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Vince Gambino’s Fantasy Footy Punt Club – RD 17

Published by Vince on

gambino supercoach punting clubWoah man! The first 16 rounds have flown by us and before you know it we are approaching the pointy end of the season.

I hope all your fantasy teams are travelling along nicely and you still have a few trades in the bank come finals time. Let’s have a look at the markets for this week!


Ryan Griffen Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 108.5 points
As my top bro Jock Reynolds has mentioned in the weekly podcast and his videos, Griffen is bound to slow down sooner or later after catching fire a month or so ago. In the last two weeks actually he’s started showing signs of fatigue with DT scores of 86 and 95. Although this isn’t alarmingly low, it’s a long way from the 130’s he has pumping out a month ago. Just got a gut feeling that 108 points may just be out of reach for Griffen in this one dudes. Get on the unders!

Travis Boak Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 98.5 points
How good’s the Boak boy been this year?! With a DT average of 101, he’s moved into the top echelon of midfielders in the fantasy football arena. Remarkably, this average of 101 is almost 20 points better than his last year’s average. His form is good – last four scores of 119, 104, 98 and 109 give me good confidence in backing him in here. Don’t worry about previous years scores in this one, because Boak is a changed man this year. I like the overs in this one!

Nathan Jones Over ($1.85)/Under ($1.85) 81.5 points
Good old Nathan Jones is one of my favourite players in the comp. When I rolled up to Gosch’s Paddock one morning in my Mr. Whippy van, I asked him where he got those sick as tatts and I popped down to the same parlour and got one myself. Only a few lucky females have been able to see where that tattoo is though man. But anyway, he’s a tough cookie is Jonesy and to pump out 108 in the rain down in Geelong last week just shows what the sort of man he is. The going will get a lot easier this week against Brisbane at the MCG. From the 10 matches in his career he’s played against the Lions, in 7 of those he’s scored over 81.5 DT points. I reckon he’ll get the job done for the Punt Club this week man. Overs!

As always, would love to hear who you’re backing this week community!

Tweet us @Vince_Gambino or simply post a comment in the section below. And remember, it’s only a bit of fun…so keep it safe!

Happy Punting

Vince “Teflon” Gambino

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Jumped on Chris Judd +91.5. Looks like a solid option. If Boak had the same line i'd take that too, but 99 is a bit too close for my tastes.

Anyways, this week i've gone

Scott Pendlebury over Dane Swan
Joel Selwood over Jimmy Bartel (multied with the above pick for @ 3.06 odds)
Chris Judd Over 91.5
Sam Mitchell in Hawks v Bulldogs Round 17 Group 1
Joel Selwood in Crows v Cats Round 17 Group 1

I have every belief that Selwood will tear the Crows apart this weekend, so i've jumped on him a few times here.


Thats the one that stood out to me (Judd) as well mate. I'll have to jump on and have a squizz at the groups as well.. you reckon Mitchell will bounce back after last week?


I reckon he can, the odds are towards Griffen, and like Vince mentioned, he seems to be slowing down a tad as the season wears on.


Yep. Like it. I'll whack a tenner on it


Love your work as always Marc. Yep I reckon we all agree Juddy should the 91.5 for us tonight. Like that multi @ $3.06 too…great value. Group ones are always tough but Mitchell and Selwood are both a big show in theirs


I myself like a punt, and am quite a fan of first goal scorers! I have a decent strike rate with them and recentlly realised if you multi 3 goal scorers for $1 bet you can get returns of $800 – 10,000. Found myself very close last week with Lynch into Roughy but my nemisis Kurt "I wanna go home" Tippet let me down again.

Just thought i'd let the punters know!


Ha, that's awesome.


Great stuff Dabman, I wasn't aware of that myself but that's awesome! Pretty cool that you can outlay just $1 and potentially have a massive return


I've had a look at SC head to heads and my top 5:

Judd over GIbbs – last time they played NM Judd scored 159 vs Gibbs 74. Judd's last 3 avg is 112 vs 83 for Gibbs

Cotchin over Martin – Cotchin av against Freo is 104 vs 79 for Martin. Cotchin last 3 avg is 107 vs Dusty 93.

Goddard over Stanton – Goddard avg vs GWS is 109 vs 57 for Stanton.

Selwood over Bartel – Selwood is a champ, and will take his and Stevie J's points here. SJ av against Adel is 121 v JB of 105.

Priddis over Masten – When Shuey plays, Priddis outscores Masten (usually). Last time WCE played Syd Priddis scored 128 to Masten's 90.


OK Vince – used my $300 free bet from Stadium win (finally got it given to me after much drama with email address etc) from Syd vs Geel game earlier this year. Just plonked the lot on Judd over 91.5 DT pts – so follow me boys! GO JUDDY!!

I wanted to place it 2-3 weeks ago on your call on Dangers going over 100sc which would have cleaned up! So fingers crossed Judds the man!




Juddy only on 12 DT points at half time, not lookin good 🙁


Looks like we all got burnt on Juddy! Lucky Mitchell pulled out on my group pick too, because Griffen was on fire and I would have lost my money there most likely. In the end I took the $2 refunded on Mitchell and put a dollar each on J. Riewoldt and Tom Lynch to kick 1st goals. So for the week I went

Jack Riewoldt 1st goal scorer = +$7.50
Joel Selwood in Crows v Cats Round 17 Group 1 = +$7.50
Scott Pendlebury over Dane Swan and Joel Selwood over Jimmy Bartel = +$12.24

Tom Lynch 1st goal scorer = -$1
Chris Judd +91.5 DT Points = -$2

Total = +$24.24