Weekend chin wag – round 17

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Rd17 fantasy footy chin wagHere we are up to our neck in round 17.

Gagging for that top 8 position in your league? Trying to beat your personal best overall rank in the competition? Want to do a number on your workmate, school mate or member of the family this weekend? We all have different motivation but come together here with one common trait. Love of the caper.

How are you getting on this weekend so far? Who are your champs and who are your chumps? What are the big questions on your mind as we turn to home?

Will be a huge podcast Sunday night – let’s start the discussion here in the comments.


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  1. Accc says:

    Bryce Gibbs

  2. Jack says:

    Hi Community, advice would be much appreciated! Just about to do my trade and have been thinking long and hard. Should I bring in Cloke or Bartel for Buddy? Thanks

  3. Tim says:

    Who would you recommend getting rid of Naitanui,Jacobs,franklin,dangerfield

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Spuddy Franklin everyday of the week.

      • Jack says:

        All of them!

        • ShinbonerSpirit says:

          I'd keep Dangerfield for at least a week to reassess the extent of the injury. If Naitanui doesn't play, it's only a short-term injury and Jacobs is playing. Always trade out injuries before underperformers.

          • BestCoastEagles says:

            It's a do or die clash for the Eagles i think they may take a punt on Nic Nat if they lose i have heard they might rest Nic Nat for the season. Very worried as i have Nic Nat with 3 trades left and he could lose another chunk of Cyril Ash

        • FrontPocket says:

          I was thinking the same thing…

    • David says:

      Jacobs needs to go bye bye, Nic Nat can get Jacobs' scores even when injured. If Franklin isn't in the side next week, punt him, starting to think there's a bit more going on than just an injury……..

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Hold Dangerman !!

    • geoff says:

      Buddy. Every day of the week

  4. Bazza says:

    I’m versing a spud without Gibbs… He’s got the upper hand now

  5. Selwood's Slayers says:

    One Question:

    Keep Goldys 97 or gamble with Nicholls?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Keep the 97. Better safe than sorry.

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Keep Goldy, it's raining up here on the Gold Coast could be a slog fest Big men might struggle.

  6. @jettl1 says:

    Kreuzer is my Champion. Got him at 380,000 and in his last 5 weeks he has scores of 111,111,136,107 and 139 last night.

    • David says:

      Tight Arse Tuesday's never fail

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Was tossing the coin with Kreuz & Maric about five weeks ago went Big Ivan not the smartest choice i have made Oh well.

    • Pieman1978 says:

      I did the same thing. I was planning to move him if he got to 500k. But now he is the in form ruckman of the comp & I can loophole him with Nicholls. Tight arse Tuesday delivers again.

  7. howard says:

    do i put the captaincy on ablett or pendles or swanny?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      I've got it only Pendlebury. Swan has only tonned up interstate once this year (at the Gabba) and I can't really think of a reason not to put it on Ablett. So I'm going to choose the player in better form, and that's Pendles.

      SUNDAY EDIT: In my defence, I got the Swan part right.

      • FrontPocket says:

        I chose Pendles over Ablett as well, and it's probably going to cost me a league win this week. For some reason I can't get it through my thick skull to ALWAYS BACK ABLETT. Thought I could start this season without him, wrong, thought I could punt on Pendles over Ablett, wrong.

        There's a lesson in there for the youngsters.

        • FrontPocket says:

          In case anyone's wondering, I managed to win the round by 2 (yes, t-w-o) points, despite my opponent choosing Ablett and myself choosing Pendles as Captain. (2321 to 2319)

          Mighty happy with the win!

    • Skintip says:

      Why ask such a question? GAJ ALWAAAYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  8. Tom says:

    Hi Community, just wondering who should I bring in out of Barlow and Mundy? Mundy is 50k cheaper. Cheers

  9. andy says:

    Franklin to rockliff sound good?

  10. Simmo says:

    Gday Jock. Was thinking of off-loading NicNat to Big Wilbur. Got Roughy, Cox and Nicholls. 6 trds left and 260k. Should i leave the rucks be and save for finals or get a proven scorer in. O'meara to Stevie J next week would leave me 4 trds and a side im happy with.

  11. David says:

    Ablett, Pendles or Swan for C? Hearing there's a bit of rain about Gold Coast?

  12. Choppers says:

    Haven't had any rain here today but did rain overnight. Forecast is for clearing showers and Metricon drains real well.

    • Choppers says:

      Don't think I'd make a good weather forecaster. In the last 30 mins. the weather has closed in, with thunder and now constant rain. I'm only about 15klms from Metricon.

  13. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Sammy Mitchell withdrawn. And to think, I almost brought him in over Selwood last week.

  14. Jason says:

    thinkinh of offloading buddy or nic nat, who do i trade? Thinking of trading for either martin or rockliff – thoughts on who is the better option?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Great excuse to get rid of Buddy for Rockliff.

      • Jason says:

        Thanks buddy has been in poor form and who knows how long this injury will keep him out for

        • Jack says:

          I traded out nicnat due to his 150 break even so he won't lose price

          • Chicken says:

            Trading out a player due to their break even might not be the best thing at this time of the season

    • Choppers says:

      I offloaded Buddy for Heater (thru DPP) and Dangermouse for Selwood and it's absolutely bucketing down now here on the Goldy….

  15. David says:

    Buddy for Rockliff mate

  16. bruce wayne says:

    drew petrie in for buddy to avoid a doughnut, also taking a big risk on beams for jobe who should get in some good form against gc and gws.
    and is gibbs suffering from a injury of some sort of just shit form?

    • BestCoastEagles says:

      Gibbs Tagging role the last few weeks without Robbo there. It's giving me the tommy titts come back Robbo

  17. David says:

    Community, just want to tell you to put some cash on Brad Sewell BOG, he'll come back with a vengeance, I'm telling you.

  18. Rosco says:

    Brought in Boomer Harvey last night for Buddy. Scored 98 which is nothing to sneeze at but he grabs that ball in the last couple of minutes & goals his scored would've been 140 odd. Can't be greedy. 98 is better than Buddy's 0 & not knowing when he will return. Good luck to all for the rest of the round.

  19. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    No trades for me this week. Holding onto Jobe and Danger for the time being, so that I can wait for Griffen and Shaw to (hopefully) drop in price. Hoping for some shockers from the two of them (especially Griff).

  20. glen says:

    these late withdrawals are killing me. now it's sam bloody mitchell

  21. Michael says:

    What is going on this week? Gibbs 60, Roughead 31 at H/T, Heppell 29 & Goddard 24 in a quarter and a half!!! Goodes 61 at H/T but on my bench!!! ARGHHHH!

  22. Jordan says:

    what should i do guys, only 40k in kitty and need to get rid of terlich, thinking grimes but i cant get ibbotson etc my backs are shaw hanley goddard heppell gibbs terlich

    • Jack says:

      Terlich has had only one poor score and pulled out another 90+ this round .. maybe a holder?

    • Jason says:

      Wouldn't bother going Terlich to Grimes unless you've still got trades up the wazoo. You'll only make a tiny bit of cash and I think Terlich will just about score as good as Grimes from here on.

      Only one of my 8 defenders scored better than Terlich's 98 this round. I'm keeping him.

  23. Liam says:

    Pendles,Swan or GAJ captain? Big decision for me as my opponent has Swanny captain so not sure what to do.

    • Liam says:

      Is it best to take swannys score as Captain and play it safe or take the risk?

      • Tim says:

        take the risk, whover you put as captain will probably score more than 98

        • David says:

          Take the risk, have to at least try and make up for points lost by not putting C on Gaz

  24. Michael says:

    Roughead finishes on 66, Heppell & BJ both on 53 at 3/4 time, not a good day at all so far! Currently 5/341 :((

  25. dan says:

    rougheads 69 or see what nic nat can do ??

  26. cotchandmurph says:

    Gaz 98 at halftime, swan 70 and pendels 55 all in my team, went pendels with captian as i did swan last week

  27. Clint says:

    This bloody rolling lockout is tough when you live overseas. I live in Scotland, put the VC on Griffen not expecting much, but he comes out and scores 140! But before I woke up, the Suns v Pies game had started. What’s worse is I gambled on Pendles instead of Ablett as captain thinking Gaz would get the Macaffer tag. At half time, Gazza’s on 99, Pendles 55. He’s untaggable, the little master.

  28. James says:

    C on Pendles over GAJ is going to hurt.

    • FrontPocket says:

      It's likely gonna cost me this weeks league win.

      Pain shared in pain halved.

  29. Dan says:

    Who to captain tomorrow Barlow or Selwood, screwed up by not trusting the little maestro.

  30. geoff says:

    Went Pendles Captain. Opponent had GAJ. First time ive gone against GAJ as captain and he punished me. 🙁

  31. Spider says:

    Take Goodes 84 or go with Duffield?

    Take Nicholls 88 or punt on Jacobs??

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Keep both scores. Especially with the low-scoring nature of this round thus far.

  32. not happy jan says:

    The pain of gambling on swan over gary as captain :((( I will never doubt you again Gaz, i've learnt my lesson

  33. Skintip says:

    THANKS for the year B Goodes!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you heal well from your broken wrist and return next year stronger!

  34. Jordan101 says:

    1362 after 13 played… Not overalls great, projected for 2258. Made the BIG mistake of putting pendles captain over gaz… Missing out on 150 points for that! Pretty average games from, Goddard, Ryder and Swallow…

    • Skintip says:

      You only miss out on the difference buddy- not double the difference. The difference was 75 so you miss out on 75- not 150!!!

      eg pendles 103 x 2 = 206 + GAJ 178 = total 384
      GAJ 178 x 2 = 356 + pendles 103 = total 459

  35. Ando says:

    Who gets the big C J. Selwood or JPK???

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Definitely Selwood. Adelaide have been leaking fantasy points and JPK his a shadow of his 2012 self.

      • FrontPocket says:

        …and I've stuck by him all year. Had him last year and he saved my team a number of times so I locked him in for this year. D'oh!

  36. David says:

    Who to put C on today, Barlow, Cotchin or JPK? Thanks for nothing Pendles.

    • FrontPocket says:

      At least Pendles tonned up. Stay positive. I'd bet on Barlow as he's having a better and more consistent year than JPK or Cotch.

  37. Jono says:

    UP THE SUNS!!! Made a mistake with ablett I was out and I said I was going to change it back but I got home too late so I couldnt change it but I was pretty happy to come home to the suns!!!

    Anyway not having the greatest of rounds but hopefully with some big guns coming up I should get over the line!

    Ps Gibbs.

    • FrontPocket says:

      I even tipped The Gold Cuns to win. But only because I'm desperate for points in the tipping and need about 20 roughy's to come home in the next 7 rounds.

  38. dustbin feltchers says:

    hey jockular,

    thinking of subbing in my non playing ruck mcbean for the unpredictable natanui, so i take my emergency nicholls 88. what do u think? could backfire if natanui smashes it.

    hey higgo, my hot tip for finals is to have a reliable emergency (eg nicholls, dwyer, terlich) and a non playing "cheap as chips" bench player, this takes advantage of the bloody rolling lock out. nothing shits a man more than seeing good scores wasted on the bench…

    like the poms waiting on the third umpire "you'll never walk alone"

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      I benched Naitanui for Nicholls this round, and I'm pretty happy with the 88. Unless your league game is coming down to a margin of about 20 points, I'd take the solid 88.

  39. David says:

    As long as he's not a late out, put NicNat on, can get 88 in his sleep, injured or not.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      He's failed to achieve even 80 in his last three games due to a back/groin niggle. Could have an immense game (he's a freak), but with a round like this, it's hard to throw away an 88.

      • David says:

        I hear what you're saying, but Nic Nat scores were 69, 79 and 73. Just saying that even if he has an off game he'll get a 78, only 10 points difference. If he has a good game, even with injury, he could score 105+ so you stand to score a lot more with a relatively minimal risk of 10 points, give or take 5 points.

  40. David says:

    ALERT Supercoach community.


    Thanks for the memories Brett, was fun while it lasted.

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Just saw that on the Footy Show. Gee those with 1-2 trades left will have a serious dilemma. I have 4 so it's a must trade for me.

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      Yep, Hanley coming in for me. Goodes was the best defender over the last three weeks bar none, and scored 84 this week in only three quarters.

  41. FrontPocket says:

    I'd just like to make a big-picture observation here, based on my experience this season at having 30 trades burning a hole in my (Front) pocket and spending and spending and spending. Now, at the pointy end of the season, quite a number of the guns I traded in halfway through the fantasy season have had their form either drop off or have niggling or long term injuries that are affecting their performance, and thus the ironically named "The Infallibles" performance.

    In-form players at the start of the season or even halfway through the season aren't necessarily in-form players in the last third to the last quarter of the season. And it's the last part of the season that really matters.

    Maybe if you're going for the $50k it changes the rules a bit, but you're still not going to win the $50k if you've got $1.2 million (Watson and Dangerfield) sitting on your midfield bench because you don't have the trades available to swap them out.

    I'm in the unfortunate position (note: I know it's a position of my own making and I'm staying positive and taking whatever comes) of having used one of my last four precious trades to swap out the injured Watson for Dangerfield last week. So now, I've got Danger on the bench and 3 trades left to get me through finals. Plus I still have Nic Nat, Franklin, Zorko, and Goodes (who's season now appears to be over) holding starting positions.

    In answer to a question Jock posed quite early in the season: "Is it too early to start culling rookies". In hindsight, I think the answer is a resounding Yes.

    This may not come as news to more experienced fantasy footballers, but it might be useful to those on the fringes, just needing that little extra sprinkling of strategy to lift you into the upper echelons of respect and admiration that is fantasy football success.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Fantastic point in the rookies this year mate. Certainly was the thing to do to hold them a bit longer. Part of it though as well is an exceptional crop this year

      • FrontPocket says:

        I was too desperate to jump on the "next big rookie" each time. Some worked out very nicely but overall, it's best to stick with the ones chosen at the start of the year for at least a few weeks longer than I did.

        Easy to say in hindsight, but the season's not over yet!

  42. Pieman1978 says:

    Some people have 2 trades left with Dangerfield & Goodes. Higgo I'm looking at you.

  43. @Jacko2128 says:

    Barlow or Mundy for the C?

  44. Pieman1978 says:

    Also I must say well done Wayno on your hot tip once again. Murphy without an exposed helmet looked like the premium of old. At 370k odd….bargain. Is there is place on the full time panel for Wayno in 2014.

  45. Darby's Dashers says:

    Pendles has captain in a world of hurt!

  46. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    Gee, thanks for nothing Duffield! Kept you for two weeks, and this is how you reward me?

  47. James says:

    Dawson Simpson!! Who is this kid? Two score of 130+ in a row. Could be a sneaky point of difference. Has matched up on out of form Jacobs and played against melbourne. But averages 3rd most hit outs in afl and got 33 hit outs against Jacobs who averages the fifth most hitouts. He also hit 55 against melbourne. Only 350,000 i believe. I have kreuzer, Nichols, and Rowe as well as currie. Might be able to do the old loophole between Nichols and Simpson if I get him. I have 5 trades, and about 100,000 k left . Any thoughts ?

    • Pieman1978 says:

      Hello James. I saw the game today & I was really impressed. If he played for a team not capable of making the 8 it should be considered, if you have surplus trades. However this is Geelong, top 4 team, love rotations & chopping those who don't perform. Proceed with extreme caution. If he has a bad game next week he could be back in the two's. And that's a bad trade. If you fighting for a spot in the 8 & need a POD then consider. If not then leave it. Trades from here on end need to factor: Job security, run home, form, opposition & venue, competition for that spot in the team, & historic scores against that team if applicable. If you think about those elements you might think twice. Don't make a trade based on recent scores. Factor in what I have mentioned. Good Luck

      • James says:

        Cheers, yeah job security is the big one to consider

        • James says:

          Especially because of how much they love vardy. But they have kept him after a couple of average games. Who should you expect them to bring in for him?

  48. DDA says:

    had GAJ as captain and I had buddy on the field but lucky I had dwyer as and emergency got 115 lucky

  49. Michael says:

    Shocking round, worst of the year without doubt. My plans for a top 1000 finish up in flames I think. Finished on 2190, completely stuffed up not having GAJ as C (had Pendles), Gibbs, Roughead, Goddard, Ibbotson, Cox , NicNat all less than 80. Only 8 of my 22 scored higher than projected (total projected was 2423). And Goodes out for the year and no trades left :(( Still, next week's another week as they say….

  50. pieofgod says:

    2234…Pendles as C while opponent had the son of god…sometimes you feel like you plan to perfection just to get messed up by lady luck….better in round 17 than the granny.

  51. SCaddict says:

    Thought I was clever bringing in Roughie for Buddy this weekend but got badly burnt.

    Plenty of disasters and disappointments this weekend so content enough to bank 2283 and move on to Round 18.

  52. ShinbonerSpirit says:

    I knew keeping Watson and Dangerfield was going to result in a pretty bad score, but 2191 is still pretty disappointing.

  53. CloneMan says:

    Who to replace Shuey out of Swan, Barlow, Selwood, Beams?

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      I think Swan is a must for any legitimate SC team. But Beams has started where he left off. If cash isn't an issue, I'd ignore my first sentence and go with Beams. Every man and his dog has Swan in their team.

    • micki S says:


  54. Nick says:

    Trading out goodes 4k in the bank. Who do I get in already have heppell, Goddard, Gibbs, hartlett and burgoyne

    • ShinbonerSpirit says:

      With that sort of money, I'd look at a solid Hibberd, or maybe Duffield/Grimes.

  55. Kingy says:

    Exercise some calm, think about what the twit says and say:
    1. ‘neigh’ if u disagree & want him to continue his nonsensical garbage or
    2. ‘I’ if u agree & want 2 oust him from the show.

    Jock, listen & act based on your audiences feedback. Or you will risk losing your loyal patrons & ultimately a sound business model.

    • Kingy says:

      Twit refers to Wayno. Sick of listening to his bullshower.

    • FrontPocket says:

      Nay (I'm not a horse).

      I like hearing about Wayno's exploits, it keeps me in touch with what today's teens get up to, whilst also getting some hot inside info on fantasy football up-and-comers.

    • NRoo says:

      I …. Can’t stand his ramble. Pls take him off father of fantasy.

  56. Skintip says:

    If you chose anyone other than the little wizard as C then I can imagine your pain but choosing anyone else other than the man with the bald skull is crazy. Trying to pick another C who will score a few more points than GAJ's avge is madness. That is SC/DT rule 101, 102, and 103. And this will be for the next few years.

    Little GAJ is the greatest player EVER. His old man was great, but he never hunted the pill and got his own ball ALL around the ground like little master. GAJ hunts the ball like no other- senior was spectacular receiving and earning the ball inside 50.

    We can all rub our hands together and watch in awe in 2014-2017 when GAJ plays solely in the fwd 50, getting fed by the likes of JOM, Swallow, Bennell and Nicholls. When he is in this role then that will be a fair comparisson with his old man- a fair comparison of the fwd role. But GAJ by far, is the greatest player that this unique sport of 20 million people has ever seen.

    And maybe, just maybe in the next few years we will see someone snag 20 goals in the one game of AFL! I put my money on the ruler that is Gary Ablett Junior!

    • FrontPocket says:

      Agreed. I was thinking along similar lines watching snippets of that Ablett Snr. special.

    • Westy says:

      20 goals in a game? Unlikely for a couple of reasons:
      1. The game has been shortened.
      2. Rotations and interchange. These days, they kick a goal and run for the bench!

      If Plugga, Dunstall and the like couldn't break Fred Fanning's record, I reckon it's going to stand for quite a bit longer.

    • micki S says:

      Ablett, twenty goals in a game. He will never score even ten goals in a game and getting fed by Nicholls, Nicholls is a ruckman not a midfielder. I do agree if you have Ablett in your team, have him as captain.