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supercoach flesh for fantasy

G’day community,

Well, the Supercoach gods are turning fortunes more than young gun Ashton Agar. Steve Johnson, Lance Franklin, Patrick Dangerfield, Matthew Pavlich, Nic Naitanui have all caused Supercoach headaches over the past week or so.

It seems just as we’re about to lock our teams down, in comes the S.C Gods from the member’s end throwing down a wrong’un. What will separate the good coaches from the great is the ability to fight on. Every decision we make here on in could make or break our seasons.

We must tackle some of these big issues head on and Nic Nat, Dangerfield and Buddy are all discussed in this week’s edition of Flesh for Fantasy.

So let’s begin!


JACK STEVEN (STK) MID – $428,300 DT/$516,400 SC
– Next 5 Games: PORT (H), GEE (A), BRIS (A), HAW (H), SYD (A)
– Recent Scores: 89, 99, 99 106, 127

While it’s noted how difficult St Kilda’s run home is, Jack’s recent form has stood up against some of the competition’s better sides – including 106 v Fremantle and 127 v Carlton. He’s currently ranked 2nd at the Saints for disposals (career high of 25), while also averaging career high tackles. Those 2 100s have come after the return of Lenny, which suggests that sides still go to Hayes first, giving Steven some more freedom. Potential PoD if you’re considering upgrading a Crouch or Kyle Martin for a premium.

SCOTT PENDLEBURY (C0LL) MID – $561,800 DT/648,000 SC
– Next 5 Games: GCS (A), GWS (H), ESS (H), SYD (A), HAW (A)
– Recent Scores: 132, 145, 112, 154, 153

It wouldn’t have been just if I didn’t mention the current Supercoach king. Scott Pendlebury’s form over recent weeks has been good enough to warrant him temporary stay as the number 1 scorer in the league. He has a last 5 average of 139.2, including 153 v Adelaide which saw him hog the footy 42 times, take 6 marks, kick 2 goals and send the ball I50 8 times.

It’s almost reached the point where sides contending for both the overall and league wins will be the beneficiaries of having Pendles. Not having Scott could be what separates you from the very best in the land, for the worst. If you don’t have the Collingwood champion, I strongly urge you cash in some trades and get him. It’s a must.

JACK GUNSTON (HAW) FWD – $424,900 DT/$491,300 SC
– Next 5 Games: WBD (H), ESS (A), RICH (H), STK (A), COLL (H)
– Recent Scores: 100, 94, 103, 104, 110

Hard to believe the form of Jack Gunston has gone unnoticed like it has. It took a follower of mine, Terry G (@TG_Footy_Tragic), to point out to me just how well he is going. Since round 7 v Sydney, Jack has only dropped under 100 once (94 v WCE) and is averaging 15 touches, 6 marks and 2 goals a game. Buddy’s underwhelming season has allowed both him and Jarryd Roughead to step up and play bigger roles.

For a man that’s in the form he is, Jack’s only in 1.52% of teams. Given the evenness of the top 4-5 teams this year, I doubt Hawthorn will take the risk by releasing the foot off the peddle. They’ll go hard here on in, which should see Jack continue with the high level of output. Definitely worth considering, ultimate PoD.


DEAN TERLICH (MELB) DEF – $410,300 DT/$424,700 SC
– Next 5 Games: BRIS (H), NM (H), GWS (A), GCS (A), FRE (H)
– Recent Scores: 88, 88 107, 119, 27

I’ll be sad to see Dean Terlich leave ‘Crimmins’ Class’. When Bryce Gibbs was out, he stepped up and scored 100+. More recently, he’s been more than serviceable replacing Paul Duffield. However, it’s now time to say goodbye. The 27 on weekend v Geelong will see the beginning of Dean leaking value.

The old saying goes, know when to hold them, and know when to fold them. It’s time to fold, and given the value he’s yielded, there should be no issues turning him into a Hanley or Heppell. From all of us here at the community, thank you for your services Dean. Not sure where myself, and thousands of coaches out there, would’ve been without your bench coverage.

NIC NAITANUI (WCE) RUCK/FWD – $374,400 DT/$481,900 SC
– Next 5 Games: SYD (H), WBD (A), GCS (H), ESS (A), GEE (H)
– Recent Scores: 109, 114, 73, 79, 69

The community’s own Jay Clark from Herald Sun reported this morning that the Eagles have been advised to rest Nic Nat in fears he may have Osteitis Pubis. There are rumors he may also be having issues with his back. Any way you look at it, Nic Nat isn’t fit, and it’s bloody frustrating for the thousands of coaches that traded him in, including myself.

Given how delicate things are getting as we head towards the latter stages of the season, it’s time to say goodbye to Nic Nat. His injury could be a burden on sides that can’t trade him out in the finals. Burn the trade you have left now and get rid of him while he still possesses some value. You really don’t want to be stuck with him come week 1 of an elimination final because you didn’t have the trades to dump him. When in doubt, get him out.



There are reports circling that Patrick could miss anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks with an AC joint injury. That’s the worst news we could hear, as it creates serious confusion. What do we do with a player that could be back next week, but also could miss 4 weeks? If you’ve got Tom Mitchell sitting on your bench, I would hold Patrick until news of his injury becomes a bit clearer. Even Brad Crouch, who many still have, may benefit with Dangerfield out.

However, if you have limited cover, I would consider maybe trading him out for Pendlebury if you don’t have him. As mentioned above, Scott is a MUST if you are to contend for both the overall or the league win. Michael Barlow also one worth considering if you are going to trade him out. For mine, I would hold for at least 1 more week if you can and give yourself more time to assess the field, and who knows, he may be back next week, but I’m not counting on it.


– Scott Pendlebury (COLL), BE 94
– Dane Swan (COLL), BE 87
– Brad Crouch (ADEL), BE 41
– Travis Boak (PORT), BE 85
– Joel Selwood (GEE), BE 46
– Trent Cotchin (RICH), BE 97
– Dustin Martin (RICH), BE 84
– Matthew Kreuzer (CARL), BE 79
– Tom Rockliff (BRIS), BE 27
– Brent Staker (BRIS), BE 9
– Pearce Hanley (BRIS), BE 47
– Nick Malceski (SYD), BE 56
– Tom Mitchell (SYD), BE 21
– Brett Goodes (WBD), BE 39

– Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), BE 172
– Cyril Rioli (HAW), BE 185
– Jimmy Bartel (GEE), BE 137
– Dean Terlich (MELB), BE 117
– Gary Ablett Jr (GCS), BE 179
– Jaeger O’Meara (GCS), BE 121
– Bryce Gibbs (CARL), BE 176
– Ryan Griffin (WBD), BE 207
– Michael Barlow (FRE), BE 155
– Aaron Sandilands (FRE), BE 267


Thanks for the inundation this week. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my Tweeter blow itself up with questions. Here are the burning issues heading into this week’s action

mr crimmins tweet 1

ANSWER: As mentioned above, it really depends on what’s available on your bench. If you have Tom Mitchell, you could bring him off the bench and hold Patrick for at least one more. But if you don’t, I would strongly suggest trading, but only for a top of the range premium. Personally, I would hold 1 week and assess next week, but really depends on where you sit in overall/league and if you’ve got cover. It’s a delicate situation, that’s for sure.

mr crimmins tweet 2

ANSWER: You have the luxury of trades up your sleeve. I would hold Ivan Maric. Has had a good couple of weeks, and may begin to play some good football as we head towards finals. Trade him out on eve of finals if he begins to play poorly. Buddy, on the other hand, with the trades you have, I would dump him. He’s too inconsistent this year, and word of a knee injury could keep him out for a little while. He’s still some value, a good launching pad to a premium forward. Keep Maric (for now), dump Buddy.

mr crimmins tweet 3

ANSWER: That is a dilemma. I would dump Vlastuin, only because I like Darling’s scoring potential more than Vlas’. 109 and 88 in 2 of his past 3 games for Jack is a good sign. I would hold onto him for a little while long and assess as we get closer to finals. Vlastuin is cooked, and the quicker you trade him down for cash, the better.

Anyway, all the best this weekend community. Remember to send any questions to @Mr_Crimmins or any of the great members of this fine establishment. May you score hard, and score well.

Mr Crimmins.

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Should i upgrade terlich to premium or trade him for someone like grimes to make money?


Would you look at malceski jock?


The Watson, Danger, Buddy injuries and Terlich sucking comes at the worst time when I'm trying to avoid relegation, but also running low on trades. I may have to just keep on trading and hope that I don't get any injuries in the next few weeks.

I'll hold Danger for the week, I reckon he'll only miss 1 more after this week, he is not the type who will be happy sitting on the bench and I have Mitchell to cover. Holding onto Tom Lee all year might have actually paid off since he scored decently last week in place of Franklin. Terlich is out, Heppell will be in.


Also guys, what are you all doing with VC and C this week with GC playing the Pies? I've been running with a Pendles/Ablett combo all year, so it's the worst matchup of the year for me. I'm thinking Pendlebury is too hot to ignore, so he'll be my VC, then have someone like Selwood or Kennedy as my C.


GAJ or Pendles?


Got the same question's. I am going Pendles VC loophole as he has been blazing the last few weeks. Just hoping i ain't going to the Pendles well one to many times.


I'm leaning towards Pendles this week. He has been on fire.


Gazza for sure!


Would like some trade ideas for my team please (47K left, 8 trades):

goddard, heppel, gibbs, hartlett, duffield, mckenzie. SUBS terlich, clisby.

GAJ, Pendles, JPK, Barlow, cotchin, Mundy, Shuey, Titchell. SUBS danger, crouch

Jacobs, nicholls. SUBS rowe, currie.

Rockliff, JJK, buddy, Zorko, Nic Nat, Staker. SUBS Steve J, bennedy.

Was thinking terlich to dusty martin as my 1st trade and unsure about the 2nd trade.
Feedback is appreciated.


Nic Nat to the Red Rough for the second trade will be a winner. Nic Nat could miss several week's with his groin and he is leaking truck loads of cash.


if i trade terlich to dusty i have no cash left to do that trade.


or downgrade terlich to a cheapie 96k non-player and upgrade nic nat?


Nic Nat may be out and might miss a few as the Eagles have been advised to rest him. Have you thought about trading Terlich and Nic Nat for Roughead and Sam Mayes moving Staker Back


hello community, so I have got two injuried midfield premiums in watson and dangerfield. was thinking of trading watson to joel selwood and dangerfield to andrew walker or dustin martin for DP and swing one of them to the forward line to cover the suspended stevie j. leaving me with one rookie in tom mitchell on the field and have full premium midfield when stevie j returns next week. or its it worth holding off trading dangerfield and get tom mitichell to cover him and a donut in the forward line. only have 4 trades left. thoughts? thanks.

p.s. would it be a bad idea to have 3 players in the midfield from the same team eg. mundy, fyfe and barlow?

thanks again community. hope your teams are travelling well.


Hold onto Dangerman for the time being. Watson to J.selwood a good trade if you need to as i done the same trade last weekend when Dangerman went down. Having three Freo player's ain't no crime as they are great points generators and have a soft Finals Run.

SC Legend.

I have three trades left. In need of advice for a serious trade,

Minson, Maric (Nicohls, Currie)

Stevie J, Buddy, Nic Nat, Cox, Walker, Zorko (Rowe, Burbury)

My plan is to TRADE Maric to Rockcliff by subbing Rowe into my rucks, sub Nicohls on the field as he is scoring better than poor old Maric whose been a let down.
I can then have 7 forward premiums as cover and bench Zorko until he plays the easier teams in his finals runs w/ the emergency loophole.

I can then sub Nic Nat/Cox into the ruck if Nicohls starts to lose form.
Opinions on this trade? Note: I have three trades left, premiums everywhere else on my field.


Nic Nat may be out and might miss a few as the Eagles have been advised to rest him. I would hold off on trading Big Ivan and see what the call is with Nic Nat. If you are desperate to trade i would Flick Nic Nat before Maric. With three trades left you are running thin so choose carefully.


agree with you BCE, Nic Nat is the less likely player to perform…much less. I really hope he doesn't drop off fantasy relevance, but I'm still trading him out now. Keep Maric for now; you could keep him as bench cover if Nicholls starts to slow.


Keep in mind Buddy hasn't been named so that throws a spanner in the works too


what about Jarrod McVeigh?


I've had him all year as a POD and he has been excellent. My only concern is that opposition teams may start tagging him off the back flank


Hi guys,

Any advice / suggestions for upgrades into my team below. I have 6 trades left with $49,800 left in the bank. Would love to get Pendles into my midfield or Roughy in my forward line.

DEF: Goodard, Heppell, H Shaw, Houli, Gibbs, Goodes (Clisby & Sierakowski)

MIDS: Ablett, Swan, J Selwood, Barlow, Fyfe, Priddis, Cotchin JP Kennedy (Hrovat, Kent)

RUCKS: Cox & Kreuzer (Nicholls, Currie)

FORWARDS: Bartel, Rockliff,J Kennedy, Cloke, Franklin, S Johnson (Staker & Lee)


Hi community, I am confused and I need to know what trades would be better

Option 1. Watson out Selwood in
Nitnatnui out. Ryder in

Or option 2. Dangerfield out. Selwood in
Nitnatnui out. Roughead in

Which ever option I chose I will need to keep Watson/Dangerfield on he bench until he is playing again


And who should be my VC out of Pendles and Ablet


How many trades do you have left?

Roughead is a better in than Ryder, of course, but if you have another trade I would definately lose both of those injured players. If I absolutely HAD to choose only one to go, it would be Watson – his expected return according to SC gold is round 23. Danger may only be out for a few weeks, but I feel that neither player will come back to the game scoring as strongly as before.

VC is a tough one, I'm going with the Gaz, but I feel like I'm taking a risk!

Hope my opinion helps mate! Good luck!


Thanks SaltySalts


Who should I get need a league win this week can afford anyone in forward line any suggestions?


Btw I have J Kennedy buddy roughy Zorko jumpin jack joe Daniher and Spangler


Both Ellis & Buddy hurting me – I got Ellis in after his last hundy and gone 70-80s ever since. Buddy likewise but have cover at least. Should I hold Buddy for now or trade him off to Walker (carl)?

Got feeling Tiges gotta lift to make finals – Hawks doing ok without Buddy


Im in 519th position – looking for best finish only 6 trades left


I'm riding the Buddy roller coaster as well, thankfully only for the last 6 weeks. I am thinking hold for 1 more week on Buddy, Walker has a highish be and hopefully Buddy takes advantage of small doggies back line. For me anyway Stevie J is another option next week.


Nic Nat out for Andrew Walker or leave him in the rucks and get Goldstein??


I also have Watson, Dangerfield, buddy, Nic Nat, one trade left, most of my picks have been injured for weeks or out all season and have had to trade, who will score the most for the rest of the season between Selwood, Bartel, Rockliff, need some community help here, any advice would be great


Should i ditch Gibbs this week due to high BE?




No, hold!!!!


So hold or ditch? Still confused :/


did you really actually consider advice from a guy with the name "moron" lol




Cheers 🙂


Hi Jock and community,

My team prior to round 17 is:

Trades Left: 6 || Remaining Salary Cap: $9, 600

Goddard, Shaw, Gibbs, Hartlett, Hanley, Heppell (Clisby, Frost)

Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Selwood, Priddis, Cotchin, Swan (Mitchell, Hrovat)

Minson, Natnui (Nicholls, Currie)

Cox, Franklin, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Staker (Lee, Daniher)

Really desperate for some advice this week. With Dangerfield, Natnui and Franklin all injured this week, I am not sure what 2 trades to make this week. Was initially planning to complete my forward line my upgrading Staker to Bartel but thinking I might focus on the injuries before I upgrade Staker as he still does have a bit of cash left in him. I have good midfield coverage so Im thinking I might leave Dangerfield on the bench and put Mitchell on the field. Besides that, what should I focus on this round and what trades should I make? In real need this week.

Thanks in advance.


I have 4 trades left. Should i trade buddy (i could get anyone up to 500k), or hold and take a donut?


Depends 2 things. How are you going overall and in your league? If you're set in the finals and not playing for overall position, i'd hold the trade.


Hi Mr Crimmins,

Would like your thoughts on these 3 options,

1. Should I downgrade Ben Kennedy who is in my forward line to Liam McBean from Richmond who is a ruck/forward swing? I have Lance Franklin in my forward line so if I don't do this trade I will score a 0 with Buddy. Ben Kennedy isn't getting any games at the moment so I don't really lose anything by this trade. If I do this I can swing Naitanui forward for McBean so that I can cover the 0 of Buddy Franklin. Tom Nicholls is my ruck bench coverage.

2. The second option is that I save my trade this week and take the hit of scoring 0 with Franklin. I have 9 trades left and can only make one more this round. I'm currently sitting 1st in my league, a win clear.

3. I also have Dangerfield so should I use that trade on upgrading him? I have Brad Crouch as emergency coverage for him. I personally like your idea of waiting a week and assessing.

What option do you like?


Pretty sure naitanui is out rested for a while


Rumored to be rested*


Hey community,
I have stevie j, buddy, nic Nat, Terlich, danger, and still have Jacobs

I have 5 trades left $11,900 in the bank

I'm first in my league and playing 15th so it should've an easy win this week if I take Terlich out and bring in Hanley I will have full premiums

What are your thoughts?


Go for it, Terlich has had his time and will drop in value for the rest of the season. Hanley is just about at his lowest price and is going up. This will bring your team to full premiums so you can save the other trades for finals. Execute the trade.


Do you think stick with one trade or go with another I don't have swan so then danger-swan which would give me 4 trades left


I depends on if you have good bench coverage. If you have Tom Mitchell or Brad Crouch than I would say hold Dangerfield and trade Terlich.

Do you have any of these players as coverage?


Got both


Than I would put Mitchell on ahead of Crouch and upgrade Terlich to Hanley.


Thanks mate


I have 9 trades, $151,000 in the bank and I am looking to trade Hartlett from the backline. I also have Goddard, Enright, Goodes, Staker, Ibbotson and on the bench I have Vlastuin and Clisby. I also have Gibbs and Heppell in the midfield. Community what do you think? Who do I trade? Who do I bring in? Hanley or Shaw??


who else is in your mid?


I think it is either Hartlett or Gibbs for Hanley or Shaw. Hanley has the easier draw. Thoughts???


Hi guys is it worth bringing in gunston now or wait a week to bring Stevie j in or anyone else? Thanks

Buddy Magic

Anyone got any ideas for forward line players? Got buddy roughy Daniher Zorko jumping jack josh twinkle toes and Spangher need a idea can afford anyone 🙂 Jocky Crimmo Mick I need ur advice (Ps.Go mick good luck 19th)


Rockliff? Maybe


Trade buddy for Rockliff?
My forward line is Walker, Cox, Johnson, Martin, Bartel, Franklin, Emg: Lee, Kennedy.
If I dont trade buddy I will cop a doughnut, Im thinking this is a good time to trade him but who for?
6 trades left with 80k in the bank.


I have terlich, nic nat and buddy with 6 trades and $2,000 what do I do!


Why does Tom Mitchell always appear as "Selected as emergency" every week?


Because Sydney hav played lots of Sunday games lately, Josh


Get Terlich and NicNat out. Long term won't serve you. Use cover for Buddy. Should be playing next week.


What to do with Watson?? Keep one more week or just shaft him and deal with what follows. Thinking Watson to Pendles can’t go wrong 🙂


I kept Watson to use the saved trade to get rid of spuds like Jacobs, or Hartlett etc. Think its a smarter tactic in the long run if it works to plan.


Mate, watson to pendles is the perfect trade. You have to get pendles in


Any thoughts on Griffen? Heard he was playing with corked thigh. Explain the low score (well that, and his mate Boyd being out). Thinking of swapping for Barlow.


Not good news about Nic Nat:( if u could bring in either Roughead or Stevie J (not worrying about his suspension) who do u choose?


I think you have to go with Stevie J just because of his massive scoring potential. It comes with a risk but wouldn't you just hate seeing him smashing out 140+ scores and not having him on your team?
In the end it's up to you tho….
Hope I helped 🙂


I’ve got 8 trades left is it worth trading Priddis or shuey for someone getting more points as they are my worst performing mids?


Trade out dangerfield for murphy and profit $235,1000? dangerfield out for up to a month, might not be back to his best on return which would be right in the heart of finals…


Who is the best option for nic nat, is it worth waiting one more week for stevie j?




Nic Nat is named this week…. If he has a bad back and or is carrying an injury why would they play him this week? I’m holding… Rumours not facts here!


Hi guys, should I loophole Roughy against the doggies by taking advantage of Stevie J? Then if his score dissapoints I have Pendles, Swan, Ablett, or Selwood to pick for my Captain.
Who should I choose?
VC Roughy, Captain Who? (Remember Ablett had 53 touches and 155 SC points last time GC played the magpies)


Go for Pendels as your captain if roughy doesnt get a captain worthy score…


Community, does anyone know of a trade down target for Neade. I only have $45,000 in the bank. Please help>


Thoughts on starting Nicholls over Nic Nat this week?
My other ruck is minson so he's definately starting but what do you guys think about starting Nicholls this week and putting Nic Nat as my emergency?


Have a quick look at the other posts. Everyone including Mr. Crimmins is advising that you trade NicNat out as he looks as if he has the dreaded Ostitis Pubis
Good Luck I would put Nicholls ahead as Collingwood's Rucks are fairly average at the moment.


hey mate
if you don’t want to trade nic nat then select him and Nicholls both as emergencies and put a non playing ruckmen on the field. it is what I did last week, worked out very well. let them dual for the best score


dont you get the lowest score if there is two emergencies being used?


Thanks guys I reckon I'm gonna back Nicholls this week and try to trade Nic Nat next week


Ok guys need some help please team is

Def Gibbs,Hanley,Goddard,duffield,hartlett,shaw(staker,clisby)

Mid ablett Pendles swan,danger selwood cotchin shuey Stevey j(t Mitchell, crouch)

Rk leunberger Kreuzur (Nichols Hannath

Fwd cox nicnat dusty rocky buddy jkennedy (s Rowe daniher

Have $300,000 in bank think trade shuey to Barlow n buddy to bartel or mundy via Stevey j


how many trades left?
youve got 3 out this week…like me. ive got just 1 tade left so ive gotta sit.
have you decided to sit on danger to ride out mitchell?

the trades you mention are solid i reckon….only thing is if danger then blows out 4-6, nicnats groin forces a sit and/or buddy stays down….then the shuey trade is too much of a luxury.

its a hard week to be sure


Gone for Terlich to Hanley & Dangerfield to Fyfe this week. I feel like Fyfe is starting to find some form and is going to go gangbusters in the finals against the "easier" teams!

Also, next week i want to try and get Barlow or Stevie J.. what are peoples thoughts on who to get? Stevie J is an absolute gun but him and his bloody suspensions…


i would think he's gotta wisen up to all the suspensions….no one can continue as he is without making a change surely. there both great but SJ has the ability to go OFF any week…
btu ive got both.

hope your right about Fyfe…ive had him all year . im not disappointed


Hi community.

Thoughts on the below possible trades this week:
Priddis – Murphy
Cotchin – Pendles

Heath Scotland :(

What on earth do i do with Scotland *sigh* i got him 2 weeks ago, and I'm already loosing patience, some risks just aren't worth the grief. I only have one rookie left on the ground (Staker) with 7 trades left. I was going to trade Staker sideways to Jack Grimes, but Scotlands form is making me think i should bail ship. What do i do community? 🙁 give him one more shot, or pull the trigger? will he come good?


tom lee or staker, to start on the ground?


Staker for me, Riewoldt is back may affect Lee's output


Hanley or Malceski? I’m playing dream team too


Jimmy says:

July 18, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Trade buddy for Rockliff?

My forward line is Walker, Cox, Johnson, Martin, Bartel, Franklin, Emg: Lee, Kennedy.

If I dont trade buddy I will cop a doughnut, Im thinking this is a good time to trade him but who for?

6 trades left with 80k in the bank.


I have 3 trades left and stumped on what to do. 41,500 left in bank.

DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Gibbs, Terlich, Duffield, Clisby (Wilson, Oxley)

MID: Ablett, J.Selwood, Jack, Bartel, Barlow, Deledio, S.Thompson, T.Mitchell (Hrovat, Viney)

RUCK: Minson, Blicavs (Rowe, Currie)

FWD: Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Franklin, Staker, Daniher (S.Johnson, Bubury)

Rick Grimes

As I see it you have only 4 starters up front this week. But with only 3 trades left it's a tough one. Personally I'd unload Terlich and Buddy. Swing Staker to defense and get in a couple of solids around the $450k mark (Stokes, Pavlich, Harvey could be options) That way you'll field 5 up front, and when Stevie J comes back your forward line will be complete.


That's a good idea but I don't know who I will trade in.


Hello Community…..

My trade this week….

OUT Nic Nat…..

IN: J Selwood……..through Blicavs…..and T Nicholls on the ground….

What do you guys think…..???

J Selwood or Mundy??? still not sure…….i have got Fyfe and Barlow in my team…..bit not sure to go with another midfielder from the same team…..thoughts please….????


Rick Grimes

go Selwood.


id go for selwood if i already had 2 freo midfielders, and either way, mundy is the last of the 3 dockers i would go for

I'm tryin

Me forward line is coppin a beating only 4 trades left, needing a win in all leagues, thinking of trading pav for under proforming zorko due to reasonable run home, is this obserd?


what about his team-mate Rockliff, a few more dollars but a has a bit better consistency?

I'm tryin

Trading in zorko a brain freeze?


He's shown us bugger all during the entire season so wouldn't be the top of my list of forward premiums to upgrade to that's for sure.

The only thing in his favour is the Lions good run home starting with the Dees this weekend. But with that few trades left I don't reckon it's worth the risk.

As Jack suggested Rockliff would be the more attractive selection for a bit more coin. He's had his ups and downs but still managed to produce an average around the ton.


Hi community, who to get this week walker or harvey?

Rick Grimes

Is Tom Mitchell good enough to be M8 for the rest of the year. He's scoring more consistently than other so-called premiums.


i was thinking the exact same thing


Yes his scoring thus far has been as solid as oak. The only question mark I can see is the Swannies uber tough run home which may see him fall away a little during the Supercoach finals.

However I have faith in the lad so he is my M8 too!


Hell yeah, get him in


How many trades should we have for the finals?


Think about 4-5 would be the sweet spot if you are trying to win leagues. Sadly I already have less than this myself.

sW@g K1nG

Hey Community!

I currently have 74 k and 11 trades. If I downgrade terlich I should have 380k and 10 trades (1 this round). I currently have Goodes, Jacobs, Zorko, Staker and Dangerfield. I only have viney/hunter to cover danger. What are your thoughts on trades??
Thanks in advance! 🙂


Start trading now!! Think you have the luxury to trade Danger if you need to with that many trades. just get any premo mid you don't already have!

Other option is to do your first Terlich trade and then trade one of your back up mids to Rockliff if you don't have him, can use as swing later. Only downside to this is your back-up mids still have $$$ to be made.


Yes I would trade my arse off with that many remaining and would definitely ditch Danger and Jacobs.

sW@g K1nG

Thanks guys!

Who you thinking I should get in??


Hello community any help would be much appreciated…

Should I trade nic Nat for Dustin Martin, bartel, or walker from Carlton.

Also Zorko to Murphy god call or bad. Brisbane play Melb so thinking he might have a big one though.

Any help would be great.


Im also thinking Nic Nat to Martin but don't want to make the wrong decision as I only have two trades left


I'd go nic nat to bartel and wait a week for zorko to murphy. Murphy could be injured and not play and even if he does he probably has one las price drop in him while zorko plays Melb and could go huge


Is there any way of switching Nic Nat and Cox around without using a trade?


Depends where you have them positioned on the field.


need to get rid of terlich- who should I get in? I've got 65000 in the bank

sW@g K1nG

What midfielder should I bring in for Danger?

I don't have Barlow, Mundy, Cotchin??


Who is in you're midfield

sW@g K1nG

Pendlebury, Ablett, Swan, Selwood, JPK, Fyfe, Obviously danger, t.mitchell (viney, hunter)


I need a cheap player to trade in under 200k.


I have 4 trades with 93,200 in the kitty need ideas please
Team is

DEF: Goddard, Taylor, Shaw, Gibbs, Duffield, Clisby (Wilson, Colquhoun)
MID: Pendles(VC), GAJ, Swan, J.Selwood, Cotchin, Thompson, Mundy, Titch (Crouch, K.Mitchell)
RUCK: Minson. Nicholls (Osborn, Currie)
FOR: Bartel, Cox, Johnson, Hansen, Staker, Taberner (Buddy, Steinberg)


Buddy to Dusty Martin? any other suggestions??
Also is it ridiculous for nicholls, who is averaging 15 points more in the last 3 than Dean cox, to be on the ground??
Also just wondering why is all the hype on heppell to be in your team rather than say ibbitson even though ibbo is averaging more? just a thought


What should I do trade Buddy or keep him?


Depends on how many trades and who you could bring in for him


If you have 5 or more trades, trade Buddy out for Walker ( assuming you don't have him)


Hey community,
Is there risk of Nic nat being a late withdrawal as I have him in my forwardlineand have no cover for him unless I swap him into the rucks and move Rowe Into my starting forwards then have Nichols as emergency covering for Nic nat.

But that's the downside that I have Rowe on my starting field and Tom Nichols on my bench.



Which two out of jacobs, Nichols, and natinui

Can't use loophole as I have gawn as my 4th ruck


Nichols and Jacobs as Nitnatnui is unlikely to play


Is this all but confirmed, Nic Nat being out? I was planning on trading Jacobs, but it changes my whole strategy if he's gone.


Should I leave nic nat on the field and have Nichols as an emergency just in case he plays or would Nichols still score more than him?


Captain presents an interesting challenge this week – Pendles, Swan or GAJ? I'm putting VC on Pendles and, as a POD, putting the C on Rocky. Playing Melb and has a pretty good record against them, pulled a 139 against them last year at the G.
What is everyone else doing?


I have the bench loophole on Gibbs with his score of 60, do you think I should take the 60 or risk it and go with Sam Colquhoun from Port Adelaide instead


I'd take the 60


One of the hardest questions of the year community. Do I make Ablett or Pendles Captain today? Both bloody playing each other


Guys, showers are forecast I believe, what happens if it starts to rain a bit, Pendles or Gaz?


I'm using loophole and putting Pendles as VC though then putting c on either selwood, JPK, or Kieran jack if Pendles doesn't score too many


Is this right for the captain loophole: Bring on Allen Christensen(who's not playing this week) put the C on him. Then put Varcoe as the emergency and then keep the Vc on Ablett and his 178.

Darby's Dashers

Should we fold duffield he keeps burning me and if so who's are my options,

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