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supercoach flesh for fantasy

G’day beloved community,

Another week, another frustrating round of fantasy football. Hanley out for weeks with injury, Brett Goodes done for the year, and as we get Stevie J back, Bartel books himself a week off.

While I would usually say it’s time for the Supercoach and AFL Fantasy gods to give us a break, we need to start making our own luck. Come finals time, its every man for himself, and decisions made could make or break our campaigns.

Our finals teams are locked in, or just about. Many have scarce number of trades left, so every trade in/out here on in is critical, and I’m here to make sure you make the right ones.

Here is this week’s Flesh.


TRENT COTCHIN (RICH) MID – $454,900 DT/$518,500 SC
– Next 5 Games: SYD (A), HAW (A), BRIS (H), CARL (H), GWS (A)
– Recent Scores: 86, 107, 104, 109, 137

Cotchin is a must at this reduced cost. $518,500 for a player who’s dropped below 100 only 3 times this season is an absolute bargain. His current price stands at $103,600 less than what it was when SuperCoach opened up, and with a low BE, it’s not going to stay this way.

In his last 3 games against Sydney, Hawthorn and Brisbane, Trent has averaged 114, 102 and 118. If you’re still trying to finalize that last midfield spot, Trent Cotchin at this price is one of the bargains of the year. Get on.

TOM ROCKLIFF (BRIS) MID/FWD – $433,400 DT/$487,600 SC
– Next 5 Games: PORT (A), STK (H), RICH (A), GWS (H), WBD (H)
– Recent Scores: 79, 57, 101, 147, 128

After a horrid spell from Tom, which saw him go hundred-less in 5 games, he’s averaged a lazy 125 since and looks set for a big run home. As mentioned above, Brisbane has Port Adelaide, St Kilda, Richmond, GWS and the Dogs in the finals run-in, which should see this form continue. He had 23 touches and 3 goal assists v GC, 28 touches and 11 tackles v NM, and 34 touches and 8 marks v Melbourne. Incredible return to form, and at $487,600, he’s the ultimate trade-in option for Nic Nat/Buddy.

TRAVIS COLYER (ESS) MID – $257,400 DT/$302,300 SC
– Next 5 Games:
– Recent Scores: 48, 33, 48, 98, 112

If you’ve got balls of steel, Travis Colyer could be the ultimate point of difference for the run home. Ignore those first 3 scores, they’re sub effected. But if you look at them closely, they’re significant scores for a player coming on as a sub.

In his last 2 games with a full run at it, he’s produced 22 and 6 marks v WBD, and 16 touches and 4 goals v GWS. Granted, not the best sides in the competition, but when he’s played this season – whether it’s off the bench or with a full game, he’s showed potential. It will be a seriously bold move, but if you’re strapped for cash and need a POD (point of difference), Travis Colyer could be your man.

RICKY HENDERSON (ADEL) FWD/DEF – $391,100 DT/$419,500 SC
– Next 5 Games: FRE (A), PORT (H), NM (H), WBD (A), MELB (H)
– Recent Scores: 16, 101, 85, 106, 160

Since that 16 v Richmond in round 12, Henderson has come back flying. He’s getting a lot of the pill, while also taking significant number of marks as well. A mammoth game against Geelong, which saw him collect 32 touches and take 9 marks in the wet!!

When he played Port Adelaide and the Dogs earlier in the year, he had 20 touches and 7 marks (114 SC) and 22 touches (86 SC) respectively. Many still have Brett Goodes, and with the defensive premiums not firing a shot, not only is he a nice cash grab, he’s a POD. Consider.


BRETT GOODES (WBD) DEF/MID – $373,500 DT/$439,500 SC
– Next 5 Games: Early holiday
– Recent Scores: Were good, now irrelevant

A double break in Brett Goodes’ foreman means lights out for his stellar 2013, and a one-way ticket out of your SuperCoach side if you still have him.

NIC NAITANUI (WCE) RUC/FWD – $356,800 DT/$450,200 SC
– Next 5 Games: Dump him.
– Recent Scores: Dump him.

In case you missed last week’s Flesh, or you’re still holding onto Nic Nat – let this be a second warning, HE HAS TO GO!! Last week it was reported he might be struggling with the dreaded OP. He played on, but it seems the Eagles have pulled the pin. Out for the next 2 weeks, and really, I don’t see him getting back at all this year. Been struggling big time over the past few weeks, and even if he does come back, he’s not scoring well enough to be a premium forward/ruckman.

So, whom do you send him to? Depends on where you have him. If you’ve got him in the ruck, reckon Todd Goldstein or if you don’t have the coin, Ivan Maric could be an option to consider. If you got him up forward, as mentioned above, Rockliff’s your man. Back in sensational form and has a nice run coming up. Either way, it’s time to rid yourself of the Nic Nat circus that’s about to begin.


– Marc Murphy (CARL), BE 56
– Gary Ablett Jr (GCS), BE 117
– Tom Nicholls (GCS), BE 42
– Jack Steven (STK), BE 53
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), BE 28
– Trent Cotchin (RICH), BE 76
– Dustin Martin (RICH), BE 73
– Joel Selwood (GEE), BE 86
– Corey Enright (GEE), BE 67
– Dan Hannebery (SYD), BE 37
– Tom Mitchell (SYD), BE 64

– Bryce Gibbs (CARL), BE 145
– Jarryd Roughead (HAW), BE 128
– Ryan Griffin (WBD), BE 157
– Brendon Goddard (ESS), BE 152
– Dayne Beams (COLL), BE 187
– Scott Pendlebury (COLL), BE 147
– Dane Swan (COLL), BE 141
– Heath Shaw (COLL), BE 137
– Hamish Hartlett (PORT), BE 110
– Paul Duffield (FRE), BE 142
– Michael Barlow (FRE), BE 143
– David Mundy (FRE), BE 138
– Jimmy Bartel (GEE), BE 144
– Matt Priddis (WCE), BE 145
– Nic Naitanui (WCE), BE 133
– Kieren Jack (SYD), BE 132
– Dean Cox (WCE), BE 149


Thank you once again for your questions. We’re so close to finals, and every decision made could be the difference between a win and a loss. Here are this week’s big questions.

mr crimmins tweet 1

ANSWER: For mine, Danger. This is because he will be back at some point, and with everyone jumping off; he could provide a nice PoD. Also, there’s greater bench cover for our midfielders in contrast to the forwards. Nic Nat’s cooked for this season, and Worsfold could pull the pin at any moment. If worst comes to worst, you’d much rather go into a final with Brad Crouch or Tom Mitchell than Max Gawn or Mark Blicavs. Keep Dangerfield.

mr crimmins tweet 2
ANSWER: Stevie J without question. He’s in freak form, just can’t stay on the park. When he’s playing though, he is serious points. Dustin Martin is another one worth considering. I feel as if he’s starting to gain more consistency, and has stopped floating in and out of games like he used to. He will have GWS in your prelim final, should you make it that deep, so he too should be considered. But, if you’ve got the coin, Stevie J is the best forward in the game right now.

mr crimmins tweet 3
ANSWER: If you’re going for a league win, 8 is the absolute optimal number, but no-one’s going to have that given the outs we’re experiencing. I reckon 6 should put you in a nice position – allows you to make double trades if need be, and the potential to have 4 trades for the prelim and grand finals. Anything below 4 trades, and you’re going to struggle. 6 should be the figure you aim for.

Good luck this weekend community. Send any questions you have to @Mr_Crimmins, or comment below. Finals not far away now, failing to prepare is preparing to fail as the classics say.

Mr Crimmins.

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Thoughts on Richard Tambling?


No, never.



His name has come up a couple of times, or maybe twice from david. Not sure why.


Steve Johnson or Trent Cotchin as last mid?


Cotchin i reckon


Both very consistent, call me bias towards my beloved cats but our last 4/5 games are at home and Stevie J rips simonds stadium a new one.


Steve J fo sho, but cotchin is not a hot head and wont risk you a suspension


SJ for sure. As Smittzzy said, he will cotinue to rip it up and surely he has learnt his lesson with the MRP. You can always sub him forward too. By far the best fwd option atm.


Stevie J every day of the week


Who do I trade, Hanley or Naitanui?




thanks Higgo…i always enjoy the level of attention to detail ur famous for.
If i had the trades i do most everything you've recommended.

Does anyone have information Nic Nat as a confirmed out???


You mean Mr. Crimmins, right?


yep i do….apologies

Rotten Ronny

Thoughts on downgrading Nic Nat to a rookie and using Nicholls as a starting ruck? That way I could upgrade Mayes to a Ryan Griffen type


Like it.


Been using Nicholls as starting ruck the last two weeks. Thumbs up.


That's what I'm going to do this week too. Trading out Jacobs for McBean. Having Cox as R1 and Nicholls as R2.

Extra cash allows me to upgrade Nic Nat to Stevie J in the forward line.

Good idea?

Rotten Ronny

Sounds good Zimmer. I'm downgrading Nic Nat to Joe Danniher and will upgrade Mayes to Griffen next week. Left with Minson and Nicholls in the ruck. Let's face it, even if Nic Nat returns, you can't say with any certainly at all that he would outscore Nicholls. Take the punt I reckon and upgrade somewhere else.


Team is as follows-

Goddard, heppel, hartlett, gibbs, mckenzie, staker. Duffield, clisby

Ablett, Pendles, JPK, barlow, cotchin, mundy, t.mitchell, crouch. Danger, Shuey.

Jacobs, Nicholls. Rowe, Currie

Roughy, rockliff, JJK, zorko, franklin, steve J. Mayes, b. kennedy

With 6 trades left, 83K and 4th posi in my league (next 2 games are winnable) was thinking either:
1. Hold until finals start,
2. Trade shuey now to murphy/K Jack/montagna
3. Trade down duffield/rowe/zorko now or next round to get Griffin in for shuey?

Feedback is appreciated.


like shuey to murph, with his low breakeven now is the time, however saying maybe wait one more week just to confirm murph is back in town and no other injurys happen over the weekend. May cost you $20k but the trade will still leave you with a nice cash bonus left over thanks to shuey's higher price. very handy come finals!

Big Janks

I actually think that if you are short on trades then you keep Goodes and his dual position on your bench for the captains loophole. Bulldogs play on Sunday the next two weeks


Well hasn't the carnage hit! Only 4 trades and $40K in the kitty.

Backs – Goddard, Hibberd, Hartlett, Gibbs, Mckenzie, Hanley. Goodes & Thurlow

Mids – Ablett, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Cotchin, Fyfe, Murph, Priddis. Titch & Hunter

Rucks – Minson, NicNat, Nichols, Currie

Forwards – Bartel, Rocky, JJK, Zorko, Franklin, Dusty. Staker & Macaffer

Can cover Bartel with Staker. Goodes has to go to avoid a donut. Was thinking:

Macaffer (BE91) to rook (adds $230K)
Goodes to Shaw

Thinking I am next to no chance of using Maca so I may as well downgrade him. Other option is Goodes to rook, Staker into backs (means I will have to play Maca). Thinking I have no other option but to hold NicNait at this stage rather than burn a trade???


I may get flamed for sugesting this, but as a die hard lions fan I have watched every game this season, and I truly believe Staker will score better than Zorko from here on. Zork seems to be playing a forward tagging type role atm and just doesn't look like getting the high scores he did last year. If it was me I would trade him first.

You could trade Zork to Rook, then sub staker for goodes and trade in a better Fwd, maybe Stevie J if cash permits.


Thinking Maca to rookie, Goodes to Stevie J & Staker to DEF. OR

Goodes to L.Hendo or someone else, saving a trade?


5 trades left I have Danger Nic Nat and Hanley. Who to hold who to trade?


If I were you I would be holding Danger and Hanley (unless you don't have cover). Nic Nat will most probably miss the rest of the year so he is the prime candidate for trading of the 3.


Broken hand for Hanley and only got Clisby as cover


And Doc Larkins report says the Crows are taking a more conservative approach with Danger and is at least 2-3 away.


I took those factors into account, but it looks like you have already answered your own question! I am always wary of burning trades this far out. Hanley may be back sooner than you think (eg i hear Watson is a chance for next week)

sW@g K1nG

Hey guys, really need some help here.

I still have 9 trades and $120,000 but have Hanley, T.Mitchell, Zorko and Staker on my field and still have Goodes and S.Jacobs on my bench!!!

What are your thoughts for trades this week? At the moment I'm 1 down in the backline and will have to play lee or rowe in forward

Thanks Guys


Sub Staker to Back for goodes and bring in rookie fwd, then upgrade Zorko to Rockliff or Stevie J.

sW@g K1nG

Great idea thanks!


Scott Thopmson or Mckenzie for back line?




Continue to hold watson? 5 trades left?

tom mitch is his cover?

lucilkly no hanley,nicnat,goodes,etc


I would def be holding Watson –


hmmm interesting not sure whether he will be cherry ripe though, you think ESS would not risk him before finals..


How’s this
Cox to mcbean
Talia to Thompson
I’ve got Hanley but I’m happy playing clisby or possibly staker with a forward swing my forward is now goldy and Nicholls which I thnk Nicholls can pull it off for the rest of the season


Hey Mr Crimmins,

I have 6 trades left and currently sitting 1st in my league. I have Hanley who is out for 2-4 weeks. I have used my trades this week so should I hold onto the trades next week and trade Hanley out 1st week of finals? Clisby is my backup for Hanley at the moment.



i have to move players around this week and put rowe up in the forward to fill a doughnut. because of buddy and bartel. that means cox comes up to ruck, should i play him or nicholls on the ground?


Buddy should play i think i read somewhere


Thats a tough call. Ever dependable Cox has been rubbish lately, and Nicholls is putting up decent scores ATM. Toss a coin


Agree with Super Freak. Although Cox did put up big numbers with NicNat out and shouldering the ruck load. Yet he is playing against Minson.


Hello Jock and community,
I need some helps with trades this week. I have 2 trading options but i don't know what to pick:
Option 1: OUT Ryder IN Simpson OUT Crouch IN Barlow or
Option 2: OUT Mayne IN Dell'olio OUT Crouch IN Swan
Either way I'm going to be ending up doing both of the trades this week and next, but I cant decide. BTW This is my DT account if it makes a difference or not


Look at BE's then

I would suggest swan in before barlow, has higher scoring potential,
i would say ryder out before mayne, will lose 20k as opposed to gaining 10k
i would hold off delorian until next week, he might be dropped in jobe comes back in next week and will see how his second game goes.
are you looking for a warm body in the ruck? if not go on the cheap and bring in a no name, mcbean as most suggest due to dpp.


I will probably get rid of Ryder, should I get Grundy in because he is playing??


Thank you sooo much, I the end I traded out Ryder and put in Grundy who got 92, I would've traded out Mayne who got 100 and put in Dell'olio who got around 25 or Simpson who busted his knee.


No worries mate, that's what the community is for! I just wish i could have some of that same luck!

Hopefully you landed swanny as well?


Yes 🙂


Mckenzie or Heppel?


Mckenzie based on his run home


Buddy's back everyone!

sW@g K1nG

Who to play, Rowe or Lee??


I'm in a similar situation. To play Macaffer or Lee? I'm leaning towards Lee


Lee, scoring a bag against Geelong? I'd go for Macaffer vs GWS mate.


Hi Community,
What would you do?
Backs: Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Ibbotson, Duffield, Staker, Clisby, B. Wilson.
Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, JPK, Barlow, Cotchin, Fyfe, B. Kennedy, Arnot
Rucks: Maric, Cox, Nicholls, Daw
Forwards: Naitanui, Martin, Kennedy, Rockliff, Johnson, Bartel, Rowe, Macaffer
Lotsa problems… trades. 5 left.
What do you think is more important, replacing Nick Nat as a forward or as a ruckman? Will Nicholls score as well with Dixon returning?
Any other suggestions greatly appreciated!


I'm pretty sure Nicholls is safe at ruck until he loses form. With 5 trades, look at NN to Nick Roo (one of two key forwards I would ever really consider) for about 25k. Play Macaffer over Bartel this week. Team looks solid everywhere else.


Jack Steven or Dane Swan in my MID???


Swanny! Has a good record against GWS too!




Is Staker a valid D6/F6 keeper? Averaged 112 over the past three games but scared he will drop off?


Brisbane's run looks good, so keep him at F6/D6 until he drops off (they always do). I'm keeping him as FWD/DEF bench cover (switching with Ricky Henderson).


I think he is, especially with all the injuries, suspensions and inconsistencies going on in the fwd/back lines atm.


Great article Mr. Crimmins! Bit of a dilemma here though. I've got 3 trades and $82 000 left. I also have Jobe Watson, Naitanui and Goodes. As I also have Dangerfield on the pine (holding him for sure), and Hrovat is taking a week off, I have no cover should I leave Jobe. But there is a chance he'll be back in round 19. Then there's Naitanui. I've been playing Nicholls in recent weeks, but I can switch Cox for NN and bring in a forward.

Goodes is a must (thinking Ricky Henderson now).

Thoughts? Cheers in advance!




Looking to fill my last premium in defense;

C.Enright (Geel) or T.McKenzie (GCS)

Who is the better option?


I prefer McKenzie, but you can't go wrong with either. Enright's already had his trademark rest before the finals.

Michael C.

Have Cox, Kreuzer and Nicholls as ruck options, with NicNat or Rowe on bench. Is it too risky to have Nicholls as emergency (Cox and Kreuzer on the ground) and switch on NicNat for Cox if Nicholls scores big? This has Macaffer or Aaron Black on the field.
Other option is keep Cox on as a forward and just play Nicholls straight up.
Also, VC on Ablett but C on Pendlebury or Griffen?


Yep, play Cox as a forward and just start Nicholls. I'd go with Pendlebury as captain.


Agree with Shinboner. Reckon NN may occupy the bench for the rest of the season.


Hey community,
Here is my team post round 17

Defenders: Goddard, Hanley, Shaw, Gibbs, T-mac, Hartlett (Thurlow, Clisby)

Midfielders: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Jack, JPK, Cotchin, Priddis, Tom Mitchell (Danger, Crouch)

Rucks: Jacobs, Nic nat (Nicholls, Gawn)

Forwards: Cox, Roughy, rockliff, JJK, staker, Rowe (Stevie j, buddy)

Got $1,900 in the bank and 4 trades remaining.

Thinking keeping Nic nat on bench and bringing on Nicholls then trade Hanley to heppel. Or I could hold onto hanleyas I only have 4 trades left for the season

What are your thoughts?


Well Id say leave it but you dont want Clisby on your field? depends if your comfortable for finals or a better finish/better finals berth!??

If so…Trade Hanley sideways = Heppell Ibbotson, Hibberd? Henderson?

Henderson can swap with Staker FWD/BACK dpp which might be useful during finals with only 4 trades left?

2. Trade Hanely swap Staker down back (S) and then purchase a fwd

Can grab Walker? Harvey? Petrie? Martin?


or Can go Hanley down to Daniher for $300k and swap staker down back – with Stevie J and Buddy coming back this week you wont need stakes up fwd.

this will leave you 3 trades – then in 2 weeks time you can upgrade Mitchell for finals to any mid you want – Beams, Swan, Griffen



thanks mate I'm leaning towards the 3rd option but I'm in good shape for the finals I'm 1st in 2 of my 3 leagues and 2nd in the other one. In my most important league I'm averaging 150 more points than the opposition
Then the next week I'm playing 3rd in the league. I'm thinking of making the daniher trade but I want to have some trades up my sleeve going into the finals what to do?


Ive got 3 trades left – just did a ripper.

Goodes > Daniher and $350k moved Staker to backline who is an emergency in my fwd line as is. Can upgrade Mitchell in 2 weeks into Griffen, Beams or Cotchin when finals start.

Will only have 2 trades after that – if I have injuries its not meant to be. After benching Cloke last year after crap form he then hit 159 thereby losing all my GFs as a result.

Dont really care about finals. Overall is all I chase.


Sounds good but what about if someone in your team gets injured in the next two weeks?


this trade was versus my initial Goodes > McKenzie and only $26k left.

Yes McKenzie looked good back there, but Stakes would have gathered dust.
Ive got plenty of cover in fwd line. Caff and can swing Mayes if need be.

This is a better trade as I already have a decent player just sitting on my bench, scoring as well as McKenzie with just as easy a run home. With McKenzie and $26k to upgrade Mitchell to someone decent Id have to use another two trades.

Its a win all round 😛


Then I reckon go with the first trade and hope for the best


just did the same trade mate and i agree its a ripper. got 346k in the kick now with 4 trades left and got my bench man staker into the backs and jimmy webster back on my bench where he belongs!!!


golstein or stevie j?


Stevie J. Goldstein has been almost too vocal about being gassed during games. Stevie J is fresh off another suspension…will be looking to make huge numbers. Inflict pain (of the clean variety, we hope)


Here's my team as of now:

Def: BG, Shaw, Heppell, Gibbs, Hanley, Goodes (Thurlow, Sierakowski)

Mids: GAJ, Pendles, Swan, JPK, Selwood, Cotchin, Mundy, T. Mitchell (Dangerfield, Viney)

Ruck: Nic Nat, Nicholls (Rowe, Currie)

Fow: Bartel, Cox, Roughy, JJK, Rockcliff, Staker (B. Kennedy, Daniher)

I have 3 trades left and 334K in the bank. I'm in 2nd position in my league.



Andrew Walker vs Jarryd Roughead (DPP with cox)


since geelong are playing the saints this week, would it be wise to put Steve Johnson as captain instead of Ablett?



i would put swan as captain if u have him


Only 3 weeks ago I thought my team was set until finals, then my team got hit with a bus.

My team currently looks like this, with 6 trades & $49,400 in the kitty.
Currently sitting in the top 4 in all of my leagues.

Def: Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Gibbs, Laird, Goodes* (Hanley, Thurlow)

Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, J.P. Kennedy, M. Priddis, T. Mitchell, K. Martin, J. Saunders (Watson*, Dangerfield*)

Ruck: Maric, Nichols (Nic Nat*, Rowe)

Fwd: D. Cox, T. Rockliff, J.J. Kennedy, D. Zorko, Franklin, S. Johnson (Macaffer, Staker)

As you can see, I have a problem with 4/5 major injuries.
With Danger & Watson in my Mids (I plan on holding both until finals)
Plus Hanley (who I will hold for now).
I am thinking of using Nic Nat as trade cash, for later upgrades before finals.

So what I'm thinking of is, trading Goodes for Daniher (throwing Staker back).
This would leave me with 5 trades & $334,300 in the bank.

But as I have Macaffer, would I be better served looking at a player with Fwd/Def option at the $96K price range to maximise my cash & future flexibility?

Any thoughts on this would be great.


Trade Goodes and Nic Nat for 2 premiums.

This will leave you with a great team, great depth/cover, 4 trades and cash in the bank.
A good situation all round to go into finals

Joey Joe Joe

What are the community thoughts on trading out Goodes, swinging Staker back to D6 and bringing in Cyril?

Fairly high BE but with limited trades, get a fallen premium who is capable of scoring 100 a week for the remainder of the season.



Looks like a decent trade. BE not really relevant this late in season as you wont be trading him out

Mick - Me Mate the Master Farter

Community, got a huge fortnight coming up in my league where I am playing the top two teams, need your assistance!

Trades: 9

Cash: $657,600

Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Hanley, Terlich, Staker, Vlastuin (Goodes, Thurlow)

Mids: Ablett, Swan, Kennedy, Priddis, O’Meara, Dwyer, T.Mitchell, Viney (Dangerfield, Colquhoun)

Rucks: Cox, Nicholls (Currie, McBean)

Forwards: Martin, Kennedy, Zorko, Franklin, S.Johnson, Macaffer (Bartel, Natanui)

Option 1:

– Viney to Pendles

– Dangerfield to Cotchin / Selwood

I can use Colquhoun (he named on a HBF) to cover the defense hole and relegate T Mitch or Dwyer to the bench

Option 2:

– Viney to Pendles

– Hanley to H Shaw / Ibbotson

Will the difference between Shaw and Colquhoun’s score be greater than the difference of say between Cotch and T Mitch as with option A?

Option 3:

– Viney to Pendles

– Dwyer to Cotchin / Selwood

Means I hang onto Dangerfield and need to play Colquhoun. Also means I lose the DPP link between forward line and midfield. But it does bolster the


Help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers Mick


wow…too many rookies, trades and money left…fear you have left your run too late…

Saying that option 2 I like…would hold on danger…back next week.


Deciding on who to play as captain: Ablett, Swan or Johsnon?


Thinking of trading Hanley for Lachie Henderson, so i have the flexibility to swap with Staker in my Fwd line. Thoughts?
My Backline is Goddard,Heppell,Hartlett,HANLEY,Gibbs,Newman (Vlastuin,Saunders)

Rick Grimes

Joe Daniher vs Cory Dell'Olio. Will need them this week, but with any luck they'll ride the pine for the remainder. Who is likely to score highest tonight? Who is more likely to play going forward?


with crameri,merrett and Fletcher out it suggests that daniher will get a good run tonight…

As far as the year…daniher has served a long apprenticeship and must be due for an extended run…especially if he can bag 3 or 4 tonight.

And dell'olio's first name is corey…enuff said.


Hello Community,

Need help very very badly…..

Option – 1:
OUT: Nic Nat IN: Cotchin / J Stevens…..not sure who to go for???…..through Blicavs…..only 1 trade used and will be left with 2 trades…….still got Goodes and Dangerfield on the pine……..will be left with $30k / $200 in the bank respectively…..

Option – 2:
OUT: Nic Nat & Goodes
IN: Griffen / J Selwood / Beams & X Richards (dummy player to use him as DPP swing b/w Staker who is in my FWD line)…..and will be left with $291k / $319k / $234k respectively……..If I select this option who do i go for……and will be left with 1 trade…..and once T Mitchell riches his absolute peak of his price curve trade him out for a Premium mid fielder…….

Option – 3:
OUT: Nic Nat & Goodes
IN: A Walker in the midfield & R Henderson / L Henderson / C Enright / T McKenzie……..will be left with $73k / $44k / $13k / $31k……not sure who to go for…..and will be left with 1 trade and just hope Dangerfield comes back before finals……and T Mitchell to cover him till he comes back…..

Guys, I seriously need some opinion / thoughts / suggestions……ranked 816 overall and If I don't do any trades I will be coping a "0" in the midfield…..

My Team Currently………Team Name: TITANS

Goddard, H Shaw, B Gibbs, D Heppell, D Terlich, H Hartlett, G Birchall, B Goodes

Gazza, Pendles, Swan, Barlow, Fyfe, JPK, T MItchell, M Blicavs, P Dangerfield, K Martin

T Goldstein, T Nicholls, Nin Nat, J Hannath

Steve J, J Roughead, D Cox, J Bartel, T Rockliff, JJK, B Staker, J Daniher

Need help from the community what will be my best Option to consider this week……



Option – 4:
OUT: K Martin & B Goodes
IN: T Cotchin / J Selwood & X Richards….
I will be left with $156k / $102k after the above trades respectively and 1 trade will be left……..

I am sort of tending to go with "Option – 4" with J Selwood……IMO……so what do you guys think????



raj, hold on nic. Boot goodes.

K martin may not play as he is an emergency and blicavs and danger leaves you one down in mid.

I would….goodes to McKenzie….and trade martin out…stevie j to mid and run the captain loophole up forward (preferably with DPP so you can swing with Stevie j as needed)

No perfect answer here fella.



Hi Jimbo…..

I don't want to muck around in the Def too much…..which is a real pain this year…….so I am thinking of going for X Richards (SYD Sawns, who plays 5 of the remaining 6 games on Sunday, which is handy to use the loopholes and also swing with staker as required and generate heaps of cash for my final mid field upgrade……before the finals)…..

In saying above…..I have zeroed in 2 trade options for this week below…..

OUT: Goodes IN: X Richards… locked in this week……

OUT: K Martin
IN: A Walker / D martin……which enables me swing between FWD/MID……if required and heaps of cash to go from Blicavs to Beams / Griffen……..

Option – 2:
OUT: K Martin
IN: J Selwood / T Cotch…..which means i will not have any link b/w FWD/MID……and final upgrade from Blicavs to affordable Mid / FWD player…….

What do you guys think…..?????



Reckon you're on the right track Raj. I'm leaning slightly towards option 1.


Nic Nat out…maybe for season.
Do i trade him to cloke, l.henderson or r.henderson?

Last trade..but if he's out for year thats what theyre for right???


if last trade and adequate cover on bench such as staker, wait a week. May as well wait to confirm he is out for the year.

Worst case is he isn't out for the year, you trade him out this week and a prime mover goes down next week.

Hold unless you must throw a hailmary to make finals.



Agree with Jimbo, hold unless you really need to trade.

Surely better trade in options though. Henderson playing better, but not trade worthy IMO. Cloke is a massive burnman. Don't touch him! Rocky is a better option in similar price range if you don't already have him


Had Rock since day dot. Nic Nat steps out at his bottom basement price…would have nice if he was still worth $600,000….thats why Cloke cos despite my trust in Mr Crimmins i dont feel great about ricky henderson…actually feel better about L.henderson given how slick he looks.

Appreciate the advice Superfreak and Jimbo…ill hold.



Fyfe in for Nic Nat a decent trade?

Other options include: Jordan Lewis, Patrick Ryder (No thanks), Lachie Henderson, Robbie Gray, Justin Westhoff, Ben McEvoy, Rory Sloane, Kane Cornes, Marc Murphy and Andrew Swallow.

Only problem with bringing in Fyfe or any other mids is that i lose my mid/fwd and ruck/fwd swings…

Thoughts community? Cheers


Ben McEvoy for mine….



Fyfe…maybe Murphy if you need to do something outside the box to make finals…

If low on trades then hold on nic if you have Nichols or stake as cover.


Nothing outside the box needed, first in 3 of my leagues, top four in the other. Definitely leaning toward Fyfe, just don't particularly love losing two swing sets


stevie j or rockcliff


mr johnson


Stevie J…won't stuff again


Stevie J is a Gun, when he isn't suspended. Don't discount Rocky though. Voss seems to have tossed the idea of playing him up fwd and now he is running of big Leuey, much like Ablett does with Gold coast Ruckmen. This is the reason his recent scores have been so high.


D6 = duffman or hartless?


tough call hartlett


Who to trade for goodes? 2 options:

1 – direct trade for a backman. Thompson, enright or Mckenzie?

2 – swing staker to D6 and trade goodes for rioli. That will give me 7 premium forwards tho

4 trades remaining $100k in the kitty

Team is: Goddard heppell Gibbs shaw hartlett goodes clisby wright

Ablett pendles swan Barlow Kennedy priddis fyfe dangerfield Mitchell crouch

Cox maric nicholls currie

Walker roughhead Kennedy Johnson Martin rockliff staker mcbean


I reckon you are better upgrading a backline player. Your forward looks pretty solid.


Go cannon McKenzie.


Get Thompson or McKenzie in backline and in forward line Roughead or Walker?

Cheers community.

Ruck duties.

Desperately need a win to secure finals berth and can't decide on ruck replacement with NicNat… I can afford the following.

Goldy – very consistent and will score big against Melb this weekend?
Big Boy – cheap to save $$$ and can go big, but can go low?
Roughy – poor score last week but could bounce back?
Simpson – the surprise packet and very affordable, but will he maintain his big scores? I haven't seen him play!

Cheers gents, appreciate your help.




Little Help Community. Need to fix up/finish my rucks and forwards. Which option should I go for this week.

Option 1: Jacobs to McBean (meaning R1 Cox, R2 Nicholls)
NicNat to Stevie J (allowing me to upgrade Zorko to D. Martin next week)

Option 2: Jacobs to McBean
Nic Nat to Minson/Goldstein/Mcevoy (allowing me to upgrade Zorko to Stevie J next week).

This will leave me with 4 trades left for the finals and a complete team. Still have Watson on the bench, as well as Mayes to upgrade.

How's that sounding? Which way would you go?


Get in Stevey j mate proven high scorer

Rick Grimes

I'm pretty new to this SC malarky. Is there an advantage to finishing top 4 in your h2h league?

Daryl Dixon

Finishing top four gives you a second chance if you lose in the first week


I have 9 trades, 150k

I want to get rid of Gibbs in DEF and Cox in my Ruck.

Should I hold both? They have both been terrible. And for Cox, I have Ryder in my FWD so I can swap them and get a FWD in if it's better.



Thompson or McKenzie in backline and Roughead or Walker up forward?

sW@g K1nG

Daniher or Lee?


Is Staker the real deal for a D6 possie?

Or has he been lucky with some late goals with scaled up points?


Reckon he could be for at least the next two weeks


i have 5 trades left and i have nicnat and pearce hanley, should i trade both or keep 1? i have bench that can cover


Mckenzie or Thompson backline?
Roughead or Walker forward?


i need a ruckman to replace nicnat though


where are you in your leagues? That would dictate to me how aggressive to need to trade.


im 2nd or 3rd in all my leagues


nicnat is my ruckman


Hey guys,

Nic Nat has to go, here are my options:
Option 1)Use DPP with Cox (move Cox to Ruck, move Nic Nat to fwd line and get in J.Lewis)
Option 2) straight swap for McEvoy or Maric

Which option do you reckon guys?



With the ruck direct swap for option 2 I'm kinda leaning more towards McEvoy


IMO McEvoy


Hey community,
Bit of a dilemma this week I've got 4 trades left and $1,900
I've got both NN, Danger and Hanley

Playing 9th this week and I am 1st only by percentage

1. Do no trades this week bench those three players and bring on Mitchell (same as last week), clisby and Nicholls

2. Move staker into the defence and bring in daniher for Hanley so it gives me cash for the next couple of weeks just in time for finals

3. Trade Hanley – heppel

4. Natinui – to Dawson Simpson

5. Natinui – to Ricky Henderson In the forward line

I'm not really happy with any of the NN trades.

Really need help this week!!! Cheers in advance


Hey sully.

Would hold on nicnat. Nichols is more than adequate this week. If you are guaranteed a top 4 I also hold on Haley. If not then only do the hanley-heppell this week.



Thanks jimbo I'm 2 games clear of 4th and I basically am guaranteed of the top four


Hi guys!

Going to go for an Elite this week, who to get?

Dane Swan
Steve Johnson

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Stevie J


What's a good score to be satisfied with Gaz for loophole? Got pendles or swan as second option?


135 plus I reckon David.
I'm doing the same thing ( see my post in Rd 18 Chin Wag).
Pendles and Swanny will tear it up against GWS.


Any help would be great community. I got goodes and hanley bot out. Who to get in corey enright and ibbotson / mckenzie or ricky henderson swing staker defence and get thompson from north in. Please help