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Jock’s Round 18 selection advice video

Published by Jock on

Rd18 videoHanley. Goodes. Nic Nat

These are the big issues in the lead in to round 18. Pearce Hanley has a busted hand. So does Brett Goodes and Nic Nat has a bung groin as we suspected. Huge injuries to players that a huge chunk of teams all have in their lineup.

Here is my take on things as we look towards a season defining round 18

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Hi Jock,

Once again great video, was wondering if Ricky Henderson could be a vaild option to replace Goodes? He will provide my team with DPP eligibility with Staker (move between DEF and FWD) and could continue to score well based of his change of role with the Crows. Currently have 3 trades remaining, and $34,000 in the bank.



My defence currently is: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Shaw, McKenzie, Goodes (Clisby, Webster)


Thanks Jock! Yeah good point about holding the trades, will be so valuable come SC Finals


barlow or griffen???

leaning towards barlow…


Cant go wrong with any of them, both have easy run homes and can score around 140+ so who ever you pick just wait a week or 2 because their price is going down even more


Leaning towards Griffen. Usually goes 130+. Barlow has just been above a ton since returning from his surgery. Like Dustin, you can't go wrong with either. I have Griffen and he's only disappointed me 1 round.


Hi Master Jock

I have 4 trades left with a Back line of Goddard, Hartlett, Shaw, Gibbs, Hanley & Goodes (Clisby/Frost)

also have Danger & Nic Nat.

i want to keep Danger, but would you consider trading both Goodes & Hanley out? or keep Hanley and save a trade with Clisby as cover?

I want the Mckenzie boy. thanks sir


i traded hanley in last week so should i trade him for mckenzie or not? and brett goodes to k.jack or selwood?
i have 9 trades left


Hi Jock greta stuff, i have terlich to cover hanley but with 9 trades and $330 in the bank i can upgrade terlich and leave hanley on the bench, or should i leave Terlich trade hanley or sit as is. i still have Dangerfield on the bench should i still hold him. Atm i have premiums all over the field and wanted to have a premium on the bench so i can always be able to cover another premium. im sitting 371 in the country and flying in all my leagues, I apologise for all the questions but its that time of year where players are dropping like flies and almost finals time


Personally i'd sit with your back line, Melbourne play Nth Melbourne, GWS then Gold Coast so I think Terlich should produce good scores for these 3 weeks then hopefully Hanley will be back.

I had Danger and traded him last week to Pendlebury but I was chasing a win to get into league top 4. Being ranked 371 I assume you will have all the obvious mids so I guess it depends on your cover for him. Cotchin has hit some form the last few weeks as has Jelwood.

Well done on the ranking


I have got both Hanley and Goodes in my back line, I can cover them this week with Duffield and Clisby. I also have Shuey that I can cover with Crouch. If Buddy plays I can cover BartelI have 8 trades and 210k.

Option 1. Sit tight this weekend and let the dust settle.
Option 2. Trade Goodes to Hibberd/Enright/Henderson
Option 3. Trade Goodes swing Staker to def then bring in Stevie J/ Walker/ Westhoff

Any suggestions?


Option 3 Gilly, you have eight trades left Goodes won't be back and Stevie J is a must plus Staker is playing forward a fair bit and scoring better than most back's are. Maybe upgrade Shuey as well can't see him coming back anytime soon if at all it's the second time hammy in 2 matches. WIN WIN situation with eight trades in the sky rocket.


8 trades, so I would to trade this week – with Goodes out for the season, I would trade him first……my preference would be to bring in Stevie J – swing Staker fwd….you've got Duffield to cover Hanley and Staker is playing well with a weak draw he could pump out a few more good scores..
I may even be looking to trade out Hanley as you've got 8 trades remaining…..hand-surgery this close to end of season – I have my doubts if he could output premium scores after his comeback…
Not sure who else you've got on your Bench – but I'd be looking at McKenzie/Enright/Thompson to bring in for Hanley


Would you consider Rock? Assuming not already owned.


Yes I already have Rockliff. I have been leaning towards Option3 and bring in Stevie and Walker with Shuey going out as well as Goodes.

I really appreciate your suggestions.


You must trade goodes to the Goddard, Shaw, Heppel, Gibbs, Mckenzie then look at the others. But I think 2 is a better option, get Stevie j


who is more of a priority to get out? shuey or danger? OR

Should i hold both this week as i have titchell and crouch as cover?


im coming 4th, next 2 games at least one easy win, so u reckon hold shuey or trade?


6 trades left

Burning decisions...

Dear master jock and supercoach soldiers, I need help. After sitting plumb in 2nd spot and aiming for a top 2 finish in my money and bragging rights league, I've been hit with injuries worse than Chappies hammies and suffered 4 straight losses and sitting in 9th! With minimal cash and 3 trades left I need the next 2 wins like I need oxygen!

I need to make 2 major trades in Hanley and NicNat:

For Hanley, call me a junky or a believer but I'm thinking either Burnman Brougton (cheeeeeap), Ricky Henderson or Hibberd. I need someone under $435k.

For NicNat, if I go with Broughton I can get Goldy, Big Boy, Leuy or Roughy – all big performers! But if I go with Henderson or Hibberd I can only afford Big Boy!

Each have their pro's and con's which we are familiar with and scoring at a similar level at times.

I am actually leaning towards Broughton and Goldy or Roughy…

Thoughts and prayers welcomed.

flying scotsman

take a look at grimes. avg 100 till injured. will play mid. cheeeeaaaap


Brandon Ellis an option?? Or do you have a def/mid in your mid you can swap and get in Murphy. If you have the cash I would go for Roughy, Leuy would be my 2nd pick.

Good luck


Mayes or Daniher on the field?


Brisbane look to have a few easy teams ahead, thoughts on a almost straight swap from Brett Goodes to Jed Adcock ?


hay jock got a question for you I just traded hanley out for ash smith as he has been scoreing 90 plus the last few games so I can get stevie j in for nic nat as I wanted ti keep bartel and put him on the bench thinking of tradeing ash smith out next week for trent McKenzie as I will have the cash to move anthere player around on my bench what do you reckon as west coast has the dogs and I think smith will get a massive score any one like this move


R.Henderson or T.Mckenzie for Pearce Hanley?