so you can't get it wrong having Kizza in your side.

      Only knock would be the Swans tough run home with Pies, Cats and Hawks to come. But he's the sort of player who really lifts for big games so even that really isn't much of a reason to pass on him.

  8. Aaron says:

    Crouching on fire tonight with those tunes bloody love it!

  9. Chicken says:

    Should I trade luke brown or duffield to Harry Taylor?

    Recently, brown has been scoring more so I'm unsure on what to do…

  10. Aaron says:

    Jock Charlie Dixon is alive and well and fresh as a bloody daisy with an outstanding finals run. Gibbs – Dixon, welcome!

  11. Bruds says:

    Hey Community!
    will it be most benificial to use my last trade on getting rid of zorko scoring via goodes and moving staker back and getting walker, harvey, batel…
    Getting either griffen or jack by trading up priddis or JPK?
    Any advice appreciated!

    • pieofgod says:

      depends how much of an underdog (if at all) you are coming into 1st week of finals. If you really should dominate your opponent id sit on last trade. Ive been holding onto my last one for 2-3 rounds (at Jocks insistence) and with Danger and P.Hanley coming back from injury surprisingly early last round…im really glad i did.

      If you can hold this week with relative comfort…then hold.

      • Bruds says:

        yeah good call, i'm 1,1,1,4,2 in my five leagues but my oppenent in my main was +50 on me last round, also if griffen goes up by too much or one of my mids go down i won't be able to afford it with 95k in the bank, might hold or make a mid round trade if some early scorers perform badly!

  12. Jack says:

    With super cash cow Jaeger Bombastic O'meara still owned by 46% of teams as of Rd 19 it would appear we have a community full of vegetarians Jock …

  13. SCaddict says:

    Sorry Crouching and Higg but I'm 100% with Jock on the question of Big Sandi.

    Hasn't scored a ton all season largely because he hasn't been able to get on the park. This is not a new story to seasons past either.

    Just asking for the fantasy footy gods to play dice with your aggots with those kinds of shenanigans. Damaged goods for mine!

    Also Goodesy is still probably 4 weeks away according to Horse's own words in the post game earlier today so not really fantasy relevant unfortunately.

  14. Walto says:

    Hey guys , finished 6th , 2nd and 2nd in my leagues.
    Scored 2106 this week with 20 players . Priddis and Nic Nat.
    So I have 1 trade left
    My rucks and Forwards look like
    Ruck Cox , Maric (Nicholls,Currie)
    Forward : Walker , Rockliff , Martin , Zorko , Staker , Nic Nat (B Kennedy , Daniher)
    Does anyone know if Nicholls will play this week or is it to early? because if he is i'll switch Cox back to the forward and Nic Nat in the ruck and put Nicholls on , if his not should I use the last trade on nic nat ? I only have 13k so the best I can get is either Franklin or Cloke?

  15. Kevin says:

    What do you think of Charlie Dixon Jock?

  16. Rick Grimes says:

    Couple of questions if you could please help me out:

    1) I finished 3rd so I have two bites at the cherry. I have 2 trades left. Should I use them to upgrade, or hope to win with the team I have. Comparing sides I feel I have the better team already, but you just never know.

    2) I had been planning on keeping Staker as D6 and upgrading O'Meara and Hutchings to a couple of ultra premiums. Should i still do that or is Staker a liability?

    • big fella says:

      staker is dropping off more than O'Meara, might want to hold Jaeger and get rid of Staker.

    • pieofgod says:

      for me its Stakers possbility of devaluing vs the value of a trade.

      The key thing there is you feel confident you'll win with what youve gto

      Sad truth is you could trade him out and then still loose your 1st final.

      Id hold

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Hold this week Rick, don't be to concerned about Staker as all Defenders are Liabilities this year. You trade Staker to a so called Premo defender that will more likely will only give you a 100 anyway. Upgrade your Mid's if needed they are the ones that can bang out the 130-170's.. I'm in the same boat as you with trades going to keep them for the following week and use them during the rolling lockout's. Hope this put's your mind at ease. All the Best Rick

  17. Watto says:

    Who should I get in for staker via Stevie j. Fyfe, keiren, danger, Griffen. Have enough cash for all of them just 194k to upgrade staker. Would like to keep some cash for my remaining two trades. First, which players will average more and is it worth holding onto the cash for my later 2 trades.

  18. Sam says:

    Choose 3 of the following:
    Dangerfield, Watson, Barlow, Cotchin, Kennedy, Fyfe, Priddis

  19. Genco says:

    G'day Jock mate. I love the website everyrhing you do is top notch. I just have one query over your cheat sheets at the start of the year. Give the disappointments of bennel rich and the like and the breakouts of liberatore and steven etc. I feel you should break up the premium cheat sheet into two parts. A breakout candidates cheat sheet and a premium cheat sheet. This will allow the community to distinguish between the reliable super premiums, and the lesser priced risks like bennel and shuey etc. anyway it's just a thought i had, as many teams flopped at the start of the year owing to these failed breakout players like Zorko, watts, Jacobs and bennel.

    Kind regards, Genco

  20. cotchandmurph says:

    finally, rockliff and hartlett, starting to find form

  21. Remy says:

    Who is the best upgrade option for Sam Mayes?
    Also, who would be the best downgrade option for Duffield?
    DEF Goddard, Ibbotson, Gibbs, D. Pearce, B. Ellis, Duffield (Birchall, Thurlow)
    FWD Stevie J, Martin, JJK, Roughy, Buddy, Mayes (Macaffer, Daniher)

    • Jay says:

      If you can afford it than I'd go Mayes to one of Walker, Bartel or Boomer (probably in that order)
      You've got Birchall still sitting on the bench – might look to get rid of him before Duffield – not sure you want to be carrying injured players into the Finals – you can downgrade Birchall to Heath Scotland and keep Duffield/Ibbotson/Pearce!! You're not getting much value from having 420k sitting on your bench!

  22. James says:

    Is it worth getting rid of Priddis for an ultra premium, such as Fyfe? Have 3 trades left.

  23. George says:

    Does anyone think that Nic Nat or Tom Nicholls will be back next week?

    • pieofgod says:

      i really hope so mate.

      If NicNat has OP as the Jock team have suggested then its hard to see why you bring him back and indeed him having good form if they do.

      I should think they'll bring back Nicholls before seasons out going on the GCS press responses that ive heard

  24. Jay says:

    Only 1 trade left & my team is pretty much set, just looking for the final upgrade for Priddis:
    Can afford the following:
    Watson, Griffen, Cotchin, Barlow, Harvey?
    Thoughts suggestions?

    • Jay says:

      Current Midfield is: Ablett, Pendles, Dangerfield, J Selwood, JPK, Fyfe, Mundy, Priddis (T Mitchell, K Martin)

  25. Top Cotch says:

    Fresh and loaded to go Weapons akimbo in the Jock Reynolds Bungalow. Love it (Y).

  26. Top_Cotch says:

    Been a stellar run over the last five weeks – lowest score was a 2356. Double chance in all five leagues. 4 Trades and 250k in the Bank. Only weakness is Priddis, O'Meara/T Mitchell in my Mids. I want to go Fyfe but the severe swelling in my nurries says don't do it.
    Really am thinking I might not trade at all this week as the double chance will save me if I have a mare.

    • Valks says:

      Save the trades if you have a flop. Like fyfe had him all year, he is a freak. If only he could get his DE up!!

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Have Priddis as well i am swapping him for Watson next week when he drop's another 35k to 462k.

  27. Remy says:

    Should I trade out JPK?

    • Remy says:

      I could get any other midfielder…

      • Bruce says:

        I've gone to Pendles with him, already have Fyfe, Danger, Gaz, Cotch, Griff, Swan & Selwood. All my opponents have him so more a negating move for me.

    • Gilly says:

      I am tossing up the same trade, it's frustrating he is getting enough of the ball he has just forgotten that you are allowed to kick it.

      I am leaning to Griffen, bit cheaper than some of the other options and the Doggies play 3 of the last 4 games at etihad where they and Griffen play well.

  28. Ash says:

    Hey jock, I have 80k in the bank and 3 trades left, should I trade jpk to okeefe?

    • cotchandmurph says:

      maybe or even K.Jack

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Hold and save your trades. If you trade JPK to ROK you are not gaining anything both have a tough final's run home. The moment you Flick JPK he will turn on the 150+ tap.

  29. Starky says:

    I really need to get rid of Zorko as he’s costing me games.

    I have 3 trades left and 60k in the bank. I’m thinking Rioli is probably the only option available.

    What does the community think? Good gamble or any better options?

    I have Staker on the bench for injuries.

    • Gilly says:

      Coming from a Hawks fan with a man crush on Cyril, I wouldn't have him.

      Will be mainly playing forward which will limit his scoring and historically doesn't score well against Geelong and Sydney.

      I traded him to Monfries after about the 4th game and he has been solid. Probably not the highs of Zorko but hasn't had the lows. Maybe in a pinch Michael Walters from Freo.

      Not a lot of great options though

  30. Nat 'the Knife' Fyfe says:

    serious question
    Who to get out of Griffen, Barlow, Jack, Beams and cotch?
    Thoughts appreciated

  31. Jack says:

    3 trades left.

    Current DEF is: Goddard, Shaw, Hanley, Heppell, Gibbs, Duffield.

    Duffield out but for who??? I can get anyone. (Total 634k)

    Was thinking S.Thompson, Murphy, the cannon. I dont know?????

  32. Ruddy says:

    Who is the better option to downgrade to provide cash for the rest of the year? Mitchell or Staker

  33. Alan says:

    Hi Jock, loved the Pod cast!!.
    I finished on top of all 3 leagues. But feel as if much of the filed has caught up in recent weeks.
    My question, who do you think will be the best ruck upgrade for Nichols. Cash not a problem. I already have Kruezer and subs in Grundy and Rowe.
    I am torn between Minson & Goldsteien and Sandilands. Keep looking at the fixture to see who has an easier run and who is likely to score better. Completely torn on this one. Would love community and Jock opinion…. regards Alan from

    • jockreynolds says:

      gday there Alan – the system we have sometimes block you when you put internet based internet hypo links to your site on the system so reckon you could ease off on it a bit – love your input and don't want to see you get barred.

      Very tough call on the rucks – I'd go Skin Flute Mison for reliability

      • Alan says:

        Thanks for the heads up Jock, More habit then anything. Ill ensure that it wont be done again as I'm a big follower of the site,

        I agree Minson might be the go, chances are Nichols might play this week anyway, which might be one to stick with considering who Gold cost play.
        Best regards Alan

  34. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Great podcast boys! Does anyone know if Priddis is back this week?

  35. Osh says:

    I have one trade left: Should I upgrade Staker to Cotchin (via Stevie J) or Staker to Goldstein/Minson (via Cox) Have 152k left.

  36. Joe Carnegie says:

    Hey Guys need your opinions:

    B] Goddard, Hibberd, Heppell, GIbbs, Staker, Shaw (Docherty, Colquhoun)
    M] Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, JPK, Barlow (K.martin, L.hunter)
    R] Goldstein, Pyke (Grundy, currie)
    F] Cox, ROckliff, JJK, Franklin, Johnson, Tom Lee (Macaffer, Atkins)

    Not sure on what trades to make (7 trades left – 143k in the bank)

    All help will be greatly appreciated!

  37. Luke says:

    Hey guys need your hand with what moves I should make:

    Backs: Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Gibbs, McKenzie, Goodes (Clisby, Webster)
    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Barlow, JPK, T.Mitchell, Rockliff (Priddis, Crouch)
    Rucks: McEvoy, Jacobs (Nicholls, Currie)
    Fwds: Cox, JJK, Walker, Martin, Bartel, Staker (Daniher, Oxley)

    Don't know what moves to make, currently 2 trades left and only 11k in the bank.

    What would be a good premium upgrade in the leadup to my qualifying finals matches this week? I'm very much the underdog against the opponents I'm facing this week.

  38. Luke says:

    I’m really thinking at the moment on moving on Goodes, since the EMG loophole can only be so effective one week but then useless another week, and clearly relying on rookies like Clisby and Webster to score well could really lower my teams colours.

    • Luke says:

      With the Goodes situation who looks like the better replacement you reckon guys?

      S.Thompson, Hanley or Enright?

      • cotchandmurph says:

        Enright has scored well in recent weeks,

      • Watto says:

        Probebly Enright just because Hanley has Geelong in th GF and tompsons scoring is a bit erratic

  39. davidzita1 says:

    Selwood, Kieran Jack or Griffen?

    • Watto says:

      Griffen because he averages 123.3 have melbourne in GF and Brisbane and Adelaide before.
      Then selwood, has been in ripping form, 2-3 match at home I think. Has trouble with a tag on occasions.
      Then Keiren Jack, In very good for. But can give us a bad game every couple of weeks

  40. Watto says:

    What captain option should I go this week.
    1.) loophole Cotchin or selwood to Gablett
    2.) loophole Ablett to Fyfe or Watson

    • Watto says:

      Ive been falling back to ablett scores the last couple of week and have not been happy

  41. Beama17 says:

    with 1 trade left and with tom hawkins not performing, would you trade him or keep the trade for back-up

  42. Daniel says:

    G'day fellas! Another great podcast! Got I trade left thinking about doing Mayes/ for boomer, but with one trade I'm not sure. What do I do? Thanks

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Daniel – horses for course mate – depends on what your situation is, do you have the double chance and all that Jazz.

      As a general rule though – size up your opponent – do your sums – if you reckon he's team has yours covered and you're in an elimination final a trades no good to you after you;re knocked out so go the trade. Otherwise.. if you've finished top 4 and have an extra chance, you match up well against your opponent maybe you keep that trade in the back pocket.

  43. Watto says:

    Hey Jock, love your podcast.
    I was just thinking it would be great if you could put up a page for the players that were subbed on and off and how much game time they were given. It's a really hard stat to find. Although not relevant no it can be mid season when players prices are "sub- effected". Like Cyril Rioli's and Brandon Ellis's were. I was going to pick up Eliis after his 130 but didn't know all his thirty's before were sub effected so I didn't.
    Just an idea, but could be really helpful.

    • Watto says:

      Although not relevant now* (spelling error)

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Watto – love the suggestion mate – it is a difficult stat to find and I usually pluck it from the website. That will go straight into the suggetsion bucket for next season mate appreciate it.

  44. Weasel says:

    Thoughts on Montagna. 550K but has scored 145, 128 & 122 last 3 weeks in losses. 7 scores 120+ for the season. Only owned by 1% of teams. 'high risk high return' or leave him alone?

    • Dash says:

      I think he's a good option. He just keeps on getting the ball, and is carrying St Kilda at the moment. His price is good too for the scores he's been chalking up. Has a couple of low scores, but who doesn't this year? (excluding Ablett and Pendlebury of course)

    • Dolls_87 says:

      Been thinking of him myself.. He is in good form, but up against tough opposition in the finals.. would have loved to have been on him earlier in the season, but too risky for mine atm…

  45. Dash says:

    Hey community,

    Got one trade left, and bugger all money in the bank. First year playing SC so I made some bad early decisions and wasted a few trades. It paid off early but my team peaked a few weeks too soon. Four options keep going through my head. Finished first in my important league but facing the form team first up. Have been forced to play Staker as a FWD with NicNat and Nichols down. JPK is killing me also

    1 >> Nic Nat to Cloke or DPP to get Mumford (with Nichols as R3)
    2 >> Priddis (if out again)/JPK to a Deledio/S Mitchell or similar
    3 >> T Mitchell to Dixon via DPP with Goddard, allowing me to bench JPK/Priddis
    4 >> Hold, cop a likely loss and next week Nicholls and Priddis come back and Watson will be super cheap

    • Mate, if you've only got one trade and you finished on top, you have to hold it until your back's against the wall (elimination final). Out of that lot, I'd probably go NicNat to Cloke or someone like Boomer Harvey, as NicNat seems the least likely of that bunch to come back from injury. Priddis, Barry Mitchell's son and JPK are at least on the park, so I wouldn't trade them until grand final week once the name of the bloke you bring in is on the team sheet.

    • Gilly says:

      Option 4 for me, while there is still light at the end of the tunnel, hold your trade

  46. Hey Jock,
    with a name like Jock, I'm sure you have strong ties to Scotland, as I do having lived here for 12 years. Managed to get my Scottish wife to play Supercoach, and one of my mates whose never seen a game, but is ranked in the top 20k in SC.

    Anyway, I've playing the wife in the first qualifying final, have 3 trades left and I'm stuck with the following injuries: Nicholls, Natainui, Ibbotson and Priddis.

    My plan is NicNat > Boomer this week, and either hold there or Ibbotson > R Henderson or "Scott-D-Thomp-a-san" if Ibbo is out again. I can wait till Saturday to decide on Ibbo. (Time zones and partial lockouts absolutely kill me BTW!)

    My last trade would then be Priddis to any midfielder as cash is no problem. What do you reckon? 3 trades, 4 injured premiums (if you count Nicholls). Who would you trade, when do you trade and who do you hold and hope they come back?

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    • jockreynolds says:

      What a great surprise having one of our mates from the Mother Land joining in! Yep. The tendrils of our thriving ripping community reach to all corners and it's great to have you onboard mate.

      I'll tackle the question around timing and I think you whacked it on the head when you say you'll do your NicNat trade (which I like) then wait till the Saturday to see how you're tracking against the Mrs to decide on whether you roll out the second trade.

      If it's a 50/50 call as to whether you're on top of your wife on Saturday night… let me re rephrase that… If it's a 50/50 call as to whether you're likely to defeat your opponent on Saturday I'd burn the trade and go for the juggular. Otherwise if you're looking good whack the second trade in the pocket.

      • chandanrajdb says:

        "whether you're on top of your wife on Saturday night"!!!!…….nice comment there Jock…….people can read it in number of different ways………


  47. Beama17 says:

    Thoughts on Cyril Rioli leading into finals, after being very poor last week would you think that he might bounce back with a coulp of big scores and finally being injury free, to me in the nexyt couple of weeks he might explode and at 413K he might be someone to get on if short on cash. Thoughts???

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Beama! Yep – he might just do that – but with Cyril you just never know. He can go missing. He is easily injured – and unless you're looking to really roll the dice I wouldn't go there.

    • Gilly says:

      As above, I love Cyril but wouldnt pick him this year while he will be mainly playing forward. Doesn't score well against Sydney and Geelong normally.

    • Alan says:

      Agreed, Rioli is likely to score big against the depleted Saints this week, but the rest is unknown, and he does tend to go quiet against stronger opposition like Swans. To risky to take deep into finals for me.

  48. James D says:

    jock i donated a bit of money to you and i havn't been put on the donners page. just wondering if you got the money or not. love ya work!

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there James – thanks very much indeed for the donation mate. We're waiting on bloody Braxton to update the list on the page – rest assured it's come in and your are in the donors group next season up to your eyeballs mate!

  49. Joe says:

    Hey Guys need your opinions:

    B] Goddard, Hibberd, Heppell, GIbbs, Staker, Shaw (Docherty, Colquhoun)
    M] Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, JPK, Barlow (K.martin, L.hunter)
    R] Goldstein, Pyke (Grundy, currie)
    F] Cox, ROckliff, JJK, Franklin, Johnson, Tom Lee (Macaffer, Atkins)

    Not sure on what trades to make (7 trades left – 143k in the bank)

    All help will be greatly appreciated!

    • Beama17 says:

      I would upgrade Pyke, who has a big breakeven and is starting to drop in price and swing cox into the ruck. I would then recommend upgrading to another premium forward position in your forward line. Not sure how much Brent Harvey is but he could be a point of difference.

    • Lukeeejay says:

      You've got a few holes but at least you have plenty of trades up your sleeve. Well done for amassing such a quality outfit with this many trades at this point of the season. There's a few competing priorities at this point. Upgrade unperforming midfield, upgrade to twin premo rucks, complete forward line or finish off backline.

      I'd say your biggest liabilities are the holes in your fwd and back lines. I'd be looking to trade Macaffer and Staker. If you're in top 4 you've got a week to generate some rookies and use that to upgrade to premiums the week after. Macaffer's break even is higher than his average so it's time to cut your losses and lose him, use the cash to upgrade a defensive option like Staker (he's cooked and is only going to lose more cash at this point). I'd go Staker to Hartlett and Macaffer to Mitch Robinson. Beefs up your structure, then cull a couple of rookies for cash and boost Pyke and T Mitchell in that order the next week.

      • Joe says:

        true really good idea, not sure how to go about it as i was also thinking

        I could downgrade Martin to Grigg (make 100k) and upgrade staker to Hanley (will have 182k in the bank) or charlie dixon (will have 224k in the bank)


  50. Alan says:

    Hartlett or Scotland. I know the podcast was pumping up the great Scotland to come home strong. I will pickup one of them this week to strengthen backline, Just which one??

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Scotland for mine……just because he is a proven premium in the past and lately finding some good form and main thing is his price very cheap….


  51. Beama17 says:

    Hey Jock,
    What are your thoughts on Shaun Burgoyne as a point of difference
    He has scored fairly well this year, a couple of let down scores however
    with a couple of big scores during the year including a big score of 153 against freo
    and with a breakeven of 43 is someone like him a good choice to bring in to compliment some of your premium backs

    • cotchandmurph says:

      No, i would'nt go near, at the moment of the finals, you want to have backline, full of the likes of Goddard Shaw Heppell Enright Gibbs Hartlett Houlli or even T Mac, so its a no for me, but if you r struggling which u r, and he is cheap, maybe, its up to u. But it wont matter because you barly made a final.

      • Beama17 says:

        Well i made all my finals and beat u 3 rounds ago soooooooo

        • cotchandmurph says:

          Great job for beating me in the bye rounds, my bye round average is higher than your season average

          • Beama17 says:

            But i beat you in the bye rounds so i dont really care

            • cotchandmurph says:

              I have scored higher than you every round this year, but that round, my point is that im better than u Q Stick 1

  52. Jeremy says:

    1 trade left friends, sadly.

    Ranked about the 2000 mark, finished 1st, 5th, 2nd and 3rd in my respective leagues.

    In league 1 (my most important league) I'm playing my best mate this week, and really, really want to win..

    1. Trade Terlich for Scotland

    2. Trade Priddis for Sam Mitchell

    3. Trade Tom Mitchell (who's on my bench at M9) for Cyril Rioli (who would also go to bench), giving me a fwd/mid swing, and good back up should there be any restings/injuries in the last few weeks. Could also utilise emergency loophole.

    4. Trade Staker for Rioli, allows me to play rioli instead of buddy, or use emergency loophole.

    5. Stand pat.

    Thoughts friends? Cheers

  53. James D says:

    B) Goddard, Heppel, Shaw, GIbbs, Mckenise, Clisby, goodes, thrulow
    M) Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Selwood, Barlow, Cotchin, Dangerfield, Fyfe, T. Mitichell
    R) Jacobs, Rowe, Niccols, Mcbean
    F) Martin, Rockcliff, Bartel, Roughhead, Franklin, Staker, Nic Nat, Tom Lee

    2 trades to go, 150,000 in bank. Thoughts guys!! please help me i am finishing top 4 in all leagues. want to get it right. will be greatful for the help jock! Cheers boys

  54. Darren says:

    Def: Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Shaw, Gibbs, Staker, (Pittard, Thurlow)
    Mid: Ablett, Pendel, Swan, Selwood, Priddis, M Murphy, O'Meara, T Mitchell
    (Crouch, S Mayes)
    Ruc: Cox, Rouphead (Nicholls, Currie)
    For: Walker, Rockliff, Bartel, Kennedy, S Johnson, P Ryder (S Rowe, X Richards)
    5 Trades $258,000 left in bank,
    Ryder and Murphy are my concern.
    Finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
    Important round: Double chance

    • davidzita1 says:

      Need to upgrade one of your Mids, thinking T.Mitchell because O'Meara has Melbourne this week. T.Mitchell to Griffen or K.Jack

      Next week, trade down Nicchols to someone cheap (McBean) and then trade up either O'Meara or Staker…. or Ryder if you really feel like he needs to go. No need to worry about Murphy in my opinion, has vowed to fight the tag and after copping a blasting from his coach he'll lift, too good a player not to.

      • Darren says:

        Thank you for your opinion. Last round I didn't trade. I was up to my opponents because I put Selwood V/C. In the three leagues I'm playing every one had Ablett as captain. I have week off and still 5 trades. I'll trade Nicholls this week and have 4 trades the last two rounds. I'm thinking J. Watson and Danger or Barlow for O'meara and Mitchell. Thanks.

  55. Will says:

    Who would you bring in out of these- Jack, Dangerfield, Beams, Griffen, selwood, steven and o'keefe for a final midfield upgrade.

    • Mitchell says:

      Literally Any are a great pick, but Selwood has a really handy run home if you believe that helps.

    • davidzita1 says:

      Selwood with the run home, Brisbane in your GF and most games are at Simmonds

  56. Mitchell says:

    Anyone have any advice on Garrick Ibbotson?
    he was rumoured to miss again this week, now hes named and have an elimination final so if he doesn't play i'm in trouble.

  57. Nathan says:

    Who would you bring in – Stevie J or Rockcliff?

  58. dannyboy says:

    who should i trade buddy to, bartel or boomer?

  59. Ben says:

    What do you all think of Montagna? Only in 1.4% of teams!! Having a stellar year. Good POD as well!

    • davidzita1 says:

      Yes, think Montagna should get more credit than he does, underrated in my opinion.
      Prone to the odd game where he struggles to make 80 but the positives far outweigh the negatives

  60. Jimmy says:

    Yeah very good. I think he should really be looked at next year. He will have some bad games like 70 but others, he will get 130+

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    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the

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