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Jock’s Round 19 selection advice video

Published by Jock on

Rd19 videoThe scramble for the finals is ON

The final week before the final 8 is decided in Supercoach and AFL Fantasy. A HUGE week for all fantasy footballers whether you are are 12th or 3rd, man or woman, tall or short, young or old.

Let’s rip right into this week’s video:

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Thoughts on Brandon Ellis Jock?


Jock, at the moment my rucks are Minson and Jacobs, ive finally got sick of Jacobs and am tossing up between Goldstein and Kreuzer. Yes you made some good pints in the video above but if i go Kruezer do you think it could backfire first week of finals having Minson and Kruezer go up against one another? Your a legend bud cheers


Cheers mate, also i just realised because nichols being more expensive then jacobs would it be better to go nichols to kreuzer and have jacobs as a bench ruckman


i'll have 3 if i do this one, thank you for the help jock


Hey Jock, just wondering what your thoughts are with who I should pick up as my 6th elite defender upgrading from staker, currently I have gibbs, goddard, heppel, shaw and hanley (iv held onto him being sure that he would atleast be back for the final 2 games at the worst), thanks.


what are your thoughts on grant birchill set to return in the next couple of weeks I know he burnt us all this season but he could be a big POD given his output in the first 5 rounds.


Better options than Birch – see Jock's response.


Yes Birch has missed a fair bit of footy now so reckon we should mothball him for season 2013 for fantasy footy purposes.


Hey Jock,

How does Nicholls to Kreuzer and Hanley to McKenzie sound? First week of the finals I will upgrade Crouch to Dayne Beams. Currently 6 trades left and $470,200 before these trades.



Jeremy Cameron? Av 100 pat 3


Depends if you have any other key forwards in your forward line. If not, why not.
If you do, I wouldn't as key forwards have high ceilings but can also have very low troughs.


Hey guys , need some advice badly .
Have 1 trade left with 13k in the bank , currently have Maric , Nic Nat (Nicholls,Currie)
I would hold and just play with 1 less ruckman but the main problem is in 1 of my 3 leagues im currently 7th im 2nd and 3rd in the other two . but the problem is im 7th in the league that from 6th-10th all have the same amount of points , and if I lose i'll probably just go out of finals so what should I do ?
the guy im playing team averages around 2000 I average 2100 should I take the risk or hold the trade for finals and hope I make it ?
team is
DEF: Goddard , Shaw , Gibbs , Hartlett , Clisby , M . Talia (Hanley , Docherty)
MID: Ablett , Pendlebury , Swan , J. Selwood , Fyfe , Priddis , Deledio , T. Mitchell (Swallow , Hrovat)
RK: Maric , Nic Nat (Nicholls, Currie)
FWD: Cox , Martin , Walker , Rockliff , Zorko , Staker (Daniher , B Kennedy)
was thinking of switching Nic Nat and Cox and trade in Buddy for Nic Nat but im 2k short which is annoying.


Wait to see if Ben Kennedy gets named ( although i doubt it),and if so switch Nic Nat and Cox.
I don't think Nicholls' knee is that bad and as such he may very well be back next week. As such, you should really wait and see if you can.
Also, Cox is also getting tired and thus don't be surprised if Worsfold rests him at some point and gives Nic Nat 1 or 2 more games.
My opinion only obviously


hey jock need some help here mate!
getting sick of deledio and priddis' scores and with 7 trades left, thinking of bringing in 2 of dangerfield, griffen and beams over the next 2-3 weeks. Problem is, not sure which 2 to pick.. what are your thoughts on this and why?
cheers mate you're a LEGEND!


if dangerfield is back this week then him for sure, beams too expensive and coming off a long quad injury, griffin is just as good


goldstein or minson???


forts on ricky henderson as 6th defender


where is the mummy in all this?


One I would avoid. A continual high injury risk and my Swannies have a pretty tough run home during the Supercoach finals. Plenty of coaches have been burned by the big Mummy this season.

I would go Clarke with Freo's soft draw, Bellchambers or even dare I say burnman Jacobs who are all cheaper options if you can't afford any of the top guys.


Burnman. Injured often.


Cox, Nicholls, Rowe and Hannath as my rucks and $120,300 in the bank. I have two trades left, unfortunately i got rid of NIc Nat last week and decided to make nicholls my second ruck which has backfired. Who should i get in? I was looking at either Leunberger or Roughead, or should i take a possible donut this week and hope i can afford Minson next week. I should be able to hold my position in all my leagues so i was thinking of waiting a week.


Wait. Trades are gold in finals and you in a stable position within the 8 no need to trade.


Jock Deleidio is giving me the SHITS!


Me too. Deledio out. Beams in. A risk worth taking I reckon if you can afford it. You might lose some cash but this is the pointy end.


I’d do the same mate but can’t afford Beams so I’m going Swan


hay jock want know your thoughts on these trades Thomas nicholls for brody grundy theen trade out swoller for dane beems what you think jock and then treade blitz man for goldstean or kruzer and next week was going make a move and bring in m jhonson for Ashley smith next week


or bring back hanley what are your thoughts

Brendan G

Hi Jock, first week of SC Draft finals this week who would you put the big C on?



Hi Jock and Community. Great to see you on the Supercoach show mate giving a pearl of wisdom each week. Also your podcast cracked me up as it was the first time Ive had the chance to listen to the whole show and are you guys slightly inspired by the Coodabeen Champions (no offence intended) as the characters Wayno etc remind me of some of the old legends on ABC radio back in the early 90s and great theme song ACDC TNT)
Anyway opinions please Ive gone over and over this but what do you think is the best move.
A. NIchols/NIcnat out for Roughead/Grundy (Not sure of JS so other options?) to keep DPP with Cox switched into ruck.
B. NIchols/Nicnat out for Goldstein. Minson or Kreuzer/ Grundy.

A gives me more cash (243 400 to as low as 184 400 with Kreuzer in the bank for the next trade. I have only 13 500 in the bank, am assured of top 4 but also have Goodes so have to make moves this week to make sure I dont have 3 issues next week.

B Goddard Gibbs Shaw Heppel Ibottson Clisby (Goodes, Thurlow)
C Ablett Penldes Swan Danger JPK Barlow Priddis Fyfe (Mitchell Saunders)
R Nic Nat Jacobs (Nichols Rowe)
F Cox Franklin Rockcliff Kennedy Stevie J Martin (Staker B Kennedy)