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Vince Gambino’s Fantasy Footy Punt Club – RD 18

Published by Vince on

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Feels like Ive said this before man, but the Fantasy Gods have been cruel to us AGAIN.

In these times I simply urge youse all to keep your eyes peeled on the website for advice. In better news, the great Mick the Mad Irishman is coming 8th overall…those Royal Family jokers should’ve named him Mick not George.

In the meantime, Punt Club rolls into Round 18!

In these times I simply urge youse all to keep your eyes peeled on the website for advice. In better news, the great Mick the Mad Irishman is coming 8th overall…those Royal Family jokers should’ve named him Mick not George. In the meantime, Punt Club rolls into Round 18!


Brad Ebert ($1.80) vs Chad Wingard ($1.95)
A few weeks ago our great friends at were kind enough to offer this market and I assured everyone that Ebert would deliver. It was Round 14 and sure enough Ebert came up with the goods, winning 130 to 89. To be honest not a lot has changed since then and I’m still super confident in Ebert here. He’s quietly gone about his business this year averaging 99 SC points in his best season. WIngard himself is a decent player, but his consistency doesn’t stack up for my liking. I’m on Ebert here community.

Stephen Hill ($1.80) vs Tendai Mzungu ($1.95)
Stephen Hill starting favourite to beat Tendai Mzungu in Supercoach?! Surely I’m not the only one who sees that as madness! As we all know, if Stephen Hill receives anything close to a tag he will CRUMBLE. He’s way too up and down for my liking. His last four SC scores read 60, 50, 111, 61 – certainly not someone I’d be hedging my bets on. Whilst Mzungu hasn’t really set the world on fire this year, his form is a lot better, and when it comes to these head to head battles, form is absolutely crucial. Tendai’s last four read 92, 130, 83 and 113. I can’t look past Tendai Mzungu here community (I hope Higgo taught Jock how to pronounce his name) and my coin’s on him. Jump on!

Drew Petrie ($1.80) vs Scott D Thompson ($1.95)
Just got a feeling this kind of game is absolutely bread and butter for Drew Petrie; playing against a weak Melbourne side at the Etihad Stadium. Sorry Drew bro, I do like ya but we all know you love feasting upon a dead carcass. Against the Dees, I’m expecting Petrie to go large. His current form leading into this game is good – previous scores of 125, 109, 82 and 138 give me good confidence. Thompson himself has been pretty decent this year, but I reckon it’ll take a big score for him to topple Petrie tomorrow. Petrie dish, the Punt Club is behind you man!

Leigh Montagna ($1.88) vs Jack Steven ($1.88)
Battle of the two heavy weights! These two dudes were phenomenal last week against the Power, Montagna went bang with 145 then Jacky Steven said “whatever you can do, I can do better” and responded with 161! It will get A LOT tougher for them both this week though, as the Saints head down to play Geelong at Kardinia Park. Although Steven has been brilliant this year, I just reckon Montagna’s experience will enough to get him over the line. Last time these sides met Steven could only manage 45 whilst Joey pumped out 96. I know a lot has changed since then, but Joey has the experience and class to edge past Steven here. I’m on!

As always, would love to hear who you’re backing this week community!

Tweet us @Vince_Gambino or simply post a comment in the section below. And remember, it’s only a bit of fun…so keep it safe!

Happy Punting

Vince “Teflon” Gambino


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Agree on Petrie – I reckon he will go absolutely coco bananas on Melbourne this week. Lock it in Vince


Like those Ebert, Mzungu and Petrie suggestions, Vince. Jumped on all 3. I know the few times Adelaide played Freo last year Hill usually copped a tag from VB or Wright, I imagine they'll do the same again this week. Also picked Pendlebury @4.50 in the Magpies v Giants Round 18 Group 1 DT market.

Also picked GC for the win by 1-39 which was paying @3.20. I put my $ back when they played Brisbane cause I had it in my waters they'd get a win soon and they did it against Collingwood, so hopefully they can manage another win this week.


Hey Vince,

Agree with you on Ebert, and Mzungu, but I think Frawley may keep Petrie's score down a touch. Monty seems to play well against Geelong and should have enough here too.

My top 5 for the week:
Hodge over Lewis – Hodge plays well against the Dons and will put on a good show tonight

Kreuzer over Judd – Judd has been quiet lately, and Kreuzer has been scoring very well. Last three avg of Kreuze is 127 vs Judd 105

Simpson over McLean – McLean just doesn't seem to be scoring well this year. Last three avg of Simpson is 103 vs 84 for McLean.

Boak over Cornes – Cornes will probably tag someone. And last time they played Bris, Boak scored 134 vs Cornes 105

Ebert over Wingard – Same as yourself. Last time they played Bris Ebert scored 145 vs 87 for Wingard.


Hey guys interested in your thoughts
Andrew Walker vs Jarryd Roughead(DPP with cox) for Nic Nat

Dayne Beams vs Michael Barlow vs Ryan Griffen for Jobe watson

would appreciate before lockout


Petrie should be at $1.05 he will destroy Melbourne, especially with no Colin Garland although the Dees have Frawley, Petrie is to big and strong!

I'd have to back Chad Wingard, kicks goals which helps his scoring!

Jack Steven is in ripper form will back him in!


Gunston most goals.
Hawks 1 – 39

Roughie Rough:
Roughie into jeremy cameron into J Kennedy westside special "1st goal scorer"! $1 into $500+



disregard last comments!